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English, Political, 1 seasons, 296 episodes, 3 days 1 hour 54 minutes
Democracy Now! is an independent daily TV & radio news program, hosted by award-winning journalists Amy Goodman and Juan González. We provide daily global news headlines, in-depth interviews and investigative reports without any advertisements or government funding. Our programming shines a spotlight on corporate and government abuses of power and lifts up the stories of ordinary people working to make change in extraordinary times. Democracy Now! is live weekdays at 8am ET and available 24/7 through our website and podcasts.
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Alabama IVF Patient's Warning to Others Outside the State: "You Are Not Safe"

Watch Part 2 of our interview with Alabama-based writer and artist Abbey Crain, who had been receiving in vitro fertilization treatments for about two years when the state Supreme Court issued its controversial ruling that frozen embryos are “children,” opening both patients and medical providers to new legal risks.
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Democracy Now! 2024-03-04 Monday

Headlines for March 04, 2024; Report from Rafah: U.S. Airdrops Food to Gaza While Arming Israel to Drop Bombs; “Alexei Navalny Taught Russia’s Opposition How to Mobilize”: Historian on Putin’s “Dictatorship”; “Enraging”: Meet Abbey Crain, IVF Patient in Midst of Treatment Derailed by Alabama High Court
04/03/202459 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2024-03-01 Friday

Headlines for March 01, 2024; “Just Being Racist”: Biden & Trump Push Anti-Immigrant Policies in Dueling Border Visits; The Intercept: New York Times Exposé Lacks Evidence to Claim Hamas Weaponized Sexual Violence Oct. 7
01/03/202459 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2024-02-29 Thursday

Headlines for February 29, 2024; Senator Jeff Merkley: U.S. “Complicit in Starvation and Humanitarian Catastrophe” in Gaza; Sen. Merkley: McConnell Paralyzed the Senate & Turned Supreme Court into “Far-Right Legislature”; Israel Kills 104 Palestinians Waiting for Food Aid as U.N. Expert Accuses Israel of Starving Gaza
29/02/202459 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2024-02-28 Wednesday

Headlines for February 28, 2024; “Uncommitted”: Over 100,000 Cast Protest Vote Against Biden’s Gaza Policy in Michigan Primary; The Life & Death of Aaron Bushnell: U.S. Airman Self-Immolates Protesting U.S. Support for Israel in Gaza
28/02/202459 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2024-02-27 Tuesday

Headlines for February 27, 2024; Should U.S. Send More Weapons to Ukraine? A Debate on Funding & Ways to End Two-Year-Old War; Ralph Nader at 90 on the “Genocidal War” in Gaza & Why Congress Is a Weapon of Mass Destruction
27/02/202459 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2024-02-26 Monday

Headlines for February 26, 2024; As 2-Month-Old Starves to Death in Gaza, Mosab Abu Toha Says His Own Family Is Eating Animal Feed; Gaza Ceasefire Could Save 75,000 from Death: Report from London School of Hygiene & Johns Hopkins; U.S. Anti-Terrorism Laws Are “Anti-Palestinian at the Core,” Chill First Amendment
26/02/202459 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2024-02-23 Friday

Headlines for February 23, 2024; Press Freedom on Trial: Julian Assange’s Lawyer on Extradition Case & Criminalizing Journalism; “Governments Are Trying to Frighten Journalists”: Fmr. Guardian Head Alan Rusbridger on Assange Case; Haitian Asylum Seekers Take Biden Admin to Court for Racial Discrimination, Rights Violations
23/02/202459 minutes
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Ben Crump: Houston Police Shoot Eboni Pouncy in Friend's Apartment in Case Compared to Breonna Taylor

We speak with civil rights attorney Ben Crump about a Houston woman shot five times by police after they mistook her for an intruder.
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Democracy Now! 2024-02-22 Thursday

Headlines for February 22, 2024; Frozen Embryos Are Children? Reproductive Care in Peril After Alabama Supreme Court Ruling; Malcolm X Assassination: Former Security Guards Reveal New Details Pointing to FBI, NYPD Conspiracy
22/02/202459 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2024-02-21 Wednesday

Headlines for February 21, 2024; “Political Prosecution”: WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange Faces Final U.K. Appeal to Avoid U.S. Extradition; “Moral Failure”: Democrats Rep. Khanna & Michigan State Rep. Aiyash Urge Biden to Change Gaza Policy; Colonialism, Occupation & Apartheid: African Countries See “Shared Experiences” with Palestinians
21/02/202459 minutes
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Nanjala Nyabola on the African Union Summit & Neocolonial Influence of U.S., Russia & China

In Part 2 of our interview with Kenyan writer and political analyst Nanjala Nyabola, she discusses in more detail this year’s African Union Summit in Addis Ababa.
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Democracy Now! 2024-02-20 Tuesday

Headlines for February 20, 2024; “Borders on Pathological”: Trump Must Pay $450 Million for Lying to Lenders in Fraud Case; More Than 50 Countries Argue Before World Court Against Israeli Occupation of Palestine; “What I Saw Wasn’t War — It Was Annihilation,” Says U.S. Doctor Who Volunteered in Gaza Hospital
20/02/202459 minutes
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Just Back from Gaza, American Surgeon Dr. Irfan Galaria Describes "Crisis of an Unimaginable Scale"

In Part 2 of our interview with Dr. Irfan Galaria, an American doctor just back from Gaza, he describes operating on patients while bombs were dropping around the hospital and says he saw many orphaned children.
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Democracy Now! 2024-02-19 Monday

Headlines for February 19, 2024; “Like Horror Movies”: Forced to Evacuate Nasser Hospital, Surgeon Describes Israeli Raid & Arrests; “3 Days of Hell”: Israel Raids Nasser Hospital, Arrests Staff in Latest Assault on Gaza Medical System; Russian Dissident Alexei Navalny Dies in Arctic Prison; “No Doubt” He Was Killed, Says Masha Gessen
19/02/202459 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2024-02-16 Friday

Headlines for February 16, 2024; “Uniquely American Hell”: Kansas City Shooting Highlights Missouri’s Pro-Gun Laws in “Pro-Life” State; “I Died That Day in Parkland”: Shotline Uses AI-Generated Voices of Gun Victims to Call Congress; Australian Parliament Calls for U.S. to Drop Case Against WikiLeaks’ Assange Ahead of U.K. Court Hearing; “They Were So Close”: Israel Kills Medics Trying to Save Dying 6-Year-Old Hind Rajab
16/02/202459 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2024-02-15 Thursday

Headlines for February 15, 2024; Doctor Reports on Bombing of Nasser Hospital Just Before Israeli Troops Storm Complex; “I Always Imagine Myself Being Blown Up”: Journalist in Rafah on Dire Situation as Invasion Looms; Kenneth Roth: Only Joe Biden Has Power to Stop “Massive Bloodshed” of a Rafah Invasion; “Obscene”: Biden Pushes House to Approve Bill with $14B in Military Aid to Israel, Cuts UNRWA Funding
15/02/202459 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2024-02-14 Wednesday

Headlines for February 14, 2024; “Dead-End Strategy”: GOP Impeaches Mayorkas as Democrats Push Hard-Line Border & Immigration Policy; “A War Against Palestinian Americans”: Jailed, Attacked, Killed in West Bank and U.S.
14/02/202459 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2024-02-13 Tuesday

Headlines for February 13, 2024; Could Indonesia Return to Military Rule? Allan Nairn on the “Massacre General” Running for President; Bombs, Disease, Starvation: Canadian Doctor Describes the Desperate Situation Inside Gaza; Climate Scientist Michael Mann Wins $1 Million Defamation Case Against Right-Wing Climate Deniers; The Climate Election: Mark Hertsgaard on Why 2024 Must Focus More on Climate Crisis
13/02/202459 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2024-02-12 Monday

Headlines for February 12, 2024; “Our Children Deserve to Live”: Mother in Rafah Desperate to Escape as Israel Prepares Ground Invasion; “Worst-Case Scenario”: Noura Erakat on Israel’s Looming Invasion of Rafah; Race, Gender, Class: Bishop Barber, Economist Michael Zweig on Poor & Low-Wage Voters in 2024 Election; Bishop William Barber on the “Moral Case for a Ceasefire” in Gaza
12/02/202459 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2024-02-09 Friday

Headlines for February 09, 2024; “We Cannot Trust Biden” on Gaza: Michigan House Dem Majority Leader Meets White House Officials; Liberals Feckless, Conservatives Reckless: Elie Mystal on SCOTUS Trump Ballot Ban Case; “Political Crisis Will Continue”: Close Contest in Pakistan Amid Election Crackdown
09/02/202459 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2024-02-08 Thursday

Headlines for February 08, 2024; Ex-UNRWA Official: Funding Cuts Make Donor Countries Complicit in Starvation of Gaza; Senegal’s “Unraveling”: President’s Delay of Election Is Latest in String of Anti-Democratic Actions; “Io Capitano”: Oscar-Nominated Film Dramatizes Perilous Migrant Journey from West Africa to Europe
08/02/202459 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2024-02-07 Wednesday

Headlines for February 07, 2024; Former Israeli Negotiator Daniel Levy: Only U.S. Pressure on Israel Can End Gaza Assault, Lead to Truce; Jeremy Scahill: Israel Has Waged a “Deliberate Propaganda Campaign” to Justify Brutal Gaza Assault
07/02/202459 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2024-02-06 Tuesday

Headlines for February 06, 2024; Dissent Grows Inside Biden Administration over Gaza Policy as Blinken Holds Talks in Middle East; “Unconscionable”: American Pediatrician Who Worked in Gaza Hospital Recalls Horrors of Israel’s War
06/02/202459 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2024-02-05 Monday

Headlines for February 05, 2024; U.S. & Israel vs. Axis of Resistance: Biden Strikes New Targets in Middle East as Gaza War Continues; “Incandescent” with Rage: Matt Duss on Voter Anger over Biden Support for Netanyahu & Gaza Assault; After Losing Nearly 100 Relatives in Gaza, Palestinian American Doctor Refuses to Meet with Blinken; Israel’s Use of Starvation as a Weapon of War Brings Gaza to the Brink of Famine
05/02/202459 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2024-02-02 Friday

Headlines for February 02, 2024; Dearborn Mayor to Biden: “Lives of Palestinians Should Not Be Measured Simply in Poll Numbers”; “Origin”: Ava DuVernay’s New Film Dramatizes “Caste,” from U.S. Racism to India’s Dalits to Nazi Germany
02/02/202459 minutes
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Dr. Uché Blackstock on "Legacy: A Black Physician Reckons with Racism in Medicine"

Part 2 of our conversation with Dr. Uché Blackstock about her new book, Legacy: A Black Physician Reckons with Racism in Medicine.
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Democracy Now! 2024-02-01 Thursday

Headlines for February 01, 2024; “The Houthis Are Not Iranian Proxies”: Helen Lackner on the History & Politics of Yemen’s Ansar Allah; “Climate of Fear”: Inside UAE’s Use of U.S. Mercenaries to Carry Out Assassinations in Yemen; “Legacy”: Dr. Uché Blackstock on How Racism Shapes Healthcare in America
01/02/202459 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2024-01-31 Wednesday

Headlines for January 31, 2024; Biden’s Middle East Policy “Leading Us into a War Whose Aims We Have Not Defined”; “An Act of Assassination”: Mustafa Barghouti Slams Undercover Israeli Raid on Jenin Hospital; Israeli Cabinet Members Join Settler Event of Thousands Calling for Ethnic Cleansing of Gaza
31/01/202459 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2024-01-30 Tuesday

Headlines for January 30, 2024; Ohio Will Consider Execution by Nitrogen Gas After Alabama Used Method Witness Calls “Horrific”; Sister Helen Prejean: Will Oklahoma Free Death Row Prisoner Richard Glossip After SCOTUS Hears Case?; “Monumental Decision”: Biden Pauses Approvals for New LNG Terminals in Victory for Climate Movement; “We’re Dying Here”: Human Rights Watch on the Fight for Life in Louisiana’s Fossil Fuel Cancer Alley; Cost of Doing Business? Amnesty Int’l Documents Health, Environmental Impact of Fossil Fuels in Texas
30/01/202459 minutes
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Doctor Just Back from Gaza: Cutting UNRWA Funds Is "Unconscionable" as Hospitals Barely Functional

Part 2 of our interview with Dr. Thaer Ahmad, an emergency room physician who spent three weeks volunteering at Nasser Hospital in Khan Younis.
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Democracy Now! 2024-01-29 Monday

Headlines for January 29, 2024; Drone Strike Kills 3 U.S. Troops in Jordan; Risk Grows of Regional War over Israeli Assault on Gaza; Palestinians Charge Genocide in U.S. Court; Biden, Blinken Sued for Backing Israel’s War on Gaza; Chicago ER Doctor Just Back from Gaza Says Patients, Medical Staff Face Catastrophic Conditions; Despite Looming Gaza Famine, U.S. Halts UNRWA Funding After Israel Claims 12 U.N. Staff Aided 10/7 Attack
29/01/202459 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2024-01-26 Friday

Headlines for January 26, 2024; International Court of Justice Orders Israel to Prevent Genocide in Gaza But Fails to Order Ceasefire
26/01/202459 minutes
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Mahmood Mamdani on South Africa's Genocide Case Against Israel & Reemergence of Non-Aligned Movement

Extended discussion with Mahmood Mamdani, professor of government at Columbia University who specializes in the study of colonialism. He’s the author of numerous books, including, most recently, Neither Settler Nor Native: The Making and Unmaking of Permanent Minorities. He was previously a professor and director of the Centre for African Studies at the University of Cape Town in South Africa.
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Democracy Now! 2024-01-25 Thursday

Headlines for January 25, 2024; Report from Gaza: Palestinian Journalist Akram al-Satarri on “The Struggle to Survive, Stay Sane”; Palestinian Economist Raja Khalidi on Israel’s “Economic Warfare” on Gaza and the West Bank; Professors Slam Columbia’s Response to Chemical Skunk Attack on Students at Pro-Palestine Protest
25/01/202459 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2024-01-24 Wednesday

Headlines for January 24, 2024; ”MAGA vs. MAGA Polite”: Trump Beats Haley in New Hampshire, Haley Vows to Fight On; “Trump Is the Nominee. Fascism Is on the Ballot.” Author Jeff Sharlet on New Hampshire & Beyond; Should Trump Be Barred from the Ballot? A Debate over the Insurrection Clause
24/01/202459 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2024-01-23 Tuesday

Headlines for January 23, 2024; From Freezing Cold to Housing Insecurity, Migrants Face Crisis in NYC, Chicago & Beyond; “Many of My Shows Have Been Canceled”: Chinese Artist Ai Weiwei on Israel, Gaza & Censorship; Marianne Williamson on Running for President, Challenging Biden & Calling for a Gaza Ceasefire
23/01/202459 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2024-01-22 Monday

Headlines for January 22, 2024; Palestinian Poet Mosab Abu Toha Decries Israel’s “Inhumane” Assault as Gaza Death Toll Tops 25,000; “Israelism” on Tour: New Film Examines American Jews’ Growing Rejection of Israel’s Occupation; “American Fascism”: Historian Rick Perlstein on Trump’s Grip on the GOP & Chances of a Second Jan. 6
22/01/202459 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2024-01-19 Friday

Headlines for January 19, 2024; Uvalde Failure: DOJ Report Finds 377 Officers Waited 77 Mins as 19 Kids, 2 Teachers Killed by 1 AR-15; Texas Sen. Gutierrez Slams Gov. Abbott Immigration Crackdown After Mom & 2 Children Drown in Rio Grande; Meet Tal Mitnick, 18, the First Israeli Jailed for Refusing Military Service in “Revenge War” on Gaza; Horrific Traumatic Injuries of Children: British Dr. Witnesses Israel’s Destruction of Gaza Hospitals
19/01/202459 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2024-01-18 Thursday

