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Dear Creative Soul is a podcast for creatives, artists, and the creatively curious. Walking a creative path takes a great amount of courage and it can sometimes feel lonely. It’s easy to get caught in comparison, fear, and lose yourself along the way. Each episode is like a love letter to your heart, filled with honest stories and gentle encouragement. Every week, your host, internationally recognized artist, author and teacher, Valerie McKeehan, helps you come home to yourself, who you are made to be, and the beauty you’re meant to bring to the world.Follow Valerie @valeriemckeehan on Instagram, subscribe to the Dear Creative Soul Podcast and share the show with a creative soul who needs to hear it.
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How to Have a Mindfulness Practice Through Creativity

Are you the type of person who hears "enjoy the process" and it seems like a cliche? You are not alone! We hear these things and know it's what we are "supposed to do," but doing is another story. How do we break the barriers to enjoying the process? The answer lies in a mindfulness practice and through it, realizing the true medicine available through the act of making art. Not only does it release feel-good chemicals into your body, but it helps you connect more deeply to yourself! In this episode, Valerie discusses practical tips for turning your creative practice into a mindful activity and truly begin to experience the joy of the process even if you thought you never could.
7/9/202432 minutes, 48 seconds
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We Want Your Humanity and Imperfection

Often as creatives and artists, we think we need to put out the polished, perfect version of ourselves. If it's not perfect then we hold back and think we're not ready or we're not good enough. But the truth is, it's the humanity and the imperfection that makes us connect with others and their artistry! Valerie discusses her recent experience at a concert to demonstrate the humanity that we all desperately want to connect with. You may feel the urge to insulate yourself from feeling paint or rejection, but it is because of your imperfections you will connect not despite them. Pastel Mindfulness Workshop | Sign Up Today!
7/2/202421 minutes, 4 seconds
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How to Separate Your Worth from Your Art

The life of a creative is full of juxtapositions! One of the biggest juxtapositions is the idea of creating from a place of who you are, yet not getting your identity so wrapped up in it that it debilitates you. When you can release the pressure of your worth being tied to what you create, a whole new world of healing and beauty opens up. In this episode, Valerie covers two important mindset shifts that can help you separate your worth from your art. Join My Creative Community
6/26/202432 minutes, 9 seconds
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What to do When You are Procrastinating

Does this sound familiar? You feel inspired and have all intentions of making art. Then suddenly, you remember you have “so much to do.” You block creating and chalk it up to not having enough time. I don’t believe that’s the real reason. It’s actually fear. In this episode, we explore how to tackle this issue of procrastination and discomfort head on so that you can experience the life-giving joy of creation. Learn more about the Magic Maker's Membership:
6/18/202424 minutes, 33 seconds
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Art is Energy

In today's episode I'm taking you inside our exclusive Facebook group in the Magic Makers Membership! We've been working through the book, The Creative Act by Rick Rubin. Every Friday, I've been going live to discuss portions of the book and it has been SO GOOD. I had to share this discussion with you! I talk art is energywhy creating needs to be an act of self-lovehow to playthe "rules" of art and so much more!I hope it encourages you in your creativity today. I also wanted to let you know that for a limited time, I am offering 3 months in my membership for one special price! Join us during the summer and make this a summer filled with creative magic!  -Sign up here-Purchase The Creative Act:
6/2/20241 hour, 5 minutes, 7 seconds
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Talking Perfectionism and Jealousy

We've been going through The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron in my membership, The Magic Makers. I've been going live on our Facebook community each week to discuss each chapter of the 12-week journey. It has been incredible! This episode includes the audio from one of the Facebook lives. It covers Week 7 in the Artist's Way and we talk a lot about overcoming perfectionism and jealousy. I hope you enjoy the discussion and that it gives fuel to your creative soul!  For more information about my membership and becoming a Magic Maker, learn more here:
4/9/202459 minutes, 8 seconds
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For The Stressed-Out Creative

Many people talk about creativity or having a creative outlet as a stress-reliever. This can certainly be true, however, what happens when your creativity does just the opposite? When you're stressed out about creating art and your body is sent into flight or fight mode? It's something I think we need to talk about more. In this case, creativity becomes a poison, dripping cortisol into your body, when it should be a life-giving medicine. It can be medicine. In this episode, we'll discuss what happens when you're a stressed-out creative and ways to help. 
2/12/202430 minutes, 27 seconds
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Turn the Lights Back On

For the first time in decades, Billy Joel released new music. After listening to the single, I had so many thoughts. Thoughts about creativity, courage, pressure, and succumbing to the praise of others. I asked Mak to join me again on the podcast to have this spontaneous conversation! We talk about the universal fear of creatives, how to decipher your fear, how to build creative resilience, become authentically yourself, and much more. Listen to Billy Joel's new single: about the Magic of Soft Pastel Online Course: the Magic Makers Membership:
2/2/202456 minutes, 12 seconds
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What Do You Really Want?

