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English, Education, 1 season, 17 episodes, 28 minutes
These podcast episodes are all about dogs! There will be parts about the anatomy and a large section about different breeds of dogs as well as a guide on picking a puppy, training and raising and a little on breeding!
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Basic hormones in dogs

This podcast is a very simple explanation of hormonal activity in dogs.
4/9/20201 minute, 33 seconds
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Basic reproduction in dogs

This is a very basic introduction to the reproduction of dogs.
4/5/20201 minute, 7 seconds
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A dogs urinary system

This is a podcast describe what and why goes on in a dogs urinary system!
12/6/20191 minute, 22 seconds
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A dogs digestive system

Have you ever wondered why dogs don’t chew their food, well their podcast will answer that question and many more!
6/22/20191 minute, 50 seconds
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The main systems of a dog in more detail!

This is a longer podcast describing the two major systems inside a dog and how they can help in everyday life or the more extreme parts of live.
3/7/20192 minutes, 38 seconds
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The dogs digestive and cardiovascular system - an intro

This is a quick intro about how the two main systems in a mammal work together to keep us alive.
3/3/201936 seconds
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A dogs sense of taste and why...

This podcast gives you information about their sense of taste and why they can’t taste salt!
2/20/20191 minute, 11 seconds
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A dog’s sense of smell!

This is a podcast about a dog’s sense of smell and the power of what one smell can tell them. This podcast is linked to the next podcast ‘A dog’s sense of taste’ so don’t forget to listen to that podcast when it is available!
2/17/201939 seconds
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A dogs eyesight.

This podcast tells you all about how a dog sees and what colours it can and can’t see. Listen to find out more!
2/13/20191 minute, 26 seconds
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The 3 main possible shapes of a dogs ear

This podcast is about the 3 main shapes a dogs ear could be and the different form within each main shape.
12/31/20181 minute, 7 seconds
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A dogs hearing

This is podcast is about a dogs hearing and also at the end there is a little part about some communication through the ears.
12/31/20181 minute, 8 seconds
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An introduction to the dogs senses

This is a quick podcast about the dogs senses and my next few podcast will be more detailed about one particular sense so if there is a sense you are wishing to hear about please keep a look out.
12/26/20181 minute, 9 seconds
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A dogs muscle power

This is a basic description of what the muscles in a dog’s body help with and why they are used.
12/25/20181 minute, 38 seconds
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A basic guide to dog’s skull shapes

This is a quick and quiet brief podcast of the 3 types of skull shapes in a dog. Listen to find out more...!
12/9/20181 minute, 21 seconds
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The dogs special skeleton

This episode gives you an introduction to dogs skeletons and why they are made the way they are. Also I explain about their legs and adaptations made.
12/9/20182 minutes, 44 seconds
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Modern Dog Breeds

In this short podcast, I will explain how the modern dogs are changing, and sometimes for the worst.
11/17/20182 minutes, 38 seconds
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The birth of the dog!

This is an episode where you can find out how the evolution of the dog came about.
11/6/20184 minutes, 28 seconds