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The Digital Builder podcast is for construction professionals working on the forefront of construction. If you are looking for conversations centered on where the industry is headed, this podcast is for you!​ Each episode features an interview with top construction professionals discussing themes related to connected construction and the future of the construction industry.
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Psychological Safety’s Critical Role in Construction

Talking about the difficult challenges facing construction is a vital part of raising awareness and driving change, but talk alone isn’t enough. That’s why we are sitting down with Amit Oberoi, Executive Chairman of the Considerate Constructors Scheme, a UK-based company that is taking many of those big challenges head on. One of the most important challenges facing our workforce today is psychological safety, which empowers team members to speak up, to disagree, and to surface concerns without fear of retaliation or consequences. Join Eric and Amit as they discuss: The statistics on the mental health of our construction teams are alarming and much of the data indicates that the construction industry has one of the highest rates of suicide among all industries i
05/12/20231 hour 2 minutes 58 seconds
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Live from AU 2023 on Day 3

Join us for this special episode of the Digital Builder Podcast, recorded live at AU 2023, the Design &amp; Make conference!In this recap of day 3, host Eric Thomas dives into the biggest themes encompassing the Design &amp; Make Conference, such as Digital Transformation, the growing importance of AI in construction, the push for getting clean data and adopting cloud-based solutions, and why its vital for technology providers in the AEC industry to act as true partners to their customers and industry leaders as we all work together to make this industry better and safer.Digital Builder is hosted by Eric Thomas of <a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer" target="_blank" style="background-color: rgb
16/11/202313 minutes 41 seconds
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Live from AU 2023 on Day 2

Join us for this special episode of the Digital Builder Podcast, recorded live at AU 2023, the Design &amp; Make conference!We sit down with Ross Wagner, Manager of Technical Solutions AEC at Autodesk, and Justin Lipsey, Technical Solutions Executive at Autodesk, to discuss their exciting experiences from the conference.They dive into the hype of the newest announcements from AU, the executive and customer briefings taking place throughout the week, the impact that customer feedback is making on Autodesk's products, and their predictions for what the next decade will bring to the construction industry.Digital Builder is hosted by Eric Thomas of Autodesk.&nbsp;
14/11/202320 minutes 33 seconds
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Live from AU 2023 on Day 1

Join us for this special episode of the Digital Builder Podcast, recorded live at AU 2023, the Design &amp; Make conference!We sit down with Jenna Pellegrino, Global Voice of the Customer &amp; Customer Experience Strategy manager, and Mallory Adiego, Director North American Customer Success, to discuss their exciting experiences from the conference.They dive into the excitement of AU being back in Vegas, discuss some exciting news from today’s keynote, highlight the importance of customer feedback, discuss their roles in the Voice of the Customer program, and provide a glimpse into the future of construction.Digital Builder is hosted by Eric Thomas of Autodesk.&nbsp;
14/11/202321 minutes 55 seconds
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Advancing Construction Trades with Technology & Training (Rerelease)

Click here to watch this episode on YouTube!Technology on job sites has become the standard in construction and it’s only growing by the day. Builders and construction companies need to utilize digitization to not only help plan projects but also when finding new talent to join your team!&nbsp;&nbsp;In a special episode recorded live at Autodesk University, we’re joined by Ro n McGuire, Program Administrator at International Training Institute and Ken Schneider, Training Specialist at United Association, t
01/11/202328 minutes 41 seconds
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Solving Construction’s Capacity Problem with Autodesk CEO Andrew Anagnost (Rerelease)

What do the cloud and trust have in common? A lot, actually. Autodesk CEO Andrew Anagnost is on a mission to create a high-trust ecosystem in construction building on today’s cloud technology. And the benefits extend far beyond improving efficiency and transparency – it’s about solving construction’s capacity problem.Recorded live from Autodesk University 2022, we had the incredible opportunity to chat with Andrew about his vision for the future of construction, the legacy he hopes to leave the industry, the value of working in the cloud, and a whole lot more!This in-person episode was filmed and you can watch the conversation unfold right from our YouTube channel.Digital Builder is hosted by Eric Thomas of <a href="http://construction.autodesk
25/10/202326 minutes 44 seconds
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How One Leading Construction Team Approaches Technology, Diversity, and Talent

Even the largest organizations are not immune to the supply chain and labor shortage issues facing the construction industry around the globe, so we’ve invited Vanayak Pai, CEO &amp; Managing Director at Tata Projects, and Rahul Sharma, CIO at Tata Projects, to explore how one of India’s leading engineering, procurement, and construction companies is navigating those challenges, their approach to tech deployment, and why increasing predictability is at the heart of their company operations.&nbsp;&nbsp;We discuss:&nbsp;Tata Projects’ approach to becoming a technology-led EPC delivery organization&nbsp;The increasing role of women in India’s construction ecosystem&nbsp;
10/10/202351 minutes 11 seconds
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Can We Really Eliminate RFIs in Construction?

RFIs are often considered a necessary evil in construction, where, on average, 10 RFIs get issued for every million dollars' worth of construction put in place. This can easily result in negative impacts to a project’s budget and schedule.&nbsp;&nbsp;But what if there was a way to eliminate the burden RFIs place on construction projects? What if we could take the hours, money, and effort that is currently devoted to RFIs and invest them elsewhere to complete projects faster, more efficiently, and more safely?&nbsp;Sidharth Haksar, Autodesk’s Senior Director &amp; Head of Strategy and Industry Partnerships, believes just that, and in this episode, he shares his vision for how we can get there.&nbsp;Here's what we cover:&nbsp;Why RFIs exist and continue to impact projects&nbsp;The common results of RFI generation&nbsp;The impact
26/09/202337 minutes 48 seconds
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Upskilling, Vision, and Relationships: Three Secrets to Technology Infusion

