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English, Finance, 2 seasons, 52 episodes, 7 hours 23 minutes
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Structuring Biz Relationships

Working jointly with other businesses is necessary for growth... but so is protecting your interests in that relationship.
20/02/20189 minutes 27 seconds
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Tax Reform & Small Business

Understanding tax reform as a small business owner could save you money in 2018 and beyond... This episode highlights some high level changes to the code and how you can prepare yourself.
01/01/201810 minutes 14 seconds
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Personal Trainer Protections

New Year brings an influx of business for personal trainers. Personal trainers need to ensure that there contracts and operations are in order to protect them.
01/01/20189 minutes 3 seconds
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Net Neutrality Repeal & Biz

Net Neutrality Repeal could have negative impacts on small business, here are some of the ways.
01/01/201810 minutes 33 seconds
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Who owns the Source Code

When utilizing outside vendors to create intellectual property for your business, it’s necessary to draft contract terms that vest full ownership back into your company.
01/01/20188 minutes 41 seconds
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Franchising Your Business

Franchising a business is not as simple as you may think. If you’re looking to franchise your business concept, understanding the process is critical.
01/01/20187 minutes 36 seconds
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Debt vs. Equity Investments

Knowing the difference between debt and equity investments is necessary for businesses raising capital.
01/01/20186 minutes 14 seconds
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3 Ways to Modify a Contract

Understand the ways in which you can legally modify the terms of your business relationships.
01/01/20186 minutes 59 seconds
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Strategic Business Structuring

Structuring your business to maximize tax efficiencies and separate certain business liabilities could save you headaches in future operations.
01/01/20187 minutes 36 seconds
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What is a Convertible Note

Convertible instruments are often necessary for early stage companies... here are a few of the basics regarding them.
01/01/20184 minutes 1 second
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Reevaluating Biz Relationships

Periodically reevaluating relationships is necessary to ensuring that it continues to work to your benefit.
01/01/20189 minutes 41 seconds
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Enforcing Noncompetes

Not all noncompete agreements are enforceable, makes sure that yours is.
01/01/20187 minutes 1 second
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Contract Term & Termination

Planning for the end of a business relationship is just as important as planning for the beginning.
01/01/20186 minutes 22 seconds
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Employee Handbooks

Employee Handbooks can be critical to not only establishing company culture but to also providing additional support protection to your company.
01/01/20185 minutes 34 seconds
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Nonprofits w/ For-profit Subs

Sometimes the best way to find a nonprofit is by creating a for-profit subsidiary
26/12/20173 minutes 51 seconds
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Profit Outside of a Nonprofit

For-Profit activities & valuable intellectual property doesn’t always have to be “owned” by the nonprofit. Housing IP and commercial activities outside of the nonprofit allows the creator to benefit in the long run.
26/12/20176 minutes 26 seconds