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Everyone belongs to someone but finding the right one seems to be a path that leads to heartbreaks, and mistakes that could have been avoided. Each week join AJay, as she peers into provocative topics people seem to avoid on Dating, Sex, and Love plus everything else in between, in the African modern society. If you desire a relationship that gives you all-round satisfaction despite traditional norms in Africa or you simply want great tips on Sex and Dating, then this is the Podcast for you.
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Sex On The First Date

This topic is inspired by an experience Ajay had, where she was flirting with someone and they unintentionally suggested that sex was a possibility. Ajay and her guest Jessica Fortunes discussed the implications of this and how it can lead to people being in bad situations. In conclusion, they reiterated the importance of being careful when navigating the dating scene.Listen to Date, Sex & Love & Twenty-Something Rant on the Jamit platform
18/05/202332 minutes 48 seconds
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Who is Your Spec

On this episode Ajay and her guest chat about dating specifications and if that has any significance in who you end up with.
11/05/202326 minutes 27 seconds
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Exploring Foreplay

On this episode of Date,Sex & Love Ajay and her guest speak about foreplay and how it should be done.Her guest discuss the importance of communication between partners, as different people have different preferences and ideas of what foreplay should be. The discussion also touches on the misconception that African men do not know how to foreplay, and the importance of recognizing and respecting each other’s preferences.Communication between partners is key in order for foreplay to work and be enjoyable for both people. This conversation is about the misconception of foreplay, and how it is often seen as the sole responsibility of the male gender.Ajay discuss the importance of communication and understanding between both partners, as it is essential for a successful foreplay experience. They also discuss the hustle and bustle of Lagos State and how both partners have to work hard to get through the day.They emphasize that both partners shoul
04/05/202345 minutes 57 seconds
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Does Dating Lead to A Relatioship

In this episode, the Host shares her experience with dating and marriage. She also had guest from the Africalypso Podcast who emphasize the importance of taking time to find the right person and not rushing into marriage.They talk about using Tinder and how that can be miss leading. The speaker also discusses going through multiple unsuccessful relationships before finding one. She revealed that they dated for a year before her partner asked her to be his girlfriend. Finally, the speaker reflects on their initial attraction to their partner and how they chose to take it slow.
27/04/202332 minutes 48 seconds
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Between You & I : Part 2

In today's episode of Date, Sex and Love, I and my guest answered some of the questions we got from our listeners.Join us on this ride.
20/04/202347 minutes 10 seconds
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Understanding Abortion: Unpopular Perspectives On The Controversial Topic Of Abortion

AJ and Ludic discuss abortion on the podcast Date, Sex, and Love. AJ introduces the topic, and Ludic starts off by saying that she has a lot to say on the issue and not to hate her for her opinion. She states that she is pro-life and believes that those who are pro-choice are selfish and not looking at the big picture. They further discuss the implications of abortion, such as the potential for infanticide. They also discuss the impact of abortion on relationships, and how it can have a lasting effect on a couple. They also talk about the importance of making sure that both parties in a relationship are on the same page when it comes to the decision to have an abortion. Ultimately, AJ and Ludic agree that abortion is a difficult decision and one that should be made with care and consideration. This conversation was between two people discussing the topic of abortion and the concept of from the minutes of conception. The person being educated explained that when the sperm meets the egg,
13/04/202337 minutes 4 seconds
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Long Engagement

In this podcast episode, we explore the concept of a long engagement in relationships. We discuss the factors that can influence the length of an engagement and the benefits and challenges that can come with a prolonged engagement period. Join us as we delve into the reasons why some couples choose a long engagement and what it means for their relationship dynamics. Whether you're in a long engagement or just curious about this topic, this episode offers valuable insights and perspectives.
06/04/202351 minutes 33 seconds
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Debunking Common Dating Myths

In this episode of Date, Sex & Love, we explore common dating myths and debunk them. We discuss the impact of these myths on dating and relationships and provide practical tips for navigating them.Key Points:The Myth of "The One": We begin by discussing the myth that there is only one perfect person for everyone. We explore the evidence against this myth and provide tips on how to approach dating with a more realistic perspective.The Myth of Love at First Sight: We then explore the myth of love at first sight and discuss the impact it can have on relationships. We highlight the importance of taking time to get to know someone before committing to a relationship.The Myth of Playing Hard to Get: We discuss the popular dating myth of playing hard to get and its potential impact on relationships. We provide evidence-based research on the effectiveness of this tactic and offer alternative ways to approach dating.The Myth of Opposites Attract: We
30/03/202322 minutes 52 seconds
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Sex Tape