The core purpose that drives any impactful customer success program is understanding needs and desired outcomes. Without a foundational understanding of a client’s needs, achieving success can be like trying to find a needle in a haystack. &nbsp;In this way, Autodesk’s customer success team mirrors the exact way construction projects are brought to life: building strong relationships, identifying core needs and desired outcomes, collaborating with everyone involved to plan and execute, and utilizing all available resources and technology to achieve those desired outcomes and meet those core needs.&nbsp;And because of that process, the customer success team can often be the first to know how trends are changing in the industry and how organizations can and should adapt their strategies to remain competitive in this rapidly evolving industry—which is exactly what we are breaking down for you in this week’s episode.&nbsp;Guests:&nbsp;<a href="https://www.lin
12/09/202319 minutes 16 seconds
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Debunking the Biggest Construction Career Myths

Construction in motion can be a sight to see, with so many workers on site completing their work alongside each other and so many moving parts working together.But that marvel doesn't happen on its own. To be successful, these construction projects take careful planning, collaboration, and coordination to execute, and it takes motivated individuals with a passion for their work to do it right.Without those motivated trades workers and general contractors, there wouldn’t be a construction project to marvel at, leaving our construction sites empty. That's why we are diving into the realities of trades careers, how to help young people generate interest in construction careers, and how efforts like Autodesk’s Make it Real program are empowering young people to build successful careers for themselves.Guests this episode:Savy Francis, Pipefitter at E.M. Duggan<a href="htt
06/09/20231 hour 1 minute 12 seconds
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How to Succeed with an Unconventional Career Path

Watch the video version of this episode on YouTube!Many think of career growth as a set path one must take where they hit specific milestones to get to the next level. But&nbsp; in today’s connected world, the paths to career growth and success have widened, and some may even surprise you.&nbsp;In this episode, Eric sits down with Natalya Cappellini, CEO of CURATO Design Build, and Kaitlin Frank, CEO of eMOD, two powerhouse leaders who have found success by embracing their own unexpected career journeys.&nbsp;&nbsp;Throughout the episode, we discuss:&nbsp
29/08/202355 minutes 52 seconds
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How Innovation and Technology Intersect at the Massachusetts Port Authority

&nbsp;Watch the video version of this episode on YouTube!&nbsp;The Massachusetts Port Authority connects Massachusetts with the world through airports, cruise ports, container terminals, and more, and with so many complex operations going simultaneously, Massport is where technology and innovation intersect to keep everything running smoothly. What’s even more impressive is they do this with a relentless focus on improving the passenger and customer experience.&nbsp;&nbsp;Dr. Lucianna Burdi is the Director of Capital Programs and Environmental Affairs at the Massachusetts Port Authority. Her team is responsible for delivering projects safely, efficiently, and sustainably, while keeping the overall experience
22/08/202348 minutes 13 seconds
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Future-Proofing Construction Workflows with BIM and Digital Twins

Watch the video version of this episode recorded live at the Autodesk Technology Center!&nbsp;New technology, processes, and data standardization is great, but what happens when new processes aren’t well-maintained? Or when your team isn’t properly trained in the handover process on how to utilize these new processes to keep accurate records of construction projects?&nbsp;&nbsp;Amr Raafat, the Chief Innovation Officer at Windover Construction, is leading his team to innovate with BIM and digital twins to ensure problems like that become a relic of the past. Alongside the increasing adoption of new tech, Eric talks with Amr about the ways that BIM and digital twins are transforming the level of accessib
15/08/202334 minutes 17 seconds
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A Real-world Guide to Delivering Operational Excellence

Behind every successful project is a slew of operations processes and team members that ensure project stakeholders have everything they need to complete the job on time with consistency and high quality. Without robust operations practices in place, projects can be doomed before they even begin.&nbsp;&nbsp;With that in mind, we’ve invited Giana Morini, Operations Technology Leader at DPR Construction, to share how operations thrives at DPR Construction and how their operational success can be replicated at any organization.&nbsp;&nbsp;We discuss:&nbsp;Why operations technology is the foundation for innovation and design in construction&nbsp;Critical differences between office and project site environments&
27/07/202341 minutes 6 seconds
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Global Construction Professionals Share Their Thoughts on Protecting Margins

Construction continues to face ongoing challenges like labor shortages, supply chain limitations, and logistics complications. Strategic firms are looking for ways to proactively protect their margins in 2023 so they can not only withstand these issues, but so they can stay ahead and remain innovative and competitive.&nbsp;In this special round-up episode recorded throughout the last several months, Eric asked several of our recent podcast guests to share what companies should be focusing on in 2023 to protect their profit margins so they can continue to expand and innovate. &nbsp;Digital Builder is hosted by Eric Thomas of Autodesk.&nbsp;&nbsp;Hear more episodes like this one by subscribing to Digital Builder on <a href
14/07/202313 minutes 1 second
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Why Data is at the Heart of Construction’s Digital Transformation

As digital adoption in construction continues to accelerate, companies face new challenges around data. Collection, verification, standardization, and utilization are all vital data processes for every company to implement properly—but where to start?&nbsp;During Autodesk University, Eric sat down with Jit Kee Chin, Executive Vice President and Chief Data Officer at Suffolk Construction, to discuss how companies can properly implement data standardization, how data transformation brings value to every level of an organization, and more.&nbsp;&nbsp;We discuss:&nbsp;Contributing factors to the acceleration of construction technology and digital adoption&nbsp;How technology has made transparency easier to achieve&nbsp;Why building trust in data is so important&nbsp;</l
29/06/202325 minutes 36 seconds
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Sparking a Passion for Construction in Younger Generations

