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English, Social, 1 season, 4 episodes, 1 hour, 13 minutes
dear diary, welcome to the podcast! a safe space for everyone. each week on 'dear diary' ariel will be answering your juiciest questions and giving you advice on the wild stories you send in. with topics ranging from self love to anxiety to parties to boys, things will be getting EMOTIONAL. think of this as your own personal therapy sesh. let's do this. xoxo, ariel
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advice session: being jewish, toxic friendships, and finding community

in this episode, ariel gives advice to her peers about the jewish experience, letting go of toxic friends, the power of community during difficult times, and activism.
6/5/202416 minutes, 33 seconds
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the rise in antisemitism

Recorded prior to the college campus protests, in this episode, Ariel discusses the history of antisemitism and the recent rise in anti-Jew hate.
5/7/202432 minutes, 54 seconds
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hi my loves! this week, we dove into your diary submissions about: FRIENDS! social anxiety, honesty, making friends, euphoria, pickles, and so much more! I got VULNERABLE. thank you for being so honest in your confessions. let me know what you think. i'm so excited for next week! email me what you want next week's topic to be! <3 podcast instagram: @deardiarydeardiarydeardiary podcast email: [email protected] my instagram: @babyariel  i love you. 
2/23/202221 minutes, 55 seconds
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dear diary,  this week we are talking all about... what this podcast is about! each week, you're going to send me your juiciest questions, stories, quotes, etc. and we are going to chat all about them. so grab your diary and your favorite pen and let's get to VENTING! love, ariel
2/3/20222 minutes, 24 seconds