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Data Futurology - Leadership And Strategy in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science

English, Finance, 6 seasons, 268 episodes, 2 days 3 hours 14 minutes
Artificial intelligence is a tremendously beneficial technology that's advancing at an incredibly rapid pace. As more and more organisations adopt and implement AI we find that the main challenges are not in the technology itself but in the human side, ie: the approaches, chosen problems and what's called 'the last mile', etc. That's why Data Futurology focuses on the leadership side of AI and how to get the most value from it. Join me, Felipe Flores, a Data Science executive with almost 20 years of experience in the space. Every week I speak with top industry leaders from around the world
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#185 Data platforms: the foundation of business-oriented data analytics with Aruna Kolluru, Chief Technologist, AI at Dell Technologies

In this episode, Felipe sat down with Aruna Kolluru, Chief Technologist for AI at Dell Technologies ahead of our Advancing AI Melbourne event on 6-7 April. She shared how they work on providing solutions for their customers and use all available technologies - AI, IoT, data, etc, - to reach their desired outcomes. Aruna works with clients across a vast range of industries and this is a testament to the power data & AI hold to promote growth and generate business value, regardless of the area you work in. In her own words, data has become the core of innovation for every industry. With the key role data plays in today’s organisations, making it accessible for the analytics team to extract insights from it is of the utmost importance. That’s why data platforms have become essential for providing reliable, quality data that can be leveraged to achieve business goals. Tune in for the full
30/03/202241 minutes 15 seconds
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# 166 - Machine Learning and AI Innovations at WooliesX Ram Radhakrishnan, General Manager for Customer Analytics, AI & Data Science

Organisations are in constant need of innovation to fulfill their end consumer’s needs. That’s why several companies have started innovation areas to help update and grow their main business. Today we are focusing on starting a Machine Learning and AI initiative within these innovation areas to grow the value they are providing, scale their results and positively impact the rest of the organisation. We are joined by Ram Radhakrishnan, General Manager for Customer Analytics, AI & Data Science at WooliesX, where he is building world-class capabilities thanks to 250+ data practitioners coming together. Ram is certain that AI and ML are future capabilities able to take organisations to new heights, whether it be solving business problems or providing a unique customer experience. The AI & ML space is quite big and diverse, but both Ram and Felipe share how they’ve seen a huge rise in the demand for machine learning engineers due to the growing need of scaling and o
06/10/202135 minutes 55 seconds
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#154 Part 1 - Tech enthusiast to AI leader: Getting to know podcast host, Felipe Flores: Career Walkthrough & Tips

In part one of this special episode, Felipe reflects on the path his career has taken from his first start-up company to how he started Data Futurology and to his latest role in Healthcare.  In this open and honest conversation, he reveals the mistakes he made along the way and the lessons he learned from those failures. Successful people do have struggles, but you must be willing to ask for help. Passionate about his field, Felipe began the Data Futurology podcast in 2018 when he realised he needed a productive outlet for his obsession! Fast forward to today and he has interviewed over 200 guests from Australia and around the world from companies such as NASA, Formula 1, the AFL. And even a futurist! Listen in next week for part two as Felipe takes Q&A from the audience. Quotes:  There were so many things I did wrong during that time and so many things that I learned during that time, but it was the best training
20/05/202135 minutes 39 seconds
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#138 Standardisation and Governance of AI with Aurelie Jacquet - Chair

We are joined by Aurelie Jacquet, Chair of Standards Australia, an independent not-for-profit organisation that specializes in the development and adoption of internationally-aligned standards in Australia. Aurelie is an expert in governance, data ethics, privacy and responsible use of technology. She starts by sharing with us how her journey in the data and ethics world started. She is a lawyer by trade, who started as a litigator and then moved on to work in finance for algorithmic trading. Her interest in AI and ethics peaked in 2016, she soon realized all law initiatives regarding AI were done overseas, so she decided to venture into the world of standards and push for Australia to participate in the international standards around AI. Quotes: "A use case I see that keeps coming back is 'how do you manage privacy, bias and accountability?" "The solution you use to address fairness and bias should strongly align with the
12/01/20211 hour 35 seconds
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SL-12 New Hope: What's Ahead of Us in Data and Diversity?

