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English, Social, 1 season, 79 episodes, 2 days, 4 hours, 5 minutes
The Statler & Waldorf of debate discuss the most irrelevant topics in the worlds of sport, wrestling, hip hop & pop culture
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We bring it.... via satellite

After some technical difficulties, we are back - via Skype. We discuss Steve's retirement, mix in a little lawn chat, the NBA draft and Zion's options and Spe has a controversial take on this weeks All Timer for an All Timer. Enjoy!See for privacy information.
5/16/201932 minutes, 59 seconds
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All Timer... With a Vengeance

Its all happening this week. The boys discuss Steve's life in retirement, the 10 week challenge begins, Avengers: Endgame is discussed and this weeks All Timer for an All Timer will definitely get the arguments started. Enjoy!See for privacy information.
5/2/201944 minutes, 43 seconds
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EDDIE, what have you done for me lately?!?

The boys are on fire this week as they discuss Steve's upcoming career moves, recap last weeks Tom Cruise poll, question how thin skinned is Kevin Durant and does Chocolate belong in the fridge or pantry? Also stay tuned for this weeks All Timer for the All Timer. Enjoy!See for privacy information.
4/17/201937 minutes, 47 seconds
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Back to Back

Two weeks in a row, what a huge effort from the boys. Steve and Spe tackle the recent WrestleMania event, the NBA of the future, Superhero movies and we have a new All Timer from an All Timer. Enjoy!See for privacy information.
4/10/201939 minutes, 17 seconds
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Forgot about Blasé

We are BACK!!! After a brief hiatus, the boys are back and coming in hot. We discuss the "Lawn Gawd" Rocco and his challenge for Steve, check in on the NBA wagers, tackle the Marvel epidemic and add a new segment - All-timer for the All-timer. Enjoy!See for privacy information.
4/3/201938 minutes, 37 seconds
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We are live, pal

Its Adelaide Podcast Festival time again and here we have the live recording from last weeks event. The loveable Shags tags in for Steve here and the boys debate which movie franchise is superior, Rocky or Harry Potter. Listen to the end to see if you agree with the live crowd. Enjoy!See for privacy information.
2/26/201919 minutes, 7 seconds
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Fringe Benefits

Its the most marvellous time of the year (in Adelaide), its FRINGE time and Spe has reviews from the first weekend of shows. Also don't forget to see the live show with the boys at The Adelaide Podcast festival on Thursday Feb 21. Enjoy!See for privacy information.
2/20/201930 minutes, 2 seconds
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This week gets derailed by all the NBA talk. We have our own All Star draft, trade deadline stories and the inevitable Jordan/LeBron banter. Enjoy!See for privacy information.
2/12/201928 minutes, 50 seconds
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Why don't you come on over, Valerie?!?

Steve is back and the banter is flying thick and fast. We start with an extended edition of Lawn Chat, then we break down whether Valerie is the greatest song of the last 2 decades and finish off with Spe's heartbreak over the trade of the Unicorn, Kristaps Porzingis. Enjoy!See for privacy information.
2/5/201941 minutes, 28 seconds
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Will the real Rocky Menero please stand up

Steve is having an extra long weekend, so Spe is joined again by Executive Producer, Jarrad Gibbs. The boys discuss all the upcoming wrestling events and then go on tangents for the hell of it. Enjoy!See for privacy information.
1/29/201943 minutes, 6 seconds
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Aaaaaaaaaaand we're back

Its a new year but the same BS from the boys. We have one of our best Lawn Chat segments, hear about Steve's newest obsession and have a new sporting poll we need everyone to get around. Enjoy!See for privacy information.
1/22/201942 minutes, 21 seconds
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DO be blasé

Its Christmas time again and the boys have their last show for the year. They discuss problematic Christmas films, review the past year and stay for the end to hear about the upcoming live event of the year.See for privacy information.
12/18/201831 minutes, 53 seconds
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Ignorance is Bliss

The reviews for Creed 2 are in and they're glowing. Spe explains his passion for all things Rocky and Steve talks lawn, in the second to last show of the year. Enjoy!See for privacy information.
12/12/201844 minutes, 15 seconds
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Pedestrian effort

This weeks show is a mixed bag. Who won the surveys? Whats the deal with pedestrians? (Seinfeld voice) and what becomes of the Broken Melo?!? Enjoy!See for privacy information.
12/4/201843 minutes, 36 seconds
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The Sole Survivor

