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On her Podcast Defining You, Helena J invites incredible women, who come on, and get vulnerable, share their extraordinary stories of triumph and encourage her audience to overcome fear and live the life they always wanted by doing what they love ❤️
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Surviving and succeeding after a job loss with Portia Charles.

What If you were laid off tomorrow and you had the option to do something different, what would that be?This week on Defining You, I’m resharing my interview with Portia Charles, attorney and principal at Charles Law Practice, who was laid off from her corporate job, and was left to contend with the real issue, of what’s next: Should she get another job, or should she start the law practice she’s been dreaming about for years.So if you’re new, or you might have missed this extraordinary episode, here’s your chance to listen again. Listen as Portia recounts her incredible story of choosing to follow her childhood dreams of being her own boss and carving her own path. I think you’ll get some real value out of this episode.And don’t forget to like my Facebook page and follow me on Instagram @helenajnow for updates on new episodes coming soon!Enjoy the rebroadcast of my interview with attorney at law, Portia Charles Like us on Facebook: <a href='
25/10/202248 minutes 53 seconds
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Overcome domestic violence and reclaim your voice with Lovern Gordon

In the US Alone, an estimated 1 in 4 women is victim of severe physical abuse.This week on Defining You, I want to replay a very compelling conversation with President of LOVE Life Now Foundation and Domestic Abuse Survivor, Lovern Gordon, who lived to tell her own story and what she is doing today to encourage other women and help  them realize that they are not alone.So if you’re new, or you might have missed this powerful episode give it a listen. If you or someone you know is affected by domestic violence, Lovern will empower you to find your voice and reclaim your power!Lovern is a domestic violence awareness author of the international memoir called, The Legacy He Left Me. She has appeared on numerous radio and television shows including CBS This Morning, NBC’s This is New England and Trinidad’s TV6 News. The Boston Celtics recently named her one of their ‘Heroes Among Us.’  Listen as she recounts her pow
19/10/20221 hour 31 minutes 46 seconds
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Using all the skills you already have with Romina Wilmot

Hello everyone! This week I want to reshare, one of the most listened too episodes, on Defining YOU! This particular episode is very special to me because I had an awesome opportunity to sit down with my first friend in college, to talk about her very clever and much needed online venture.My dear friend, Romina Wilmot, is the Founder of My Health Fair, an on-demand, virtual platform, that connects hard to reach, English and Spanish-speaking audiences, to healthcare organizations with well-needed information and services.The way she went about starting this venture is one you will want to hear about, and it will inspire you to use all the skills you already have to create the life you want.So if you’re new, or you might have missed this important episode, here’s your chance to listen again. It will inspire you!And don’t forget to like my Facebook page and follow me on Instagram @helenajnow for updates on new episodes. </p
11/10/202236 minutes 50 seconds
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Creating your best life from the inside out with Celeste The Therapist

Hello everyone! The Defining you podcast is on break right now, but I wanted to give you another opportunity to listen to some amazing episodes I truly enjoyed.There is no doubt that racism has been the ugly part of our history as a nation, and that we black folks are still seeing the effects of the disenfranchisement even today. In this particular episode I had an incredible conversation with a dope black therapist, about how we do get a say, on how we live our lives, and that we can be happy, even when the deck is stacked against us.Celeste Viciere, a licensed mental health clinician, and mental health advocate, focuses on the black community, and how we can take control of our own destiny. She’s a bestselling author, and host of the Celeste, The Therapist podcast. Through her work as a therapist, she discovered that we have a responsibility to ourselves, and our families to live the best life we can, from the inside out. So if you’re n
05/10/202233 minutes 41 seconds
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Life as an undocumented immigrant with Felicia Persaud