In our last episode, we have Alan Ho, Head of Global Partner Marketing at Tibco Software. We look back on the challenges brought by this year and, as it comes to an end, we reflect on what we need to do differently moving forward and what areas offer hope to those who wish to participate more actively in the data economy. As a part of today’s discussion, we also had the pleasure of chatting with Sara Tiew, Public Sector Leader & Job Redesign Practice Leader at Mercer around the topic of the future of work. Sara acknowledges the fear people have of losing their jobs due to technology and automation, but she clarifies that technology will also create several million new jobs. Therefore, it’s extremely important to help workers employed in roles that are at risk and transit them into new job opportunities available. Quotes: "When I look at diversity I am not just looking at gender diversity, I’m looking at cultural diversity. I’m
20/12/202037 minutes 9 seconds
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SL-11 The Changing Role of the CMO

We are joined by Disha Goenka Das, Director of Marketing at Twitter APAC to discuss the modern CMO's job. Disha has had a great career in marketing and has experience in several areas like sales, operations, product management and product marketing. She describes herself as endlessly curious and always wanting to explore the world. Creating marketing strategies and campaigns purely for customer delight is her happy place. She acknowledges technology is moving at a dramatic pace, and marketing is one of the most technology-dependent business functions, so she advises all marketing professionals to make a disciplined effort in staying up to date with the new technologies coming along. Quotes: "If I had to give advice to anyone who is in marketing I would say that marketing and technology are moving at a dramatic pace, it’s moving at a faster pace than any of us ever predicted. Keeping ourselves up to date requires structured learning
15/12/202053 minutes 52 seconds
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SL-10 Career Aspirations Post Pandemic: What Every Hiring Manager Needs to Know

Kate Carruthers, Chief Data & Insights Officer at the University of New South Wales joins us for an episode that discusses the results of a survey shared by She Loves Data across their community regarding women's expectations about their careers, given the challenges of the past year. To start us off, Kate shares how her change-ready attitude has allowed her to seize new opportunities and learn new things. Though it might be intimidating, she encourages others to step up and say ‘yes’ to challenges. The pandemic of 2020 changed the nature of work forever, affecting millions of careers. Sadly, more women were hit harder. For this reason, She Loves Data reached out to their community and asked professional women about their worries, challenges and aspirations regarding work. Her advice for women listening is to find a community of people like them and groups that support them. Surrounding yourself with others may provide helpful and valuable perspectives that
08/12/202055 minutes 26 seconds
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SL-9 The Role of the Chief Data Officer

We are joined by Celine Le Cotonnec, Chief Data & Innovation Officer at Bank of Singapore and Shameek Kundu, Chief Data Officer at Standard Chartered Bank. They share with us their perspective on what the function and goal of the Chief Data Officer is. From Shameek’s experience, the function of the Chief Data Officer role varies by industry, maturity of the organization with respect to data and sometimes even by geographic location. Celine refers to a study that shows a successful data transformation is 20% about tech, 50% about the people’s mindset and 30% process reengineering wherever you are implementing some type of data product. For her, one key aspect of the CDO role is how you manage the people to achieve transformation within the organization. Quotes: "Many banks that have built some kind of credit model, even with traditional analytics, have seen their models crumble with Covid-19." "In any successful d
01/12/202054 minutes 7 seconds
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SL-8 Data Skills, Check. What About Soft Skills?

