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Dating Architect - Build Your Ideal Dating Life

English, Education, 2 seasons, 40 episodes, 11 hours 33 minutes
A podcast from a seducer who has been in the seduction community for over 17 years. I will give you the most TRUTHFUL and HELPFUL advice in order to help you pick-up and date the hottest women around. Don't believe me? Just listen to one podcast episode and you'll be hooked!
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Gaming During the Pandemic! What's Changed?

Visit:'m back! Thank you to all the guys that contacted me and told me how much they love this podcast. In today's podcast I'll catch you up on what I've been up to and gaming during the pandemic. I also have a product out now that I think you'll enjoy. You can check it out at the link above or below.  For more great content, visit:
10/02/202124 minutes 35 seconds
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How Seduction Gurus Increase Your Approach Anxiety and Program You to Fail

Visit: may think that seduction gurus want to help you get more women, but in reality a lot of them just want to empty your wallet. While I think some videos can help give you an idea of what to do, others just make your more insecure and nervous.For every video you watch online, you should be spending 4x as much time approaching women in real life. Don't become a spectator, watching videos all day. Go out and approach and start drawing your own conclusions.For more great content, visit:
25/03/202013 minutes 25 seconds
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"Innocent Girls" and the Secret Society

Visit: http://datingarchitect.comSome guys seem to think that girls that go out to clubs and bars are "easy" and "slutty." They want to find an "innocent girl" that they can make their girlfriend. In today's podcast, I dispel the idea that there are any "innocent girls." The truth of the matter is that every girl will be a "slut" for some guy. You may be that guy or you may not.For more great content, visit:
18/03/202013 minutes 15 seconds
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Being Unreactive Is One of the Secrets to Getting and Keeping Women

Visit: http://datingarchitect.comMost men can not control their emotions when dealing with women. It is the lack of this skill that keeps them from getting and keeping the women they really want. If you learn how to control your emotions especially when a woman is angry, emotional, or irrational you can help her deal with her emotions and draw her closer to you. For more great content, visit:
11/03/202018 minutes 45 seconds
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Become Immune to the Beauty of Women

Visit: http://datingarchitect.comDo you lose your thoughts when speaking to a beautiful women? Do you find yourself in a trance? In this episode I go over some ways you can get over a woman's beauty. For more great content, visit:
04/03/202014 minutes
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Your "Magic" Number

Visit: http://datingarchitect.comDo you know how many women you have to speak to in order to sleep with one? Each of us is different. We all have our strengths as well as our weaknesses. For more great content, visit:
26/02/202010 minutes 45 seconds
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Let Go of the Stories That Are Sabotaging Your Ability to Seduce Women

Visit: http://datingarchitect.comWe all have our stories for why we can't do something. We keep telling ourselves these stories over and over. But repeating your story, for why you think you can't be good with women or get the women you want, does nothing to help you improve your dating life. In this podcast, I go over how you can stop sabotaging yourself with old stories. I also give you a great resource on helping you let go of your stories so you can create new ones that actually help you achieve your dating goals. For more great content, visit:
19/02/202016 minutes 10 seconds
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Don't Let YOUR Limiting Beliefs or Social Conditioning Stop You from Approaching Women

Visit: http://datingarchitect.comI coach a lot of guys who limit themselves before they even make an approach. They are trapped in a mind prison of their own creation because they believe they lack certain things that society tells them they need in order to be confident. In this podcast, I will teach you about some of these limitation and how to stop giving them power. You will also learn the secret to getting better results with women and how to quiet these thoughts over time. For more great content, visit:
12/02/202015 minutes 40 seconds
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Flaking and How to Handle Flaky Women

Visit: http://datingarchitect.comToday I'm going to go over flaking and how to handle women that flake. Should you NEXT them or give them another chance? If you are making regular approaches then flakes should not be too much of a problem for you. For more great content, visit:
05/02/202033 minutes 35 seconds
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How to Get a Girl's Phone Number

Visit: http://datingarchitect.comIn today's podcast, I'm going to teach you how to get a girl's phone number. Notice I said get, not ask. You NEVER want to ask for the phone number. Asking decreases your chances of getting it. For more great content, visit:
29/01/202014 minutes 45 seconds
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How to Keep a Relationship and the Logistics of Getting a Girl to Your Place | 21 Convention 2007 Speech

This is the speech I gave in front of 50-60 guys at the 21 Convention in 2007 (before the CEO got all political).In the first part of this speech, I gave advice on relationship maintenance and what you need to do in order to keep your relationship healthy. The second part of this speech discusses logistics and how you can pull a girl out of a nightclub or bar once you have some attraction. For more great content check out: 
22/01/202037 minutes 15 seconds
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How Your Identity Affects What YOU Can and Cannot Do | 21 Convention 2007 Speech

This is the speech I gave in front of 50-60 guys at the 21 Convention in 2007 (before the CEO got all political). The speech is about YOUR identity and how it affects what you can and cannot do. It goes in-depth on how a guy that is good with women thinks and how he got there. It goes over what it takes to get good with women and how you can become a great seducer if you change your current beliefs and identity over time. For more great content check out: how your identity affects what you can doyour self concept gives you permission
15/01/202029 minutes 15 seconds
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How to NEVER Run Out of Things to Say AFTER You Make the Approach

Visit: http://datingarchitect.comIn today's podcast, I go over 10 things that will help you right after you make the approach. These are the things you really need to focus on in order to be successful when picking-up women, especially during the daytime. If you can master these, you will become an unstoppable force and you will never have trouble meeting women again. For more great content, visit:
08/01/202017 minutes 10 seconds
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Women Are NOT Mysterious Creatures, They Are Male VALUE Detectors

Visit: http://datingarchitect.comMost guys think that women are these mysterious creatures that are so hard to understand. In today's podcast, I reveal that women are very easy to understand. They are male value detectors and constantly scan men on their value. The majority of women value the same things in a man. They want a man that is confident, certain, capable, intelligent, resourceful, and strong. But some went prefer certain traits over others. For more great content, visit:
01/01/202022 minutes 10 seconds