In this episode, Ajay and her guests share some intimate moments, and how a sex tape can help spicy up a relationship the pros and cons of a sex tape.
23/03/202327 minutes 19 seconds
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Relationship Deal Breaker

In this episode, Ajay and her guest explore the concept of “deal breakers” in romantic relationships.we delve into the various reasons why people might choose to end a relationship based on certain values, behaviors, or actions.Through interviews with guest, we hear real-life examples of deal breakers and how they’ve impacted their relationships. We also discuss the importance of communicating deal breakers early on in a relationship to avoid future conflicts or heartache.listeners will gain a better understanding of what constitutes a deal breaker and how to navigate these issues in their own relationships
16/03/202338 minutes 11 seconds
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Living Together In A Relationship

Living together in a relationship refers to the decision of two people to share the same living space and build a life together.This often involves merging households, combining finances, and navigating the ups and downs of daily life as a couple.Living together can be a major milestone in a relationship and requires open communication, compromise, and a willingness to work through challenges together. While it can be a rewarding and fulfilling experience, it can also come with its own set of unique challenges, such as navigating shared responsibilities, establishing boundaries, and maintaining individual identities.Ultimately, successful cohabitation requires a strong foundation of mutual respect, trust, and love
09/03/202341 minutes 41 seconds
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Breakfast In A Car

In this episode, the host Ajay opens up about her own personal experience with a difficult breakup. She shares a story about a time when she was dishonest with her partner and went out with a "Dark and Handsome" guy instead of telling him the truth. As a result, their relationship began to deteriorate and eventually ended in a painful breakup.Ajay reflects on the lessons she learned from this experience and how it has shaped her approach to relationships and honesty in her personal life. She discusses with her guest the importance of communication, trust, and vulnerability in maintaining healthy relationships and how hiding the truth can lead to unintended consequences.Throughout the episode, Ajay and her Guest provides listeners with valuable insights and advice on how to navigate the challenges of romantic relationships, including the importance of self-reflection and honest communication. She also shares some tips on how to heal after a breakup and move forwa
02/03/202337 minutes 39 seconds
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Bae Allowance

In this Episode, Ajay speaks on girlfriend allowance and she has guests who have opposite ideas of what bae allowance is.Listen to this amazing episode.
23/02/202345 minutes 37 seconds
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Introducing: Date, Sex & Love Season 4

Vulnerability, belonging, Joy.The birthplace of Love. The shared beauty of belonging, courage, intimacy, empathy, authenticity, all the things we’re about on date sex and love.And Vulnerability has never sounded so good.Join Ajay and her guests as they journey the path to Joy, belonging, intimacy, authenticity and love in the all new Date sex and love season 4.Filled with disrupting tales of real life experiences, totally relatable and dramatic stories, eye opening discoveries, unconventional views and a whole lot of fun you would not want to miss out on.Date Sex & Love Drops every week on Thursday, Ajay is ready to give it to you as it is hot. Tell a friend, that partner, that ex, to tune in for an amazing 25 minutes every week.Click link below to signup
16/02/20231 minute 30 seconds
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Questions To Ask On A First Date

It might be obvious, but the easiest way to connect with someone is to get them talking about themselves, by asking about their hobbies, their interests… do they enjoy activities like sports, painting, spending time outside, reading, or dancing? Maybe you will find something that you both enjoy doing and, if you interested in finding out how to ask these questions on a date then your in the right place. listen to more episode of Date Sex & love on
28/04/202235 minutes 36 seconds
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Friend Zoned

In this Episode Ajay and Guess share detailed stories of their friend zone experience
21/04/202226 minutes 38 seconds
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Touch My Body

So you’ve got a steady partner and they are great. But sometimes, you’ve just got to *ahem* take care of yourself. Is this normal?Or maybe you’ve walked in on said great partner doing the same thing. That can feel awkward at best and like a betrayal at worst. But is it actually cause for concern?This week, I and @Vien007 on all social media platform, discuss the various angles of masturbation that no one really sees
14/04/202226 minutes 33 seconds
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In this episode of Date Sex & love, Ajay and her guest address the question of whether you should be friends with your ex. Find out more on this episode.
07/04/202218 minutes 16 seconds
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Pickup Lines