Happy New Year!With a new year comes all the talk about setting goals and resolutions. There's a better way of tapping into what you desire and making it happen. It all boils down to the question: how do you want to FEEL?In this episode, we talk about letting yourself dream, how to discover what it is you really want, a new way to create a vision board, and a helpful, but simple exercise for feeling your best self each day this year.If you want to kick off your 2024 as part of a creative community, feeling inspired, encouraged, and supported, join me in the Magic Makers Membership! There is a special trial offer happening to try it out during the month of January! DM me on Instagram @valeriemckeehan and I will send you the details.
1/8/202425 minutes, 48 seconds
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When You Don't Have Time For Your Art

When life gets busy, art is often the first thing to go. I wish this wasn't the case, but what I do know is that heaping on guilt is not the answer! In this episode, I'm sharing a pep talk I recorded for those in my membership community. You'll find encouragement for when you're feeling frustrated and disconnected from your art, especially now as we near Christmas.Christmas special!You can receive two free months in the Magic Makers Membership as part of your Magic of Soft Pastel On-Demand Course enrollment! Plus, save $50 off the course using code: MYCREATIVEYEAREvery time I've followed my creative promptings it has led to good things - like pieces of my heart that I didn't even know were lost coming back, making me feel more ME. I believe the same is true for you.If you're feeling a tug to express yourself in a new way, delve deeper into your art…these feelings are there for a reason.You have beauty to offer. I am passionate about helping you bring it to life.Check out the course at: out the Magic Makers Membership at: 2024 your creative year!
12/19/202316 minutes, 6 seconds
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Chloe Minyon on Finding Creative Authenticity

I am thrilled to be joined on the podcast today by my friend, artist, creative entrepreneur, and coach, Chloe Minyon. This candid and vulnerable conversation was part of a live virtual retreat held for members of my Magic Makers Membership! We discuss creative authenticity, how there's always more going on behind the scenes of creative businesses, the pressure of being a full-time artist, knowing when to pivot, how to find your people, and so much goodness for your creative soul. I hope you enjoy!You can see more of Chloe's work and purchase The Clear Mind Journal here: the Magic Makers Membership! A supportive, creative artist community to help you tap into your creative genius and live a life filled with beauty and meaning. Chloe Minyon:As an artist, designer, and post-burnout creative, Chloe believes designing a beautiful life begins with heartfelt intention. Encouraging those around her to enjoy life like a fine art gallery, slowly, with emotion and purpose. Guiding away from overwhelm and into working from a place of rest. Having spent the majority of her career as a bespoke wedding stationer in a high-end and fast-paced industry, burnout struck in 2018 and almost led her to quit. Instead, she rested and did the deep work of understanding why creatives are more susceptible to the continual destruction of overwhelm.Originally from London, England, Chloe now calls Richmond, Virginia her home. An Enneagram 4w5 and a highly sensitive person (HSP), she always envisioned becoming an artist, bringing poetic expression to the world.Chloe has now expanded her offerings beyond beautifully designed wedding papers. She provides a range of tools and resources, including 1:1 coaching, speaking engagements, writing, and thoughtfully created products. Her mission is to eliminate the shame around creative suffering and bring joy back to our days.
12/12/20231 hour, 9 minutes, 53 seconds
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That Time I Triggered People on Tik Tok