Headlines for January 18, 2024; Palestinian Artist Samia Halaby Slams Indiana University for Canceling Exhibit over Her Support for Gaza; Artist Emily Jacir: Rampant Censorship Is Part of the Genocidal Campaign to Erase Palestinians; Holocaust Survivor Marione Ingram Decries Climate of Censorship After Her Hamburg Talks Are Canceled
18/01/202459 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2024-01-17 Wednesday

Headlines for January 17, 2024; Israel’s War on Journalists: More Reporters Killed in Gaza in 3 Months Than Any Country Over Entire Year; How Israel Bombed Al Jazeera Journalists & Blocked Rescue of Cameraman Samer Abudaqa Until He Died; “They Don’t Show Gaza”: Gideon Levy on How Israel’s Press Is Failing to Cover the War’s True Toll; What Happened on October 7? Gideon Levy on Haaretz’s Call to Investigate Kibbutz Killings & More; “The Logic of Escalation”: From Red Sea to Iran & Beyond, Will Israel’s Gaza Assault Spark Wider War?
17/01/202459 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2024-01-16 Tuesday

Headlines for January 16, 2024; “The People Won”: Guatemala Inaugurates Anti-Corruption President Bernardo Arévalo Despite Sabotage; 100+ Days into Israel’s War on Gaza, Doctors Demand Ceasefire to Address “Apocalyptic” Health Crisis; Despite Trump’s Triumph in Iowa, Many GOP Voters Say Legal Troubles Could Make Him Unfit for Reelection
16/01/202459 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2024-01-15 Monday

Democracy Now! Monday, January 15, 2024
15/01/202459 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2024-01-12 Friday

Headlines for January 12, 2024; “A Breach of Yemeni Sovereignty”: Biden Becomes Fourth U.S. President to Bomb Yemen; “Gaslighting and Cherry-Picking”: How Israel Is Defending Itself at World Court on Charges of Genocide; “They Want to Silence Us”: Knesset Member Ofer Cassif Faces Expulsion for Backing South Africa Genocide Case
12/01/202459 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2024-01-11 Thursday

Headlines for January 11, 2024; “Nowhere Is Safe in Gaza”: South Africa Lays Out Genocide Case vs. Israel at World Court in The Hague; Palestinian Genocide Scholar & South African Lawyer on “Extreme Urgency” of World Court Case; Gaza War Fuels Climate Crisis: “Massive” Carbon Emissions from Israeli Bombing
11/01/202459 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2024-01-10 Wednesday

Headlines for January 10, 2024; ​​Why I Resigned: Meet Tariq Habash, First Biden Appointee to Quit over U.S.-Backed Israeli War on Gaza; “Israel Is Starving Gaza”: Israeli Rights Group B’Tselem Says IDF Is Using Hunger as a Weapon of War
10/01/202459 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2024-01-09 Tuesday

Headlines for January 09, 2024; Profit Over Safety: Boeing Supplier Ignored Safety Warnings Before Jet Door Blowout, The Lever Reports; “Complete Hypocrisy”: Activist Bree Newsome Bass on Biden Fighting Racism While Funding Gaza Genocide; “The Cost of Inheritance”: Meet the Descendants of Enslavers and Enslaved Fighting for Reparations
09/01/202459 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2024-01-08 Monday

Headlines for January 08, 2024; “Huge Miscalculation”: Biden’s Refusal to Push for Gaza Ceasefire Could Drag U.S. into Middle East War; Palestinian Journalists’ Syndicate: Israel Is Targeting Media in Gaza to Hide Its Atrocities from the World; “Wake-Up Call”: Mother of Boeing Crash Victim & Boeing Whistleblower on Latest MAX Jet Disaster
08/01/202459 minutes
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737 MAX 9 Blowout Foretold: Ralph Nader on Grandniece’s 2019 Death & Boeing’s Negligence

The FAA is grounding many Boeing 737 Max 9s. Legendary consumer advocate Ralph Nader describes “Boeing’s criminal design of the Boeing 737 MAX” and how his grandniece was killed alongin a 2019 airplane crash over Ethiopia.
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Democracy Now! 2024-01-05 Friday

Headlines for January 05, 2024; “My Heart Is Still in Gaza”: Palestinian Scientist Flees Israeli Bombs, Begs World to Stop Genocide; “The IDF Should Not Exist”: Meet Meital Yaniv, Former Israeli Soldier Turned Anti-Zionist Organizer; Ralph Nader on Gaza Ceasefire & Why Suppression of Palestine Advocacy Is the Real Problem on Campus
05/01/202459 minutes
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Ralph Nader on "The Rebellious CEO," His Upcoming 90th Birthday & Remembering Dr. Sidney Wolfe

Part 2 of our conversation with Ralph Nader, legendary consumer advocate, corporate critic and four-time former presidential candidate. He talks about his new book, The Rebellious CEO: 12 Leaders Who Did It Right, and the death of his longtime colleague Dr. Sidney Wolfe, who spent decades fighting the Food and Drug Administration and pharmaceutical industry and is credited with helping to force 28 dangerous medications off the market.
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Democracy Now! 2024-01-04 Thursday

Headlines for January 04, 2024; Deadly Bombing in Iran Kills Dozens as Tensions Rise Across the Middle East; Can Russia Be Defeated? Nina Khrushcheva on Why “the West Must Face Reality in Ukraine”; AMC Theater Tosses Bishop William Barber for Bringing Disability Chair to See “The Color Purple”
04/01/202459 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2024-01-03 Wednesday

Headlines for January 03, 2024; From Plagiarism to Gaza: Khalil Gibran Muhammad on How a GOP Campaign Ousted Harvard’s Claudine Gay; “This Is the Republican Party”: Khalil Gibran Muhammad Says Nikki Haley’s Slavery Flub Was No Accident; Assassination of Hamas Official in Lebanon Raises Risk of Israel’s War on Gaza Expanding Across Region; “Voluntary Migration” or Ethnic Cleansing? Mouin Rabbani on Israel’s Push to Expel Residents of Gaza
03/01/202459 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2024-01-02 Tuesday

Headlines for January 02, 2024; South Africa Files Case Against Israel at International Court of Justice over “Genocidal” War on Gaza; AIPAC vs. AOC & The Squad: Pro-Israel Lobby Group to Spend $100M to Target Progressive Lawmakers
02/01/202459 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2024-01-01 Monday

Democracy Now! Monday, January 1, 2024
01/01/202459 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-12-29 Friday

Headlines for December 29, 2023; U.S. Complicit in “On-Air Genocide”: Palestinian Amb. Husam Zomlot Slams 12-Week Gaza Assault; “Utterly Illegal”: U.N. Special Rapporteur Slams Netanyahu’s “Voluntary Migration” Plan for Gazans; Maine Joins Colorado Barring Trump from Ballot for Violating Constitution’s Insurrection Clause
29/12/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-12-28 Thursday

Headlines for December 28, 2023; Meet Aida Touma-Sliman, Palestinian Knesset Member Suspended for Criticizing War on Gaza; “Absolutely Unimaginable”: Children in Gaza Face Amputations Without Anesthesia, Death & Disease; As Biden Pushes Trump-Like Border Policies, Blinken Meets with AMLO, Who Has Criticized U.S. Sanctions
28/12/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-12-27 Wednesday

Headlines for December 27, 2023; “Axis of Resistance”: Hamas, Hezbollah, Houthis Challenge U.S. & Israeli Power Amid Middle East Tension; Who Funds Canary Mission? James Bamford on Group That Doxxes Students & Profs for Palestine Activism; As Phone Line Breaks Up, Palestinian Journalist Akram al-Satarri Describes “Dire” Conditions in Gaza; Palestine Exception: U.S. Colleges Suppress Free Speech, Academic Freedom for Students & Professors
27/12/202359 minutes
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Labor & Palestine: Jeff Schuhrke & Bill Fletcher on How U.S. Unions Are Responding to War in Gaza

Part 2 of our conversation with longtime trade unionist Bill Fletcher and labor historian Jeff Schuhrke about union calls for a ceasefire in Gaza, the 2024 election and more.
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Democracy Now! 2023-12-26 Tuesday

Headlines for December 26, 2023; “Christ in the Rubble”: Watch Palestinian Pastor Deliver Powerful Christmas Sermon from Bethlehem; Christmas in Palestine: Bethlehem Reverend Slams West for Praising Prince of Peace & Beating Drums of War; Labor Demands a Ceasefire: UAW, Electrical & Postal Workers Call for Israel’s Assault on Gaza to End
26/12/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-12-25 Monday

A Tribute to Blacklisted Lyricist Yip Harburg: The Man Who Put the Rainbow in The Wizard of Oz
25/12/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-12-22 Friday

Headlines for December 22, 2023; Christmas Canceled in Bethlehem as Churches Mourn 20,000+ Palestinians Killed in Gaza; Gazan Attorney Who Has Lost 60 Relatives in Israeli Attacks Says U.S. Is “Complicit in Genocide”; Sônia Guajajara, Brazil’s First Indigenous Peoples Minister, on Climate Crisis & Protecting the Amazon
22/12/202359 minutes
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Italian Marxist Philosopher Antonio Negri (1933-2023) on Resisting Empire & Renewing Democracy

The famed Italian Marxist and political activist Antonio Negri has died at the age of 90. Negri inspired generations of leftist scholars and activists with his writings about the human desire for liberation and the self-organizational capacity of ordinary people to make change. Negri co-authored along with Michael Hardt the seminal book Empire. Democracy Now! interviewed Antonio Negri in Venice, Italy, in 2015.
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Democracy Now! 2023-12-21 Thursday

Headlines for December 21, 2023; “The Hostages Weren’t Our Top Priority”: Israel’s “Bombing Frenzy” Endangered Hostages Held in Gaza; “The U.S. and Israel Stand Alone”: World Demands Ceasefire as Gaza Death Toll Tops 20,000; Colorado Disqualifies Trump from Ballot, Triggering Battle over Constitution’s Insurrection Clause; “Fascism Out Loud”: Trump’s Escalating Racist Rhetoric & the Far Right’s Plan for a Slow Civil War
21/12/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-12-20 Wednesday

Headlines for December 20, 2023; “This Is a Colonial War”: Historian Rashid Khalidi on Israel, Gaza & the Future of Palestine; Pope Condemns Israeli Killings of Palestinian Christians; Relative of 84-Year-Old Victim Mourns Her Death; “Under Attack”: TX Law Targets Immigrants as Trump Cites Hitler, GOP Pushes Biden for Border Crackdown
20/12/202359 minutes
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Palestinian Christian Community in Gaza at Risk Due to "Horrible Conditions That Israel Has Imposed"

In Part 2 of our interview with Philip Farah, co-founder of the Palestinian Christian Alliance for Peace, we continue our look at Israeli attacks on churches in Gaza.
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Democracy Now! 2023-12-19 Tuesday

Headlines for December 19, 2023; “Beyond Our Imagination”: Journalist Describes Total Destruction, with Fellow Gazans Buried Alive; Palestinian American Woman Tries to Save Family in Gaza After Her Mom Dies Awaiting Evacuation; ​​Israel’s War on Children: Fadi Abu Shammalah on Horrific Ordeal Facing Kids in Gaza, Including His Own; Starvation as a Weapon of War: Human Rights Watch Denounces Israel for Denying Gaza Access to Food
19/12/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-12-18 Monday

Headlines for December 18, 2023; ​​Al Jazeera’s Marwan Bishara on IDF Killing AJ Journalist, the 3 Hostages & U.S. Support for Israel; “Tragically Historic”: The Guardian’s Nina Lakhani on the Failure of Yet Another U.N. Climate Summit
18/12/202359 minutes
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COP28: Sônia Guajajara, Brazil's First Indigenous Peoples Minister, on Climate & a Just Transition

When Democracy Now! was covering the COP28 U.N. climate summit in Dubai, we spoke to Sônia Guajajara, the head of the largest Indigenous delegation in the history of the climate talks.
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Nina Lakhani on COP28 & Charges Against Alleged Mastermind Behind Berta Cáceres Murder

Watch Part 2 of our interview with The Guardian’s senior climate reporter Nina Lakhani, who covered COP28.
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Meet Survivors of Nuclear Testing Calling on U.N. to Secure Just Compensation & Prohibit New Weapons

The second Meeting of States Parties to the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons at the U.N. brought together survivors of nuclear testing, and we speak with two of them, who are also 2023 laureates of the Nuclear-Free Future Awards.
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Ahmed Tobasi of the Freedom Theatre in Jenin & Bread and Puppet's Peter Schumann on Art & Liberation

We continue our conversation with Ahmed Tobasi, the Artistic Director at The Freedom Theater in Jenin and Peter Schumann, the 89-year-old co-founder of the legendary Bread and Puppet Theater based in Vermont. Tobasi was jailed this week after Israel rounded up hundreds of Palestinian men during a massive raid on the Jenin Refugee Camp in the occupied West Bank. Two of his colleagues remain in detention.
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Democracy Now! 2023-12-15 Friday

Headlines for December 15, 2023; “Politics of Memory”: Masha Gessen’s Hannah Arendt Prize Postponed for Comparing Gaza to Warsaw Ghetto; Israel Raids Freedom Theatre in Jenin Refugee Camp; Director Speaks Out After Being Jailed & Beaten
15/12/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-12-14 Thursday

Headlines for December 14, 2023; Israel Accused of War Crimes for “Apparently Deliberate” Killing of Reuters Journalist in Lebanon; Jeremy Scahill: Gaza “Scorched-Earth Campaign” Is a “Joint U.S.-Israeli Operation”; Palestinian Student Shot in VT & Granddaughter of Holocaust Survivor Join Haverford Sit-In for Gaza
14/12/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-12-13 Wednesday

Headlines for December 13, 2023; Phase Down, Not Phase Out: COP28 Deal on Fossil Fuels Disappoints Activists & Vulnerable States; Exclusive: Palestinian Diplomat Who Went Viral for U.N. Speech Says Israel & U.S. Are Isolated on Gaza; Rep. Greg Casar: Biden Must Not Cave on GOP’s Hard-Line Immigration Demands in Ukraine Funding Request
13/12/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-12-12 Tuesday

Headlines for December 12, 2023; Diplomacy, Not War: Daughter of Released Hostage Urges Israel to Reach Deal to Free More Captives; Climate Activists Outraged as COP28 Draft Text Drops Call for Fossil Fuel Phaseout; Texas Woman Denied Abortion for Nonviable Fetus, Flees State, “One of Thousands” in Similar Position
12/12/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-12-11 Monday

Headlines for December 11, 2023; Peter Beinart & Omer Bartov on UPenn President Resignation, Gaza & the Weaponization of Antisemitism; State Dept. Whistleblower Blasts Blinken for Bypassing Congress to Send 14K Tank Munitions to Israel; U.S. Vetoes U.N. Gaza Ceasefire Again as Biden Veers Far from Global Consensus, Death Toll Tops 18,000; “Please Stop This War Against Us”: Gaza Doctor Begs for World’s Help as Hunger & Disease Spread
11/12/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-12-08 Friday

Headlines for December 08, 2023; “We Want Freedom”: Refaat Alareer, Gaza Scholar & Activist Killed by Israeli Strike, in His Own Words; “If I Must Die”: IDF Strike Kills Gaza Scholar Refaat Alareer; Friend Pays Tribute & Reads His Poem; COP28 Activists Say Palestine Solidarity Protests Calling for Ceasefire Face Severe Restrictions; Exclusive: Indigenous Climate Activist Jacob Johns Speaks Out After MAGA Gunman Shoots Him in New Mexico; Why Is Brazil Joining OPEC+ Oil Cartel, If Lula Is Committed to Phasing Out Fossil Fuels?
08/12/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-12-07 Thursday

