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Diggie A-2: The Progression of Hip-Hop

English, Hip-Hop Rap, 5 seasons, 88 episodes, 1 day 20 hours 50 minutes
A weekly podcast surrounding Hip-Hop music and paying homage to artists that have paved the way. Incorporating the Hip-Hop culture and its progression through time. The influence, ties, and aspects that surround and/or an integral piece to music and various societal perspectives. There is no right or wrong answer or viewpoint. Independent Artist interviews (multi-genre). LISTEN/SHARE/RATE/SUBSCRIBE/COMMENT on your favorite podcast platform. Have a question, comment or suggestion? Please email us at: [email protected] Instagram: @diggiea2 Twitter: @DiggieA2
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Drake: Mr. Midas Touch!

The Season V finale features Drake: Mr. Midas Touch. Drake has been the biggest star in hip-hop for over the past 10 years and beyond. Mr. Midas Touch's albums have all gone either platinum or gold and is the world's most streamed artist. In this season finale, Diggie is joined DJ extraordinaire: DJ Ashton Martin to talk about music, the art of DJing, and Drake's contributions to the culture. Enjoy and thanks for tuning in! We love you!
05/07/202233 minutes 7 seconds
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Kendrick Lamar: Hip-Hop's Generational Talent!

Episode 14 of The Transformation is about Hip-Hop's Generational Talent: Kendrick Lamar. Kendrick Lamar is the most gifted MC of his era. A rebel, visionary, and lyricist K Dot is a supreme hip-hop artist. The type of artist that we only see in generations of music. In this episode Diggie is joined by Reed Starks and the hip-hop historian Chuck Platinum! 100
28/06/202235 minutes 42 seconds
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J Cole: Lil Bro & Big Bro

Episode 13 of The Transformation makes a stop at one of the 3 Kings of hip-hop: J Cole! Everyone's favorite Lil Bro and Big Bro all at once. J Cole is a superior MC with skills that put at the top of the stack in any era in the history of hip-hop. In this episode Diggie is joined for the 4th time by Mac Xavier of DBENTCO and newcomer Reed Starks. 100
21/06/202246 minutes 5 seconds
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Nicki Minaj: Barbie with BARZ!

Episode XII of the Transformation is the one and only Nicki Minaj! The Barbie with Barz! Nicki Minaj is one the most celebrated artists ever in the history of hip-hop (male or female). In this episode Diggie is joined by newcomers Nes and Deshawn to discuss Nicki's contributions and influence on the culture. 100!
14/06/202233 minutes 21 seconds
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Nipsey Hussle: Take the stairs

Episode XI of the Transformation of Hip-Hop is about the late-great Nipsey Hussle! His impact on the hip-hop community will never be forgotten. His marathon mentality was always about taking the stairs. In this heartfelt episode Diggie is joined by fan favorite AJ P-Dub to discuss the impact and legacy of Nipsey! Rest in Peace! 100
07/06/202233 minutes 46 seconds
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Post Malone: Hip-Hop & Rock and Roll!

Episode X of The Transformation is about Post Malone. Post is the epitome of hip-hop & rock and roll! He fuses melodic sounds and elements of hip-hop to give us a sound like no other. The special episode our guest @Nick Gibbs gives his take on Post Malone. 100!
31/05/202231 minutes 30 seconds
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Kid Cudi: Moon Madness!

Episode IX of The Transformation is about Kid Cudi: Moon Madness. Kid Cudi is one of the most creative hip-hop artists of his era. He can take us to the moon and back with the beat of his own drum. In this episode Diggie A-2 is joined by alumni Deion Brown from DBENTCO to give his take and appreciation for Kid Cudi! 100
24/05/202222 minutes 41 seconds
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21 Savage: Welcome to the Darkside

Season V returns with a trip to the Darkside of Hip-Hop: 21 Savage. 21 Savage's style of hip-hop is raw, in your face, and dark. In this episode long time supporter of Diggie A-2 Wilde Tuna returns to give his insight on 21 Savage and his contributions to the culture. 100! #diggiea2 #hiphoplives4ever #21savage
17/05/202224 minutes 5 seconds
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Juice Wrld: Listen to me...

