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De-Influenced with Dani Austin

English, Cultural, 2 seasons, 34 episodes, 1 day 13 hours 33 minutes
Going beyond the highlights. Dani Austin peels back the curtain for an unfiltered look into life as a mom, founder, influencer, and entrepreneur
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Our Biggest Purchase Yet + Dating In Your 30s

Any De-Influencers in the HOUSE!? When we tell you this episode may be the most random yet our most favorite episode of all time...we mean it. From our biggest purchase, to traumatic hamster stories, to taking our top off (??) This episode is sure to keep you entertained all. week. long. Share with your friends, leave a review, and be sure to respond to the question box below to enter our Christmas wishlist giveaway! -We worked out a special offer for my audience. Receive 15% off your first order. Go to or enter DANI to get 15% off your first order. -Visit to get 10% off your first month. 
29/11/20231 hour 4 seconds
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Friends, Weed, and Holiday Hot Takes

HAPPY HOLIDAYS DE-INFLUENCERS! Welcome back to another episode. As you enter into the Holiday season, Dani and Jordan are going to give you a lot to think about. What makes a good friend? Are you a good friend? Did Snoop Dog stop smoking weed for good? Should we cancel Thanksgiving?  So many questions. So many answers. All here, all now.  Thanks for tuning in. :)  Also, don't forget to enter our Christmas wish list giveaway! Head on over to our instagram @DeInfluencedPodcast and tag who you're thankful for in the comments to enter!  -We worked out a special offer for my audience. Receive 15% off your first order. Go to ⁠⁠ or enter DANI to get 15% off your first order.  -Head over to ⁠⁠ and enter code DANI50 at checkout to receive 50% off SITEWIDE! This is the biggest promo they have ever given me
22/11/202356 minutes 6 seconds
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Our Dog Died and It Revealed A Lot

We're back, baby! Two weeks away and a LOT has happened, but probably not what you're expecting. Catch back up and listen to Dani & Jordan process grief, unleash some VERY vulnerable thoughts, and talk about allllll the things. This episode is quite the journey so get ready! Grab your Liquid IV Hydration Multiplier Sugar-Free in bulk nationwide at Costco or you can get 20% off when you go to and use code DANI at checkout. Visit to get 10% off your first month.  We’ve worked out a special deal with Hiya for their best selling children’s vitamin. Receive 50% off your first order. That’s right- 50% off! To claim this deal you must go to  Love y'all!
15/11/20231 hour 4 minutes 51 seconds
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Dani's Birthday Interview + Jordan's Scandalous Hobby Exposed

Hey De-Influencers, and Happy Birthday to our Queen and host, DANI AUSTIN!  What better way to spend this episode than for Dani to reflect on 30 and discuss her hopes for 31. In this conversation, Dani and Jordan spend their time sharing tips and memories from Dani and Stella’s Disney trip, Dani exposes Jordan’s new scandalous “hobby”, and Jordan interviews Dani on all things birthday and life.  Hope you enjoy! Love y’all. 
25/10/20231 hour 7 minutes 3 seconds
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Dani's "F-Boys", Jordan's Ex-Girls, and a Live Q&A

Did Dani meet an "F-Boy" or an "E-Boy" at Canes while hanging out with Post Malone? Did Jordan run into his ex on their family state fair trip? Is Jordan going to upset a bunch of christians because of his new "AI Bible Teacher" invention? Luckily this episode is full of answers, because we have so many questions! This episode is brought to you by BetterHelp. Give online therapy a try and get on your way to being your best self. We've worked out a special deal with Hiya for their best selling children's vitamin. Receive 50% off your first order. To claim this deal you must go 
18/10/20231 hour 9 minutes 41 seconds
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Jordan Makes Dani Cry On Air

Ladies (& our 3% of listeners that are gentlemen) this the antibiotics from Dani's recent hospital visit talking, or is our favorite duo just ACTIN'. UP. this week?! Tune in as D&J share laughs, shed tears, and dive deep into all the things. You'll see. ;) As mentioned, we worked out a special offer for my audience. Receive 15% off your first order. Go to or enter DANI to get 15% off your first order.  Go to to treat yourself to the best bras on the market and save 20%.  Head over to and enter code DANI at checkout to receive 20% off sitewide + free shipping. This offer applies to both new and existing customers. 
11/10/20231 hour 6 minutes 53 seconds
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Dibs, (fake) Diplomas, & Divorce with Courtney Shields