The best pick-up lines whether they’re cheesy, funny pick-up lines that’ll get someone laughing or clever pick-up lines that’ll make you stand out will make breaking the ice and getting the conversation started a little bit easier.Plus, using corny pick-up lines shows off what a playful personality you have, too and who doesn’t like that? Well you never know if you don't try.So whether you’re looking for cute pick-up lines to tell a girl or a Guy you need some cheesy pick-up lines to text to a guy you’re into, In This episode Ajay and her guest share sum of the best and worse pick uplines they've heard.Listen to Date, Sex & love and find out the pickup line her husband used on her.
31/03/202234 minutes 12 seconds
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Sugar Dating

Sugar dating also called sugaring, is a transactional dating practice typically characterized by an older, wealthier person and a younger person in need of financial assistance in a mutually beneficial relationship, usually for sex or companionship.However, in some scenarios sugar dating instantly becomes a scene from a horror story.In this episode, Ajay narrates the story of a sugar baby who had numerous sugar daddies. One of them becomes very jealous and pushes for marriage, but she refused as she was enjoying the lavish lifestyle and all the attention. Sugar Daddy on the other hand wanted more. He felt if he couldn't have her no one should so he sent some thugs to brutally rape her.To find out more listen to this episode of the Date Sex & Love podcast.
24/03/202233 minutes 29 seconds
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Knowing The One

In this episode, Ajay and her guest share how they found out that their partners were the ones for them. Listen to the Date Sex & love podcast on the
17/03/202226 minutes
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Virgin Guy

In this episode Ajay had her first virgin guy on the Date, Sex & love share some intimate moment moment. Listen to the more amazing episode on Jamitapp
10/03/202237 minutes 9 seconds
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Everyone has had a crush or two in their lifetime and boy oh boy does it feel like cloud nine whenever he/she walks in, a simple hi gets you all fluttering. But should it just be a crush or can it blossom into a lifetime relationship. On Today's episode we talk about if it's okay to let your crush know you like him/her or should the idea of be crushed. Listen to the Date Sex & love to find out more on or other major podcast players
03/03/202219 minutes 55 seconds
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Cheat Code

On This Episode of Date Sex & love Ajay and her Guest as they ask the question why do people cheat most especially men. listen to the Date, Sex & love Podcast on the Jamit App to find out more.
24/02/202240 minutes 24 seconds
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Ghost Mode

On Today's Episode Of Date, Sex & Love podcast Ajay is joined with the host of Letter to the Boyz podcast & Stories That Touch Podcast to discuss about Ghosting a term used when someone who you like or your romantically involved in stop responding, without any warning. Listen to find out more on how to avoid those awkward situations on the Jamit App.
18/02/202227 minutes 41 seconds
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Season 3 Trailer

Date Sex & love is back with a Bang!!! subscribe to stay up to date with the latest episode.
14/02/20221 minute 38 seconds
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Phases of Love

The season finale is here!We hope you had a nice time throughout this season and you have been able to learn one or two things.Listen to Ajay, our love doctor as she takes us through the four phases of love.
24/06/202114 minutes 28 seconds
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Long Distance Relationship

How do you manage a long distance relationship? Would you even opt for one if need be? Join Ajay and her guest on this enlightened episode as they discuss long distance relationship.
10/06/202127 minutes 41 seconds
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As much as we don't like to talk about it, SEX is an important aspect of relationships but the question is, would you opt for celibacy in your relationship?Listen to this intriguing episode of DSL.
03/06/202142 minutes 47 seconds
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Kayanmata originated from the Northern part of Nigeria. It refers to herbs or potions that act as sex or love enhancers for couples. Join Ajay and her guest on this episode as they debunk the myths associated with kayanmata.
27/05/202119 minutes 30 seconds
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Is it possible to fall in love with someone over the internet?It would appear that in some cases, the answer is yes. But what happens when an online dater pretends to be someone they aren't? Are the feelings of love valid?Even some experts suggest that falling in love online isn't genuine because too many variables are missing in the conversation.In this episode Ajay with her guests Ebo and Banji dive into the possibilities of online dating and the red flags to look out for.
20/05/202135 minutes 21 seconds
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Family Affairs

When do we draw the line with families interfering with our relationships?Join Ajay and her guest Kiki on this episode as they dissect this issue.
13/05/202134 minutes 20 seconds
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Between You & I (Ft. Chiny)

