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English, Financial News, 1 season, 108 episodes, 1 day, 16 hours, 24 minutes
This podcast features the best sessions from Digiday events. Hear leading executives from publishers and brands discuss the modernization of media and marketing.
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How Kendra Scott offers the the right customer experience at the right time

Kendra Scott is using data to better serve the brand’s customers, who want the best experience no matter where they’re shopping. By using the information the brand has gathered on customer behavior, Kendra Scott has built a multichannel strategy in stores and online that offers the right experience at the right time. In this session, hear from Kendra Scott’s vp of e-commerce discuss why listening to customers fuels the most powerful retail strategies.
6/14/201919 minutes, 13 seconds
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How Allbirds grew from pop-ups to a global footprint

Online-born brands are harnessing the power of in-store retail to different degrees. After launching with a series of temporary pop-ups, Allbirds is now building a global store network, with stores in the U.S., the U.K. and China. Travis Boyce, the footwear brand's head of global retail operations, will break down the steps Allbirds has taken to get to establish a mindfully made fleet of international stores.
6/10/201919 minutes, 2 seconds
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How Wayfair leverages new tech to create a unique shopping experience

How do you elevate the online shopping experience for customers? That’s what Matt Zisow, Wayfair’s head of product, is focused on. In this session, hear about the tech that powers Wayfair, from personalized product recommendations based on customers’ home décor styles, to helping customers figure out how a piece of furniture will look and fit in their homes.
5/31/201919 minutes, 54 seconds
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The marketers' guide to making genuine branded TV

Marketers need to think of ways of going beyond the 30-second spot in TV. And with an increasing number of ad-free options for consumers, brands need to get more creative in how they reach the masses. In this conversation with David Lang at Mindshare, we breakdown the opportunities for agencies and marketers to make true, branded TV.
5/24/201921 minutes, 46 seconds
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The Defining Role of Challenger Brands in OTT

OTT services, including a growing crop of virtual MVPDs, are clamoring for your ad dollars, and they have the eyeballs to warrant them. But this will not replace linear TV so fast. The content might look the same, but the dynamics of advertising on OTT are dramatically different and suggest this growing medium is going to evolve in interesting and unique ways. Kait Boulous of Varick discusses the role that challenger brands will play in shaping the future of OTT advertising.
5/20/201919 minutes, 8 seconds
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The Evolution of Data and Technology in the OTT Space

As technology improves and as data strategies strengthen, what does that mean for the advertising wold of traditional TV and OTT platforms? Join Michael Piner from MullenLowe's Mediahub as he details advancements in targeting audiences and evaulating ads on TV screens.
5/17/201922 minutes, 37 seconds
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How Bonnier News makes engagement count

Incredible sums of money are spent on creating engaging content how do we make sure that the audience really does engage? This session from the Digiday Publishing Summit Europe will consider how you act on insights and in an environment that is driven by campaign budgets, how you can act on engagement.
5/13/201921 minutes, 25 seconds
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News UK's Ben Walmsley unpacks the path to a sustainable media brand

With media companies in a constant state of evolution, is there a path to sustainable media? Looking at News UK’s varied portfolio of media brands, hear what Dominic Carter thinks about the state of media and where we should be focusing efforts in order to be sustainable in the long run.
5/10/201923 minutes, 19 seconds
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How Schibsted created a new app for their younger Norwegian audience

Younger generations are notoriously hard to reach and connect with for traditional media houses. This case study illustrates the process of how Schibsted identified and shaped a new digital news product for exactly this audience. Their User researcher, Ane Sharma will discuss how they identified the specific needs of this target group through iterative research and insights gathering, including how iteratively testing was done on the content, which was a crucial step to ensure that the presentation of the news is engaging to the correct extent. This led to the design and creation of the app Peil, a news destination for younger Norwegians.
5/6/201921 minutes, 36 seconds
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How Business Insider monetizes international audiences

Hear from Julian Childs, SVP of International and managing director, at Business Insider UK. He will talk about the ways in which Business Insider has succeeded in building an audience and business that keeps on growing, relying on a strategic approach built on shared revenue model, single tech platform and efficiency and scalable global advertising programs for clients.
5/3/201927 minutes, 34 seconds
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Barstool's Deirdre Lester on how they started a subscription program

A session from Digiday Publishing Summit, where Barstool CRO Deirdre Lester talks about how the strategized their subscription program.
4/29/201919 minutes, 5 seconds
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How New York Media's dynamic paywall works

At the Digiday Publishing Summit held in Vail, Colorado, Daniel Hallac, chief product officer at New York Media, talked about how their dynamic paywall came about.
4/26/201920 minutes, 53 seconds
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Dotdash's Neil Vogel on the state of digital media

In this fun session from the Digiday Publishing Summit, Neil Vogel, CEO of Dotdash, will dissect narratives about the digital media industry and give us his candid thoughts.
4/24/201922 minutes, 22 seconds
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PopSugar's Geoff Schiller on creating a range of revenue products beyond advertising