In this episode we have Figen Ulgen, Head of Data & Analytics at Woolworths NZ and Angela Kim, Head of Analytics & AI at Teachers Health joining us for a conversation around soft skills and their relevance in the world of data. Figen gives soft skills the same importance as technical skills, given that both of them are necessary for individuals to reach success. Soft skills may come naturally for some people, but even those who struggle can learn them. It may not come automatically, but it is definitely possible to improve. Angela encourages organizations to provide training for their teams in this area, to help them understand each other and their differences better, and also to learn from each other. Quotes: "If you don't have the communication skills or the ability to try and see things from their perspective, I think it is pretty difficult to get to the actual analytics part." "We need to be able to socia
24/11/202052 minutes 24 seconds
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SL-7 Innovation and Disruption in the Finance Industry

On our 7th episode we are joined by two very talented women, Siew Choo Soh, Managing Director & Group Head of Consumer Banking and Big Data/AI Technology at DBS Bank and Terisa Roberts, Director and Global Lead: Risk Modelling and Decisioning at SAS. Siew Choo shares with us DBS’s mindset around innovation. For them, the use of technology does not equate to innovation. They don’t have a designated innovation department, just a small innovation team whose job is not to innovate, it’s rather helping other people across the bank to innovate. They provide resources to enable everyone to be able to innovate by empowering the individuals and teams to be curious. Terisa draws attention to a recent study by Deloitte, showing that firms who invest in diversity and innovation are 8 times more likely to achieve their business outcomes. She also mentions that in Risk Management, they monitor the algorithms they’re using in society and how these algorithms can discriminate agai
17/11/202043 minutes 58 seconds
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SL-6 Why Data-Driven Marketing is a Must

In this episode we have Vidyarth Eluppai Srivatsan, Director of Marketing Technology at The Coca-Cola Company and Pavel Bulowski, Chief Marketing Officer at Meiro and Co-Founder of She Loves Data. Vidyarth describes the Director of Marketing Technology position as a bridge between the roles of Chief Data Officer, Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Information Officer. It’s about going across the marketing, digital or technology to bridge the knowledge gaps and come up with both the strategy and execution. Data’s importance in marketing has soared. Currently, there are over 8000 AI and automation platforms available for marketers to take advantage of, so it can be tricky to know which ones are worth our attention and money. Pavel emphasizes the importance of thinking of them as strategic purchases and looking for the ones that offer capabilities that will help differentiate ourselves from the competition. Quotes: "Often when I work w
10/11/202053 minutes 43 seconds
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SL-5 Diversity and Representation in AI

With AI determining many system-led decisions, from who gets a job, a loan or business opportunity, the need to ensure diversity and inclusivity in the creation of algorithmic rules becomes more important. In our fifth episode, we have Glenda Crisp, Chief Data Officer at National Australia Bank. She started her career in tech as a programmer in a bank in Canada and then went on to get an MBA. Before being recruited by NAB, she worked at TD Bank in Toronto. As the Chief Data Officer at National Australia Bank, both her business and technological side come together. Diversity is a key topic at NAB. They have 6 pillars of inclusion that they target, which are: Gender Balance, NABility and Neurodiversity, NAB Pride, Cultural Inclusion, African Inclusion and Indigenous. When it comes to bias you have to actively look for it and manage it, given that AI learns from data, historical data is a result of human decisions and humans are biased. NAB has an ethical framework for th
05/11/202055 minutes 33 seconds
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SL-4 Building a Data Team with Diversity Front of Mind

In this episode, we have Virginia Wheway Vice President of Data & Analytics at Koala and Jan Sheppard, Chief Data Officer at the Tertiary Education Commission in New Zealand. Diversity is a broad area, and it includes gender, age, ethnicity, etc. Fostering diversity in an organization starts with the recruiting and hiring process.To make sure you hire the right people for the job you need to establish what you need or want for that role before you start recruiting, and then take out all your biases that might come into play. Diverse teams need leaders who are brave and ready to get outside their comfort zones, stay tuned to learn their tips on how to foster diversity in your team! Quotes: "In another company I was at before, the machine learning people have been repurposed to design dashboards." "The sorts of people I hire are not so rigid that they will only do one thing." "The real skills that a
27/10/202058 minutes 24 seconds
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SL-3 #RealTalk: The Covid19 Juggle- Women in TECH Talk About the Challenges of Working from Home

