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English, Electronic Dance, 1 season, 268 episodes, 6 days, 15 hours, 51 minutes
Broadcasting electronic music without borders. Data Cult Audio maintains an interest in creating a platform for music, sound sculpture and noise artist pushing boundaries, and reshaping the sonic landscape.
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Data Cult Audio 0269 - PTNA

About: PTNA aka Justin Olson began his music journey with the Violin at age 3. By the time he was in college, Justin shared his songs in live performances and open mics building confidence as a performer, and learn the satisfaction of sharing his creations with the world. As an artist, it is easy to become lost in your head and process, live performance is a very important tool to receive feedback and input that guides your creative output and can give you the needed confidence to share it with the world. In 2014, Justin began his journey into Synthesizers, Electronic Drums, Samplers and Drum Machines. Since 2014, Justin has focused on creating musical projects, performances and albums on his Eurorack Modular. He has released 20 + albums of music during this time-frame and has enjoyed the process of patching a song over hours to days and then performing it live and capturing the performance. Justin has performed around the state of Arizona including: Tempe Center for the Arts “ Singer Songwriters Showcase” in partnership with PBS, “Knock the Blues out of Hunger” Blues Festival, Glendale Folk Festival, Weekly “Fun Fridays” at the Tempe Center for the Arts and most recently, a live Eurorack Modular Performance at , “ Wireheads” in downtown Phoenix. Justin enjoys introducing people to Modular synthesis and being a knowledgeable resource to expose and bring students into the area of study and creation. His mission is to help guide newcomers through the vast market of gear, resource material and introducing them to basic skills that build on each other and provide a strong foundation to continue their very personal journey of building their own Modular instrument. Justin is currently a modular Synthesizer instructor and has taught at the Academy of Modern Music Production (AMMP) in Mesa, AZ. Links:
11/14/202224 minutes, 1 second
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Data Cult Audio 0268 - Sleep Of Eons

About: Sleep of Eons is the glitchy electronic modular/computer based audio visual work of Jorge Bojorquez from Tucson, AZ. In 2018 a shift from guitar based drone music to modular synths provided a long sought after solution to creating generative, slowly changing, self evolving soundscapes which could still be controlled by the player. With the aid of a/v programming languages like Max/MSP and Processing the project now is taking on a visual manifestation as well. RGB Riot was an EP released in early 2020 that showcases the opposite of these ideas and focuses on minimalism and what can be done with nothing but a couple of Pocket Operators and a delay pedal. The range of glitchy to drone and anywhere in between is welcome territory. At his core Sleep of Eons is inspired greatly by science fiction and the seires Rendevous with Rama and hopes to capture some of that monolithic, alien, otherwordly yet familiar feeling in musical and visual form. Links:
10/29/202234 minutes, 46 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0267 - Blakmoth

Data Cult Audio 0267 - Blakmoth by DC Audio
10/17/202227 minutes, 46 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0266 - Yates Zaldevour

About: Yates is an Atlanta native artist. He spent his early years on drums and guitar in metal bands before discovering synths in the early 90’s. He has an avid love for the sonic artistry of early industrial acts and how they performed. He currently finds himself in a few musical pathways from creating songs for Internet personalities, scores and sound fx for local film makers, and also a long time musical partner and he are developing a "band" based around live electronics inspired by how Author and punisher and Skinny Puppy plays instruments. He, like many others in the synth world, found himself deep in the modular wormhole. Yates Has a firm belief that his rig knows what he is feeling and knows how to spit it back out at him in ways you wouldn’t expect. This session was recorded while under the thumb of chaotic life happenings during the month of sept 2022. It represents a lot of emotions from anger to peace. A sonic pallet swirling inside a black hole millions of light years away from earth. Links:
10/2/202243 minutes, 39 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0265 - Ecotech

Bio:  Ecotech is a solo electronic music project started by Zachary Sedefian in January 2021. Ecotech often releases dub techno or deep house tracks, but he also records a lot of other music. His submission to Data Cult Audio is an amalgamation of experiments he made in Upstate New York and Lima, Peru. The first half is an exploration of the MengQi Wing Pinger as an instrument, accompanied by a Ciat-Lonbarde Cocoquantus, Lorre-Mill DoubleKnot, and eurorack modular synthesizer. In the second half Ecotech used a Charango (traditional Andean instrument), iPhone, and Cocoquantus to make contemplative grainy soundscapes. This recording combines an interest in the limits of frequency modulation and ping with time-stretched garden sounds and false nostalgia. Links:
9/18/202227 minutes, 46 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0264 - A.M.Filipkowski

About: A.M. Filipkowski is fascinated by dystopian fiction. This is the starting point for his aural projects. He attributes this to growing up in inner city Detroit, and watching as the city seemed to die around him. Remnants of industry diminished into a barren wasteland engraved a mark on him that is expressed in the sounds he creates. He is also the founding mind behind Data Cult Audio. Links: Bandcamp: FaceBook: Instagram: iTunes: SoundCloud: Twitter: Web: Patreon:
9/4/202238 minutes, 37 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0263 - DEXBA

About: Dexba, in his awkward first attempt at talking about himself in the third person, is an Italian musician in love with big soundtracks, ambient noise, and chants coming from the rocky steppe. He started his journey as a cellist, swore he would never work in an orchestra, and decided to move on to synthesizers in order to play more than one note at a time. Born too late to own property, too late to be La Monte Young, and even too late to be a YouTube star, Dexba is trying to find his way in music and maybe this podcast is a sign he is on the right path. Links:
8/21/202220 minutes
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Data Cult Audio 0262 - Hypercube

About: Rodrigo Passannanti is an Italian-born electronic musician based in London UK at the forefront of numerous productions and world-wide releases including bespoke compositions for Sync-music, Caprisar Productions, Media music manager and Warner/Chappell Music as global publisher. Links:
8/7/202243 minutes, 12 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0261 - Aelk Minsur

About: (As per Aelk Minsur) I’m blessed to be able to do what I love for a living. As an industrial and commercial electrician, I spend my days with badasses building badass stuff. It’s incredibly fulfilling to be a part of large scale projects and build things that get put to use everyday. Each construction site has a strong energy - energy from the site itself and especially from the people that work there. It’s a loud and in-your-face energy that has a positive, forward momentum. This recording is a distillation of that energy. Some of the beats are brand new and some are taken from my album, "Everything is a Nail". Shoutout to the Data Cult Audio crew for inviting me back. Be sure to support them at their Patreon. I hope you enjoy this set. Turn it up to 11 and bang your head! Links:
7/23/202241 minutes, 59 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0260 - Glinca

About: Glinca is Tazio Iacobacci, a composer from Sicily, Italy. In the early ‘90’s he started making music as a drummer with several noise bands. In 2002 he joined a band called “Tellaro", a slow core project signed to 2nd Records which put out four releases. At the same time he developed his interest in composing music ranging from acoustic to electronic soundscapes and he mainly did this under the moniker "Pola" (three records, the first released on Ionik Recordings). He joined several productions as a drummer, guitarist and programming electronic stuff. Actually he started making music with modular synths under the “Glinca" moniker and put out three records, the last one on Werra Foxma Records. "In general, the way I compose does not follow a pre-determined path.Sometimes I search for a sound.Melodic lines are often extrapolated by a process of subtraction: I make a pattern of 16 random notes, I keep 4 or 5 of them, just to make things clear. I leave a lot of room for randomness and in this particular respect, modular synths are perfect. I am into the idea of preserving as much as possible the random melodic line I get from the overall modular process. Lately I've been trying to write music with just a few lines, no superstructures. For instance, the tracks I'm writing right now are compositions with two oscillators and only two melodic lines. No overdubs, pretty stripped down and minimalistic." Links:
7/10/202232 minutes, 33 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0259 - Analog Monoxide

About: Analog Monoxide is frequently mistaken for being the name of a group, but is in reality a working alias of Stian Høyberg, musician and producer from Norway. The music released under this banner is typically a huge mix of various influences over the years, ranging from experimental electronica to acoustic jazz, and anything in between. Composition usually happens in his home studio, and is a very free-form process. He started out as a piano player at an early age, and has worked for over 30 years honing his skills on guitars, vocals, drums, percussion, keyboards, synthesizers, and other instruments along the way. While studying music, learning to play jazz, and working with an analog studio recording to 8track tape, he also discovered computers and their increasing capabilities as music tools, while also allowing access to sampling and software emulation of synthesis. The workflow has undergone changes over time, with the development of technology and better tools, but it's essentially the same today. Currently heavily into the combination of Eurorack and various other hardware integrated with Bitwig, and loving this new workflow. About this set: These tunes are all either from recent live performances on various hardware/software combined, or done in studio within the last few weeks, as hardware/modular jams multitracked into Bitwig, then given some post production. Links:
6/27/202253 minutes, 44 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0258 - [moos]

About: [moos] is an electronic music producer from the Netherlands. “I’ve been making music for over 20 years: electro, dubstep, techno, dub, ambient. For three years now I’ve been focussing on modular synths, which I find truly inspiring. I did live modbap sets (modular + hiphop beats), glitchy tracks and lofi ambient pieces. Something that’s always present in my music is a feeling of melancholy. When I create stuff, I start with an idea, start patching and develop it further. In that process the modular always brings me to new unexpected sound territories. Everything is recorded straight to stereo, no overdubs or edits on the computer. This is challenging but also very rewarding - once it’s done it’s done.” For Data Cult Audio [moos] created and recorded a new modular set. Enjoy. Links: BandCamp ► Instagram ► Spotify ► All music, videos ►
6/12/202226 minutes, 15 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0257 - Luca Francini

Luca Francini is a music composer and producer for media. In his quest to find new sounds he discovered the Eurorack world; being able to establish a direct connection between me and the sound in its rawest form is what he find fascinating and inspiring. When Luca is in front of his modules and synths he enjoy creating experimental, generative soundscapes where the listener can loose themselves, meditate or just relax. Links:
5/30/202229 minutes, 15 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0256 - Production Unit Xero

About: Production Unit Xero (PUX) is an American electronic musician who has been cultivating high-quality IDM that stirs emotions and expands the mind since circa 2001. His work, which also heavily incorporates ambient, electro and breakbeat constructions, evokes the likes of Jega, early Mike Paradinas projects, and Proem. While many like-minded artists who explore the fragmentation and deconstruction of electronic music hot rod down the proverbial bit-crushed strip of plugins and knob twiddling to only forget the importance of emotional connection, Ramon does not fall into this trap. Instead his work summons the spiritual and emotional element that often escapes experimental electronic music. His work takes me elsewhere and this is an important variable that I look for in art. Mr. Mills who resides in Portland Oregon, is an active member of Portland’s vibrant live hardware scene and also runs the exquisite and stealthy net label Heterodox Records – which boasts a fine selection of experimental electronic releases from an assortment of underdogs and low profile programming wizards. Links:
5/15/202223 minutes, 35 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0255 - James Staub

About: James Staub has spent the last ten years composing music through the design of electroacoustic systems and processes. Pieces are constructed from a tapestry of recorded improvisations for guitar, upright bass, cello and a vast toolkit of original interactive music software. Staub’s work as a music technologist and programmer centers on the development of real-time human-computer improvisation. These tools employ machine listening and synthesis techniques to interpret and play along with instrumental improvisations. The incidental and the imperfect nature of his custom made audio programs create a dynamic, texture-rich interplay between acoustic and electronic voices. This mix for Data Cult Audio contains selections from several of James’ albums (released under the name Muddy Wires), as well as unreleased studio material. Links:
4/29/202232 minutes, 42 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0254 - Gloom Mountain Gospel

About: Gloom Mountain Gospel is a electronic duo of Jason Vapor and Goldie Paris from the mountains of East Tennessee. They create what they call Electro Gloom a mix of ambient soundscapes and driving drums. They have been creating music together since 2016 with several albums and singles independently released and the last two albums released on Heterodox Records. Links:
4/18/202228 minutes, 59 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0253 - Android Superstar

About: Android Superstar is the result of monkeys cohabitating with machines. The result is electronic noise distilled into pulsing beats. Links:
4/3/202231 minutes, 33 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0252 - Stefano Trezzi

ABOUT: Stefano Trezzi, sound engineer and musician, in 2018 approaches modular synthesis and experimental music. He explores and is guided by the various sounds that are generated consciously or not, building a changing story. His sound is a walk through different atmospheres in order and chaos, created by synths, effects, samplers and sounds of the world. The result is a changing flow of ideas, sounds, instinct and emotions. Stefano is a member of the family, Milano Modulare, a collective of musicians who keep the world of modular synthesis alive in the Milanese hinterland with events and unique live performances. As a bassist and guitarist, he collaborates in productions with different artists from the alternative-rock and hip hop scenes of Brianza and Milan. About the track: Sunset is a live performance recorded during a live show in Milan, all sounds come from modular synths and pedal effects. LINKS:
3/20/202251 minutes, 39 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0251 - Enereph

About: "shrill thru worlds, the enereph calls!" Connie Fu plays the enereph, one of many characters in her audiovisual universe. She weaves together sounds that remind her of home. In this piece. Octatrack, Digitone, and Hydrasynth recordings are arranged with lap steel guitar*, modular, and soft synth sounds. Peking opera samples and recitations of her poetry offer a glimpse into the inner world. She lives in Seattle with her rabbits Frank and Akemie and can be found working at Patchwerks, the local synth shop. Split album 'premoniss / Bukimi no Tani Genshō' with Production Unit Xero set to be released 2/12/22 on Heterodox Records. *gratitude to Maluhia Castillo for the lap steel > Night Sky jam on 12/21/21. Links: Heterodox Records: IG: Bandcamp: YouTube:
3/6/202227 minutes, 39 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0250 - JacqNoise and Andreas Krach

About: JacqNoise- In her compositions, JacqNoise is looking for the spot where rhythms cross each other’s paths. She is deconstructing sounds in order to understand the symphony and the themes that are reflected in it. Andreas Krach-  Andreas Krach spends sleepless nights with crunchy electronic sounds, deriving from circuit bent instruments, no-input mixers and analogue synthesizers. Lots of analogue synthesizers. Besides creating exotic sound he also  built the bulky bleep machine "Krach der Robotter" that haunts clubs and venues on a regular basis. Links: JacqNoise- Andreas Krach-
2/20/202219 minutes, 2 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0249 - Novak The Enjoyer

About: Novak The Enjoyer is an electronic artist from Los Angeles, CA. Established in 2016 through the discovery of modular synthesizers, Novak released his debut album “Modular Synth Patches Vol. 1” (2018) through bandcamp. Links:
2/5/202226 minutes, 18 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0248 - Annelid

About: Alien worlds, dystopian/utopian deep futures, otherworldly forces, ancient Gods, malevolent AIs, these are the auditory evocations woven by Annelid: an experimental audio/visual project employing modular synthesizers and generative/algorithmic techniques to weave dark ambient soundscapes and visions heavily inspired by science fiction and horror themes. "Annelid" as a moniker is inspired by the cult-classic sci-fi horror rpg System Shock 2, as a nod to one of the most quintessential hive-mind organisms in fiction. Relax, close your eyes, and dissolve into the void. Links:
1/1/202247 minutes, 54 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0247 - Theodore The Blacksmith

About: Theodore The Blacksmith is the main project of Recording Artist Theo Harper (co founder of the noize project W.A.S.T.E. and long time member of the band Manufactura. the blacksmith project has a gravitational focus on mental health and darkness.. P M R (psycho motor retardation) is the brighter side of the spectrum with light hearted melodies with more subject matter driven motivations. Links:
1/1/20221 hour, 1 minute, 6 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0246 - Worst Night Ever

About: Worst Night Ever uses a combination of found sounds, generated sounds, and really old sounds no one cares about anymore to create ambient tracks and noise suitable for dark journeys. This is what happens when you stay up so late your refrigerator starts to sound like music. From Queens and Brooklyn NYC. LINKS:
12/25/202132 minutes, 56 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0245 - Shane Mendonsa

About: Shane Mendonsa is a composer who’s worked for almost two decades on award-winning independent films, documentaries, blockbuster Bollywood movies and top charting electronic music across all major platforms and avenues. His latest adventure is making plant music and videos, and as a practicing sound healer is actively exploring the healing effects of music on bodies and spaces. For the Data Cult podcast, Shane has chosen to share generative plant music from his plant series called Signs of Life. Jade Finger and Eucalyptus are from his latest album, House Plants, and Lavender is from Herb Garden. The podcast playlist also includes an unreleased computer generated performance called Causality. You can find Shane’s plant music on Bandcamp and on his YouTube channel, where he has made videos for each song. Links: Website - Bandcamp - YouTube - Instagram - @shanemendonsa
12/18/202125 minutes
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Data Cult Audio 0244 - Spank.AU

About: Spank.AU is Berlin-based experimental synthesist and composer mainly influenced by ambient, house and techno Links: Instagram ► Soundcloud ► Bandcamp ► Youtube ► Spotify ►
12/11/202120 minutes, 2 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0243 - Wild Wild Mike

About: Wild Wild Mike is a Los Angeles-based electronic musician whose works explore the homemade spirituality of New Age Music and its edges and overlaps with Ambient, Noise, and Pop Music. Using generative sequencing and a heavy use of resampling layered with aggressively processed vocals, his music touches on the alienation, play, joy, and sorrow reverberating beneath the perpetual sunset. He is a founding member of the kosmische band ON. Links
12/4/202157 minutes, 59 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0242 - Jellotonin

About: Jellotonin Lopez is a 26yo multimedia artist from Tucson, Arizona. When she isnt co-hosting events or editing podcast episodes for her collective, Inner Freq, she noodles on her keyboard and modular synths. For this set she tried something new and created it all in Ableton Live. Links:
11/26/202120 minutes, 6 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0241 - C.K. Sample

About: C.K. Sample aka cksample is a Dallas-based electronic music producer and founding member of the soon to be announced [REDACTED] Collective: music producers using a variety of electronic musical instruments to explore new territories of sound design, performing live shows in person and streaming online, and playing at upcoming festivals near you with new techno drops regularly. The vast majority of his techno is at 133bpm and in a blues scale, because he's a recovering guitarist who gave up playing guitar solos with bands and decided to become his own band through the very expensive magic of eurorack synthesizers. He plays on 670HP of gear that he refers to as "The Mothership" and his Akai Force. Audience members have described his music as "good," as "grunge groovy techno," "jazzy techno," and as "melodic spacey galactica techno." C.K. streams multiple times a week to both Earth Modular Society and Blast Radio and reposts his performances regularly to his YouTube and Bandcamp "Streams" ever-growing album. This performance was recorded live, then lightly mastered and prepared for streaming to your ears. Listen either cranked with large stereo speakers or with headphones. Links:
11/20/202127 minutes, 30 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0240 - Burn The Church

About: 'In the church of my heart the choir is on fire' - Vladimir Mayakovsky Links:
11/13/202120 minutes, 39 seconds
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DATA CULT AUDIO 0239 - Lina Filipovich

About: Lina Filipovich is a Belarusian artist and musician based in Paris. Her works explore the relationship between audio and visuals and span a variety of media, including found footage films, experimental electronic music, painting, silkscreening and performance. Working with samples and loops, Lina Filipovich uses techniques of sound collage, musical montage, cut-up and appropriation. Links: Spotify: iTunes: Bandcamp: Soundcloud: Instagram:
11/6/202132 minutes, 14 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0238 - Tym Frost

About: Over the years spent along the various paths of sound synthesis, many names have changed, many genres have been produced, many lives have been lived, but the important thing is that now uncertainty makes us discover new lands. Today the primary activity is sound design and electronic compositions with a cinematic approach to try to disconnect the listener from reality for a while. A bit of meditation immersed in sound, out of respect for Silence. -Tym Frost Links:
10/30/202140 minutes, 45 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0237 - Rafael Timoner

About: Rafael Timoner has been working on visual arts, drawing, painting, sculpture, photography and video installations, under a minimalist and conceptual style, and for more than 30 years. He has numerous exhibitions, individual and collective, in Spain and in many other countries. His art works are present in numerous public and private art collections, with some sculptures installed in public spaces in Spain. Since 2012 he has been working and experimenting with sound. At first Rafael was working with software and virtual synthesizers and plugins, later with semi-modular, and finally discovering the universe of eurorack and modular synthesis. After three years of experimentation, learning, and selection, he set up his own system based on eurorack modules. His system is based on Serge Eurorack R*S, Catalyst Audio Bucha Serie 100, and Verbos Electronics,. It’s versatility allows him to develop and create his new sonic proposals. Links:
10/23/20211 hour
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Data Cult Audio 0236 - Luke Killen

About: Luke Killen is a musician from Sydney, Australia who produces music and imagined spaces using modular synthesizers. At the turn of the century, he co-ran the Record label Couchblip His practice has been concerned with exploring the edges of established genre confines, while ensuring that he makes it a difficult as possible for himself by using a modular synthesizers to reach goals probably better achieved by using microphones and a computer. He has been doing this to himself since 1998. Links:
10/15/202130 minutes, 19 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0235 - Jnatra

About: Residing in Los Angeles, California, Jnatra is an multi-instrumentalist, producer, and musician. He started making music during the stay at home orders during 2020 and turned one of the spare rooms in his house into a music studio. He creates sonic landscapes using different mediums from eurorack synths, psychedelic guitar effects, and vocal modulation, mixing different textures into song. Links:
10/7/202118 minutes
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Data Cult Audio 0234 - Megan Leber

About: Megan Leber is a Rotterdam based producer, sound designer and live performer who drags you deep into a dark ocean of soundscapes, profound basslines and airy percussion. She combines her modular system with other hardware and ensures you will eventually always resurface. Links:
10/2/202118 minutes, 31 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0233 - Alienated Entity

About Alienated Entity is a musician, sound designer and programmer who has explored sound in different ways since 2015. Before 2015 he played in some metal bands, later transitioning into experimental music and research/study on sound itself. He uses a variety of media to create his works such as analog and digital synthesizers, drum machines, pedals, field recordings, sampling, and programming code (Tidal Cycles). His music goes through dense sound atmospheres, complex rhythms and chaotic musical structures. Links:
9/25/202121 minutes, 28 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0232 - Alexa Momtaz

About: Emotional melodies, rhythms, drones, noises, blips, multilayers of analogue and digital samples sequenced in various machines. Inspired by psychoanalysis, cycling, nature, travelling, space, technology, video games, movie soundtracks, anxiety, death and solitude. Links:
9/18/202153 minutes, 48 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0231 - Warren Walker

About: Saxophonist, synthesist, composer, and producer Warren Walker earned a Bachelor of Music degree from the University of Nevada, Reno and currently tours internationally with his groups The Kandinsky Effect, oddAtlas, Collektor and Twinlux as well as playing in the Daniel Hunter Quartet, and Dirty Elegance. Merging the world of modular synthesizers and music samples sent from musicians of his own galaxy, he traverses elements of electronic music, jazz, ambient, sound poems, dance music and everything in between. Links:
9/10/202138 minutes, 24 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0230 - A.M.Filipkowski