Here is the TikTok video! all want to be liked and validated. That is part of being human! Especially when it comes to something vulnerable like our art. But, the fact is, not everyone is going to like you. This is not only okay, it is normal. Not everyone is going to like you, but you don't like everyone!Some people aren't going to be able to see you or understand you. It's not your job to contort yourself into something they can understand. This would be impossible anymore. Maybe they aren't meant to. But YOUR people, those you are meant to connect with will see you. How do we break this cycle of fearing what others will say or needing validation in order to feel like you're okay? That's exactly what we'll cover in today's episode.Join the Magic of Soft Pastel On Demand Course: the Magic Members Membership! Use coupon code LETSDOTHIS to waive the initiation fee!
12/5/202332 minutes, 45 seconds
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Change the story, change your life

Have you ever heard the story about fleas in a jar? If you place fleas in a jar, they will jump out. If you add a lid to the jar, the fleas will try to escape at first, but eventually, they will stop trying. Even when the lid is removed, the fleas will still stay in the jar. They were trained to stay there.How often are we like the fleas? Perhaps you've allowed a comment that was said to you in the past to act as a lid on your life and potential. Have you stopped to question these stories? Often the "lids" on your creativity and life aren't lids at all, but simply, stories that you have allowed to stick. Maybe these stories are keeping you stuck. It's time to see your situations differently. This episode will help you determine the stories that no longer serve you so that you can live creatively unboxed!
11/3/202320 minutes, 15 seconds
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It's Time to Practice Failing

We all know the phrase "practice makes perfect," but I actually do not believe in this phrase!I think a truer statement is "practice makes familiarity." When you practice something, it becomes familiar. When something becomes familiar, then your brain registers it as safe. Your brain has a funny way of taking the path of least resistance. The same thought patterns and emotions will keep coming up again and again only because they have become familiar. Even if the feeling is unwanted, your brain will decide it is safe. You've practiced it. This is not an episode to shame you into practicing your art or guilt-tripping you for not devoting the time you desire to your creativity. Instead, it's getting to the bottom of the subconscious blockers that might be sabotaging you! Becoming aware of these things is the first step in overcoming them. I want to help you to remove the blockers standing in the way of living the creative life of your dreams! Mentioned in this episode:I am so pleased to introduce you to the Magic Makers Membership! Walking a creative path is a life-long journey. It takes courage! We often come up against blockers of perfectionism, fear, imposter syndrome, frustration, discouragement and procrastination.But when you can release these negative emotions, get curious and play, art becomes medicine. Life-giving medicine that you deserve.The membership offers ongoing support and mentorship to help you elevate your soft pastel art, but most importantly, do so with peace and joy.You need more than tutorials and technique, you need support and a proven path to your unique magic. I’ve got you covered with both.
10/25/202323 minutes, 36 seconds
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5 Tips for When You're Feeling Discouraged

You set out to try something new, mustering the courage that it takes to try. You silenced your inner critic enough to do it and do it badly! A huge first step!But then, the weeks march on, the progress seems slower than expected. You feel the frustration and familiar feelings of self doubt and fear coming back to haunt you.Discouragement sets in.We’ve all felt its grip. The frustration may become unbearable and many people stop when they hit this wall. I don’t want you to get stuck here.There’s a real phenomenon that happens when you can envision the beauty you want to bring to life, but there is a disconnect between what your hands create.The reason you are perceiving this beauty at all is because it is already there inside of you. Trust this. At the moment, there is a gap between the style you desire in your work and what actually is. It can be frustrating! You’re in the middle of the gap, but it’s in this middle ground where the work happens. It's necessary. Don’t let yourself get frozen here!Please know, these feelings are completely normal. It will come at various points throughout your artistic journey and when it does, here are 5 things you can do to pull yourself out.LINKS:Let's connect on Instagram! to go a bit deeper in your art practice? The Magic Makers Membership is for you! 
10/18/202329 minutes, 17 seconds
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Why Your Creativity is Vital

I’ve been fired up lately. It’s about this notion that creativity is frivolous or childlike. It is NOT. Your creativity and artistic expression are vital. The world needs who you are when you are your lit-up, authentic self. In this episode:The Way of Integrity by Martha BeckJoin me for my next round of The Magic of Soft Pastel, a 6-Week LIVE online course experience. Sign up for the waitlist.
8/14/202321 minutes, 22 seconds
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How to Make Your Life Instantly Better

