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English, Technology, 1 seasons, 5 episodes, 2 hours 13 minutes
Interviews with outstanding developers who perform at their peak to lead large open source projects and make an impact at top companies
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#5: Jeff Atwood - Co-founder of StackOverflow and founder of Discourse

Jeff Atwood is the co-founder of Stack Overflow and Stack Exchange, the founder of Discourse, and the author of one of the most popular software blogs, CodingHorror. It’s hard to understate the impact he’s had on the software industry - it’s safe to say that most programmers use daily the tools he’s created to share knowledge, exchange ideas and solve problems. As well as being an extremely experienced software developer, Jeff is fascinated by the people side of programming and how we as software developers interact and learn. In this interview we talk about how StackOverflow started, his experiences with blogging, his observations of online communities, motivation and learning.
13/04/202029 minutes 36 seconds
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#4: Miguel Grinberg - Author of the Flask Mega Tutorial

If you’ve ever done any web development work with Python, you’ve almost certainly come across Miguel Grinberg - his successful blog being one of the most useful resources on Flask, Python and many other areas. He has literally written the book on Flask Web Development published by O'Reilly, and is the author of the Flask Mega Tutorial. He is also the creator and maintainer of a large number of popular open source projects, including python-socketio, flask-socketio, FlaskHTTPAuth and many more. In this interview we talk about Miguel’s career, learning, and the power of sharing knowledge and code.
02/04/202022 minutes 38 seconds
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#3: Martijn Pieters - StackOverflow's top Python contributor

Martijn Pieters is the world’s highest contributor to Python on Stackoverflow. Martijn has worked on developer infrastructure at Facebook; on Zope with Guido Van Rossum, the creator of Python; and on the framework team of Plone, which is used by the CIA and FBI. He has made contributions to Python, Flask, and Mercurial, and currently works as an open source consultant. In this interview Martijn tells the story of his career. We talk about working at Facebook, what motivates Martijn to answer questions on StackOverflow, and the importance of algorithms and computer science fundamentals.
26/09/201927 minutes
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#2: John Leider - creator of Vuetify

John Leider is the creator of Vuetify, the immensely popular material component framework for Vue. In this interview we talk about how John became a developer, how he started and released Vuetify, and how his approach to leading a big open source project differs from others.
30/08/201922 minutes 56 seconds
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#1: Carsten Haitzler AKA Rasterman - creator of Enlightenment

Carsten Haitzler, also known as Rasterman, has been described as “one of the few genuine legends in the Linux community”. He is the leader and founder of the open source project Enlightenment, a window manager for Linux which is now used in millions of products around the world, including cameras, phones, Samsung smartwatches, smart TVs and even fridges. He’s travelled the world working on Linux and graphics, for a whole host of companies including Red Hat and Samsung. He is currently a director of open source software at Arm. In this interview we talk about how he started Enlightenment, motivation for learning leading an open source project and open source in a commercial context, and how Carsten initially failed his C programming module at university.
24/08/201931 minutes 9 seconds