About: A.M. Filipkowski is fascinated by dystopian fiction. This is the starting point for his aural projects. He attributes this to growing up in inner city Detroit, and watching as the city seemed to die around him. Remnants of industry diminished into a barren wasteland engraved a mark on him that is expressed in the sounds he creates. He is also the founding mind behind Data Cult Audio. Links: FaceBook: Instagram: iTunes:…/pod…/data-cult-audio/id1234835844 SoundCloud: Twitter: Web:
9/4/202122 minutes, 38 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0229 - Dungeon Destroyah

About: Dungeon Destroyah presents his upcoming concept entitled “Petit Mal”. A project whose sound became a never ending search to bring heavy frequencies back to the village. Playing with air to create ballistic sonics that simulate an insect shedding its exoskeleton or a primate discovering the subwoofer. It aims to stir the imagination rather than diluting it through a sound collage of field recordings, modular synthesis and analog/acoustic drums. Petit Mal is about following your intuition and never looking back. Links:
8/28/20211 hour, 26 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0228 - Metajon

About metajon is an experimental music project by Jonas Schröter.
He tries to hide the grids and the characteristics of the everyday music and to ascribe pieces completely free of charge.
The project is designed so that the songs can also be performed live. He only uses hardware devices and only to record, mix and master the computer. Links:
8/21/202149 minutes, 30 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0227 - Thierry Holweck

About: Thierry Holweck is a French electronic musician, whose thematic music is based on sound exploration made with his modular system. Recordings are captured performances of tracking the white rabbit down a sonic worm hole that share time between mono and polyrythymic layers, twisted by Euclidian and random parameters. Created is a conversation between tension and release and a mix of simple and gentle melodies. Natural sounds like a wood floor, animals and any natural element fed into the sampler add depth and humanise the soundscape. Thierry is based in Lyon-Croix-Rousse, France. Links:
8/14/202121 minutes, 38 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0226 - Aria Cluster

About: Aria Cluster aka Sushant Joshi is a music producer, sound designer, and educator currently based out of Bhimtal, Uttarakhand, India. His current work revolves around using sound in an experiential way either by more of an ambient approach or anything new in terms of manipulating noise around in terms of medium using synthesizers. Sushant's core lies in music production, synthesizers, sound design, sound editing, mixing, and sound art. Being a self-taught musician has been a journey, prescient and invigorating. The process of making music for Sushant is a blank canvas to which the colours of sound flow in all their natural capacity and tone. He approaches composition starting with the key and time signature and then creates unending chain of improvisations. In his music making Sushant prefers exploration of modular synths, VCV rack and semi-modular synths. He recently released his album Omnipresent, a compilation of 30 songs created in VCV rack. The core approach is creating generative, ambient soundscapes. Links:
8/7/202149 minutes, 16 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0225 - Sine Mountain

About: Sine Mountain, aka David Soto, is a world-building, modular synth artist and head of the Colorado Modular Synth Society (CMSS). David is a proud Chicano working in the ambient and experimental side of music. His music has been described as cinematic, patient, moving, and emotional. His intention is to tell short stories through his compositions. Fascinated by science, love, and the nature of birds, many of his albums focus on time, distance, and the struggle to stay alive. The piece performed for Data Cult Studio was inspired by a short story his 7-year-old wrote about daydreaming. The music was recorded in one take with a modular synthesizer and a Cicada (Physical Synthesis). Links
7/31/202133 minutes, 41 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0224 - Rebecca Goldberg

ABOUT THIS RECORDING: Rebecca's latest mix is a live ambient/experimental performance recorded in one take in my studio. The sounds come from various software and hardware instruments and includes layers of original field recordings. Since recently completing a Circle of Live - In Bloom mentorship program with another Detroit-based artist, Erika, Rebecca composed this piece incorporating some of the approaches and techniques to live jamming that we considered. The piece is called “Edinburgh” and was inspired by a brief moment spent in a magical place. About: Rebecca Goldberg is a producer, DJ, live performer and designer from Detroit. Since her debut release, 313 Acid Queen, she has been affiliated with the multidisciplinary arts collective, Detroit Underground. Rebecca is a seasoned radio DJ having mixed for FM and internet-radio shows hosted across the globe. She hosts her own monthly program “D-SCOVERY” on London’s Aaja Radio highlighting contemporary techno and house from Detroit. She tours internationally as a DJ and live performer and has been featured at notable events from Movement Electronic Music Festival to Tresor in Berlin. Goldberg has self-released music and multimedia projects and her output ranges from 4/4 Detroit techno to experimental/avant-garde electronic music. She has written original scores for classic films Le Voyage Dans La Lune and Gojira, including live performances at David Lynch’s members-only club, Silencio, in Paris and Armageddon Beachparty in Detroit, respectively. Her latest release, BUILDINGS, is a collaboration with Italian artist and labelmate, SickBoy, released Spring 2021 via Detroit Underground. LINKS:
7/23/202144 minutes, 47 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0223 - Danielle_Griselda

About: danielle_griselda is not a musician. danielle_griselda is a black dot experimenting with light and sound exploring the self-generative through hardware electronics for theatre and movie scoring and simply for having some fun. because being alive may mostly be a random fact, intertwining unpredictable shapes could be another one among all random possibilities worth trying to play. venti ventuno: velleità virtuale embraces the idea of setting boundaries within which things happen, instead of choosing what is going to happen precisely and when and how; some said once that will is always negative and what is causing this piece makes no exception, there might be nothing left to do but trying and going wrong anyway. face this fleece virtually. it helps me sleep. Links:
7/16/202120 minutes, 21 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0222 - Moxy Martinez

About: Moxy Martinez, a self taught DJ & producer, has created, performed, produced, and contributed original music and DJ sets for a variety of projects both nationally and internationally since 2003. They have worked and collaborated with individual artists, art institutions, art galleries, dance studios, live music venues, and film projects throughout their career. Highlights of Moxy's career include DJing the Trans Musicales festival in France (2007), being hand selected by Tom Sachs for his show ‘Tom Sachs: Boombox Retrospective’ at the Contemporary, Austin providing a unique DJ mix which was played from inside his sculptures (2015), and contributing original music to Emmy nominated documentary Tiny Out Loud (2015). In addition, Moxy has recently (2018- present) worked with the Columbus Museum of Art and The Wexner Center for the Arts providing live DJ sets, performing live synthesizer sets and mediating discussion forums with other artists. Most notably, in collaboration with The Wex and Counterfeit Madison, Moxy produced the sold out show ‘Say A Little Prayer: An Aretha Franklin Celebration’ held at the Lincoln Theatre, February 2020. Moxy has also performed and released music as Osea Merdis since 2016. The Osea Merdis project is structured around ideas which are 100% created on analog synths (mainly Moog Mother 32 ecosystem). These ideas, paired with self captured field recordings, contort everyday life into a uniquely identifying audio personality. Moxy’s Osea Merdis project is very discerning, emotionally intentional, and based in the need to express the softer side of life even through struggles and sufferings. Links:
7/8/202155 minutes, 18 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0221 - Iteration And Discord

About: For Raul Duran aka Iteration and Discord is not a hobby. It’s possible the process of making music is meditation. During the production most of the daily toil disappears and he is left with an open mind ready to receive the spark of creation. Attempting to forget everything about music and let the subconscious decide what direction to take. Sound and developing tone are very inspirational.  
 The track featured is over 30 minutes of live parameter tweaking. The performance is an unforgiving manipulation of a recorded modular synthesizer. The recorded synth part is further processed in real-time with Ableton. 
7/1/202133 minutes, 30 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0220 - CyberneticOhm

About: In 1956 the russian space agency launched a secret mission to altair inside the g-cloud, an interstellar cloud 16.7 light years away from the sun. three brave cosmonauts were launched on a one way journey to the distant star. Their objective was to seek habitable territory and investigate unidentified deep space radio signals emanating from the planet. throughout their journey these deep space frequencies were intercepted, recorded and relayed back to planet earth where scientists baffled to decode them. with access to only primitive 1950's equipment the signals could not be deciphered - until now...  cyberneticOhm is a technological performing arts + modular synth electronica collective from altair > based on  > planet earth > utilising science of communications and automatic control systems in both machines and living things we have developed a system through which translation > transcoding of distant radio wave signals from deep space is possible Links:
6/26/202155 minutes, 56 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0219 - Frae Frae - Daughter Of Drexciya

About: Frae-Frae: Daughter of Drexciya is an award-winning and internationally acclaimed multi-instrumentalist, educator, composer and electro acoustic adventurer. Bedrock to her artistry is the roots and the fruits of the blues from spirituals to afro diasporic futuristic soundscapes that explore time travel, prayer, meditation, and the African American ecstatic tradition. As a composer, she writes for film, theater, and large and extended jazz and classical orchestras. She is able to write for any instrument, and her creative range spans immersive and ambisonic music, blues, various ethnomusicological traditions, rock, pop, hip-hop, and her own brand of subaquatic deconstructed techno soul. To date, she has shared her intentional creativity in 38 countries. Frae-Frae is also the Executive Director/Dir of Artistic Programming at Willie Mae Future Sounds named after Willie Mae "Big Mama" Thornton. W.M.F.S. is a STEAM based, year round empowerment rhugh music program that includes spiritual activism, Afro Diasporic futurism, critical thinking and leadership, including music technology through the lens of the blues tradition for girls and gender non conforming youth in New York City. 
Intro: Freedom Groove Chapter I. Frae-Frae's Groove Chapter II. Saine Chapter III. Quantum Quadrille (a reimagining of the traditional 1800s dance craze popularized in New Orleans) Links:
6/18/202125 minutes, 44 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0218 - Sadi

About: SADI composes electro-acoustic, instrumental music, and she has long been concentrating her research on the perceptibility of music. Her most recent work focuses on the strategies to reunite otherwise different fields in order to create a captivating and coherent totality. The search for sound and music as cognitive phenomenon is a fundamental part of her current composition activity. Links:
6/10/202118 minutes, 18 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0217 - Boris Nazarov

About: New York-based musiс producer, composer, recording, mixing and mastering engineer with more than 20 years of expertise in the field. As a composer, he wrote music for TV series, theater plays and TV commercials for such brands as Wrigley and Head and Shoulders.
He contributed to studio and live music projects with prominent musicians such as percussionist Pete Lockett (Bjork) and bass player Tony Levin (King Crimson, Peter Gabriel) in Air Studios (London), Mosfilm (Russia) as well as in studios of Bollywood, India with top audio producers such as Haydn Bendall (Chief Engineer at Abbey Road Studios). Boris recorded 7 albums as a member of the electronic duo Moscow Grooves Institute. His band opened live acts for such bands as David Gahan (Depeche Mode) and Massive Attack. The song “Les Chrysanthemes” released by the French label "Pshent" in the compilation “Hotel Costes 3-eme stage” was sold more than half a million copies worldwide. Boris also directed and managed a music record label "Citadel records".
More than 100 electronic music albums and compilations were produced and released worldwide featuring the best electronic acts from Russia.
Currently Boris is as a member of New York Audio Video Institute. Links:
6/3/202157 minutes, 42 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0216 - Kri Samadhi

About: Weaving wires through the psychedelic intergalactic cosmos. Kri Samadhi plugs your brain into the PCB of what we know as the matrix. Witness the sounds of modular synthesis, pure analog waveforms and a trip into the Interdimensional self. Take a ride on the spaceship thru storm known as Kri Samadhi. Links:
5/25/202120 minutes, 19 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0215 - Beyond the clones

About: During a crash landing near Pluto, the Kerberos broadcasting system was set up by Beyond the Clones, a producer near Frankfurt who uses retro space toy sounds which lands near dark intelligent breaks, experimental Analogue, 8Bit house and Minimal Glitch, a big believer in old recording formats and using them to promote the soul of the toy/80s hardware sound, so over coming some crazy tactics to get there, orbiting that with computer coded madness. Soviet space mission inspired game app out soon. Links:
5/22/202126 minutes, 40 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0214 - Silence Castor

About: Silence_Castor is the creation of Nate Hicks; a Vermont-based folk and acoustic punk writer turned synth addict and space explorer. He became fascinated with the universal field, electricity, and how an analog synth bends currents. Surrounded by a space station of samplers, sequencers, synthesizers, and cassette machines, he spends his nights fading across genres and collaging together lush soundscapes. Most of the music is a blend of perfection and imperfection, as he deconstructs and rebuilds dilapidated verses and crispy static choruses. There is a cozy space somewhere in there. All you need to do is fold yourself into the sound. Links: Insta - Bandcamp - Spotify - Facebook - Soundcloud - Merch -
5/14/202125 minutes, 4 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0213 - Monoscene

About: monoscene is an experimental electronic music project by Christoph Scholtes that uses a variety of artistic concepts and sound sources including modular synthesis, tape loops, acoustic elements, and field recordings to push creative boundaries of the electronic music genre. In addition to focusing on live performance and improvisation, monoscene explores production and composition techniques to realize an artistic vision and aesthetic that is deeply rooted in Ambient music. Born and raised in Germany, Christoph now lives in Colorado. He is inspired by the mountains and the local synth community. Links:
5/8/202140 minutes, 6 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0212 - ROTATOR

About: Rotator is a drone project based around combinations of delay, reverb, resonance and feedback. I've had a long-running fascination with taking simple sound sources - analog oscillators, tuned percussion, plucked strings - passing them through combinations of effects - filters, resonators, delays, reverb - then taking those altered sounds and mixing them back in with themselves. This feedback loop keeps the rhythmic, melodic and harmonic content of the input but adds its own musicality to the output. It continually builds on and modifies the original so the final result is something new and hopefully more than just the sum of its own parts. I don't have a clear set of musical influences for this - it's as much about my love of the saturated sounds of tape delays from Jamaican Dub originators like King Tubby as it is about the concepts behind Emptyset's location-based works or any of the more obvious drone, ambient and electronica references. None of these ideas or techniques are new - but I hope my interpretation and implementation of them brings something worthwhile. This piece was originally recorded live using a small modular rig and is based around the individual outputs of a single analogue oscillator. The recording has had some basic post-production but it's essentially presented as it was performed. - Justin Owen aka Rotator Links:
5/1/20211 hour
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Data Cult Audio 0211 - Marci.DH

About: Marci.DH is a musician from Arizona. Using synths, sequencers, acoustic percussion, and stringed instruments, she makes rhythmically-charged, genre-avoidant electronic music. Links:
4/23/202133 minutes, 54 seconds
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ABOUT: J.Alpinist is the moniker of John Hornak, Ambient and Modular Synthesist. After the release of the highly successful “Offerings” project in 2018, garnering critical and chart praise, going as high as number 5 on the Earshot Canadian Electronic charts, number 1 on many stations and with a run of over 15 weeks. J.Alpinist departed on a European tour, performing with acts such as Croation Amor and playing at the legendary Liquid Sky in Berlin. After the tour and at the start of quarantine, 2 purely ambient Ep’s were released, “Time=Nothing” and “Functional Ambient” for the German Record label “A Quite Room” and releasing the track “459” for the Sled Island Lemonade Stand Compilation. After over a year of work both in Europe and in Calgary, the new record VHS Dubs was completed. LINKS: Instagram: @jalpinist
4/17/202133 minutes, 40 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0209 - Lewis33

About: Manuel Amezquita is a transmedia artist based in México. The artist generates his esthetic pursuits plumb the integral linkages between electronic sequences and mind loops. Consumed by 90 ́s techno he simultaneously assume numerous positions, inhabiting a space between art and dance music. Architect of landscapes, Lewis_33 pene- trates the undead skin between solid matter and the immaculate. The moniker sustains a long and abstract relationship with data and the way that day by day transmutes to the cultural system; artifacts inside the matrix that distor the interaction between lifeforms and their creations. His taboo-free composition system generate pieces that commune with a single style, as a result the spectrum of his production navigates from IDM, EBM, Ambient, Proto-Techno, Noise, Avant-garde rock, concrete music and/or Click-Hop. Lewis_33 can be said to emanate different tonalities in each of his creations, sometimes illuminated and discreet like listening to ambient music and sometimes as dark as a vivid hell extracted from the deepest cavities of rave scene. Links:
4/8/20211 hour
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Data Cult Audio 0208 - Daniel Miller

About: Daniel Miller grew up in North West London as the son of refugee actors from Vienna. In 1978 he founded Mute, the influential independent British label, formed with the release of his own 7” single, The Normal ‘Warm Leatherette’ / ‘TVOD’. Since then, Daniel Miller has expanded Mute to include publishing and management, with offices in London and New York and recently revived the NovaMute label. Running parallel to its strong commercial track record the guiding spirit behind Mute has always been one of artistic freedom and creative adventure. Mute has nurtured and worked with artists as diverse as Depeche Mode, Laibach, New Order, Liars, Goldfrapp, Erasure, Swans, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Throbbing Gristle, Telex, Apparat and Can. Daniel Miller has produced some of the most groundbreaking releases and is a well respected and sought after techno DJ, playing regularly worldwide. Miller is a keen street photographer and has given a number of talks relating street photography to modular synths. Links:
4/3/202121 minutes, 49 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0207 - Tangled Waves

About: Tangled Waves is a Franco-Estonian live modular synth / audiovisual duo, formed in London and based in Montreal. Tangled Waves' line art, digital drawings and animations are created live by Katrin, while Olivier pilots the Tangled Waves modular system (Eurorack). Alien worlds, impossible creatures, blinking space machines, live performance and one take recordings... What could possibly go wrong? Links: Instagram: @wavestangled
3/26/202120 minutes, 30 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0206 - Dfaniks

About: Dfaniks is an experimental electronic music producer and filmmaker born in Mexico city and raised in Nyc. Links: Instagram @dfaniks - Facebook Releases - Videos -
3/20/202141 minutes, 2 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0205 - Bill Pettaway And Skarekrow

About Bill Pettaway: After a storied career working with Timbaland and artists such as Missy Elliot and Justin Timberlake, Bill Pettaway’s search for new sounds led him down the rabbit hole of modular synthesis. Now he explores the unique and fleeting sonics of noise, still always searching for that newest sound. Links: About Skarekrow: Skarekrow is an electronic/experimental producer and artist. As a lifelong musician, he draws on his roots in jazz and hip-hop, and seeks to blend in his inspirations from anime and video game soundtracks - always on the hunt for new sounds and styles. Links:
3/12/202128 minutes, 51 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0204 - KZZL

About: Multimedia artist Korey Luna began performing music in 1999, with Midnightmare. Quickly he transitioned from Bass Guitar, Electric Guitar, and Keyboards. He spent a year with Dead Sexy, and eventually was enlisted into Red Youth, where he met long time collaborator Lenny Hamaker. Being a life-long congenital heart disease patient, Korey had a fourth open-heart surgery, which atrophied his strength. Premeditatedly, he began a journey into Modular Eurorack synthesizers. During recovery he and Lenny formed the duo “Imitation Growth”. Their premier public performance was April 1st 2018 for Resonant Frequencies in Oakland, CA. In 2019 Korey partnered with Rich Hogben to create a new live show called “Piqued” which features two Electronic music artists per month, before a live audience, with a Q&A session. This show has continued as a virtual event. Mastering by Lachlan Fletcher Links:
3/6/202130 minutes, 28 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0203 - Avola

About: Portland-based multimedia artist Veronica "Vern" Avola makes electronic music that combines a ferocious wall of sound with a deceptively subtle sense of dynamics. One could call it noise music, except that Avola puts enough into weirdly shifting harmonics as she does into abrasion. One could also call it drone, but Avola's approach to synth music is too rhythmic, itchy, and restless to fit easily under that label. She's shared bills with artists including Mammifer, Thrones, Big Business, The Tenses, Oxbow, Daniel Mehcne, Bana Hafar, and  has collaborated with electro-pop eccentric EMA, to give you some idea of the difficulty of pigeonholing the project. She has been performing  and touring in bands since 2005, and has been performing solo since 2008. She's had the honor of having several releases on labels such as Sige Recordings, Gravity Records, An Out Recordings, Accident Prone Records and Nadine Records, as well as releasing her most current works on her own label EMS Records. Links:
2/26/202121 minutes, 23 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0202 - Sombre Lux

About: Sombre Lux is part man, part machine – seeking to understand human emotion through sound. Fixated on the concept of universal balance, the cyborg creates gritty sci-fi soundscapes with hints of light. Oregon producer, Jordan Jacks, lent his memories to Sombre Lux’s pursuits, while forgotten tomes of magick and ancient technological systems, found along his journey, help to guide the process of creating sonic talismans. 01001101 01110101 01110011 01101001 01100011 00100000 01101100 01101001 01110110 01100101 01110011 00100000 01110111 01101001 01110100 01101000 01101001 01101110 00100000 01110101 01110011 00100000 Links:
2/18/202131 minutes, 48 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0200 - Daedelus

About: Daedelus is Alfred Darlington, cornerstone of Los Angeles' Beat Scene and founding faculty of Berklee's EDI principle instrument program. Releasing albums since 2001 and touring widely, recently acting as artist in residence at S.E.T.I. they have set their ambitions on the stars. Links:
2/5/202128 minutes, 51 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0199 - Jaeki

About: Just a runt on the scene with just one album release (early 2020), Jaeki is making big noise in so-called Tucson, AZ. Their sound tends to find itself balancing between ethereal ambience and brutal electronic destruction. Jaeki blends field recordings, self made piezo instruments, modular synths and sampling to make noise loosely inspired by vaporwave, hnw, broken electronics, drone, free jazz, dada, etc... depends on the day! Links:
1/29/202138 minutes, 33 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0198 - Radek Rudnicki

About: Composer, sound artist and sound designer focused on using spatial sound in multidisciplinary projects. Radek is working as a lead sound designer and music composer for Precyzja Foundation and director of Wave Folder Records. He manages and designs new media art projects. Radek supports product development and designs sound for number of synth makers and Eurorack module manufacturers. He makes music for theatre, film and game sound design. He collaborates with dance choreographers, visual artists creating new media works and audio-visual installations. Working with artists across cultures he creates new works linking traditional music and electronics. Links:
1/21/202125 minutes, 51 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0197 - Modular Marie

About: Marie Ann Hedonia, has been playing Eurorack modular synths since the middle of 2018, she is fascinated with the endless sonic possibilities of modular synthesis. Exploring and practicing musical composition on modular synths inspired her master’s thesis on metacognition and individual artistic process. She works solo, and collaborates with @pablumpicasso in the synth-punk outfit, Operation Bingo. She recently released an EP, available now on Bandcamp. Operation Bingo, released their first album, titled “Content.” on Bandcamp January 8th, 2021. Links: Solo Bandcamp: Operation Bingo:
1/15/202141 minutes, 18 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0196 - Aelk Minsur