Today I’m sharing the one thing I believe is an instant game-changer in your life as well as your creative practice! You’ll learn the simple trick that will make a difference in how you feel and elevate the mundane, day-to-day. Because here's the thing: MOST of your life will be lived in the mundane moments.We have highs and lows sprinkled in between a collection of many mundane, simple moments.Transforming these moments into something of beauty and romance will transform your life.Not to mention, it’s here where inspiration is found! Join me for my first online soft pastel course!The Magic of Soft Pastel, a 6-Week LIVE online course experience.You will learn how to paint the world around you by discovering the art of landscape painting in a fun, tactile medium.But in addition to putting pigment to paper, the course will guide you through finding your unique voice and mindfully connecting to your creativity. All in the energy of a supportive, live environment.Live calls begin on July 17, 2023 and I’d love to see you there! Learn more information.
7/10/202315 minutes, 5 seconds
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What To Do When Things Don’t Work Out

Do you have those instances in your life where you look back on things you wanted so badly, but they didn’t work out? Maybe you’re breathing a sigh of relief (like me)! There are many times I’m grateful circumstances didn’t go the way I thought I wanted them to.But hindsight is 20/20. How do we let go of expectations and the desire to force the outcome in our present day when the story is yet to be written? We’ll answer this question in today’s episode.My LIVE online soft pastel course is here! Introducing the Magic of Soft Pastel, a 6-Week LIVE online course experience.You will learn how to paint the world around you by discovering the art of landscape painting in a fun, tactile medium.But in addition to putting pigment to paper, the course will guide you through finding your unique voice and mindfully connecting to your creativity. All in the energy of a supportive, live environment.Live calls begin on July 17, 2023 and I’d love to see you there! Learn more information. 
7/6/202324 minutes, 56 seconds
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Work Doesn't Have To Be Hard

I had a realization about burnout and overwhelm. So much of my creative journey has been spent in these states. I would read books about productivity and time hacks. Tell myself I need better routines and to get up earlier in the morning. But the truth was, it wasn't that I wasn't productive, I was misaligned. It wasn't an issue with time, it was an issue of authenticity. When we're working from a place of authenticity and flow, suddenly things feel easier. Our batteries don't drain the same way. If you're feeling a constant state of burnout and overwhelm, this episode is for you!Mentioned in this episode:The Way of Integrity by Martha Beck first course is here! Check out the Magic of Soft Pastel Online Course. 
6/24/202315 minutes, 2 seconds
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Go From Angsty to Peaceful

The angsty artist. It’s such a cliche, but for a good reason. Materializing something from your soul is gut-wrenching and fraught with reasons for angst. But, it doesn’t have to be that way! I want you to be able to create from a higher place of joy and peace!I believe there are two main blockers that if left unchecked, will keep you in a place of angst: people-pleasing (being worried about what others will think) and jealousy.I have some powerful mindset shifts for each of these roadblocks to help you go from angsty to peaceful on your creative journey.If this resonates with you, please visit and enter your email address. I have something coming to help. 
5/31/202331 minutes, 20 seconds
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You Were Made to Bloom

I used to hear the phrase “don't play small” and think that meant chasing some grandiose dream or version of what society considers successful. But I've come to realize that playing small is actually what happens when you hold yourself back or tamp down who you really are. This can happen for many reasons: perfectionism, fear of being seen, needing approval, someone in your life making you afraid.Perhaps you are waiting to be called up or picked (this isn't going to happen). Maybe you are secretly hoping for an external circumstance that will validate you and make you feel what you have to offer is worthwhile.  Even if the external circumstances would happen, I guarantee you it won't have the effect you desire. That's because the answer is within. It lies in choosing yourself.  Flowers bloom because they were made to. You were too.
5/16/202314 minutes, 31 seconds
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The Only Social Media Strategy You Need

The topic of authenticity has been chasing me it seems! It's a buzzword, I know, especially when it comes to showing up on social media. People have different versions of authentic, debating Instagram vs. Tiktok, filters vs. not, but authenticity can’t be tangibly defined. It can’t be quantified and bottled up. It is felt. There’s an energy that will connect or disconnect.There is strategy after strategy about how to best show up on social media, but without this intangible part - none of that matters. Without the heart and the YOU behind it.When someone is standing in their authenticity, it makes you feel at ease. You feel safe. It frees you to be yourself. But then this brings me to another thought: What if you’re not sure what that is? What if you’ve over-edited yourself so much into what you think other people want from you in those squares that you’re not even sure who the person is showing up? What if you’re asking: how can I be myself in a world that says I must be “on brand”? This episode is for you.In this episode we cover:The person who I believe to be the most authenticHow to release the pressure of social mediaWhat to do when you feel you've lost yourselfHow to overcome over-editing your every move on social mediaSimple and practical tips for bringing more joy into your dayI’ll be honest, there was a point in my career when I would hear about embracing the process, making a mess, loving the journey and I would think, “Yeah right. Who has time for that?” I had deadlines piling up; I was stressed and burnout. Do you struggle with embracing the process? This episode is for you.
5/9/202335 minutes, 10 seconds
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Why You Should Make Bad Art

