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DMU Politics & International Relations

English, Education, 3 seasons, 20 episodes, 11 hours, 16 minutes
Podcasts by staff, students and guests of the Politics & International Relations teaching and research team at De Montfort University. A place to share ideas, discuss and debate topical issues and showcase our work.
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Putting Politics into Action: A Student Case Study

Student and podcast host, Millie, interviews a group of second-year Politics & IR students on a social media awareness campaign they have carrying out this year in an effort to put politics into action. 
3/8/20239 minutes, 1 second
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The United Nation Sustainable Development Goals & How To Get Involved

In this episode, DMU staff Mark Charlton and DMU student Millie Ball, discuss the UN SDGs, DMU's role as a global hub for goal 16, and how students can get involved!
2/3/202320 minutes, 40 seconds
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US MIDTERMS: Where does this leave Biden?

In this episode, Lecturer in Politics Dave Deverick and DMU student Millie Ball, discuss the results of the recent US Midterm elections and the consequences of these results for the Democrats. 
12/2/202215 minutes, 43 seconds