Hello there! Although I am on a brief break right now, I thought now would be the perfect time for you to go back and catch up on some of those episodes you might have missed.In this episode I talk to Felicia Persaud, CEO of Invest Caribbean Now, an avid advocate for undocumented immigrants and Caribbean national rights, who shared her own undocumented experience.This conversation is especially fitting considering the recent undocumented immigrants lured from a Texas shelter and sent to Martha’s Vineyard by plane unannounced last week.Persaud, came into the United States legally through her government job, and found herself overstaying her visa when a family member became ill and she stepped in to take care of her. Felicia represents a segment of the population that falls through the cracks in the system, but she didn’t let that stop her from speaking to congress and starting her own Public Relations firm. If y
28/09/20221 hour 2 minutes 18 seconds
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Building generational wealth with Lebone Moses

Hello everyone!I took some time off, but wanted to share, some episodes, I truly enjoyed in season one,  of Defining YOU!If you haven’t heard it, this particular episode, is very important, because it will empower you, to strengthen your finances and start creating that generational wealth. If you are interested in taking smart action with your money right now, this episode is for you.So if you’re new, or if you might have missed this episode, please listen up. Lebone’s insights are about to change your life, and possibly that of your children and their children. Listen for actionable tips, on how to be smarter with your own money right now. And don’t forget to like my Facebook page and follow me on Instagram @helenajnow for updates on new episodes.  Now stay tuned for the rebroadcast of my interview with CEO of  Chisara Ventures, and angel investor, Lebone Moses! Episode Links:<a href='h
21/09/202255 minutes 49 seconds
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What is your dream worth to you? with Dr. Cressida Joseph

Hello my friends and favorite listeners! I am currently on a hiatus at the moment, but while on break, I wanted to replay some of my favorite episodes this season.  This week’s episode is near and dear to my heart. Because this is my very first episode with my sister, Dr. Cressida Joseph, owner and CEO of Beacon Dental Group in Boston. She has been featured in the Boston Globe and she has been serving her community for the past 29 years. She’s a woman of faith, and believes we are all here for a purpose which is designed to move humanity forward. What makes this episode particularly special, is that she truly captures the essence of what the Defining YOU podcast is all about. I admire her faith in God, courage and determination to really go after her career aspirations.  What you wouldn’t know about Cressida is that she beat all the odds and started a brand new dentistry practice at a time when women were few and far between in her field.
13/09/202240 minutes 41 seconds
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Randy Thomas, ABC News Announcer

Hi everyone! I’m on break right now, but I wanted to replay some episodes that I really enjoyed in Season One of the✨Defining You ✨ ppodcast.This particular episode is important to me, because one of my wildest dreams became a reality. I had the amazing opportunity to interview someone, who inspired me all through college, sparked my interest in voiceover work  and even starting this podcast. That’s Randy Thomas, the first female voice over pioneer, to announce live TV award shows for the Oscars, the Tony’s, The Emmys, SAG Awards, Entertainment Tonight and a whole lot more. Most recently Randy became the new voice of ABC News, the first female announcer in Nightline’s 38-year history. Now tha a big deal!Although you might not know her name, chances are you&apos;ve probably have heard her voice. Randy can be heard announcing the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony (4x), The Kennedy Center Honors (4x), and is the Promo Voice for ABC New
06/09/20221 hour 4 minutes 28 seconds
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#29 Let’s choose empathy before judgment

Are you judgmental?At its heart, judgment is about putting expectations on people that we expect of ourselves. The problem is that sometimes that equates to perfection. Or that people should be nice all the time. Or that those who have committed some offense cannot be redeemed.It’s hard to meet those expectations.For me, understanding judgment is also very much about grace. It’s about giving people the benefit of the doubt and reflecting on any given situation before jumping to a conclusion. Especially if it means I’m going to condemn someone  — or absolve them. In the last few months, I’ve seen a lot of condemnation. And I want to talk about it.This episode is all about how we cultivate empathy for each other and why we should be wary of hasty judgments.Listen to this episode to reflect on how judgment can inhibit our ability to see people for their full selves and why empathy, compassion, and fo
30/08/202210 minutes 43 seconds
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#28 Black women: Let’s hold the door open for each other

