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English, Cultural, 2 seasons, 18 episodes, 14 hours 23 minutes
Dear Ladies is a podcast that seeks to inspire women, especially expat women and further help them navigate the everyday challenges faced when living in a foreign country. Hosted by two fellow expat ladies Ashley Hola (a wife, mother and PhD in Accounting Candidate) and Liz Lobo (entrepreneur and traveler), podcast discusses general women issues with a special focus on internationals living outside of their native country. Dear ladies, you are never alone, this is your podcast, our podcast, our own circle of sisterhood.
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EXPAT SUPPORT| Empowering 3rd Country Nationals Through Integrační Centrum Praha FREE Services

DID YOU KNOW that as a third country National with a residence permit of more than 90 days in the Czech Republic, you can access a range of amazing services FOR FREE? 🎉 That's right, free of charge! Here are just a few of the incredible services available to you: 1️⃣ Czech Language courses 2️⃣ Interpreters 3️⃣ Adaptations and integration courses 4️⃣ Legal advice (visas, contracts, etc.) 5️⃣ Professional social counseling (finding doctors, housing, kindergarten, marriage, birth, establishing a business, obtaining citizenship, pension and social benefits) How is this possible, you ask? 🤔 The Integrační Centrum Praha (ICP) @icpraha is a non-profit organization supported by the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund of the EU, the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic, and the Municipality of the Capital City of Prague. Thanks to their funding, they provide these services free of charge, making them accessible to everyone who needs them. In this episode, I talk to Ver
18/05/202335 minutes 49 seconds
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Stand Up For Yourself! - Setting Boundaries With Life Coach Kara Regas

Struggle with saying NO or standing up for yourself when you have to? Do you understand how boundaries work? In this episode we talk with life coach specializing in the topic of boundaries, Kara Regas. Kara is an expat from the USA living and working in Prague. Why Boundaries ? Well, many of us struggle with creating healthy boundaries, whether it's with family, friends, or coworkers. We often feel guilty or uncomfortable saying "no" or establishing limits with those around us, leading to stress, anxiety, and even resentment not to mention burnout due to people pleasing . Kara addresses the concept of people pleasing and codependency, the reasons why healthy boundaries are crucial for our mental and emotional well-being. She also provides practical tips for identifying when boundaries need to be set and how to establish them in a clear and respectful manner as well as the common challenges that may arise when setting boundaries with loved ones or in professional s
03/05/202340 minutes 47 seconds
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Money Matters: Navigating Expat Budgeting and Investing in the Czech Republic With Independent Financial Advisor Kateřina Bendová

Financial literacy and investing for women is not just a “good idea” but a MUST. Staying on top of your finances when living in a foreign country can be extremely challenging. From navigating the complexities of cross-border investing to making sense of potentially conflicting tax laws or maybe you don’t understand the local market or where to even start. It’s all so overwhelming to develop a solid investment strategy and financial plan to maximize your wealth. In this episode I chat with Kateřina Bendová about how to make an effective personal budget, where to invest in the Czech Republic, what to invest into, the things to consider and well as the resources available to expats. Stop postponing, invest today. You can find Kateřina on Facebook at <a href="[0]=AZVbapFHzNycC7M964CwD-jrv2vIn6WrzpiS6gVUaFj0irgwUGmG7bWqw6_RhSF_yvFqAE0Qp9QyXsUaaqIOl3onPacKBkMlDI3959IT0n85XlNxGXJKZ2WWp5Qmx9v55Ab7q20PHMvNSM3rNp
19/04/202346 minutes 14 seconds
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PRAGUE HOUSING CRISIS; Everything You Need To Know With Martina Kačerová

Prague is experiencing a housing crisis where there is a huge demand over supply. This has perpetuated a power play on the part of landlords breeding a culture of &quot;take it or leave it&quot; when it comes to the treatment of tenants. In this episode I talk with Martina Kačerová a real estate lawyer with years experience in the real estate industry mostly helping expats with the buying and selling of property as well as landlord disputes. If you are curious about the renting process or how to solve some of the common landlord disputes including but not limited to repairs, rental increase, eviction or getting your deposit back, then this episode was created with you in mind. Give it a listen and let us know your thoughts. You can reach Martina at [email protected] or find her on Facebook Our Podcast is now available on Youtube at Dear Ladies Network, please check it out and subscribe to our channel. <stron
22/03/202355 minutes 27 seconds