About: Aelk Minsur has been experimenting with sound since he was 16 years old and manipulated field recordings have always played a central part. It started off with recording friends at house parties, hiding micro cassette recorders under bus stop benches, or tapping telco junction boxes in neighborhood alleyways that would capture candid and occasionally illicit phone conversations. He would then edit these recordings on hardware samplers and 4 track cassette recorders to create a library of sounds to use in his music. Fast forward 20 years and field recordings still play a vital role but are now captured primarily from construction sites, warehouses and factories where he works as an industrial electrician. This set was created especially for Data Cult and features the signature aspects found throughout Aelk Minsur’s work – heavy beats, textured synths, and mangled found-sound. Links:
1/9/202120 minutes, 33 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0195 - Malarki

About: More emergent than intentional, this piece is a long form exploration in sound design and rhythm that alternates between structured composition and abstract soundscape. Titled Mirage, it contemplates the emergent impact of technology on human culture and belief. It’s a moment of consideration and intrigue presented with patience and composure, while intensity and tumult regularly peak in from not too far away. Nord Modular G2 and MaxMSP. Created in Oakland and Humboldt County, CA. Malarki is an instrumental electronic music project that reinterprets the complexities of the natural world, in particular the tension between serenity and disharmony and the natural imbalance between creation and failure.  Ranging in style from Rhythmic Glitch and IDM to Textured Dark Ambience to Intense Industrial Soundscapes, the music is a challenging and emotionally honest reflection of our place in the modern world.  Created by bay area computer scientist Patrick Coleman, Malarki combines rhythmic ambience, abstract soundscapes, experimental sound design, and algorithmic composition.  His music pulls from a multi-instrumental background that includes synthesizer, organ, violin, and bass guitar, as well as his research experience in developing creative software and novel user interfaces.  He regularly performs live at bay area experimental electronic music events, and releases his music on Errorgrid Records and independently. Links:
1/1/202158 minutes, 36 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0194 - Yumi Iwaki

About: Yumi Iwaki is an electric sound artist and lyricist based in Tokyo. She layers sound with her sampled voice, modular synthesizers and small synthesizers particularly OP-1 and OP-Z. Links: Instagram: Soundcloud:
12/25/202033 minutes, 52 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0193 - NMX

About: Hailing from Oxnard CA, NMX (short for Necro_Mechanical) is an up and coming producer / DJ. Having honed his skills for several years as a member of industrial project Artifact Corruption, as well as the founder of Club Fallout, he is now set to unleash his dark rhythmic soundscapes upon the world. Ominous, bleak and brutal, his sound is a journey into a a dark landscape of sound. With industrial rhythmic pulses and urban tribal percussion set upon dark soundscapes and nods to dark techno, dark ambient and power noise, NMX has crafted a blistering sound that leaves listeners wanting more. Tension, suspense and atmosphere are found in equal measures along with a dark cinematic fashion that allows certain parts to shine through. Links:
12/18/202048 minutes, 56 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0192 - Kim Bjørn

About the music: This piece, Sequence of Isolations, is very much influenced by the long period of isolations this year, and as such perhaps mostly a study in solitude. Main voices are heard from the Moog Mother-32 and Subharmonicon, as well as drones and effects from the 4MS SWN, Instruo Ts-L, MI Rings, as well as plenty of reverb, delay, and modulation effects. It's evolved from the usual long-form ambient style Kim has performed under the monicker Dreamhub, but which have now transformed into a modular journey merging the past and the present into future explorations of raw electronic sonic territory and it's many facets. About Kim Bjørn: Also known as the creator of Bjooks, Kim has mostly been known as the author and designer he is. However, as an electronic musician, he's been active for over a decade with a multitude of long-form ambient sets performed in the US, Iceland, Hungary, and Denmark, at festivals, or at more intimate settings of self-study and meditation. Links:
12/10/202048 minutes, 13 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0191 Proximal Distal

About: Proximal/distal is the electronic music project of Jennifer Trezza. A longtime hardware enthusiast, she has been producing music for over two decades and is currently based in the PNW. Links:
12/4/202021 minutes, 29 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0190 - Giacomo Vanelli

About: Giacomo Vanelli, also known as Giackxx (7 October 1975) is an italian musician and composer. Vanelli’s solo work consists mainly of electronic music. He is a founder and member (synthesizer and programming) of The GrOOming. The band released 3 albums and is today mainly involved in experimental electronic music works. Giacomo Vanelli’s music is almost entirely created with modular synths and is characterised by a melancholic atmosphere that lingers between the digital and the natural. The electronic composition is guided by a random modulation of events. With modular synths, the artist is free to experiment and sample, leaving behind any conventional idea of melody. The Feeling in Public album is a collection of 9 tracks and strongly evokes a clear music landscape of human emotion and spiritual transformation, reinforced by the typical repetitive lines of synth. Links:
11/27/202022 minutes, 48 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0189 - Intrepita

About: Paul Stillwell is a musician and composer who is fascinated by the darker side of sound. Influences range through Psychedelic Rock, Dark Ambient, Berlin School electronica, and Musique Concrète.  The Canadian Electronic Ensemble, of which he is a long-time member, has had a profound impact on his musical style and sensibilities.  In 2016, Paul founded the Frequency Freaks Workshops – an inclusive community of composers, musicians and electronic instrument makers. He is also a co-organizer of the Toronto Sound Festival which features talks on mixing, mastering, sound design, field recording, game audio, audio for VR, composition for large and small screens, instrument building, and live performances. As a solo performer, Paul works under the moniker Intrepita.  During the day, he works in IT specializing in Network Security.  There will be a new solo album coming in the near future! Links:
11/19/202030 minutes, 3 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0188 - My Panda Shall Fly

ABOUT: My Panda Shall Fly AKA Suren Seneviratne is a Sri-Lankan born musician working on the periphery of experimental music. Trained at Goldsmiths University London, Seneviratne has released various projects on international record labels and performed extensively at platforms like Tate Modern, Barbican, Boiler Room & more. Recent work includes sound design for Novation, Google Daydream VR & Gucci. His latest collaboration is an eight track album with the Norweigan-American clarinettist Lars Rynning, released in October 2020. LINK: latest collaboration album: latest solo album:
11/12/202040 minutes
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Data Cult Audio 0187 - Ryan PT

About: Atlanta-based instrumentalist / producer / sound designer Ryan PT makes experimentally-minded electronic music combining elements of ambient, drone, IDM, and noise. Past and present affiliations: Blackfox, Rat Mass, Carrier Hotel, Aku You, Ultralap, Clibber Jones Ensemble, Scoring Dope for the Ultimate Woman, and Bent Frequency. Links: Web: Music at Spotify: Apple Music:
11/6/202045 minutes, 28 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0186 - El.Fugue

About: Composer-live performer A.V.Serzhen came up with El.Fugue concept while rehearsing J.S.Bach for classical guitar. Since then he works with analog / modular synths making an accent on live electro sound. He also writes orchestral works and teaches at Interval Music School.   Link: web: Prior project: Ettylleon
10/30/202020 minutes, 21 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0185 - Neybuu

About: Neybuu spent 10 years studying classical tabla in India under Pandit Ishwar Lal Mishra, who toured the world with Ravi Shankar. Upon returning to the states, she shifted focus to music production and has been using live hardware to create tabla-infused dance music ever since. Her  sets are an energetic mix of vocals, synths, beats, tabla, and effects--all of which she loops live.    Links:
10/23/202020 minutes, 10 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0184 - Ivo Ivanov

About: Ivo Ivanov is best known for his vast creative contributions to Glitchmachines, where he is the Founder & CEO. Aside from managing Glitchmachines for the last fifteen years, Ivo has worked as a sound designer and content provider with some of the most notable creative audio companies in the Industry including Ableton, Native Instruments, Tiptop Audio, SoundMorph, Twisted Tools, Inear Display, Audio Damage, Unfiltered Audio, K-Devices, Skywalker Sound, Soundsnap, Sinematic, Big Fish Audio, Wide Blue Sound, Splice Sounds and Plugin Boutique to name just a few. Ivo is also a circuit bending pioneer and accomplished musician. He has custom built circuit bent instruments for artists like Justin Meldal-Johnsen, Trent Reznor, Otto Von Schirach, Richard Devine, DIOYY, Men Without Hats and many others. In 2000, he toured the U.S. as the keyboard player for Reprise Records' Snake River Conspiracy, sharing the stage with acts like Stone Temple Pilots, Filter, Cypress Hill and Static X among others. More recently, Ivo showcased his abstract take on electronic music in the form of a full-length conceptual album release on Detroit Underground Records. In 2006, Ivo became the first-ever recipient of the Game Audio Network Guild scholarship award and went on to earn his Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Audio Engineering from the Expression College for Digital Arts in California. He subsequently spent five years working with the SAE Institute of Technology in San Francisco, where he held several positions including Campus Director and Head of the Audio Technology program. He later worked with Pyramind in San Francisco before ultimately withdrawing from audio education to focus on software development and sound design. Links:
10/16/202058 minutes, 27 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0183 - Occurian

About: occurian is the alias of Portland-based musician Dan Pisarcik. His debut EP was released earlier this year on Heterodox Records— a collection of frenetic, dense compositions in the IDM/braindance vein, influenced by the genre’s pioneers, such as Aphex Twin and Squarepusher. This collection of songs for Data Cult Audio opens with a portion of occurian’s last live appearance in Austin, TX and is followed by a mix of new and released compositions from recent weeks, the song “mannequin bending” from the EP, and live streamed Twitch performances from spring 2020. occurian's 2020 debut EP is availalble on vinyl/cassette/digital formats on Bandcamp. Links: Bandcamp: Instagram: Facebook:
10/9/202029 minutes, 26 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0182 - Two Landscapes

About: Two Landscapes is the psychedelic ambient project of H. Shaw released on his imprint Day Job Recordings. He also releases music under his left-field house and techno influenced monikers Cancel Council and Reorg. The Northern California native has lived and worked in NYC, Tokyo, Shanghai and is currently based in Los Angeles. Links: Soundcloud: Bandcamp: Spotify: Apple Music: Instagram:
10/3/202058 minutes, 13 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0181 - Tristan/Iseult

About: Tristan/Iseult is a nihilistic techno project that explores mythology sonically through modular synthesis. The project emerged first in a live setting back in 2015 at Der Bunker Teknobar in Phoenix, Arizona opening for SHXCXCHCXSH. That ethos of live sound exploration is reinforced with this set for Data Cult Audio, which was recorded in one take with no overdubs or post-production work. Up to this point, Tristan/Iseult has sought to give a nihilist reading of Dante’s Inferno, a profane understanding of moral sentiment as expressed through the narrative of sin and damnation. While modular synthesizers are the primary instruments used, cello and voice provide additional layers of sound — sometimes obvious, though at other times sampled and synthesized. Tristen/Iseult is currently working on a debut 4-track EP. Link:
9/25/202046 minutes, 25 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0180 - Pauk

About: Pauk (Pau Cabruja) is a lover of knobs and buttons and is a self confessed controller addict. He has always tried to reflect personal experiences in his music, researching new ways of creation, experimenting with analog and digital hardware and software, and always communicating through his Monome so that his works come alive on stage. A statement of intents in his sound, where strength and emotion go hand in hand like life itself, a language of emotional melodies and super-edited twisted rhythms crushed with his digital blades. Links:
9/19/202028 minutes, 27 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0179 - Sleep Of Eons

About: Sleep of Eons is the glitchy electronic modular/computer based audio visual work of Jorge Bojorquez from Tucson, AZ. In 2018 a shift from guitar based drone music to modular synths provided a long sought after solution to creating generative, slowly changing, self evolving soundscapes which could still be controlled by the player. With the aid of a/v programming languages like Max/MSP and Processing the project now is taking on a visual manifestation as well.  RGB Riot was an EP released in early 2020 that showcases the opposite of these ideas and focuses on minimalism and what can be done with nothing but a couple of Pocket Operators and a delay pedal. The range of glitchy to drone and anywhere in between is welcome territory. At his core Sleep of Eons is inspired greatly by science fiction and the series Rendezvous with Rama and hopes to capture some of that monolithic, alien, otherwordly yet familiar feeling in musical and visual form. Links:
9/11/202044 minutes, 53 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0178 - Modekt

About: MODEKT is the dark experimental electronic synth project from Austin based creative Colin Williams. His sound is crafted by fusing electronic and acoustic instruments with field recordings. The outcome is a wall of atmospheric textures designed to take the listener on an aural journey. He has performed around the US in Texas, Michigan & California with a small erurorack modular system. The recently released EP, Isolation caught the attention of Errorgrid, who decided to bring him on for future releases. Links:
9/5/202021 minutes, 7 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0177 - Mimetik

About: Mimetik is a music project which was born in Hamburg, but followed Alessandro, a mathematician interested in both audio and visual arts, through a couple of cities to finally land in Berlin. Mostly concerned with ambient music, it does not shy away from other genres, be it indie songwriting, techno or aleatoric music. Making use of Alessandro's guitar and piano playing, it tries to bridge the gap between experimental sound design and melancholic lullabies, refusing to accept pop and melodic as highbrow synonyms for simplistic and uninteresting. It can be found lost in drones or modular synths ambientscapes, usually at night, when no one is watching. Links:
8/29/202027 minutes, 4 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0176 - Dreamstorage

About: DREAMSTORAGE aka Josh Penunuri is a multi-instrumentalist and electronic music composer from Riverside, CA. Josh uses modular synthesis for creating complex longform ambient compositions. The compositions are aleatoric yet harmony is always maintained and dissonance is minimal as it is used mostly as a textural component. Josh’s music is both the outcome of experimentation and careful melodic structuring. One key theme in his compositional framework is morphogenesis. Melodic structures often morph into new structures while retaining familiar characteristics. The transitions from one phrase to another are morphological in nature and never suggest abruptness. Prior to pursuing electronic music, Josh played bass in several bands. His experience playing with other musicians has endowed him with an understanding of harmony. Shoutout Hexpressionist, Kenton, Scott, Alexis and Milo <3 Links:
8/21/202028 minutes, 43 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0175 - Snakes Of Russia

About: As Snakes of Russia, Los Angeles based producer Joseph Holiday works hazy, dark sound design, heavy low end rumble, and slow rolling hip hop beats into tracks that evoke a dystopian landscape, creating instrumental music that feels as timeless as it does current. His new EP, “At Home Alone With Lions” is out now. Links:
8/14/202020 minutes, 20 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0174 - Krouzer

About: For much of his youth, Brandon Krotser (aka krouzer_) spent countless hours pouring over artists like Trent Reznor, Massive Attack, and many other rock, trip hop, and electronic influences. Following high school, he took the plunge and pursued a music career as the keyboardist for the alt rock outfit Hierosonic. After a decade of writing, recording, and extensive touring, Hierosonic disbanded, with Krotser shifting his focus to his own personal material. After spending a few years deep diving into modular synthesizers, krouzer_ was formed. Drawing from the likes of Autechre, Boards of Canada, Orbital and even trip hop pioneer DJ Shadow, krouzer_ is the culmination of Krotser’s influences… unapologetically contrasting and without compromise. Links:
8/7/202050 minutes, 14 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0173 - Plates In The Sky

About: Plates in the Sky is an experimental electronic solo endeavor. Using modular synthesizers, effects, drum machines and keyboards, Chris Heinisch performs noise, musique concrète and ambient sets which sometimes swerve to electronic dance music. Chris was a working musician in Chicago for seven years, playing with various musicians. They started the band Apartment, a cabaret chamber punk sextet.Chris wrote and arranged most of the songs. Chris has collaborated with Marvin Tate (D-settlement, Joseph C. Mills,the Black Monks of Mississippi), “Tuba Joe” Exley (ABC, BBC, Mindy Kaling’s Late Night), performance artist Natalie Brewster Nguyen (Cirque Roots, La Pocha Nostra, Girlesque Burlesque), Caila Lipovsky (Second City, NYC Fringe Festival) and Leroy Bach (Liz Phair, Wilco, Andrew Bird, Iron and Wine). Links: Link to a longer bio and press page: Purchase the EP entitled full:
7/31/202028 minutes, 14 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0172 - Piraino

About: Raised on the East Coast, Chris Piraino now lives in Tempe, Arizona, where he has built audible sculptures of hand made electronic devices. His attraction to older circuits and using analog processes, have been used in performance of sound art at many local venues. Spatial sound experiments have driven his performance directions and sound design influenced by the movement of sound. Chris is constantly exploring performance and interaction with sound. His artistic bent has allowed him to better develop more intriguing instruments and ways to communicate through sound. Links: Instagram: Facebook: chris.piraino.35
7/24/202027 minutes, 17 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0171 - Andy Morello

About: Andy Morello is an electronic musician that specializes in original productions and remixes. He employs newer technologies along with traditional analog ones, with an aim at finding the link between improvisation and programming. Initially his electronic productions and live performances were dub based until Andy found modular synthesis in 2017. From this he honed his approach to modular performance and defined his style of impromptu sound installation. He music is improvisational, and unique to every performance. His live is a journey through rarefaction, granulation, dub, techno and rigorously no-DAW, analogue experimentation is created live and obviously controlled by voltage. In 2018 he created Milano Modulare by collecting numerous memberships from all over Italy, and gathering the attention and support of many artists, performers and fans. By doing this he created a real community linked to modular synths. Andy continues and collaborating others organizing different events and concerts, such as the first modular day in Milan in 2019. Links: Milano Modulare:
7/17/202059 minutes, 48 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0170 - Alpha Decay

About: Alpha Decay aka Ambre Laparra Blumenfeld is a French live sound engineer based in Barcelona. Well know in the European underground modular scene, she began to build a DIY modular system a few years ago, perfecting a patch that allows her to 100% improvised all her performances and one take recordings. Noisy oneiric electro break, she likes to play poly-rhythmic sounds and loads of breaks to create intuitional pieces not coming from conventional musical structures but just letting a feeling growing and transmit it. Links: VIDEO Streaming for Synth Vicious Youtube Channel: SOUNDCLOUD : BANDCAMP : INSTAGRAM : @alpha_decay_modular You can also check her “build in progress” project “WAVE GAME” on INSTAGRAM : @wave_game__
7/11/202038 minutes, 27 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0169 - Anthony Baldino

About: Born and raised in New York, Anthony Baldino is an LA based composer and sound designer whose work spans an enormous range of production avenues. The likelihood that you haven't heard his work is nearly impossible, with music and sound design in too many trailer campaigns to list, including Prometheus, Interstellar, Ex-Machina, Star Wars: Rogue One, Avengers: Infinity War and End Game just to name a few. From there, his work ventures to the opposite pole of production with custom sound design based compositions for Dolby Labs mixed in Atmos, beautifully glitched out remixes for artists such as Trifonic, Matt Lange as well as Travis Scott’s “Pray 4 Love” as heard in the Uncut Gems trailer, and continues on to mind-bending modular synthesizer performances. This collection of works are all unreleased demos including modular patches and ambient sketches and the set closes with the last song, “Beneath The Fall”, off of his debut release “Twelve Twenty Two”. Albums: Twelve Twenty Two: Remixes: Trifonic: Matt Lange: Roel Funcken: Socials: Instagram: @anthonybaldino2600
7/2/202032 minutes, 15 seconds
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Datacult Audio 0168 - One Day As A Noise

About: This accomplished and ever-ambitious duo is creating what they call ‘formless Electronica and Techno.’ Their fascination for generative art, modular synths, eurorack, noise modulation, high fashion and floating vocal sonics helps them to create a thrilling auditory and moving dance experience. In their past project, they have played at festivals like Coachella, EDC, Lightning in a Bottle, and the infamous Low End Theory. They now embark on a new live-focused sonic adventure that lies ahead! Links Instagram - Facebook - Spotify -
6/26/202025 minutes
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Data Cult Audio 0167 - Phasic Affect

About: Phasic Affect is the solo project of experimental electronic musician Phasic Tyler Griffin, creating music without prejudice of machine. Taking influence from techno, industrial, ambient and minimalism, Phasic Affect's live sets and records come from an ever fluctuating intersection of visceral body music and sprawling soundscapes . With crude digital artifacts and forgotten analog circuitry, Phasic Affect employs an ephemeral approach to composition & performance, fabricating evolving rhythmic texture and acrid mechanical voice. Links:
6/19/202035 minutes, 20 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0166 - Dark Sparkler

6/12/202043 minutes, 32 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0165 - Space Racer

About: Space Racer learned to play her fathers guitar at the age of 11 and has been writing songs ever since. Growing up in both Houston, TX and Portland, OR, gave her an opportunity to explore many diverse music scenes. She first discovered her love of for modular and building modular synths 2 1/2 years ago and hasn’t looked back. Space Racer's name hails from her passion for the Cosmos, and her patching style reflects her influences of Southern Folk Music and futuristic electronica. She blends actual sounds from space and vocals with her subsonic kicks and broken modem basslines. Space Racer is one of the founding members of the Southern California Synth Society, whose purpose is to educate and facilitate interest in electronic music through synthesizers, modular DIY builds and community events.   To stay up to date with her releases, upcoming shows, and workshops, visit her links below. Links:
6/5/202033 minutes, 15 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0164 - Genshi

About: Originally from Southern California and currently in Portland Oregon, Composer, Sound Designer, Multi-instrumentalist, Synthesist, and Modular Artist Craig Anthony Perkins began as a Drummer at the age of 4 (his Father was a Drummer and started him young) a Guitarist by the age of 8, and learned Bass, Synths and several other instruments by age 14. With his own independent record label, Craig releases music in a variety of genres under different project names, including genshi, jido-genshi, Science Patrol, cell:burn, and StarDotStar among others... Craig also regularly performs around town with his Eurorack Modular system in his "Experimental Cinematic Ambient" style under the name Genshi, as well as with his retro Electro Synthpop project Science Patrol. He is also known for his synth demos on his YouTube Channel "Genshi Media Group". As a Film and TV Composer, he has scored a variety of indie short films, including a few he Directed himself (one of which won the 2012 iPhone Film Festival for best Animation and Grand Prize Best Overall Film) and more recently scored his first three feature films, including the cult hit “Zombie Tidal Wave” for the SyFy Channel, starring and Executive Produced by Ian Ziering (who personally hired Craig for the job) and Written and Directed by the team who brought you all of those Sharknado movies! Links:
5/29/202029 minutes, 32 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0163 - Solypsis

About: Solypsis aka James Miller specialises in speaker shredding frequencies and fucked up non dancefloor smashes. It's a harsh world he inhabits. Co-founder of Couch Fort Records. Founder of the Digital Vomit label and Dismissive Records. Links:
5/22/202051 minutes, 23 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0162- Woke - Ass Messiah

About: Karl Benedek lives in Eugene, Oregon and makes music as Woke-Ass Messiah, using a modular synth and a small family of semimodular desktop synths. His focus is on building playable patches for live performance. His influences include kosmische drones, drifting vaporscapes, industrial squelch, and the ever-present swirling psychedelic maelstrom of chaos. Links: Website: Bandcamp: Instagram: Youtube: Facebook: Soundclown: ModularGrid:
5/15/202044 minutes, 33 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0161 - The Dying Beauties Project