Black women need mentorship and guidance in the workplace. But more importantly, Black women need solidarity in the workplace. We’ve all heard the old adage: “It’s not what you know, but who you know.” This is particularly important if you are a minority or a woman who is looking to advance in your career. Who you know is just as important as what you know.  As a black woman, my ability to network and develop relationships with mentors has shaped my life and career.  However, the path has not always been smooth for me. I’ve had experiences where people I thought would have helped me simply brushed me off or even created barriers to my success.  This episode is all about how Black women can support and uplift each other at work.Listen for tips on understanding your role as a professional Black woman, how you can influence the Black women in your workplace, and for guidance on how to better support those women, i
23/08/202212 minutes 55 seconds
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#27 Now Is The Time for Moral Courage

Standing alone takes courage.Every once in a while, we come across individuals that, in the face of adversity, have the strength and the fortitude to stand alone and do what they morally think is right, even when the folks around them are going in the opposite direction.That is what has inspired this podcast episode.Listen to this episode for my perspective on moral courage, standing up for what’s right, how you can think about courage and exemplifying courage in the workplace.And if you’re listening to this episode on Apple Podcasts, I’d appreciate it if you could leave us a 5-star review. It helps people decide to listen to the show. Enjoy my solo episode about examples of moral courage.Feature Profile in Courage examples:Liz Cheney, U.S. Representative for Wyoming
16/08/202212 minutes 56 seconds
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#26 Here’s how I conquered my fear

Everyone is afraid of something. Fear holds us back from becoming who we truly want to be. Welcome to Defining You. I’m Helena J, a communications professional, podcaster, voiceover artist and MC, and this episode is all about conquering fear.This particular episode is going to be different because it’s just me. And this topic is important to me because confronting my fears is why I have this podcast. It’s why I’m a voiceover artist. It’s why I continue to walk in my purpose. Listen to this episode to understand how one moment can affect you (like it did for me), how fear can force you to limit yourself, and how you can get back on the path toward living your dreams — just like me.And if you’re listening to this episode on Apple Podcasts, I’d appreciate it if you could leave a 5-star review. It helps people decide to listen to the show. Learn more about the people mentioned in this episode:Randy
09/08/202216 minutes 51 seconds
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#25 Dr. Pauline Elwin on transformational leadership

There’s only ONE leadership style that works in a crisis. This week, on the Defining YOU podcast, Dr. Pauline Elwin shares her research on how transformational leadership was the ONLY leadership style to impact workplaces positively during the COVID-19 pandemic. But what is transformational leadership? And what characteristics define this style of a leader? Listen to this week’s episode to learn about the special skills transformational leaders have, what kind of leadership traits can be learned, and how organizations can develop dynamic leaders to survive turbulent times.Plus, hear Dr. Elwin’s backstory as the first Caribbean-born woman to defend her dissertation at Northwest University successfully and how she was inspired to pursue her doctorate after advocating on behalf of government workers and DEI initiatives in Seattle. And I’m excited to say that this is my 25th episode of Defining YOU! I’ve got some exciting th
02/08/202240 minutes 3 seconds
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#24 Dianne Wilkerson wants to serve again — here’s why

Everyone wants to know why Dianne Wilkerson is getting back into politics.  She was the first Black woman to serve as a state senator in Massachusetts. She represented Black Bostonians for 15 years and resigned after she was caught accepting bribe money.Wilkerson spent three years in jail and has since worked to regain the trust of the community by continuing to serve. She’s been involved in governance issues at the Boston Public Schools board, economic equity for the city’s Black and Brown residents, and the COVID-19 response. It’s the latter that has inspired her to run for the Senate seat in the 2nd Suffolk District. “We know we needed to have a place where our people would feel comfortable to go to get vaccine,” Wilkerson told me. “What I learned in the process is we were calling, doing wellness checks on our seniors. They said, ‘I have the vaccine. I don&apos;t have any food. I have vaccine. I don&ap
26/07/202252 minutes 58 seconds
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#23 Using journaling to address trauma with Alicia Adamson