Younger generation involvement in construction is essential to continue industry-wide expansion and innovation. And today, construction is truly a dynamic industry with more career options to choose from where anyone can apply their individual skillsets and passions.&nbsp;&nbsp;In this episode, Eric sits down with Fopefoluwa (Fope) Bademosi, Circular Economy and Construction Researcher at Autodesk, and Evan Reilly, Senior Emerging Technology Engineer at Skanska, inside the Autodesk Technology Center in Boston, MA, to break down the most effective methods for inspiring the next generation, educating them about the opportunities available to them, and some of the biggest industry problems that need in
22/06/202352 minutes 3 seconds
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How the ABC Tech Alliance Empowers Industry-wide Collaboration & Innovation

In another one of our incredible live interviews from Autodesk University, Eric sits down with Matt Abeles, Vice President of Construction Technology and Innovation at Associated Builders and Contractors, to talk about the work the ABC Tech Alliance is doing, strategic principles for&nbsp; leaders looking to adopt new and innovative technologies, and more.&nbsp;&nbsp;We explore:&nbsp;The ABC Tech Alliance’s mission, values, and how it helps members use technology to be safer, increase revenue, and secure new opportunities&nbsp;Highlights from this year’s ABC Technology Report Why many organizations are missing solutions that will solve 90% of the problem at a fraction of the cost&nbsp;The trend of increasing collaboration between construction technology companies t
15/06/202313 minutes 48 seconds
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Behind the Unique Challenges of Construction in the Antarctic

Construction often involves complex logistical planning and coordination, but what happens when you add building in one of the harshest environments on earth to the mix?&nbsp;In this episode, Eric sits down with David Brand, the Senior Project Manager from the British Antarctic Survey, and Neil Irving, Digital Project Solutions Business Partner at BAM Nuttall, to talk about their work on the British Antarctic Survey Project, how they overcome their project’s unique challenges, and what they’ve learned so far. &nbsp;We discuss:&nbsp;How the project brings together digital construction and sustainability while enabling more advanced scientific research in the future&nbsp;Why all project stakeholders need to collaborate thoroughly to ensure no details are missed&nbsp;How prefabrication enables construction in Antarctica’s harsh climate&nbsp;How they are using digital tools to enable successful project management&nbsp;How the
09/06/202315 minutes 50 seconds
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How Can Today’s Leaders Secure the Future of Construction?

In construction, the decisions leaders make now will largely determine what our industry will look like in a decade. How organizations embrace new technologies has never been more important, because technology and the success of the next generation comes hand in hand.&nbsp;&nbsp;Eric sits down with John Fish, Chairman and CEO of Suffolk Construction, and Jim Lynch, Senior Vice President &amp; General Manager of Autodesk Construction Solutions for an honest, no-holds barred look at the state of construction today and where the industry is headed tomorrow.&nbsp;&nbsp;We discuss:&nbsp;The need for increased collaboration and alignment across all contributing members of a project&nbsp;How AI is unlocking new opportunities for workers and companies to innovate and refine their focus&nbsp;How leaders should invest in recruiting more blue-collar talent and upskilling them with unfamiliar technology and why it’s so important&nbsp;</l
01/06/202356 minutes 47 seconds
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Can we REALLY put people first during ConTech deployment?

People are the important thing for any company to remember as they replace legacy technology with innovative, purpose-built tools and processes. That’s why Eric is sitting down with Jon Marks, Former CTO at Swinerton and Principal CEO at Corvus Star Consulting.&nbsp;In this episode Jon breaks down the key tactics leaders can implement to ensure they are keeping their people first.&nbsp;We discuss:&nbsp;Change management in construction is challenging to lead because there are limited opportunities to deliver change&nbsp;Effective delivery of change involves bite-sized learning and intentional engagement with project teams&nbsp;Flexibility is important for retaining talent and finding the best people for the organization&nbsp;The use of technology and
25/05/202342 minutes 25 seconds
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Is Mentorship the Key to Unlocking Opportunities in Construction?

With the growing conversation about how construction is changing because of purpose-built technology like AI, AR technology, and robotics, it’s important to nurture those who will have their careers be the most influenced by it: the next generation of workers.&nbsp;That’s why we’ve invited Alan Dillon, Senior Superintendent at Truebeck Construction, for a conversation about leadership, effective mentorship, and why successful relationships are the key to successful projects.&nbsp;We discuss:&nbsp;Properly balancing technology and human contributions&nbsp;Why collaboration and providing new opportunities are key to successful mentorship&nbsp;How successful construction projects are built from successful relationships&nbsp;Why curiosity and asking questions help leaders and team members grow, feel valued, and lead to new opportunities&nbsp;<b
18/05/202337 minutes 5 seconds
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How Value-Focused Digitization in APAC Transforms the Construction Ecosystem

The benefits and challenges of digitization are shared by construction companies globally. Construction leaders located around the world are all discovering the best ways to scale digital adoption at their organizations so that processes can become safer, faster, and more efficient. Today we're taking a closer look at how digital adoption is quickly gaining traction in APAC, or the Asia-Pacific region.&nbsp;&nbsp;During Autodesk University, Eric sat down with Muhd Khalil Shaiful Bahari, Deputy Director for the Group Technology Office at Boustead Projects Limited, and William Low, Asia-Pacific Regional Sales Manager at Autodesk, to discuss the state of digital adoption in APAC, the main obstacles to scaling digitization, and why it is so necessary for the s
04/05/202320 minutes 50 seconds
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Does Futuristic Construction Tech Improve Employee Experience?