About: The Dying Beauties Project is a producer from Brisbane, Australia. The project comes from a love of manipulating, synthesising and processing sound. The music aims to bring together sounds into a collage of contrasts - chaotic & coherent, natural & mechanic, to create worlds that feel like wandering through a dream. Links Bandcamp: Instagram:
5/8/202035 minutes, 18 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0160 - Brennan Fowler

Brennan’s love for keyboards, synthesizers and their infinite sounds began in 2005. In 2008 he joined with Imperial Blend, a band with a sophisticated take on the genre of live electronic jam. Brennan produces/performs his own music using analog hardware and modular synthesizes. With influences stemming from Brian Eno, Aphex Twin, Flying Lotus and Telefon Tel Aviv, you’ll find him playing everything from beat driven tunes to ambient downtempo. He enjoys hosting Modular on the Spot, Greensboro. Bringing modular synth enthusiasts together to share their creative sounds with the public. He will be releasing a new album this summer! Links: LinkTree: YouTube: Instagram: @brennanfowlerib
5/1/202032 minutes, 34 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0159 - YA4KINOISE

About: Born in 1995, ya4ki (or ya4kinoise) is an artist that produces a unique style of house/techno. In 2015 ya4ki dove into the universe of eurorack synth, and began performing live. ya4ki strives to skillfully to create beautiful chords and harmonies using only eurorack. She also enjoys performing with battery-powered eurorack system in outdoor settings. Her "Outdoor Modular" YouTube video series focuses on ya4ki improvising to capture the feeling of each location. Links: Twitter: Instagram: YouTube: Soundcloud: Web:
4/24/202036 minutes, 11 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0158 - Davit

About: DaviT is a producer and synthesist based in the Netherlands. He released his debut TRANSISTER - EP on Wic Recordings in April 2018. In 2019 the album Katana ZERO (Original Soundtrack Remixes) released with a remix that he made of Bill Kiley's SILHOUETTE and in october that year did a release called ReWorks, using inspiration from minimalism, electronica and neo-classicism. Throughout the year he regularly publishes videos of his 5U Modular synth jams on his YouTube Channel. The first compilation of these jams appeared on an album Patch & Tweak in 2019. DaviT's experimental and dark electronic music is reminiscent of a film score that creates a sense of melancholy and isolation. Currently DaviT is working on an second compilation Patch & Tweak performances and he’s preparing to do some live shows, featuring his 5u modular case and tape loops. Links : YouTube : Instagram : Bandcamp:
4/17/202029 minutes, 24 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0157 - Octaveplex

About: Octaveplex (Cameron Meyer) is a multi-dimensional electronic musician based in Phoenix, Arizona. He performs live creating intense beats and sonic soundscapes with a diverse range of synthesizers and hardware drum machines. Having played with various synthesizers since 1992, Cameron creates music influenced by ambient, soundtrack music, hard name it. All his recordings are done in a single take, with out a DAW, to maintain the truth and energy of his live sets. Links:
4/10/202040 minutes, 35 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0156 - Zetsumetsu

About: Zetsumetsu is a multimedia project between Flutter (Christine Ingaldson) and Zetsumei (Nick Dye) with music as the centerpiece. They conjure up a danceable tug of war between soft and abrasive sounds through the use of their human voices and custom-built synthesizers. Through their hardcore DIY ethic, they have been restoring a 1986 Road Rescue emergency vehicle to deliver a pop-up experimental dance music experience. This performance from an ambulance is known as Modular on the Rescue (MOTR). Focusing on the concept of impermanence and presence, they capture and release their art while exploring the road less traveled alongside themes of death, memory, nature, and existential struggles. At home in Racine, WI, they curate and co-host REACT (Racine Electronic Arts Collective Takeover), a quarterly electronic arts event. Links:
4/3/202025 minutes, 52 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0155 - France Jobin

Data Cult Audio 0155 - France Jobin by DC Audio
3/27/202059 minutes, 56 seconds
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DataCult Audio 0154 - Philippe Petit

About: Philippe Petit is an artist that fashions his musical works to paint a musical tapestry similar to Lewis Carroll creating a wonderland where nothing is as it would seem. Philippe's goal is to take the listener on a 'magical mystery ride'. He places great importance on movement and gesture in composition, and by recording his modular systems in a single, take he keeps sessions spontaneous and visceral! Philippe primarily works with the Buchla Easel K, Synthi A and GRP A4 as an ensemble, and processes them with GRM Tools, Guitar amps & pedals. This demands a ton of preparation, but the results are with it. Philippe has performed across the world, playing festivals all over Europe, North America, Asia, Mexico, and Australia. He has recorded with such artists as Lydia Lunch, Murcof, The European Contemporary Orchestra (E.C.O.), Mark Cunningham (MARS), Cindytalk, Orkest De Ereprijs,  Audrey Chen, Mia Zabelka, Iancu Dumitrescu's Hyperion Ensemble, Stephen O'Malley, Yannick Barman, PAS/Faust. In addition, Philippe has recorded for labels such Aagoo, Southern UK, Monotype, Bölt, Alrealon Musique, Beta Lactam Ring, Sub Rosa, HomeNormal, Important, HelloSquare, Public Eyesore, Utech, Staubgold, and more. 
Switching up speeds, Philippe is also a journalist and a musical activist Philippe has contributed various magazines/radios since 1983. He was also the man behind the cult labels Pandemonium Rdz. and BiP_HOp devoted to Contemporary Electronica, and currently runs the webzine, Modulisme. Links:
3/21/202041 minutes, 45 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0153 - Surachai

About: Surachai’s repertoire pivots from full ensemble black metal outfits to solo synthesizer explorations that have an avant garde fearlessness. A professional sound designer, mixer, and location audio engineer, the Chicago-based musician and producer brings a technical expertise to a curious artistic output that makes every upcoming release unpredictable. Links: All the tracks are unreleased, experiments, outtakes of components that made some of Come, Deathless. Recorded live as a 2-bus into the computer with hopes of it being fleshed out. Unfortunately, these were excommunicated and branded as heretics.
3/13/202033 minutes, 48 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0152 - Johno Wells

About: Johno Wells is an ambient/experimental/electro sound designer, composer, and filmmaker from San Diego, CA. He has composed score music and sound design for many film projects including his own films, both narrative and documentary features and shorts. He is the creator and host of Dotwave, a podcast featuring today's most genre-defying musicians and creators (, Spotify, iTunes). He also hosts Modular on the Spot in San Diego, a monthly outdoor modular synth concert, and is 1/2 of the electro/ambient duo "June Water". His music can be found on Spotify, iTunes, and all streaming platforms. Links: Bandcamp: Spotify: YouTube: Instgram: Dotwave:
3/6/202059 minutes, 53 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0151 - Data Cult Audio

About: Data Cult Audio is a project of A.M. Filipkowski. It centers around the idea that electronics and sound are constant source of exploration and innovation. As an audio project, the idea is to explore the production of sound. As a podcast, the goal is to document the work of artists across the world. At the time of this broadcast, Data Cult has been consistently airing weekly episodes for 3 years. Links: Site: iTunes: SoundCloud: FaceBook: Also, be sure to check out our Retrospective Series on YouTube: PATREON:
2/28/202034 minutes, 8 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0150 - NEIL LANDSTRUMM

Neil Landstrumm is pioneer of new electronic styles with a signature techno sound often copied and imitated, he has always been, and continues to be, a unique electronic artist. Neil has released records on a wide variety of electronic music's finest labels over the last two decades, and is one of the true innovators in techno. Highlights include 12″s and LP’s for Peacefrog, Tresor, Planet Mu records and Dixon Avenue Basement Jams. He has been a member of Optimo’s JD Twitch as Doubleheart, Sugar Experiment Station with Tobias Schmidt and Modini with Hostage. Essentially a live hardware based artist since the beginning of his career, he has toured internationally for the last 20 years with regular events in Europe, Japan and China. A native Scotsman, Landstrumm had lived in New York for a number of years, but is now based back in Edinburgh working from his own Witness Rooms studio. Links:
2/21/20201 hour, 1 minute, 41 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0149 - Garth Paine

About: Garth Paine (USA/AU) born 1962, is a composer, performer and scholar. He was awarded a Green Room Award for Outstanding Creativity, for Escape Velocity (Company in Space) and was a finalist for the Best new Musical Score for Dance in Australia, 2014. In 2018, Garth was researcher-artist in residence at IRCAM/ZKM, developing Future Perfect for spatial audio, cell phones and VR. He presented the Keynote at NIME2016 and a keynote at 2014 Ecomusicologies conference on listening to place. Dr. Paine is a Professor of Digital Sound and Interactive Media at Arizona State University and co-directs the Acoustic Ecology Lab. His music has been performed internationally. Links. Web: Soundcloud: Vimeo:
2/14/202054 minutes, 56 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0148 - Waveskania

About: The Waveskania project was created in the summer of 2019 by Ukrainian electronic DIY producer Katerina Yan. Her music resides at the junction of various genres. These influences includie intelligent techno, ambient, drone and electronica. When creating her music, Katerina makes it a priority to research the various sources of sound. She examines their nature, their interaction and impact on the operation of the brain. She does this by scanning, sampling and running spectral analysis of environmental sounds, acoustic and electronic instruments, radio-noises, various software with subsequent DSP-processing. By doing so she has created of unique sound catalogs. Links:
2/7/202033 minutes, 35 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0147 - Doll

About: Doll is the solo Power Electronics project of Xayla Daisy from Phoenix, AZ. Harsh, deeply personal, slow moving electronics with a focus on S&M, transgender sexuality, mental illness, and vanity. [email protected]
1/31/202051 minutes, 19 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0146 - Sarah Belle Reid

About: Sarah Belle Reid is a performer-composer who plays trumpet, modular synthesizer, and an ever-growing collection of handcrafted electronic instruments. Her unique musical voice explores the intersections between contemporary classical, experimental and interactive electronics, noise music, and improvisation. She has been recognized for her innovative work in expanding the "possibilities of the humble trumpet into new territory by the application of innovative sensing technology and sound processing” (Sequenza 21), including the development of her augmented trumpet, called MIGSI. Reid's debut album for trumpet and interactive electronics, "Underneath and Sonder," was released on pfMENTUM in October, 2019.  
 Links: Bandcamp: Patreon: Website: Instagram: Youtube:
1/25/202038 minutes, 8 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0145 - Ricky Tinez

About: From the Bay and now in LA Ricky Tinez finds his inspiration in the late night underground scene. Taking inspiration from the warehouse district his deep house records can instantly show it through their sound & texture. Links:
1/17/202025 minutes, 23 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0144 - Kittyspit

About: Kitty Spit is a well-known performer in the underground modular synthesizer scene in LA. Kitty Spit aka Skyler King is a life-long multi-instrumentalist (guitar, drums, bass & keyboards), who fell in love with electronic music at a young age, inspired by his father. Growing up playing with drum machines, synthesizer & effects pedals, the natural progression lead into modular synthesis & has become a main staple in his everyday life. Links: INSTAGRAM - @kittyspit
1/10/202038 minutes, 22 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0143 - Gabriella Issac

About: Gabriella Isaac is a computer musician from Phoenix, Arizona whose work explores and creates physical ways of engaging with digital sound. Her background in classical piano and personal interest in punk music led her to study Digital Culture at ASU's School of Arts, Media + Engineering. She studied the computational creation of digital sound and received both her B.A. (2016) and M.A. (2018) from the program. Her current work uses the audio feedback loop that occurs between the microphone and speaker of her laptop as a source of musical material and as a physical point of engaging with the sound itself. “ Links:
1/4/202019 minutes, 20 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0142 - Chris Meyer

About: Chris Meyer first learned how to play modular synthesizers as a teenager in the 1970s. He went on to be an engineer at Sequential Circuits (where he created Vector Synthesis), Digidesign, Marion Systems (Tom Oberheim), and Roland R&D US, teach synthesis at UCLA Extension, and write for magazines including Music Technology and Keyboard. More recently, he started Learning Modular as a way to teach others how to use modular synthesizers, and co-wrote the recent modular synthesis book Patch & Tweak with Kim Bjørn. Chris freely mixes samples and synthesis, creating a hybrid blend of electronic music with influences from world music and spoken word. He previously released the ensemble album “Alias Zone: Lucid Dreams”, which won the AFIM award for best independent electronic instrumental/ambient album of 2002. After a long detour in the video and film industry, he is now making music again, both as a solo artist and with the ensemble Meridian Alpha.  His Data Cult Audio set consists of a series of solo works Chris performed on his modular-based live performance system. There are four distinct sections: 00:00 Sleepless in Niger 11:45 Buddha of Compassion 24:43 The Train to Berlin 34:30 I Have Tried The solo on “I Have Tried” was played by Jim Coker of Meridian Alpha. Links:
12/27/201943 minutes, 20 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0141 - POB

About: Patrick O'Brien POB is a modular synth performer in Los Angeles. Patrick grew up outside of St. Louis, classically trained on both piano and trumpet, which comes through in his melodic performances. He's DJed in clubs, worked in radio and is currently working in television. He's part of the Modular on the Spot LA team and performs live regularly along the west coast. You can catch his performances, jams and demo videos on his social channels. Links:
12/21/201959 minutes, 17 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0140 - This Digital Landscape

About: This Digital Landscape is comprised of Brooklyn-based artist, Trevor Clark and his Eurorack Modular System. He creates music for the long-winded listener and evokes deep contemplations through pounding rhythms and ever evolving digital and analog soundscapes. His debut album The Face You Wear // Is Not Your Own is available digitally and on cassette via Bandcamp. In a modular system, as in life, moments are unique in and of themselves. A charge, turn, or push causes catastrophic reactions that disappear as quickly as they came. A modular system makes recreating performances nearly impossible, resulting in a unique performance each time it is interacted with. These tracks are a collection of moments captured within the modular system. The first half of this set is inspired by David Foster Wallace’s 1996 novel Infinite Jest and the parabolic nature in which the plot unfolds, but ultimately does not resolve. The beginning and end are chaotic and mirror one another, while the middle is more sparse, but contains the true essence of the piece. Links:
12/13/201925 minutes, 7 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0139 - Dudadius

About: Dudadius is the electronic project of scoring composer, Bryan Rheude. He calls it Electro Humanism, even if we’re not entirely sure what the hell that means. There’s an undercurrent of cinematic vibes to his music, probably owing to Rheude’s day job creating scores for film, tv, and adverts. The Dudadius releases under the Collisions Minimal series are one-off modular performances, the others are traditional productions using a combination of modular synths and vintage poly synths; bringing it all together in Ableton. During the last couple years he has focused on performing live with his modular—driven by some of the Monome devices—including a real hoot at Moogfest this last spring. Dudadius also maintains an active Youtube channel, including a new series called Circuits with Feelings that features a combination of interviews and technical deep dives. Links:
12/7/20191 hour
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Data Cult Audio 0138 - Scott Metoyer

About: Scott Metoyer is an electronic musician, experimenter, software developer, and visual creator from Southern California. His work lies at the intersection of the concrete and the abstract, using technology, tools and generative processes to create intricate and evocative soundscapes. Scott uses a combination of modular synthesis, bespoke software, Reaktor, PureData, and hand-built custom controller hardware. He self-releases projects on Bandcamp, has many open source projects available on Github, and is currently designing a small range of boutique Eurorack modules. This release explores the hidden symphonies all around us, locked away in the mundane artifacts of consumerism. Scott has built Arduino-based custom controller hardware that extracts data from credit card magnetic stripes and numeric barcodes and uses it to generate MIDI note sequences and parameter control values. He captured the data ‘in the wild’ at grocery stores, libraries, and local shopping markets, often composing and recording in real-time using a small battery powered lunchbox modular synth. The results are a new take on found sounds - found melodies. The source code for Scott’s tools is open source and available on Github and you can watch some of his guerrilla composing sessions on Links: Instagram @scottmetoyermusic.
11/30/201931 minutes, 21 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0137 - Indra Perkasa

About: Indra Perkasa started his musical journey at the age of 12, when he joined the Mandarava Corps Marching Band as a baritone horn player. Since this moment he has never left music since then. From 2001-2006, he majored in double bass, graduating from Institut Musik Daya Indonesia (IMDI). Having found his roots in jazz music, he became the bass player of Tomorrow People Ensemble , and has been a member since its founding in 2005. After he graduated from IMDI, he continued his studies at UCLA Extension (Los Angeles), concentrating on film scoring. Indra currently works actively as an arranger and film composer, as a bass player for Tomorrow People Ensemble, Aksan Sjuman And The Committee Of The Fest, Monita Tahalea, and teaches film scoring at Sjuman School of Music. Links:
11/23/201923 minutes, 10 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0136 - Tim Held

About: Tim Held is a Pacific Northwest Native. Tim is the founder of Self Center Records and The Podular Modcast. When not playing with his modular synthesizer, he can be found roaming the wilds of the PNW with fiancé Hannah. Links:
11/15/201929 minutes, 47 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0135 - Eden Grey

About: Chelsea Bruno, artist alias Eden Grey, is an experimental music composer and performer from Miami, US, creating a collection of cross-genre works in the studio. She has been performing her music live and self-releasing albums of studio works since 2008. Her passion for synthesis research developed while earning her Masters' degree in music technology at Florida International University. She was classically trained on the piano in her youth and has worked with the modular synthesizer since 2013. She is a PhD researcher in music composition at Royal Holloway, University of London and actively curating an ongoing series of modular synthesis meet and showcase events in London called CV FREQS. Links:
11/9/201936 minutes, 11 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0134 - Trovarsi

About: Trovarsi is an LA based music producer and live performance artist who brings a unique sound to the world of electronic music. With a hybrid blend of analogue synths, modular, drum machines and Ableton, she builds a pulsing atmosphere to any set she plays. Found today in the LA underground delivering pounding, acid techno and house music that is equal parts technical and melodic, she strives to push the boundaries of electronic music. In addition to building various live performance setups she also spends countless hours in the studio producing music for some of her favorite labels. Check out her extensive release discography on Beatport. Trovarsi is one of the founding members of the Southern California Synth Society, whose purpose is to educate and facilitate interest in electronic music through synthesizers, modular DIY builds and community events.   To stay up to date with her releases, upcoming shows, and workshops, visit her links below. Links:
11/1/201936 minutes, 38 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0133 - Eric Schlappi

About: Eric Schlappi is a musician/engineer originally from Arizona, currently residing in Portland, Oregon. He has been performing with, recording, and exploring analog synthesizers since the early 2000s, which has led him into designing and manufacturing his own instruments as Schlappi Engineering. As a musician he is interested in liminal spaces and transformations from the familiar to the unrecognizable (and back again.) He is also interested in live improvisation and physical manipulation of sound. This set is a live-in-the-studio version of the recent live set, consisting of three songs and a lot of improvisation within them. The first and third songs are not yet on any release and titled Dorcas and Court Intrigue. The second is a reimagining of The Last Incantation off of the Poseidonis release. The titles refer to events within fantasy books by Gene Wolfe and Clark Ashton Smith, respectively. Links:
10/26/201922 minutes, 55 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0132 - RPE Duo

About: RPE Duo, formed in 2009 during Matt Postle (trumpet) and Radek Rudnicki’s (electronics) PhD studies at the University of York (UK). They have been featured at festivals and toured in the UK, Europe, USA, and New Zealand including the Manchester Jazz Festival and FONT Festival in New York City. Matt Postle (USA) is an improvising trumpet artist currently based in Charlotte, USA. He has worked with a wide range of artists and ensembles including Kenny Wheeler, Ingrid Jensen, Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra, and Norwegian Wind Ensemble. He is a full-time music instructor at Central Piedmont Community College (Charlotte, NC) and has taught at several other universities in the US and abroad from 2005-2018. Radek Rudnicki (Poland) is a sound artist and sound designer. He is working with new media, multidisciplinary art and science projects and performs audiovisual works. Radek is creating sound design and composing for immersive experiences, installations, film, contemporary dance and 3D video mapping events. He is performing with live musicians, sequencers, groove machines and modular synthesizers. Links:
10/19/201930 minutes
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Data Cult Audio 0131 - Todd Barton

Data Cult Audio 0131 - Todd Barton by DC Audio
10/12/201930 minutes, 20 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0130 - Parker Weston

About: Outsider free improvisation/prepared guitarist and multimedia visual artist Parker Weston is involved with live avant-garde acts around Arizona. He is part of ritual ambient/drone with Butoh Sonics, the sound sculpture/guitar duo Smogma, the space rock/noise jazz collective Claustronaut, and power electronics/death industrial duo Schadenhaus. He also has homemade plunderphonic projects like the no-fi cutups of Sugar Pills Bone (with Teuthis Galore), and the audio cartoon that is the Ɔrinkles (formerly the main force behind the black noise metal act also known as PKWST). In the past he's also made sound collage under the moniker Stembreo, was half of the ambient black metal project Vvltvs, and contributed guitar to comedic black noise legends, Enbilulugugal. in 2015, Weston created a short surreal/abstract film titled "A Kestrel Hive", reenacting cryptic dreams. In 2019, he released 'an audiobook' of past published experimental writings with improv guitar noise and foley sounds, titled 'Deadwood Transmissions'.  LINKS:
10/5/201959 minutes, 58 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0129 - Tom Hall

About: Tom Hall is an Australian audio/visual artist, residing in Los Angeles. Hall's practice is an ongoing exploration into peripheral space and time, inspired by environments and non-linearity found in the everyday. Using multiple approaches to recontextualize these spaces, Hall creates sound and imagery that accumulates in hybrid environments and temporal translations. These outcomes include found and computer programmed sound synthesis, reactive visual synthesis and physical installation. Hall has released a number of recordings in the past two decades, along with exhibitions and live av tours worldwide. Links:
9/28/201935 minutes, 32 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0128 - Martin Yam Moller

About: Half Danish and half Hong Kong Chinese, Martin Yam Møller enjoys large and jarring contrasts. He composes music in many genres, from lyrically ironic lofi-folk-pop to instrumental soundscape ambient music, which is represented in his DataCult Audio episode. He draws Inspiration a range of sources, from the classics Beatles and Boards of Canada to instagram musicians Hainbach and R Beny. The tools he uses to make music can be both old and slightly broken 4-track cassette recorders or the latest and greatest VSTi plugin or semi-modular synths. Even acoustic guitars have their place in his compositions, played both traditionally or with chopsticks and an eBow. When inspiration wanes, he makes sample packs and releases it through his email list, which can be signed up for on his website: DataCultAudio Ep.128 music composed and recorded by Martin Yam Møller sept 2019 Extra tape music for this release contributed by Rasmus Rune Larsen. Links: Video of full DataCult Audio Ep.128 can be seen here: Follow Martin Yam Møller on instagram: And find his youtube channel here:
9/21/201923 minutes, 57 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0127 - Gloom Mountain Gospel

Gloom Mountain Gospel is Jason Vapor and Goldie Paris. They create an ever evolving soundscape that ranges from dark ambient to chaotic noise they refer to as ELECTRO GLOOM. Jason Vapor is also one of the founding members of the Tri-Cities Synth Club and also books electronic music in a hand full of East Tennesse venues. GMG have several self GMG perform regularly through out the southeast including the upcoming Equinox 16 festival outside of Asheville, NC. GMG have several self-released albums and one album on Heterodox Records.
9/14/201946 minutes, 30 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0126 - Gn(o)me