I’ll be honest, there was a point in my career when I would hear about embracing the process, making a mess, loving the journey and I would think, “Yeah right. Who has time for that?” I had deadlines piling up; I was stressed and burnout. Do you struggle with embracing the process? This episode is for you.We are addicted to the idea of a successful outcome because our primitive brains want certainty and certainty feels safe. Our brains try to protect us from things like pain and shame, even in something that seems as innocent as creativity.Although you may think you want a certain outcome, your creative soul does not. Pushing through the obstacles brings a great, deep sense of satisfaction. There's MAGIC to be found in the process.In this episode we cover:Practical tips for overcoming a focus on the outcomeBuilding resilience in the creative processThe #1 antidote to shame while creatingHow to create mindfullyWhy we should embrace work that ends up in the trashCreating takes a great deal of courage and I hope this episode serves up a hefty dose for the taking.From the Episode:Daring Greatly by Brené BrownHarney & Sons Decaf Vanilla Comoro Black TeaBaxter's Fish & ChipsNantucket FerryI would really appreciate it if you took a moment to write a review of the podcast. It helps other creatives, like you, find and share!Sign up for an early-bird discount on my new live online course coming this summer!Follow me on Instagram @valeriemckeehanVisit: for more information and to view and purchase my artwork.
5/2/202332 minutes
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Why Beauty is Necessary | Part 2

Have you ever been made to feel like the beauty you create is frivolous? I would argue it's just the opposite - that beauty is utterly necessary. Your beauty is necessary.My husband, Mak, joins me again this week as it turns out we had so much more we wanted to say about this topic!We talk about the importance of finding what lights you up, regardless of trends, and how to incorporate small bits of beauty in your everyday life. If you find something to be beautiful, no matter how small or simple, it matters. It’s a clue to who you are and the world needs it. The global pandemic is proof of this and we discuss why!I hope you find some encouragement for your creative soul today.From the Episode:Coming soon! A new course for creatives.1:1 artist and creative business coaching.Connect with Valerie on Instagram: @valeriemckeehanVist Valerie's Website: valeriemckeehan.comPlease take a moment to share and review this episode. Be sure to tag Valerie on instagram if you do.
4/25/202341 minutes, 14 seconds
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Why Beauty is Necessary

Have you ever been made to feel like the beauty you create is frivolous? I would argue it's just the opposite - that beauty is utterly necessary. Your beauty is necessary.Beauty makes life worth living. It makes us feel alive! Sustenance for the soul.The world can never ever have too much beauty. It won't run out of space. We would never feel like there are already too many flowers or sunsets or ocean waves. And just like in nature, it is impossible to put too much of your art and creativity out into the world. Beauty begets beauty.In this episode, my husband Mak joins me to have this very important discussion about the necessity of beauty and why we need what's in your heart to create.Sign up to get more information about Valerie's brand new online course!References from the Show:Simply IrresistiblePhantom of the OperaBeauty and the BeastLongwood GardensAmadeusDead Poets SocietyFollow Valerie on Instagram: @valeriemckeehanVisit: valeriemckeehan.comPlease take a moment to share this episode on social media (don't forget to tag @valeriemckeehan) and be sure to leave a review!
4/18/202335 minutes, 43 seconds
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What To Do When You Feel Lost