The adoption of robotics and augmented reality tools at scale is making projects more efficient, workers live safer &amp; easier—all while reducing errors that can cause major problems.&nbsp;&nbsp;This and a whole lot more was discussed when Eric sat down with Andrew Cameron, Project Manager at Hensel Phelps. In this episode, we are talking effective technology pilots, tech deployment at scale, and how these tools and new processes are turning Construction into a more attractive industry.&nbsp;&nbsp;We discuss:&nbsp;Effective technology pilot strategies&nbsp;&nbsp;Aligning new tech with a company’s core goals and a team’s specific pain points&nbsp;How augmentation improves worker experience &amp; safety&nbsp;Agile software tools versus
19/04/202347 minutes 47 seconds
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The Real Impact of Robotics on Construction Sites

It’s no secret that manual labor in construction can take a significant toll on the human body, and high-strain activities can have a long-term health impact for workers.&nbsp;That’s where Robotics comes in: By augmenting how workers do their jobs today, robots are helping to relieve them of the burden of many high-strain tasks, freeing workers to do their jobs faster, safer, and more efficiently.&nbsp;In this episode recorded live at Autodesk University, Eric sits down with Brooke Gemmell, Emerging Technology Partner at Skanska, to break down the current state of robotics in construction and how it will impact the industry in the coming years.&nbsp;We discuss:&nbsp;How robots make manual labor and redundant activities easier&nbsp;The biggest myths about robotics in
11/04/202318 minutes 32 seconds
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How Technology is Transforming Subcontractors in Construction

As the construction industry continues to digitize, companies are faced with endless possibilities thanks to access to exponentially more and better data, truly digitized workflows, technology like augmented reality, and communication tools that improve speed and efficiency.&nbsp;&nbsp;To dive into all of these and more,&nbsp;Matthew Cordova, Director of Construction Technology at Hermanson Company, Matt Lamb, the Chief Information Officer at Rosendin Electric, join Eric Thomas in another live episode of Digital Builder hosted on&nbsp;LinkedIn Live!&nbsp;We discuss:&nbsp;Ensuring a balanced workload when integrating new tech into existing processes&nbsp;Properly im
05/04/202345 minutes 11 seconds
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Why Reality Capture Technology is Transforming the Construction Landscape

Reality capture technology is transforming what is possible on and off the construction site. Site scanning technologies and augmented and virtual reality are changing the game for construction pros by enabling teams to create a comprehensive view of physical structures and environments.&nbsp;In this episode recorded live at Autodesk University, Eric is sitting down with Lisa Kelly, VP of EarthCam, and Waleed Zafar, Mission Critical Projects Director at XYZ Reality, to talk about why this technology is so game-changing and how it is impacting the construction industry.&nbsp;We discuss:&nbsp;What VR/AR tec
27/03/202326 minutes 45 seconds
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Identifying Risk in Old Construction Tech Part 2

In the second half of our two-part episode with Autodesk colleagues Lisa Chen, Technical Sales Executive, and Ross Wagner, Manager of Technical Sales, we continue talking about the obstacles preventing the industry from digitization and why Legacy Non-Purpose-Built tools are holding companies back.&nbsp;If you haven't yet, catch the first half of our conversation with Lisa and Ross in Episode 41!&nbsp;We discuss:&nbsp;Why contractors are rejecting digital tools&nbsp;The difficult reality of using Legacy Non-Purpose-Built tools&nbsp;The tools Lisa &amp; Ross can’t do without on a job site&nbsp;Digital Builder is hosted by Eric Thomas of Autodesk.&nbsp;Hear more episodes like this one by
16/03/202311 minutes 50 seconds
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The Reality of Construction’s Changing Workforce

While remote work becomes more and more accessible and integrated in the workplace, it remains elusive for construction because the very nature of the work requires an onsite workforce. This nuance makes accessibility a difficult hurdle to improve workforce diversity across the industry.&nbsp;This week, Eric sits down with Camille Hardin, Project Manager at Flint Builders, Inc., to talk about innovative construction tech, the rise of prefab, and a candid look at the challenges facing&nbsp;women working in construction—especially for those out in the field.&nbsp;We discuss:&nbsp;The gender &amp; diversity imbalance in construction&nbsp;How prefab can open up career possibilities for underrepresented groups&nbsp;The need for increased flexibility in the workplac
07/03/202330 minutes 34 seconds
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How to Maximize Value with Lean: It’s Worth It!

We’ve all heard about the value Lean construction can offer our industry. But without robust communication practices, buy-in from all parts of a project, and a work culture that promotes innovation and good mental health practices—organizations are not able to truly maximize the value that’s possible.&nbsp;In this episode, Eric sits down with Ariana Alvear, Senior Production Manager at The Boldt Company, to deep dive into lean construction, how The Boldt Company is utilizing Integrated Project Delivery or IPD in its processes, and how to solve complex communication challenges that are all too common on construction projects.&nbsp;&nbsp;We discuss:&nbsp;Common communication problems and how to solve them&nbsp;Increasing collaborative accountability at all stages of a
01/03/202341 minutes 16 seconds
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Identifying Risk in Old Construction Tech Part 1

When construction projects are at risk and you know the existing processes work, it’s difficult to justify adopting new technologies or workflows. But just as there are risks with adopting something new, there are also risks in refusing to change.&nbsp;&nbsp;So how can your organization decide when it’s time to adopt new technologies, determine when the risks are too great to avoid implementing changes, and actually evaluate which new tech to adopt?&nbsp;In this episode, Eric sits down with Autodesk colleagues Lisa Chen, Technical Sales Executive, and Ross Wagner, Manager of Technical Sales, to discuss the risks and rewards of construction technology and how you can navigate digitization effectively.&nbsp;We discuss:&nbsp;How Legacy Non-Purpose-Built tool
22/02/202313 minutes 29 seconds
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Construction Trends for 2023

Many workers and leaders alike are feeling the pressure of so much exciting innovation happening across the different sectors of the construction industry. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the possibilities, the expenses, and the fear of the unknown effects new technology and trends may bring. &nbsp;In today’s first-ever Digital Builder podcast hosted live on LinkedIn, we have invited three powerhouse leaders and our newest 40 Under 40 construction champions, Andrew Cooper, VDC Engineer at AECOM Hunt, Danielle O’Connell, Senior Director of Emerging Tech at Skanska, USA, and <a href="
15/02/202345 minutes 11 seconds
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Why On-Site & Online Training are Better Together