Headlines for December 07, 2023; “Terrorized”: Gaza Poet Mosab Abu Toha on Being Stripped, Jailed & Beaten by Israeli Forces; “Cabal of Oil Producers”: Climate Scientist Kevin Anderson Slams Corporate Capture of COP28; “Green Colonialism”: Nigerian Climate Activist Nnimmo Bassey Says Africa Is Being Sold Out at COP28
07/12/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-12-06 Wednesday

Headlines for December 06, 2023; “Catastrophic”: Gaza Aid Worker on “Horror” of Forced Relocations Amid Israel’s War on Southern Strip; COP28: Amy Goodman Attempts to Question UAE Oil CEO Serving as President of U.N. Climate Talks in Dubai; Big Oil’s Takeover of U.N. Climate Summit Decried by Activists Fighting for Fossil Fuel Phaseout; Carbon Colonialism: Oil-Rich UAE Buys Up Large Swaths of Africa for Carbon Credits to Keep Polluting; Why Are Russia & U.S. Promoting Nuclear Power at U.N. Climate Talks? Russian Environmentalist Speaks Out
06/12/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-12-05 Tuesday

Headlines for December 05, 2023; “There Simply Is No Safe Place in Gaza”: Aid Groups Demand Ceasefire as Israel Intensifies Its War; Climate Crossfire: From Gaza to Ukraine, How War & Military Spending Accelerate Climate Chaos; Planet for Sale? Record 2,500 Fossil Fuel Lobbyists Descend on COP28 U.N. Climate Summit in Dubai
05/12/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-12-04 Monday

Headlines for December 04, 2023; “No One Is Safe in Gaza”: Journalist Akram al-Satarri Reports from Khan Younis Amid Israeli Assault; “We Are All Palestinians”: COP28 Activists Demand Ceasefire in Gaza, Defying Protest Restrictions; COP28: Asad Rehman on Funding a “Just Transition” Off Fossil Fuels & Limits on Protest in UAE; Climate Summit Host UAE Blasted by HRW for Migrant Worker Abuse, Toxic Pollution & Mass Surveillance
04/12/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-12-01 Friday

Headlines for December 01, 2023; “Mass Assassination Factory”: Israel Using AI to Generate Targets in Gaza, Increasing Civilian Toll; Resumed Bombing of Gaza Will Be Crushing to Palestinian Students Shot in Vermont, Says Victim’s Mother; The Case Against Henry Kissinger: War Crimes Prosecutor Reed Brody on Kissinger’s Legacy of “Slaughter”
01/12/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-11-30 Thursday

Headlines for November 30, 2023; “Horror Show”: Doctors Without Borders Demands Permanent Ceasefire in Gaza, Medical Aid for Wounded; “This Is Genocide”: Attorney Raji Sourani on Israeli War Crimes & Fleeing Gaza After Home Was Bombed; Historian Greg Grandin: Glowing Obituaries for Henry Kissinger Reveal “Moral Bankruptcy” of U.S. Elites
30/11/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-11-29 Wednesday

Headlines for November 29, 2023; UAE Oil CEO Sultan Al Jaber Uses His Role as U.N. Climate Summit President to Push Fossil Fuel Deals; Mass Killings in Darfur Revealed as Fighting Between Sudanese Military Factions Escalates; Remembering Rosalynn Carter, Former First Lady & Pioneering Advocate for Mental Health Journalism
29/11/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-11-28 Tuesday

Headlines for November 28, 2023; “Atmosphere of Hate”: AFSC Leader & Palestinian Vermonter on Shooting of 3 College Students; Jeremy Scahill: Israel’s “Lethal Lie” About Al-Shifa Hospital as Hamas Base Was Co-Signed by Biden; Remembering Pablo Yoruba Guzmán, Young Lords Co-Founder, Afro-Latino Leader, Legendary NYC Journalist
28/11/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-11-27 Monday

Headlines for November 27, 2023; Israel-Hamas Hostage Deal Highlights Plight of Palestinian Prisoners, Many of Them Children; “There Is an Alternative”: Meet the Israeli & Palestinian “Combatants for Peace” Urging Nonviolence
27/11/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-11-24 Friday

Democracy Now! Friday, November 24, 2023
24/11/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-11-23 Thursday

Democracy Now! Thursday, November 23, 2023
23/11/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-11-22 Wednesday

Headlines for November 22, 2023; Israel & Hamas Agree to 4-Day Truce & Hostage Release as Netanyahu Threatens War on Gaza Will Go On; Meet the Israeli History Teacher Arrested & Jailed for Facebook Posts Opposing Killing of Palestinians; Gaza in Ruins: Satellite Imagery Researchers Say Israel has Destroyed or Damaged 56,000 Buildings
22/11/202359 minutes
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Video Report: City Council in Cambridge, Mass., Fails to Pass Resolution Calling for Gaza Ceasefire

In Massachusetts, the Cambridge City Council has rejected a resolution calling for a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip. Democracy Now!’s Hany Massoud filed this report from Cambridge, Massachusetts.
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Democracy Now! 2023-11-21 Tuesday

Headlines for November 21, 2023; A Grim Milestone: Journalist Death Toll Tops 53 as Israel Kills More Reporters in Gaza and Lebanon; Palestinian Poet Mosab Abu Toha Freed After Being Abducted in Gaza & Beaten by Israeli Forces in Jail; Becca Balint, First Jewish Congressmember to Back Ceasefire, Expresses Support for Rashida Tlaib; Argentina’s Trump? Far-Right Javier Milei Wins Presidency with Echoes of Past Dictatorship
21/11/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-11-20 Monday

Headlines for November 20, 2023; Palestinian Death Toll in Gaza Tops 13,000 as Israel Repeatedly Strikes U.N. Schools Housing Refugees; Israel’s Raid on Al-Shifa Questioned as IDF Fails to Present Hard Evidence Linking Hamas to Hospital; Palestinian Activist Remembers Vivian Silver, Israeli Canadian Peace Activist Killed in Hamas Attack
20/11/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-11-17 Friday

Headlines for November 17, 2023; Capitol Police Violently Break Up Jewish-Organized DNC Protest Calling for Gaza Ceasefire; Sharif Abdel Kouddous on the Targeting of Journalists & Israel’s “Colonial Fantasy” to Depopulate Gaza; Cop City Protest Tear-Gassed as Activists Face “Unprecedented” RICO & Domestic Terrorism Charges
17/11/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-11-16 Thursday

Headlines for November 16, 2023; “Failure to Prevent Genocide”: Biden Sued as U.S. Provides Arms & Support for Israel’s Gaza Assault; Israel Has Enjoyed Decades of Legal Impunity. Could the War on Gaza Finally Change That?; Niece of Israeli PM Netanyahu Backs Ceasefire in Gaza, Says Military Solutions Will Not Bring Peace
16/11/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-11-15 Wednesday

Headlines for November 15, 2023; Worse Than Hell: Dr. Mads Gilbert Decries Israeli Military Raid on Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza; Peter Beinart: Israel Will Only Be Secure & Safe If Palestinians Are Given Freedom; Rabbis for Ceasefire: Jewish Leaders Organize to Halt Israel’s Bombardment of Gaza; March for Israel Speaker Pastor Hagee Once Said God “Sent Hitler to Help Jews Reach the Promised Land”
15/11/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-11-14 Tuesday

Headlines for November 14, 2023; We Are Not Numbers: Palestinian Journalist Ahmed Alnaouq Mourns 21 Family Members Killed by Israel; NY Times Writers Jazmine Hughes & Jamie Keiles Resign After Signing Letter Against Israeli War on Gaza; Antony Loewenstein: Israel Is Testing New Weapons on Gaza as Arms Dealers Profit from Gaza War
14/11/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-11-13 Monday

Headlines for November 13, 2023; Gaza Hospitals Fail Under Israeli Bombardment; Doctors Without Borders Describes Horrific Conditions; “Beacon of Light”: Fellow Doctors Recall Dr. Hammam Alloh, Gaza Doctor Killed by Israeli Airstrike; “We’re Being Exterminated”: Hear One of Dr. Hammam Alloh’s Last Interviews from Gaza Before His Death
13/11/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-11-10 Friday

Headlines for November 10, 2023; “Clear Intention of Ethnic Cleansing”: Israeli Holocaust Scholar Omer Bartov Warns of Genocide in Gaza; “From the River to the Sea”: Omer Bartov on Contested Slogan & Why Two-State Solution Is Not Viable; Palestinian Groups Ask ICC to Arrest Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu for War Crimes & Genocide in Gaza
10/11/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-11-09 Thursday

Headlines for November 09, 2023; “We Have Come to an End”: Palestine Red Crescent Says Gaza’s Hospitals Are Out of Solutions; “Unspeakable”: Dr. Fady Joudah Grieves 50+ Family Members Killed in Gaza & Slams U.S. Media Coverage; “Knuckle-Dragging Hawkishness”: Matt Duss on GOP Presidential Primary Debate, Israel, Gaza & More
09/11/202359 minutes
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Never Again: Holocaust Survivor Marione Ingram on Israel's Assault on Gaza & Her Decades of Activism

Watch Part 2 of our interview with 87-year-old Holocaust survivor Marione Ingram, who has been protesting outside the White House calling for a ceasefire in Gaza.
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Democracy Now! 2023-11-08 Wednesday

Headlines for November 08, 2023; The Choice Is Choice: Abortion Rights Supporters Win Big in Ohio, Kentucky and Virginia; “I Will Not Be Silenced”: Rep. Rashida Tlaib Calls for Gaza Ceasefire as House Votes to Censure Her; “Stop This Madness”: Holocaust Survivor Marione Ingram, 87, Condemns Israeli Assault & Calls for Peace
08/11/202359 minutes
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Trump Defensive & Admonished as He Testifies in Financial Fraud Case While Running for Reelection

Watch Part 2 of our interview with Lauren Aratani, reporter for the Guardian US who is covering former President Donald Trump’s New York civil fraud case.
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Democracy Now! 2023-11-07 Tuesday

Headlines for November 07, 2023; Palestine Children’s Relief Fund: Israel Is Threatening to Bomb Gaza’s Only Pediatric Cancer Unit; “No Ceasefire, No Votes”: Arab American Support for Biden Plummets over Gaza Ahead of 2024 Election; Trump Lashes Out at Judge, Attorney General in Fraud Trial That Could End His Real Estate Empire
07/11/202359 minutes
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As Gaza's Health System Collapses, JVP Doctor Occupies WA Senator's Office Calling for Ceasefire Now!

Watch Part 2 of our interview with Dr. Alice Rothchild, a retired OB-GYN who has long worked in Palestine and is on the steering committee of the Jewish Voice for Peace Health Advisory Council.
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Democracy Now! 2023-11-06 Monday

Headlines for November 06, 2023; “Paradigm-Changing Moment”: Public Opinion Shifts on Palestine. Will Gaza War Hurt Biden Reelection?; Voices from Largest Pro-Palestinian Protest in U.S. History: Stop the Siege on Gaza Now!; Why Did Israel Kill My Son? Palestinian Poet Speaks from Hospital Bed After Airstrike Destroys Home; Jewish Voice for Peace Health Adviser Dr. Alice Rothchild on Gaza Catastrophe as Health System Fails
06/11/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-11-03 Friday

Headlines for November 03, 2023; Another Nakba? Israeli Intel Ministry Proposes Expelling Every Palestinian in Gaza to Egypt; State Department Official Resigns, Says Israel Is Using U.S. Arms to Massacre Civilians in Gaza; Boston Interfaith Rally Urges Senators Warren & Markey to Support Gaza Ceasefire
03/11/202359 minutes
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Healthcare Activist Ady Barkan Dies of ALS; Watch His 2021 Interview on Demanding Medicare for All

Healthcare activist Ady Barkan has died at the age of 39 of ALS. Watch our 2021 interview with him about how he dedicated his life to the fight for single-payer healthcare.
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Democracy Now! 2023-11-02 Thursday

Headlines for November 02, 2023; “This Is Your Money”: Palestinian Father Pleads with Americans to Stop Funding Israeli Assault on Gaza; Ta-Nehisi Coates Speaks Out Against Israel’s “Segregationist Apartheid Regime” After West Bank Visit
02/11/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-11-01 Wednesday

Headlines for November 01, 2023; “Horrific”: Resident of Jabaliya Refugee Camp Speaks Out After Israeli Airstrikes Kill Over 50; “Text-Book Case of Genocide”: Top U.N. Official Craig Mokhiber Resigns, Denounces Israeli Assault on Gaza
01/11/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-10-31 Tuesday

Headlines for October 31, 2023; Gaza Doctor Says Hospitals Have to Choose Who Lives and Who Dies Amid Worsening Humanitarian Crisis; Israeli Historian Ilan Pappé on Gaza War, Hostages & the Context Behind Current Violence; How They Did It: Labor Journalist Jane Slaughter on UAW’s “Life-Changing” Deal with Big 3 Automakers
31/10/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-10-30 Monday

Headlines for October 30, 2023; “Not in Our Name”: 400 Arrested at Jewish-Led Sit-in at NYC’s Grand Central Demanding Gaza Ceasefire; Rep. Delia Ramirez Backs Gaza Ceasefire Resolution in Congress: We Need Diplomacy, Not More Bombings; Middle East Expert Lara Friedman: If Netanyahu Cared About Hostages, Why Did He Launch Ground Invasion?; “This Has to Stop”: Doctors Denounce Israel’s Targeting of Gaza Hospitals
30/10/202359 minutes
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"You Need to Choose": Dr. Mads Gilbert on Medical Solidarity with Gaza as Israel Targets Hospitals

Watch Part 2 of our interview with Dr. Mads Gilbert, a Norwegian physician who helped provide emergency trauma care in Gaza for over four decades and is now trying to enter the besieged territory from Egypt.
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Democracy Now! 2023-10-27 Friday

Headlines for October 27, 2023; “Gaza Is Being Strangled”: UNRWA Calls for Immediate Ceasefire as Humanitarian Crisis Deepens; Gaza Poet Who Inspired Nonviolent Protests Is Injured in Israeli Airstrike; 5 Relatives Killed; “The Day After Tomorrow”: Israeli Hostage Negotiator on Freeing Captives & Building Lasting Peace; The Palestine Exception to Free Speech: Censorship, Harassment Intensifies on Campus Amid Gaza War
27/10/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-10-26 Thursday

Headlines for October 26, 2023; “No Safe Place in Gaza”: Al Jazeera Reporter on Israeli Strike That Killed Gaza Bureau Chief’s Family; Palestinian Diplomat Hanan Ashrawi: The U.S. Is Israel’s “Partner in Crime” in Deadly Assault on Gaza; Palestinian Lives Matter Too: Jewish Scholar Judith Butler Condemns Israel’s “Genocide” in Gaza
26/10/202359 minutes
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Judith Butler on Hamas, Israel's Collective Punishment of Gaza & Why Biden Must Push for Ceasefire

Watch Part 2 of our interview with philosopher Judith Butler, one of dozens of Jewish American writers and artists who signed an open letter to President Biden calling for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza.
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Democracy Now! 2023-10-25 Wednesday