Did you ever hear something and you don’t know exactly why, but you knew in that moment you were meant to hear it? That happened to me recently at an unexpected moment.The tears instantly came.It was an invitation back to myself after going through a period of feeling lost. When you feel like you’ve lost yourself, I believe it’s often because you’re not allowing your awareness to go to those places in your soul. There’s something that feels “off limits” and you suppress it. You’ve become used to doing this to the point you forgot who you are. And perhaps for a multitude of reasons… fear of what others might think, the reality of your current situation, trying to be practical. But what if you would allow yourself to play in the possibility without judgment, without needing to “figure it out”? What if you gave yourself permission to feel your way to the answers within yourself because the answers are there? What would it look like to dream and slowly find your way back?If you are feeling lost in your creativity, this episode (love letter) is for you.Please share this podcast with someone you think may enjoy it and take a moment to write a review. It helps other creatives find "Dear Creative Soul" on their favorite platform. Follow Valerie on Instagram: @valeriemckeehanVisit:
4/11/202329 minutes, 19 seconds
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You're Allowed to Change Your Mind

Dear Creative Soul,You’re allowed to change your mind You’re allowed to quit somethingYou’re allowed to experimentYou’re allowed to start something new.There are no rules!Giving the world the gift of your honest, authentic self is worth pushing past the made up rules and limitations we put on ourselves. In case you felt like you needed permission, this episode is it! We will break down the fears that make us feel like we are unable to quit, change our mind, or pivot. It’s time to release the people pleasing and scarcity mindsets, and step into your next right step. 
4/4/202322 minutes, 44 seconds
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Why Your Next Mistake Could Be Your Biggest Success

One of the biggest blockers to creativity is the fear of making a mistake. You probably have multiple ideas swirling through your head at any given moment, but maybe you're feeling afraid to choose the “wrong” one and move forward. Or maybe you feel intimidated to create, worrying that the end result won’t be what you had envisioned.For 12+ years while we are in school, we are taught there are right answers and wrong answers. All of our learning is leading to the end result of getting straight A’s, a good report card, or a high GPA.But this way of thinking is harmful when it comes to creativity! An emphasis on the end result will cause a fear of making a mistake. Thinking there is a “right” and a “wrong” choice, will leave you debilitated.Creativity requires an emphasis on the process. It’s the messiness and mistakes that inevitably come from the process that will move you forward. In this episode, you’ll learn tips for becoming resilient to making mistakes so that you can create freely and enjoy the journey.Connect with Valerie on InstagramCheck out ValerieMcKeehan.comPlease take a moment to leave a review! It helps other creatives find the podcast.
3/28/202324 minutes
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How I'm Getting Unstuck

Sometimes there are so many creatives directions we can take and this can leave us stuck! I’ve been feeling this way lately. In today’s episode we’ll talk about the simple mindset shifts to get unstuck and things we can tell ourselves to bring more fun into the process!Follow along on Instagram @valeriemckeehan and at
3/21/202312 minutes, 29 seconds
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Proof That You’re a Creative Genius

What if I told you that according to NASA scientists, you are a creative genius? It's true! I learned about the most fascinating study and it changes everything - especially how we see ourselves. After conducting a study of 1600 4 and 5-year olds, scientists found that 98 percent scored at "creative genius" level. 98 percent!But just ten years later, the same group of children were re-tested and the number plummeted to only two percent showcasing this creative ability.Somewhere along the way, we let our imaginations become buried by life experiences, doubts, self-consciousness, fear of looking silly and the like. But that creative genius is still inside. It's intrinsic to who you are. Today on the latest episode of The Dear Creative Soul Podcast, we're discussing how to get it back. I would love it if you would give it a listen and share it with a creative soul who needs some encouragement today!Mentioned in this article
3/14/202329 minutes, 39 seconds
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5 Reasons to Embrace Being a Beginner

It can feel intimidating to start something new, but I would argue that being a beginner in a new creative endeavor is magical.Here’s how to embrace those awkward, messy stages and have the courage to try. You never know what joy is waiting on the other side!
3/7/202315 minutes, 22 seconds
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The Power of Creative Routines

I’m going to say something perhaps unexpected: I believe you need more stress in your life! BUT - the right kind of stress and in the right amount.With too much stress, we can face overwhelm and burnout, but with not enough, we also experience low emotions of purposelessness and lack of energy. We live in a rhythmic and cyclical universe - think about circadian rhythms, seasons, and moon cycles. We’re not meant to be in constant expenditure or underuse of energy. The key is in balancing moments of high creative exertion (stress) with recovery and replenishment. When we can manage our energy in this way, we will feel much better in our creative practices!This episode will tackle the answer to this, which I believe to be the power of creative routines.Mentioned in this episode:The Power Of Full Engagement 
2/28/202327 minutes, 23 seconds
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7 Self-Care Tips for Creatives