In today's episode of Date, Sex and Love, I and my guest answered some of the questions we got from our listeners.Join us on this ride.
06/05/202128 minutes 26 seconds
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Opposite Besties

Rom-coms like “When Harry Met Sally” or “Friends with Benefits” are sort of responsible for planting the misguided idea that men and women are incapable of being “just friends” without eventually falling in love or having sex.On Today’s episode, I , Bayo and Joy, talk about being comfortable with the opposite bestie of your bae or boo plus signs to look out for if it’s just more than friends.
29/04/202132 minutes 28 seconds
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Money & Relationship

Money, they say makes the world go round but can it buy love? A lot of people have emphasized the need for financial gains in relationships for it to thrive even though there is some sort of truth in that, I can’t help but wonder why it seems to be a number one priority in relationships especially for women.Join me and my guest Funmi on this episode where we trash out the insatiable trends of money moves in relationships.
22/04/202117 minutes 41 seconds
Episode Artwork

Does Age Matter (Ft. Hubby)

Many times people say age is nothing but a number when they talk about their specifics in relationships, but, is it really just a number?On today’s episode, I and my guest (husbae whom I dragged to join me) talk about if people are comfortable dating someone younger or older, or is maturity simply all that is needed in a relationship.
15/04/202125 minutes 40 seconds
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Orally Speaking

Yes... Oral sex is REAL sex which most people find pleasurable, let’s just say it’s how one gets to “taste” how sweet their partner is (hmmm yum)Unfortunately not all taste is tasteful (think about it: Oral sex puts you into contact with skin and body fluids—semen, vaginal fluids, blood, urine, feces, breast milk—any of which can contain disease-causing viruses or bacteria… And spitting out these fluids will not protect you from infection( urrgh)On this episode I and girls, Kunbi and Tolu talk deeply on things to expect before an oral date and what to do to truly achieve oral satisfaction because orally speaking we all like to be tingled right, Right?
08/04/202133 minutes 53 seconds
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Introducing: Date, Sex & Love Season 2

Are you ready? Season 2 of Date, Sex and Love is finally here!Get ready for an explicit session with me and my guests on issues of Love, Sex and everything else in between.Be warned because it’s strictly rated R, with no mincing of words.So sit back, get plugged in as we take a journey to have a happy relationship we so deserve.
01/04/20211 minute 40 seconds
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The Wrong Narrative (Bonus)

The media influences can effect positive and radical changes in the society but sometimes the media tends to give a wrong impression to people that affects the present reality. It presents an unrealistic standard of relationships that most people use as a yardstick which unfortunately only brings about disappointments and unhappiness.This week, on the bonus episode of the DSL Podcast, Ajay shakes the tables of the wrong narratives in the media today, should this narrative continue? or is it a right standard to follow?
24/09/20206 minutes
Episode Artwork

Love Triangle II (Bonus)

DSL season 1 is over!The season ended with Love Triangle, but we can't but share the comments some of our amazing audience sent as regards the episode.So, if you haven't listened to Love Triangle, kindly do that before listening to this to get the undiluted gist from the DSL lady herself.
17/09/202010 minutes
Episode Artwork

Love Triangle

Life, they say is complicated but truth be told I feel it is we humans that mess things up which sprung into a complicated situation.This week's episode on the season finale of the DSL Podcast is a perfect example of such "complications". I will be taking you on a real-life story of two good friends and a certain guy in the middle. Heads up, this story have a twist you won't see coming but in all, I will like to know what you think?
09/09/202021 minutes 43 seconds
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Fantasy Foreplay

Do you know your deepest sexual desires? I'm sure you do and no you are not weird to have one.Everyone has a sexual fantasy they will like to explore but some fantasies are pretty awkward than others. So what do you do when you are not comfortable with your partner's sexual desires or they don't feel comfortable with yours?This week I and my guest Jeff talk about Strange sexual fantasies and what to do if you get stuck with one.
03/09/202020 minutes 22 seconds
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Act of Flirting

Every once in a while you'll like someone but getting the person's attention can be a chore, I mean how do you get them to notice you?Flirty comes in handy to get into that conversation but the act of flirting can sometimes be either overbearing or downright irritating.Is flirting been underrated? This week I and Rhoda speak on the importance of flirting even while in a relationship.
27/08/202018 minutes 7 seconds
Episode Artwork

