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Diaries of a homosexual

English, Fitness / Keep-fit, 1 season, 55 episodes, 1 day, 17 hours
Fun and juicy episodes that will give a little too much insight into my life as well as give you advice for the avoiding mistakes that I have made in the past.
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Breakups Suck

Breakups suck...really bad but hopefully you learn some important lessons. I know I sure did! Although this was recorded DAYS after going through one, it will equip you with some tools to handle situations like these because (not to brag) but I feel like it was handled pretty well (on my end). Maybe you're just nosey like me or maybe you'll take something out of it but I PROMISE you will not be bored.
4/30/202444 minutes, 46 seconds
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college drop out

this week I explain the juicy details of my six-month hiatus, following your passions, how I have been improving myself, and what the future of the podcast will be. There is some real advice in here that you definitely won't want to miss.
8/18/202334 minutes, 7 seconds
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Red flags and how to ignore them (or not)

Feeling anxious about being alone forever? got no rizz? This week let's talk about some things that have helped me to feel less anxious when it comes to relationships and how to get good at being alone. It's important to feel good about yourself before you start dating so let me share with you some of the things I do every day that keep me feeling confident (I guarantee you haven't heard of them). When things start going well in the relationship department it's impossible to know the right time to pop the "L word" but let me give you my rule of thumb on how to tell if it's that time.
3/15/202343 minutes, 33 seconds
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They love me, They love me not: A guide to over analyzing relationships

Join me this week as I share about my recent trip to LA, where I discovered that there are two different types of fun. What happens when you come back from your trip and realize you've been procrastinating on work? Don't worry. I've got your back with some handy tips on how to get things done even when you've left it to the last minute. I will also tell you my pro tips for a vacation so you don't end up with mild arsenic poisoning from tap water. And speaking of things that come out of nowhere, let me tell you about Teefy, the guy who headbutted me on the Skytrain in Vancouver. Yes, it really happened, and I'll share the valuable lessons I learned from the experience. I'll also touch on first kiss nerves. I'll share some personal stories and tips on overcoming those jitters and making that first kiss a success. Lastly, we'll tackle the age-old question of whether they actually like you or if you're just delusional. Trust me; we've all been there, and those things they're doing you think are signs they like you may mean just what you think they do. Instagram: TikTok: Youtube:
3/8/202340 minutes, 35 seconds
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Nearly Deadly Dates

In this episode, I'm dishing out some of the most creative and wacky date ideas that'll have you feeling like a love guru. But first, let me tell you about my near-death experience on a date in the woods at night (note to self: don't go on a hike at night). And then there was the time I spent Valentine's Day flying in a plane with a guy (yes, I know, I'm just as surprised as you are). And if you've ever wondered why people ghost others, or why it's even called ghosting in the first place, don't worry, I've got you covered. I'll also be tackling the toxic term 'broken heart' and why it's time to retire it for good. But it's not all doom and gloom - I'll also be sharing the importance of surrounding yourself with good people, especially when it comes to dating. Plus, we'll be answering the burning question: why is it so freaking awkward to eat in front of someone on a date? Check out my Instagram: TikTok: Youtube:
3/1/202343 minutes, 37 seconds
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Coming out to my Dad

This week I came out to my dad. He was one of three people I had not yet told I was gay. This episode is pretty deep and covers coming out to family that you don't think will be accepting, dealing with step-parents, and also my chaotic dating life. Don't worry I'm not doing it all for nothing, my many dates this month have taught me so many things that I want to share with you. Especially my pro tips on how to make the first date the least awkward encounter, even if you're an awkward person.
1/12/202343 minutes, 31 seconds
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Navigating exclusive relationships and platonic friendships

I kissed a guy at the club... and it made me realize some things. This week, let's talk about how to navigate exclusive relationships and when it's time to make it official. We'll also cover how past relationships can affect our current ones. I'll share some personal stories about how my past experiences with physical touch have made me hesitant in my current relationships, and how I've learned to have healthy platonic friendships (I'll also share my advice for what to do when you like one of your straight guy friends). Further, we discuss why people stay in relationships where they are not being treated right, and why people who grew up overweight may have more confidence now. Is this confidence real or false?
12/15/202239 minutes, 16 seconds
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Gay men are for the streets

Jealousy is something we all experience at some point. This week we dive into what causes Jealousy, and why we get jealous. I also go threw a few examples of when I've felt jealous. Spoiler alert, I saw a guy I was talking to on a date with someone else...yikes. 
11/17/202244 minutes, 31 seconds
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Fixing the gays