Wrestling, wrestling and more wrestling! The boys finish their final Survivor Series team, when they choose their top 5 wrestling teams. They also continue their "hip hip" debate - who will win this battle? Enjoy!See for privacy information.
11/27/201832 minutes, 12 seconds
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Hip Hip

The boys are back and running late again. Today we touch on the Melo fiasco, the return of Lawn Talk, the legend of Zion and what is the rules for "hip hipping" after singing Happy Birthday. Enjoy!See for privacy information.
11/22/201836 minutes, 37 seconds
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Blarzay being blasé

This weeks episode is an absolute cracker. Following on from last weeks Survivor Series SuperHero squads, the boys put together their 5 on 5 Movie Character teams and the results are interesting. Enjoy!See for privacy information.
11/6/201843 minutes, 40 seconds
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Teams of 5 fight to Survive

A day early or a week late? Either way, the boys are back and going hard on the Shit Bloke awards, the start of the NBA season and then they put together their ultimate Survivor Series teams of Comic book?Superheroes to battle it out. EnjoySee for privacy information.
10/30/201840 minutes, 45 seconds
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Levels of Scumbaggery

This week the boys breakdown all the mayhem and fallout from UFC 229, the infamous Jimmy Butler practice and give our predictions for the NBA. EnjoySee for privacy information.
10/17/201841 minutes, 9 seconds
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Better Grand Final - AFL or Bachie?

Time to review the big events (from over a week ago), as the boys tackle the AFL Grand Final and the Bachelor Finale. Steve also throws in a couple TV show suggestions and the boys briefly touch on the upcoming NBA season. Note: this episode was recorded the Friday before the McGregor/Khabib fight, so it'll no doubt be discussed next week. Enjoy!See for privacy information.
10/10/201844 minutes, 42 seconds
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Cosplay & Canadian Popstars

Bonus episode time! This week we interview the lovely Justine (or @Juszcosplay on her socials), about the intriguing world of Cosplay, "nerd" culture and her big break back in Canada. Enjoy!See for privacy information.
10/8/201829 minutes, 54 seconds
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Why so serious?

Steve is out again this week but we've brought in Associate Producer, Big J, to talk all things WWE Super Show Down and help Spe understand what the hell is going on with all these Joker films. EnjoySee for privacy information.
10/2/201836 minutes, 50 seconds
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Are you ready for the Space Jam?

Space Jam 2 is rumoured to be in production and the boys give their surprising takes on it. We also have word from "Greg", we discuss the historic first win of the Cleveland Browns and have the return of the Shit Bloke Awards. Enjoy!See for privacy information.
9/26/201842 minutes, 10 seconds
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City of Evil

Bonus Episode time! Spe takes some time out to interview writer/journalist/commentator/all round nice guy Sean Fewster. The go in on South Australia's "serial killer" culture, what drives him to write about these things and why the hell did he get involved in the world of Professional Wrestling. Enjoy!See for privacy information.
9/24/201833 minutes, 39 seconds
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You don't know bout REAL hip hop

The boys are here to debate some more Hip Hop - and yes, Bone Thugs get a shout out. We discuss what track had Biggie's greatest verse, other great tracks in Rap history and we also get a spicy email from "Greg". Enjoy!See for privacy information.
9/19/201843 minutes, 39 seconds
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Laying down the LAWn

Things are all over the shop this week but there is one strong return - LAWN CHAT!!! EnjoySee for privacy information.
9/12/201844 minutes, 59 seconds
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Run it back

The boys are here, delivering you some audio art on your hump day. Todays discussion includes the use of grammar, Steve's current "bulking" phase, Manu's retirement, what TV show would you bring back and can you forget how to run? Enjoy!See for privacy information.
9/5/201835 minutes, 40 seconds
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WCW vs the World

This week we breakdown one of Steve's great passions - World Championship Wrestling from the late 90's. We also have plenty of Shit Bloke nominations, an update on "Greg" and a quick footy review. EnjoySee for privacy information.
8/29/201841 minutes, 9 seconds
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Been a long time, shouldn't have left you

After a week sabbatical, the boys are back and the banter is flying. All things are discussed here, including "Greg", AFL suspensions, Reality TV and is Over the Top the sweatiest movie of all time. EnjoySee for privacy information.
8/22/201842 minutes, 30 seconds
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The dust has settled on our crossover episode and Steve's hangover has cleared and the boys are ready to send votes flying left, right and centre. We recap last weeks show, receive more feedback from "Greg" and launch into the love both men have for the adorable cherub, Sophia. EnjoySee for privacy information.
8/8/201840 minutes, 42 seconds
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Raise the bat