Your unaddressed trauma is holding you back! Doing the hard work of dealing with past trauma and building emotional intelligence is not easy. Your trauma shows up in every aspect of your life, including the workplace, romantic relationships, and how you see yourself in your community. But if you leave your trauma unaddressed, you risk failing to live up to your own potential and carrying the weight of those past negative experiences with you.There are many ways to tackle trauma, including through therapy, but one of the tools you can use to unburden yourself and find peace is by journaling. That’s Alicia Adamson’s specialty. Alicia is the executive director of the Brookline Teen Center, where she focuses on helping young people reach their full potential. She’s also the author of “Walking In Your Truth: A Personal Journal To Reflect On Your Life’s Purpose.”This week, Alicia shares on the Defining
19/07/202247 minutes 23 seconds
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#22 From employment to entrepreneurship: Unleashing your untapped potential with Elizabeth Yang

Have you built your identity around your company, or perhaps you’ve spent many years  perfecting your craft for a job? If you have invested time working for someone else, but your expectations have fallen short, now may be the time to launch out on your own.This episode is for any one who has worked for a company, but has the untapped potential to become an entrepreneur. Our guest today is Elizabeth Yang, CEO of Better with Company. A successful online business strategist and monetization expert, helping service-based entrepreneurs tired of being the best kept secret in their local town, expand online for greater impact and income with their teams. She specializes in high ticket sales and done-for-you nurturing, packaging services, leadership, talent and team optimizationListen for the clues in her journey that led her from corporate America to entrepreneurship. <b
12/07/202239 minutes 50 seconds
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#21 Finding & fulfilling your God-given purpose with Jeanel Champion

What is your life’s strategy, for becoming who you are meant to be?  Whose blueprint are you following? Are you settling for less?If you have ever wondered, what on earth I&apos;m here for, this episode is for you!Each one of us is born with all that we need to fulfill our destiny. The seed that is planted within us has the resources, it has the blueprint, and it has the capacity to propel you towards your goal. Believe it or not, you have what it takes to become who you are meant to be.  In today’s episode, I talk to Jeanel Champion, destiny leader, entrepreneur and author of the book, Path to Prosperity.  As a purpose-driven woman, she is intently focused on fulfilling her God-given destiny and leading others to do the same to uncover their own purpose. Listen for motivation on uncovering your god given destiny. Jeanel provides some golden nuggets on how to create your best life, fulfill your purpose and live
05/07/202239 minutes 6 seconds
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#20 Creating a sense of belonging with Sheena Collier

Have you ever felt like an outsider in your own city? That feeling that no matter what you do, you just don’t quite fit. Maybe you have lived in the same city for 25 years, but you have an accent, or you look different than your neighbors. This is what our guest today discovered when she first moved to Boston to go to college, and she felt the urgent desire to create a deeper sense of community around her.Our guest today is Sheena Collier, founder of Boston While Black, helping companies and organizations in the city better engage and create a sense of belonging for people of color.Boston While Black started as a single event for the city, and now it has become a community hub for black folks to create a sense of belonging. Boston Magazine named Sheena one of the 100 most influential Bostonians in 2022, and today she’s going to share the origin story of this amazing organization, and empower you to be the chang
28/06/202231 minutes 17 seconds
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#19 Unleashing your unlimited potential with Simone F. Mathieu

We could do anything we put our minds to… but we don’t. We think of ourselves as capable of doing so much more than everyone else… but when the rubber meets the road, we fall flat. Does this sound familiar? Maybe there is a goal you’ve been trying to achieve for a while, like getting a promotion, or losing 20 pounds, or going back to school. Yet, something always seems to stand in our way. That little something is called: self-motivation.In today’s episode I talk to Simone F. Mathieu, professor of Psychology and author of the book Push Past 10. In her journey to find motivation to lose 20 pounds she learned so much more than she ever expected, and she’s passing down those strategies to us in this interview.I’ll ask her how she found the drive to push past her goals and uncover her true limitless potential, not just for weight loss, but in every area of her life. Imagine having the freedom to imagine and make all your wildest dreams happen. That’s what w
21/06/202230 minutes 56 seconds
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#18 Find happiness from the inside out with Celeste Viciere