The debate over paywalls and merchandise has turned to a more nuanced discussion over how to supplement advertising revenue with new income sources, ranging from membership opportunities to e-commerce. Join Geoff Schiller of PopSugar as he discusses how publishers are going beyond advertising. This session is from the Digiday Publishing Summit held in Vail, Colorado.
4/12/201921 minutes, 41 seconds
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Talking revenue diversification with Atlantic Media's Mike Finnegan

Join Michael Finnegan, President of Atlantic Media, Inc as he discusses the ongoing evolution of the media business. Starting with looking at how its portfolio of legacy brands including The Atlantic and National Journal continue to innovate and diversify revenue sources to include a juggernaut events business, fast growing digital consultancy and other advisory services and pioneering branded content studios.
4/8/201923 minutes, 28 seconds
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New York Magazine's Jason Sylva on the promises and perils of a flexible paywall

At the Digiday Hot Topic event in New York City, Jason Sylva talked about the flexible paywall at New York Magazine.
4/2/201918 minutes, 49 seconds
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McClatchy's Grant Belaire: Selling slices of a bigger product

For local news, the chief selling point of a subscription is a broad range of coverage and content. But what if you started selling digital subscriptions to a small slice of content? Hear from Grant Belaire, vp, digital audience development at McClatchy, on how they've done it and what they've learned along the way.
3/29/201923 minutes, 21 seconds
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Gizmodo's approach to Commerce

At the Digiday Hot Top event on subscriptions and commerce in New York City, Ryan Brown, svp business development at Gizmodo, talks about how he is building a community around commerce content and the lessons his team has learned along the way.
3/22/201916 minutes, 14 seconds
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Wall Street Journal’s Jim Piercy: Brands taking content marketing in-house doesn’t threaten publishers

In diversifying their revenue streams, many publishers are trying their hand at content studios.  Jim Piercy, creative director for EMEA and Asia at The Wall Street Journal discussed the opportunities and challenges for being an in-house ad agency for the Journal’s clients at the Digiday Publishing Summit Japan.
3/18/201920 minutes, 14 seconds
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What's in and out in the media buying world?

At the Digiday Media Buying Summit, we quiz some agency executives on the tired and wired phrases in the industry today.
3/15/201923 minutes, 28 seconds
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ICrossing’s Amanda Betsold: When brands in-house operations, agencies must act like consultants

Programmatic's continued evolution means marketers need to get even smarter about how they collect data. At the Digiday Media Buying Summit held in Nashville, Tennesse from Feb. 20-22, Amanda Betsold, vp and head of programmatic at iCrossing, discussed the key elements of her conversation with clients on refining the programmatic approach, how agencies can help clients use data better, the in-housing trend, organizing teams to support programmatic transactions and more.
3/11/201922 minutes, 21 seconds
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Essence's Steve Williams on the role of agencies with the brands going in-house

This is a session from the Digiday Media Buying Summit held in Nashville, Tennesse. Hear Steve Williams, CEO of Essence North America, speak about how they’re proving their worth to brands, how they’re navigating these changing client relationships and why cynicism around the future of media agencies is misplaced
3/8/201920 minutes, 30 seconds
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Crossmedia’s Ali Plonchak: Agencies should welcome transparency audits

Ali Plonchak, managing director of digital strategy and integration at Crossmedia, spoke at the Digiday Media Buying Summit held in Nashville, Tennessee. She believes the focus on transparency in media buying should be welcomed by agencies.
3/4/201921 minutes, 28 seconds
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Deutsche Telekom: Few companies will take all advertising in-house

Despite the buzz about in-house agencies, Gerhard Louw, head of international media management and digital transformation at Deutsche Telekom, thinks that doing advertising 100 percent in-house doesn't reflect the reality of the business -- and remains far off in the future for the company. Louw discussed the need for more control, what the hybrid model looks like and more.
2/4/201923 minutes, 42 seconds
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Kellogg's' Joseph Harper: Metrics are a challenge with influencer marketing

As influencer marketing has increased in popularity from brands looking to do more "authentic" marketing, it's come with its share of issues. Fraud is rampant, and it's hard to measure the success of content because traditional metrics don't apply. Joseph Harper, social media lead UK and Ireland at Kelloggs, discussed the up and downs of influencer marketing, compliance issues and more in this session from the Digiday Brand Summit Europe held in November 2018.
1/28/201923 minutes, 19 seconds
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Swarovski’s Henrik Schulte: Amazon is ‘heavily’ taking market share from Google

Brands are increasingly concerned with ad dollars being wasted in the supply chain. Swarovski’s material group manager for media and digital Henrik Schulte is now exploring alternative payment agreements to paying a fee on the media investment as a way to fix the problem.
1/21/201918 minutes, 11 seconds
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Confessions of a media executive in an agency holding company

In this session from the Digiday Brands Summit, we trade anonymity for honesty with a media executive of an agency holding company.
1/18/201917 minutes, 50 seconds
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Babbel's Julie Hansen: It's hard to outsource data-driven marketing to an agency

