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English, Music, 1 season, 43 episodes, 17 hours, 43 minutes
"The only thing that scares me more that never being "KNOWN"....Is to be known for playing old tracks!" D-Jay NYC Several years ago, I have gave up de-constructing the work of others and decided to "Construct". I needed to make a real contribution to House, one that would last. Now I stand behind the decks and I have the power to rip myself to shreds and the power to pat myself on the back.....and say FINE SET JAY! Always from the Heart- D-Jay NYC DISCOVER ME - Http:// NYC
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The House in the Valley - Original Mix (D-Jay NYC)

Ok its NOT technically Original. It is made from the combination of 2 remixes both of which I am proud and stand alone better than combined."Valley of House" and "President of the Dance Floor"- Trump for TribalSo I figure after 2 remixes combined what results is an Original Mix. For won't hear from any other Dj. Its all mine.Always from the heart....Jay D-Jay NYC
4/10/20167 minutes, 14 seconds
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Valley of House 2.0 Classic D-Jay NYC

Once in a great while we find a track that needs to be passed from generation to generation on the dance floor. Valley of House is one of these tracks, but if you heard the original version you today, you may not agree with me. I am right and it simply needed a fresh coat of paint. Now, as remixed by me.....It sparkles as an heirloom should.Always from the heart...JayD-jay NYC
4/5/20162 minutes, 45 seconds
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President of the Dance Floor - Trump for Tribal

I know....pretty weird. This is thinking "OUTSIDE" the box.Always from the heartJay
3/6/20163 minutes, 57 seconds
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Do It Again (Miami Mix) D-Jay NYC

In honor of the passing Guido (Razor & Guido) I shall miss his unique sound, always a different choice for remixing. RIPAlways from the heartJay
3/5/201612 minutes, 4 seconds
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15 Minutes - December 2015 Club Demo (D-Jay NYC)

15 Minutes - December 2015 Club Demo (D-Jay NYC)A quick mix of my current sounds delivered quickly and efficiently.Always from the HEART.....Jay RosensteinD-Jay NYC
12/4/201515 minutes, 27 seconds
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Hollowweeeeneeeeee Set 2015 (D-Jay NYC)

What should a Tribal Halloween sound like? Along with kind of creepy, adjectives like current and relevant should be included to describe this mix. Here is is! Always from the heart....Jay akaD-Jay NYC
9/27/201557 minutes, 12 seconds
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Intro - 2015 Labor Day Set This Is "THE NEW TRIBAL"

"THE NEW TRIBAL" very different from what you will expect. Refreshing Lite and Pure Tribal through and throughAlways from the HEART.....JayD-Jay NYC
8/2/20155 minutes, 12 seconds
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Don't Leave Me This Way D-Jay NYC

YES.....its another re-mix of the other re-mix of the one that used to be known as the original re-mix that somehow fell out of Thelma Houston's mouth (about 36 years ago)Not the the faint at hearted ....this IS NOT GRANNYS 45 I assure you, my scent is all over this track!Always from the Heart......JayD-Jay NYC
7/31/20159 minutes, 51 seconds
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Tribal Essay - NYC Night Club Experience (19 tracks in 19 minutes)

- Waiting in line at 5am - the selection - shirts off - the history of house - current-relevant tracks- finest of mixing and ....- the Finale - Last Tribal Dance!Always from the Heart.....JayD-Jay
7/20/201519 minutes, 31 seconds
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Big Black Cock (Dark Meat Mix)

Don't ask from where the inspiration came and simply enjoy, hate, be offended or LOVE it. The vocals were sampled from a porno movie, a bass-line chosen, a dash of Offer Nissam and the track had fallen in place.Always from the heart ....D-Jay NYC
7/11/20154 minutes, 57 seconds
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After Hours Set Miami

