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English, Electronic Dance, 1 seasons, 23 episodes, 1 day 3 hours 52 minutes
Adam Watts is a DJ/Producer originally from Sydney, having spun at many of the biggest parties & clubs in Australia and internationally. Adam is inspired by soulful vocals, circuit tribal beats, uplifting progressive synths and grinding hypnotic techno basslines. Having produced two commercial remixes, as well as over one-hundred remixes and mashups you can be sure that every set is totally unique.
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Here's a teaser of our 'Evil Techno' Podcast, the second in a line of new podcasts by new artist 'Two Kinds of Evil'. Listen to the full length 2KoE podcasts for free at: or via iTunes and the iOS 'Podcasts' app. Enjoy! Ads
26/03/201614 minutes 58 seconds
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UNCHILL, Vauxhall’s newest afterhours from promoter Marco Gee, brings new light to London’s favourite gay clubbing landmark, when it touches down in Barcode on Sunday 30th March (and every Sunday thereafter). Here is a sample of our HOT ROOM DJ ADAM WATTS
27/03/201452 minutes 45 seconds
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DJ Adam Watts - BeatBears Presents Promo Malta 2014

Hi Folks! Here's a very special promo for you in preparation for my performance in Malta on Saturday 15th Feb for BeatBears Presents ... ! This mix is another big one, including some huge tracks from the past 6 months by super-star circuit and progressive producers Peter Rauhofer, Ivan Gomez, Nacho Chapado, Tannuri, Hector Fonseca, Antranig, Edson Pride, Peter Brown, Jerome Roberts, DJ Aron, Mauro Mozart, Alain Jackinsky, Erick Morillo, Isak Salazar, Aude and Justin Caruso. Look out for 5 of my own new mashups: - Fish Go Deep vs Hector Fonseca & DJ Theresa - The Cure & The Cause & The Bump (Adam Watts Edit) - Antranig vs Antonio Eudi - Spank The Sky (Adam Watts Edit) - Madonna vs Edson Pride & Tannuri - Believe Erotica (Adam Watts Edit) - Deux vs Ivan Gomez & DJ Urian - Sun Rising Up Next Day (Adam Watts Edit) - Soulsearchers vs Nacho Chapado - Can't Get Enough Beyond the Rhythm (Adam Watts Edit) See you all in Malta !! Enjoy! Ads :)
06/02/20141 hour 28 seconds
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DJ Adam Watts - C U Back @ Profile Dublin Promo November 2013

Hi Folks! Very excited to be back at Profile next weekend in Dublin! To celebrate, I've compiled a high energy Circuit mix chock full of brand-new mashups. Look out for my new Black Box mashup of "Everybody Everybody", as well as six others featuring Madonna, Kylie, Shakedown & Rebeka Brown. Featuring tracks and remixes by Nacho Chapado, Ivan Gomez, Tannuri, Peter Rauhofer, Felipe Guerra, Abel Ramos, Marcos Carnival, Edson Pride, David Penn, Peter Gelderblom, Phunk Investigation & Finbar Massi. Enjoy! Ads
09/11/20131 hour 3 minutes 23 seconds
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DJ Adam Watts - OMG Party Halloween @ Klub Mecca, Prague Promo Oct 13

Hi Folks! This month I'm really excited to be spinning for OMG Party for their Halloween Special @ Klub Mecca in Prague, Czech Republic on the 27th October. Here's a Promo Podcast for you to celebrate! Featuring a handful of my new mashups, including a special made-for-OMG mix of MJ's Thriller to set the mood! Watch out for my latest Kylie mash, plus that Gloria Gaynor revival and a Kathy Brown mash! Also featuring brand-new tracks and remixes by Muzzaik, David Penn, Frankie Rizardo, Carlos Gallardo, Mauro Mozart, T.Tommy & Victor Perez, Andy Viva, Lissat & Voltaxx, Tommy Love & DJ Suri, Peter Brown & Jay C & Tom Da Lips and Ivan Gomez & Nacho Chapado !! Enjoy! Ads x
16/10/20131 hour 54 seconds
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DJ Adam Watts - All Mashed Up 4.0 Sep 13