The boys have cracked the half century mark and are celebrating with a crossover episode with the lads from the HSP. There are votes flying everywhere in the shit bloke awards and a touching tribute to the man that brought us all together. Enjoy!See for privacy information.
7/31/201843 minutes, 43 seconds
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Long Time, First Time

It's taken 49 episodes but we finally have our first hate mail and, surprisingly, it's not directed toward Spe. We also have some listener votes for the Shit Bloke Awards and Steve delves into another issue on public transport but it's not what you'd think. EnjoySee for privacy information.
7/25/201835 minutes, 11 seconds
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It's time for the annual Purge

The shit bloke awards are back and the votes are rolling in. Spe discusses his love for odd horror movies, Steve shares his thoughts on film soundtracks and the boys debate the brilliance of Wedding Crashers Enjoy!See for privacy information.
7/18/201835 minutes, 20 seconds
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Damn, we in a tight spot

We are back and we have a (brief) special guest. After that we touch on the remaining World Cup matches, where will Melo land, Shannon Noll's  onstage antics and a LONG monologue from Spe on the state of the world (no, seriously, he goes on for a while) Enjoy!See for privacy information.
7/11/201842 minutes, 40 seconds
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Land of the Free (Agents) and Home of the King

The King has changed address and Spe is very excited! This week we tackle most of the NBA Free Agency moves, the huge exits in the World Cup, fighting in the Phillipines and more votes in the DBB Shit Bloke award. Enjoy!See for privacy information.
7/4/201836 minutes, 9 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Votes are in

Its award season in the DBB universe but its not just the NBA awards that get a discussion - we are introducing the Shit Bloke Awards! We also tackle the heartbreak of the Socceroos World Cup campaign and how was the momentous event that was Steve's "28th" Birthday. EnjoySee for privacy information.
6/27/201837 minutes, 46 seconds
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The Cup of Life

Just when you thought the boys were having a week off, they snuck in the back door with some audio goodness. Spe's recent Bali trip is covered, Steve's birthday celebrations and the World Cup are discussed also. EnjoySee for privacy information.
6/20/201830 minutes, 54 seconds
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The Voices of our GenerationLawn Talk makes a brief but triumphant return!!! The boys also tackle the NBA Finals, the World Cup and who are the greatest commentators in sport? Plus a bonus poll that has to be heard to be believed Enjoy!See for privacy information.
6/11/201838 minutes, 47 seconds
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Up like Trump

Back in business this week, intro and all! The boys tackle a large range of issues from the All-NBA teams, Peace talks with Steve's man, Donald Trump and is there anyone you'd still pay top dollar to see perform live Enjoy!See for privacy information.
5/29/201845 minutes, 44 seconds
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Fashion Killers

Steve returns to the fold this week and has an update on the front lawn. Following that, the boys tackle the tough questions - do people still smoke?, how much is too much for a t-shirt?, and what are the greatest sporting rivalries? Enjoy!See for privacy information.
5/23/201847 minutes, 19 seconds
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One Man Show

Steve Burrows: Out In: No one Thats right, this show is like LeBron in the Playoffs - its a solo mission! Spe is here to discuss the Blues first win of the AFL season (as well as his 1 point plan to “Make Carlton Great Again”), a breakdown of the Showdown and a quick take on the upcoming MJ doco Enjoy!See for privacy information.
5/16/201821 minutes, 28 seconds
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Whoopety scoop

Another week in the books and the boys are all over the shop, as per usual. We’ve got lawns, Kanye’s latest release, NBA playoffs and an interesting wager to end the show. Enjoy!See for privacy information.
5/8/201841 minutes, 38 seconds
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Out of 10, I’d give it a C+

The mixed bag theme continues as the boys talk about this, that and the other. The NBA Playoffs dominate the proceedings but Steve also gives his synopsis of Spe’s most recent wrestling event. Enjoy!See for privacy information.
5/1/201843 minutes, 44 seconds
Episode Artwork

Little of this and a pinch of that

Its a real mixed bag this week but things get really interesting when Steve questions one of the scourges of society - Vegans Enjoy!See for privacy information.
4/26/201840 minutes, 11 seconds
Episode Artwork