The Honorable Mention for Season V: Transformation is Juice Wrld. Juice Wrld was beloved by his fans, his peers, and the hip-hop community. All he wanted was for someone to listen to him. In this heartfelt episode Diggie is joined by VGE's Zach Frost to discuss the life and legacy of Juice Wrld. Rest in Peace. 100 Host: Robb Diggie| IG: the_real_robb_diggie Special Guest: Zach Frost" IG: vge_frost Owner: Jess D.|IG: diggiea2 Episode Survey:
26/04/202228 minutes 27 seconds
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Travis Scott: Live In Effect!

Happy 2nd Birthday to the Diggie A-2 Platform! Episode VII of Transformation is about one of the best live performers in hip-hop: Travis Scott. Travis Scott's ability to be live in effect combined with his creativity has boosted him to extraordinary heights in hip-hop. This episode Diggie is joined by UNEEK to talk about Travis Scott and his contributions to the culture. 100. Host: Robb Diggie: IG: the_real_robb_diggie Special Guest: Uneek: IG: Uneek69 Owner: Jess D: IG: diggiea2 Episode Survey:
19/04/202231 minutes 5 seconds
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Wiz Khlifa: Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey, smoke _ _ _ _ everyday!

Episode VI of the Transformation is all about Wiz Khalifa! Some people argue that Wiz Khalifa is the 2nd coming of Snoop; while others say he carved his own lane. In this episode Diggie and Satisfy (making his 4th appearance on the platform!) discuss Wiz Khalifa and his impact/imprint on hip-hop culture! 100! Episode Survey: Robb Diggie|Host|IG: @the_real_robb_diggie Satisfy|Special Guest| IG: @im_satisfy Jess D.|Owner|IG: @diggiea2 UNEEK|Episode Mention|IG: @uneek69
12/04/202226 minutes 18 seconds
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DJ Khaled: Mr. Hit Factory

Episode V of The Transformation is all about winning and DJ Khaled! DJ Khaled is a hit factory all on his. He has been a staple in hip-hop for many years and this episode highlights his contributions. Diggie is joined by newcomer Brian Little to discuss DJ Khaled in this time period in hip-hop! 100! Episode Survey: Host: Diggie IG: the_real_robb_diggie Special Guest: Brian Little Owner: Jess D: IG: diggiea2
05/04/202223 minutes 45 seconds
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Meek Mill: The Lieutenant

Episode IV of the Transformation is about one of our favorite lieutenants of Hip-Hop: Meek Mill. Meek Mill is one of Phillys brightest starts in hip-hop. Throughout all his ups and downs, Meek Mill still finds a way to entertain the people. In this episode Diggie is joined by award winning producer Chuck Platinum to discuss Meek Mill's contributions to the culture. 100 Episode Survey: Robb Diggie (Host): IG: @the_real_robb_diggie Chuck Platinum (Special Guest): IG: @chuckplatinum Jess Dalby (Owner): IG: @diggiea2
29/03/202228 minutes 21 seconds
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Cardi B. Mrs. Unapologetic!!

Episode III of The Transformation is all about Mrs. Unapologetic: Cardi B. Cardi B. has made a name for herself in the world of music. She has done it her way, her style, unapologetically! In this episode Diggie is joined by @HollyOnDemand for her views of Cardi B. and influence on Hip-Hop! 100!!! Robb Diggie Host: IG @the_real_robb_diggie Hollyondemand: IG @hollyondemand Jess D Owner: IG @diggiea2 Episode Survey:
22/03/202226 minutes 35 seconds
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2 Chainz: Mr. College Park, GA

Episode II of the Transformation takes us back to Atlanta, GA where we talk about 2 Chainz! (AKA Mr. College Park, GA). 2 Chainz has been a long stable in Southern Hip-Hop, and has had mainstream success in/out of the booth. In this episode Diggie and newcomer Khafre discuss 2 Chainz and his contributions to hip-hop culture! Enjoy! 100! Host: Robb Diggie (IG: The_Real_Robb_Diggie) Special Guest Khafre (IG: khafrejay) Owner: Jess Dalby (IG: diggiea2) Be sure to check out: Episode Survey:
15/03/202228 minutes 49 seconds
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The Migos: Real Rap, No Mumble

Season V: The Transformation begins with three relatives from Atlanta, GA: The Migos! The Migos have a very distinct way of approaching hip-hop. In this episode Diggie sits down with two queens Karynil and Shara to discuss the Migos who are more real rap, no mumble! Enjoy! 100 Episode Survey: Robb Diggie IG: The_Real_Robb_Diggie Karynil IG: karynil_ Shara IG: beautyandthebeastpublishing Owner Jess IG: diggiea2
09/03/202232 minutes 35 seconds