TRACKLIST 1. 3 Minutes of Perfection - original mix DJay NYC 2, Valley of house - original mix DJay NYC What is house music - Soloman mix 3. Satellite - Mark Broom (mix one) 4. Distrait - S. Lawler vs Musak Trisco S. Lawler 5. Cradle to Grave - Grace Jones 6. To Russia With Love - Dr Kucho mix 7. Violine D-Jay NYC 4 Deck mix 8. In My Dip - Berger original mix 9. Gimme Drugs - Christian Falero 10. Addicted to Everything - Easy Rider 11. Back to Basics - Danny Tengalia 12. Hypnotized - Oscar G. Abyss - Original Mix 13. Communication - Yomanda 14. Drama on The Dance Floor - Pagano 15. Lets Do It Again - Dj Paulo 16. Last Tribal Dance - Donna Summer D-Jay NYC mixAlways from the Heart.... D-Jay NYC
6/10/20151 hour, 2 minutes, 53 seconds
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For The Neighbors- "...yes you may hear bass a 4:40am sometimes"

When new neighbors move in you have to let them know....WHO IS IN CHARGE!
5/29/201540 minutes, 27 seconds
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Eros Peak Party Mix

this 30 min was intended to close the sale with the owners.....unfortunately for both the owners an I there was a bug in the system they never heard it..Good News for my followers though...You can cheat stay in Afrika, Europe or Asia turn up the volume and you will have arrived at the TOP of the party.Always from the HEART...D-Jay NYC
2/23/201517 minutes, 44 seconds
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War Against the Machines-Remix (D-Jay NYC )

This is my ...."PUSHIER" ...HIGH-Ocrtaine... remix of my current favorite dance track....If this doesn't move the room...its a morgueOrig track 2009 - Angelfist
12/4/20145 minutes, 53 seconds
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Stop Complaining - We Can't Go Back (4 Decks) D-Jay NYC

We Can't Go Back - A satirical track about the "OLD DAYS"Pt 1. Dark Beat - MurkPt 2, Rhythm Section - Dj Chus & CaballosPt 3. Time Machine - Ralphie RosarioPt 4. Out There - Victor CalderoneAlways from the heart.......D-jay NYC
10/8/201411 minutes, 35 seconds
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SET Him Free (GAY OPERA) Progressive/Tribal

Its NOT sad....simply cathartic. Progressive House Always from the heart....D-Jay NYCAll Tracks used in this set were re-mixed by D-Jay NYC
9/2/201431 minutes, 32 seconds
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Marrekesh Vs. Otradnoje

WANT A TRIP AROUND THE WORLD IN 4 MINUTES? THIS IS THE TRAK FOR YOU! Highly danceable and a gem simply to listen. Pump up the Volume and Enjoy.Always from the HEART.......D-Jay NYC
6/18/20146 minutes, 25 seconds
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Rapture - In The Grace of Your Love (D-Jay NYC Mix)

While Doing Homework on Reggae Beat..... I came across tis beautiful track. I took it apart and put it back together changing is sound completely but AMAZINGLy its heart and soul (the part that was so attractive to me) remained untouched.Always from the Heart........D-Jay NYC ***Dedicated to my FRIEND John Jamaican"***
4/28/20145 minutes, 32 seconds
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Valley of House (D-Jay NYC Bootleg Mix)

Another one? Is it REALLY needed?YES. I can say with certainty the my mix is THE FINEST.Always from the HEART......D-Jay NYC
4/4/20144 minutes, 56 seconds
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3 Minutes of Perfection -Spring 2014 Intro D-Jay NYC

If I had my way........DJ's should be REQUIRED to open a set with DRAMA...No matter if there is 1 or 10,000 there to hear it. It communicates pride, knowledge, a tell of what the next few hours may be about as well as presenting that crowd with a gift made JUST for them.If I had my way.......hahahahahahAlways from the HEART.....D-Jay NYC
3/26/20142 minutes, 58 seconds
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Progressive House 2013 - Pt#2 - D-Jay NYC

This is THE BEAT of 2013 The Set was constructed with 4 decks and is an important "YEAR END SUMMARY" what I was able to take from the MASTERS, both new and old! "NON COMMERCIAL" listen closely and you will hear from why it was the next evolutionary genre. Listen to the story and you will hear were its roots began.Always from the HEART....D-Jay NYC
2/24/201445 minutes, 15 seconds
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One-Adam 12 (D-Jay NYC)