Can people of color find happiness, even when racism is so pervasive in our communities? There is no doubt that racism has been the ugly part of our history as a nation, and that we black folks are still seeing the effects of the disenfranchisement even today. However, do we get a say on how we live our lives? Can we be happy, even when the deck is stacked against us? And how do we do that?Today’s guest is Celeste Viciere, licensed mental health clinician, and mental health advocate, focusing on the black community, and how we can take control of our own destiny. She’s a bestselling author, and host of the Celeste, The Therapist podcast.20 years ago, Celeste would not have seen herself talking on a platform about mental health and wellness. She thought depression was a white person’s disease. After all, she grew up in a black community where struggling through life was just par for the course. Then, through her work as a therapist, she discov
14/06/202232 minutes 14 seconds
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#17 Is it time for a career change? with Ann-Marie La Ronde-Richard

What would it take for you to drop everything you’re doing right now and focus on the thing that truly makes your heart sing? Think about it. You probably started down one road in college, but now you find yourself in the grind of a job doing something completely different, and you wonder: how did I get here? But most importantly: how do I get back on track?That’s exactly the question that our guest Ann-Marie La Ronde-Richard asked herself when she made the choice to pivot from being a research pathologist back to her original passion: working closely with patients.As an international student from Dominica, her options were slim. Ann-Marie wasn’t eligible for financial aid, so her parents took out a second mortgage on their home to finance her studies in the US. This was a shot she could not afford to miss. So instead of going to medical school to work directly with the community, she took a PhD fellowship and her love for worki
07/06/202243 minutes 54 seconds
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#16 The power of radical self-belief with Chardelle Moore

Why do we always hear “I am my own hardest critic” but we never hear “I am my own biggest fan?&quot; Most people are hard pressed to come up with 10 amazing accomplishments they have achieved in the last year, but they could easily fill 5 pages with all of their mistakes in the same time period. Amazing, isn’t it?We are so used to demanding support from people in our lives. We ask them to validate our dreams. We ask them for permission to go after our crazy new ideas.But what if all we needed was to be our own biggest fan, biggest supporter, and biggest cheerleader?Well, In this episode we talk to Chardelle Moore, Founder and CEO of her own multimedia company, Motivational Moore. Self-described multidisciplinary artist, writer, dancer, visionary and storyteller, Chardelle has created her dream life by practicing what she calls radical self-belief.Listen for ways to inject some of that relentless internal motivation into your
31/05/202240 minutes 24 seconds
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#15 Undocumented and an activist with Felicia Persaud

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of an undocumented immigrant? Think about that for a moment, as I introduce you to today’s guest.In this episode I interview the CEO of Invest Caribbean, Felicia Persaud, who came into the United States legally through her government job, and found herself overstaying her visa when a family member became ill and she stepped in to take care of her. Felicia represents a segment of the population that falls through the cracks in the system, but she didn’t let that stop her from becoming an avid advocate for Caribbean national rights, speaking to congress and starting her own Public Relations firm.If you have ever felt disenfranchised by the system, listen for the clues that will open your mind to your own power in this story of will, perseverance and conviction.And if you’re listening on Apple Podcasts, please head over to the Reviews section and leave us a 5 st
24/05/202259 minutes 33 seconds
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#14 Diversity in the sciences with Dr. Sophia George, PhD