Headlines for October 25, 2023; Amnesty International Finds “Damning Evidence of War Crimes” by Israel in Gaza; Death Toll Tops 6,500; “A Man of Two Faces”: Author Viet Thanh Nguyen on New Memoir, U.S. Imperialism, Vietnam & More; “We Need a Ceasefire”: Author Viet Thanh Nguyen on Gaza & Israel’s Dehumanization of Palestinians; Juan González: U.S. “Economic Warfare” Targeting Venezuela, Cuba & Nicaragua Fuels Migrant Crisis
25/10/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-10-24 Tuesday

Headlines for October 24, 2023; Palestinian American Journalist Rami Khouri on Israel’s Gaza Bombardment & Risk of a Regional War; Freed Hamas Hostage Yocheved Lifshitz, 85, Says She Was “Treated Well” After Enduring “Hell”; Is Israel’s Endgame to Clear Out Gaza? Egypt Says No to Palestinian Refugees, Fearing New Nakba
24/10/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-10-23 Monday

Headlines for October 23, 2023; “Nowhere in Gaza Is Safe”: Palestinian Death Toll Tops 5,000 as Israel Rejects Calls for Ceasefire; Palestinian Human Rights Lawyer Raji Sourani Describes Surviving Israel Bombing His Home in Gaza; Not in My Brother’s Name: Sibling of Peace Activist Killed by Hamas Demands Israel Stop Bombing Gaza
23/10/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-10-20 Friday

Headlines for October 20, 2023; “Divide and Rule”: How Israel Helped Start Hamas to Weaken Palestinian Hopes for Statehood; Israeli Journalist Amira Hass, Daughter of Holocaust Survivors, Calls for Gaza Ceasefire Now
20/10/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-10-19 Thursday

Headlines for October 19, 2023; Annexation, Ethnic Cleansing & Genocide: Mustafa Barghouti Decries Israel’s Deadly Campaign in Gaza; Ceasefire Now! Rashida Tlaib, Naomi Klein Join Thousands in Jewish-Led D.C. Protest Against Gaza War; Israeli Journalist Amira Hass: How Can the World Stand By and Witness Israel’s Slaughter in Gaza?
19/10/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-10-18 Wednesday

Headlines for October 18, 2023; After Al-Ahli Hospital Blast Kills 500, Gaza Doctor Fears for His Life & Safety of His Patients; Rashid Khalidi on Biden’s “Israel-First Approach” & Growing Outrage over Gaza Across the Middle East; U.N. Rapporteur for Palestine: Gaza War Risks “Largest Instance of Ethnic Cleansing” in Mideast History; “Stop the War”: Israeli Peace Activist Whose Parents Were Killed in Hamas Attack Calls for Ceasefire
18/10/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-10-17 Tuesday

Headlines for October 17, 2023; “We Will Never Leave”: Human Rights Lawyer Raji Sourani in Gaza City Refuses to Be “Good Victim”; HRW Condemns Israel’s Collective Punishment on Gaza, Urges Biden to Help Restore Humanitarian Aid; “Step Back from the Brink”: Ex-Israeli Peace Negotiator Daniel Levy Decries Israel’s Actions in Gaza
17/10/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-10-16 Monday

Headlines for October 16, 2023; “Gaza Is Running Out of Life”: Human Rights Watch Sounds Alarm on Israel’s Collective Punishment; “A Textbook Case of Genocide”: Israeli Holocaust Scholar Raz Segal Decries Israel’s Assault on Gaza; Remembering Issam Abdallah, Reuters Journalist Killed Covering Israeli Missile Strikes in Lebanon; 12 Journalists, Mostly Palestinians in Gaza, Killed in “Deadliest Time for Journalists”
16/10/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-10-13 Friday

Headlines for October 13, 2023; A Second Nakba? Israel Orders 1.1 Million Palestinians to Evacuate Northern Gaza Amid Bombing & Siege; Former EU Envoy: Israel’s Forced Transfer of Palestinians in Gaza Would Be a War Crime; Seattle Rabbi David Basior Eulogizes Former Congregant Killed by Hamas, Says Occupation Must End; Noura Erakat: Western Leaders & Media Are Justifying Israel’s “Genocidal Campaign” Against Palestinians; Gaza’s Health System at a “Breaking Point” Amid Israeli Siege & Bombing
13/10/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-10-12 Thursday

Headlines for October 12, 2023; Report from Gaza: Two Palestinians Describe “Horror” on 6th Day of Israel Bombing Besieged Enclave; Human Rights Lawyer Michael Sfard: “Israelis Must Maintain Their Humanity Even When Their Blood Boils”; Palestinian Journalist: Latest Violence Shatters Notion That Israeli Apartheid Is Sustainable
12/10/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-10-11 Wednesday

Headlines for October 11, 2023; Mustafa Barghouti: Israel’s Siege & Bombing of Gaza Are War Crimes. Is Ethnic Cleansing Next?; Israeli Journalist Gideon Levy: Israel Should Lift Siege & Call Off Plans for Ground Invasion of Gaza; Can Peace in Ukraine Be Achieved Without War? Medea Benjamin & Barbara Smith Debate
11/10/202359 minutes
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Can Peace in Ukraine Be Achieved Without War? Extended Debate Between Medea Benjamin & Barbara Smith

For more on U.S. policy in Ukraine and Israel, we host a discussion with CodePink’s Medea Benjamin and the Ukraine Solidarity Network’s Barbara Smith.
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Democracy Now! 2023-10-10 Tuesday

Headlines for October 10, 2023; Refaat Alareer in Gaza: Israel’s “Barbaric” Bombardment Is Part of Ethnic Cleansing Campaign; Israeli Conscientious Objector Haggai Matar: Hamas Attack Reflects Israeli Violence in Palestine; Mohammed El-Kurd: How Much Palestinian Blood Will It Take to End Israel’s Occupation & Apartheid?; Univ. of MD Prof. Shibley Telhami to President Biden: Value Palestinian Life as Well as Israeli Life
10/10/202359 minutes
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Is Normalization Over? How the Latest Israel-Gaza War Will Scramble Regional Politics

Part 2 of our interview with Middle East scholar Shibley Telhami, about how Israel’s war on Palestinians after the Hamas attack could impact U.S. efforts to normalize relations with Saudi Arabia, and more.
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Democracy Now! 2023-10-09 Monday

Headlines for October 09, 2023; “Dark Days”: Israeli Human Rights Leader Orly Noy on Israel’s War on Palestinians After Hamas Attack; “Do You Hear the Bombing?”: Gazan Human Rights Lawyer Raji Sourani Describes Israeli Siege of Gaza City; Hamas Killed His Friend, But Knesset Member Cassif Says End the Occupation Now, All “Pay the Price”; Historian Rashid Khalidi: Palestinians “Living Under Incredible Oppression, … It Had to Explode”
09/10/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-10-06 Friday

Headlines for October 06, 2023; Woman, Life, Freedom: Narges Mohammadi, Imprisoned Iranian Activist, Awarded 2023 Nobel Peace Prize; As Fraud Trial Gets Underway, Trump Tries to Provoke Judge to Jail Him: David Cay Johnston; Medical Students & Survivors Demand Columbia U. Notify All Patients of Jailed OB-GYN Sex Abuse Record; 300+ More Sex Abuse Survivors Sue Columbia U. & Jailed OB-GYN Robert Hadden; Kaiser Permanente Workers Give Update from Picket Line in Largest Healthcare Strike in History
06/10/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-10-05 Thursday

Headlines for October 05, 2023; “A Day in the Life of Abed Salama”: How the Death of Abed’s 5-Year-Old Son Sheds Light on Life Under Israeli Apartheid
05/10/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-10-04 Wednesday

Headlines for October 04, 2023; Chaos in Congress: Rep. Ro Khanna on Historic Ouster of House Speaker Kevin McCarthy; Rep. Ro Khanna: It Is “Unfortunate” Gov. Newsom Didn’t Appoint Barbara Lee for Feinstein’s Seat; A New Occupation Force? Haitians Denounce U.N. Vote to Deploy U.S.-Backed, Kenyan-Led Troops
04/10/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-10-03 Tuesday

Headlines for October 03, 2023; “Crime Against Humanity”: Exiled from Diego Garcia for U.S. Military Base, Residents Demand to Return; Gunman Wearing MAGA Hat Shoots Indigenous Activist at New Mexico Protest over Conquistador Statue; Police Killings of Black & Brown People May Be Double Previous Estimates: La Raza Database Project
03/10/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-10-02 Monday

Headlines for October 02, 2023; Far-Right Republicans Look to Oust Speaker McCarthy After He Averts Government Shutdown; Gavin Newsom Taps Laphonza Butler to Fill Sen. Feinstein’s Seat, Rejecting Calls to Pick Barbara Lee; Survived & Punished: Meet Tracy McCarter, a Nurse Jailed, Then Cleared, for Stabbing Abusive Husband
02/10/202359 minutes
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Domestic Violence Survivor Tracy McCarter & Author Jocelyn Simonson on Dismantling Mass Incarceration

Part 2 of our interview with domestic violence survivor Tracy McCarter, about the grassroots campaign that won her freedom, and Jocelyn Simonson, author of Radical Acts of Justice: How Ordinary People Are Dismantling Incarceration.
Episode Artwork

Democracy Now! 2023-09-29 Friday

Headlines for September 29, 2023; Fearing Ethnic Cleansing, 90,000 Armenians Flee Nagorno-Karabakh After Azerbaijan Military Blitz; Nazi Veteran Honored in Canada Was Part of Wave of Collaborators Harbored in West: Lev Golinkin; Top Cuban Diplomat Seeks Probe of D.C. Embassy Attack & End to “Unbearable” U.S. Sanctions
29/09/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-09-28 Thursday

Headlines for September 28, 2023; “Donald Duck” & “Missing in Action”: GOP Rivals Criticize Trump for Skipping Another Debate; Ralph Nader: Why Is GOP Not Debating Corporate Crime Wave & the Weakening of Our Democratic Society?; David Dayen: Amazon & Google Antitrust Cases Highlight “Newfound Vigor” in D.C. to Fight Monopolies; Breaking the Menendez Cycle? Senator Pleads Not Guilty to Corruption, But Calls Grow for Resignation
28/09/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-09-27 Wednesday

Headlines for September 27, 2023; “Breaking Point”: Cities Struggle with Rise in Asylum Seekers; U.S. Foreign Policy Linked to Increase; Hispanic Heritage Month: Rep. Chuy García Remembers Pioneering Activists Rudy Lozano & Bert Corona; Making History, Biden Joins UAW Picket Line & Calls on Big 3 to Give Autoworkers “Significant Raise”
27/09/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-09-26 Tuesday

Headlines for September 26, 2023; Assassination on U.S. Soil: Orlando Letelier’s Son Seeks Justice for 1976 Bombing by Pinochet Regime; Red Scare at the Smithsonian? Battle Brews over Portrayal of Latino History in Planned New Museum
26/09/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-09-25 Monday

Headlines for September 25, 2023; Striking Hollywood Writers Reach Tentative Deal with Studios After 146 Days on Picket Line; Clarence Thomas & the Koch Network: ProPublica Reveals SCOTUS Justice Attended Fundraising Events; Sen. Bob Menendez Indicted in Case Revealing How Egypt Tried to Keep U.S. Military Aid Flowing
25/09/202359 minutes
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Colombian President Gustavo Petro: Full Interview on Democracy Now!

Colombian President Gustavo Petro joins Democracy Now! for an exclusive broadcast interview after his address to the United Nations General Assembly in New York, where he spoke of the need to end wars and stop the climate crisis.
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Democracy Now! 2023-09-22 Friday

Headlines for September 22, 2023; As Rupert Murdoch Resigns from His Right-Wing Media Empire, Will His Son Lachlan Be Even More Extreme?; Despite “Symbolic Rebukes” of Israel & Netanyahu, Will Biden’s Legacy Be Apartheid?; Rep. Ro Khanna on “Chaos” in House as Shutdown Nears, UAW Strike & Murder of Canadian Sikh Leader
22/09/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-09-21 Thursday

Headlines for September 21, 2023; Colombian President Gustavo Petro on Ukraine, Palestine & Why Latin America Rejects Western Hypocrisy; World Must Decarbonize Before “Point of No Return” on Climate Crisis: Colombian President Gustavo Petro; Lift the Blockade on Venezuela & Cuba: Colombian President Petro Warns U.S. Sanctions Are Driving Migration; Colombian President Gustavo Petro Denounces U.S. Intervention in Americas, from Chilean Coup to Drug War
21/09/202359 minutes
Episode Artwork

Democracy Now! 2023-09-20 Wednesday

Headlines for September 20, 2023; Assassination of Sikh Leader in Canada Highlights Modi’s Embrace of Authoritarianism in India & Abroad; Colombian President Gustavo Petro: Charges Against Julian Assange Are “Mockery of Freedom of Press”; Australian Senator Peter Whish-Wilson Calls on U.S. to End the “Totalitarian” Prosecution of Julian Assange; “I’m Not a Criminal… Enbridge Is”: Charges Tossed Against Winona LaDuke & Others for Pipeline Action
20/09/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-09-19 Tuesday

Headlines for September 19, 2023; U.S. & Iran Complete Prisoner Swap; Iranian Protesters Mark One Year Since Death of Mahsa Amini; Bombs for Bailouts: Pakistan Supplied Weapons to Ukraine in Return for U.S.-Brokered IMF Loan; Shutdown Showdown: Far-Right Lawmakers Battle with House Speaker McCarthy, Risking Gov’t Shutdown; “Stop Financing Fossil Fuels”: 149 Climate Activists Arrested Blocking NY Federal Reserve, Hit Banks
19/09/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-09-18 Monday

Headlines for September 18, 2023; The March to End Fossil Fuels: 75,000 Rally in NYC to Push Biden & World Leaders on Climate Crisis; “W​e Will Not Give Up”: AOC, Vanessa Nakate Lead Calls at Massive NY Climate Rally to End Fossil Fuels; Labor, Frontline & Youth Voices Call on Biden to Immediately Act to Prevent Climate Catastrophe
18/09/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-09-15 Friday

Headlines for September 15, 2023; UAW on Strike: In Historic Move, Auto Workers Target All Big Three Automakers at Once; 400 Climate Scientists Endorse Call to Halt Fossil Fuels Ahead of Major NYC Climate March; Meet Two NYU Sunrise Students Who Helped Push NYU To Divest From Fossil Fuels; Hunter Biden Is Indicted on Gun Charges as House GOP Launch Impeachment Inquiry into Joe Biden
15/09/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-09-14 Thursday

Headlines for September 14, 2023; Naomi Klein on Her New Book “Doppelganger” & How Conspiracy Culture Benefits Ruling Elite
14/09/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-09-13 Wednesday

Headlines for September 13, 2023; “A Calamity of Epic Proportions”: Death Toll from Libyan Floods Tops 6,000 in Latest Climate Disaster; “Complicit”: Columbia U. Shielded Predator OB-GYN Robert Hadden for Decades as He Assaulted Hundreds
13/09/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-09-12 Tuesday

Headlines for September 12, 2023; The World Is Undergoing “Significant Realignments”: Economist Jayati Ghosh on G20, India, China & More; Is Modi Changing India’s Name to Bharat? Jayati Ghosh on What’s Behind the Move; 50 Years After Coup in Chile: Peter Kornbluh on How U.S. Continues to Hide Role of Nixon & Kissinger; “Capitalism Is an Insecurity Machine”: Astra Taylor on Student Debt & Our Radically Unequal World
12/09/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-09-11 Monday

Headlines for September 11, 2023; Morocco: Earthquake Death Toll at 2,500; Criticism Grows over King’s Response to Humanitarian Crisis; “The Other 9/11”: Ariel Dorfman on 50th Anniversary of U.S.-Backed Coup in Chile That Ousted Allende
11/09/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-09-08 Friday