About: Noam Belkind aka Gn(o)me is a Chicago native that started making music around 2000. Armed with a 4 track, a Juno-60, a Korg Mono/Poly, an array of pedals and circuit bent noise makers, Noam soon was playing synths in punk/hardcore bands. During this period he released 2 albums with the band Tusk. Between 2006 and 2016, he moved quite a bit for work. Living in a variety of places such as Michigan, San Diego and Philadelphia, Noam finally settled in Phoenix, Arizona. Here he discovered modular synthesis, and dove in head first. These days he is making music using mostly random source euroserge, monome grid, arc, and Norns, as well as er301.  Links: Instagram: @gnomedrone
9/7/201942 minutes, 20 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0125 - Ámbar

Artist Info: Ámbar was formed in 2016 by Barcelonan artists Patricia Ferrer and Héctor Sousa. They spent years grinding down the sharp edges of their sound. This sound is a series of Voltages, connections, filters, and sequences reverberating inside them that translates through modular systems, synthesizers, and rhythm machines. They mix their classical education from Liceu de Barcelona with Drone, Ambient, Techno and trance. Their enjoyment of free improvisation results in an ethereal sound intended to guide listeners towards a unique and transcendental experience; where the auditive concept connects with the limbic. Each performance is unique in concept, psyche, and execution.   Artist Links: Instagram: Youtube: Soundcloud: Bandcamp: Facebook:
8/31/201955 minutes, 22 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0124 - PTNA

About: Justin Olson began his music journey with the Violin at age 3 before joining the Phoenix Boys Choir at age 8 where he learned to sight read sheet music and was featured as a solo vocalist. Following his involvement with the Phoenix Boys Choir, Justin went on to play Saxophone in the Junior High School Band and began to learn the Guitar at the age of 12. During this same year, Justin acquired a 4-track tape recorder and began to record himself and write songs. Justin continued to write songs and make recordings through High school, where he joined his first band, which won the “battle of the bands,” and where he performed with the high School Choir. In College, Justin shared his songs in live performances and open mics. This was a great way to build confidence as a performer, and learn the satisfaction of sharing your creations with the world. As an artist, it is easy to become lost in your head and process, live performance is a very important tool to receive feedback and input that guides your creative output and can give you the needed confidence to share it with the world. After College, Justin began to play Performance Gigs around the state of Arizona including: Tempe Center for the Arts “ Singer Songwriters Showcase” in partnership with PBS, “Knock the Blues out of Hunger” Blues Festival, Glendale Folk Festival, Weekly “Fun Fridays” at the Tempe Center for the Arts and most recently, a live Eurorack Modular Performance at , “ Wireheads” in downtown Phoenix. In addition to various live Performances, Justin signed a Music Contract with Electric Lotus Music and Recorded his first Studio album titled, “Amber Waves.” In 2014, Justin began his journey into Synthesizers, Electronic Drums, Samplers and Drum Machines. Justin wanted to take a step out of his comfort zone and grow as an artist ; He was seeking new challenges and tools to make music. Justin explored many electronic music machines from Elektron, Korg, Moog, Dave Smith etc. In late 2014, Justin dove into Eurorack Modular synthesis. Justin was struck by the interface of blinking lights, cables and creating his own custom instrument. Eurorack synthesis is an amazing sound creation tool to learn the individual elements of a synthesizer and to become very efficient at signal flow and sound design. Since 2014, Justin has focused on creating musical projects, performances and albums on his Eurorack Modular. He has released 19 albums of music during this time-frame and has enjoyed the process of patching a song over hours to days and then performing it live and capturing the performance. Justin enjoys introducing people to Modular synthesis and being a knowledgeable resource to expose and bring students into the area of study and creation. His mission is to help guide newcomers through the vast market of gear, resource material and introducing them to basic skills that build on each other and provide a strong foundation to continue their very personal journey of building their own Modular instrument. Justin is currently a modular Synthesizer instructor at the Academy of Modern Music Production (AMMP) in Mesa, AZ. Selected Live Modular tracks from Justin Olson aka PTNA’s latest two albums “Shadow Bridge” and “Interwoven Apparitions.” Each track included in this set was performed and recorded live on his Modular Synthesizer between April and June 2019. Links: Facebook: Justin Olson aka PTNA Instagram: ptnamusic
8/24/201946 minutes, 32 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0123 - BBoyTech

About: Corry Banks aka BBoyTech is a hiphop producer, emcee and founder of both and BBoyTech coined the phrase “ModBap” to denote the fusion of his experiments in modular synthesis combined with boombap music production. He has released several underground hiphop albums as an artist / emcee and several instrumental hiphop albums. An IT Pro and Musical Artist, Corry “BBoyTech” Banks launched bboytechreport as a merging of his passions in music and tech to give a hiphop perspective on music tech, something that there wasn’t a lot of just a few years back. Since then, his pioneering contributions in ModBap have nurtured a movement in experimental modular synth based hiphop production. Links:
8/17/201944 minutes, 42 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0122 - Franck Martin

About: Franck Martin, born in France, draws his inspiration from the works of Jean-Michel Jarre, Vangelis, Tangerine Dream and also from various artists like Iannis Xenakis and Hughes Le Bars. His first album, released in 2016, is a timid exploration of the tools for Electronic Music Production. Some tracks are influenced by the years he spent in Fiji and in the Pacific Islands and were often composed during his travels. His more recent albums are sonic experiments using an ever evolving modular synthesizer, often recorded in live conditions. Franck Martin continues his exploration in the creation and production of electronic music, whilst meeting other fellow artists from San Francisco and the world Links:
8/10/201943 minutes, 4 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0121 - Spices Peticular

About: Spices Peculiar is an improvisational looping project lead by Dante Villagomez out of Pittsburgh, PA. Since 2015, he has crafted and controlled his unique sound to flow through a blend of Ambient Electronica and Worldbeat. Debuting a podcast in 2018, Spices Peculiar's Night at Sea aims to shift the mind towards the land of Nod. Peaceful meditation through ambient improv with local musicians. New episodes released every Tuesday. Subscribe via SoundCloud. Links:
8/3/201952 minutes, 16 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0120 - Skoddie

About: Skoddie is an unapologetically queer, non-binary woman making compelling electronic music that resists categorization, but draws heavily on techno as a starting point. This techno, however, is not the whitewashed, male-centric kind that has come to dominate event rosters with sounds that “destroy” and “kill.” No. This techno, while infectiously rhythmic, and even quite dark at times, is lush and powerful in its femininity. This is music that breathes in, around, and through techno, ambient, drone, and more, but takes listeners to new places altogether. Skoddie sounds how plants grow. Skoddie’s rapidly growing musical CV is a reflection of her dynamic energy and visionary sound. She has performed at some of the most dynamic events in LA, including Modular On The Spot LA, FM+, Vayu Sound, Late Breakfast, and Fem Synth Lab. Her music has been featured on the Rightly Horrified vol. 1 compilation by Knife Play – Curating from Hell, the Synthdactyl Program on KSPC, and At Waters Edge on RadioSpiral. Skoddie has released on Bit Rot and Studio 4632. She also manages the Electronic Music Philosophy collective, which releases compilations of new music based on a central theme every six weeks. Links:
7/27/201956 minutes
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Data Cult Audio 0119 - Kris Kaiser

About: Kris Kaiser fell back into the world of music only a few years ago. Currently she co-runs modular synth company Noise Engineering with her husband Stephen, but her musical background goes back to an early age. She was born into a musical family: her grandmother was conservatory trained in piano and her grandfather was a professional jazz pianist. Her father grew up playing piano and drums and she inherited that love of percussion…despite her parents refusing to get her the drum kit she wanted. They supplanted that with drum pads (Yamaha DD-5. Quality stuff.). Shortly after that came the keyboard and she was hooked. A long series of events led her to choose biology over music and she fell into a bioacoustics hole for many years. All through school, she made no music, but rather traipsed through neotropical swamps listening to the love songs of frogs and broadcasting traffic noises in pristine forests: part of her dissertation and research as a biology professor examined the effects of anthropogenic noise on frogs. In 2017, she left academia behind to join Stephen in Noise Engineering full time. She is largely in charge of the hardware and dabbles in everything else. She makes music reasonably often, but rarely performs or releases it. The majority of what she creates is highly percussive: the pulsatile and rhythmic nature of the frog choruses she spent so many years listening to remain an influence in most of the music she makes. Notes on this piece: At the beginning of June, we were fortunate to see an ensemble called red fish blue fish perform Michael Gordon’s (of Bang on a Can All-Stars) Timber. The entire piece was performed on six 2x4s and it was the most incredible and inspiring thing I’d seen in I don’t know how long. And while I watched, I constructed this piece. I don't ever have a hope of being a percussionist capable of playing at that level, but I had a great time putting this together. Links:
7/19/201925 minutes, 48 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0118 - John McVay

About: John McVay, a.k.a. Go As DeatH, sources sounds from found-cassettes, tape loops, and field recordings which are then modified with guitar effects pedals and loop pedals to compose densely-layered soundscapes. Responsive mixing leads the compositions, with a focus on blending and creating a meditative, yet creepy and unsettling tone. Rolling loops and swirling distortion meander across a vast, expansive void, dragging muffled transmissions of voices from the abyss that whisper warnings within crowded electrical pulsations. A smothering force bombards with over-saturation and disarms our sensibilities. It embodies conflicting qualities: introspective/loud, evolving/constant, vast/dense, peaceful/turbulent. This collection of recordings crackles; covered in dust, melted, these tapes are riddled with decay. The tracks presented here are based on improv and are edited very little from the live recordings, showcasing the crunchy and slippery textures of the magnetic tape involved in creating and recording the sounds. McVay has worked as Go As DeatH, as a collaborator in Hillsgoteyes and the Insect Worship Collective, participates in Sound Art Arizona and the Low Data Collective, and has designed live or recorded soundtracks to accompany video art performances and pieces. He performs strange tape music for people semi-regularly and also creates paper collages and collage-based screenprints. Links: Instagram: @johnjohnmcvay
7/13/201921 minutes, 44 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0117 - Mebitek

About: From the acidic and dusty factories of the electronic underground, through the devastating and pure immaculate nature of Sardinia, is born an explosion of anger and melancholy darkness. This sound is the transformation of electronics into an orchestra of cinematic proportion created by mebitek aka Claudio Melis. Born on the island of Sardinia, Claudio was living in Bologna, Italy when he created the mebitek project in the late 2003.  In the beginning, mebitek's sound was influenced by Bologna’s underground music scene and was mainly hard techno with tribal influences. Over the years, Claudio’s experimentation led him to develop a “cinematic electro dark ambient” cinematic music. In addition to music, Claudio also creates art installations such as his 2016 creation ‘The Sensegration Box’, short films such as his trilogy “The Unconscious”, and video art. Links:
7/6/201938 minutes, 24 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0116 - Vara Sky

About: Vara Sky is Amy Swart. She demonstrated a talent for music at an early age, learning how to play several instruments at a private elementary school on a full scholarship in Rochester, New York. She continued with vocal and piano lessons throughout her teenage years until she moved to Colorado at age 19. After going to her first rave as a teenager, Amy became obsessed with “how they were making those sounds,” and began organizing underground parties with her friends, DJing with a laptop and a mixer. In 2010 she moved to Los Angeles, California and was classically trained in composition at the Herb Alpert Music Academy on a performance-based scholarship. To her, music is an energetic language we connect with one another through and all of her compositions are written with the intention of connection. Her influences are rooted in industrial music and she cites Trent Reznor as one of her biggest inspirations. She wrote music for the 2017 documentary film ‘Parque Central’, directed by Ricky Gaona. Her debut EP ‘Transmission’ was released by Vudeux Records in December 2018 on Beatport. Her latest release with thismachineinme ‘Between Two Worlds’ is available now on her own independent record label, Corporatocrazy. Links: Beatport: Apple Music: SoundCloud: Bandcamp:
6/29/201939 minutes, 38 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0115 - Stephen McCaul

About: Though most known to musicians as the founder of Noise Engineering, Stephen has been creating music and sound for nearly his entire life. Early experience started with childhood piano lessons and playing bass in an orchestra throughout his teens. As the use of computers to make music became feasible Stephen experimented with every format he could. This eventually grew into a small MIDI and analog studio. Around this time Stephen was also finishing his undergraduate degree in Mathematics while making his living developing software. Soon after in a fit of extreme wanderlust he uprooted his entire life and moved to Dallas, Texas to get another degree. This degree was for video game programming and led to Stephen moving to Los Angeles for a job. Eleven years of audio software development for video games ensued. Stephen worked closely with sound designers to implement systems and tools for a popular video game franchise. During this time was Stephen’s second introduction to modular synths which rapidly became an obsession and eventually his next step professionally. Notes on the piece: This piece is one of many in a series (currently around 35 hours of recordings) of extemporaneous improvisations using a small modular case (208 HP + external sequencer) that has been evolving over nearly two years. This case has been the inspiration and the proving ground for many of Noise Engineering’s recent products. This jam was the first test jam using the recently released Viol Ruina. It is the grittiest in the entire series of recordings in large part due to Viol Ruina. It was recorded on May 16, 2019. Links: @noiseeng
6/22/201930 minutes, 10 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0114 - Random Brothers

About: Random Brothers consists of two siblings, Randy Danistha and Nara Anindyaguna. Their music is inspired by the randomness found in everyday lives. With this belief that randomness can lead to new and unexplored grounds, the duo uses a modular synthesizer as a weapon of choice to create random patterns of sound, and over time compile the patterns to form musical arrangements. The duo lives on the philosophy that the music they are creating is a showcase of art in the form of sound; meaning that their music should be experienced as you would a piece of art in a gallery. Listening to their album should give the same sense as entering an exhibition, and taking the time to enjoy the works of art one by one; in this case, track by track. Like most exhibitions, the artists would try to make the artwork engaging, and interactive to the audience. During live performance, the Random Brothers experiment, by using a frequency that is known to trigger creativity in the brains. The hope is to spark creativity amongst the audience, and inspire them with ideas as they leave the venue. Links:
6/15/201936 minutes, 51 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0113 - Alissa Derubis

About: Alissa DeRubeis currently resides in Portland, OR, where she works for 4MS and S1. A co-founder of the S1 Synth Library and Synth Library Prague, Alissa enjoys teaching intro workshops at home and around the world, patching pre-amps and resonant filters, and playing improvised music. Links:
6/8/201921 minutes, 19 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0112 - Lon Lon

About: Lon Lon is the project of Benjamin Sochko, a synth-obsessed gearhead, the runs a small label called Sinetology. Sinetology reflects Benjamin’s interest in gear by featuring hardware based artists, and releasing everything from ambient and noise, to techno, electro and IDM. He also throws local monthly nights revolving around hardware, live PAs and all vinyl mixing; with intentions to remain as true to the machines as possible. On a personal level, Benjamin is an avid lover and user of modular synths. This love has caused him to venture into collecting synthesizers of all sorts, and recently to venture into video synthesis. He finds excitement and inspiration in being able to control sound and visuals with machines each with their own character. For Lon Lon’s Data Cult Audio set, the audio was recorded live to tape with Oliver Long & Raph helping out manning synths and pedals. Links: Sinetology: YouTube: Soundcloud:
6/1/201940 minutes, 17 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0111 - Jimmy Peggie

About: Scottish sound artist and composer Jimmy Peggie uses microsound recordings, electronic fragments and atmospheres as a basis for producing sparse, environmentally based, digital sound pieces. As an electronic sound artist his practice is not focused on music and the traditional use of harmony, melody or rhythm. Rather, It’s more concerned with sound in all its forms and the way it can be used to convey emotion, and for artistic expression. His work uses cinematic sketches woven together to put the spotlight on what may be obvious but also what lies beneath the surface - a meditation on small details that are often hidden or lie unseen and unnoticed. Low volume particles, silence, drones, and happy accidents feature on both a noticeable and also perhaps subliminal or subconscious level. “Look beneath the surface; let not the several quality of a thing nor its worth escape thee.” ― Marcus Aurelius With an extensive background in rock, jazz and improvisation his current focus is sound composition, lofi electronics, sonic installations, field recording and interactive art. Links: Website: Recordings - Instagram -
5/25/201945 minutes, 56 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0110 - Tulpa | Dusha

About: Tulpa | Dusha projects are two worlds, expressed by Anna Martinova, DJ, music producer and a singer. Anna is originally from the Baltic Sea, born in Dobele, Latvia, currently living in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Her DJ career started in 2000, playing styles like Dark Psychedelic Trance, Tech Trance, Old School Goa Trance. Circa 2014, Anna started to playing around with Dark Progressive, as this this style was closest to her Tulpa DJ sets. She began to have an interest in DAWs such as Reason, Ableton, and Logic. This interest eventually lead Anna to enroll in the SAE institute. After getting her Electronic Music Producer diploma in 2012, Anna started the MM - Micro Monkey project. The MM project explored her interest in deep, melodic aural journeys, and harmonically transformed into Dusha project. It was here she found her musical voice. Dusha is mainly ambient oriented subliminal audio journeys, which evolved into Anna's interest in modular synthesis. Meeting Erica Synths visionary Girts Ozolins, Anna had the idea to start Modular Moon; a Modular Synthesis School, Teaching others has allowed her continue growing as modular synthesis performer. Through modular exploration Anna found herself evolving toward minimal techno live performances. It was here Tulpa DJ sets became modular live sets. Tulpa live is psychedelic techno live performances, based on intuitive search of audio satisfaction, in a moment of time. Every recording is unique, no overdubbed and night dance powered. With the help of her with her close friend and partner of Jacopo Fresia, Modular Moon | Modular Synthesis School continues to educate, and highlight the importance of live performance over pre-recorded laptop music. They dedicate their activity towards live performances, opening modular synthesis to public, supporting the industry and growing along with it. Tulpa | Dusha currently performs worldwide with both DJ and modular projects. She is active member of Kyma Symbolic Sound and modular communities, mother of a son Tristan. more about Anna: Modular Moon | Modular Synthesis School : more about Anna: Modular Moon | Modular Synthesis School :
5/17/201934 minutes, 27 seconds
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DCA 0109 - Chaka Benson

About: Chaka, Philly native and Central High School grad, grew up on a diverse diet of local music ranging from Schooly D to Sun Ra.  He's brought those learnings to various projects across a multitude of genres.  He has work under the name Trikonometry using midi and software synthesis.  In the past couple of years, he has focused strictly in the hardware synthesis realm, and has a deep and abiding passion for the Eurorack format. Links:
5/11/201928 minutes, 38 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0108 - Amethyst Seer

About: Benjamin Braman is a multimedia designer and musician. The body of his current work aims to explore newfound techniques of resurfacing abandoned media with an emphasis on video synthesis and circuit bent analog electronics. Through his discovery of methods that reclaim a wide range of materials, he provides a sense of audio visual revival and transcendence to a more atmospherical and ethereally based platform. He avidly presents his work through different avenues of collaboration with other artists, using dynamic and improvisational performance frameworks with his audio visual project GLOB, the experimental art ensemble Datura, and solo project Amethyst Seer. Links:
5/4/201932 minutes, 32 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0107 - 4 Airports

4 Airports is a collaboration between guitarist Craig Chin and synthesist Nathan Yeager. Together they create improvised electronic soundscapes, exploring weird sonic terrain and deep ambient textures. Links: Craig Chin - Nathan Yeager - 4 Airports -
4/27/201931 minutes, 5 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0106 - Peter Grenader

About: Peter Grenader has an enduring history in electronic music. From having studied music composition at the California Institute of the Arts under Barry Schrader and Morton Subotnick, to having been past member of the SEAMUS board of directors, and the founder/primary designer of EAR/Plan B Synthesizers and their primary designer. He has performed throughout the United States and Europe, and in 2001, he won the Periòdic Experimental Music Festival in Barcelona, Spain.
 He has been a featured composer at the 17th American Composer’s Forum Salon in Venice and  performed at  REDCAT in Los Angeles with Analoglive! with film composer Gary Chang, Alessandro Cortini, Richard Devine, Chas Smith, Thighpaulsandra, and video artist Paul Tzanetopoulos. 
Recent collaborations include The zZyzx Society with Jill Fraser and featuring Thighpaulsandra, Chas Smith. Jennifer Irvine, Katherine Redlus and Danny Carey of Tool, The Third Ear with Shiro Fujioka and Doug Lynner and POV with guitarist Miles Richmond and featuring Steve Roach and Thighpaulsandra. 
Released recordings include Secret Life (2013) on Coda Recordings, zZyzx Society (2018) on ZSR Records, TWO (2019) on Organic Artists Records and POV (2019) on Blue Trousers Records - commissioned by and sold exclusively on Most recently, he was featured in the modular documentary series produced by David Elliot Johnson and Organic Artists LLC. Links:
4/20/201925 minutes, 59 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0105 - Black Box Theory

Darion Bradley is Black Box Theory. A self taught musician that derives his music from a broad spectrum of influences. Growing up in a household that played everything from Gospel and R&B to Prince, Darion was open to discovery in many genres as a kid. His curiosity led him to discover genres such as Metal and Dubstep rather organically. As a young teenager he taught himself music production via the internet and cracked software. This experimentation at a young age helped him to define his philosophy about making music; keep things simple. Simple ideas and deep layers are the focus of Darion’s music. Finding a solid groove that defines his sound to his audience has been his obsession since day one. Over the past 10 years he has worked on perfecting a sound that creates powerful moments foe his listeners. He has only started performing live in the past few years, but loves the responses he gets from the audiences. Currently, he spends much of his time producing, and releasing music. Links:
4/13/201933 minutes
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Data Cult Audio 0104 - Gerald Fjörd

Data Cult Audio 0104 - Gerald Fjörd by DC Audio
4/6/201920 minutes
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Data Cult Audio 0103 - Jill Fraser

About: Jill Fraser is a composer and electronic music pioneer. She was mentored by Morton Subotnick, studied with Mel Powell and Earle Brown at CalArts and attended master classes with, among others John Cage and Lou Harrison. After finishing her master’s degree in composition she worked at Serge Modular in Hollywood and took her modular synths into the Hollywood studios to score films. Her composing credits on film scores include Personal Best directed by Robert Towne with collaborator, the infamous composer Jack Nitzsche and Hardcore (starring George C Scott, directed by Paul Schrader). Jill has composed both electronic and acoustic music for hundreds of TV commercials for Lexus, BMW, Honda, Porsche, Nissan, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Mattel, Carl’s Jr, NBC, Apple Computers, Adidas, Estee Lauder, Baskin Robbins, Yamaha Motorcycles and many, many others. She has won 3 Clios for original music and is a voting member of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. She toured with singer Buffy Sainte Marie and performance artist Ivan E Roth. Her performances with Ivan were part of the vibrant Los Angeles punk and spoken word scene and she played live modular synthesizer, opening for acts including the Minutemen and Henry Rollins. Ivan and Jill released the CD Alphabetical Disorders on Periodic Music featuring “Life is a Noun”. Links:
3/29/201938 minutes, 19 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0102 - Precocious Mouse