Have you ever wondered, what life would be like, if science was unbiased? There’s a loaded question for sure. If you asked any scientist, they would assure you that science is the most objective discipline there is.Yet the lack of diversity in the scientific field has actually contributed to the development of regulations that continue to alienate people of color.Today’s guest is someone who seeks to change all of it. With both a PhD in the medical sciences, Doctor Sophia George opens up about her experience as a woman of color and as an immigrant from the Caribbean island of Dominica, and how she continues to fight to have her voice heard, and to get more folks of color in influential positions in the scientific and research community.Listen to this fascinating conversation about the role that diversity plays in the development of treatments that could save your life.And if you’re liste
17/05/202258 minutes 34 seconds
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#13 Step up in your community with Sandy Zamor Calixte

Have you ever stopped yourself from doing something, just because someone else said you shouldn’t? Maybe you haven’t applied for a bigger role in your company yet, or you haven’t asked for that raise you deserve, all because someone thinks “That’s just not how things are done.”That is exactly what our guest today experienced when she wanted to see changes in her community. After working behind the scenes as the chief of external affairs at the Sheriff’s department, and seeing her ideas take the back burner every time, she decided to step up and run for the Sheriff’s job itself. But it wasn’t without opposition or controversy inside her own office.In this episode you will hear the story of Sandy Zamor Calixte, candidate for the Sheriff’s office, and her story of stepping up in her community and making her voice heard.If you have been thinking of contributing to your community by stepping into a lea
10/05/202239 minutes 8 seconds
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#12 WOC and Politics with Jacquetta Van Zant

Have you ever thought of becoming involved in politics? Over the last few years, many women of color have made the decision to fix the system from the inside out. If you’re wondering what would make any woman of color become involved in the messy landscape of the American political system, and why would they do it now? Then this episode is for you.It’s safe to say that we have a long way to go in this country in order to level the playing field. But how do we reconcile the sense of distrust that exists in our current political system, with our goal of making a better life for everyone?Our guest today is Jacquetta Van Zant, Political Strategist and Host of Politics and Prosecco.  She has had an extensive career as an activist on Capitol Hill, and has been involved in various state and federal political campaigns. Jacquetta commands respect in the political space and is often at the table helping to make signific
03/05/202247 minutes 44 seconds
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#11 Set healthy boundaries and put yourself first with Dulce Orozco

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Like you are doing so much for everyone else with very little time left to tend to yourself? Most of us feel that way from time to time, but when is it the right time to ask for help? If you have ever considered talking to someone, like a therapist, but you’ve struggled with the decision because of privacy concerns, what your loved ones might think or the social stigma associated with mental health, then this episode is for you.Today we are going to talk about cultural trauma. Women of color, particularly immigrants are perceived to be strong and are expected to take care of everyone else around them with very little time to care for themselves. But setting unrealistic expectations could really impact our mental wellness.Our guest today is Dulce Orozco, a Latina Immigrant Therapist and licensed Mental Health Counselor in Massachusetts. Fluent in Spanish, English and Portuguese, Dulce owns a pri
26/04/202249 minutes 46 seconds
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#10 Live the story you want to tell with Tonia Magras

Ever have the feeling that you were meant for more? Like your current job is too small for your potential? Like there is so much more you can give to the world? The truth is that very few people question the status quo. They stay in the same job year after year for many different reasons. But at one point, you might get the courage to stand up and discover what you were meant to do in the world. And when that moment happens, your life will completely change. Our Guest today, Tonia Magras, was a multi Emmy award winning supervisory producer for PBS’ flagship television stations WGBH-TV in Boston, one of the top 10 major media markets in the United States. When the industry started to change, she finally found the courage to use her own voice. She is now a Host of the PowerPLAY Show Podcast, Filmmaker and Principal Owner of Hull Bay Productions where she focuses on telling the stories that she felt needed to be amplified in the world. <
19/04/20221 hour 6 minutes 7 seconds
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#9 Survive Domestic Abuse & Find Your Voice with Lovern Gordon

