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DONUTS & BIKES: The Mountain Bike Coaching Podcast

English, Sports, 3 seasons, 18 episodes, 22 hours 12 minutes
The Mountain Bike Coaching Podcast: Donuts & Bikes will help transform your riding while delighting your taste buds! The hosts, Paul Howard (ZEP MTB Camps Owner & Head Coach, PMBIA Co-Founder, Past President, Director of Programs & Development, PMBIA Master Course Conductor) and Kristian Jackson (Senior Lecturer at Appalachian State University’s Department of Recreation Management & Physical Education, Trail Boss Rocky Knob Bike Park, PMBIA Mentor Course Conductor) are two of the top-tier, industry leading mountain bike coaches and instructor trainers, with over 40 years of collective experience. Listen in as Donuts & Bikes pairs all things MTB skills and coaching, along with a feature donut on every episode. Get your ride and eat on and bite into Donuts & Bikes!
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Endos, Stoppies, Nose Manuals, Nose Pivots & Euro Turns: Are They Simple Tricks or Core Skill Builders?

If you’ve ever wanted to nail down your endos, stoppies, nose manuals, nose pivots or euro turns, then this episode is for you! In this weeks episode we dig into why everyone should learn these tricks (maneuvers) and just how much they can transform your overall skills and riding, anywhere and everywhere. There's a number of different ways to teach these maneuvers, but listen in as we dig into some examples to help transform your riding or coaching... Friends with the front of the bikeDifference between maneuvers and skillsUsing maneuvers to develop and transform fundamental skills very efficientlyENDOS - rear wheel lift as the bike stopsPhase 1: BRAKE & BRAKE - CONNECT & TIPPhase 2: BRAKE & BRAKE - DISCONNECT, SCOOP & POKEUsing a static demo to feel the forces in an endo Using emergency stops to introduce the core skills of endosReleasing the front brake for confidence and
28/11/20231 hour 32 minutes 58 seconds
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Can We Learn to Coach Adults by Coaching Kids?

Are adults just big kids? The answer, as always, is yes and no. Adults present some specific challenges in the way the learn as compared to kids. In this episode your hosts focus on three important ideas to help your understanding of how to coach adult riders: Connectedness, Language, and Mindsets. Here we dig into:Creating connections that foster trust How the coach is a guide through cognitive terrain as much as the physical terrainHow adults sometimes need to re-learn how to learnThe connection between language and performanceRemembering to have funHow to use positive self-talkThe relationship between judgement and emotionsBelief in performance as a key indicator of successThe power of objectivityWhen not to coachThree Mindsets -- Beginners, Growth-Oriented, and SustainersDealing with burnoutThe Donut of the day! DISCLAIMER The vi
31/10/20231 hour 14 minutes 46 seconds
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Coaching & Riding into your 30's, 40's, and Beyond

How can we keep coaching and riding into old(er) age? In this episode, your hosts reveal that they are not youngsters, while also divulging a few clues on how they've managed to keep the stoke for riding and coaching over the decades. This discussion builds from the last episode and expands these ideas to adult mountain bikers. Listen in for details on: Adults vs kids – what are some differences in how they learn and how they ride?Riding and getting olderInspiration and ridingWhy learning as an adult is difficult Growth mindset and why this mattersHow how we think impacts how we learnGetting older or getting busy? – The relationship between cause and effect and performance How to use self awareness and inner dialogue as toolsLifestyle choices and learningThe Happy to Maintain MindsetA Donut of the Day that sets the bar for Donuts of the Day.DISCLA
17/10/20231 hour 3 minutes 34 seconds
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How can we use Connectedness to better coach kids?

Working with kids on bikes can provide some of the most rewarding moments for coaches. These times can also provide daunting challenges and seemingly endless frustration. In this episode, Paul and Kristian discuss some insights for successful youth coaching learned from over 20 years of practice. Topics this time include:Our backgrounds working with kidsThe power of ConnectionLearning as an act of admitting you don’t know somethingConnection as mechanism of trust and comfortablenessConnection as a function of the group dynamicThe role of the parent in coaching kidsConnection tool: Language, energy and confidenceConnection and goalsLabeling: what it is and how to avoid itParaverbal communication – being adaptive to situational needsCulture, discipline, and consequencesHuman development – inward and outward focusThe value of teaching kidsDI
03/10/20231 hour 20 minutes 46 seconds
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How to race and why everyone should give it a go!

It's World Cup Season! Racing is back and we wanted to use this opportunity to discuss why lining up at a start gate is about so much more than wanting to stand on a podium.  In this episode we explore the myriad of unseen benefits of racings for riders as well as some basic tips for "how to race."The show focuses on:Why people don't race and barriers to racingRacing cultureMotivations for racingThe importance of clarifying goalsFocusing on process over resultsCompetition: Moving from a win/lose mindset to effort/outcomeGetting ready for racing -- tactics and equipmentFitness training...Or not!Technical Skills -- focus on the foundationsWhy jumping is good training for racingRace Day -- Identifying what we can and can't changeRace Day -- tacticsRace Day -- routineHomemade Donuts? Yes, please! D
10/06/20231 hour 5 minutes 26 seconds