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English, Comedy, 3 seasons, 119 episodes, 2 days, 23 hours, 55 minutes
Over the past several years, Dope As Yola has grown a huge following of die-hard fans, earning his title as one of the top creators online. Amassing nearly 60 Million views and 600 Million impressions on Youtube alone in 2020, not to mention his massive presence on nearly every social platform, Yola is poised to take his career to the next level through his new podcast, “DOPE AS USUAL”, which will further his brand as a host, interviewer, entertainer, and crossover media personality. Executive Producer: Marty O’Neill, and his team at Drastic Graphics, have been a pillar behind the scenes of some of the biggest podcasts in the world. Notable shows include: The Joe Rogan Experience, This Past Weekend w/ Theo Von, Fighter & The Kid, King & The Sting, The Adam Carolla Show, The Mike Dolce Show, and more. In 2019 O’Neill published “Full-Time Podcaster: The Undisputed Guide to Starting a Successful Podcast” which became an Amazon Best Seller, further establishing Drastic Graphics as a leader in the industry.
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Lil Duval Challenges Yola to Smoke Out

Lil Duval talks his near death experience, flying planes and trippin out!!! Dope Deals -- No longer just below the waist. Shave your face with the new MANSCAPED® Beard Hedger. Get 20% OFF & FREE Shipping. Code: Yola SUBSCRIBE : CLIPS CHANNEL : @LilDuval - IG : MORE : Thomas' Take... I'm personally super stoked to have Lil Duval on the show, this dude is hilarious and brought a great vibe to the studio. One other thing I noticed.....this man is READY TO SMOKE!!!!!! From the second he sat down it was go time, he broke down the full details of his near death experience (it was way more severe than I thought it was) ... truly almost passed away. 6 short months later he's back on his feet doing a live comedy and keep it pushin seems to be his philosophy .....thank you all for watching :) Thank you for watching Lil Duval Challenges Yola to a Smokeout | Hosted by Dope as Yola & Marty #dopeasyola #lilduval #dopeasusual Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
2/20/20231 hour, 27 minutes, 20 seconds
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Audio Story Time Re-recorded and mastered in Broadcast Quality, this story is originally from Dope as Yola's "Hard Drug Confessions" Story Time on Youtube.  Early Releases, BTS, & Bonus Content: PATREON :   Blog, Newsletter, More:   Podcast Channels: EPISODE CHANNEL : CLIPS CHANNEL : SPOTIFY : APPLE PODCAST : GOOGLE PODCAST : AMAZON : AUDIBLE : STITCHER : iHEART RADIO : INSTAGRAM : FACEBOOK : TWITTER :   Hosted by Dope as Yola: INSTAGRAM : YOUTUBE : TWITTER : WEBSITE :   Produced by Drastic Graphics: INSTAGRAM : YOUTUBE : UNSPLASH : WEBSITE : Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
4/8/202126 minutes, 34 seconds
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Story Time: Growing Up

Growing Up: STORY TIME Lets get into this first story...when I look at it from a few steps back its pretty tragic...but I don't hold any grudges or anything. I just remember feeling defeated, even though I was only 6 I still remember everything so clearly. I still have the dent in my head to this day, ahahah I'm not kidding. Story 2 takes place when I was in the 7th grade...first time I honestly thought I ruined my life. I dont want to get into the story too much, this was one of the scariest moments of my life up to that point. Story 3 is a sensitive one, first time in this series I don't go into insane detail about, I don't want any backlash from certain people but I want to get this irritation off my chest. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
2/3/202133 minutes, 56 seconds