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Diplomates – A Geopolitical Chinwag

English, News magazine, 1 season, 59 episodes, 2 days, 9 hours, 16 minutes
The podcast spreading mateship and chatting geopolitics. Diplomates* is the podcast giving you the definitive answers to the key questions facing Australia and the world. Our guests are the leading foreign policy experts, thinkers and political big wigs from around the world. Each episode is a deep dive into the very latest trends in global affairs. We mine the expertise of our guests and hand it over to you for your listening pleasure. Our 'Chinwags' are hosted by Misha Zelinsky; the Aussie policy nerd you never knew you needed to know. And make sure you stay tuned for our world famous, patented BBQ questions. Because, let's be honest, what the world absolutely needs is another nerdy political podcast hosted by an unknown Australian. *DiploMATES, get it?
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Bonus Content: Senator Kristina Keneally and Misha Zelinsky in panel discussion on COVID-19, immigration and trade policy.

This is a special content episode!Senator Kristina Keneally is the Shadow Minister for Home Affairs and Immigration and Citizenship. Senator Keneally is Labor's deputy leader in the Senate and also served as the first female premier of NSW.Misha Zelinsky and Senator Keneally appeared as guests on a NSW Young Labor panel session discussing the future of immigration and trade in a post COVID-19 world.This is a recording of that live panel session. Senator Keneally gives some fascinating insights into the economic and migration challenges facing Australia, discusses the shocking fact that Australia has the second largest guest worker program in the OECD, tells us why Australia should always be a nation of permanent and generous migration and explains how COVID-19 gives us a chance for a policy reset.Misha talks about the sovereign capability challenge facing the world and why Australia can no longer rely on just-in-time supply changes to deliver the things it needs when it needs them.We apologise in advance for the BBQ question making its way into the program; don't blame us!Enjoy!(We hope to have Senator Keneally on soon as a guest!) See for privacy information.
6/25/202054 minutes, 8 seconds