Headlines for September 08, 2023; Spain: Soccer Head Faces Sexual Assault Charge for World Cup Forced Kiss; Women Players Strike over Pay; Mexico Decriminalizes Abortion in Major Step Forward for Reproductive Rights in Latin America; Fulton County Jail: Shawndre Delmore Is 10th Person to Die at Notorious Facility So Far in 2023
08/09/202359 minutes
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After Reaching U.S. Open Final, Coco Gauff Backs Climate Protesters Who Disrupted Tennis Match

On Thursday, climate activists with Extinction Rebellion delayed a semifinal match by 50 minutes between Coco Gauff and Karolína Muchová. Three activists stood up in the crowd and called for an end to fossil fuels. One protester glued their bare feet to the ground. Nineteen-year-old Gauff eventually won the match, sending her to the finals.
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Democracy Now! 2023-09-07 Thursday

Headlines for September 07, 2023; Ukrainian & Russian Activists on How Putin’s War Emboldens “Authoritarian Forces” Around the World; Democratic Republic of Congo Faces “Worst Hunger Catastrophe” as Mineral Extraction Enriches the Few
07/09/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-09-06 Wednesday

Headlines for September 06, 2023; “A Political Prosecution”: 61 Cop City Opponents Hit with RICO Charges by Georgia’s Republican AG; “Alarming”: Biden to Supply Depleted Uranium Shells to Ukraine Despite Contamination Risks; Kenyan Activist at Africa Climate Summit: Fund Green Transition on Continent & Phase Out Fossil Fuels
06/09/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-09-05 Tuesday

Headlines for September 05, 2023; Racist Shootings “Don’t Happen in a Vacuum”: Bishop Barber on DeSantis, Trump & Those Who Spread Hate; “Doing Harm”: Roy Eidelson on the American Psychological Association’s Embrace of U.S. Torture Program
05/09/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-09-04 Monday

“The Great Escape”: Saket Soni on Forced Immigrant Labor Used to Clean Up Climate Disasters in U.S.; Salvadoran Writer Javier Zamora on Coping with Trauma from Being Detained & Undocumented in U.S.
04/09/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-09-01 Friday

Headlines for September 01, 2023; Jan. 6: Proud Boys Lieutenant Joe Biggs, Who Warned of “Second Civil War,” Sentenced to 17 Years; Enbridge Is the Guilty Party, Not Me: Meet the Pipeline Protester Facing 5 Years for Peaceful Action; Green New Deal Architect Rhiana Gunn-Wright Warns the Green Transition May Leave Black People Behind; Biden Administration Sued as Thousands of Afghan Evacuees Are Detained Overseas Waiting for U.S. Entry
01/09/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-08-31 Thursday

Headlines for August 31, 2023; Military Coup in Gabon Seen as Part of Broader Revolt Against France & Neo-Colonialism in Africa; Scientist Peter Kalmus: The Hurricanes, Floods & Fires of 2023 Are Just the Beginning of Climate Emergency; U.S. Aquifers Are Running Dry, Posing Major Threat to Drinking Water Supply
31/08/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-08-30 Wednesday

Headlines for August 30, 2023; Biden vs. Big Pharma: Medicare to Begin Negotiations to Lower Price of 10 Costly Drugs & Insulin; Progressive Dems Visit Latin America Seeking “New Path” After Decades of U.S. Interference; Texas Rep. Greg Casar Condemns Gov. Greg Abbott’s “Dangerous Stunts” at the Border; “Modern Form of Slavery”: Haitians at Dominican Sugar Plantations Work Under Inhumane Conditions
30/08/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-08-29 Tuesday

Headlines for August 29, 2023; As Mark Meadows Pushes for Federal Trial, Activists Say Attack on Voting Rights at Heart of Georgia Case; Judge in D.C. Sets Trump Trial for March 4 & Rejects Trump Lawyer’s Citation of Scottsboro Boys Case; “Hurricane of Racism”: Racial Terror in Jacksonville, from Recent Shooting to 1960 Ax Handle Saturday; Jacksonville Shooting: Rep. Maxwell Frost Blasts DeSantis for Pushing Bigotry & Ignoring Gun Violence
29/08/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-08-28 Monday

Headlines for August 28, 2023; Gary Younge on Jacksonville Shooting & Why America’s Gun Problem “Makes Its Racism More Lethal”; 60 Years After “I Have a Dream”: Gary Younge on MLK’s March on Washington & the Fight for Racial Justice; Family of Kenneth Chamberlain, Black Man Killed in 2011 by Police, Settles with City of White Plains
28/08/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-08-25 Friday

Headlines for August 25, 2023; Inmate P01135809: Trump Surrenders to Jail in Georgia, Booked on 13 Felony Counts; Are “Mugshots” Unethical? How Jailhouse Photos Undermine Defendants & Reinforce Systemic Bias; “Shameful”: Reelected Tenn. State Rep. Justin Jones on GOP Silencing of Critics on Gun Control
25/08/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-08-24 Thursday

Headlines for August 24, 2023; Two Months After Mutiny in Russia, Wagner Group’s Yevgeny Prigozhin Dies in Plane Crash; 6 of 8 GOP Candidates Vow to Back Trump as Party’s Nominee Even If He Is Convicted; GOP Candidates Refuse to Say Climate Change Is Caused by Humans; Vivek Ramaswamy Calls It a “Hoax”; Should the U.S. Keep Funding War in Ukraine? Debate Reveals Deep Divisions Within Republican Party
24/08/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-08-23 Wednesday

Headlines for August 23, 2023; “They Fired on Us Like Rain”: Saudis Accused of Killing Hundreds of Ethiopian Refugees at Border; “It’s Always About Oil”: CIA & MI6 Staged Coup in Iran 70 Years Ago, Destroying Democracy in Iran
23/08/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-08-22 Tuesday

Headlines for August 22, 2023; “Notorious”: Inside the Fulton County Jail, Where Trump Will Surrender & 15 Prisoners Died Last Year; Meet George Chidi, the Journalist Subpoenaed for Uncovering Secret Meeting of Fake Trump Electors; Vijay Prashad on BRICS & Why Global South Cooperation Is Key to Dismantling Unjust World Order; In Major Win for Indigenous Rights, Ecuador Votes to Ban Oil Drilling in Protected Amazon Lands
22/08/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-08-21 Monday

Headlines for August 21, 2023; A Turning Point in Guatemalan History: Bernardo Arévalo Wins in Landslide Rejection of Ruling Elite; South Africa Hosts Major BRICS Summit as Bloc Eyes Expanding in Global South to Counter Western Powers; British Columbia in State of Emergency as Climate Change Fuels Canada’s Worst Wildfire Season Ever
21/08/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-08-18 Friday

Headlines for August 18, 2023; Plantation Disaster Capitalism: Native Hawaiians Organize to Stop Land & Water Grabs After Maui Fire; Teach No Lies: Historian Marvin Dunn Takes on Ron DeSantis & Florida’s Attack on Black History; Inside the Smithsonian’s “Racial Brain Collection” & the Eugenics Project Behind It
18/08/202359 minutes
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Independent Media in Egypt: Meet Lina Attalah, Editor of Madr Masr, Founded After 2013 Coup

Amy Goodman interviews Mada Masr founding editor Lina Attalah about how the project was started in 2013, and much more.
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Democracy Now! 2023-08-17 Thursday

Headlines for August 17, 2023; Rabaa Massacre: A Decade After Egypt Slaughtered 900+ Protesters, No One Has Been Held to Account; Nagorno-Karabakh: Armenia Demands End to Azerbaijan Blockade Amid Accusations of Genocide; Did the U.S. Push Imran Khan from Power? Leaked Cable Shows How State Dept. Pressured Pakistan
17/08/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-08-16 Wednesday

Headlines for August 16, 2023; Kansas to Probe Police Raid on Local Newspaper; Co-Publisher Dies from Stress Day After Raid; Pressure Grows on Clarence Thomas to Resign as ProPublica Exposes More Undisclosed Lavish Trips, Gifts; “Watershed Moment”: Montana Rules Youth Have Constitutional Right to Healthy Climate
16/08/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-08-15 Tuesday

Headlines for August 15, 2023; Georgia Grand Jury Charges Trump & 18 Co-Conspirators with Racketeering for 2020 Election Interference; Black Voters Matter Co-Founder: Trump’s Georgia Indictment Is “Step Forward” in Defending Democracy; Why No Insurrection Charge? Ralph Nader on How Trump Could Still Be Reelected Unless DOJ Acts
15/08/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-08-14 Monday

Headlines for August 14, 2023; “War Zone”: Native Hawaiian Scholar Says Colonialism Set Stage for Destruction as Death Toll Soars; “This Is the Climate Crisis”: Michael Mann on Maui Wildfires & Why Disasters Are Becoming Deadlier; After Shocking Assassination, Ecuadorian VP Candidate Decries “Clear Links” Between Gov’t & Cartels
14/08/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-08-11 Friday

Headlines for August 11, 2023; “We’re Not Going to Die This Way”: Father Describes Jumping into Ocean with 5 Kids to Escape Maui Fire; “We’re Living the Climate Emergency”: Native Hawaiian Kaniela Ing on Fires, Colonialism & Banyan Tree; As Fires Destroy Native Hawaiian Archive in Maui, Mutual Aid Efforts Are Launched to Help Lahaina; “Unprecedented”: Fire Expert Says Climate & Native Vegetation Changes Fueled Explosive Maui Wildfires
11/08/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-08-10 Thursday

Headlines for August 10, 2023; Horace Campbell on Opposing Military Intervention in Niger & Disastrous U.S./French Role in Africa; Why Is Ukraine Prosecuting Pacifist Yurii Sheliazhenko for “Justifying Russian Aggression”?; U.S. Activists Arrested at European Air Bases Protesting U.S. Nuclear Weapons Stationed There
10/08/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-08-09 Wednesday

Headlines for August 09, 2023; Nina Turner: Ohio Voters Have Rejected GOP Power Grab in Victory for Democracy & Abortion Access; “Horrendous”: Black Men Tortured by White Mississippi Police “Goon Squad” React to Guilty Pleas; Meet Porcha Woodruff, Detroit Woman Jailed While 8 Months Pregnant After False AI Facial Recognition
09/08/202359 minutes
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False Arrest of Pregnant Woman in Detroit Highlights Racial Bias in Facial Recognition Technology

Part 2 of our conversation with Porcha Woodruff, a pregnant woman in Detroit who was wrongfully arrested and jailed for robbery and carjacking. A month after her arrest, prosecutors dropped the case because the Detroit police had made the arrest based on a faulty AI, artificial intelligence, facial recognition match.
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Democracy Now! 2023-08-08 Tuesday

Headlines for August 08, 2023; Is Biden Risking War with Iran as U.S. Deploys Marines to Guard Commercial Ships in the Persian Gulf?; Will Biden Stop Texas from Separating Asylum-Seeking Families at Border Under Operation Lone Star?; “Broken System”: NYC Says It Has No More Room for Asylum Seekers as Advocates Demand Long-Term Shelter; Will Abu Ghraib Torture Victims Finally Get Their Day in Court? CACI Lawsuit Will Proceed to Trial
08/08/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-08-07 Monday

Headlines for August 07, 2023; Freedom vs. Compelled Birth: Dorothy Roberts on Abortion Fights in Texas, Ohio & Across the U.S.; “It’s a Way of Reparations”: Why Henrietta Lacks Settlement Matters for Bioethics & Racial Justice; Pregnant Woman’s False Arrest in Detroit Shows “Racism Gets Embedded” in Facial Recognition Technology; #SayHerName: Kimberlé Crenshaw on Black Women Killed by Police & DeSantis’s New Pro-Slavery Curriculum
07/08/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-08-04 Friday

Headlines for August 04, 2023; Trump & the KKK Act: Carol Anderson on Reconstruction-Era Voting Rights Law Cited in Trump Indictment; Blowback in Africa: U.S.-Trained Officer Overthrows Pro-U.S. Leader in Niger, Site of U.S. Drone Base
04/08/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-08-03 Thursday

Headlines for August 03, 2023; “Never Again”: Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooter Sentenced to Die. Jews Against the Death Penalty Respond; Center for Countering Digital Hate Vows to Keep Monitoring Hate Speech on X Despite Elon Musk Lawsuit; FBI & Colorado Springs Police Sued for Targeting & Spying on Racial Justice Protesters
03/08/202359 minutes
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Meet the Colorado Springs Activist Suing the FBI & Police After Being Targeted by Undercover Agent

We continue to look at the ACLU of Colorado’s new lawsuit against the FBI, the Colorado Springs Police Department and local officers for illegally spying on a local activist and a community organizing hub in Colorado Springs. The lawsuit accuses the agencies of “unconstitutional and invasive search and seizure of the phones, computers, devices, and private chats of people and groups whose message the Colorado Springs Police Department dislikes.”
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Democracy Now! 2023-08-02 Wednesday

Headlines for August 02, 2023; “Presidents Are Not Kings”: Unpacking Historic Indictment of Donald Trump for Plot to Overturn Election; Conflict in Ukraine: Putin & Zelensky Dig In for Long War Amid Nuclear Risks, Global Food Disruption
02/08/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-08-01 Tuesday

Headlines for August 01, 2023; Did Western Military Presence Help Foster Coup in Niger, Where U.S. Has Drone Base & 1,000+ Troops?; Remembering Juan Ramos, Puerto Rican Activist & Leader of Philadelphia Young Lords; “A True Prophet”: Why Sinéad O’Connor Risked Her Career to Call Out Catholic Church Abuse
01/08/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-07-31 Monday

Headlines for July 31, 2023; ”FBI-Orchestrated Conspiracy”: Judge Orders Release of 3 of Newburgh 4 Tied to Fake NY Bomb Plot; What Did Columbia Know? Survivors of Convicted Sex Abuser OB-GYN Robert Hadden Demand Full Accountability
31/07/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-07-28 Friday

Headlines for July 28, 2023; As the U.N. Warns “The Era of Global Boiling Has Arrived,” Biden Resists Declaring a Climate Emergency; Texas Rep. Greg Casar on Why He Undertook “Thirst Strike” to Demand Heat Protections for Workers; Emmett Till’s Cousin, Rev. Wheeler Parker Jr., Welcomes New National Monument for Lynched Teenager
28/07/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-07-27 Thursday

Headlines for July 27, 2023; Judge Puts Hunter Biden Plea Deal on Hold as Republicans Ramp Up Attacks on President & Son; Brutal Ohio Police Dog Attack on Black Truck Driver Highlights Pattern, Echoes Violence of Slavery; Racism Unleashed: Attack Dogs Maul, Bite & Terrorize Prisoners Across United States
27/07/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-07-26 Wednesday

Headlines for July 26, 2023; Activists Demand U.S. End Korean War After 70 Years as Biden Admin Ramps Up “Nuclear Blackmail”; New Witness to Malcolm X Assassination Says He Heard Police Ask If Killer Was “With Us”; Ben Crump: Florida’s New Curriculum, Claiming “Benefits” of Slavery, Will Cause “Psychological Trauma”
26/07/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-07-25 Tuesday

Headlines for July 25, 2023; Israel’s Fight over Judicial Changes Ignores Occupation & Apartheid; 19 GOP Attorneys General Seek Private Medical Records of Patients Who Obtain Out-of-State Abortions; 100 Years of Statelessness: Kurdish Activist Walks 300 Miles from D.C. to U.N. to Demand Kurdish Rights
25/07/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-07-24 Monday

Headlines for July 24, 2023; DOJ Threatens to Sue Texas Gov. Abbott for Installing Barrels Wrapped in Razor Wire in Rio Grande; The Intercept Reveals Border Patrol Is Caging Migrants Outdoors in Deadly Arizona Heat; “Chaos & Violence”: NYC to Pay $13M to Those Attacked by Police in 2020 Black Lives Matter Protests; Is Hollywood Still Afraid of the Truth About the Atomic Bomb?: Greg Mitchell on “Oppenheimer”
24/07/202359 minutes
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Could "Oppenheimer" Help Inspire a New Anti-Nuclear Movement in the United States?