International expansion often means having to adjust strategies for new markets. Babbel, an 11-year-old language learning app based out of Germany learned that over seven years of failing in the U.S. market. With a revived focus on expanding to the U.S., it's trying a new playbook. Hansen discusses Babbel’s new data, agency and channel-driven marketing approach and more.
1/14/201925 minutes, 16 seconds
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How NASCAR tells stories with speed

In this session from Digiday Brands Summit, Evan Parker, vp of content at NASCAR, will discuss how NASCAR tells stories at speed.
1/11/201919 minutes, 40 seconds
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“Philadelphia Eagles’ Jennifer Kavanagh on using social media for off-season fan engagement” is locked Philadelphia Eagles’ Jennifer Kavanagh on using social media for off-season fan engagement

The Philadephia Eagles want to be a sports entertainment brand with no offseason. Social media plays a key role in how the team communicates with its fans year-round, according to Jennifer Kavanagh, senior vice president of media and marketing at the Philadephia Eagles.
1/7/201923 minutes, 26 seconds
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Zenith Neil Vendetti on the change in state of video marketing

n this session, we talk to Neil Vendetti, president of investments at Zenith US. He shares his thoughts on how we can bring rich video content to consumers, ensure brand safety, and how to make the most of the sea of insights we now have access to.
12/28/201822 minutes, 10 seconds
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Modi Media in addressing the TV market dollars

In this session, executives from Modi Media talk about improving tv advertising. it needs to pick up the advanced targeting capabilities available to marketers on digital platforms. But where does the addressable TV market sit right now? Who are the biggest players? Will this ever be a huge opportunity for advertisers, especially when some still view TV as a broadcast and branding medium?
12/24/201820 minutes, 3 seconds
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SoulCycle's Greg Gittrich on the brand's media ambitions

In this session from the Digiday Video Marketing summit, SoulCycle's CCO Greg Gittrich talks about the company's ambitions to have a media business.
12/21/201823 minutes, 12 seconds
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SwellShark's Nick Pappas: Advertisers are getting more interested in OTT and connected TV inventory

The stakeholders in the future of TV are watching the cord-cutting trends closely, and brand are now wondering if more of their ad spend should go to OTT and connected TV, according Nick Pappas, CEO at SwellShark. It’s a lucrative proposition as inventories have started opening up more broadly.
12/17/201818 minutes, 36 seconds
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NYT's Jay Glogovsky on how the legacy publisher deals with programmatic shifts

With the rise of programmatic, the New York Times had to completely rework the way it operations to grow revenue effective and efficiently. From launching new data ad products, to selecting top tier programmatic exchanges, to organizational changes. Hear from Jay Glogovsky, director of yeild and Programmatic at the Times talk about how the legacy publication deals with programmatic shifts.
12/14/201821 minutes, 2 seconds
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Insider’s Jana Meron: Ads.txt help track money in the supply chain better

Ads.txt is a heated topic of debate within the industry. But when the programmatic industry is struggling to create a transparent supply chain for every dollar spent, Jana Meron, svp of programmatic and data strategy at Insider, makes a strong case for ads.txt files. In our latest episode, Meron discusses Insider’s programmatic challenges, working with partners to solve these issues and how to trim your ad tech vendors.
12/10/201816 minutes, 5 seconds
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Meredith's Chip Schenck: The right partnerships for programmatic collaborations

The delicate, and complicated dance that is the exchange of ad space on the virtual market requires the perfect team, a true partnership between the buy and sell side of the business. This session with Chip Schenck, vp of programmatic strategy at Meredith, will provide an look into how the right collaboration can yield success on all sides and how a rocky relationship can mean the end of a program, especially as publishers are becoming platforms themselves.
12/7/201826 minutes, 41 seconds
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Tribune’s Nicole Goksel: Ads.txt won’t solve ad fraud

Publishers were fast to adopt the ads.txt initiative from the Interactive Advertising Bureau but the demand hasn’t matched up. And according to Nicole Goksel, the senior director of digital revenue operations at Tribune Media, it needs a lot more work. In our latest episode, Goksel discusses how ad fraud remains hard to solve, how the news category is still suffering and more.
12/3/201822 minutes, 17 seconds
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Turner's Kevin Reilly on the state of entertainment

This session is with Kevin Reilly, CCO and President of TBS and TNT, both of which are Turner properties. He talks about how the entertainment ladnscape has shifted dramatically in the last 3 years.
11/26/201823 minutes, 24 seconds
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Viacom head of talent Paula Kaplan: Internet stars see themselves as brands in their own right

The process of discovering and developing new talent is not just for new TV shows anymore. Networks are looking for internet sensations as well. Viacom head of talent Paula Kaplan discussed the ins and outs of working with digital talent at the Digiday Future of Entertainment event held in Los Angeles, California on October 25.
11/19/201817 minutes, 34 seconds
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CBS Entertainment Digital's Rob Gelick on making direct to consumer work