The gay community is a mess. Recently, there was a stitch to a video I posted on TikTok that had people losing it. So I decided to bring on the person who started it all to have a conversation. This week, Khumo Markham and I dive into basically every issue in the gay community, gay dating, gay standards, gay sex, as well as how the queer community treats people of colour and plus-size members. You will not be the same after this astounding episode.
10/20/202254 minutes, 12 seconds
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You're not a loser because you're alone (ft. Spencer Thomas)

Are you severely co-dependent? Are you worried about getting older and going into your next stages of high school, University, etc? This week @Spencerrthomas and I discuss being alone for the first time in university, how getting older can be scary, and how to not let these new responsibilities and pressures scare you. After these incredible 48 minutes, you will be able to confidently do anything alone and enjoy it! As well, Spencer and I cover embarrassment and go through some times that we have been embarrassed and why it's not a big deal (throwing up on a guy while sky diving isn't so bad is it)?
10/12/202247 minutes, 19 seconds
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Two faced b*tches and 50 year old men

Talking sh*t is not the same as venting and being kind is so different than being nice. This week lets unpack a few different scenarios where you could choose to be a good friend and explain why some people would choose differently.  We also touch on ageism in the gay community, how I almost set a building on fire by accident, and my first date since moving to University (it's literally the best first date idea ever).
9/28/202239 minutes, 7 seconds
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University escapades

New city, new school, new people. This week learn from all of my escapades during the first week of university. We cover dating in college, how to end friendships that don't serve you if you still have to see the person, living alone for the first time, and my utterly embarrassing bathroom horror stories...plural.
9/19/202242 minutes, 7 seconds
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Tinder Swindler | Online dating hacks

This week we are in NYC!!! and let me tell you, Tinder is sooo much more fun in the big city. It creates the question, however, how do I make my profile the best ever? This applies to tinder, grindr, hinge, bumble, and any other way you date online. We cover the different ways to date online and how to approach it in order to see results. I also share a few stories about the experiences I have had in New York within one day of being's a lot.
8/25/202243 minutes, 16 seconds
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The breakup text

Breakups suck. Or maybe it's the best thing that could have happened to you! This week let's talk about how to tell when to end the relationship, dive into all different kinds of exes, and find out why stalking your ex can be ok in some cases. For those asking "Krisjay I've never been in a relationship how could this remotely help me?" Well from my collection of embarrassing personal stories you will have the tools for the best breakup ever!!!...when that day inevitably comes.
8/11/202237 minutes, 53 seconds
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I'm gay...not a homewrecker

Dating someone who's in the closet can get messy. This week we explore the lengths some people will go to in order to stay in the closet, how the modelling industry has less opportunity for "plus size models", how being gay can sometimes make you an unintentional homewrecker, and so much more!
8/4/202249 minutes, 23 seconds
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Gay panic: Relationships

Everyone’s relationships are different however whatever situation you’re in it’s probably mentioned in this episode. This week we are going to examine all different kinds of relationship dynamics and explore what works, what doesn’t and why. I also mention an embarrassing story about how I fumbled the bag because I didn’t have the confidence to take action.
7/27/202252 minutes, 30 seconds
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My first gay experience

I've talked about my coming out story but I never fully explained the experience I had that led me to come out. In this episode, Ashley and I open up about how clothes make you uncomfortable when you’re insecure, my first gay experience, and Ashley also recounts her first ( and hopefully only) time dating a MURDERER (yes an actual murderer).
7/14/202246 minutes, 9 seconds
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Doing the devil's work: Stories from an all boys catholic school

Ever wondered what goes on at elite all-boys private schools? Are all the rumours you've heard true? This week I detail a ton of stories from my two long years at an all-boys catholic high school. From guys watching explicit videos together to teachers who wrote on your forehead in sharpie and lit your homework on fire. Enjoy my retelling of EVERYTHING that went on.
6/28/202243 minutes, 22 seconds
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Spin the bottle

Scared to wear what you want because of the fear of judgment? I was like that for years. Let's go over how you can feel comfortable enough to wear that one special outfit in public! We also cover different types of peer pressure and I provide you with some truly embarrassing examples,  like my Halloween spin-the-bottle experience.
6/22/202229 minutes, 47 seconds
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College survival guide...literally (ft. Spencer Thomas)

Want to avoid having awful roommate experiences? Me too! This week, TikToks @spencerthomas and I delve into roommate horror stories, his journey at NYU, how spencer is figuring out what he wants to do after college, and why body image is such a big issue and how to become the baddest bi*** you can be. After this you won't be as worried for your future.
6/13/202258 minutes, 43 seconds
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Normalizing chaos

Are you feeling overwhelmed? This week we dive into feeling overwhelmed and why you shouldn’t give a shi* about what people think about your plans for the future. Follow me through my stories from my first pride festival and graduation party that led me to some interesting conclusions as well as my best friend throwing up on the side of the road. Learn how to effectively communicate and discover what your communication style is and how I finessed the system to get free, unreleased, confidential menu items from a popular fast-food restaurant.
6/7/202240 minutes, 15 seconds
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How to weed out the fake bit****