This week continues the mixed bag theme as the boys tackle everything from WrestleMania to the NBA Playoffs and another dose of reality TV - and not to mention, another healthy dose of Lawn Chat. Enjoy!See for privacy information.
4/17/201844 minutes, 41 seconds
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All the Guilty Pleasures

This week is a mixed bag of conversations as the boys tackle the latest actions of Conor McGregor, update the world on Steve’s lawn and then dive into their guiltiest pleasures in the world of reality tv Enjoy!See for privacy information.
4/10/201840 minutes, 48 seconds
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That’s not real Rasslin'

We have a special guest today, as Big J joins the show this week. He adds his thoughts to Lawn Chat, then the trio get into a sometimes heated conversation about the new era of Professional Wrestling. Enjoy!See for privacy information.
4/3/201841 minutes, 11 seconds
Episode Artwork

Those Extravagant Nights

The Brackets are back but this time it’s a somewhat softer showdown, as we go through the top Power Ballads of all time - what will win?!?  Lawn chat also makes its triumphant return and the boys discuss old film classics that don’t quite hold up today and it gets heated. Enjoy!See for privacy information.
3/27/201844 minutes, 50 seconds
Episode Artwork

I love you like Kanye loves Kanye

Its March Madness time - the premier event in College Basketball and this week's show is all about the brackets but the Kanye Madness Brackets. The boys break down their winners and losers from the classic Kanye tunes and decide their ultimate winners. Enjoy!See for privacy information.
3/21/201846 minutes, 8 seconds
Episode Artwork

Talk that talk, Son

Lawn talk makes another triumphant return! The boys also discuss the upcoming NBA playoffs, the NBL Grand Final series and then piece together a top 3 of their favourite Talkers in Wrestling. Enjoy!See for privacy information.
3/13/201844 minutes, 44 seconds
Episode Artwork

Lawn Chat and Secret Ingredients

Yes, you read that correctly. Steve is excited to discuss all things lawn and what magic ingredients do you add to your go-to meal. The boys also discuss the recent happenings in the NBA and Spe has a surprise to wrap up the show. Enjoy!See for privacy information.
3/6/201836 minutes, 41 seconds
Episode Artwork

Hey now, you’re an All Star

Steve is back and ready to talk all things LAWN!!! But after that, thankfully, the boys break down the recent NBA All Star weekend and debate who is to blame for the recent poor All Star events. Also check out for details on the upcoming event!See for privacy information.
2/27/201842 minutes, 57 seconds
Episode Artwork

See us recording live at The Adelaide Podcast Festival!

That’s right! We’ll be recording live at this years Adelaide Podcast Festival! Experience some of the best local, interstate & international podcasts recorded live. Tix $10 + booking fee >> or at the door (while tickets last). Tuesday Feb 27 & Wednesday Feb 28, 2018 at the Elephant Bristish pub. Doors open at 6:30pm on both nights. Thanks to Cooper Brewery, each ticket will receive a South Australian pint of Coopers Pale Ale (or soft drink) on entry. Confirmed shows so far: Hong Kong Confidential, School of Hard Knock Knocks, The Badcast, Incredible Co, Rooster Radio, The Nate Max Project, AdeLOL, #BeTheDrop, Narrative Marketing, 1 Newsman and a Webguy, Is This Movie For You? Attitude Consultant, THE SHOW - 89.7 PBA FM, Barely Audible Podcast, Rosie Panetta New Wave: Audio Theatre, #TheiNShow, #IHateToWhinge Don't be Blasé Thanks to our friends for helping to get this event off the ground: Auscast Network, Omny Studio, Placard Media, Fresh 92.7, Helm House, GU Film House Adelaide, Coopers Brewery #ADLPodfest #Australialistens2018 #ozpod #lapodfest #audiocraft18 #PBEVENT audioBoom #pocketcasts Spotify iHeartRadio The AdvertiserSee for privacy information.
2/24/201830 seconds
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Are you ready for some Football??