How does one begin to overcome the shame and secrecy associated with severe domestic abuse and muster the courage to use their voice to reclaim their power? It is the norm for women to remain silent about their experience with domestic abuse, and there are many reasons why: fear of repercussions from their abuser, fear that no one will believe them, and in most cases, women experiencing domestic abuse are financially or emotionally dependent on the abuser and have nowhere to go. Today I share with you the story of a domestic abuse survivor who has chosen to speak out in hopes that her story will embolden more women to find a way out.Our guest today is Lovern Gordon, President and Founder of Love Life Now Foundation, which promotes awareness around domestic violence through a number of initiatives and helps bridge the gap between domestic violence shelters and the communities they serve.Lovern is a domestic violence awareness
12/04/20221 hour 30 minutes 22 seconds
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#8 Thrive after a layoff with Portia Charles

What would you do if you were laid off tomorrow?That’s exactly the question that our guest Portia Charles faced. When she got laid off from her  corporate job she was left to grapple with the real issue of what’s next:Should she get another job, or start the law practice she had been dreaming about for years?Most of us think our jobs are safe, until something happens that shakes our entire lives. Some of us get laid off unexpectedly, some of us experience harassment in the workplace, and some of us get passed up for promotions over and over again.What is the point when we say “enough is enough”? And if you had the option to do something different right now, what would that be?Listen as Portia Charles, attorney and principal at Charles Law Practice, recounts her story of choosing to follow her childhood dreams of being her own boss and carving her own path.And if you’re listening on Apple Podcasts, ple
05/04/202247 minutes 28 seconds
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#7 Academy Awards Announcer Randy Thomas

Have you ever wondered how to become a TV announcer? Do you need a booming voice, or is it something anyone can break into? Get ready, because we are about to enter the wonderful world of Voice Over work.And to guide us through it, we have a special guest today. Her name is Randy Thomas, and although you might not know her name, chances are you have heard her voice.As the tenth-time announcer of The Academy Awards, and twentieth-time announcer of the Tony awards, Thomas has been winning accolades and opening doors for female voice artists for over 20 years in addition to her vast experience as a radio personality in New York, Los Angeles, Detroit, &amp; Miami.It’s safe to say that my love for broadcasting and voiceover work has been deeply influenced by listening to Randy’s voice on television as a college student. And now, it’s my pleasure to bring to you an interview with someone who ignited my passion to follow my dream and to whom I will be forever grateful.<br
29/03/20221 hour 3 minutes 10 seconds
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#6 Creating generational wealth with Lebone Moses

Are you building generational wealth? Or is that concept so far beyond your financial situation that you can’t even imagine this will ever be a goal for you?I don’t blame you. Building generational wealth sounds like something only rich people can concern themselves with, but in today’s interview I’m going to introduce you to someone who helps people like you and me rethink their finances to start taking smart action with our money now, and not wait until we have a million dollars in the bank to even allow ourselves to think of wealth.Our guest today is Lebone Moses, CEO of Chisara Ventures. She’s an angel investor, co-founder of Acquire1898, a program that equips, empowers and prepares black and brown entrepreneurs to acquire profitable businesses, as well as founder of the River Health Institute, which empowers individuals and families to strengthen their finances and create that generational wealth.Lebone’s insights are about to change your life, and
22/03/202254 minutes 20 seconds
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#5 Succeed in medicine with Dr. Nsa Henshaw

Do you ever wonder what is the key to success for the most accomplished people in your life?Did they have a leg-up somehow? Were all the cards in their favor? Or is there a secret sauce they have that other people don’t? Today, we are going to break down the career journey of Dr. Nsa Henshaw, all the way from her roots being born in Nigeria to become one of the most beloved physicians in her local community.If you are interested in a career in medicine, listen for the twists and turns of Dr. Henshaw’s career, and the decisions she made along the way.And if you’re listening on Apple Podcasts, please head over to the Reviews section and leave us a 5 star review, it really helps others find our show, and thank you.Here’s my interview with Urgent Care Medicine Doctor Nsa Henshaw.Like us on Facebook: us on Instagram: <a
15/03/202256 minutes 52 seconds
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#4 Overcoming fear in your business with Ina Coveney