Hope you're ready for a little change-up because this week we have the one, the only, Dibs Beauty Founder- Courtney Shields! Sit back and relax as Dani and Jordan give Courtney the space to "De-Influence" herself and share some crazy and personal stories along the way. Go to or use code DANI to receive 20% off an annual subscription. Disclaimer that Natural Cycles is for those 18+ and does not protect against STI’s. Grab your Liquid IV Hydration Sugar-Free in bulk nationwide at Costco or you can get 20% off when you go to and use code DANI at checkout. For a limited time new customers can go to for 18 free meals plus free shipping on your first box
04/10/20231 hour 20 minutes 11 seconds
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How Our Work Trip Really Went, Family Conflict, & Taylor's NFLove Story

Calling all De-Influencers and Swifties! Are we NFL girlies now because clearly this ain't no REBOUND, because Taylor has gone full pro-FOOTBALL. You've seen the headlines, you've watched the reels, but it's time to get to the bottom of what's really going on between Tay and Trav. But first, we have a few things we must discuss. Turn up the volume and maybe take a stroll around, because this episode is sure to be a touchdown. ;) Control Body Odor ANYWHERE with @lumedeodorant and get $5 off off your Starter Pack (that’s over 40% off) with promo code DEINFLUENCED at! #lumepod Find your forever pieces @jennikayne and get 15% off with promo code DEINFLUENCED at! #jennikaynepartner
27/09/20231 hour 2 minutes 48 seconds
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Pet Peeves, David Yurman Update, and Our Thoughts on "Christian Influencers"

Happy Wednesday, De-Influencers!  Welcome back to another riveting convo between Dani and Jordan. These two lovebirds discuss Jordan's solo journey out of his comfort zone to play the role as the "life of the party" at a fancy gala, the difference between "christian influencers" and "influencers who are christians", pet peeves of one another, and maybeeeee even some government conspiracies. (But who's surprised?)  Whether you're driving to work or doing some chores around the house, we hope this episode bring a little more wholesome entertainment to your day.  Stay amazing. DANI for 20% off your annual subscription. code: DANI for 18 free meals plus free shipping on your first box
20/09/202357 minutes 10 seconds
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Soccer Mom by Day "Con Artist" by Night

What's up, De-Influencers?! Another week, another pod. In this episode, Jordan and Dani discuss their new challenge of becoming"soccer parents" to Stella, which leads to an impromptu counseling session led by Jordan, which results in multiple stories that you will. not. believe. Hope you get a "kick" out of this one, because soccer season has begun here for the Ramirez fam. Love ya!
13/09/20231 hour 19 minutes 32 seconds
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From Skinny Jeans to Vaccines

Hey De-Influencers, sorry for the late drop on this weeks episode. Better late than never they always say ;) We did our best to make it up to you by getting a littleeee controversial. *gasp* Grab your Stanleys, take a sip, and enjoy what may be our favorite episode yet!
06/09/20231 hour 18 minutes 40 seconds
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Taryn & Rick Newton on Parenting Advice, Juggling 5 Kids, & Working With Your Spouse

Hey De-Influencers! It was about time we switched it up a bit. This might be one of our FAVORITE episodes because it includes one of our FAV couples, Taryn and Rick Newton! If you know em' you love em' and this episode is sure to make you love them even more. Enjoy!
30/08/20231 hour 15 minutes 29 seconds
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Mom Hacks, The Royal Wedding, and Spicing Up Our Marriage

Hey y'all! Welcome back to your favorite podcast...DE-...Okay, you get it. In this week's episode, Dani and Jordan recap THE wedding of the year while getting personal along the way. Hope you enjoy. Stay tuned for some fun surprise guests in the near future!
23/08/202358 minutes 9 seconds
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Our Biggest Content Mistake, Travel Tips, and Family Feuds

Another Wednesday, another episode with Dani and Jordan. In this episode, these two are both informative and entertaining. Sit back and get the best of both worlds.
16/08/20231 hour 15 minutes 24 seconds
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Stories From Our Hotel Bedroom

What's up De-Influencers. In this episode, Dani and Jordan take us into their very own LA experience straight from their hotel...bed? Sit back and relax as we dive into Jordan's first Taylor Swift concert review, the couple's experience with "real celebrities" and you guessed it...another unintentional therapy session that leaves us all in our feels. ;) Hope you enjoy!
09/08/20231 hour 9 minutes 15 seconds
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Meeting Alix Earle, Booty Pics in Marriage, and More