Hi Folks! Well it's that time of the year again: here's my 4TH ANNUAL MASHUPS PODCAST containing 22 of my own mashups from the past year!! I've also thrown in a 23rd track: my remix of Kylie Minogue's 'German Bold Italic' which has become a bit of a theme song for the 'Gigolo' team here in London. Featuring 23 mashed up vocals & vocal tracks by Kylie Minogue, Christina Aguilera, Rihanna, Shakedown, Scissor Sisters, Kathy Brown, Soraya, Red Carpet, Moloko, Degrees of Motion, Firefox, Little Mix, Danubio, Martin Solveig, Planet Funk & Soul Vision. Featuring 22 of the best instrumental tracks from the past year by Carter, Maze & Devereaux, Dolly Rockers, T.Tommy, Victor Perez & DJ Chus, J.Velarde, Luque & Vitti, The Cube Guys, The New Iberican League, Futuristic Polar Bears, Carlos Gallardo, Ivan Gomez, Peter Brown, Dick Ray, Phunk Investigation, John Dahlback, Abel Ramos, Juanjo Martin, Nacho Chapado and Voltaxx & Mike Kelly !! The best in pop & hou
05/09/20131 hour 54 minutes 7 seconds
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DJ Adam Watts - Profile Dublin Promo August 2013

Hi Folks! The first podcast for August is a very special promo mix for my friends at Profile Dublin as I head over there this Saturday night for an exclusive performance on my ancestral soil. So I've made sure this mix is pretty special and energetic, including the very best in Circuit tracks and featuring SIX of my own BRAND NEW MASHUPS!! Featuring tracks and remixes by Carlos Gallardo & Soraya Naoyin, Tannuri, Tommy Love, Enrry Senna, Taito Tikaro, Albert Neve & Lydia Sanz, Ivan Gomez & DJ Urian, Tony Moran, Lorena Simpson, Felipe Guerra & Nelaya and Beth Sacks. My mashups included are: *The New Iberican League vs Warren Clarke ft Kathy Brown - Get Up Over You (Adam Watts Edit) *C.Gallardo vs Lissat & Voltaxx - I Wear My Sa Trincha Sunglasses At Night (Adam Watts Edit) *K-Klass, Futuristic Polar Bears, Bobbi vs Soul Vision - Don't Stop All Night Long (Adam Watts Edit) *Dick Ray vs Little Mix - Sube Sube Wings (Adam Watts Edit) *Moloko vs Outwork vs Di
01/08/20131 hour 5 minutes 14 seconds
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DJ Adam Watts - The Farm Milano Promo July 2013

Hi Folks! This SPECIAL EDITION podcast is a promo release in preparation for my debut at 'The Farm' Milano !! It's BIG !! Full to the brim with the latest in huge circuit and big-room tracks! Featuring brand-new tracks and remixes by superstar producers Ivan Gomez, Nacho Chapado, Tannuri, Danny Verde, Peter Brown, Enrry Senna, Erick Morillo, Denace The Menace, Axwell, Futuristic Polar Bears, T.Tommy & more !! There's a new mashup in there too: 'Deeply Gently Alright (Adam Watts Edit)' - a mashup of Futuristic Polar Bears vs Red Carpet !! Enjoy! Ads :)
30/06/20131 hour 9 minutes 3 seconds
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DJ Adam Watts - The House Sessions 1.0 June 2013

Hi Folks!! This mix is a particularly exciting one, featuring ten of my favourite tracks all in the one podcast, plus four mashups/edits that I pulled together over this past week. In terms of up-front house, this is about as current as it gets. Featuring brilliance by Dolly Rockers, Futuristic Polar Bears, Jonathan Ulysses, Dick Ray, Peter Brown, Muzzaik, Marc Vedo, Hoxton Whores, Carter, Maze & Devereaux and many more. For more of my mashups, edits and remixes, check out my soundcloud: Enjoy! Ads :)
11/06/20131 hour 7 minutes 58 seconds
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DJ Adam Watts - Meatshow @ 2022NQ, Manchester June 2013

Hi Folks! This month, I'm debuting up in Manchester with the Gaydio boys at their new party "MEATSHOW" at 2022NQ: The mix is chock-full of my own mashups, featuring a brand-new mashup of Kylie's "Breathe" and my new Kylie remix: "German Bold Italic". See you at MEATSHOW this Saturday 8th June @ 2022NQ, Manchester UK, for a high-energy vocal house set! Extra points for flashing this podcast at the DJ box !! ;) Enjoy!! Ads x
06/06/20131 hour 4 minutes 30 seconds
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DJ Adam Watts - District XXX @ Area April 2013