The vulnerability required for being a creative can sometimes come with burnout, overwhelm, and overthinking. As beautiful as it is to create, when we’re in constant output mode without inputting into ourselves, it can lead to blocks and frustration. I love the quote by Anton Chekhov, “if you want to work on your art, work on your life.”In today’s episode, we’re going to cover 7 simple ideas you can do to bring some self-care into your daily rituals. Self care isn’t all about face masks and bubble baths (although I do love those things!) It is about managing our personal energy so that we can move from angst to creating from a place of joy! Mentioned in this episode:Crafter’s BoxMy Pastel Crafter’s BoxThe Power of Full EngagementThe Artist’s WayMargaux Coffee Shop, Pittsburgh, PALearn more about Valerie at and follow her on Instagram @valeriemckeehan. Please take a moment to rate and review the Dear Creative Soul podcast! It is a huge help in others finding the podcast. Additionally, if you know someone who would benefit from this episode, please share it!
2/21/202324 minutes, 47 seconds
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There's Room for You

Have you ever told yourself “Oh, everyone else is already doing that!” about a creative endeavor that you wanted to try? It’s easy to look at what everyone else is doing and feel overwhelmed. We fear the world may not need our participation, but I can tell you with confidence that this is a trap and completely untrue! We are both similar and connected to each other AND entirely unique at the same time. The way your heart is going to manifest its creative expression is something ONLY YOU can do. And the world needs it. We need your voice. We need your beauty. There’s a group of people out of the 8 billion on this planet that needs what only you can provide or unlock. Join me at my table today. I have some encouragement for you. Mentioned in this episode:Strengths-Based Marriage BookClifton Strength FinderRecipe for Calm PodcastTypology PodcastCathy Heller Podcast
2/14/202326 minutes, 44 seconds
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How to Embrace Failure

It can be a struggle to show up imperfectly and messy for a number of reasons (looking at you perfectionism and fear), but what is at the heart of the issue? I believe we are afraid to fail. What if I told you that failure isn’t the worst thing that can happen? Not even close! In fact, it’s something to be embraced and even welcomed. Failure means motion, moving forward. It acts as a flashlight to show us where we need to adjust and try again.I believe we need to change the conversation around failure and imperfection. It is all part of the creative’s journey. Join me at my table today. I have some encouragement for you.If you like this episode, please take a moment to review my podcast! It helps others find me and I love hearing from you. Also, please follow me on Instagram: @valeriemckeehan.
2/7/202329 minutes, 40 seconds
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There's Never a Good Time to Begin

I was sitting down to the mic fearful and feeling all the usual doubts spinning through my mind…“What if I sound dumb?” “I’m not good enough.”“Maybe this was a bad idea.”But then it occurred to me, I’ve been saying things like this to myself for years and the only thing staying comfortable led to was feeling stuck! Maybe you’re feeling stuck too. “I’m not ready. This isn’t a good time. I don’t have time to do this.”Sound familiar?I don’t believe the time is really our problem. Let’s break through these limiting beliefs together! Grab your favorite mug and a cozy warm drink. Come have a seat at my table today. I have some encouragement for you.Mentions from the EpisodeBalancing Busy Podcast by Leah RemilletElizabeth Gilbert quote was from her book entitled "Big Magic"Song: "Fear" by Ben RectorPlease take a moment to leave a review! It helps other to find my podcast and provides me with your valuable feedback. Thank you!
1/31/202326 minutes, 18 seconds
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Dear Creative Soul - Trailer

Dear Creative Soul is a podcast for creatives, artists, and the creatively curious. Walking a creative path takes a great amount of courage and it can sometimes feel lonely. It’s easy to get caught in comparison, fear, and lose yourself along the way. Each episode is like a love letter to your heart, filled with honest stories and gentle encouragement. Every week, your host, internationally recognized artist, author and teacher, Valerie McKeehan, helps you come home to yourself, who you are made to be, and the beauty you’re meant to bring to the world. Follow Valerie @valeriemckeehan on Instagram, subscribe to the Dear Creative Soul Podcast and share the show with a creative soul who needs to hear it.Coming January 2023!
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