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Dj Henri's Progressive House Podcast

English, Electronic Dance, 2 seasons, 25 episodes, 1 day, 22 hours
Have a Listen to Progressive, Tribal & Club-House music mixed by Henri. Enjoy!
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Episode 28: WC18 Melbourne

Woofclub 18th Birthday @ The Peel Melbourne. This set is a mix of old and new. Enjoy!
6/18/20232 hours, 14 minutes
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Episode 27: The Other Side

Another blast from the past. THE OTHER SIDE was recorded in 2005. Hope you enjoy it! Henri
7/12/20221 hour, 19 minutes
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Episode 26: @ The Birthday Party

Here's an old one from 2006. I was playing at a friends birthday party and here is the result. The music is a rollercoaster I think worth the ride!  Enjoy!
1/19/20222 hours, 39 minutes, 38 seconds
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Episode 25: The Unvaccinated

A Progressive, Tribal, Club-house podcast dedicated to everyone who can see through the crap and standing up for what's right. Good will always win.. Enjoy the podcast
11/9/20212 hours, 8 minutes, 57 seconds
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Episode 24: Community Service

'Community Service' was mixed on the 16th of MAY 2021. It has been a long time coming with threats every evening of recordings that didn't happen. After clearing away some cobwebs I finally switched on the CDj's and here is the final prduct... Enjoy!
5/17/20212 hours, 11 minutes, 4 seconds
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Episode 23: Almost Out

Another Old recording I found the other day. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!Almost Out was recorded in November 2003 so there willl be at least one nostalgic track in there for you. Enjoy... See you on the dance floor
4/4/20211 hour, 19 minutes, 47 seconds
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Episode 22: You, Yes You...!

You, Yes You is a Progressive, Club-House podcast from way back in 2005. Enjoy  
2/22/20211 hour, 14 minutes, 25 seconds
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Episode 21: Overcoming #Coronaphobia

#Overcoming #Coronaphobia was recorded on the 4th of September 2020. Hope you like it! 
1/23/20211 hour, 38 minutes, 34 seconds
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Live @ Club 80 GOLD Edition

An old one but a good one. Recorded Live at Club 80's Gold Edition Party on 8th June 2014.. Club-house music, slightly chilled.. Enjoy 
8/21/20193 hours, 53 minutes, 9 seconds
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Live in the Club 80 Dungeon

This live set was recorded on the 1st of November 2014
8/10/20193 hours, 6 minutes, 14 seconds
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Mixed on the 7th April 2019.. Something old, Something new. Here's some music to Skywalk to... Enjoy 
4/7/20191 hour, 59 minutes, 29 seconds
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Lucky Dip

Here's something a little different.. Enjoy 
5/28/20181 hour, 30 minutes, 51 seconds
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Perfectly Imperfect

Mixed on 27th Feb 2013. I'm Posting this because it had been a while since I heard it and thought it was worth sharing. And it can be downloaded! Enjoy
8/31/20171 hour, 17 minutes, 10 seconds
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A new Club-House mix by Dj Henri. Enjoy
4/22/20172 hours, 23 minutes, 34 seconds
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Casa Dei Pazzi (R rated)

Casa Dei Pazzi (mad house) was recorded in August 2004. I recently uploaded it onto the computer and thought some of you might enjoy hearing it again! Or for the first time if you haven't heard it before! Haha WARNING R rated
11/15/20161 hour, 17 minutes, 36 seconds
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Around the World and Back Again

Around The World and Back Again is a Club-house Disk mixed on the 17th April 2016. Enjoy!
5/18/20161 hour, 22 minutes, 28 seconds
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One way Ticket

dj Henri mixed this Club-house disk on 10.2.15. Enjoy!
2/24/20151 hour, 19 minutes, 38 seconds
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Up the Spout

A Club-House mix on more of the cruisy side. Enjoy
10/22/20141 hour, 14 minutes, 48 seconds
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WoofClub @ The Shift (Sydney) Dj Henri

This set was recorded at WOOFCLUB in Sydney September 08
8/12/20122 hours, 43 minutes, 15 seconds
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WOOFCLUB @ The Monestary

WOOFCLUB @ The Monestary in Richmond Victoria Australia. A Progressive House set mixed by Henri  Enjoy
7/28/20121 hour, 59 minutes, 57 seconds