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English, Social, 1 season, 7 episodes, 4 hours, 51 minutes
Join me, Sophie Rae, for the Dead Strange podcast; a weekly show where I delve into the strangest cases from across the globe.
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The Angel of Death

Nurses are supposed to be the embodiment of care, often helping save critically ill patients from death. It seems incomprehensible that a nurse would want to take lives rather than save them. However, when babies as young as seven months old began mysteriously dying on a British hospital ward, suspicions fell to one nurse in particular. Tune in to hear about the callous serial murders of Beverley Allitt.LEGAL:Relaxing Piano Music by Kevin MacLeodLink: Solved loopArtist: unknownLicense: Fair Use
12/18/202042 minutes, 28 seconds
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The Party Monster

In 90's NYC, nightclubs were alive with swarms of people all looking to have a great time. If you were lucky, you might bump into the famous Club Kids, a group of influencers who rubbed shoulders with the likes of RuPaul and Björk . Everybody wanted to party with them, and for years, they had a cult following. That all changed when two members carried out a grisly murder and almost got away with it. Tune in to hear about the brutal slaying of Angel Melendez.LEGAL:Dreams Become Real by Kevin MacLeodLink: Piano Music by Kevin MacLeodLink: Note One by Kevin MacLeodLink: Solved loop by artist unknown - License: Fair use
12/11/202044 minutes, 6 seconds
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The Silent Twins

Growing up in an all-white town, June & Jennifer were subject to constant teasing by their cruel classmates. Hurt from the bullying, the girls made a pact to never speak again. However, their years of ostracization resulted in boredom, and the twins soon fell into a life of crime. Ultimately, their lifetime of mutism ended with a bizarre tragedy that has not been fully understood to this day. CREDIT:Relaxing Piano Music by Kevin MacLeodLink: Note Two by Kevin MacLeodLink: Solved LoopArtist: UnknownLicense: Fair use
11/27/202052 minutes, 19 seconds
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The shocking murder of Lee Harvey

On a quiet country road in Birmingham, Lee Harvey was the victim of a fatal road rage attack. His helpless fiancée, Tracie Andrews, was left screaming at the roadside as his attackers sped off. After an iconic press conference, it became clear that not all was as it seemed. The real killer was staring straight down the camera.Long Note Three by Kevin MacLeodLink: in F by Kevin MacLeodLink:
11/20/202035 minutes, 55 seconds
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Who was Mostly Harmless?

How can somebody have three names, and no identity? That's exactly what happened in Collier County, Florida, in 2018. When news broke that a body had been found off the Appalachian Trail, people instantly recognised the decedent as the friendly hiker they all knew and loved. Trouble is, nobody knows his name. Tune in to hear about the baffling case of Mostly Harmless.Credit:Relaxing Piano Music by Kevin MacLeodLink: Note Two by Kevin MacLeodLink: Note Three by Kevin MacLeodLink:
11/6/202038 minutes, 6 seconds
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The Murder of Mark Kilroy

Spring Break is supposed to be a fun holiday, filled with excitement and joy. It's a time where you can be yourself and make fond memories with your best friends. However, for one University of Austin student, it was filled with extreme violence at the hands of a terrifying cult.Credit:Relaxing Piano Music by Kevin MacLeodLink: Note Two by Kevin MacLeodLink: Note Three by Kevin MacLeodLink: Blue Light by Kevin MacLeodLink:
10/30/202048 minutes, 33 seconds
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Disappearance of Rebecca Coriam

For the first ever episode of Dead Strange, I look into the disappearance of Rebecca Coriam, a children's entertainer who vanished under suspicious circumstances. Was a rogue wave really to blame? Or was it lust-driven murder? Tune in, and decide for yourself.
10/23/202030 minutes, 31 seconds