This session is with Rob Gellick, EVP & GM at CBS ENTERTAINMENT DIGITAL. He talks about making direct to consumer work with the subscription service that CBS offers.
11/19/201825 minutes, 5 seconds
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GroupM's Joe Baron on the role of the chief brand officer

As much as YouTube and other social platforms say they’re committed to brand safety, things end up going awry and campaigns can get caught in the middle. Enter the brand safety officer, a role that some agencies have created to get ahead of protecting media investment. Hear from Joe Barone, managing partner brand safety Americas for GroupM, about why establishing this role should be prioritized, and what the future looks like for the brand safety officer.
11/17/201833 minutes, 43 seconds
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Media Assembly's Michael Nicholas on how to step up transparency for brands

It’s becoming an ultimatum: clients are demanding transparency from agencies. Brands want to connect the dots and understand where their advertising dollars are going, so it’s time for agencies to step up. Hear Michael Nicholas, chief digital officer of Media Assembly, speak about how they’re ensuring transparency to cultivate better relationship with clients.
11/9/201824 minutes, 36 seconds
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Sarah Stringer: As an industry, we love a new shiny thing

New technology may be expensive but testing it doesn’t need to be. Sarah Stringer, svp head of innovation for Carat USA, recently spoke at the Digiday Media Buying Summit held in Austin, Texas from October 16-17. She said new technology should be tested in the cheapest way possible. Stringer explores how to think about new technologies, how to budget for technology testing and more in this session.
11/5/201822 minutes
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How CNN Reach is working on ad targeting and campaign optimization

CNN has responded to ever greater complexity in the advertising ecosystem by creating CNN Reach - a new unit within CNN International Commercial to specialize in smart targeting of audiences and campaign optimisation on CNN platforms and beyond. In this session from Digiday Publishing Summit Europe, CNN international executives Rob Bradley and Leo Urushibata go under the bonnet of how CNN Reach works, why it was created and why publishers need to evolve and offer more to clients by introducing such consultancy services.
11/2/201821 minutes, 34 seconds
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How New York Times is powering its international ad business

The New York Times has made headlines in the past few years due to the unprecedented success of their subscription proposition, however ad revenue is still an important part of their revenue base. In this session from the Digiday Publishing Summit, Jean-Christophe Demarta shares how the Times is experimenting with new measurement techniques to calculate ROI on ad spend and to use this as a starting point for not only optimising their display offering, but also figuring out where they can diversify.
10/29/201830 minutes, 18 seconds
Episode Artwork

How The Guardian drives growth in reader revenue

In this session from the Digiday Publishing Summit europe, Anna Bateson, chief customer officer at The Guardian, talks about how the publisher gets more revenue from consumers than from advertising.
10/26/201833 minutes, 1 second
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Pink News’ Benjamin Cohen: Snapchat's profitable for us

Pink News, a 13-year-old LGBT-focused website, launched on Snapchat in July. Pink News reimagined their desktop content for mobile and made a bunch of new investments. Now it is seeing the gains come in strong. In this session from the Digiday Publishing Summit Europe, CEO Benjamin Cohen explains the approach to Snapchat.
10/22/201812 minutes, 20 seconds
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Stat News' Angus Macaulay on the challenges of a subscription business

In a session from the Digiday Publishing Summit, Angus Macaulay of Stat News underlines the challenges and solutions to the subscription business model.
10/19/20189 minutes, 41 seconds
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Washington Post’s Jed Hartman: The 'Trump bump' isn't responsible for all subscription growth

The Washington Post is one of the publications who can tell a success story about their subscriptions strategy. At the Digiday Publishing Summit held in Key Biscayne, Florida, The Post’s CRO Jed Hartman said that the success is not all owed to the Trump bump. In this session, he talks more about The Post’s work on subscriptions, their relationship with platforms and what happened with Instant Articles.
10/15/201818 minutes, 22 seconds
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Bleacher Report's Howard Mittman: Youth culture coverage around sports will be key for expansion

At the Digiday Publishing Summit, Howard Mittman talks about staying relevant during and after sports season.
10/12/201822 minutes, 14 seconds
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Dotdash’s Neil Vogel: 'We don't care about Facebook and never did'

Nearly two years ago, turned into Dotdash. Since then, they've made tweaks to their approach to platforms that have garnered over $100 million in revenue and almost 80 million uniques a month on comScore, which is twice the amount that they started out with. Dotdash, CEO Neil Vogel shared this change of approach and strategy for's reinvention in a session from the Digiday Publishing Summit held in Key Biscayne, Florida.
10/8/201819 minutes, 21 seconds
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Deep thoughts with Complex Network's Rich Antoniello

In this session from Digiday Publishing Summit, Brian Morrissey quizzes Complex Network's Rich Antoniello on his deep thoughts in his deep tweets.
10/5/201817 minutes, 26 seconds
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Group Nine Media's Christa Carone: 'Facebook works when you have scale, premium programming and a habitual audience'