Hi Folks! This month's podcast is a cool blend of Tech and Vocal House, based on my set last week at District XXX, at Area in London. Featuring some cool tech revivals and brilliant brand-new tracks by Marco Lys, Prok & Fitch, Baggi Begovic, Deepdisco, SLDC, Tom Forester & Kava Groove, Jaydee, Criminal Vibes, Nicky Romero, Sean Finn, Pablo Briales, Juanjo Martin, Javi Reina, Dick Ray & Deadmau5. Also featuring remixes by Saeed Younan, Koen Groenfeld, Federico Scava, Belocca, Micke Hi and Jerome Robins. Enjoy!! Ads :)
19/04/20131 hour 12 minutes 8 seconds
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DJ Adam Watts - Colors @ the Apartment, Athens Apr 2013

Hi Folks! Firstly, I would like to extend a warm thank you to my dear friends at 'the Apartment' club in Athens and to everyone that came last Saturday, 30th March. What a beautiful club!! Here's a special edition podcast, based on my set. This podcast is crammed full of enormous tunes and stacks of huge vocals, including five of my own mashups. Featuring tracks and remixes by Scissor Sisters, Mariah Carey, Rihanna, Christina Aguilera, Kylie Minogue, Chris Cox, Nikki Williams, SESA, Jam & Spoon, Felipe Guerra, Nacho Chapado, Danny Verde, Cube Guys, Taito Tikaro, Alex Botar, Ivan Gomez, J.Velarde, Luque, Vitti, T.Tommy, Victor Perez, DJ Chus & The Groove Patrol & more. Enjoy!! Ads :)
06/04/20131 hour 18 minutes
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DJ Adam Watts - District XXX @ Area Pod Promo Mar 2013

Hi Folks! Here's a promo for my set this Friday night at District XXX @ Area, Vauxhall. This Friday night 15th March, District XXX, Pole Acrobat Ray presents gogo's Diego and Andreas with DJs Matt Bogard and myself. District XXX invites the hot, the cool, the bad boys and the X rated to all come together in a fantasy playground. With a soundtrack of the finest quality pure house music to make you want to get down and dirty Host Martin Princess brings together live porn shows by a rotation of Europe’s hottest porn studios & stars in the XXX red light district, world class DJ talent and not just your average gogo shows. All housed within the back room of your dreams, the famous Chapel with it’s pounding sound system and dark’n’draped up back nave where the bad boys hang out… See you there !! Enjoy! Ads
14/03/201354 minutes 35 seconds
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DJ Adam Watts - Ritmo Londres Feb 2013

Hi Folks! This is my first podcast in 9 months, after the big move to London. For this project, I thought it appropriate to focus my musical antennae on one of my favourite uplifting-vocal commercial London sounds, which is heavily influenced by the Spanish circuit festivals. Featuring the latest and greatest tracks and remixes by Kylie Minogue, Florence & The Machine, SHM, Rebeka Brown, Nalaya Brown, Taito Tikaro, Albert Neve, Lydia Sanz, Mr Danny, Ruben Tortosa, Steven Redant, Phil Romano, Alex Guerrero, Randy Garcia, Ruben Moran, Carlos Rus & Blas Marin, David Oleart and Etienne Ozborne. The mix also features three of my own edits: "Just Be Good To Me Naked" (The Revenge vs Helvetica Nerds & Leventina); "Rapture Last Night in Savilla" (IIO vs Alex Guerrero); "Finally Millennium" (Juanjo Martin vs Kings of Tomorrow). Enjoy! Ads :)
09/02/20131 hour 18 minutes 4 seconds
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DJ Adam Watts - All Mashed Up 3.0 May 12

Hi Folks! Londoners: I hope to see you all at Profile (Soho) from behind the decks this Thursday night 24th May for the "Society Party". To celebrate, I am really excited to showcase six brand-new mashups and 16 other mashups that I have produced over the past 12 months. Again, this mix contains 22 mashups, combining 22 soulful vocal masterpieces with 22 of the most inspirational instrumentals I could get my hands on. Featuring legendary vocal artistry by Madonna, Louie Vega & Jay Sinister, AC Soul Symphony, Martin Solveig, Florence & The Machine, Copyright, Swedish House Mafia, Red Carpet, Kosheen, Despina Vandi, Raven Maize, Foreal People, Doug Willis, Kathy Brown, Adele, Shapeshifters, IIO (Nadia Ali), Copyright & Lady Gaga. Beneath the vocals are 22 incredible pieces of dance music heaven by Axwell, Alex Gaudino, D Ramirez, Avicii, Tristan Garner, Tonite Only, David Guetta, Third Party, Lissat & Voltaxx, Norman Doray, Phunk Investigation, Daishi Dance &am
24/05/20121 hour 57 minutes 35 seconds
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DJ Adam Watts - Fiesta de la Piscina Dec '11