Part 2 of our interview with longtime journalist Greg Mitchell, who has written extensively about the new Hollywood film Oppenheimer, as well as U.S. nuclear weapons policy. He was editor of Nuclear Times magazine from 1982 to 1986. His books include The Beginning or the End: How Hollywood — and America — Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb, Hiroshima in America and Atomic Cover-up.
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Democracy Now! 2023-07-21 Friday

Headlines for July 21, 2023; “Immensely Invisible”: Immigrant Women in ICE Jails Face Sexual Abuse Despite Reforms, Report Reveals; “The Wind Knows My Name”: Novelist Isabel Allende on Child Separation from the Nazis to U.S. Border
21/07/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-07-20 Thursday

Headlines for July 20, 2023; “While We Watched”: New Film Spotlights Journalist Ravish Kumar’s Fight for Truth in Modi’s India; Meet the Wisconsin Teacher Fired for Protesting Ban on Miley Cyrus & Dolly Parton Song “Rainbowland”
20/07/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-07-19 Wednesday

Headlines for July 19, 2023; William Arkin: CIA Is Playing “Outsize Role” in Ukraine Despite Biden Pledge Not to Send U.S. Forces; The Whitewashing of Neo-Nazis: Lev Golinkin & Ben Makuch on How Far Right Is Exploiting Ukraine War
19/07/202359 minutes
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"Labor Power and Strategy": Historian John Womack on Organizing the Working Class

Part 2 of our interview with John Womack Jr., legendary historian and labor organizer. He is one of the foremost historians of the Mexican Revolution, author of the book, Zapata and the Mexican Revolution. His new book is Labor Power and Strategy.
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Democracy Now! 2023-07-18 Tuesday

Headlines for July 18, 2023; Palestinian Attorney Noura Erakat: The U.S. Is Normalizing Apartheid by Hosting Israel’s President; Israeli Forces Blindfold & Handcuff Palestinian Reporter Who Filmed Settler Attack in Masafer Yatta; Historian John Womack: Unions Need to Exploit “Choke Points” in Economy to Grow Working-Class Power
18/07/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-07-17 Monday

Headlines for July 17, 2023; “The Heat Will Kill You First”: Rolling Stone’s Jeff Goodell on Life and Death on a Scorched Planet; Top U.N. Human Rights Official & Fmr. Swedish FM on Palestine, Sudan & U.S. Cluster Bombs to Ukraine
17/07/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-07-14 Friday

Headlines for July 14, 2023; “We Demand Respect”: Actors Join Writers on Strike, Grinding Film & TV Production to a Halt; What Is the Point of NATO? Historian Grey Anderson on How U.S. Has Used Alliance to Strengthen Power; U.N. Warns Pandemic, Climate & Ukraine War Have Dramatically Increased World Hunger
14/07/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-07-13 Thursday

Headlines for July 13, 2023; Stephen Wertheim: The West Cannot Ignore Role NATO Expansion Played in Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine; “Cobalt Red”: Smartphones & Electric Cars Rely on Toxic Mineral Mined in Congo by Children
13/07/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-07-12 Wednesday

Headlines for July 12, 2023; NATO Summit: Will Ukraine’s Demand to Join Military Alliance Help Prolong the War?; As Sudan Fighting Escalates, Displacing 3 Million in 3 Months, Peace Talks Must Include Civil Society; “A Climate-Changed World”: Vermont Confronts Historic Flooding Again, 12 Years After Hurricane Irene
12/07/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-07-11 Tuesday

Headlines for July 11, 2023; “A Historic Mistake”: Swedish Peace Activist Decries Move to Join NATO & Abandon Neutrality; “Mission Creep”: Katrina vanden Heuvel on Ukraine’s Push to Join NATO & U.S. Plan to Send Cluster Bombs; Human Rights Activists Warn Climate-Induced Heat Waves Are Killing Asylum Seekers at the Border; Texas Governor Outlaws Life-Saving Water Breaks for Workers as Climate Crisis Fuels Heat Waves; Meet the TV Meteorologist Who Quit After Facing Death Threats for Explaining Climate Crisis on Air
11/07/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-07-10 Monday

Headlines for July 10, 2023; “Madness of Militarism”: Biden OKs Cluster Bombs for Ukraine Despite Risk of Civilian Casualties; Tennessee’s War on Trans People: Court OKs Ban on Gender-Affirming Care as AG Demands Medical Records; Meet Sarah McBride. If Elected, She’d Be the First Openly Trans Member of Congress.
10/07/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-07-07 Friday

Headlines for July 07, 2023; Bill McKibben: Climate Crisis Needs Urgent Action as Earth Records Hottest Temps Ever; “Double Agents”: Lobbyists for Big Tech, Universities & Eco Groups Also Work For Fossil Fuel Industry; Guatemalan Elite Tries to Overturn Democracy, But Anti-Corruption Candidate to Stay in Runoff Election; “Directly Complicit”: Shadi Hamid on How Obama Greenlighted 2013 Egypt Coup, Killing the Arab Spring
07/07/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-07-06 Thursday

Headlines for July 06, 2023; Ukrainian Writer Andrey Kurkov Recalls Friend Victoria Amelina, Novelist Killed in Russian Airstrike; Elena Milashina Attack: Rights Groups Condemn Brutal Beating of Russian Journalist in Chechnya; Syria’s Missing: New U.N. Body Will Investigate Disappearance of 130,000 People in 12-Year Civil War; How Syria Profits from Trafficking Captagon, Highly Addictive Amphetamine Propping Up Assad Regime; Rep. Ro Khanna on Term-Limiting SCOTUS Justices, Sole “No” Vote on Pentagon Budget & Modi’s State Visit
06/07/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-07-05 Wednesday

Headlines for July 05, 2023; Under Fire: Report from Jenin Refugee Camp on Israel’s Largest West Bank Attack in 20 Years; “Inflection Point”: Uprising over French Teen’s Killing in Traffic Stop & Pattern of Racist Policing; “Time Is of the Essence”: Astra Taylor on Student Debt Relief Setback at Supreme Court, Biden’s Plan B; “Bad for Religion”: Gay Baptist Minister with Interfaith Alliance on SCOTUS Ruling on LGBTQ Rights
05/07/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-07-04 Tuesday

“What to the Slave Is the 4th of July?”: James Earl Jones Reads Frederick Douglass’s Historic Speech; Hope and Resistance: Voices of a People’s History of the United States in the 21st Century
04/07/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-07-03 Monday

RIP Daniel Ellsberg: “Most Dangerous Man in America” on Leaking Pentagon Papers, Exposing Gov’t Lies; Months Before Death, Daniel Ellsberg Warned Crisis over Ukraine & Taiwan Could Lead to Nuclear War; “The Doomsday Machine”: Confessions of Daniel Ellsberg, Former Nuclear War Planner; Daniel Ellsberg’s Dying Wish: Free Julian Assange, Encourage Whistleblowers & Reveal the Truth
03/07/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-06-30 Friday

Headlines for June 30, 2023; Supreme Court Strikes Down Affirmative Action in Colleges, Keeps It for Military Academies: Roundtable; Is Supreme Court’s “Gay Wedding” Case Built on a Lie? Man at Center of the Story Says He’s Straight; Supreme Court Case to End Biden’s Student Loan Cancellation Plan Relies on “Unwilling Participant”; “What Arrogance Looks Like”: Supreme Court Justice Alito’s Ruling vs. EPA Allegedly Violates Ethics
30/06/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-06-29 Thursday

Headlines for June 29, 2023; After Failed Mutiny in Russia, U.S. Sanctions Wagner Funders as Fighters Remain in Africa & Syria; Canadian Climate Activist: Big Oil Is Fueling Fires. We Must Stop Funding New Fossil Fuel Pipelines; “Climate Silence”: Corporate Media Still Failing to Link Wildfires & Extreme Weather to Climate Crisis; Meet One of the Teens Suing Montana over Climate Crisis. She Says Planet’s Future Is at Stake
29/06/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-06-28 Wednesday

Headlines for June 28, 2023; SCOTUS Rejects Radical GOP Vote-Rigging “Theory,” Could Still End Affirmative Action & Debt Relief; Poverty 4th Leading Cause of Death in U.S. as Calls Grow for Third Reconstruction: Bishop Barber; Hondurans Fight Private Cities Run by U.S. Companies as Gov’t Sued for Outlawing “Neocolonial Project”
28/06/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-06-27 Tuesday

Headlines for June 27, 2023; “Dead Men Walking”: James Risen on How the Wagner Revolt Threatens Both Putin & Prigozhin; James Risen on Why Trump’s Charges Are Different Than for Whistleblowers Targeted Under Espionage Act; “The Last Honest Man”: James Risen on How Frank Church Exposed CIA, FBI & NSA Assassinations, Abuse
27/06/202359 minutes
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James Risen's New Book on the Church Committee, CIA Assassination Attempts & Intel Oversight Today

In Part 2 of our interview with James Risen, Pulitzer-winning reporter formerly with The New York Times and now with The Intercept, we discuss more details from his new book, The Last Honest Man.
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Democracy Now! 2023-06-26 Monday

Headlines for June 26, 2023; Mutiny in Russia: Nina Khrushcheva on How the Wagner Revolt Exposes Putin’s Weakness; View from Kyiv: What Does the Wagner Revolt Mean for Ukraine, Mali, Sudan, Syria & Beyond?; Putin’s Creation: History of Russia’s Mercenary Wagner Group & Its Leader Yevgeny Prigozhin; One Year After Dobbs, Abortion Access Dangerously Limited as Support for Abortion Spikes Nationwide
26/06/202359 minutes
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Amy Littlefield on Life on the Abortion Borderland After Dobbs & State-Level Work to Preserve Access

As we mark the first anniversary of the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision, we continue our interview with Amy Littlefield, abortion access correspondent for The Nation.
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Democracy Now! 2023-06-23 Friday

Headlines for June 23, 2023; As Media Spotlights Titanic Sub, Hundreds of Migrants Who Died in Greek Shipwreck Get Scant Coverage; From Drone Strikes to Settler Attacks, Israel Intensifies Effort to “Completely Take Over Palestine”; “The Palestine Laboratory”: Antony Loewenstein on How Israel Exports the Technology of Occupation
23/06/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-06-22 Thursday

Headlines for June 22, 2023; Modi’s State Visit: Biden Embraces Indian Leader Despite Rights Crackdown; Biden Calls Xi Jinping a “Dictator”: China-U.S. Relations and a Growing Multipolar World; How AI Is Enabling Racism & Sexism: Algorithmic Justice League’s Joy Buolamwini on Meeting with Biden
22/06/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-06-21 Wednesday

Headlines for June 21, 2023; NY Dems Pass Medical Debt Relief as Progressives Push to Expand Healthcare to Undocumented Residents; Minnesota Miracle: Democrats Use Supermajority to Pass Abortion, Voting, Labor, Tenant Reforms & More; DOJ Report Exposes Minneapolis Police Civil Rights Violations Amid Call for Community Role in Reforms; Hunter Biden: President’s Son Takes Plea Deal on Tax & Gun Charges, But Legal Trouble May Not Be Over
21/06/202359 minutes
Episode Artwork

Democracy Now! 2023-06-20 Tuesday

Headlines for June 20, 2023; RIP Daniel Ellsberg: “Most Dangerous Man in America” on Leaking Pentagon Papers, Exposing Gov’t Lies; Months Before Death, Daniel Ellsberg Warned Crisis over Ukraine & Taiwan Could Lead to Nuclear War; “The Doomsday Machine”: Confessions of Daniel Ellsberg, Former Nuclear War Planner; Daniel Ellsberg’s Dying Wish: Free Julian Assange, Encourage Whistleblowers & Reveal the Truth
20/06/202359 minutes
Episode Artwork

Democracy Now! 2023-06-19 Monday

Juneteenth Special: Historian Clint Smith on Reckoning with the History of Slavery Across America; “Sing Your Song”: Remembering Harry Belafonte, Who Used His Stardom to Help MLK & Civil Rights Movement; “Get Down to Business”: Harry Belafonte in 2016 on Trump, Socialism & Fighting for Justice
19/06/202359 minutes
Episode Artwork

Democracy Now! 2023-06-16 Friday

Headlines for June 16, 2023; Big Win for Tribal Sovereignty: Indian Child Welfare Act Upheld by Supreme Court in Surprise Ruling; Sen. Chris Van Hollen: State Dept. Must Release Report on Shireen Abu Akleh Death, Hold Killers Accountable; Was Mika Westwolf Killed by White Nationalist? Indigenous Woman’s Parents & Community Demand Justice; “Unacceptable”: Olympic Track Star Tori Bowie’s Death Highlights Black Maternal Health Crisis
16/06/202359 minutes
Episode Artwork

Democracy Now! 2023-06-15 Thursday

Headlines for June 15, 2023; Sudan’s Healthcare on Brink Amid Fighting & Targeted Attacks on Medical Workers, Hospitals Worldwide; “The New Cold War: The United States, Russia, and China”: Gilbert Achcar on Ukraine War & More; “A Carbon Bomb”: Kumi Naidoo on Fight to Stop Construction of EACOP, Proposed Pipeline in East Africa
15/06/202359 minutes
Episode Artwork

"We Dare to Dream": Syrian Filmmaker Waad Al-Kateab Focuses on the Refugee Olympic Team in New Film

Syrian director Waad Al-Kateab talks about her new documentary, We Dare to Dream. The film follows young refugee athletes from Iran, Syria, South Sudan and Cameroon who competed together on the Refugee Olympic Team at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.
Episode Artwork

Democracy Now! 2023-06-14 Wednesday

Headlines for June 14, 2023; “Unique & Shocking”: Donald Trump Arrested on 37 Counts for Mishandling Classified Documents; The Espionage Act: Could Trump Indictment Lead to Changes to 1917 Law Used to Jail Whistleblowers?; “Money Has Won”: Saudi Rights Activist Says PGA-LIV Golf Merger Gives MBS More Power & Influence
14/06/202359 minutes
Episode Artwork

Democracy Now! 2023-06-13 Tuesday

Headlines for June 13, 2023; Trump Indictment: Scholar of Fascism Says GOP Has Become an “Autocratic Party” Led by a “Cult Leader”; “Peace for All Time”: JFK’s Historic 1963 Call for Peace Helped Lead to Nuke Treaty with Moscow; “Doing Journalism Is a Crime”: Guatemalan Publisher José Rubén Zamora Faces 40 Years Behind Bars
13/06/202359 minutes
Episode Artwork

Democracy Now! 2023-06-12 Monday

Headlines for June 12, 2023; Take a Leak? 37-Count Indictment Details Trump’s Hiding of Documents, from Resort Bathroom to Ballroom; “Every Body”: New Film Shines Spotlight on Intersex Community’s Fight for Recognition, Bodily Autonomy
12/06/202359 minutes
Episode Artwork

How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing Us & Who Is Building It: Anjan Sundaram & David Wallace-Wells

We look at artificial intelligence with two guests who have written extensively about the topic. Award-winning journalist Anjan Sundaram hosted the television miniseries Coded World for Channel NewsAsia, Singapore’s national broadcaster, on how artificial intelligence is changing humans. David Wallace-Wells is a New York Times opinion writer who wrote a piece headlined “A.I. Is Being Built by People Who Think It Might Destroy Us.”
Episode Artwork