The majority of publishers may have turned on Facebook after the platform’s apocalyptic algorithm change early this year, which caused everyone’s big video views to dip. But Group Nine’s media brands did not feel the impact. In this session, Carone discusses how the publisher is approaching platforms and going from social video to linear long form programming.
10/1/201816 minutes, 56 seconds
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Prive Revaux's Ned Macpherson: We were forced to use customer data with our rapid growth

Privé Revaux has achieved meteoric growth, acquiring over 100,000 customers in its first 10 months of business. With such rapid growth, making sense of a tidal wave of customer purchase data presented a challenge few 1-year old companies face. By taking a unique approach to customer lifecycle segmentation and conversion rate optimization, Privé was able to dramatically increase its customer retention and double its online conversion rate. Hear CMO Ned Macpherson discuss the core strategy of how it was done.
9/28/201823 minutes, 30 seconds
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Babbel USA’s Jen Jordan: Look at portfolios, not cover letters

Creating good content is hard without the right people, and finding them is even harder. At the Digiday Content Marketing Summit recently held in Vail, Colorado, Babbel USA’s executive producer Jen Jordan discussed how she’s grown her team in New York City to 25 people and what she’s learned about hiring the right team. Here, she outlined some key guidelines to abide by while hiring.
9/24/201822 minutes, 44 seconds
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Rent The Runway's Josh Builder: How to have a closet in the cloud

Rent the Runway is disrupting the $1.7 trillion global fashion industry by introducing clothing rental as a utility in women’s everyday lives. As technology changes, so does customer behavior. Hear from Josh Builder, Rent the Runway’s Chief Technology Officer, on how he has pioneered Rent The Runway to leverage technology, data, and logistics to transform the way women think about getting dressed -- and what it means to have your closet truly in the cloud.
9/21/201822 minutes, 53 seconds
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Good American’s Emma Grede: We're truly a social business

Shoppers are increasingly demanding transparency in all dimensions of their buying experience -- from supply chains to the customer service experience. Emme Grede, co-founder of the two-year-old denim brand Good American, says building trust with customers is about showing the good, bad and the ugly parts equally.
9/17/201823 minutes, 9 seconds
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Express's David Kornberg: We've reduced number of stores but physical retail is coming back

Express launched a new store concept in NYC dedicated to the modern worker. It’s a testing ground for a number of experiential activations the 38-year-old retailer could roll out to its 600-plus stores. Hear from Express CEO and president, David Kornberg, as he walks us through the store of the future.
9/14/201830 minutes, 55 seconds
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Away’s Selena Kalvaria: 'Everyone on the marketing team should work in a store first'

When luggage maker Away launched, the marketing plan never included a retail store. But then they opened a pop-up store as a test. Due to the success they saw, Away opened stores in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Austin, with more locations to come. In the latest episode of Digiday Live, Away's vp of brand marketing, Selena Kalvaria, said the customer interaction in store led to better marketing.
9/10/201821 minutes, 56 seconds
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Curology's Fabian Seelbach: "Facebook over time is ageing"

Curology's Fabian Seelbach talks about the layers of marketing that go into customizing skin care for customers in retail.
9/7/201822 minutes, 21 seconds
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Eloquii's Kelly Goldston: Be paranoid about all data

Calculating the lifetime value of the customers brands acquire and the money they spend on acquiring them is a difficult math problem, no matter how you look at it. But Eloquii vp of marketing Kelly Goldston says it’s a metric she advocated for because basing marketing spend decisions on “ROI is very 2008.”
9/3/201823 minutes, 20 seconds
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Groupon's Toni Jones: You need to be traditionally analytical in content marketing

Toni Jones, the Head of Content Strategy & Operations at GroupOn, talks about the hiring and learning challenges for a content newsroom at a brand.
8/31/201821 minutes, 13 seconds
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Vitamin Shoppe’s Lisa Chudnofsky: In-house employees have an edge over agencies

Vitamin Shoppe wanted to move its brand forward, and it needed content to do that. Lisa Chudnofsky, its head of content and customer engagement at The Vitamin Shoppe, has solidified the brand messaging on social media. Her primary tool: Facebook.
8/27/201821 minutes, 5 seconds
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Roman's Rob Schutz on how to use digital and traditional advertising

In this session from the Digiday content marketing summit, listen to Roman's Rob Schutz on how to market taboo topics and work with digital and traditional advertising.
8/24/201821 minutes, 12 seconds
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Fandango's Eileen Rivera: Instagram has been a 'revolution' for video content

For Fandango's content marketing team, the post-Facebook era has meant an opportunity to distribute video more widely. The company, which produces up to 15 videos a week, ranging from 10 second clips to four minute videos, is now finding success with video content marketing on Instagram Stories, IGTV, YouTube and even Twitter. But more platforms means more work. At the Digiday Content Marketing Summit, held in August in Vail, Colorado, Eileen Rivera, senior director of production at Fandango, broke down the video production and strategy at the company.
8/20/201817 minutes
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The Player's Tribune's David Trencher on global expansion