Training is often one of the most complex and, sadly, often unappreciated programs that organizations provide for their employees, but it doesn’t have to be.In this episode recorded live at the Autodesk Gallery, Jessica Pollack, Senior Manager of eLearning &amp; Digital Services at Autodesk, shares her expertise in delivering digital learning experiences. Learn about how e-learning training programs enable deeper, more effective onsite training, provide personalized learning experiences for employees, and allow for higher-quality feedback to help improve training.&nbsp;We discuss:·&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Why changing the approach to training in the construction industry is so import
10/02/202315 minutes 12 seconds
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Building a Sustainable Future: Strategies for Reusing Construction Waste

Construction waste is a major problem that has gone unchecked for years.&nbsp;Until now.&nbsp;In this special episode, hear Shannon Goodman, Executive Director of the Lifecycle Building Center, share her expertise on utilizing construction waste for more sustainable and reusable building. Learn about the latest research and projects from the Lifecycle Building Center, and get practical tips and strategies for builders and contractors. Join us and discover how to reduce waste on the job site and find new uses for materialsWe discuss:Shannon’s Autodesk Theater Talk on reusable construction wasteThe collective impact of the reuse industryThe economic impact of reusing construction waste for sustainable materialsThe differen
01/02/202329 minutes 33 seconds
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Advancing Construction Trades with Technology & Training

Technology on job sites has become the standard in construction and it’s only growing by the day. Builders and construction companies need to utilize digitization to not only help plan projects but also when finding new talent to join your team!&nbsp;In a special episode recorded live at Autodesk University, we’re joined by Ron McGuire, Program Administrator at International Training Institute and Ken Schneider, Training Specialist at United Association, to discuss how trade workers in the construction industry are using technology not only to advance job sites but also to help attract and retain new talent to
17/01/202326 minutes 45 seconds
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Announcements & Happy Holidays from Digital Builder

Happy holidays from everyone at Digital Builder! We have some exciting plans ahead for 2023 and can’t wait to share them with you.In the meantime, be sure to catch up with all our episodes on your favorite podcast platform and subscribe to our YouTube page as well where you can watch each episode as well!”
25/12/20221 minute 45 seconds
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Embracing BIM Throughout The Construction Industry

When working in the construction industry, it can be a tall task to keep every contractor, engineer, and project manager on the same page. With the help of Building Information Modeling (BIM), keeping everyone on the same page can go a long way to achieving that goal. But there’s much more to the technology that impacts both your field teams and those working from the office.Kelli Lubeley, BIM Program Manager at Cupertino Electric, and Jeremy Thibodeau, Senior Manager of Customer Success at Autodesk, join the show to discuss how BIM implementation has developed over the years, how using the technology from start to finish
12/12/202249 minutes 55 seconds
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How Construction has Embraced Digital Technology

While making several job transitions throughout one’s career has become a more common occurrence, it wasn’t always that way, and there are still hugely impactful benefits to spending a longer time working in a company you love. That’s why we were excited to sit down with Jim Lynch, Senior Vice President of Autodesk Construction Solutions, who is celebrating his 25th year as a part of the Autodesk organization. Throughout those 25 years, Jim has held strategic leadership roles in AEC product development, product management, and marketing, and led his team in the development of cutting edge solutions to meet construction customers’ needs. In this episode, we discuss: Jim’s top lessons from 25 years of experience working at Autodesk What it takes to be a partner to customers rather than just another software vendor The importance of planning, innovating, and executing quickly to st
21/11/202213 minutes 59 seconds
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Solving Construction’s Capacity Problem with Autodesk CEO Andrew Anagnost

What do the cloud and trust have in common? A lot, actually. Autodesk CEO Andrew Anagnost is on a mission to create a high-trust ecosystem in construction building on today’s cloud technology. And the benefits extend far beyond improving efficiency and transparency – it’s about solving construction’s capacity problem. Recorded live from Autodesk University 2022, we had the incredible opportunity to chat with Andrew about his vision for the future of construction, the legacy he hopes to leave the industry, the value of working in the cloud, and a whole lot more! This in-person episode was filmed and you can watch the conversation unfold right from our YouTube channel. Digital Builder is hosted by Eric Thomas of Autodesk. Hear more episodes like this one by subscribing to Digital Builder on <a href="https
26/10/202226 minutes 20 seconds
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Live Coverage from Day 3 of Autodesk University in New Orleans

Live from Autodesk University, this final special episode of Digital Builder brings even more highlights from our exciting return to in-person after 3 years apart.  Our host, Eric Thomas, does his final recap of the week covering what’s been happening while we’re still here in New Orleans.
29/09/20226 minutes 47 seconds
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Live Coverage from Day 2 of Autodesk University in New Orleans

Live from Autodesk University, this special episode of Digital Builder brings even more highlights from our exciting return to in-person after 3 years apart.  Today, our host Eric Thomas is joined by Cara Wilczynski, Construction Subject Matter Expert Manager at Autodesk. They discuss the growing excitement as Day 2 of AU kicked off, the biggest takeaways and surprises from the customer community meetups she’s been leading, the most common challenges in AEC that customers are managing, and wrap up by discussing her favorite trends happening in construction today. Tune in tomorrow for another recap LIVE from New Orleans!
28/09/202215 minutes 34 seconds
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Live Coverage from Day 1 of Autodesk University in New Orleans

Live from Autodesk University, this special episode of Digital Builder highlights our exciting return to an in-person event after 3 years apart. Our host, Eric Thomas, is joined by Esteban Corrales, the Global Leader of Technical Sales at Autodesk.They discuss his experience moving from working as a Project Manager in construction, his current role leading the Technical Sales team at Autodesk, the most exciting things about this year’s event, and his favorite trends and predictions for construction in the coming years.
28/09/202216 minutes 19 seconds
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How On-Demand Training Transforms Productivity in Construction

