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Disgraceland is a music and true crime podcast that tells the jaw dropping stories of musicians behaving very badly… and some even getting away with murder. Named “Best Podcast” by the Webby Awards and multiple winner at the iHeart Podcast Awards, Disgraceland dives into the unbelievable histories of the world’s most famous musical artists. Jerry Lee Lewis committing murder? Guns ‘N Roses inciting a riot? Jay Z’s nightclub stabbing? Cardi B’s admitted robberies? Taylor Swift’s many stalkers? Host Jake Brennan gets into all of this and more. Listen to new episodes of Disgraceland every Tuesday wherever you get you podcasts. And for even more episodes, check out all nine seasons for free only on Amazon Music: (
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Listen Now: Blame it on the Fame: Milli Vanilli

When Frank Farian first laid eyes on Rob Pilatus and Fab Morvan, he saw everything he wasn’t. They were handsome, young, and Black. But Frank had something they didn’t. He had power. So, Frank offered them a devil’s bargain. Almost overnight, Milli Vanilli’s debut album went five times platinum and scored a Grammy nomination. But when the lie at the center of their success started to unravel, Rob and Fab would discover the hard way the difference between star power and real power. From Wondery, Blame It on the Fame is a story about the lie that shot to #1 and what it cost to tell the truth. Hosted by Amanda Seales. Listen early and ad-free exclusively on Wondery+: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
5/13/20244 minutes, 26 seconds
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Presenting Musicland Stories (Trailer)

Double Elvis and Starglow present a new story podcast for kids and their parents! Join the Conductor as she takes you on a tour through the planets, forests, deserts and oceans of Musicland! The journey starts Dec.12 wherever you get your podcasts. Subscribe to hear a new story every Tuesday! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
12/12/20234 minutes, 16 seconds
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Presenting Amplify Color: Charlamagne tha God (excerpt)

Today we're sharing an excerpt from Amplify Color, a Double Elvis produced podcast series for Interval Presents. Amplify Color reveals the history of Black radio through the inspirational stories of trailblazers and icons who made the medium what it is today. Born Lenard McKelvey in the small town of Moncks Corner, South Carolina, Charlamagne tha God has become one of the most important people in the history of radio and TV. His journey wasn’t easy. In this episode we’ll learn how being fired from The Wendy Williams Show, and then being fired from his own show in Philadelphia, propelled him to the top of the media world as one third of the World’s Most Dangerous Morning Show, The Breakfast Club. Tune in to hear the unprecedented journey of Charlemagne and how it landed him to the Radio Hall of Fame. Subscribe to Amplify Color now wherever you get your podcasts. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
11/29/20236 minutes, 46 seconds
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Presenting BADLANDS: The Misfits: Car Wrecks, Heart Attacks, Marilyn Monroe, and One of Hollywood’s Most Cursed Films

Glenn Danzig named his punk band after one of the most cursed Hollywood films of all time. The Misfits was where actor Montgomery Clift, permanently disfigured from a car accident, tried in vain to restart his stalled career. The director, John Huston, lost the film’s entire production budget at a craps table. The lead actor, Clark Gable, suffered a heart attack the day after shooting ended and died ten days later. But was there any truth to the rumor that Gable was driven to an early grave not because of a grueling shoot or poor health, but by his demanding co-star, Marilyn Monroe? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
11/1/202340 minutes, 15 seconds
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Horror Business: The 10 Scariest Disgraceland Episodes

It's that time of year again – Halloween is here, and we've collected ten of our most macabre and spine-tingling tales to scare the hell out of you this spooky season. We've got killers, cults, cannibalism, and all kinds of deranged mayhem to freak you out. Every day from now until Halloween, we're re-releasing the greatest horror stories from the demented recesses of the Disgraceland vault, featuring AC/DC, Ozzy Osbourne, Big Lurch, Robert Johnson, The Misfits, and more. There's no escape - the reanimated corpses of terrifying stories that have long been buried will rise again – every day in the Disgraceland feed from now until Halloween. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
10/21/20232 minutes, 16 seconds
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Introducing: Amplify Color