In this session from the Digiday Video Summit Europe, The Player's Tribune's David Trencher speaks to senior reporter Sahil Patel on how the publisher is plotting its global expansion and the opportunities and challenges it sees in various markets.
7/6/201818 minutes, 45 seconds
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Comedy Central International’s Claire McArdle on moving TV content to platforms

Claire McArdle, vp of multi-platform at Comedy Central International, discussed the company's strategy for moving linear content to platforms at the Digiday Video Summit earlier this month in Amsterdam.
6/29/201817 minutes, 48 seconds
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SAP’s Mika Yamamoto: Marketers must 'do no harm' with customer data

To comply with the General Data Protection Regulation, companies like SAP have run email campaigns to get consent to continue contacting customers. People who consented are trusting the companies with their information, and marketers must “do no harm” in the way they use that information, Mika Yamamoto, SAP’s chief digital marketing officer, said at Digiday's recent Programmatic Marketing Summit in New Orleans. Yamamoto also said GDPR gave SAP an opportunity to clean up its customer data, given that data, whether collected firsthand or bought from a third party, is not always accurate.Yamamoto discusses correcting inaccurate customer data, the marketer's role in retaining customers and more.
6/15/201832 minutes, 13 seconds
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Bayer's Paul Gelb on bringing programmatic talent in-house

At the Digiday Programmatic Marketing Summit in New Orleans, Louisiana, Bayer's head of programmatic and social Paul Gelb says marketing waste from fraud or viewability issues is nothing compared to what happens because of wrong processes, policies and tactics among trading desks. So, bring programmatic in-house.
6/15/201826 minutes, 21 seconds
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Brooklinen's Rich Fulop on marketing to the millennial consumer

At the Digiday Programmatic Summit, Rich Fulop gives a view from the trenches for marketing to the millennial customer through various touch points.
6/11/201818 minutes, 13 seconds
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Viacom's Kelly Day on rethinking the network's approach to platforms with the digital studios

At the Digiday Video Summit held in Scottsdale, Arizona, president of Viacom's digital studios Kelly Day discusses how the team is rethinking the network's approach to digital and social platforms.
6/8/201823 minutes, 39 seconds
Episode Artwork

Vox Entertainment's Chad Mumm on taking their content from the smallest to the biggest screens

Vox Media has made an investment in producing shows for Netflix, TV networks and other big content buyers. At the Digiday Video Summit held in Scottsdale, Arizona, Vox Entertainment's Chad Mumm discusses how Vox is approaching the future of video from the smallest to the biggest screens.
6/4/201818 minutes, 20 seconds
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'We're an IP company': Barstool Sports’ Erika Nardini on monetizing a video product

Last year, Barstool broadcast Rough N Rowdy online and sold more than 12,000 pay-per-views at $4.99 each, convincing Barstool to acquire the event. The most recent Rough N Rowdy, in Charlotte, North Carolina, sold 40,000 pay-per-views at $19.99 each, Nardini said. Nardini discussed Rough N Rowdy, Barstool’s video strategy and more at the Digiday Video summit held in Scottsdale, Arizona.
6/1/201823 minutes, 4 seconds
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‘A hostile takeover’: Huawei’s Nick Graham on the transition to digital media

Nick Graham, Huawei's global head of digital marketing and media, said the industry’s ambition is to bring the creative and media sides of advertising closer together, but he has a word of caution. Graham discusses transparency and leading a global media team in an age of changing technology.
5/11/201823 minutes, 53 seconds
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Siemens' Paulina Jamsa has seven tips on how agencies and brands can collaborate better

In this session from the Digiday Programmatic Summit Europe summit, Siemens' global senior online marketing manager Paulina Jamsa talks about the seven ways that help brands and agencies collaborate better.
5/9/201824 minutes, 36 seconds
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Jellyfish’s Gawain Owen on how companies can demand transparent supply chains

A lot of companies fall short in their efforts to take their advertising in-house or clean up their supply chains. It’s a regular complaint among publishers, for example, that advertisers cry foul on issues of brand safety, but hardly change their budgets and spending to address the problems. At the Digiday Programmatic Marketing Summit recently held in Estoril, Portugal, Jellyfish digital strategy director Gawain Owen said the key is to think about people, processes and tools.
5/4/201832 minutes, 1 second
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Samsung’s Michael Lawder: 'Human interaction is a gray area' in AI

The definition of artificial intelligence and what technology constitutes it remains highly debatable. Michael Lawder, svp of customer care at Samsung Electronics in North America, said AI tech isn't advanced enough yet regardless. Lawder discusses AI's potential, integrating AI into customer service, data privacy and more in the session from the Digiday AI summit.
4/27/201831 minutes, 50 seconds
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Ecovacs' Christopher Caen on how AI can kill or save your brand

At the Digiday AI summit, Ecovas Robotics' Christopher Caen explains how AI can kill your brand or save it.
4/23/201822 minutes, 12 seconds
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Equinox's Samir Desai on using AI to keep members engaged and fit

In this session from the Digiday AI marketing summit, Samir Desai talks through using AI to motivate fitness club members to stay on their fitness track.
4/20/201829 minutes, 21 seconds
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TheSkimm's Brandon Berger on the publisher transitioning into a membership company