Out: Steve Burrows In: The man they call Shags! With Steve on the bench, we bring in Associate Producer, Luke Roberts and what a debut. The boys tackle their love of all things NFL, giving insight on their favourite players and rain man providing all the regular useless facts. Stay tuned to see if Shags passes the Rapid Fire Quiz too... Also check out for details on the upcoming event!See for privacy information.
2/20/201840 minutes, 51 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Unnecessary Sequel: Part 2

Nothing annoys us more than Hollywoods inability to come up with a new idea, therefore trotting out more and more unnecessary sequels - and don’t get Spe started on Prequels. The boys delve into the worst of the worst in the genre but only after their breakdown of all the moves that took place before the NBA trade deadline. Also check out for details on the upcoming event!See for privacy information.
2/13/201840 minutes, 33 seconds
Episode Artwork

A Real Mans Man

Its 2018, the world is changing and so are traditional gender roles, but Steve asks “what makes a real man these days?” After this, we delve into the Super Bowl vs the AFL Grand Final and what are the top 3 Sporting Events in Australia Also check out for details on the upcoming event!See for privacy information.
2/6/201841 minutes, 4 seconds
Episode Artwork

Australia Day essentials

Welcome to a celebration of one of the more polarising holidays on the Australia calendar - Australia Day Lucky for you, the boys avoid most of the real controversy and instead tackle the real hard hitting questions like: should laminations have jam in them and what are the best biscuits in the Arnotts range Real hard hitting questions here, that you’ve come to expect from the DBB Podcast. EnjoySee for privacy information.
1/29/201836 minutes, 4 seconds
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Jim Carrey - Unmasked

It’s a new year but the boys are up to their old tricks, as they continue the debate about Carmelo Anthony. After this, they get into Jim Carrey - what is his best film?, and what was the superior Wrestling show, Raw or Nitro??See for privacy information.
1/22/201841 minutes, 10 seconds
Episode Artwork

Time 4 Sumaksion

In the last show for 2017, the boys briefly delve into a discussion about opinionated people (like themselves) before launching into a conversation about the best Action Movie franchises and Spe's 2.5 movie rule. We finish with an ever popular Facebook Poll - Star Wars or Bond??See for privacy information.
12/20/201746 minutes, 11 seconds
Episode Artwork

Bird is the word

Last week we celebrated the birthday of Larry Joe Bird. So, in this weeks show, the boys discuss his legacy and whether he and other NBA legends would survive or thrive in todays game. The conversation gets heavy as Steve deals with the ageing of his heroes and we wrap it up with the boys Bucket List of concerts they'd like to see..See for privacy information.
12/13/201746 minutes, 24 seconds
Episode Artwork

So this is Christmas

Christmas time is upon us and the boys are fired up about it - well, Spe is at least. The team break down their favourite Christmas films and foods but only after Spe puts the boots to Steve's favourite person in the world - Carmelo Anthony See for privacy information.
12/5/201748 minutes, 49 seconds
Episode Artwork

What's in a name?

The boys are back on schedule and have one of their best shows to date - probably because they're sober for this one. They discuss their favourite Dunkers in the NBA (both in game and dunk comps), Spe's irritation around team relocations and renaming of franchises, Steve finds out a gem from Spe's past and we finish this weeks show with a tough question - which ice cream is best after the beach?See for privacy information.
11/29/201741 minutes, 26 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Notorious M.A.C.

Its finally here, its the day Steve makes Spe sit through MacGruber and it gets ugly from there. The boys give their synopsis of the film and then breakdown their ideals on comedy from there. They also pose the question, is Kevin Harts stand up still funny or is he just phoning it in???See for privacy information.
11/24/201739 minutes, 55 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Icons

Steve is back after his one week hiatus with an absolute bombshell - he agrees with Spe on something!!! The lads delve back into the music video discussion, which transform into a chat about the who are the biggest icons in music history. As always, they also break into a pointless food argument - what is superior, Crunchy or Smooth Peanut Butter (and do you add butter to the toast before the PB?)???See for privacy information.
11/15/201747 minutes, 26 seconds
Episode Artwork

BONUS EPISODE - Giving me donuts

Out: Steve Burrows (omitted) In: Andy Hodgson (only bloke available) This week is a short, sharp version of the Pod, when we substitute in Spe's mate, Andy. After a slow start, the boys get rolling as they discuss Bandwagon fans, Robbie Williams v Justin Timberlake and what is the Number 2 Film Clip of all time...See for privacy information.
11/8/201719 minutes, 54 seconds
Episode Artwork

What have you been up to? Hangin' out, playing Nintendo

The boys are back and once again are all over the shop. We begin our show with Steve's love of video games and all things Mario.  Then we take a musical turn with the question: Is INXS only a big deal because they're Australian? We bring it home with a classic top 3 and then an old argument rears its ugly head againSee for privacy information.
11/1/201750 minutes, 34 seconds
Episode Artwork

Is it in the Family?