Have you always wanted to start a business, but fear slows you down? You are not alone. Most people who start a business have had to overcome some kind of negative self-talk.Perhaps you’re afraid of failure, or even afraid of how success would impact your relationships in your life. Maybe you’ve always been told you’re not good enough, and failing publicly would be too much to bear. But your desire for a better life is greater than all those fears, and today, we’ll give you the tools to overcome them.Our guest today is Ina Coveney, business coach and host of The Global Phenomenon Podcast. As a successful online business owner, she helps online coaches get clients even when they have a small audience. And today she shares with us how bullying at an early age sparked fears that affect her daily decisions in business, even to this day. Listen for the pivotal moments and strategies she uses to push herself forward despite her overwhelming fears.An
08/03/202256 minutes 10 seconds
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#3 What HR really thinks of your side hustle with Zaranique Watson Pope

Are you afraid that your employer will find out that you want to start a side business?Many of us have had the dream of starting a business of our own, and there’s always something that stops us: our mindset, not enough money, not enough time. But one of our biggest concerns is: what if my boss finds out? Will I get fired? Is that even legal?Our guest today is Zaranique Watson Pope, Chief Human Resources officer for DotHealth, a non-profit healthcare organization in the Boston area. Zaranique has an impressive resume, holding leadership positions in multiple organizations, including being an executive board member of the National Association of African Americans in Human Resources – New England Chapter and Massachusetts Health Connector.And today I asked her about the concerns you have about starting a new venture while navigating your regular job. What is HR’s perspective on you wanting to start a new business?Listen for these gold nuggets th
01/03/202241 minutes 36 seconds
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#2 Are your current skills enough? with Romina Wilmot

Ever felt like you already have the skills, connections and experience to make your dreams happen? But somehow you’re still not starting, and every year you tell yourself “this will be the year I break through!” and yet, every year looks the same as the last.Well, after today’s episode, you will be fired up to finally take action, when I introduce you to my great friend Romina Wilmot.Romina and I met in college as broadcasting majors. Although her current work is in healthcare, she used her background in broadcasting to create an online platform, which has greatly benefited the greater Boston community. Throughout her career as a healthcare educator, Romina identified a gap in the industry, where immigrants, especially latinos were not receiving the information they needed in order to make informed choices about their personal health, insurance plans and other key resources. And after years of putting her ideas aside, she finally took the leap and created MyHealt
22/02/202235 minutes 20 seconds
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#1 How much is your dream worth? with Dr. Cressida Joseph

What is your dream worth to you?What was the most expensive purchase you made in the last 2 weeks? Did that purchase change your life? Sometimes we spend our money into things that are transient or won’t make a big impact in our lives, but what about our own dreams? Are they worth as much to us as that vacation? As that cashmere sweater? As that BMW?Our guest today is Dr. Cressida Joseph, owner and CEO of Beacon Dental Group in Boston and professional dentist. She has been featured in the Boston Globe and she has been serving her community for the past 29 years. She’s a woman of faith, and believes we are all here for a purpose which is designed to move humanity forward.What you wouldn’t know about Cressida is that she beat all the odds and started a brand new dentistry practice at a time when women were few and far between in her field. She believed in her vision so much she invested $25K to work with a consultant to get her business off the ground, ev
22/02/202239 minutes 2 seconds
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Welcome to DEFINING YOU!

Welcome to the Defining you podcast! I’m your host, Helena J, MC, Voice Over Artist and your official courage builder!This is a podcast about overcoming fear, turning your passion into action and creating the life you always wanted by doing what you love. Because now more than ever we need more diverse voices to inspire and empower a new generation of go-getters.It is my goal to share stories that showcase the power of the human spirit and the impact and ripple effect that diversity in all mediums can create, all starting with YOU. Subscribe to this podcast to define your own path and learn how these extraordinary role models have broken through the glass ceiling to live the life they want.Follow us
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