Here we have another Dani and Jordan sit down conversation, and boy does this one jump around. In this episode, D & J catch up on recent life events while also navigating some deeper realizations going on in themselves and even their marriage. (PSA: Booty pics are discussed) Enjoy!
02/08/20231 hour 1 minute 58 seconds
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BONUS: The Unheard Older Brother Interview

We never released the episode... but now here it is! In March, Dani & Jordan sat down with Dani's older brother, Landon. Please enjoy a little throwback today as we release a once deleted episode. Was The Matchmaker fake? Why did Emma & Landon break up? How is the dating world these days? Landon reveals it all!
26/07/202353 minutes 21 seconds
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A Tornado Tell-All

This week, Tornado mom pops into the studio to make an appearance! She laid it alllllll on the table. A secret divorce, raising Dani, expert advice, & more. Buckle up for some typical Tornado energy!
19/07/20231 hour 6 minutes 12 seconds
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Jordan Unhinged (again)

We don't think you're ready for this one! In this episode, Dani and Jordan cover a wide array of topics that are the definition of "unhinged".  From the underground paparazzi business, to preparing for the end of the world, to even Jordan's accidental mishap with witchcraft...tune in as Dani and Jordan have one of the most fun (and random) conversations yet. 
12/07/202354 minutes 41 seconds
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From Foster Care to Famous Clients: Dolce Glow Founder Isabel Alysa’s Inspiring Story

We love to support women in the business world, and this one by far is one of our new favorites!  In this podcast episode, you are going to be inspired and motivated as Dani sits down with Dolce Glow Founder Isabel Alysa to discuss her powerful story, tanning celebrities, and women in business. Prepare to meet your new favorite person with the most genuine soul.  We love you Isabel! 
05/07/20231 hour 17 minutes 31 seconds
Episode Artwork

How Are We, Really? A Dani and Jordan Tell-All

In this week's episode, Dani and Jordan had a lot to unpack.  A little marital conflict resolution, Jordan's PTSD from sky-diving, and much more.  Sit back and enjoy as these two take you on a personal journey that'll leave you feeling refreshed and related to.    Pura here:
28/06/20231 hour 6 minutes 53 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Cordle Family on Overnight Success, the TikTok Industry, & Their Craziest Fire Fighter Story

Dani and Jordan are joined by special guests Devin and Hunter Cordle. Hope you enjoy southern hospitality, because this episode is chock-full of it! Tune in as these two couples discuss being married while working together, becoming overnight TikTok celebs, and Hunter's craziest firefighter story! 
21/06/20231 hour 13 minutes 22 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Season Finale: Dani & Jordan Unhinged

From their biggest fights to crazy parenting moments, secret society membership, insecurities, and never-before shared stories... nothing is off the table this week. Dani & Jordan wrap up season one with an unfiltered round of questions. 
26/04/20231 hour 37 minutes 47 seconds
Episode Artwork

Reality TV, Calling Logan Paul, & Answering Your Burning Questions

On today’s episode, Dani reveals her biggest regrets on the internet, what products are overhyped, why she has Logan Paul’s phone number, if she’s doing a reality TV show, & more. Dani’s team members, Nicki & Jenni, join the show to ask all of your burning Q&A box questions.
19/04/20231 hour 11 minutes 20 seconds
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Success, Stress, & Serum: What We Learned From Starting a Business Out of Our Home

In 2021, Dani & Jordan created their hair care company, Divi, from the ground up. In today’s episode, they sit down to reflect on and discuss the behind-the-scenes of building a business “in-house”
12/04/202349 minutes 53 seconds
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Do Influencers Use Their Friendships for Clout?

Dani & Jordan sit down for a raw conversation about mental health, boundaries, and friendships.
05/04/202349 minutes 40 seconds
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What Really Happens On Influencer Trips? How Do Influencers Get Paid?

Have you ever wondered what happens on influencer trips? Do brands pay influencers to attend these trips? How do brand deals work? Dani & Jordan dive into the more “hush hush” questions when it comes to the influencer industry.
29/03/202355 minutes 39 seconds
Episode Artwork

A Family Affair: How Dani Austin Got Started on the Internet

What was Dani's childhood like? How did she get started on YouTube? Why does the internet call her mom "Tornado"? Dani is joined by older brother, Landon Austin, and the woman who started it all, Tornado, to take it back to the start. Check out Landon's podcast here! 
22/03/202348 minutes 30 seconds