Its a 12" "police special" Minimal TeChno vs Our Hero's makin a BUST!"One Adam 12 .... see the man behind the purple house...proceed with caution he has a BB gun"I just report the lyrics ...I don't write them :)Always From The HEARTD-Jay NYC
12/21/201315 minutes, 9 seconds
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Solo - Flonko D-Jay NYC 2013

Dj Jeffrey Jacobs, a friend of mine began his weekly party at TWIST in Miami this week. So, I dedicate this track to him (hard core "MIAMI" sound) and wish him the best.Always from the HEART....D-Jay NYC
12/9/20136 minutes, 2 seconds
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HARD Progressive / Tribal (D-Jay NYC)

For those of you who caught my set at the Ramrod, Saturday 10-12-13.....I had a BLAST, I hope you had one or two also! :)Ok, pump up the volume, close your eyes. Its 8am and you're on the HOTTEST HARDEST dance floor in NYC. You know, at this very moment there isn't any finer music being played on the planet. Right place....Right time. Enjoy this sample. Always from the heart.... D-Jay NYC
10/20/201343 minutes, 15 seconds
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TRANCE??? From a TRIBAL HEAD DJ? Yup - 4 minutes of The Real Deal,

Just one producers thoughts. It was one of those mash-ups that simply EXCEEDED my original idea, This has only happened TWICE to me, while remixing Tracks.I heard the mix the first time I played the tracks I simply knew it was right. THe tracks used are oceans and decades apart. One with "Miami Latin Sound" the other with soaring vocal "TRANCE." Not what usually fits together.....yet its as if they were written by the same elf in santa's workshop!,Its TRANCE...IT COOL...ITS NEW and FRESH!Tracks written by Dj Abel and Frankie Wilke- (the Deaf Dj)Always from the HEART.....D-Jay NYC
10/9/20138 minutes, 26 seconds
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Tribal Aliens (D-Jay NYC)

Yes you guessed it! Outer-Space -THeme. I can tell you I can recall being in OUTER SPACE when I was on the floor dancing to these tracks! No need to worry, I made it back to Earth....just fine.Always from the HEART.....D-Jay NYC
9/29/201350 minutes, 31 seconds
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When Decades of Music Colide (D-Jay NYC)

Here, in case you missed the past 33 years of house, this 15 minute set will catch you up in no time.Always From The Heart....D-Jay NYC
7/26/201315 minutes, 35 seconds
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Don't Leave Me This Way (D-Jay NYC Mix)

Highly danceable updated version ....of the updated version.....of the updated version! Always From The Heart........D-Jay NYc
7/6/20139 minutes, 51 seconds
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HEART BEAT - The Set (D-Jay NYC)

True Story.....After a LONG weekend in NYC, I was heading back to Ft Lauderdale. I waited almost 1 hour in line to get through security at JFK. I arrived at the gate (the very last one at the end of the concourse....of course) the banner said CLEVELAND. Huffing and Puffing I managed to ask somebody wearing a uniform..."Lauderdale? Where is the flight to Lauderdale?" "Gate change, concourse "B" .....RUN, you have 10 minutes before the close the door...GO!"I ran and ran and ran some more...and BAM! My legs stopped and I went down on one knee. I was sweating and my chest was POUNDING. I thought, Man am I out of shape. I made the flight and went to the doctor the next day. First test was an EKG. My doctor asked if I was ok to drive to the ER, handed me the print out and told me I wasn't out of shape, I had a HEART ATTACK.I had quintuple by-pass surgery. Three weeks later I was back at the decks with a mission, to create a set for my cardiologist just for him and called it HEART BEAT.Now, on my one year anniversary of that terrible weekend, I would like to share this set with my followers.Always from the HEART.....D-Jay NYC
5/11/20131 hour, 6 minutes, 33 seconds
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Twisted Hands II - The Set (D-Jay NYC)

More Hard Core RELEVANT Tribal.Always From the Heart.....D-Jay NYC
4/30/20131 hour, 18 minutes, 14 seconds
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Hard Core - 4 Deck Mixing Tribal & Progressive