About: Caleb Wood under the alias of 'precocious mouse' has been experimenting with sound as a conceptual tool since the release of his first album, '2_3/.dll (grey circuits)' on the Sicilian experimental netlabel 'Brusio' in 2010. Based in London, but taking influence also from his native Yorkshire - a region with both a long history of sonic experimentation and decaying industrial infrastructures, he has worked under the aliases 'precocious mouse' and ',' and more recently 'reference hardware' (the first and last of which have both been used for various iterations of an ongoing live performance entitled '.seance') exploring methods to construct pieces which have a conceptual base in the fragmentation and complexity of the processes of communication. In recent years these works have found a home on the label / collective 'threadneedle community' which the artist co-curates, as well as more activity through live performances in his home city of London after wider live performances in Berlin, Paris, Sicily and the Flussi media arts festival in Avellino, Italy. Links:
3/23/201958 minutes, 9 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0101 - Zy_Gote

About: Zy_Gote is the electronic music project of ATL/LA musician, Stan Pavlov. Zy_Gote draws upon various electronic influences such as industrial, noise, and techno to create something altogether unique. Pavlov has also collaborated with electronic hardcore artist UTEROZZZAAA on various releases in Japan and the United States. Zy_Gote became a part of the revival of the industrial power noise label/collective Crunchpod in 2016. Links:
3/16/201931 minutes, 44 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0100 - Bana Haffar

About: A lifelong expatriate, Bana Haffar was born in Saudi Arabia in 1987 and spent much of her childhood in the GCC. Through her switch from 10 years of electric bass to modular synthesizers in 2014, Bana is attempting to dismantle years of institutional ‘conditioning’ in traditional systems of music theory and performance. She is interested in exploring sonic disintegration and coalescence into new forms and synthesized experiences. Haffar is also the co-founder of Modular on the Spot, a monthly outdoor synth happening that began on the Los Angeles river and has since spread nationally and globally. Links:
3/9/201922 minutes, 51 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0099 - c1t1zen

About: c1t1zen has been releasing electronic music since 1998 with the sounds of trip-hop, electronica and ambient music. Early work on a RISD student compilation earned airtime on WFMU. His music was also featured on KSPC's Synthdactyl Program with a live in studio performance. Live sets include vintage analog gear with a homemade DIY eurorack rig. Past performances include Serge Synthesizerís 40th Anniversary Show, Modular On The Spot 2nd Anniversary and the Earmeal podcast. Links:
3/2/201931 minutes, 15 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0098 - Antonio Steve Tublén

About: Antonio Steve Tublén is a Swedish film director/writer/whatever. The award winning lo-fi Science Fiction LFO was created with his fascination for strange sounds mixed with his dark humour and was executive produced by Elijah Wood and his company SpectreVision. His English debut feature film; the dark comedy ZOO is now doing the film festival circuit and to be released later this year. About the music: Montage of rough and dirty lo-fi improv performances with only the Buchla Easel + looper + effect pedals. Recorded live straight to stereo. No overdubs etc… Links: Instagram: Soundcloud: <— more Easel improv stuff. IMDb: LFO trailer: Zoo trailer:
2/23/201931 minutes, 35 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0097 - Ian Boddy

About: an Boddy has been composing & performing Electronic Music since the late 1970’s. Having fallen in love with the sound-worlds of German electronic bands such as Tangerine Dream, he came across an arts centre that housed a studio filled with reel-to-reel tape machines and analogue synthesisers. He very quickly started performing concerts & releasing three cassette albums in the early 1980’s followed by a further three vinyl albums. By the 1990’s he was regularly releasing music on CD as well as performing both in the UK & on the continent. He also developed further musical strands of activity with his sound design work releasing a series of critically acclaimed sample sound libraries & virtual instruments as well as composing an impressive roster of library music tracks, most notably for DeWolfe. In 1999 he set up the DiN ambient electronica label which sees it’s 20th anniversary this year. There has been over 80 releases on this label with contributions from an international roster of artists such as Robert Rich, Bluetech, Node, Markus Reuter, Tetsu Inoue, Chris Carter, Erik Wøllo etc. Boddy has recently expanded the reach of DiN with the release of the two volumes of Tone Science which are albums focusing in on artists performing music on modular synth systems. Links:
2/15/201931 minutes, 10 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0096 - Art Electronix

About: Art Electronix is a Ukrainian electronic project by two sound producer (Katerina and Yevgeny) from the city of Krivoy Rog, combined with interest in various stylistic genres, ranging from dance music in acid, techno and drum&bass styles, to minimalist audio spaces of ambient pastorals or even interdimensional cosmic noise. When creating their audio paintings musicians trying to convey images of industrial landscapes of the city. Their music have a retro-futuristic sound that can be described as a journey into the depths of minimalism, analog overdrive and electrical digital clicks, howl and crunch of high voltage capacitors, sometimes turning into mechanically drum machine dance beat, and then returning back to the sound of a loose vacuum ambient. Art Electronix's activity connected with music programming, constant search of original sounding, development of art performances and live concerts, experimental quality music production, and many other art forms. While producing cross-genre music for 10 years, the project amassed a decent discography totaling up to 100 hours of music, was published on several physical media, took part in creating several soundtracks for independent films and held many local local events. Links:
2/9/201924 minutes, 46 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0095 - Lauren Sarah Hayes

About: Lauren Sarah Hayes is a Scottish musician and sound artist who builds and performs with hybrid analogue/digital instruments. She is a “positively ferocious improvisor” (Cycling ‘74), her music refusing to sit nicely between free improv, experimental pop, techno, and noise. Over the last decade she has developed and honed a deliberately challenging and unpredictable performance system that explores the relationships between bodies, sound, environments, and technology. The Wire described her most recent album MANIPULATION (pan y rosas discos) as “skittering melodies and clip-clopping rhythms suggesting a mischievous intelligence emerging from this web of wires”. She is a member of the New BBC Radiophonic Workshop and currently lives in Arizona where she teaches electronic music. Originally broadcast live on BBC Radio 3. Commissioned by hcmf//  Links:
2/2/201923 minutes, 41 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0094 - Jörgen Kjellgren

About: Jörgen Kjellgren is a music maker and producer from Stockholm, Sweden. He is a free-range sound designer, musician and songwriter. In 2018 he released five EPs of ambient music, He and his wife, Anna Maria, also released a few tracks as pop duo under the name, Little Boxes. "I made these tracks during a period of heightened creativity that eventually shifted into a few nights of insomnia. Maybe it comes through at the end of the set, that slow, sluggish feeling." Some of the tracks from this episode of Data Cult Audio will be released as an EP after they air here on the podcast. The audio for this episode of Data Cult Audio was mastered by Nathan Moody at Obsidian Sound ( Links:
1/26/201937 minutes, 48 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0093 - Nundale

About: Swiss born and LA based Olivier B. Egli aka Sir Archibald Palmer aka Nundale has been involved in electronic music since his early teens. Fascinated by the darker tunes of industrial and electronic body music as well as the rolling punch of early 90s hiphop, he went on to produce beats for Swiss and German acts and released his first EP at the age of 15. In his tracks he seeks to live out his passion for meticulously constructed and micro edited beats (some of which he plays live), processed snares, ratcheting hi hats, twisted breakbeats and unexpected chord progressions. The trained drummer and pianist focusses his musical energy on creating bridges between beat exploration and harmonic research without giving neither one priority but rather finding a haunting balance that moves the body as much as the mind and projects mental pictures strong enough to feel the music rather than just hearing it. Links:
1/19/201930 minutes, 6 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0092 - Proud/Father

Since 2009, Proud/Father has been the main recording project of Shining Fields. Based in New Orleans, Proud/Father combines droning ambient textures pulled from field recordings, manipulated samples, guitar loops, and processed synthesizers to create a sprawling soundscape of fading memories housed in cassettes. He performs regularly in New Orleans and is in the process of planning his 5th U.S tour, hopefully bringing his music closer to you. This hour of audio features a mix of brand new recordings, live excerpts, and tracks taken from incomplete albums and sketches, from which Proud/Father regularly pulls from. Everything Many thanks to Emma K. for playing guitar on segment 3. 00:00-06:18 Communer of the Solare Tempel 06:18-10:22 The Sunlight Breaks over the Black Pearl 10:22-14:00 It was as though we floated trough the afternoon in a raft in the trees 14:00-21:46 Watashinoyume 21:46-33:16 Live at Coaxial, Los Angeles 1/9/18 excerpt 33:16-41:56 Live at the Mudlark Public Theater, New Orleans 12/8/18 excerpt 41:56-48:22 Appleseed 48:22-51:22 Anata no yume 51:22-57:32 Buraindokurōja 57:32-60:00 Tangram Links:
1/12/20191 hour, 1 minute
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Data Cult Audio 0091 - Flavia - Ferreira

A music producer and diy nerd fiddling around with knobs and modular patches. Although she is a padawan her music comes from the dark side. It is moody and thumping. Her first steps were using software. Soon she started combining it with hardware, then modular. Her set up is constantly changing. Currently she mixes modular with stand -alone synthesizers, passing them through fx modules in her eurorack to add 'that warm effect’. Her journey began in 2014 when she co-founded an electronic music production school called Beatlabs. Somewhere along the way she discovered Befaco’s modular system. It was here she discovered her true passion… building synthesizers. She started building her own eurorack system, and eventually ended up working for Befaco. Since then she has worked for other manufacturers such as Winter Modular, Error Instruments, and Koma Elektronik. Currently she is working at Patch Point. Flavia believes that modular has changed her perception and production of music, however the one thing that hasn’t changed is that her system keeps growing. Gear: Befaco, Koma Elektronik, Korg, Elektron. Links:
1/5/201946 minutes, 32 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0090 - Shiro Fujioka

About: Los Angeles born and raised happa native (African+Japanese)  Shiro Fujioka, VoltageCtrlr aka Ghetto Gandalf The FrequenSeer,  One who sees alternative realms through sound and vibration.  Shiro is a multi instrumentalist / song writer / producer / composer.  His main instrument is an analog modular synthesizer, drum machines, singing bowls, tabla and samplers. He produces music in a host of different styles ranging from downtempo, hip hop, modbap, dub, idm, experimental, ambient, jazz and rock. Links: Streaming all platforms: Shiro Fujioka IG: @voltagectrlr @audibleobjects web:
12/29/201856 minutes, 10 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0089 - TL3SS

About: TL3SS describes his sound as dark electronics. He uses modular synthesizers to create complex rhythmic soundscapes with a trace of industrial flair and a heavy dose of power electronics. Links:
12/22/201825 minutes, 55 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0088 - Paul Stillwell

Data Cult Audio 0088 - Paul Stillwell by DC Audio
12/15/201844 minutes, 32 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0087 - Diversion Program

About Diversion Program: Diversion Program is the Moniker of Mark Guzman. He is currently attending Goldsmiths University of London to study his masters degree in the sonic arts program. He is associated with the Grid Search label+collective ( Mark draws influence from all types of music - mainly grime, techno, hip hop, dancehall. About this set: This set was sort of the culmination of techniques Diversion Program has been working on since late 2017 (slower tempo, long decay 808 style bass, crunchy distortion, 2000’s hip hop reminiscent grooves). All sorts of styles came about as something he considered this to be one1 fluid idea stretched out over time. He noted, "I have never used a microphone in my sets before until this set, and it was very liberating. I could use my voice, something that I consider to be a very versatile instrument. I can use it when, and how I wanted to use it. It is essentially a new way for me to improvise. Gear: modular, machinedrum, MPG 1000, Ableton Links:
12/8/201833 minutes, 35 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0086 - Xexyz

Xexyz is the solo project of Milwaukee modular synthesist Sheila Teruty. Sheila weaves potent leads, spacey pads and ever evolving atmospheres to create soundscapes that are truly unique every time. Not one to shy away from individuality, Xexyz looks to push boundaries and walk you through a sonic journey to expand your mind and soul. Whether she finds herself playing techno or ambient, Xexyz transforms the sound space in effortless fashion to create unique and inspiring atmospheres for a mind bending experience. Links:
12/1/201822 minutes, 3 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0085 - ZV K

About Z_VK: Z_VK is the project of Berlin based duo Konstantin Gervis and Jessica Kert. Konstantin is a product specialist for the modular company TipTop Audio. He is also known for his live modular techno sets. On top of that he is also the bass player in the band Feld. Jessica has been involved in music since the age of 12, and holds a position at the well known modular shop, Schneidersladen. About this set: A homage to Throbbing Gristle One day in mid September, 2018 Konstantin decided to make a modular patch with 5 TG sounds simultaneously using one Tiptop Audio TG ONE, three regular ONE’s and a ONE prototype. Very quickly Jessica joined the experiment and it escalated into an intense period of recording sessions that lasted for about two weeks. From those sessions came this recording TG, I love you (vol 2). The record represents our deepest gratitude, love and respect to one of the greatest and most influential bands of all times. Technical information: The samples were processed by variety of eurorack modules. The ones that made the most impact were Future Sound Systems TG03 and TG04 Gristleizer modules, Serge filters and especially Resonant Equalizer, Tiptop Audio Z2040 Filters and Z-DSP digital signal processors (Valhalla Shimmer, various Reverbs and Delays), Industrial Music Electronics Tyme Sefari looper and AJH Synth Mega-Phase 12 phaser. Very few non TG sounds were used in the recording, a few drum sounds (BD909 and Hats909), white noise, analogue Oscillator (Z3000) and some feedback. No overdubs were performed or edits made, every piece was recorded in one take. We would like to thank Chris Carter and Cosey Fanni Tutti of Throbbing Gristle as well as MUTE records for supporting this release and their never ending inspiration, thank you. TG ONE module: Gristlezer: Throbbing Gristle: Links:
11/24/20181 hour, 1 minute, 54 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0084 - Ypsi Kid

About: Ypsi Kid – the ongoing project of Mike Mitchell, Ypsi Kid is a persona born out of Mike’s time in metro Detroit where he was exposed to the music of the 2nd and 3rd waves of Detroit Techno. This influence has been running through Mike’s music in all its forms throughout the years – from techno to breaks and bass and everything in-between - and continues with his focus now on the art of the modular. The last 3 years has seen Mike move from producing “in the box” to focusing exclusively on the modular so he could find his sound and approach in order to relay the essence of Ypsi Kid. This recording is one of his first steps to creating a fully live, improvisational workflow with the modular where he can express the influences, and more importantly, his sound, to willing audiences. This sound has Mike returning to the raw, analog sound of early techno - a sound that looks back to its roots & influences while also incorporating modern tools and techniques - the techno that formed the core of Ypsi Kid. Links: Detroit Underground - SoundCloud – Instagram - YouTube -
11/17/201826 minutes, 49 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0083 - Panic Girl

About: Panic Girl dedicated her life to music from an early age. After receiving classical training in piano, guitar, and singing she got deep into the production of electronic music. If you visit her place, it is hard to not fall over a big mess of cables and different production gear like the Marxophone, a Eurorack System, ARP2600, Casio CZ 5000 or Juno 60 synthesizer. Influenced by a wide range of music Panic Girl delivers a deep mixture of electronica and experimental sounds. Besides writing her own lyrics, she writes and produces all recordings on her own. In 2017 she performed her first modular live gig at Superbooth with Jericho. Together with Anatol Locker she forms Lucid Grain, a modular project having released their first album on the label Modularfield. Links:
11/10/201821 minutes, 30 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0082 - XOR

About: XOR Report November 3, 2018. 33.7490° N, 84.3880° W. First known sighting of subject. Due to a number of factors, we do not currently believe that the phenomenon has actually formed recently but according to all known and non-redacted records it has remained undetected to date. Severe voltage fluctuations have interfered with preliminary scans. Sound source test results remain inconclusive but there are signs of a possible origin of the primary oscillation in the vicinity of 32.7555° N, 97.3308° W. Subject seems to have absorbed common temporal-rhythmic as well as harmonic-melodic patterns from its surrounding environment and adapted them to its own as yet unknown purposes. Core timbral readings are extremely unstable and subject to drastic change. Repetition to the point of monotony could indicate some advanced form of metabolic stasis designed to process and redirect energy, however even in these periods of relative regularity we detect the presence of multiple elements undergoing severe modulation and unpredictable non-linearities. At present, all of our preliminary analysis and documentation has been confiscated by the Data Cult Audio for distribution to unknown recipients. Links: [email protected]
11/3/201822 minutes, 25 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0081 - ΛØN

Data Cult Audio 0081 - ΛØN by DC Audio
10/27/201837 minutes, 57 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0080 - Soundunit

About: For over the past 20 years John McCoy has been exploring improvisational and experimental music. In 1997, John moved to Milwaukee where he began to record for Soutrane Records with various projects such as Castle Broadway, and Field of Sound as well as his solo endeavor, Mobile Sound Unit. At the time the music was a mix of found sounds, synths, cassette tapes, processed guitar and circuit bent toys all being fed through Audiomulch. After a long detour away from music, John began to focus more of the modular synthesizer making it his instrument of choice over the last few years. John is currently back in New Orleans working on a full length modular release as well as filming demo videos for Modular Addict and for other Milwaukee modular developers. His collaborative project, Pilots, with Andy Wright, is in the process of finishing their upcoming release. Links:
10/20/201846 minutes, 18 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0079 - Julia Bondar

About: Julia Bondar is a self-taught electronic music artist. She is most known as part of dark, minimal wave project - Principal Uno which is recently released their debut album BLCK NOIR. Being a primary part of the company Endorphins, a company focused creating modular synths, Julia has had the opportunity to discover a wide range of musical genres. This experience has helped her to develop a unique sound of her own. She extremely fluent in using acoustic electronic instruments on the stage, and has created a signature sound that is comprised of dark, mysterious danceable rhythms. Links:
10/13/201828 minutes, 25 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0078 - Lindell Todd

About: Lindell Todd is an Atlanta native who has been experimenting with sound for over 20 years. His earliest recordings on 4-track cassette were handed out in small, hand-dubbed batches and included prepared guitars, pianos, DIY percussion, and an Ensoniq Mirage sampler. Sound design with guitars and pedals eventually led him down the path to hardware synthesizers, samplers and sequencers, and over the past several years, modular synthesizers. This piece for Data Cult Audio, entitled “Requiem for Tom Crawford”, is for Lindell’s step-father. Performed on a customized Make Noise Shared System, the patterns are mostly generative but with plenty of input from the artist throughout. Links:
10/6/201821 minutes, 47 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0077 - James Bernard

Sound designer, Gold Record-selling musician and audio engineer James Bernard is addicted to sound. As a young video game junkie in the 1980ʼs, James was immediately drawn to the quirky blips and bleeps coming from the speakers. After completing a course in audio engineering, James became involved in the early rave scene in New York in the early 1990s. He went on to become both an electronic musician with releases on many well-respected labels in the USA and UK and a sound designer/product specialist for major music instrument manufacturers (Korg, Propellerhead) and is currently part of the team at Spectrasonics. His first release was the ambient album “Atmospherics” on the well respected UK label, Rising High Records in 1994 and is considered by many to be one of the classic ambient albums of itʼs time. James also produced many early trance tunes as “Influx” during the early 90s and later on shifted his sound to more of an Ambient/IDM/Acid vibe. Working with a combination of software, hardware and modular synths, James continues to shape his sound and incorporate all the different elements and styles of electronic music that have influenced him over the last 20 years. James also composes and releases ambient electronic music with his wife Cynthia as Awakened Souls and electronic indie vibes as Syntillas. For this podcast, James wanted to take listeners on a journey through many different peaks and valleys. This musical journey includes many unreleased works, incorporating modular and software compositions, vocal DSP treatments of Cynthiaʼs voice and also a guest appearance from his youngest daughter Mia on one of the vocal treatments. James has recently performed at the LA Modular On The Spot events and at many different electronic music events around the world, sharing the stage with artists such as Juan Atkins, DNTEL, Spacetime Continuum (Jonah Sharp) and many more. Links: si=wRsYoq74SPmdKc6wzuNwwg
9/28/201840 minutes, 20 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0076 - Durant

Durant is the musical project of Fabrizio Durant. Based In Mexico City, Mexico, Durant performs regularly, and has been a featured performer for both Mutek Mexico and Boiler Room. Drawing influence from punk, IDM and trip hop, Fabrizio prefers to work with a simple set up consisting of a Korg Volca FM, an Electric and various pedals to create a rich textured sound. Links:
9/22/201821 minutes, 20 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0075 - Hainbach

About: Based out of Berlin, Germany, electro-acoustic music composer and perfomer Hainbach (Opal Tapes, Limited Interest) creates shifting audio landscapes, which THE WIRE called "One hell of a trip". Using esoteric synthesizers, magnetic tape and idiophones he has become known for his immersive live performances and eclectic YouTube videos. Links:
9/15/20181 hour, 5 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0074 - Normandy Falls

Normandy Falls is an LA based artist who focuses on using primarily eurorack modular systems for his recordings and for live sets. He started producing electronic music in 2012 after being in various accoustic bands. Normandy's first full album "Arrangements Of The Cosmos" was released on Aural Canyon (an Austin based label) in Feb of 2018.  "Pygoscelis" was recorded live in one take using a eurorack modular system. All effects have been done using eurorack as well. This song is inspired by the migration of the chinstrap penguin, starting in Antarctica, swimming North to warmer S. American waters, and then returning back to Antarctica.  Links:
9/7/201831 minutes, 15 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0073 - E Alo

E Alo is an electronic music composer based in Phoenix, Arizona. She creates down/mid tempo, melodic, rhythmic, electronic instrumentals. All compositions are made from scratch, and are completely original. Her goal is to create sonic fairytales that take listeners on a journey, and impart an experience that will resonate and rejuvenate souls of her listeners. Links:
8/31/201851 minutes, 20 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0072 - Kkempes