The typical approaches to training can sometimes feel unengaging, uninteresting, or disconnected. A miss with your training approach can mean new team members are underprepared to take on their new responsibilities. Most of us know the pain of sitting through hours long training sessions that seem to cover everything except what we actually need to know to do our jobs effectively. But it doesn’t have to be this way. This week, we sat down with Brian Popis, Senior Transformation Engineer, and Nick Bobbitt, Business Transformation Manager at Barton Malow to distill their strategy for onboarding and training for new software that prioritize flexibility, skill building, increased efficiency, and staff retention. In this episode, we discuss: How Barton Malow utilizes on-dem
12/09/202243 minutes 42 seconds
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Learn, Connect, and Discover at Autodesk University in New Orleans

In this special episode of Digital Builder, we are unpacking everything you need to know as you prepare for Autodesk University this September in New Orleans, LA. To do that, we have brought on three brilliant guests that know the ins and outs of this year’s conference.First, Eric sits down with Autodesk’s Director of Experiential Programs and Global Brand &amp; Communications, Adam Sopko, to talk about how his team has been preparing to make this year’s live event unforgettable, the revitalization of networking opportunities, and the insights he has gained from hosting digital-only events over the last 2 years. Next, Eric sits down with Autodesk’s Director of Customer Experience &amp; Industry Advocacy, Allison Scott, and Autodesk’s Experiential Manager of
15/08/202249 minutes 19 seconds
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Optimizing Outcomes in Construction During Times of Uncertainty

For as long as we’ve been building things, the construction industry has successfully found ways to navigate tough times.  In recent years the industry once again has adapted to rapidly changing conditions in ways that will impact how construction businesses operate moving forward.  Two leaders from CRB , Greg Casper , Director of Estimating, and Marc Hanson , Senior Director of Construction Operation – Midwest Region, join the show to share the lessons they’ve learned while navigating these recent challenges.  We discuss: The biggest areas of risk 3 strategies for navigating uncertainty and risk New approaches to prefabrication Examples of technology improving project delivery    Mentioned during the show: <a href="https://www
09/05/20221 hour 7 minutes 27 seconds
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Understanding and Preparing for the Infrastructure Investment & Jobs Act

The Infrastructure Investment &amp; Jobs Act was recently signed into law in the United States and it’s poised to have a big impact on the construction industry.  We’re delving into the nuances of the bill to uncover what’s included, how it will influence future work, and how contractors can prepare for the opportunity.  Our panel of experts include: Alex Etchen, Senior Director of Government Relations at Associated General Contractors of America  Jimmy Christianson , Vice President of Government Relations at Associated General Contractors of America   Ryan Walker , Senior Vice President of Federal Affairs at Shumaker Advisors   We discuss: What’s included in
18/04/202248 minutes 30 seconds
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Dressed for Success: Using Wearable Technology in Construction Projects

Wearable technology increases worker safety, efficiency, and improves access to construction jobsites.  Needless to say, it’s revolutionizing the construction industry as we know it.  In this episode, we’re going to discover what wearables are, how they work, and how to implement them into your construction workflows.   To do that, we’ve invited three guests: - Dr. Lorenz Lachauer , Head of Solution at NavVis  - Ken Lustig , Co-Founder, SVP of Corporate and Legal Affairs at RealWear  - Niran Shrestha , Co-Founder of Kwant  We discuss: - What qualifies as a wearable in construction - Wearable tech benefits and myths - How t
14/03/202246 minutes 4 seconds
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Reality Capture & Site Scanning: The Real World in a Digital Space

Imagine having an accurate digital version of the real environment on your construction project. That’s exactly what reality capture and site scanning provide. But the potential impact and scope from capturing this data is much bigger than that. Kipp Ivey , National Key Account Manager at Faro , and Adam Settino , Solutions Engineer Manager at Openspace , join the show to break down what it is, why it’s useful, and how it works. We discuss: - The purpose of reality capture and site scanning and the hardware involved - Common myths around reality capture - How to decide on the appropriate tool to use on a project - How to navigate the implementation process Mentioned during the podcast: - <a href="https://constru
14/02/20221 hour 1 minute 21 seconds
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Actionable Insights on the Economic Outlook for Construction

As we leave 2021 behind, it’s time to look at the economic outlook for the construction industry in 2022. For that, we turn to Richard Branch, Chief Economist at Dodge Data &amp; Analytics and anchorman for the prestigious and widely-circulated Dodge Construction Outlook. In this episode, he highlights some of the challenges and opportunities the industry will face in the coming year. We discuss: Which construction sectors can expect the most growth and opportunity in the United States Guidance on how to tackle the biggest challenges facing the construction industry How the newly passed infrastructure bill will impact the industry outlook   Mentioned during the podcast: Episode 22 of
17/01/202244 minutes 9 seconds
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A Look at What’s Ahead for Digital Builder

From Eric &amp; the Digital Builder team: We’re taking a break for the holidays, but we’ll be back with a brand new episode on January 11th! Until then, listen to five of the must-hear episodes from 2021, covering topics such as Autodesk University, diversity in construction, construction’s industrial revolution, and how trust impacts the construction industry. Thanks for tuning into the show, and we wish you all a safe and restful holiday break. Digital Builder is hosted by Eric Thomas of Autodesk. Hear more episodes like this one by subscribing to Digital Builder on Apple Podcasts, <a href="
27/12/20212 minutes 10 seconds
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Harnessing the Power of 3D Printing in Construction