Friendships grow, change and evolve and sometimes you realize that you're in a friendship that isn't good for you. This week Ashley and I deep dive into all different kinds of friend groups and examine what makes certain dynamics work and what you should run from. Learn how to steer clear of that person who destroys all of their relationships by recognizing characteristics a person like that might have. We also touch on my days at all-boys private catholic school where being myself wasn't acceptable. After today you will be able to weed out those toxic bit**** SO quick.
5/31/202249 minutes, 21 seconds
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Don't be yourself

Red flags can be hard to spot when you want to see the best in someone. This week let's go through my relationships and let me explain all the red flags that should have made me RUN. We also dive into why "just be yourself" is terrible advice. I promise you will be fully equipped with the knowledge of how to know if you are ready for a relationship and when to get out of one. 
5/23/202235 minutes, 5 seconds
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Coming out with Adam and Jeremy (@jeremyt_)

This week TikToks favourite couple join us to talk about their coming out experiences and how it’s not always so easy. We also learn about how Adam and Jeremy made long distance not become a long shot and why sometimes it’s just not worth responding to the haters. Not only that, we answered the questions that YOU sent in!
5/16/202237 minutes, 56 seconds
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All I wanted was abs

This week is a highly requested, more serious topic on disordered eating and coming out. We talk about struggles with eating and how that can often correlate with sexuality and my personal experiences with it. If you feel this episode may trigger you, please just come back next week with no hard feelings, but if you decide to listen, I hope you can take something away from it.
5/10/202235 minutes, 41 seconds
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Don't say gay

Have you ever been rejected? your dreams crushed? well, rejection is a state of mind honey and you are meant for better things. This week let's dive into handling rejection in all aspects, moving and why people want to leave home, exploring the need to tell everyone everything all the time, and why you shouldn't confront someone in the closet.
5/4/202236 minutes, 45 seconds
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Gym bros can be allies

This week we cover LGBTQ representation in the media (should gay characters be played by gay actors?), going to the gym while being gay and not having 200lbs of muscle, and how to recognize and handle anxiety as well as the feeling of being overwhelmed.
4/25/202233 minutes, 27 seconds
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Leave me on read not delivered

This week we expand on the topic of online dating with an experiment I carried out for your benefit. we also cover some reasons someone might choose to stay in a toxic relationship and some struggles with coming out.
4/19/202234 minutes, 45 seconds
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The bend and snap of online dating

This week you will be endowed with my glorious advice discovered through years of trial and error. Learn how to slide into the Dm's in a way that gets results. Confidence in relation to arrogance, Grindr date stories, and awkward encounters with people are all explored in this in-depth episode about all things online dating.
4/11/202241 minutes, 27 seconds
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Masc for masc

This week we discuss all things masculinity. Makeup for men, men in crop tops, the obsession in the gay community for masculine men, and SO much more. I also get to hear about all your experiences in which YOUR masculinity was questioned.
4/4/202241 minutes, 26 seconds
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Public washrooms aren't the vibe

This week Brooke Schrader joins us to talk about the fear of going to university. Whether you're moving away from home or are nervous about possible roommate situations we've got you covered. During our ongoing journey of touring campuses, some interesting things have happened. spoiler alert I almost got mugged in a public bathroom.
3/28/202251 minutes, 16 seconds
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You need to be whoever the f*** you are

This week we explore groups. We see this with sexuality, social clubs, the way we dress, and even more illogical instances such as whether you are a dog person or a cat person; Samsung or Apple. We place ourselves in these boxes daily without even realizing it but why?
3/23/202240 minutes, 59 seconds
Episode Artwork

Your reality is not their reality

This week is all about following your passion and figuring out wtf you're doing with your life. Sometimes people close to you can push their thoughts on what THEY think you should do, but you need to figure out what's best for you. This applies to everything from work to relationships. I love you all, enjoy.
2/28/202242 minutes, 18 seconds
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Football's kinda gay

This week is all about SPORTS. However, I want to have a conversation about the gay experience in sport, navigating locker room talk, and share some of my experiences with you. Whatever you do, I know you can take something out of this because b***h, you clearly could use the advice.
2/14/202238 minutes, 25 seconds
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Let's talk about sex and sexuality

This week's solo episode gets deep! We explore the feeling of losing time as we get older, how people confuse gender with sexuality, and you receive some advice on your latest issues. And yes, maybe you should get back together with her...she has cancer.
1/31/202234 minutes, 24 seconds
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You need to drop them

This week we go over some scenarios when you should and shouldn't keep a secret, ask some burning questions, read and solve your relationship stories and questions, as well as learn when, how, and why you should cut someone OUT of your life.
1/24/202248 minutes, 47 seconds
Episode Artwork

What is your obsession with furries?