Well this is the show where the boys get a lot off their chests.  First up, we have the discussion comparing the careers of John Cena and LeBron James. It then turns to football, with a very good story of Spe's favourite day at an AFL game. Then the show takes an even sharper turn, as the boys debate whether the humble Hot Dog is part of the sandwich family.See for privacy information.
10/25/201742 minutes, 25 seconds
Episode Artwork

M&Ms & Heartbreaks

The toughest list ever made is here - Which m&ms are the most satisfying to snack on!!! The boys also discuss their greatest sporting heartbreaks but the m&m talk is where the show really takes off.See for privacy information.
10/18/201745 minutes, 34 seconds
Episode Artwork

Sitcom Showdown

Back to TV land for this one, as the boys engage in a battle for supremacy between two classic sitcoms - FRIENDS v Seinfeld. They also segue into a discussion about their favourite (and least favourite) tv comedies before leaving the last debate open to you... Get involved via Facebook See for privacy information.
10/11/201740 minutes, 47 seconds
Episode Artwork

They're Strong and they're Bold

Its every sports fans favourite time of year - and the boys do their breakdown of the AFL Grand Final and preview the upcoming NBA season...See for privacy information.
10/5/201741 minutes, 4 seconds
Episode Artwork

Point Gods

It's been a long time, we shouldn't have left you without a dope show to step to. This week the boys give you their lists of Top 5 point guards of all time and then give love to their favourite concerts. Note: this show was recorded a week ago, hence why they're behind on the Melo newsSee for privacy information.
9/28/201748 minutes, 56 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Thompsons

Its finally here. The most anticipated show to date when the boys rate their favourite episodes of everyones favourite show - The Simpsons We hope you enjoy the show and stay for their discussion of the best NBA players with an asteriskSee for privacy information.
9/21/201746 minutes, 13 seconds
Episode Artwork

BONUS EPISODE - Sandu, doing the do.

BONUS EPISODE - Just a little treat to tie you over until Wednesday, the boys are here with an episode recorded a couple weeks ago. Today they tackle whether Adam Sandler is still relevant, Hulk Hogan v Stone Cold Steve Austin & who are their 3 favourite AFL players of all time. We hope you enjoySee for privacy information.
9/18/201741 minutes, 44 seconds
Episode Artwork

Let the Hate out

The boys reach all new levels of negativity in this one, as they discuss their least favourite athletes and why. They pull no punches in this one when it comes to Kobe, Russell Westbrook, Paul Pierce and Steve's hero - Tom Lynch. The lists continue, when they debate their favourite 3 comedies to get them out of a bad mood.See for privacy information.
9/13/201743 minutes, 21 seconds
Episode Artwork

That number 1 spot

The show is about to get HEATED!!! Steve & Spe debate who would be your number 1 pick in NBA history, Lebron or MJ - and things get a little out of hand. THEN the boys discuss the 3 artists they'd listen to if they were stranded on an island - and things get a lot worse. Enjoy the show, it may be the lastSee for privacy information.
9/6/201741 minutes, 18 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Stitch Up

The boy are back together and joined by their good friend/moderator, Daniel Panozzo. The topic for today's show is a meathead classic - Stallone v Schwarzenegger!  The team also delves into their top 2 cuisines of all time   EnjoySee for privacy information.
8/30/201739 minutes, 19 seconds
Episode Artwork


Ins: Tim Kloeden Outs: Blarzay (Omitted) After a couple poor performances, Steve has been dropped to the reserves and we bring in TK to breakdown the notorious 2001 AFL Draft. The lads also choose their top 2 brews of all time.See for privacy information.
8/28/201741 minutes, 24 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Thuggish Ruggish

The boys are back are in the mood to air some grievances. Episode 2 follows on from where Episode 1 left off, with Spe's disgust of Steve's addition of Bone Thugs in his Top 5 Dead or Alive.. Stay to the end to find out who they rank as their Top 3 from 3 - as they breakdown their favourite 3 point shooters of all time.See for privacy information.
8/23/201743 minutes, 34 seconds
Episode Artwork

Don't be Blasé

Join Spe & Steve, as the debate some of the most irrelevant topics in the worlds of Sport, Hip Hop, Wrestling and Pop Culture.   Episode 1 tackles the debate as to whether you can support an individual athlete or must you stay loyal to the team?!? The boys also chime in with their Top 5 Dead or Alive in the rap game.   EnjoySee for privacy information.
8/16/201738 minutes, 31 seconds