"....Your best work to date" Molaman Records, London UK. Thanks to Steve Lawler for its inspiration.Collection of old school Tribal remixed to emphasize the "cherry" parts I have always found most pleasing to my ear.Always from the heart......D-Jay
4/6/201358 minutes, 48 seconds
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TWISTED -The Hard Core Mix-2013 (D-Jay NYC)

Thanks to Steve Lawler and Dj BorisAlways From The Heart.....D-Jay NYC
11/18/201215 minutes, 8 seconds
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Miami / Lauderdale Club Demo

This set gets points for being NEW NEW NEW and as far as I am concerned TECHNICALLY PERFECT. The demo is approximately 45 minutes long. It incorporates Tribal, Deep House, Minimal, Progressive, Latin and just hint of what Circuit may sound like if it were still around :) Less of five of the forty-five minutes are original artist work, which means virtually everything you hear has been created by some AMAZING mixing.I hope you enjoy the mixing. Please feel free to discuss my work and bookings in the South Florida and [email protected] from the heart....D-Jay NYC
10/20/201246 minutes, 13 seconds
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with a capital "V" (D-Jay NYC)

This is one of tracks that has UNIVERSAL APPEAL. If your a Dancer this track has got all the meat you need to dig in. If your a HOUSE-HEAD, well you'll simply get it with big smile on your face. And even Sally Secretary, with a the purse on her shoulder sipping her pink cocktail, who god knows why is on a dance floor at 8:00am....even she will be bumpin' to this track. Credits to: Format B & Tim Deluxe
7/24/20125 minutes, 20 seconds
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Low Frequencies - "DICK" Remix (D-Jay NYC)

Deep Dark and Beautiful....Always from the Heart.....D-Jay NYCChus Esteban, Richie Santana & D-Jay NYCRemix D-DJay NYC 2012
7/21/20126 minutes, 37 seconds
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Promotional Video - HIGH A Black Party Symphony-VIDEO PROMO - Audio by D-Jay NYC & D-NOX

3/20/20121 minute, 56 seconds
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Winter Progressive - #1 Global Download (D-Jay NYC)

Progressive? .....Fun?All the names we usually associate with Progressive House: Roy Orbison,John PHillips Sousa ect....Ha HAhahhahah! Progressive can be fun and you'll hear it all in this upbeat set that is sure to leave you smiling! Always from the heart......D-Jay NYC
12/17/201143 minutes, 15 seconds
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Original DUBSTEP Beat #1 (D-Jay NYC)

Playing with the beats! Keeping current with DUBSTEP. Always from the heart.....D-Jay NYC
11/3/20114 minutes, 21 seconds
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Hey Hey (DF Mix) vs Patricia Never Leaves The HOUSE = (D-Jay NYC MIX)

"Patricia Never Leaves The House" Dr Kucho mix vs. "Hey Hey" dfs attention vocal mix
10/4/20117 minutes, 27 seconds
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New Tribal, some well mixed Latin tracks and a couple oldies - well placed! Inspired by both a recent trip to SoBe and an OUTSTANDING set played by Danny Tenaglia at Black Party NYC. Hope you enjoy the set....Always From the heart.....D-Jay NYC
4/5/201154 minutes, 16 seconds
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THE ABSENT DIVA - After Hours Mix (D-J NYC)

Absent from this set, any hint of a Diva. Its all about the BEATS and working it out on the dance floor. From the heart....Jay NYC
10/29/201047 minutes, 34 seconds
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NYC SPIN Tribal House (D-Jay NYC)

A fine example of my work. It is the sound, of what i consider to be the heart and soul, of the NYC tribal genre. I hope you enjoy the music as much as I do. To quote GOD (Victor Calderone) "....LET THE MUSIC ENTER YOUR SOUL!"Always from the heart.....Jay NYC
10/8/201046 minutes, 8 seconds
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TWEEKER IN THE SPEAKER - Tribal / Progressive House (D -J NYC)

A "different" (out there) Mix of NYC Tribal / Progressive HOUSE. Always from the heart! D-J NYC
9/28/201059 minutes, 30 seconds