Many industry leaders have heard of 3D printing, usually in the context of concrete or small-scale homebuilding. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg! When leveraged successfully, 3D printing can play a key role in structural components (big and small), spare parts, fixtures (like faucets and door knobs), and even the furniture that inhabits a space. Our guest, Stephan Mansour, 3D Printing &amp; Emerging Technology Advisor at MaRiTama Ltd., is leading the international team that is developing global 3D printing standards from the ground up, and in this episode, he takes us on a journey into the world of 3D printing in construction. We discuss: Common misconceptions about 3D printing How supply chain issues have increased interest in 3D printing for construction How to implement 3D printing into your organization How
13/12/202139 minutes 20 seconds
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Construction Contracts & Payments: Tips for Both Subcontractors & GCs

In a perfect world, a contract should include a clear set of instructions that conveys well-defined expectations to all parties concerned. In reality, it’s often a monster document packed full of legalese that no one really understands. It doesn’t have to be this way. Today’s guest, Karalynn Cromeens, Owner &amp; Managing Partner at The Cromeens Law Firm, joins the show to share the steps everyone can take to make contracts more straightforward and less contentious. We discuss: The current state of construction contracts The difference between secured and unsecured debts How to protect yourself when it comes to contracting and payment terms Best practices for handling change orders Construction technology and the future of contracting and payments   Check out these resources we ment
15/11/202142 minutes
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Data Strategy in Construction: Finding a Competitive Edge

Incredible opportunities exist for those who build a strong strategy for managing their data. As the speed of decision-making in our industry continues to increase, data can help make not only faster decisions, but better decisions too. Plus, if you build a strong data strategy, you’ll be setting yourself up to leverage more advanced technologies further down the line. Jay Bowman, Managing Director of Research &amp; Analytics at FMI, and Andy Leek, Vice President - Technology &amp; Innovation at PARIC Corporation, join the show to discuss the many benefits of having a strong data strategy in construction. We discuss: The state of construction data today How to make sure you’re capturing useful data How a baseline of data strategy leads to more a
25/10/20211 hour 12 minutes 56 seconds
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Uncovering Actionable Insights from Construction Data with a Platform

A true platform is more than just a list of APIs connected to a SaaS solution. It provides a single experience where designers, engineers, and builders can harness the data and tools they need whenever and wherever they need them. So, how can you ensure you’re getting a true platform experience? Jim Lynch, Senior Vice President &amp; General Manager, and Sid Haksar, Head of Construction Strategy, both with Autodesk, join the show to answer that question. Plus, they share pivotal moments from Autodesk University and their thoughts on where construction is heading. Topics covered: Highlights from Autodesk University The definition and benefits of a true platform approach Which questions to ask while evaluating platforms and construction technology Big themes su
11/10/202151 minutes 33 seconds
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Augmented Reality (AR) & Virtual Reality (VR) in Construction

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) have come a long way in a short amount of time. In fact, you might not even be aware of the wide range of potential applications they have in the construction industry. Broadly speaking, these tools can assist builders and owners alike at every stage of the project life cycle and ensure that the final product matches the initial vision. Want to know more? Angel Say, CEO and Co-Founder of Resolve, and Dr. Mani Golparvar, CTO and Co-Founder of Reconstruct Inc., join the show to explain what is possible with AR and VR in construction. Topics covered: How AR and VR have evolved and the technology has improved Where the
27/09/202153 minutes 24 seconds
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How Prefabrication Enhances Production in Construction

There’s a common misconception around prefabrication — that it amounts to bland, cookie-cutter boxes rolling off an assembly line. But the truth is that prefabrication techniques can allow design teams to produce beautiful, innovative designs that meet the distinct needs of individual clients. So what exactly is prefabrication and how can it benefit you? Nick Coubray, CEO at <span style="color: rgb(17,85,204);backg
23/08/202139 minutes 27 seconds
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Diving Deep on Communication & Collaboration in Construction w/ Eddie & Tyler Campbell

Collaboration and communication are crucial in the AEC industry. When everyone involved in a project is on the same page, it makes the entire process run that much smoother. Because of where they sit in the life of a project, today’s guests have a unique perspective on the AEC industry and on enhancing cooperation within the construction process. Eddie Campbell, COO, and <span style="color
02/08/202151 minutes 20 seconds
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Uncovering the Value of Digital Twins in Construction w/ Bob Bray & Tim Kelly

A digital twin is a living, breathing, real-time reflection of a built asset that helps you holistically understand the performance of that asset. Bob Bray, Senior Director &amp; General Manager at Autodesk, and <span style="color: r
19/07/202145 minutes 38 seconds
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Why Global Data Standards & ISO 19650 are the Future of Collaboration

As the volume of project data increases, and the AEC industry collaborates across ever larger regions of the globe, it’s important to ensure that the processes we use every day remain scalable and sustainable. Marek Suchocki, Infrastructure Industry Engagement Lead at Autodesk, and <a href="https://www.linke
05/07/20211 hour 1 minute 32 seconds
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Demystifying Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning in Construction: Buzzwords or Essential Tools?