KKempes is the solo project by Alessandro Rizzato, dedicated to using modular synthesizers to produce cinematographic soundscapes and dilated environments. In his performances he plays live music using a limited set of modules (no samplers, no tapes, no laptops, thus accentuating the minimalism of the composed music. Based in Bologna, Italy, Alessandro is an electronic musician, microelectronic engineer, composer, producer, sound designer and A/V artist. Author of numerous soundtracks, in 2018 he began collaborating with the Italian-Argentine videomaker Dario-Alejandro Barletta, creating the audio/video duo KKEMPES & DRONE which performs TROPOSFERA, a striking audio/video performance. In 2017 KKempes released the first EP All Grains Around (2017, SwitchMusic Recordings), and in 2015-2016 he participated in the TORAKIKI project releasing two albums Mondial Frigor (2015 Torakiki Music) and AVESOM (2016 Symbiotic Cube). 
8/25/201846 minutes, 56 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0071 - Tsone

tsone (Tony Obr) is a musician, sound designer, composer, visual artist and educator. He often works at the confluence of art, technology, and performance, focusing on innovative uses of sound in musical and non-musical contexts. His work frequently centers on the development of interactive systems for electronic music performance, dance performance, and art installation. He plays live electronics and woodwinds in the performance art, experimental noise and free-improv ensemble Datura, as well as with saxophonist Keith Kelly in their duo Slender Loris. Since 2013 he has worked as chief sound designer, and has developed interactive sound systems for Grisha Coleman’s echo::system. His visual design has been featured in album artwork and poster design, most notably for the record label txt recordings. As an educator he has taught electronic music and sound design courses at Paradise Valley Community College since 2014. As a composer he works under the monikers tsone and Horizons. His compositions can be characterized as ranging from warm, gauzy, electronic detritus to blast of impenetrable walls of sound. His work has been released on a number of international recording labels including: Home Normal, txt recordings, Tessellate Recordings, Stereoscenic, Tsuku-Boshi, Audiotalaia, Dark Era Tapes, and Pocket Fields. Look for new releases from tsone coming soon on Sunwarped Records/Schematic Records, Home Normal, and txt recordings. LINKS:
8/18/201824 minutes, 57 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0070 - R Beny

r beny is the electronic ambient project of California-based artist, Austin Cairns. Through the use of modular synthesizers, samplers, and tape loops, Cairns weaves a sonic bouquet of vestigial textures and melodies. recalling forest drives, coastal cliffs, lost loves, and half-imagined memories like light gleaming through the trees. Links:
8/11/201820 minutes, 1 second
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Data Cult Audio 0069 - Shred Kennedy

Ed Kennedy is an audio and video synthesist hailing from Phoenix, AZ. Having started out in 2000 DJing on the West Coast of Canada, he developed his style into house, trip hop, and techno as he moved into the production realm. By using modular synthesis for live music, his music stays improvisational and generative - never the same thing twice. Ed also currently organizes a local synth meetup in Phoenix that showcases local artists. Links:
8/3/201833 minutes, 20 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0068 - Mega Voyelle

Inhabiting Auvergne Volcanoes Park, France, Raph and Trush true originals. Together they make up Mega Voyelle. Trush is an acoustic and electric guitarist, self-taught, addict to electronic music employing various samplers and modular synths. Raph is a keyboardist, or rather classical pianist; an inveterate adept of intoxicating rhythms and planing parts. She searches for these rhythms in her piano playing as well as in her synth sounds. Together they are electronic music enthusiasts working in the studio and through live performances to mock norms and fashions, while working to get closer to a musical ideal. Their musical ideal is to have fun, to be together, and to help evolve the face of music by proposing and generating novelties from improbability, from astonishment; sometimes even disturbing people to achieve this ideal. They hope to share the fun they have making music while at the same time making people think, laugh, and feel a spectrum of emotions. The goal is to create sounds that will affect and inspire the listener to the point at which the music evokes a change. Links:
7/28/201821 minutes, 8 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0067 - Radek Rudnicki & Maho Cwejman

Radek Rudnicki and Maho Cwejman play modular synthesizer based electronica with unique post dub and industrial influences. Dense textures are mixed with micro grooves and precise Cwejman modular sounds. Duo takes listeners to the journey going through ambient, noise and heavy beat based grooves. Maho and Radek are also running workshops focused on modular synthesis that compliment their set and show techniques used in their performances. This involves showing Cwejman modules, patching techniques and how to get the most out of them. Links:
7/21/201826 minutes, 42 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0066 - Resynthesize

Resynthesize is Northern California producer Brandon Tallent, who has been producing and DJing since the late 90s.  He got his start in the demo scene using the MS-DOS program Impulse Tracker before eventually moving to modern DAWs and finally discovering modular synthesizers. He has released several albums and EPs which are all available on Bandcamp and Spotify, and regularly posts modular related videos on Instagram.  While he has written lots of IDM and glitch-hop influenced music in the past, these days he is mostly focused on minimal techno and tech house. Links: Mastered by Obsidian Sound:
7/14/201832 minutes, 57 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0065 - Josephine Toepfer

Josephine Toepfer is a 27 year old musician, born in Frankfurt, Germany; living in Berlin.  She describes her music as experimental drones-ambient-industrial. Her goal is to trigger memories, and lift her listeners into a parallel dimension with sound. Links: INSTAGRAM: SOUNDCLOUD:
7/7/201831 minutes, 16 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0064 - Makrotulpa

MAKROTULPA is laptop-free “techno for insects” inspired by Coil and Dead Voices on Air. It is also the solo improvisational output of Lloyd Barrett from Brisbane, Australia. With 20 years experience in the avant-garde electronic music scene Lloyd lectures in sound design, synthesis and aesthetics and has a Masters of Music in algorithmic composition. This podcast episode splices live recordings from various (atmospheric) dives with consistent hardware: Roland V-Synth, Teenage Engineering OP-1, Eventide H9, KMI K-Mix and a custom Axoloti based Fragmentation Device. Links:
6/30/201853 minutes, 18 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0063 - Hypercube

Hypercube is an explorative multi-dimensional project to awaken layers of the subconscious bringing to life elements of aborted universal chaos and structurally disrupted social systems,  a journey into the realms of complexity, a parallel world of multiple instabilities, asymmetric dreams, paraplegic mutant sonic exposure, astigmatic rhythms and molecular revelations. 
Track info: The first minute of this recording comprises the sound output of my neural cortex which has been captured by an Emotiv EPOC Brain to Computer interface (EEG technology) The sound is generated through a computer program written in C++ and OpenFrameworks. The remaining of the track includes various recordings made at different stages some of which have been imported with different sample rate compared to the arrangement to alter the speed and adaptation.
 Links: HYPERCUBE on Facebook:
HYPERCUBE on Soundcloud:
HYPERCUBE on Bandcamp:
6/23/201826 minutes, 54 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0062 - Coarses

Coarses is a Cleveland techno artist mixing drone, dub and acid elements to craft minimal but effectively throbbing 4x4 soundscapes. Links:
6/16/201859 minutes, 27 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0061 - Anon

Anon seeks to transcribe her dreams through the exploration of sound.
6/9/201821 minutes, 18 seconds
Episode Artwork

Data Cult Audio 0060 - Julien Palomo

Julien Palomo a.k.a. Improvising Being(s) has a background in Free Jazz and free improvisation before electronic music. His chaotic work, created mainly on vintage analogue modular synthesizers, ARP 2600 and EMS Synthi E, is a physical take on repetitive minimalism and drone, which has been described as "symphonic noise" . It is nonetheless open to melody and nostalgia, with much attention give to timbres and textures. He has published a CD on Entr'Acte in 2016, numerous albums for netlabels (Muteant Sounds, God Hates God, Mahorka...) and is the other half of the Other Matter duo with Michel Kristof. Links:
6/1/201855 minutes
Episode Artwork

Data Cult Audio 0059 - Mylar Melodies

Mylar Melodies is known for his rather fantastic youtube channel exploring modular synth gear and technique, with a particular emphasis on live performance modulars. He has been exploring and producing electronic music for nearly 20 years. This original set was entirely improvised live, in one take, using his live modular performance system explored in recent videos on his Youtube channel: - the final session was trimmed then mastered. If you like what you hear, you can support Mylar Melodies by buying this set for download/streaming in lossless quality at: Mylar’s own podcast called Why We Bleep, features fascinating long form interviews with electronic musicians and manufacturers and comes highly recommended. Listen at: Mastering by Nathan Moody of Obsidian Sound:
5/26/201854 minutes, 15 seconds
Episode Artwork

Data Cult Audio 0058 - Mark Crowley

Mark Crowley is a musician, artist, and circuit designer living in Asheville, NC. He works as a hardware engineer for Moog Music.  Links:
5/19/201835 minutes, 20 seconds
Episode Artwork

Data Cult Audio 0057 - Hector Kafka

Hektor Kafka aka Human Koala
Organic+Electronic+Mechanic Music
Noise Designer, Computer Trasher, Electronic Performer & Producer.
from Techno to Ambient, from Electronica to Smoky Down Tempo, from Mainstream to Experimental, From Computer to Modular Synth, from Noise to Tone, from the Ground to the Sky.
Hector has played live in Paris @ Palais de Tokyo, 104, Point Ephémère, Divan du Monde, Petit Bain, Batofar, Villette Enchantée, Wanderlust.
He has been keeping the live and experimental touch alive since 1994.
5/12/201833 minutes, 55 seconds
Episode Artwork

Data Cult Audio 0056 - Ralp

Raül Peix lives in Barcelona and and performs under the moniker Ralp. He is a technology enthusiast, from retro to modern. He loves synthesizers, analog and digital, electronics, glitch, sci-fi, programming, and DIY culture. In his spare time Raül makes experimental electronic music, produced with hardware and software. He uses 8 Bit systems such as the Game Boy, and likes to build and modify his own machines. He collect Game Boys, various machines and actually pretty much any device that crosses his path. Raül is currently working as part of a design, motion graphics and sound design studio called Device. He is also co-directing an 8 Bit and Circuit Bending Net Label called Lowtoy, and an 8 Bit audiovisual collective called Distortled Box. Links:
5/2/201836 minutes, 35 seconds
Episode Artwork

Data Cult Audio 0055 - Synth Witch

Over the past few years the Synth Witch (Julia More) has been a constant top act in the Pacific Northwest. Primarily focused on synthesis at an epic scale she enjoys performing with a combination of modular and keyboards all completely live. Most known for her use of Moog Sub37 and Mother 32s, she branches into modular with sound sources from Noise Engineering and lot of sequencing from Malekko Heavy Industry. As a trans woman she is focused on centering female and non binary voices in synthesis, the Synth Witch coordinated the Modular on the Spot PDX: Women's Takeover in Portland, OR. She also facilitates at the S1 Synth Library teaching synthesis on a regular basis. Links:
4/28/201820 minutes, 42 seconds
Episode Artwork

Data Cult Audio 0054 - Yoel Ben Yehuda

Yoel Ben Yehuda is a multi-faceted artist/lecturer living in Atlanta, Georgia, where he teaches classes in music theory, intro to recording and production, music management, voice, choir, and piano. He has worked as a musician/producer with many artists both locally in Atlanta and internationally. Some of his projects include working as keyboardist and co-producer with Diane Durrett and Soul Suga, and as producer/musician with Tribe Records UK and Kazakauta Records Angola, Africa. Amongst his credits, Yoel has written for television and film, performed with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, and has written several arrangements for the the Naples Philharmonic. Links:
4/20/201827 minutes, 27 seconds
Episode Artwork

Data Cult Audio 0053 - Xin

Joe Miller is a music composer, sound designer, and audio engineer. Since 2008, he has crafted original music and sound for more than 20 films, national TV series, marketing campaigns, games, theater, etc. A decade of writing on commission, in popular genres and with standard tools, created a need for new forms of personal artistic expression. In reaction to this, making music in the "modular method" has become a primary form of self-expression and music experimentation in Joe's life. These improvised experiments are released under the name Xin. In Chinese philosophy, xin can refer to one's disposition or feelings or to one's confidence or trust in something or someone. Xin has a connotation of intention yet can be used to refer to long-term goals. Xin (心) itself is a concept that is as much cognitive as emotional. This blend of cognitive intention and emotional reaction is the essence of this approach to modular music making. Links:
4/13/201840 minutes
Episode Artwork

Data Cult Audio 0052 - Illumination Station

Noah Kalos, AKA Illumination Station, has been playing musical instruments for as long as he can remember. The appearance and construction of these instruments has shifted over the years but his passion for creating noises has never waned. Starting on instruments made of wood, metal strings and horsehair to ones of brass with valves, an ever lasting love for large ones with black and white keys and now instruments made mostly of copper, aluminum and played with knobs and cables.  Noah's passion for electronic music started while doing a summer program at Berklee for upright jazz bass and he started learning reason and cubase as an elective. Noah was in the box for many years with his electronic music production but in the last few years he has emerge into the world of modular synthesizers do to the unique composition styles and creativity available in this medium.  Currently working as a synthesizer technician for his day job, Noah has entered fully into the world of modular and couldn't be happier. Noah has been working in the genre of "Modular Dance Music," which is fairly undefined and vague. It is not exclusive to hardware modular but rather a modular thinking and modular approach that can be found within programs such as Pure Data and Reaktor. While Noah tends to exclusively use eurorack, he is excited to see this genre grow and for the creative possibilities inherent in modular composition and performance. Tune in and chillout to some modular dance music provided by Illumination Station. Links:!/@illuminationst8
4/6/201851 minutes, 7 seconds
Episode Artwork

Data Cult Audio 0051 - U-Bits

Under the pseudonym U-Bits , lies Sergio Rodriguez, self-taught musician, sound designer and field recording enthusiast. U-Bits represents the current projection of the work of an artist who is constantly in search of structures and textures far from standard. A compendium of sound design, field recordings, noise and soundscapes.  Links:
3/31/201843 minutes, 21 seconds
Episode Artwork

Data Cult Audio 0050 - Oliver Dodd

Oliver Dodd is a producer and performer originally from Atlanta but now resides in Nashville. For Data Cult Audio 0050, he brings us an introspective and deep set with the focus and feeling of spring.  The set was composed and recorded using a Eurorack Modular Synth.    Patch Notes: The pitch sequencer is comprised of a random source from the SSF Ultra Random which is fed into the Ornament & Crime Quantermain mode.  Sound sources used are: Rings, Elements, Braids, and Plonk. Further audio processing is from Clouds, Erbe-Verb and Phonogene.  Modulation sources include Function, Voltage Block, SSF Ultra Random, and Quad Clock Divider.  All audio sources are mixed using the WMD Performance mixer and WMD MSCL Stereo Compressor which are sent to a two-channel audio interface.  Links:
3/24/201838 minutes, 33 seconds
Episode Artwork

Data Cult Audio 0049 - Sunshine Lover

Fresh from the land of the rising sun and emerging from the hustle and bustle of Tokyo comes Sunshine Lover. Just over two years ago he started his journey experimenting with Modular Synthesizers, and for his Data Cult debut he has compiled some of his favorite aural experiments for your listening pleasure. Raw, rough and nasty in places but contrasting with glimpses of light shining through the mirk, sit back, relax and enjoy the ride, and just like Roy Ayers famously sung ‘Everybody loves the....... Link: Instagram: sun_shine_lover
3/17/201841 minutes, 56 seconds
Episode Artwork

Data Cult Audio 0048 - Ipnoteca

Ipnoteca is an Italian born electronic musician base in Tokyo with a true passion for analogue gear, strange sounds, patch cables and blinking lights. During his 20+ years of personal music and sound research, Ipnoteca has discovered modular synthesizers to be the perfect instruments to create the characteristics of his sound, which ranges from IDM to ambient to glitch music. His system is composed of various modules, and is mainly comprised of modules by Intellijel Design, Make Noise, Mutable Instruments, Industrial Music Electronics (formerly Harvestman) and Noise Engineering. Since moving to Tokyo Ipnoteca has had the chance to become a regular performer, and play various shows, clubs and modular events such as Modular Cafè, Cave, TFoM 2015 and Dommune. He is currently working on various sound design projects for emerging visual artists and a cassette album that will be released in early 2018. Links: YOUTUBE SOUNDCLOUD INSTAGRAM FACEBOOK
3/10/201820 minutes, 32 seconds
Episode Artwork

Data Cult Audio 0047 - Lithe

Beginning fresh somewhere late in 2016, Lithe is the pet solo project of Alice Blunt, and is a mixture of introspective feelings and fuzzy memories of transient sensations. She takes influence from bangy UK techno acts, and the hedonistic shadowy parts of the Berlin techno scene with the occasional nod to trippy ambient and IDM sonic magic. She primarily uses a mixture of modular and desktop hardware, with frequent use of sample mangling for percussion, texture and rhythm. (Be sure to check out her upcoming debut EP release on VLSC)
3/2/201824 minutes, 26 seconds
Episode Artwork

Data Cult Audio 0046 - JMoNoisey

JMoNoisey (Asheville, NC) has been recording and producing music since 2004. His background is industrial noise, techno and psychedelic trance and influences are Throbbing Gristle and all the sub-projects, but mostly Coil. He currently plays live ambient music on a variety of hardware synthesizers, samplers and eurorack modules. This music was played live on a modular synthesizer and recorded as two, one shot performances.
2/24/201827 minutes, 10 seconds
Episode Artwork

Data Cult Audio 0045 - Hataken

Hataken has been an electronic music producer, performer since the mid 90’s. His musical style employs ambient chilled out grooves using synthesizers to span multiple genres that create a unique style and psychedelic feeling. Hataken has performed many festivals including Boom 2012 (7 hours live show with analog vintage rigs), Ozora festival, Sonica, Sound Wave, SXSW and more. Hataken released his solo album “A Prana Planet” on Matsuri Digital Chill in Nov. 2017 Shifting from vintage analogue synth performances to modular synthesizers, Hataken has become an icon in the Japanese modular scene. In 2013 he organized the Tokyo Festival of Modular; a yearly event that showcases international modular synthesizer technology and artist performances. His goal is to foster the next generation of modular synthesizer music. Hataken has taken part in many collaborative projects. Wåveshåper was a project with Greg Hunter which produced an album and series of live performances in Europe. He is an organizer of the alternative culture underground platform ZEN ZEN. Hataken performed and recorded with renowned guitarist Sugizo twice, and will be featured on Sugizo’s upcoming album and remix in 2018. HATAKEN: official web music archive live perform archives album releases Wåveshåper : organizing: Tokyo Festival of Modular ZEN ZEN album : A Prana Planet album : Ascension HATAKEN Facebook page Tokyo Festival of Modular (TFoM) Facebook page
2/17/20181 hour
Episode Artwork

Data Cult Audio 0044 - Infideltek

Infideltek is the work of Daniel Miller from the suburbs of Seattle. Under this project the premise of one individual locked together in binary state with a fluid ever changing relationship with electronic instruments. In various forms of ambient or noise.  
2/9/201857 minutes, 4 seconds
Episode Artwork

Data Cult Audio 0043 - DivKid

DivKid is a composer, producer, sound designer and audio engineer come YouTube demonstrator. DivKid started as a composer and producer of electronic music before running into mastering for various labels and working with sound design projects for audio software and sample packs. Developing out of the initial “in the box” workflow led DivKid to work with modern desktop synths, guitar pedals and rack gear before moving through vintage keyboard synths and finally onto modular synths. Modular synths made their way into various sound design projects and composition work before an clear gap in the modular was presented that needed filling. That gap was demonstration and education around modular synths products and companies which led to the first DivKid videos on YouTube demoing euro rack modular gear. This grew and is now the main output for the “DivKid Project” demonstrating modules for the amazing community of users, designers and makers that make working with this equipment so inspirational. LINKS: http://www.facebook/com/sir.divkid PERSONAL NOTE: Hello everyone, this is DivKid (Ben) and this is a mix of tracks in various stages of development all exploring my musical headspace of late which is textural exploration and merging performative modular work with randomly generating patches. The pieces you’ll hear cross two albums I’m working on as well as single tracks and odd “moments” I’ve captured. None of the tracks here will released or presenting in another form for some time. So enjoy the mix and the journey through my little sonic adventure.
2/2/201840 minutes, 4 seconds
Episode Artwork

Data Cult Audio 0042 - Yates Zaldevour

Data Cult Audio 0042 - Yates Zaldevour by DC Audio
1/27/201840 minutes, 48 seconds
Episode Artwork

Data Cult Audio 0041 - Booksy

Booksy is an underground electronic music project recording in Brooklyn, NY. A native of NYC and a founding member of Fictions, in his solo work Booksy explores a sonic topology flowing between skittering nomadic techno/electro and primal drone constellations. Modular and non-modular analog and digital synths, samplers, and drum machines were assembled for these recordings, which were all conducted and recorded in live takes. Links:
1/19/201841 minutes, 12 seconds
Episode Artwork

Data Cult Audio 0040 - Norma Saguaro

Norma Saguaro lives in Portland, Oregon where she is finishing a degree in Economics. She hosts an electronic music focused radio show called 'Beyond the Marble Palace' on Freeform Portland, 90.3 fm, and after a long sabbatical has just recently started writing music again. Her favorite things include the smell of incense, long walks in fog, fried chicken, the sound of a saxophone being played far off in the rain and her sweet dog, Lucy. You can catch her on radio show online every Saturday at 4am Pacific Standard Time (GMT-7 or GMT-8 depending on Daylight Savings Time). Links: Radio: Instagram:
1/13/201820 minutes, 33 seconds
Episode Artwork

Data Cult Audio 0039 - Adamon

During the embryonic development of the modern musical synthesizer, Morton Subotnick envisioned a day in which an individual could become the audience, the director, and the performer of a musical work all at once. The belief was that a device could exist that one could explore a sonic space with in real time and move from "point to point" within this space guided by feelings, emotions, or any other perturbation of the mind. With the creation of such a device (the "synthesizer") in 1963, Subtonick's idea became reality however alternative interpretations of its utility also emerged. With time, the "synthesizer" came to predominately be an instrument with which equal tempered, melodic music was created, recorded, and distributed among the masses. A select few have, however chosen to investigate and develop the concept closer to Subotnick's original vision of the man-machine interaction. adamon is Damon Mar’s pursuit of this. adamon is Damon Mar Lawrence F**king Kansas Links:
1/6/201844 minutes, 30 seconds
Episode Artwork

Data Cult Audio 0038 - Miles MacQuarrie

Miles Macquarrie went to college for audio engineering and has always had an interest in sound design. He also has a love for synthesizers and the music created by them. Influenced by new wave, minimal synth, electro, and ambient, he uses modular synths as a way to relax when he is not busy running his restaurant, Kimball House. Links:
12/30/201724 minutes, 51 seconds
Episode Artwork

Data Cult Audio 0037 - J.Alpinist

“Mountaineering is often called Alpinism, especially in European languages, which implies climbing routes with minimal equipment in high and often snow and ice-covered mountains such as the Alps, where technical difficulties frequently exceed environmental and physical challenges. A mountaineer who pursues this more technical and minimalist style of mountain climbing is sometimes called an Alpinist” J.Alpinist is the moniker of John Hornak, Canadian Producer and Mastering Engineer (Michelle Gurevich, Hermitess, Locutus). Improvised ambient dub composition mixed with precision. Employing modular hardware, software and projection mapping. The 4 part Album/EP series “Offerings” will be completed spring 2018 with the release of Offerings #4 at and all major digital outlets. Look for J.Alpinist on tour in North America in 2018. Best Enjoyed Loud. "a unique sound featuring delicate layering and beautiful space-age melodies. A gorgeous compendium of illustrative sound." - Earshot Links: @jalpinist
12/23/201719 minutes, 59 seconds
Episode Artwork