At the Digiday Publishing Summit, Brandon Berger, chief business officer at TheSkimm, talks about the company's subscription business.
4/13/201813 minutes, 20 seconds
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Insider's Pete Spande on how the publisher still uses Facebook to its advantage

Insider, a publisher whose content and business model was seemingly built to thrive off Facebook, is weathering Facebook's news feed change. Spande discusses Insider's growth in a changed Facebook environment, the publisher's advertising business, its subscription offering and more in this session.
4/9/201817 minutes, 3 seconds
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Clique Media Group’s Katherine Power on making content and commerce work

Clique Media Group combined editorial sites with consumer products. Launched by Katherine Power and Hillary Kerr, the company took off with the idea of making fashion and beauty content shoppable. Fast forward to 2016, and CMG launched their first apparel brand, Who What Wear, with Target. Power talks about CMG's initial business plan, how it has evolved and what the value offering for venture capitalists is in its model and more in the session.
4/2/201821 minutes, 7 seconds
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Politico's Bobby Moran on building a successful subscription arm

At the Digiday Publishing Summit, Bobby Moran talks about the mistakes the publisher made while building out their subscription product and the factors that make the product stronger and more valuable.
3/30/201825 minutes, 13 seconds
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New York Media’s Avi Zimak: Facebook's news feed change didn't hurt us

Many publishers have struggled since Facebook's news feed change, but a loyal audience and brand recognition have helped New York Media weather the shift. Only 10 percent of the publisher's traffic came from Facebook in the first place, according to Avi Zimak, CRO and publisher at New York Media, who spoke last week at the Digiday Publishing Summit in Vail, Colorado. Zimak discusses Facebook's role in New York Media's content distribution, the company's revenue streams, Apple News' potential and more in this session.
3/26/201820 minutes, 48 seconds
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VML's Lisa Purpura on the increasing scrutiny on agencies from clients

Data, platforms, return on investment and every other way in which agencies have justified and strategized marketing spend to clients is facing increased scrutiny. Clients want proof for everything. In this session from the Digiday Media Buying summit, Lisa Purpura, group director of media at VML, talked to Digiday’s Shareen Pathak and discusses lies, damned lies and statistics.
3/23/201818 minutes, 51 seconds
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IPG Cadreon's Erica Schmidt on how media agencies are cutting ad tech vendors

In this session from the Digiday Media Buying Summit, Erica Schmidt, global CEO at Cadreon, IPG’s ad tech unit, talks about how media agencies are cutting ad tech vendors.
3/22/201822 minutes, 2 seconds
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Marketplace Ignition’s Tod Harrick: Amazon's metrics are 'terrible'

Amazon is poised to become a major force in the media business, thanks in large part to its deep trove of customer buying data. But for now, Amazon's actually weak in metrics, according to Tod Harrick, vp of product at Marketplace Ignition, who spoke at the Digiday Media Buying Summit earlier this month.
3/19/201835 minutes, 7 seconds
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News UK’s Mark Field: 'Our job is not to take over the agency's role'

A little over a year ago, News UK’s branded content arm, Bridge Studio, overhauled its operations and adopted an agency approach to working with brands. But it hasn't eliminated agencies from the picture. Mark Field, director of Bridge Studio, joined us at the Digiday Publishing Summit Europe in February. He discussed why the oublisher has adopted an agency approach, why publishers aren't aiming to take over from agencies, how brand content is different from advertising, and Bridge Studio's campaign for the Movember Foundation
3/12/201825 minutes, 41 seconds
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Conde Nast's Jamie Jouning on adapting and expanding to an international marketplace

At the Digiday Publishing Summit Europe, Conde Nast International CRO Jamie Jouning talks about how the brand has adapted to an international marketplace when the foundation of the publisher is in local market mentality.
3/9/201832 minutes, 26 seconds
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Hearst UK's Duncan Chater on how publishers are diversifying their revenue

For publishers diversifying their revenue streams, it’s all about embracing the marketer’s mentality. In this episode, Heart UK's Duncan Chater discusses the data, content and licensing arms of Hearst UK's business. Hearst UK's position as a legacy brand also sets it up for building a strong events business and playing into influencer marketing strategies.
3/5/201819 minutes, 39 seconds
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Moet Hennessy's Korinne Munson on embracing digital with conventional marketing tactics

At the Digiday Marketing Summit, Korrine Munson talked about how embracing digital with conventional marketing tactics.
12/15/201719 minutes, 12 seconds
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Johnson and Johnson's Edlynne Laryea on partnerships with platforms

At the Digiday Marketing Summit, Edlynne Laryea talked about how partnerships with platforms don't have to be one sided.
12/13/201724 minutes, 2 seconds
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McDonald's Dana Strokovsky on building a global social strategy