Democracy Now! 2023-06-09 Friday

Headlines for June 09, 2023; Indicted Again: Donald Trump Faces Federal Espionage & Conspiracy Charges in Classified Docs Probe; Supreme Surprise: Court Upholds Voting Rights Act, Strikes Down Alabama’s Racially Gerrymandered Maps; DOJ vs. African People’s Socialist Party: Omali Yeshitela Blasts Charges of Being Russian Agent
09/06/202359 minutes
Episode Artwork

Anjan Sundaram on Covering Africa: From Rwanda to the Devastating War in DRC to Rise of U.S. AFRICOM

In Part 2 of our interview with Anjan Sundaram, award-winning journalist and author, we discuss in detail his new piece in Foreign Policy, “Why the World’s Deadliest Wars Go Unreported.”
Episode Artwork

Democracy Now! 2023-06-08 Thursday

Headlines for June 08, 2023; “Airpocalypse”: David Wallace-Wells on Red Skies, Raging Wildfires & Pollution Link to Climate Crisis; “World’s Deadliest Wars Go Unreported”: Journalist Anjan Sundaram
08/06/202359 minutes
Episode Artwork

Democracy Now! 2023-06-07 Wednesday

Headlines for June 07, 2023; A National State of Emergency: Human Rights Campaign Sounds the Alarm over Anti-LGBTQ+ Laws in U.S.; Cornel West on Running for President, Ending Ukraine War & Taking on “Corporate Duopoly” of Dems & GOP
07/06/202359 minutes
Episode Artwork

Cornel West on Third-Party Presidential Run, the Roots of His Political Activism & More

Part 2 of our conversation with Cornel West, who announced Monday he is running for president as a candidate with the People’s Party, challenging both the Democratic and Republican parties.
Episode Artwork

Democracy Now! 2023-06-06 Tuesday

Headlines for June 06, 2023; Cop City: Atlanta City Council OKs $67M for Facility Despite Mass Protests & Armed Raid on Bail Fund; “Enough Is Enough”: Australian PM Throws Support Behind Movement to Free Julian Assange; Catastrophic Flooding Feared as Critical Ukrainian Dam Is Destroyed; Zaporizhzhia Nuke Plant at Risk
06/06/202359 minutes
Episode Artwork

Oil-Rich Nations Fight to Weaken Global Plastics Pollution Treaty as Climate Crisis Intensifies

The second round of negotiations for a global, legally binding treaty on plastics pollution took place last week in Paris, where many of the scientists and civil society members who attended sought to anchor the talks with a focus on climate change.
Episode Artwork

Democracy Now! 2023-06-05 Monday

Headlines for June 05, 2023; David Sirota: Working Class Will Be “Deeply Harmed” by Biden’s “Big Win” on Debt Ceiling; David Sirota: Florida Lawmakers Help Ron DeSantis Shovel More Cash to Wall Street; Ed Bisch Fights to Hold Sacklers Accountable for Opioid Epidemic 22 Years After Son Died of Overdose
05/06/202359 minutes
Episode Artwork

Democracy Now! 2023-06-02 Friday

Headlines for June 02, 2023; Rep. Ro Khanna: Avoiding Default Was Necessary, But Debt Deal Was Passed at Expense of “Most Vulnerable”; Rep. Ro Khanna Says Sen. Dianne Feinstein Should “Step Down with Dignity”; Armed Police Raid on Bail Fund for Cop City Opponents Is Attack on “Infrastructure of the Movement”; A Sweetheart Deal for the Sacklers: Billionaires Get Immunity from Civil Lawsuits over Opioid Crisis
02/06/202359 minutes
Episode Artwork

Ed Bisch Fights to Hold Sacklers Accountable for Opioid Epidemic 22 Years After Son Died of Overdose

We continue our look at the Sackler family — the billionaire owners of OxyContin maker Purdue Pharma — and efforts to hold them accountable.
Episode Artwork

Democracy Now! 2023-06-01 Thursday

Headlines for June 01, 2023; Artificial Intelligence “Godfathers” Call for Regulation as Rights Groups Warn AI Encodes Oppression; “Turning His Back on Student Debtors”: Biden’s Debt Deal Ends Freeze on Loan Payments for Millions
01/06/202359 minutes
Episode Artwork

Democracy Now! 2023-05-31 Wednesday

Headlines for May 31, 2023; A Dirty Debt Deal: Biden Blasted for Backing Fast-Track Approval of Mountain Valley Pipeline; Supreme Court Guts Clean Water Act as Conservative Justices Side with Polluters and Developers; Ugandan Rights Activist: U.S. Conservatives Exported Anti-LGBTQ Hate That Led to “Kill the Gays” Law; Erdoğan Reelected to 5 More Years in Turkey as His Government Grows More Authoritarian & Nationalist
31/05/202359 minutes
Episode Artwork

MLK Biographer Jonathan Eig on King's Early Life, Radicalization & How Racism Still Kills

In Part 2 of our interview with journalist Jonathan Eig about his new book, King: A Life, the first major biography of the civil rights leader in more than 35 years, he talks about King’s early life and father; King’s formerly enslaved grandparents; the FBI’s push for him to abandon colleagues who were communists; and his opposition to the Vietnam War and launch of the Poor People’s Campaign just before he was killed. “We need to remember the radical words he spoke, and not just the safe ones,” Eig says. In Part 1, we looked at how the book draws on unredacted FBI files, as well as the files of the personal aide to President Lyndon Baines Johnson, to show how Johnson and others partnered in the FBI’s surveillance of King and efforts to destroy him, led by director J. Edgar Hoover. Eig also interviewed more than 200 people, including many who knew King closely, like the singer, actor and activist Harry Belafonte. The book has also drawn attention for its revelation that King was less cr
Episode Artwork

Democracy Now! 2023-05-30 Tuesday

Headlines for May 30, 2023; Debt Deal Raises Military Spending & OKs WV Pipeline While Introducing New Work Rules for Food Stamps; “King: A Life”: New Bio Details Extensive FBI Spying & How MLK’s Criticism of Malcolm X Was Fabricated
30/05/202359 minutes
Episode Artwork

Democracy Now! 2023-05-29 Monday

Democracy Now! Monday, May 29, 2023
29/05/202359 minutes
Episode Artwork

Democracy Now! 2023-05-26 Friday

Headlines for May 26, 2023; Seditious Conspiracy: Oath Keepers Founder Stewart Rhodes Gets 18 Years in Prison for Jan. 6; “Education Leads to Liberation”: Nikole Hannah-Jones on The 1619 Project & Teaching Black History; Spike Lee on “Malcolm X” & How Hollywood Almost Prevented Landmark Film from Being Made; Memorial Day Massacre: Chicago Cops Killed 10 During 1937 Steel Strike, Then the Media Covered It Up
26/05/202359 minutes
Episode Artwork

Democracy Now! 2023-05-25 Thursday

Headlines for May 25, 2023; “Governing by Distraction”: Florida Union Leader Says Ron DeSantis Is No Friend of Workers; Ukraine’s Left Fights for a Future Free from Domination by Russian Tanks & Western Banks; Oxfam: G7 Countries Owe the Global South More Than $13 Trillion in Development & Climate Assistance
25/05/202359 minutes
Episode Artwork

Democracy Now! 2023-05-24 Wednesday

Headlines for May 24, 2023; Jeffrey Sachs: Bipartisan Support of War, from Iraq to Ukraine, Is Helping Fuel U.S. Debt Crisis; Kissinger at 100: New War Crimes Revealed in Secret Cambodia Bombing That Set Stage for Forever Wars
24/05/202359 minutes
Episode Artwork

Democracy Now! 2023-05-23 Tuesday

Headlines for May 23, 2023; “After Uvalde”: Maria Hinojosa on Guns, Grief & Community Outrage 1 Year After Texas School Shooting; Florida’s “Terrifying” Anti-Immigration Crackdown Sets Stage for Gov. Ron DeSantis’s Presidential Run
23/05/202359 minutes
Episode Artwork

Democracy Now! 2023-05-22 Monday

Headlines for May 22, 2023; Hiroshima Survivor Slams G7 Leaders for Embracing War & Rejecting Nuclear Disarmament; As Gov. DeSantis Preps White House Run, PEN America Sues Florida School District over Book Ban; “African Queens: Njinga”: Kellie Carter Jackson on Netflix Series & Teaching Black History; Masha Gessen Resigns from PEN America Board over Cancellation of Russian Writers Panel; “A Cowardly Measure”: Ecuador’s Guillermo Lasso Dissolves Parliament to Avoid Impeachment
22/05/202359 minutes
Episode Artwork

Democracy Now! 2023-05-19 Friday

Headlines for May 19, 2023; Malcolm X at 98: Angela Davis on His Enduring Legacy & the “Long Struggle for Liberation”; Ben Crump, Attorney for Malcolm X’s Family: “We Refuse to Let Anybody Exterminate Black History”; “By Any Means Necessary”: Watch Malcolm X’s Speech on Racism & Self-Defense at Audubon Ballroom
19/05/202359 minutes
Episode Artwork

Democracy Now! 2023-05-18 Thursday

Headlines for May 18, 2023; CIA Whistleblower John Kiriakou: Giuliani Aide Told Me Presidential Pardon Would Cost Me $2 Million; From Waterboarding to Rape, Abu Zubaydah Depicts Torture at Black Sites & Gitmo in Graphic Sketches; AI Expert: We Urgently Need Ethical Guidelines & Safeguards to Limit Risks of Artificial Intelligence
18/05/202359 minutes
Episode Artwork

Remembering Malcolm X: Angela Davis, Ilyasah Shabazz, Ben Crump & Others Speak at the Shabazz Center

On February 21, the Malcolm X and Dr. Betty Shabazz Memorial and Educational Center hosted an event to mark the 58th anniversary of Malcolm X’s assassination. Malcolm, who was born on May 19, 1925, was shot dead on February 21, 1965, in the Audubon Ballroom. He was just 39 years old.
Episode Artwork

Artificial Intelligence History, How It Embeds Bias, Displaces Workers, as Congress Lags on Regulation

Part 2 of our interview with Marc Rotenberg, executive director of the Center for AI and Digital Policy.
Episode Artwork

Democracy Now! 2023-05-17 Wednesday

Headlines for May 17, 2023; “The Budget Farce”: Robert Kuttner on Why Biden Admin Can’t Give In to GOP Demands to Gut Safety Net; “The U.S. Should Be a Force for Peace”: Nat’l Security Experts Demand U.S. Push to End Ukraine War; Reclaim Osage: Mike Africa Jr. on Push to Buy Back MOVE House 38 Years After Philly Police Bombed It
17/05/202359 minutes
Episode Artwork

Democracy Now! 2023-05-16 Tuesday

Headlines for May 16, 2023; “Deplorable”: Former Sen. Doug Jones Slams Tuberville for Defending White Nationalists in Military; A Neo-Nazi Working in Congress: Aide to Rep. Gosar Pledged Loyalty to White Supremacist Nick Fuentes; Report from U.S.-Mexico Border as Title 42 Ends: Human Rights Violations, Funerals & Makeshift Camps
16/05/202359 minutes
Episode Artwork

Democracy Now! 2023-05-15 Monday

Headlines for May 15, 2023; Turkey Presidential Election Heads to Runoff as Erdoğan Faces Toughest Challenge of 2-Decade Rule; Ongoing Catastrophe: Israel Threatens New Mass Expulsions as Palestinians, U.N. Mark 75th Nakba Anniversary
15/05/202359 minutes
Episode Artwork

Legendary Singer & Activist Barbara Dane Turns 96; Watch 2018 Interview & Performance

Barbara Dane has led a groundbreaking life. In the 1950s she became a popular blues singer and performed with many leading musicians of the time including Louis Armstrong, Muddy Waters, Willie Dixon, Memphis Slim, Lightnin’ Hopkins and many others. She eventually largely dropped out of the commercial music world to focus on activism becoming involved in the civil rights movement as well as the GI resistance movement during the Vietnam War. She and her husband Irwin Silber started the record label called Paredon to release music from freedom struggles across the globe. Dane also released her own recordings on Paredon–one was titled, “I Hate the Capitalist System.” In 2018 Barbara Dane stopped by the Democracy Now studio to talk about her remarkable life and play a few songs. Smithsonian Folkways has just released a new retrospective titled, “Barbara Dane: Hot Jazz, Cool Blues and Hard-Hitting Songs.”
Episode Artwork

Democracy Now! 2023-05-12 Friday

Headlines for May 12, 2023; As Title 42 Ends, Asylum Seekers Face Inhumane Border Conditions, New Restrictions & Fast Deportation; U.S. Sanctions on Venezuela & Cuba Fuel Migration Even as Biden Restricts Asylum Seekers at Border; Former Pakistani PM Imran Khan Freed on Bail After Days of Mass Protests over His Arrest; “Shock & Surprise”: Serbia Reels from Two Mass Shootings, Demands Stronger Gun Control
12/05/202359 minutes
Episode Artwork

Salvadoran Writer Javier Zamora on Coping with Trauma from Being Detained & Undocumented in U.S.

Watch Part 2 of our interview with Salvadoran poet and writer Javier Zamora.
Episode Artwork

Democracy Now! 2023-05-11 Thursday

Headlines for May 11, 2023; E. Jean Carroll Wins Major Victory for Sexual Abuse Survivors Even as Trump Continues to Target Her; Web of Lies: George Santos Charged with 13 Felonies, But GOP Leaders Refuse to Expel Him from Congress; One Year After Israeli Sniper Kills Shireen Abu Akleh, No Justice for Palestinian-American Journalist
11/05/202359 minutes
Episode Artwork

Democracy Now! 2023-05-10 Wednesday

Headlines for May 10, 2023; “The World Finally Knows the Truth”: Jury Finds Trump Sexually Abused & Defamed E. Jean Carroll; Trump Accuser Jessica Leeds “Really Pleased” with Verdict After Testifying in E. Jean Carroll Case; “Solito”: Salvadoran Writer Javier Zamora Details His Solo 4,000-Mile Journey to U.S. as a 9-Year-Old
10/05/202359 minutes
Episode Artwork

Democracy Now! 2023-05-09 Tuesday

Headlines for May 09, 2023; Phyllis Bennis on Ukraine War & Why a Ceasefire Is the First Step Toward Lasting Peace; Israel Kills 13, Including Women & Children, in Airstrikes Targeting Militant Leaders in Gaza; Sudan: Residents Trapped Between Warring Rival Factions as Humanitarian Crisis Escalates; Justice for Jordan Neely: Friend Remembers Dancer as “Gentleman” as Calls Grow for Killer’s Arrest
09/05/202359 minutes
Episode Artwork

Sister Helen Prejean on Stay of Execution for Richard Glossip & Push to Abolish the Death Penalty

In Part 2 of our interview with Sister Helen Prejean, one of the world’s most well-known anti-death penalty activists, she discusses her life’s work and being a spiritual adviser to Oklahoma death row prisoner Richard Glossip.
Episode Artwork

Fatal Subway Chokehold of Jordan Neely Renews Calls for Affordable NYC Rent & Support for Unhoused

We continue our look at calls for justice for Jordan Neely, a 30-year-old unhoused Black man who was choked to death on a subway car last week by another passenger.
Episode Artwork