Data Cult Audio 0036 - Helvetian Waves

Helvetian Waves is a side project of Andrés Fuentes, a classical–trained pianist, composer and physicist based in Zürich, whom has been commissioned on several occasions by the Mozarteum (Salzburg) to write electroacoustic music, by the Academy of Fine Arts of Vienna to develop intelligent sound installations and, more recently, by the IRCAM (Paris) to research on new techniques of Deep Learning addressed to music. His oeuvre is quite versatile, including his characteristic nonlinear metric and atonal structures, as well as chromatic post-minimalism envelopes.
 Links: SoundCloud  Bandcamp
12/16/201742 minutes, 40 seconds
Episode Artwork

Data Cult Audio 0035 - Erin Cooper

Erin April Cooper is an experimental improvisational musician based in Portland OR. She creates her pieces using a variety of synthesizers. Her pieces are inspired by her emotions and life experiences. Links:
12/9/201752 minutes, 13 seconds
Episode Artwork

Data Cult Audio 0034 - Adaptive Machines

Adaptive Machines is a live performance based project from Portland, Oregon. Started by Scott Worley of Jatun in late 2013, as a way to eschew recording on the computer and get back into the world of modular synthesizers and recording live performances through analog mixers directly onto tape (reel to reel, 4 tracks, 8 tracks) with no overdubs or post production involved. On the cusp of releasing the 8th installment in his current VOLUMETRIC series, Scott shares the opening songs off of his upcoming releases, VOL X and VOL XI. He shares some words about Adaptive Machines and the VOL series: "It takes me anywhere from a day to two weeks to finish a patch on the modular. At the moment of finishing the patch it's pretty typical of me to hang out for many hours in a meditative trance, listening to the ebb & flow of interactive modules at play. It's really nice to step back and admire all the work put into what essentially is a temporary piece of art. At this point I'll spend the next couple of days learning how to perform it before recording it live to tape for documentation. These series of tapes are called VOL, short for VOLUMETRIC. VOL I - XX were recorded to a variety of analog tape formats over the course of January 2014 to December 2015 and are currently being released exclusively through Bandcamp." Adaptive Machines can be found on the web at: Facebook - Bandcamp - Website -
12/2/201751 minutes, 41 seconds
Episode Artwork

Data Cult Audio 0033 - Huron

Huron is the project of NYC / Pennsylvania-based musician Johnny Lancia. He’s been releasing slowly drifting sounds for over 10 years now, using modular synthesizers, obsolete samplers and tape loops to craft his blissed out drones. This piece was recorded especially for Data Cult Audio and was composed using the Tascam 424mkiii cassette four track as an instrument loaded with tape loops painstakingly created by hand. Recordings of analog synthesizers are warped and twisted with each pass of audio. Casio SK-1 was also present. Links:
11/24/201727 minutes, 2 seconds
Episode Artwork

Data Cult Audio 0032 - The Polymer Cities

The Polymer Cities is the experimental project of Allan Murphy’s many musical/artistic activities which also include Own Brand (formerly Midwich Youth Club)/Pages from Ceefax/Kehrschleife. The Polymer Cities is a Psycho-Geographical exploration/representation of potential future spaces and their emotional stimuli. The aim of this piece is to reproduce an impression of the phenomena of 'Data Rot' the breakdown of digital files which sometimes results in the odd merging of files on a hard disc. creating new hybrids of information - a sort of cut-up writing for the digital realm in which a potential future might leak through. Allan has used mainly unfinished Polymer Cities pieces as the core sounds and juxtaposed/manipulated them with various experimental processes alongside freshly created musical material to represent what an album of his would sound like in the future after data rot. Links:
11/17/201759 minutes, 57 seconds
Episode Artwork

Data Cult Audio 0031 - John Bender

John Bender is many things. If you were to refer to him as an innovator, a pioneer, sonic explorer and sound scientist; you would be correct. Mostly though, John is a force of reckoning. His sheer output is amazing. He does not deal in revisionism, and is compelled to see what he can make the equipment do for him. John started releasing his compositions in the early 80’s from his home studio in Cincinnati. Influenced by Can, Suicide, Pere Ubu, Terry Riley and Don Cherry he created music that became a template for much of the electronic music that has happened since his early releases. His drive to make music and move forward exploring technology is at the level of compulsion and has very little if any regard for looking backward. His early works on his own imprint, Record Sluts, are amazingly ahead of their time, and are a rare commodity sought after by collectors. After a thirty year hiatus from publicly releasing music, John has surfaced stronger and more creative than ever, releasing a daunting amount of music on his SoundCloud. Data Cult Audio is honored to present this episode of exclusive music by John. It is being posted on Veteran’s Day 2017. We think it is an apt day for a guy that helped build a part of the electronic soundscape we enjoy today. Links to John Bender:
11/11/201746 minutes, 3 seconds
Episode Artwork

Data Cult Audio 0030 - Vance Stevenson

Vance likes sound. He likes making things. He likes quiet surprises. He likes making sounds that surprise him. It started with Max controlled midi synths, (a Nord rack and Nord Modular) and Max/MSP laptop performance instruments in the 90s. Always interested in creating systems that could only influence and steer, but not control. Propagating an esthetic. He focuses on collapsing sounds – made both from the synthesizers and field recordings. Sonic archaeology – sounds on the edge of breaking – suspended in a structure bordering song and chaos. But please have fun. Eventually, his monkey sphere's needs and the functionality of the tech took over, leading to working in the NYC art scene designing and building all manner of systems for artists and institutions. And in the process – lost any artistic direction himself. Escaping to the hinterlands he has fully dedicated himself to his midlife-crisis and modular synthesizer systems. Again he hunts through sonic rubble, rhythmically pecked by familiar signposts of our past. Links:
11/4/201724 minutes, 14 seconds
Episode Artwork

Data Cult Audio 0029 - Jen Kutler

Jen Kutler is a sound based performer, maker and artist. She modifies found objects that are cultural signifiers of power, gender and intimacy to create atypical instruments for her performances. Her current project My Wife is a sound based performance group featuring many of her instruments and a sample based recording project exploring the discrepant experiences of familiar sound environments.
10/27/201731 minutes, 52 seconds
Episode Artwork

Data Cult Audio 0028 - Errant Space

Errant Space is a project of composer/recordist Craig Chin. Its primary goal is the manipulation of time and space through sound. Performances are site-specific, spontaneous compositions influenced by both the physical characteristics of the space they are performed in and the occupants of that space. Craig also produces the Errant Space Podcast which has featured solo performances as well as collaborations with other sonic explorers. It has been posted monthly since 2015. Listen at: link: link to podcast:
10/19/201733 minutes, 19 seconds
Episode Artwork

Data Cult Audio 0027 - Sam Cape

Samuel Cape has been studying and writing music for 25 years, but stopped playing in bands in 2005.  Sam played guitar in Atlanta based metal bands Dawn of Orion and also Signs of Dying for which he was a founding member, guitarist, and drum machine programmer.  Shortly after graduating from Georgia Tech with a Master's Degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering, he began focusing on developing technology used for anti-counterfeiting of currency.  His career has brought him deep into a unique technological niche that involves animation, algorithm design, programming, and mathematics.  Several years ago, Sam started recording music again and began building a home studio.   The piece here, titled "Rachaph", strives to illustrate creation as an interference pattern generated by echoes of the past, visions of the future, and the tangibility of the present moment. Riffs from a 2003 Signs of Dying recording were loaded into the Eurorack Synth module - "Equation Composer" and manipulated further with custom firmware that Sam created.  Additional textures come from several other Eurorack patches using Moog, Mutable Instruments, Befaco, 4ms and TipTop modules.  Recorded and manipulated further in Propellerhead Reason software. Sam is currently looking for opportunities in Film Scoring and Video Game Sound. Instagram, Twitter: @CapedSam
10/14/201726 minutes, 15 seconds
Episode Artwork

Data Cult Audio 0026 - Collin Russell

Collin Russell is a Southern-California based composer and the Director of Technical Support at Qu-Bit Electronix. Heart Eyes was recorded live on an Eurorack modular synthesizer for Data Cult Audio 0026. Heart eyes have been gone for some time, but are here now. They see what they like, but don’t always like what they see. Void-gazers, they are, glancing from here to there. They finally stop to stare. Record date: September 19, 2017 Airdate: October 7, 2017 Duration: 23:21
10/7/201723 minutes, 21 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0025 - Chief Acid Officer

Chief Acid Officer is Zachary Hollback, a musician and electronic music producer in suburban Connecticut by way of Chicago and Atlanta. Zachary has been performing and producing live hardware-only sets of machine music since 2001, starting primarily with dancefloor-ready beat-driven techno (under the name Push Button Action Man). As he moved forward his style moved backward, coming to rest on the acid house that he grew up with in the 1980s. His recordings and live sets are a love letter to the classic energy of house music and the sound of the 303, peppered with experimentation, improvisation, and elements of modern electronic music. Zachary recorded this set live on an all-hardware setup especially for Data Cult Audio. Links:
9/30/201746 minutes, 2 seconds
Episode Artwork

Data Cult Audio 0024 - Eightch

About: James Watson is the vocalist, guitarist, synthesist, sound designer and songwriter for the experimental drone and noise project Eightch. He is best known for his live performances and uses synths and effects to create imaginatively dramatic soundscapes. Each composition is designed to transport listeners into a meditative and/or trance like state. Employing techniques like micro-listening as a way to gain sonic entrainment, ambient works serve as a counterpoint to heavy and aggressive modulation and phasing often played at high volume. Eightch (pronounced like “H”) has toured extensively in the US and throughout Europe, including performances at both Knobcon in Chicago and Superbooth in Berlin. He is currently in the studio working on a full-length album for release in late 2018.
9/23/201730 minutes
Episode Artwork

Data Cult Audio 0023 - A.M. Filipkowski

A.M. Filipkowski is fascinated by dystopian fiction. This is the starting point for his aural projects. He attributes this to growing up in inner city Detroit, and watching as the city seemed to die around him. As remnants of industry diminished into a barren wasteland it engraved a mark on him that is expressed in the sounds he creates. He is also the founding mind behind Data Cult Audio. Links: FaceBook: Instagram: iTunes:…/pod…/data-cult-audio/id1234835844 SoundCloud: Twitter: Web:
9/16/201725 minutes, 28 seconds
Episode Artwork

Data Cult Audio 0022 - JNN

JNN is the murky electronic workings of Andrew Pigue. Ranging from harsh noise to IDM, JNN attempts to re-capture brief encounters and lost memories through hybrid synth movements. This mix explores the full spectrum of JNN’s sound, from droning analog techno to soft ambient tape loops. Links:
9/9/201744 minutes, 14 seconds
Episode Artwork

Data Cult Audio 0021 - Kri Samadhi

Kri Samadhi started out composing industrial music in 1993. Along his way he got more involved with electronic dance music. By 1997 he was heavy meshed within the global Psychedelic Trance scene. Producing a wide varieties of different styles of music (Psytrance, Ambient, Techno, Sludge Metal etc..) and releasing albums heavily over the last 2 decades. Kri has come to focus mainly using modular synths over the last 4 years, but has always focused on hardware synths. Links All release can be found here
9/2/201744 minutes, 42 seconds
Episode Artwork

Data Cult Audio 0020 - Lindred

Lindred creates hyper-emotional music. Heavily processed textures meet saturnine melodies and elastic vocals. She exists between Texas and Berlin and is inspired by a magical synth pom named Ami. The sounds featured here are largely built around voice and were performed on modular synthesizer, followed by additional digital processing. It’s glistening synth music for fluorescent goths. Links:
8/26/201722 minutes, 42 seconds
Episode Artwork

Data Cult Audio 0019 - Kimchi Princess

Kimchi Princess lives in San Francisco and composes musical sounds with modular synthesizers. After falling in love with late nineties rave music, Kimchi has been exploring the world of sound synthesis ever since. Kimchi has no formal musical training, doesn’t play any other instruments, and had left the world of music production after burning out on software (and the inherent trap of endless editing) many years ago. But still Kimchi listened, feverishly, voraciously, to the wide world of sound. A few years back Kimchi happened upon youtube videos of these strange devices and have thus entered the world of modular. About the track: Tech Duiin is a live piece recorded in one take using a eurorack modular synthesizer and pedal effects. No post processing or editing of any kind involved. Links to Kimchi Princess:
8/16/201722 minutes, 33 seconds
Episode Artwork

Data Cult Audio 0018 - Mike Dobler

Mike Dobler abandoned the computer music in 2006 in favor of live tabletop electronics, recently focusing on modular synthesizer. He maintains an audio journal of live recordings onto 90-minute tape cassettes, currently 160 tapes deep. Mike Dobler has performed with modular synthesizer, including sets for Modular on the Spot, Moogfest, and Dublab. His style is a chaotic holy mess and he does not do sound healing. Website: Live Sets: Tapes/Albums: Buy This: About the track: Recorded 2017-6-24 exclusively for Data Cult Audio Extended alternate version of the Hondasyn patch, featured on album MASTERPSYN Items used: phonogene sheep peaks piston honda dirt
8/12/201721 minutes, 53 seconds
Episode Artwork

Data Cult Audio 0017 - SunFalls

Eusebie, aka SunFalls is a PDX based electronic musician. Composing, performing, writing and collaborating up and down the west coast since 2001. From noise cello improv for butoh theatre to experimental ableton sets and merging into eurorack synthesis in 2013. He has been a recurring solo and collaborative performer at Volt Divers, the Sonic Lodge performance series, Modular on the Spot(pdx), and most recently Binary Society, with a stacked lineup featuring some of the most talented modular synthesists across the country for opening day of the 10th Annual SubZERO Festival in the SoFA District of Downtown San Jose. “SunFalls will guide you toward an alien realm of metallic sound structures that fracture into a world of kaleidoscopic colors. Let its electric jolts prod the listener’s cerebral cortex. Embrace this paradox, shed the blankets of easy comfort, and find your own warmth in SunFalls icy space-scape.” -Robert Ham of Experimental Portland. Current Album out on tape now. Hard copies available. Works at & Sponsored by Control Voltage
8/5/201750 minutes, 36 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0016 - Campfire's Edge

Campfire’s Edge is the electronic music project of Hudson Valley, NY artist Nathan M. Yeager. Nathan's lifelong devotion to music is defined by his skills as a unique multi-instrumentalist; playing modular synthesizer, keyboard, guitar, homemade electronics, and whatever comes next in the evolution of music. He sees his current work as scores to short films yet to be realized. The music featured here is the result of 2 improvisational sessions layered on top of each other; and was created exclusively for the Data Cult Podcast. This piece features Eurorack Modular Synthesizer, Roland Juno 106, Moog Prodigy, Nord Lead 2x and Granular processing. Campfire’s Edge's debut EP “The Last Lighthouse” will be released August, 2017 on BlueHill. More information can be found at the following links:
7/29/201720 minutes, 26 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0015 - James Cigler

Saturday 07/22/2017 Data Cult Audio presents James Cigler. You can catch it on iTunes or SoundCloud as Data Cult Audio or catch us on the web at About: After years of trying to find more interesting guitar sounds, James Cigler discovered synthesizers, and eventually modular synthesizers, and the now decade-long obsession began. James is probably most well known for his modular demonstration videos on youtube, but over the last few years he’s focused on more performances and capturing his sonic explorations. Last year saw the release of the ‘People’s Temple’ trilogy, under the moniker Jim Drones. With these new pieces, and new video projects in production, James shows no signs of slowing down.
7/22/201725 minutes, 39 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0014 - Brad Clay

Brad is known throughout the modular community as the owner of Glow Worm Cables LLC, maker of cool, multicolored, glow-in-in-the-dark patch cables. He is based out of Muscle Shoals, Alabama, a town known for its unique musical history. Brad has just released his album Zero Zero One on Nebula Collection available on cassette and digitally. Find out more about Brad and Glow Worm cables from the links below.
7/15/201756 minutes, 26 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0013 - VOID MANES

Void Manes plays gloom-psych, and has collaborated with the Melvins, Hepa-Titus, and Mike Patton. Forthcoming releases include a collaborative album with the Melvins paying tribute to Throbbing Gristle, and a split LP with ear moviemaker Christoph Heemann. Bad vibes guaranteed.
7/7/201737 minutes, 41 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0012 - J. Carter

Jeremiah M Carter is a multi-instrumentalist experimental artist that comfortably weaves between ambience and power electronics. J. Carter is a part of multiple projects based out of Nashville, TN, such as the post-punk outfit Brothers, and is the co-curator of the eclectic label Fraternity As Vanity. J. Carter's first release was out on Fraternity As Vanity on June 19th.
7/1/201728 minutes, 24 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0011 - Kurt Kurasaki

Kurt Kurasaki is an electronic music composer based in Northern California. While his preferred instruments are the vintage Buchla Music Easel and Buchla 200/200e system, he is versed in wide array of synthesizers and electronic composition techniques. Kurt’s professional associations include work with notable music companies such as Dave Smith Instruments, Rossum Electro-Music, and Propellerhead Software. Recently he has focused his efforts into producing and recording experimental works that incorporate modular synthesizers and prepared tape materials. The piece presented here is a live recording at the “Modular On The Spot” event held during Moogfest on May 21, 2017 in Durham, North Carolina. The composition, titled Buchla Abstractions for Morphagene, is based on recordings created with Buchla synthesizers, but is performed on a Eurorack system comprised of Rossum Electro-Music, Make Noise, and Audio Damage Modules.
6/24/201724 minutes, 32 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0010 - Stop Plate Techtonics

Stop Plate Techtonics is an all-hardware electronic music project in Los Angeles. Inspired by the sounds of 80's and 90's acid house, electro, techno, and breakbeat, SPT keeps the dance floor funky with original beats and bass-heavy synthesis. The project's philosophy places the live-performance of hardware-based synthesizers, drum machines, samplers, and effects at the forefront of its musical composition. This means that each track in this mix was recorded in a single take. SPT plays regularly in Los Angeles and San Diego with the Friends of Friends Network (#FOFN), Acid Varsity, and EMXLA, and they have opened for The Egyptian Lover, Juan Atkins, Neil Landstrumm, and Ramon Bostich's Point Loma project.
6/17/201739 minutes, 25 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0009 - Walker Farrell

Walker Farrell Is part of the Make Noise crew. When he was about 17 Walker composed a piano piece that was based around a chord he had "discovered". This particular chord, when broken out and arpeggiated, had a feeling that was both longing and uplifting simultaneously, a never-ending cadence, an equal temperament Shepard scale. It turned out to be minor-flat-6, though the phrasing was as important as the content. In C it was spelled C, G, Gb, Eb from bottom to top. Two perfect fifths separated by a minor second. It's also notable as the core of the Rachmaninoff Prelude in c# minor, which was a favorite of Walker’s at that time. Repeated, transposed, or reiterated in successively higher octaves, it had, for him, a sense of endless reaching. (It could also be spelled as an Ab Major 7th chord, but he always felt the C as the root.)  In this decade Walker has been musically more interested in structural grounding than in goal-oriented results. He makes music without specific results in mind, in two branches: one concerned with the creation of structures within which to improvise, and the other concerned with generative music (music that creates itself). "Green Fiber" is one of his proudest examples of the latter. It is realized on a modular synthesizer, and based on three ideas:  1. The notion that any given "state" of the system should follow from the previous state, and should lay the grounds for the next state.  2. The oxymoronic or perhaps redundant idea of processing an additive oscillator with a frequency-specific resonator; this leads to occasional periods of great intensity when particular frequencies are emphasized twice over.   3. The above-mentioned chord and the feelings it still inspires in him. The sense of "always ending and always beginning" seems appropriate for generative music that cannot have a larger structure imposed upon it.  The piece is played without any input from the performer. In other words the system is the performer. The recording was made without being monitored by a human. On 6/2/17 Walker released a new EP of improvised computer music. Please check it out!
6/10/201747 minutes, 24 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0008 - Nathan Moody

Nathan Moody is an audio, visual, motion, and interactive designer and artist living in the San Francisco Bay Area.
6/3/201724 minutes
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Data Cult Audio 0007 - CINEMA

CINEMA is the audio project of Dallas based audio/visual artist Evan Henry. His performance and music as whole are complex and deeply meditative. He describes his sound ‘Like looking into a microscope at a simple human hair, only to find small subtleties growing into new forms, and only to be deeper degraded in physical form.’ An ever-evolving set variables infused with rich harmonic structure and sonic disintegration is what Henry focuses into the sound of CINEMA. His goal is to remind us all, that everything here is temporary, and to perhaps not take it for granted.
5/24/201722 minutes, 21 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0006 - Venus Dawning

Data Cult Audio 0006 - Venus Dawning by DC Audio
5/15/201733 minutes, 4 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0005 - redstripedown

Cory Sterling grew up as a performing musician, trading a traditional childhood for the late nights of local jazz and rock clubs. After studying at Berklee College of Music, he moved to New York City where he gained an affinity for electronic music and the improvisational nature of the modular synthesizer. Combining traditional musical elements into a historically non-traditional instrument, his compositions bring melody and harmony together with rich sonic textures. His latest release, Passenger, is available now at
5/15/201726 minutes, 24 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0004 - Flohr

Flohr’s music explores timbre and texture through time by means of manual and automatic repetition, momentary gesture, and the construction of autonomous self-generative audio environments. His music draws on a diverse archive for its inspiration: from ambient, kosmische musik, jazz improvisation and tonal minimalist composition, through post-punk, industrial, techno and jungle, to the melodic and generative wing of contemporary modular synthesizer performance. A student but also a teacher, he is interested in being affected by sound, responding to it and being led by it. Recently he has been oriented more towards real time performance than "production". Beyond solo work he is a part of many duos: Marketa Lazarova, Fictions, Ordered Pairs, Efris. Affiliated with the Volta Laboratory Social Club and the Whisperbrick art collective.
5/13/201723 minutes, 42 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0003 - Auger Shell

auger shell is the project of Detroit-born, outskirts-of-Atlanta-based musician and producer Patrick Callow. The music is impulsive and improvised, relying heavily on real-time processing via modulation, filtering, time-shifting and spatial placement of sounds sourced from electric guitar. auger shell music seeks to capture the alchemy of devices, instrument and impulse in the moment.
5/11/201723 minutes, 27 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0002 - Saki Bomb

SAKI BOMB is a DIY project by Electronica/Ambient producer and musician Christoph Kresse. A Hamburg Germany transplant artist, based in South Carolina (USA), he creates cosmic electronic soundscapes, mixed with a unique blend of Scottish Bagpipes, world percussion, drum machine beats, field recording samples and lush yet experimental synths sounds. SAKI BOMB’s music can be joyous, yet dark at times, invite to dance or daydream. Kresse himself views SAKI BOMB as a transcendent performance act, mixing audio and visual elements into a unique experience.
5/10/201729 minutes, 10 seconds
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Data Cult Audio 0001 - Birk

Birk has been performing electronic live sets in Atlanta since 2009. He prefers to use all hardware synthesizers and sequencers for his sets. Birk often collaborates with various other musicians spanning genres from New Age, ambient and techno. This live performance recorded at Atlanta’s first Modular on the Spot.
5/9/201726 minutes, 57 seconds