Lust In Love

When two people meet and sparks fly immediately (especially physical attractions) it's often said to be lust rather than love. But I often wonder, is lust not part of love?If there isn't some lust, then how can passion thrive in the relationship?How will one's relationship seem more interesting?These and more are what I and my guest Funmi discuss about this week. Can lust be part of love or it's just an infatuation?
20/08/202017 minutes 50 seconds
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Every relationship thrives on both partners to be creative and not let the passion between them fizzle out or turn into a routine, but when this happens, the other partner delves into some sort of erotic adventure to get his or her sexual desires fulfilled. One such venture is the Kamasutra.Kamasutra is said to be a guide on deriving sexual fulfilment that helps ones relationship stay relevant and passionate, giving aspects into over a 100 sexual activities that one can experience with their partners, but do they work?This week, I and my friends Titi and Kayode talk about the benefits of Kamasutra or if it's just a myth.
13/08/202018 minutes 7 seconds
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Love Language

Communication is vital in every relationship, but for you to communicate you must first understand the language. Now I don't mean the language one speaks, I mean "love languages"After I experienced a heart-wrenching breakup, I couldn't understand why it didn't work out. I loved him but he couldn't see it because I wasn't expressing it in the way he understood.On today's episode, I and Amarachi host of the cheap talk Podcast discuss extensively on love languages and how understanding ones love language can help you achieve a fulfilling relationship.
06/08/202015 minutes 40 seconds
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Body Count

In a society of ours where 'sexual topic' is a taboo for open discussion, what would be your first reaction when asked what your body count is?Join Ajay and her guest on this mind-blowing episode of DSL as they explore the topic... BODY COUNT.Listen to this episode of DSL on all Jamitfm platforms.
30/07/202016 minutes 14 seconds
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Sexual Compatibility

You've finally got into a relationship with that Guy or Babe you've been fantasizing to date, it's going great so far and you decided to take it up a notch with your first sex together, only to discover that She or He doesn't match your freakiness or it might just be too much for you to handle. Sounds familiar?On Today's episode, I and my friends, Precious Uzor-Jeff a Style Enthusiast/Fashion-prenuer and Faith Udeh, A Content Curator/Script Editor talk about how Sexual Compatibility is often exempted in people's check-list of a suitable relationship and why it should a priority.
23/07/202018 minutes 42 seconds
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With relationships being distraught nowadays it's no surprise how people end up entangled with someone who they are not really into. Are you familiar with this "ship"? Well, it's the REBOUNDship.I once dated a guy whose whole mission was to use me to get back at his ex, it took a while before I realized this and by that time, I had invested so much into the relationship.On this episode, I and my friend Charity Lokengo, share intimate experiences of being a rebound and having one, plus tips to score in if you in a rebound.
15/07/202019 minutes 19 seconds
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Love at First Smash

Love is honestly a complicated emotion, but an emotion we crave for in our lives.But how we stumble on it is what we are so unaware of, for some it's love at first sight, for some it started in friendship, but for me, it was a weird way. Ever heard of love at first smash? Well, that's how I stumbled on love. On this episode, I and my guests, Sohmiee and Dolapo, dived into an in-depth conversation on the possibilities of falling in love with someone by just having sex with him/she for the first time.Enjoy...
09/07/202024 minutes 6 seconds
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Does Size Matter

When you are attracted to someone and you two hit it off pretty well, it's normal to expect an intimate experience, for me I hoped it would be out of this world but what I got was a different scenario that was a letdown. What led to this?Having pleasurable sex is what every woman aims for, but does the size of a man's dick play a major role in getting that sexual gratification?Well, a certain comment made by Nigerian musician, Tiwa Savage, that went viral on Social media on this issue stirred up major controversy. On today's episode, I and my friends, Jeff and Rhoda, decided to explore the question with more depth, a question that runs through the mind of both women and men but doesn't seem to know the answer to it..."Does the Dick Size Matter?"
02/07/202028 minutes 28 seconds
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Date, Sex & Love: Trailer

I'm Ajay and I'm married to the man of my dreams, a fairy tale that had its struggles like dating the wrong men, lots of experimental sex and a bumpy ride to knowing what love is. This is a path most people struggle with lots of unanswered questions.Get the answers to these questions and more on the DSL - Date, Sex and Love Podcast, as I and my friends give all the juicy details and tips to a successful relationship.
21/06/20201 minute 19 seconds