When lockdowns started, people around the world, especially women, found themselves juggling with their personal and professional lives. In this episode we have Kathryn Gulifa, Chief Data & Analytics Officer at Worksafe Victoria, and Stuti Sharma, Director of Data Science at Visa who share with us the challenges they faced while trying to cope with the new normal. Stuart Garland, Director at Talent Insights Group gives us the recruiters’ perspective on the covid impact and tells us employees are not the only ones adapting to changes, employers are doing so as well. Some of them are beginning to realise remote work can be productive and perhaps there is an opportunity for some work from home to offer employees flexibility post covid-19. Quotes: "I was trying to balance full time work while caring for a 2 year old and a 6 month old. Which I found, honestly, really challenging and had many ups and downs from the mental health perspective
20/10/202047 minutes 40 seconds
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SL-2 How the Pandemic Highlighted the Need for Data-Driven and Diverse Leadership

Anu Madgavkar is a partner at McKinsey Global Institute and she’s done important research on Covid-19’s effect on gender inequality and the future of women at work. Anu talks about the diversity dividend and the compelling statistics supporting it. A study from +1000 companies around the world, found that organizations in the top quartile in terms of diversity in C-suite executives are 25% more likely to outperform in terms of profitability and long-term value creation. This holds true for gender and ethnic diversity. Also, companies in the bottom quartile are 29%  more likely to underperform, resulting in lower profitability or average value creation. Quotes: "I started focusing more on this notion that there’s a really leaky pipeline and a lot of women do dropout, and as you start thinking about that and navigating your own journey through that I think I got a lot more interested in why does this matter to the world at large, to ec
13/10/202049 minutes 20 seconds
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SL-1 Championing Diversity

Data Futurology podcast host, Felipe Flores interviews She Loves Data co-founders Jana Marlé-Zizková and Pavel Bulowski, who share how they found a philanthropic niche in data literacy while pushing for more diverse and inclusive workforces. What started as a data workshop for a roomful of friends and friends of friends, has grown into a 21k+ community in 14 (and growing) city chapters around the world. Listen to inspiring stories from them and their members. Jana and Pavel both have abundant experience in the analytics field and also co-founded Meiro, a Customer Data Platform that allows organizations to harness user data. Jana was recently recognized as part of Singapore’s 100 Women in Tech. More than just a non-profit, She Loves Data is a community and a movement with the goal of encouraging women across Asia, ANZ, Africa, Europe and the USA to embrace tech and strengthen their data and digital literacy to future-proof their careers. Quotes:<
06/10/20201 hour 2 minutes 25 seconds
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Data Futurology Español Ep #1 with Day Manuet

Felipe Flores es director de data science con casi 20 años de experiencia. Felipe ha trabajado en ingeniería de datos / almacenamiento, reportes, inteligencia empresarial, análisis, data science, machine learning e inteligencia artificial. Actualmente es el Director de Data Science en la empresa de Inteligencia Artificial, Honeysuckle Health. Mientras que Day es una experta en data science. Durante 15 años, ha colaborado con corporativos internacionales como Colgate, Gillette, P&amp;G, Walmart y Epworth HealthCare para guiar su estrategia de inteligencia empresarial, de mercadotecnia y decisiones operativas mediante el uso de datos. Le apasiona todo lo que tenga que ver con datos e insights, es experta en técnicas cuantitativas, cualitativas y analíticas y ha trabajado con bases de datos, inteligencia de mercados, reportes de datos, ciencia de datos, pronóstico de ventas para innovaciones, machine learning e inteligencia artificial. En este episodio Felipe y Day
18/07/20201 hour 4 minutes 51 seconds
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Data Futurology - Leadership And Strategy in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science (Trailer)

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