This week we talk about some interesting topics. The zombie apocalypse and doll accessories, play a hilarious game of celebrity who am I, answer some deep questions based on sexuality and relationships, and hear a story about a boyfriend who finds out his girlfriend goes number 2 in the woods on a regular basis.
1/17/202251 minutes, 22 seconds
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Solving Your Family Shenanigans them or hate them we all have them. This week you were asked about your family dynamics and needless to say some of you guys need to seek a therapist after today. I love you all and I genuinely hope you found some useful advice that you can apply to some aspect of your life.
1/11/202241 minutes, 49 seconds
Episode Artwork

Just f***ing tell them

Want to Dm them this new year? Want to go into the gym but can't stop watching TikTok in the parking lot? I got you.
1/4/202230 minutes, 51 seconds
Episode Artwork

unemployed criminal

This week you will overcome rejection and learn how to dish it out in a healthy way...I'll also help you ACTUALLY follow through with your new year's resolution.
12/15/202143 minutes, 47 seconds
Episode Artwork

Take a hint

We delve into first dates, red flags, and hints people commonly miss. More crazy customer stories are also touched me your gonna want to hear about it.
11/23/202159 minutes
Episode Artwork

How to get robbed

You will hear all of my hilarious customer service experiences in my first thirty days. we also touch on the clothing industry and how I unintentionally dressed like I was in a gang.
11/15/202155 minutes, 42 seconds
Episode Artwork

Figuring it out (FT. Madison Mairie)

This week we are joined by Madison, who is the host of her own podcast, figuring it out. Madison and I delve into some juicy relationship topics and we get an insight into life as a talent manager in New york!
11/1/202155 minutes, 17 seconds
Episode Artwork

culture shock

This week we get deep in talking about the future and touching on spirituality while exposing Katie's passion for wood.
10/25/202147 minutes, 51 seconds
Episode Artwork

Hugs not drugs

Disclaimer: This week's episode delves into some more serious topics that you can hopefully learn a lot from. This week, April shares some stories from her youth and imbues us with her wisdom so we can stay safe and be mindful.
10/18/202152 minutes, 42 seconds
Episode Artwork

Shedding Season (FT. Delaney Galera)

Brows not on fleek? are your eyelashes falling out? Don't know if you should drop them? This week our special guest Delaney spills ALL of the tea and secrets to Look and FEEL your best. Struggles with eating and motivation are so common but not talked about nearly enough. This 40-minute episode will CHANGE YOUR LIFE and turn you into the bad bitch I know you are.
10/11/202147 minutes, 14 seconds
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Saving you from toxic don't need them

This week's episode is a rollercoaster! You will be able to tell who to keep and kick from your life as well as how to manage fitness and eating in a mentally healthy way; and of course, learn about me projectile vomiting in Boston pizza as an added bonus.
10/4/202157 minutes, 2 seconds
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Texas strippers and emotional healing

From crystals to travel adventures to (of course) relationships, you will learn and laugh so much throughout this whole episode with our special guest Ashley Leon who is an expert in everything spiritual and emotional.
9/27/20211 hour, 2 minutes, 7 seconds
Episode Artwork

Therapy and good times (Ft.Beck Mollot)

Today we welcome our first ever guest,  Beck Mollot, who shares some of her crazy partying adventures. We all learned a little too much about her but together we solve all of your relationship AND toxic friendship issues!
9/14/202153 minutes, 16 seconds
Episode Artwork

you need to start bribing people

I was attacked by wasps, saved the day (as always), bribed my way into a movie theatre, and still managed to grace you with plenty of my wisdom. enjoy :)
9/7/202145 minutes, 27 seconds
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Drowning in the river with bestie

In this episode you'll learn all about my hilarious childhood marriage, a terrifying tale of flipping a rowboat (NOT MY. FAULT), and a party in which boys were...being boys.
8/31/202140 minutes, 10 seconds
Episode Artwork

Embarrassing middle school stories

These stories were not a laughing matter in the moment (especially the poop shirt story). But I hope you can laugh and take the fantastic advice given in this episode. One lesson being, middle school boys are gross!
8/24/202145 minutes, 15 seconds
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Turning you into a BOSS

let's talk about business, the secret to motivation, and the people who help you get there. Without taking things too seriously! 
8/15/202153 minutes, 18 seconds
Episode Artwork

I'm literally an olympian

In honor of the Olympics, I share some of my past failures in sports (and there's a lot). Then we have a little chat that will help to solve any and all confidence issues through questions YOU sent in!
8/9/202149 minutes, 5 seconds