In the last year, McDonald's has aggressively pushed for a global digital identity and presence. A little over five months ago, Dana Strokovsky came on board as its global social media director, and as she worked across markets around the world, she realized a primary task for her was to make teams work and care beyond their silos. She discussed how different markets underneath the same brand can move differently, managing time between teams in different markets, social media strategies and more.
12/11/201726 minutes, 34 seconds
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Purch's Mike Hannon on making server-to-server connections work

This episode is a session from the Digiday Programmatic Media Summit. Michael Hannon, VP of Yield and Revenue optimization at Purch, talks about how to make server-to-server work.
12/8/201717 minutes, 12 seconds
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Vox Media's Dave Pond on their big bold programmatic bet

In this episode, Vox Media's Director of Programmatic Operations Dave Pond talks about the big bets they're making on the future of programmatic advertising.
12/6/201723 minutes, 26 seconds
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Business Insider’s Jana Meron on getting sales people to love programmatic

The machines are not going to take over. That’s the message from Jana Meron, vp of programmatic & data strategy at Business Insider, who spoke at the Digiday Programmatic Media Summit last month. As publishers completely embrace programmatic Meron talked about some important shifts an organization and team will have to make to let programmatic advertising change their world, as she shows with Business Insider's example.
12/4/201724 minutes, 48 seconds
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Turner’s David Levy: ‘We measure success holistically, not just on television’

Turner president David Levy discussed the company's holistic approach to its properties and more at the Digiday Video Anywhere Summit.
11/20/201731 minutes
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CBS Interactive Entertainment's Rob Gelick on the future of streaming

In this episode, a session from the Digiday Video Anywhere Summit that we recently held in Laguna Beach, California. Digiday senior report Sahil Patel talks to Rob Gelick from CBS Interactive Entertainment about how CBS is adapting to the future of streaming.
11/15/201724 minutes, 48 seconds
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The Guardian's Daniel Spears on why all publishers need to be involved in moving the media market to programmatic

At the Digiday Publishing Summit Europe in Berlin, Germany, The Guardian's Daniel Spears talked about why all publishers need to be involved in the programmatic transformation.
11/13/201726 minutes, 32 seconds
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Highsnobiety's David Fischer on how modern publishers can also be agencies

At the Digiday Publishing Suummit Europe held in Berlin, Germany Digiday editor-in-chief Brian Morrissey speaks to Highsnobiety founder David Fischer on how the modern publisher also acts as an agency.
11/10/201722 minutes, 24 seconds
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NYT's Francesca Donner on how Times Insider is rebuilding trust in media with Times Insider

At the Digiday Publishing Summit Europe held in Berlin, Germany, New York Times' Francesca Donner talks to Digiday UK editor Jess Davies about how the Times is building back trust in the media through Times Insider, a product that takes readers behind the scenes on how stories were reported.
11/8/201721 minutes, 42 seconds
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Le Monde’s Samuel Laurent: Facebook seems more concerned about fake news than Google

At the French publication Le Monde, a team of 12 people called Les Décodeurs tackles the problem of fake news by fact-checking, hoax-busting, investigations and data journalism. Alongside, of the many initiatives they took in this direction, the team also decided to collaborate on regulating fake news content with Facebook. Even as the collaboration has been helpful, Samuel Laurent, deputy editor of Les Décodeurs, vocied his concern at the Digiday Publishing Summit Europe in Berlin. “My main fear is that Facebook has a billion people. How can you regulate a billion people every day?”
11/6/201719 minutes, 37 seconds
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Essence's Christian Juhl on how Essence became a $3 billion global media agency

Digiday co-executive editor speaks to Essence CEO Christian Juhl on how the global media agency went on to be valued at $3 billion dollar while remaining true to its brand. The session was held at the Digiday Agency Summit in Charleston, South Carolina.
11/3/201722 minutes, 5 seconds
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Accenture's Glen Hartman on a consultancy's space in the advertising world

Accenture's Glen Hartman talks to Digiday Reporter Yuyu Chen about what's it like when agencies move into consultancies at the Digiday Agency Summit held in Charleston, South Carolina.
11/1/201725 minutes, 18 seconds
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Bailey Lauerman’s Greg Andersen: Brands should pay more attention to Middle America

At the Digiday Agency Summit in Charleston, South Carolina, Bailey Lauerman CEO Greg Andersen discussed why Middle America deserves more attention from brands.
10/30/201726 minutes, 25 seconds
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Complex Network's Scott Cherkin on why media companies need to go all in if they pivot to video

Complex Network's evp of product and business development Scott Cherkin took the stage during the Digiday Publishing Summit held in Key Biscayne, Florida to talk to Digiday senior reporter Sahil Patel about why media companies can't just dip their toe in the water when it comes to video and how it requires a company-wide investment.
10/6/201729 minutes, 28 seconds
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Axios' Roy Schwartz on the new trust era in journalism

Founder and President of Axios Roy Schwartz took the stage at the Digiday Publishing Summit to talk with Digiday editor-in-chief Brian Morrissey about why Axios is more than Politico 2.0, the new trust era in journalism, and delaying the launch of Axios' pricey subscription offering.
10/4/201716 minutes, 37 seconds