Hi Folks! As promised, here is my second mix for the month! This is an Australian-summer Xmas special: "La Fiesta de la Piscina" ("The Pool Party"). This mix is polar-opposite to my last "exile" mix and features some massive vocal Circuit tracks and loads of uplifting fun !! Featuring hot new tracks by Natalia Kills, Danny Verde & Meital Dohan, Lady Gaga, Thomas Anders, Nacho Chapado & Ivan Gomez, The Free Radicals Formation, Rosabel, Taito Tikaro and Siri Umann & Vicente Ferrer & Starhoney. Also featuring some amazing remixes by Roger Sanchez, Danny Verde, Ivan Gomes & Fran Ramirez Muevelo, Inpetto, Tikaro & T.Tommy. The opening two tracks are mashups that I made for Halloween: Shapeshifters vs Tristan Garner vs Pryda vs Mohawk - Musical Pjanoo Freedom (Adam Watts Edit) Arno Cost & Tristan Garner vs Copyright - Nobody Lasts Forever (Adam Watts Edit) Enjoy! Ads
23/12/20111 hour 15 minutes 13 seconds
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DJ Adam Watts - See U Back @ eXile Dec '11

Hi Folks! After a couple of months off, this month I'm heading back down to the dungeons with a selection of the best tracks I have played this year at Club eXile at Phoenix Underground, Sydney. Featuring some earth-shattering tracks by The Cube Guys, Fish Go Deep & Tracey K, Umek & Beltek, Tomy DeClerque, Experimental Feelings, DJ Chus & Tom Stephan, Patric De La Funk, Axwell & Michael Calfan, Yorker, Redkone, Nacho Chapado & Ivan Gomez, Alex Botar & Mizmoni & Micky Friedmann and Dario Nunez & Aitor Galan. Featuring super-dirty remixes by The Cube Guys, Nacho Chapado, Manuel De La Mare, Antranig, Javier Medina & Ivan Gomez. Enjoy !!
17/12/20111 hour 11 minutes 6 seconds
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DJ Adam Watts - Rhythm Inferno Oct '11

After a break from podcasting whilst travelling around the world, it's appropriate that I release a mix based on the biggest tracks I heard in Montreal, Barcelona (Circuit), London & Berlin. Featuring huge circuit tracks by Antoine Clamaran, DJ Chus, Dick Ray, Peter Brown, Adele, Tristan Garner & Abigail Bailey, Danny Verde & Blake Lewis, Tikaro and Rebeka Brown. Featuring amazing remixes by Albert Neve, DJ Haro, Peter Rauhofer, Desum9, Danny Verde and Thomas Gold. Look out for four of my brand-new edits made especially for the October Long Weekend: Disco Music Place (Adam Watts Edit) - Madonna vs Phunk Investigation & G.&.D.B. Sax Arena Celebration (Adam Watts Edit) - Madonna vs Daishi Dance & Mitomi Tokoto Alright Duel (Adam Watts Edit) - Red Carpet vs Third Party That Gia Violin Track (Adam Watts Edit) - Despina Vandi vs Nacho Chapado Enjoy !!
08/10/20111 hour 13 minutes 40 seconds
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DJ Adam Watts - Ritmo España May '11

This month's podcast is my biggest mix yet and showcases some of the biggest tracks and talent coming out of Europe at the moment, with a special focus on my favourite Spanish club producers. Featuring tracks by Rebeka Brown, Magic Solutions, Chris Montana, Etienne Ozborne, Alex Kenji, Starkillers, Nadia Ali, Ivan Gomez, DJ Suri, Markus DB, Soraya Naoyin, Delerium, Bellini, Pablo Kopanos, Manuel Moore, Halmadaxx, Danny Verde, Nacho Chapado, Binomio, Pagano, Tiff Lacey. Also featuring remixes by Vincenzzo & Silko, Alex_Barroso & G Martin, David Esse, Antoine Clamaran, Danny Verde, Manuel De La Mare, Surrender Djs, Marsal Ventura. Special mention to the master Javier Medina for his amazing remix of "Perfect World". Look out for three of my latest edits: Ivan Gomez & Ben Manson vs 100% - Get a Life on Saturday (Adam Watts Edit) Thomas & Manuel De La Mare vs Gallardo & Alexander - Circle of Eloise (Adam Watts Edit) Manuel De La Mare, Julio Navas & Dav
13/05/20111 hour 14 minutes 35 seconds
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DJ Adam Watts - All Mashed Up 2.0 Mar 11

