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English, Electronic Dance, 1 seasons, 6 episodes, 5 hours 59 minutes
Travel through the journeys of this house style podcast. Emotions, passion intensity and instincts will drive your way through your musical travel. "Journeys" is a monthly podcast of musical pleasure related to the club, progressive, vocal house and trance style. Enjoy
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Journeys : Mystific

Welcome to episode 68 of Journeys. It has been long to find the inspiration for a new episode and it was worth the wait as I wanted something very strong but also very different than the average episodes I have posted. Of course you will notice that the style is mainly progressive tech and house but the whole atmosphere of this episode is very eerie and hypnotic. Mystific is a very energetic and bewitching episode which i am very proud of. Enjoy and Share
13/09/201758 minutes 51 seconds
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Journeys : Sparks

28/01/201755 minutes 42 seconds
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Journeys : Excelsior

Welcome to the 66th episode of journeys. This month is another club, full of energy, happy, uplifting, mixtape. Nothing more than 63 minutes of dancy tunes some from old times some from more recent hits all mashed together into a great podcast episode. This will be perfect for your gym or for home parties. Enjoy
11/12/20161 hour 3 minutes 52 seconds
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Journeys : Pulse

Welcome to episode 65 of your Journeys. As winter is coming, I offer you a way to warm up your heart, ears and feet. So get moving with this house podcast episode. you'll definitely be familiar with many tunes of this episode and i hope you like it. Enjoy and Share. Peace to all Djinto
05/11/20161 hour 26 seconds
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Journeys : Slick it up

Welcome to the 64th episode of Journeys. With this new mixtape of progressive music, i return to a more underground and dark style for this month. I wanted this episode not only to sound sensual, but dirty and sleazy. This is why i propose you with a unique mix of Tech House, progressive house and tribal tracks. I hope you'll "slick into it". Enjoy and Share Peace to all. DJinto
03/09/20161 hour 48 seconds
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Journeys : H.E.A.T.

Welcome to episode 63 of your journeys. This episode would be best described by the meaning of the title : High Energy Action Transfer. Thats all about it. This is a strong energy club house mixtape. So just get ready to dance throughout this episode. Peace and love to all Enjoy and Share Djinto Find my old episodes on
05/08/20161 hour 1 second