Charlamagne Tha God. Wendy Williams. Robin Quivers. The names are familiar, but the stories of their trials and triumphs in the radio industry may not be. Amplify Color reveals the empowering and inspirational stories of individuals who left an undeniable impact on the radio industry despite the challenges and battles they faced. Each week, host Ryan Cameron chronicles the history of Black radio through the story of a trailblazer who made a long-lasting impact on the medium that we know and love today. Subscribe to Amplify Color now wherever you get your podcasts. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
9/29/20231 minute, 30 seconds
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Bruce Lee: Fists of Fury, the Death Touch, Murder Suspect #1, and Hollywood’s Ultimate Outsider

Wu-Tang Clan were inspired by more than just other musicians. They were kung fu film fanatics, and they used the mythology of countless movies to build their own world. Like the films of Bruce Lee, whose classic kung fu epic Enter the Dragon is baked into Wu-Tang's first album title. In this archive episode from BADLANDS, Jake Brennan's other show about the intersection of entertainers and true crime, hear all about how Bruce Lee got into so much trouble as a kid in Hong Kong that his parents banished him to the place of his birth: America. There he found all kinds of new trouble to get into. He upset kung fu traditionalists with his revolutionary style of fighting. He challenged long-held perceptions in racist Hollywood. He was an outsider determined to change the system the hard way – but did bringing about change cost Bruce Lee his life? To see the full list of contributors, see the show notes at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
9/22/202342 minutes, 9 seconds
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Introducing BADLANDS - Johnny Depp: Homemade Bombs, Bootleg Quaaludes, and Unsolved Disappearances

This month we launched an all new season of BADLANDS, and we’re bringing you a preview here. This is the show where DISGRACELAND host Jake Brennan blends history and true crime to tell the transgressive stories of some of the biggest names in Hollywood, including the mysterious deaths of Marilyn Monroe and Natalie Wood…Tim Allen’s former career as a low-level drug dealer…the curse of the movie Poltergeist…how porn star John Holmes got caught up in the infamous Wonderland murders…and more episodes on Winona Ryder, River Phoenix, Gianni Versace, Robin Williams, Heath Ledger, Sharon Tate, Robert Downey Jr., and so many more. Search BADLANDS to hear 70+ episodes, including this new episode on Johnny Depp. Johnny Depp prefers the shadows to the limelight, whether he’s building a bomb with Hunter S. Thompson in the Rocky Mountains, or downing bootleg quaaludes laced with arsenic. After emerging as the leading art flick actor of the 1990s, prodding paparazzi’s desire to paint him as a “novelty boy” often drove him to outbursts that ended in arrests, wrecked hotel rooms, and a miffed Kate Moss and Roger Daltrey. Yet even with camera flashes constantly lighting up his private life, plenty of mysteries still surround Johnny Depp…including the unsolved disappearance of his former Viper Room co-owner – who went missing just days before he was supposed to testify against Johnny in court. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
8/30/202342 minutes, 19 seconds
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Listen Now - Think Twice: Michael Jackson

More than a decade since Michael Jackson’s death, his legacy remains complicated and unresolved. Think Twice: Michael Jackson is an exploration of the King of Pop’s life and impact – and an investigation into why his global influence continues to endure, despite the disturbing allegations against him. In this ten-part series, journalists Leon Neyfakh and Jay Smooth bring you a new perspective on the Michael Jackson story, based on dozens of original interviews with people who watched it unfold from up close. You can binge all 10 episodes of Think Twice: Michael Jackson ad-free with Wondery Plus or Audible. Download the Wondery or Audible app today: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
7/3/20232 minutes, 53 seconds
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Bonus Episode - Jake's 2020 Commencement Address

With graduation season once again upon us, Disgraceland looks back at the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, when Jake was asked to deliver a virtual commencement address to the graduates of that very peculiar year. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
6/5/202314 minutes, 40 seconds
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Bonus Episode: Disgraceland Drops Old & New, a Movie Rec Round-Up, and a Tribute to a Fallen Friend

Disgraceland’s 5 year anniversary is next week!! Jake looks back at Season 1, forward to Season 11, then dives into the now by responding to your calls and messages. Join the After Party by leaving your own message at 617-906-6638 and follow on social and YouTube @disgracelandpod. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
2/9/202331 minutes, 9 seconds