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Decaf After Six

English, Social, 2 seasons, 39 episodes, 1 day, 7 hours, 33 minutes
Let's enjoy life with a good cup of joe, sprinkled with some yummy short stories from us and our listeners. Our coffee is decaf, stress free and trust me, we won't judge.
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S2 EP 14: Two Hot and Sexy Coffee Mugs

Sex, love and magic. But what if the first word is the only one available? Will you take a bite? Sex is still a relatively taboo topic in the Philippines. And it took us a while to wholeheartedly tackle this "bad boy!"  --- Send in a voice message:
11/13/202055 minutes, 35 seconds
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S2 EP 8.5: Triple Shot Outtakes with Erik Santos

The scoop's on us about the shenanigans during and after Star In A Million. Erik spills the beans about his confidence and inhibitions during the competition and reminisce with DK about how their friendship started. You'll be thanking us for digging deeper. --- Send in a voice message:
10/2/202031 minutes, 5 seconds
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1/4/202059 seconds