This March 2011 Special Edition 2-Hour podcast is the sequel to last year's 'All Mashed Up' pod, showcasing the best of all of the mashups I put together throughout the past year. There are also a few new edits that I prepared for the Mardi Gras 2011 season, earlier this month. Featuring vocals by Stonebridge, Copyright, Ce Ce Peniston, Johnny Corporate, Funkerman, Chocolate Puma & Bingo Players, Shakedown, Ultra Nate, Riva Starr, Lil Mo Yin Yang, Marlon D & Mena Keys, Kathy Brown, Kings of Tomorrow, The Program, John Dahlback, 100%, Soulsearcher, Cleptomaniacs, Candi Staton, Danny Verde & Phil Romano and Bailey Tzuk. Also featuring instrumentals and dubs by Jay C & Felix Baumgartner, Aitor Galan, The Sultan, Funkagenda & Ned Shepard, Moguai, Michael Woods, Splashfunk, Alex Guerrero & Javi Reina, Daishi Dance & Mitomi Tokoto, Swedish House Mafia, Mark Knight & Wolfgang Gartner, Tune Brothers & Plastik Funk, Manuel De La Mare, Juanjo Martin, Fe
19/03/20111 hour 56 minutes 33 seconds
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DJ Adam Watts - Club eXile launch 19th Feb Pod Sampler

This mix is a short sample of what you can expect during my set at tomorrow night's launch of Club eXile @ Phoenix. DJs Dean Reid, Gavyn Vincze and myself will be bringing you some dirty, sexy beats !! Enjoy & see you there, Sydney !! Ads
18/02/201136 minutes 52 seconds
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DJ Adam Watts - Ghetto Disco 2.0 Jan'11

It's hard to believe that it's been a year since my last Disco podcast: 'Ghetto Disco'. 2010 was a massive year for Disco revivals & Nu-Disco so this podcast showcases what I think are the cream-of-the-recent-crop of up-beat Disco. This mix is also inspired by my NYE '11 performance at 'CELEBRATION' on the roof-top terrace of the MCA in Sydney. Featuring smooth renditions and remixes by the following mega-geniuses: Armand Van Helden & Uffie, Hatiras, Axwell, A-Trak & Robyn, Dr Kucho & Ojelay, Miami Horror, Criminal Vibes, Stars on 45 & Addy Van Der Zwan, David Jones & Discobump, DJ Slider & Anton Liss, Manuel De La Mare, Olav Basoski & My Digital Enemy, Chus Soler & J.Louis, Martini/Bini/Memi & Cattaneo/Gardini and Tristan Garner & Daft Punk/Scott Grooves. Also including my edit of 'Sax Arena' by Japanese-Parisien Disco-Progressive stars Daishi Dance & Mitomi Tokoto, aplomb with Riva Starr's highly contagious vocal: 'Enjoy Music
20/01/20111 hour 12 minutes 31 seconds
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DJ Adam Watts - All Mashed Up Apr 10

This month's mix is a 2-hour Special Edition chock full of my own mashups & re-edits from the past year: 23 of the most popular vocals getting it on with 22 of the most genius instrumentals & dubs I could get my hands on. Featuring vocals by Madonna , Axwell (Steve Edwards), Swedish House Mafia (Deborah Cox), Ultra Nate, Robert Owens, Kings of Tomorrow, Shapeshifters, Bob Sinclar, Stonebridge, Blaze (Barbara Tucker), Djaimin (Crystal Re-Clear), Soulsearchers, Jason Hates Jazz, David Penn, Copyright (Tasita D'Mour), Warren Clark (Kathy Brown), Stereo Palma, King Unique, A.T.F.C (Lisa Millett) and Onephatdeeva. Also featuring instrumentals & dubs by Joey Negro, Ashley Wallbridge, Peter Brown, David Vendetta, Norman Doray, Inpetto, Ben Preston, Lissat and Voltaxx, Tune Brothers, Jamie Matrix, Santiago Cortes, Deniz Koyu, Noferini & Marini, Chocolate Puma, The Chatelains, Nick Corline, Huggy & Dean Newton, David Penn & Robert Gaez, Romain Curtis and Fatboy Sli
28/04/20101 hour 58 minutes 32 seconds