Democracy Now! 2023-05-08 Monday

Headlines for May 08, 2023; Amid Growing Anti-Immigrant Hate, 8 Killed as Driver Plows Into Group Near Migrant Shelter in Texas; The Coronation Not Seen on TV: Anti-Monarchists Arrested; Slavery & Colonization Reparations Demanded; Can Anyone Hold Justice Clarence Thomas to Account for Secret Dealings with Billionaire GOP Megadonor?; Should Sen. Feinstein Resign? Why Aren’t Media, Colleagues Talking Openly About Mental Competence?; Sister Helen Prejean on Richard Glossip’s Stay of Execution: I Believe He Will Walk Out a Free Man
08/05/202359 minutes
Episode Artwork

Democracy Now! 2023-05-05 Friday

Headlines for May 05, 2023; Guilty: Four Proud Boys Convicted of Seditious Conspiracy for Role in Jan. 6 Insurrection; In E. Jean Carroll’s “Heroic” Rape Trial Against Trump, His Team Calls No Witnesses. Will He Testify?; Freedom to Learn: Nat’l Day of Action Targets Ron DeSantis, “Anti-Woke Cabal” over Book Bans & More
05/05/202359 minutes
Episode Artwork

Striking TV Writers Speak Out for Fair Pay as Corporate Profits Soar

Democracy Now! spoke to striking TV writers on Tuesday outside of the New York offices of Peacock, NBCUniversal’s streaming service. It was the Writers Guild of America’s first picket line since the strike began.
Episode Artwork

Democracy Now! 2023-05-04 Thursday

Headlines for May 04, 2023; “Automated Apartheid”: How Israel Uses Facial Recognition to Track Palestinians & Control Movement; U.N. Warns Afghan Humanitarian Crisis Still Urgent as Taliban Expands Crackdown on Women’s Rights; Biden Administration Urged to Accept Afghan Families Who Have Languished in Greece for Over 18 Months; Greenpeace USA Wins Free Speech Battle Against Canadian Logging Giant’s $100M SLAPP Lawsuit
04/05/202359 minutes
Episode Artwork

Democracy Now! 2023-05-03 Wednesday

Headlines for May 03, 2023; Supreme Court: Are New Ethics Rules Needed as Gorsuch, Roberts & Thomas Face Questions over Finances?; Debt Ceiling: Economist James K. Galbraith Warns GOP Proposal Would Gut Social Safety Net; “We’re in Crisis”: Texas Democrats Demand Gun Control After Another AR-15 Mass Shooting Kills 5
03/05/202359 minutes
Episode Artwork

Democracy Now! 2023-05-02 Tuesday

Headlines for May 02, 2023; Hollywood Writers Strike: Abbott Elementary’s Brittani Nichols Decries “Gig Economy” in Streaming Era; 60 Years Ago Today: Police Attack Children’s Crusade with Dogs & Water Cannons in Birmingham, Alabama
02/05/202359 minutes
Episode Artwork

Democracy Now! 2023-05-01 Monday

Headlines for May 01, 2023; After Terminal Cancer Diagnosis, Daniel Ellsberg Reflects on Leaking Pentagon Papers & His Legacy; Daniel Ellsberg Warns Risk of Nuclear War Is Rising as Tension Mounts over Ukraine & Taiwan
01/05/202359 minutes
Episode Artwork

Democracy Now! 2023-04-28 Friday

Headlines for April 28, 2023; Zooey Zephyr, Montana’s First Trans Lawmaker, Speaks Out After Being Banned & Silenced by Republicans; “Rising Tide of Fascism”: Tennessee Rep. Justin Jones Warns of GOP’s Growing Embrace of Authoritarianism; “Courage Is Contagious”: Zooey Zephyr & Justin Jones on the GOP’s Silencing of State Lawmakers; “Provocative & Dangerous”: Biden to Send Nuclear-Armed Subs to South Korea as Activists Demand Peace
28/04/202359 minutes
Episode Artwork

Democracy Now! 2023-04-27 Thursday

Headlines for April 27, 2023; Oklahoma Parole Board Denies Clemency for Richard Glossip, Rejecting Plea from State Attorney General; The Monroe Doctrine, Revisited: How 200 Years of U.S. Policy Have Helped to Destabilize the Americas; Medea Benjamin: Pentagon Leaks Show Ukraine War Is a Stalemate. Why Isn’t the U.S. Pushing for Peace?
27/04/202359 minutes
Episode Artwork

Democracy Now! 2023-04-26 Wednesday

Headlines for April 26, 2023; “Sing Your Song”: Remembering Harry Belafonte, Who Used His Stardom to Help MLK & Civil Rights Movement; Harry Belafonte in His Own Words on Opposing Iraq War & Calling George W. Bush a “Terrorist”; “Get Down to Business”: Harry Belafonte in 2016 on Trump, Socialism & Fighting for Justice
26/04/202359 minutes
Episode Artwork

Democracy Now! 2023-04-25 Tuesday

Headlines for April 25, 2023; Jeffrey Sachs on China’s “Historic” Push for Multipolar World to End U.S. Domination; Why Did Fox Fire Tucker Carlson? Far-Right Host Helped Fox Mainstream Hate, Conspiracies to Millions; What Does Biden’s Executive Order on Environmental Justice Mean for Frontline Communities?
25/04/202359 minutes
Episode Artwork

Democracy Now! 2023-04-24 Monday

Headlines for April 24, 2023; Sudan: Death Toll Tops 420 as Fear Grows That Fighting Between Rival Generals Could Lead to Proxy War; What’s Next in Legal Fight over Mifepristone? Supreme Court Protects Access to Abortion Pill for Now; Sudan Will Be “Nightmare Beyond Belief” If Conflict Grows, Warns Humanitarian Leader Jan Egeland; Norwegian Refugee Council: Violence, Climate & Poverty Are Fueling Migration from Central America
24/04/202359 minutes
Episode Artwork

Democracy Now! 2023-04-21 Friday

Headlines for April 21, 2023; Gun Capitalism: How Lobbyists & GOP Fight Regulation & Push Gun Ownership Despite Deadly Shootings; “Colonizing Our Community”: Elon Musk’s SpaceX Rocket Explodes in Texas as Feds OK New LNG Projects; Yemen: Deadly Stampede at Charity Event Illustrates Desperation in Nation Devastated by Years of War
21/04/202359 minutes
Episode Artwork

Democracy Now! 2023-04-20 Thursday

Headlines for April 20, 2023; “A New Jane Crow”: Abortion Advocates Brace for Supreme Court Ruling That Could Ban Mifepristone; Meet the Abortion Provider Whose Wyoming Clinic Was Firebombed & Who Worked with Slain Dr. George Tiller; Fox Pays Dominion $787.5 Million in Historic Settlement But Won’t Apologize for Election Lies
20/04/202359 minutes
Episode Artwork

Democracy Now! 2023-04-19 Wednesday

Headlines for April 19, 2023; New York Times: Biden Admin Ignored Warnings About Migrant Child Labor, Punished Whistleblowers; Ending 30-Year Saga, Judge Rules Haitian Activist Targeted by ICE Should Not Face Deportation Again; The Justice & the Billionaire: Clarence Thomas Failed to Disclose Real Estate Deal with GOP Megadonor; In 1969 Abe Fortas Became the First Justice Forced to Resign. Should Clarence Thomas Be Next?
19/04/202359 minutes
Episode Artwork

Democracy Now! 2023-04-18 Tuesday

Headlines for April 18, 2023; Family of Lashawn Thompson Demands Justice After He Was “Eaten Alive” by Insects in Atlanta Jail; “Poverty, by America”: Author Matthew Desmond on How U.S. Punishes the Poor & Subsidizes the Wealthy
18/04/202359 minutes
Episode Artwork

Democracy Now! 2023-04-17 Monday

Headlines for April 17, 2023; Report from Khartoum: Civilians Killed & Trapped Amid Fighting Between Factions in Sudan’s Military; Meet Frank Mugisha: A Ugandan Activist Daring to Speak Out Against Bill to Jail & Kill LGBQT People; “Not Too Late”: Author Rebecca Solnit & Filipino Activist Red Constantino on Avoiding Climate Despair
17/04/202359 minutes
Episode Artwork

Full Interview: Frank Mugisha on New Anti-LGBTQ Bill in Uganda That Could Impose Death Penalty

Full interview with Ugandan LGBTQ activist Frank Mugisha about a draconian new anti-gay bill the country is on the verge of imposing, which makes it a crime to identify as queer, considers all same-sex conduct to be nonconsensual, and even allows for the death penalty in certain cases.
Episode Artwork

Democracy Now! 2023-04-14 Friday

Headlines for April 14, 2023; DeSantis Signs Six-Week Abortion Ban in Florida; Legal Fight Intensifies over Abortion Pill; Division Remains Deep in Northern Ireland as Biden Marks 25th Anniversary of Good Friday Agreement; Rutgers on Strike: Meet One of Thousands of Profs & Grad Workers Demanding Better Pay, Job Security; Cuban Journalist: U.S.-Cuba Talks on Migration Come as Ongoing Embargo Creates Economic Refugees
14/04/202359 minutes
Episode Artwork

Democracy Now! 2023-04-13 Thursday

Headlines for April 13, 2023; “Not Giving Up”: Expelled Black Tennessee Lawmakers Are Reinstated as Movement for Gun Control Grows; Author Carol Anderson on How Anti-Blackness Drives U.S. Gun Culture & Right-Wing Assault on Democracy; The Long Haul: Millions with COVID Face Chronic Illness as Biden Declares End to National Emergency
13/04/202359 minutes
Episode Artwork

Democracy Now! 2023-04-12 Wednesday

Headlines for April 12, 2023; “Terrorism from the Sky”: Burmese Junta Bombs Civilians, Killing 100, Escalating Attack on Resistance; Filipino Activist Condemns U.S. Military Drills, Warns That War with China Would Devastate Philippines; Leaked Pentagon Docs Show U.S. & U.K. Special Forces Already in Ukraine as War Heads to Stalemate
12/04/202359 minutes
Episode Artwork

Democracy Now! 2023-04-11 Tuesday

Headlines for April 11, 2023; No Justin, No Peace: Expelled TN Rep. Justin Jones Reinstated After Unanimous Nashville Council Vote; “Devastating”: GOP Texas Gov. Moves to Pardon Man Convicted of Murdering Black Lives Matter Protester; “Spyfail” Author James Bamford: What Leaked Pentagon Docs Show About Ukraine War, U.S. Spying on Allies
11/04/202359 minutes
Episode Artwork

Democracy Now! 2023-04-10 Monday

Headlines for April 10, 2023; “Unconscionable”: Planned Parenthood’s Alexis McGill Johnson Slams Texas Ruling on Abortion Pill; Jessica Mason Pieklo: Republicans’ Anti-Abortion Moves Are Part of Wider “Authoritarian Movement”; What Is the Comstock Act? Texas Judge Cites 1873 Anti-Obscenity Law to Halt Approval of Abortion Pill; Hotline Founder on the Struggle to Preserve Access to Abortion Pills Amid Relentless GOP Attacks; Arizona Abortion Provider: Texas Ruling on Mifepristone Leaves Patients & Clinics “in Limbo”
10/04/202359 minutes
Episode Artwork

Democracy Now! 2023-04-07 Friday

Headlines for April 07, 2023; “A Public Lynching”: Justin Jones, Black Tennessee Lawmaker, Responds to Expulsion from State House; Palestinian Poet Mohammed El-Kurd on Israeli Apartheid, Growing Tension in Region & Raid on Al-Aqsa Mosque; Should Clarence Thomas Be Impeached? GOP Megadonor Gave Justice Free Luxury Vacations for 20 Years
07/04/202359 minutes
Episode Artwork

Democracy Now! 2023-04-06 Thursday

Headlines for April 06, 2023; Calls Grow for Russia to Free Jailed U.S. Journalist Evan Gershkovich, Accused of Espionage; Reporters Without Borders Denied Entry to Visit Assange in U.K. Prison; No NGO Has Seen Him in 4 Years; “The Undertow”: Author Jeff Sharlet on Trump, the Far Right & the Growing Threat of Fascism in U.S.
06/04/202359 minutes
Episode Artwork

Democracy Now! 2023-04-05 Wednesday

Headlines for April 05, 2023; Donald Trump Charged with 34 Felonies; He Intensifies Attacks on Judge, DA & Their Families; Ralph Nader: Trump Arrest Was “Massively Overdue” After Turning White House into a “Daily Crime Scene”; Progressive Judge Wins Wisconsin Supreme Court Seat “In the Most Important Election of 2023”; From Teacher & Union Organizer to Mayor: Brandon Johnson Wins Chicago Race in Upset Victory; Tennessee Republicans Move to Expel 3 Democratic Lawmakers for Supporting Student-Led Gun Protests
05/04/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-04-04 Tuesday

Headlines for April 04, 2023; History in the Making: David Cay Johnston on Why Trump’s Arraignment May Renew American Democracy; Ari Berman on the Race That Could Decide the Fate of Democracy in Wisconsin — and the 2024 Election; Juan González on Chicago Mayoral Race: Can a Progressive, Multiracial Coalition Win?; Debate: Will Finland’s Addition to NATO Make Direct Conflict with Russia More Likely?
04/04/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-04-03 Monday

Headlines for April 03, 2023; Elie Mystal: Trump “Did the Deed,” But Long Overdue Indictment Is Built on Shaky Foundation; As GOP Pushes for Nationwide Abortion Ban, Judge Blocks Mandate for ACA to Cover Basic Prenatal Care; Elie Mystal on Tennessee’s Anti-Drag Ban: GOP Is Pushing Bigotry & Attacking the First Amendment; Former Guantánamo Prisoner: Ron DeSantis Watched My Torture When He Was a Navy Lawyer at Gitmo
03/04/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-03-31 Friday

Headlines for March 31, 2023; Indicted: Trump Faces Criminal Charges in NY; Three Other Investigations into Ex-President Continue; Meet the Nashville ER Doctor Who Joined 1,000+ Protesters at Tennessee Capitol Demanding Gun Control; “Stop the Absurd Debate”: Parkland Father Calls for Nationwide Education Strike to Demand Gun Reform
31/03/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-03-30 Thursday

Headlines for March 30, 2023; Bernie Sanders vs. Howard Schultz: Longtime Starbucks CEO Grilled on Company’s Union-Busting Tactics; Ex-Starbucks Worker Jaysin Saxton Describes Being Fired After He Helped Organize Union; “The Tale” Filmmaker Jennifer Fox on Surviving Childhood Sexual Abuse & Finally Naming Her Abuser
30/03/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-03-29 Wednesday

Headlines for March 29, 2023; 38 Die in Fire Inside Mexican Immigration Jail Amid Broader Crackdown Near U.S. Border; Banning TikTok Won’t Keep Us Safe: Julia Angwin Critiques Bipartisan Attack on Chinese Firm; “Bootstrapped”: Alissa Quart on Liberating Ourselves from the Myth of the American Dream
29/03/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-03-28 Tuesday

Headlines for March 28, 2023; Palestinians to Pay the Price as Netanyahu Pauses Judicial Overhaul While Further Empowering Far Right; Nashville Mourns 6 Killed in 129th U.S. Mass Shooting This Year, After Tennessee Loosens Gun Laws; Randall Robinson (1941-2023) on Haiti’s Unbroken Agony, from U.S. Coups to Haiti’s “Debt” to France
28/03/202359 minutes
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Democracy Now! 2023-03-27 Monday

Headlines for March 27, 2023; Israeli Protests Intensify over Netanyahu Gov’t Weakening Judiciary as Palestinian Rights Ignored; U.N. Warns of Water Wars as 2 Billion People Lack Clean Water with Africa and Middle East Hardest Hit; Navajo Nation Fights for Water Rights & Access to Colorado River as West Battles Historic Drought; TransAfrica Founder Randall Robinson Dies at 81; Opposed South African Apartheid & U.S. Coups in Haiti
27/03/202359 minutes