Our modern, digitized construction industry collects a massive amount of data. With the help of AI and machine learning, the industry has reached a tipping point where — rather than drowning in the data — we can leverage it to predict risks and guide where we should focus our resources. This week, I’m joined by Josh Kanner, Founder and CEO of <span style="color: rgb(17,85,204);background-color: transparent;font-size: 12pt;font-f
07/06/20211 hour 3 seconds
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Innovative Owner-driven Building Strategies for Sustainable Construction w/ Randy Norton & Levi Naas

Building 40,000 economically and environmentally sustainable housing units by 2030 is certainly an ambitious goal. It’s also an important one. Randy Norton, Founder and Chairman of the Board at MultiGreen Properties, and <span style="color: r
17/05/202137 minutes 9 seconds
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Creating an Impactful Safety Culture with Technology w/ Lee Evans & Stan Singh

Safety is always top of mind for construction leaders across the globe and this mentality has grown even further due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. With that being said, what newly implemented changes to safety on the jobsite are here to stay? Joining Eric to discuss construction safety week and how to create an impactful safety culture at your company are Lee Evans, Co-Founder &amp; Chief Growth Officer of myComply, and Stan Singh, Director of Product Management at Raken. They also discuss: -How has the pandemic impacted safety and construction environments? <span style="color: rgb(0,0,0);background-color: transparent;font-size: 12pt;font-fa
03/05/20211 hour 2 minutes 28 seconds
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Digital Transformation & Technology Adoption in EMEA w/ Matthew Keen & Ivana Tudja

While countries in EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) are in different phases of digitizing their construction industries, there’s one thing at the front of everyone’s mind: New technology is expensive. But the costs of resisting change can be even higher. UK-based design and technology enthusiasts Ivana Tudja (BIM and Digital Engineering Lead at <a href="https:/
26/04/202158 minutes 1 second
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Global BIM Adoption: Where We’re At & Where We’re Going w/ Ariel Castillo & Steve Rollo

There are a lot of challenges surrounding the adoption of BIM, even on a national level. Will we ever reach a global standard for Building Information Modeling? To discuss the future of BIM adoption and standardization across the world is Ariel Castillo — Strategic Process &amp; VDC Specialist at Miller-Davis Company</in
05/04/202151 minutes 44 seconds
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Moving Forward in Construction: An Industry Outlook for a Post-Covid World w/ Gregg Schoppman & Matt Steere

The influx of jobs for construction groups can be tricky to handle. To move forward in 2021 and manage the sudden boost in work, construction leaders need to leverage what we learned in 2020. Joining Eric to discuss Autodesk’s 2021 Construction Outlook Report and how to manage the current spike in project bidding activity are Gregg Schoppman, Principal at <span style="color: rgb(17,85,204);background-color: transpar
22/03/202156 minutes 23 seconds
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How to Create a Culture of Innovation in the Construction Industry w/ Jennifer Suerth & Cara Wilczynski

When you think about innovation on the job site, technology is probably the first thing that comes to mind. But innovation — especially in the construction industry — is so much more than new technology. It’s about collaboration and supporting diversity with events like Women in Construction Week. In this episode, Eric speaks with <span style="color: rgb(17,85,204);background-color: transparent;font-size: 12pt
08/03/20211 hour 8 minutes 25 seconds
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Getting Back to Work: Advice for Remaining Resilient w/ Samiha Shakil & Carolina Alvarez

2020 was a hard year for everybody — personally and professionally. As we get deeper into 2021, we wanted to honor and learn from the construction leaders who remained resilient not just for themselves, but for their teams. Samiha Shakil, Sr. VDC Engineer at Skanska, and <a href="
22/02/202149 minutes 13 seconds
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2021 & Beyond: How to Increase Productivity & Predictability On the Jobsite w/ Jim Lynch

Unification of your team and your technology will drive productivity and predictability on the jobsite — two things we all need more of. The awesome thing about a unified construction management solution is that it actually helps your team work better together. It’s a little like knocking out two birds with one stone. Jim Lynch, Sr. VP &amp; General Manager at <span style="color: rgb(17,85,204);background-col
08/02/202125 minutes 53 seconds
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Why You Need to Care About New Construction Tech w/ Brandon LaCourciere & Mark Decker

The antidote for fear is knowledge. The construction firms that are open to exploring new technologies and solutions are growing the fastest and moving the construction industry forward. In this episode of Digital Builder, Eric catches up with Brandon LaCourciere, Director of Customer Success at Autodesk</
12/01/202137 minutes 8 seconds
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A Holiday Message from Digital Builder

From Eric &amp; the Digital Builder team: Wishing our listeners a very Happy Holidays! We will resume with fresh new episodes in January. Stay safe, healthy, and enjoy your time off! Digital Builder is hosted by Eric Thomas of </
28/12/20201 minute 44 seconds
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Why Construction Teams Should Prioritize Trust w/ Jay Bowman & Nathan Wood

Across many construction sites, trust is just assumed. No one really prioritizes it or thinks about how it could improve performance. What if safety were viewed the same way on a job site? We’d be in big trouble. At the same time, trust leads to improved safety. Jay Bowman, Managing Director of Research &amp; Analytics at <span style="color: rgb(17,85,204);background-color: transparent;font-size: 12pt;font-famil
14/12/202044 minutes 3 seconds
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Understanding Construction’s Data Integration Landscape w/ Mallorie Brodie & Lauren Lake

What if workforce management was as easy as drafting for your fantasy football league? Simply identify the background and location of the professional you need–spreadsheets no longer required. Lauren Lake and Mallorie Brodie founded <a href="" t
30/11/202025 minutes 18 seconds
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Construction’s Industrial Revolution w/ Josh Bone

Sometimes you need a little push to get the ball rolling on something big. That’s why one of the most challenging times in the construction industry has us on the verge of our very own industrial revolution. Director of Industry Innovation at NECA, <span style="color: rgb(17,85,204);background-color: transparent;font
16/11/202035 minutes 31 seconds
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How to Encourage Diversity & Inclusion in Construction w/ Allison Scott & Cliff Cole

The construction industry relies on architecture, engineering, and construction leaders to lift up workers with diverse backgrounds. It’s our responsibility - and a critical topic that we need to address today, in order to ensure the long-term success and innovation of this thriving industry.&nbsp; In this episode of Digital Builder you will hear from Cliff Cole, VDC Director at The PENTA Building Group and Allison Scott, Director of Construction Thought Leadership &amp; Customer Marketing at Autodesk. Some of the key topics discussed will focus on... -Roadblocks the industry is facing when it comes to diversity and inclusion -H
17/10/202041 minutes 9 seconds