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English, Dance-Pop, 1 season, 34 episodes, 2 days, 15 hours, 14 minutes
I love dance/club music, especially all my divas: Whitney, Deborah Cox, Mariah, Cher, Beyonce, Rihanna, Xtina, Kylie, Lady Gaga, Mary J, Kelly Clarkson Check out my blog for past mixes:
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PJ Mix • PRIDE 2019 v.50

1. PROUD (Tommy Love 2k18 Pride Mix) HEATHER SMALL 2. Stop! In The Name Of Love (Enrico Meloni Remix 2k18) THE SUPREMES 3. The Best (Rodriggo Liu 2k19 Remix) TINA TURNER 4. Because of You (Tommy Love Remix 2k18) KELLY CLARKSON 5. Finally (Dark Sonic Club Mix !9) CE CE PENISTON 6. A Little Respect (Houston Eagle Big Room Remix 2k19)) DIRTY DISCO vs ERASURE 7. I Still Believe (Dario Xavier Club Mix 2k19) MARIAH CAREY 8. Unbreak my Heart (Las Bibas From Vizcaya 2017 Club Remix) TONI BRAXTON 9. The Winner Takes It All (Barry Harris Mix) CHER 10. Beautiful (Rob Phillips 2k18 Remix) XTINA 11. One Sweet Day (Lord N' 2018 Remix) MARIAH CAREY Ft. BOYZ II MEN 12. I Didn't Know My Own Strength (Luis Erre Christmas Gift Remix) WHITNEY 13. Wind Beneath My Wings (Moss & Moris World Pride 2019 Remix) BETTE MIDLER 14. If You Could Read My Mind (Thee Werq'n B!tches Pride 2018 Mix) STARS ON 54 15. N.N D'A.Q,N - F.A.M.E (Ronald Rossenouff Pride Remix 2K18) RONALD ROSSENOUFF 16. How Do I Live (Re-Imagined)(Tom Stephan NYC Remix 2k18) LEANN RIMES 17. Rolling In The Deep (Rosario & Cappo House Remix) ARETHA FRANKLIN 18. Release Me (Victor Nillo e Lucas Franco Remix 2k18) AGNES 19. I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Dario Xavier 2k18 Club Mix) WHITNEY 20. Everybody Dance (Barres Reconstruction 2k18) ENRRY SENNA, DEBORAH COX 21. Time After Time 2018 (Luca Debonaire & Kiki Doll Club Mix) CYNDI LAUPER 22. Everyday '2K18 (Edson Pride, Rafael Dutra & Junior Senna Remix) KIM ENGLISH 23. Total Eclipse Of The Heart (Barry Harris 2K15 Xtra Drama Re-Remix) BONNIE TYLER 24. I Learned From The Best (Luis Erre Global 2k18 Remix) WHITNEY MEDIAFIRE DOWNLOAD w/ track list:   For those using iPhone, once again Apple made annoying changes.  Here's how to view the track listing (lyrics section iTunes/iPhone): go to the music app as you normally do Click on the album/artist you would like to listen to tap and hold on the song you would like to play, A drop down menu should appear and "Lyrics" button should show tap on the lyrics button and they appear.  HOWEVER, you have to do this each time you'd like to view the track list (FU apple). Cesium Music Player is a great APP to replace Apple Music ! APP STORE:
6/29/20192 hours, 3 minutes, 58 seconds
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PJ Mix • PRIDE 2018 • v49

Vol 49 Track Listing 1. I Don't Think About You (Gil Glaze x Lanna Remix) KELLY CLARKSON 2. Stop Me From Falling (Joe Gauthreaux + Leanh Club Mix) KYLIE 3. The Middle (Dario Xavier Club Mix) ZEDD, MAREN MORRIS, GREY 4. Accelerate (Danny Verde Remix) XTINA ft. TY DOLLA $IGN + 2 CHAINZ 5. Love Is Love (Dan Slater Remix) ALFIE ARCURI 6. Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken (Sebastien Triumph Remix) PINK 7. I Am What I Am (Matt Consola + Las Bibas From Vizcaya Club Remix) DIRTY DISCO ft. BRENDA REED 8. Never Enough (VMC Epic Remix) LOREN ALLRED 9. Praying (Barry Harris Club Mix) KESHA 10. I'll Be There (Charlie Lane + Mark Jay Remix) JESS GLYNNE 11. Rise Up (Edu Quintas + Mauro Mozart Pride Mix) ANDRA DAY 12. Your Song (House of Labs Pride Mix) LADY GAGA 13. I'll Stand By You (Willian Roma + VMC 2k18 Remix) PRETENDERS 14. Beautifully Broken (Toy Armada + DJ GRIND Club Remix) PLUMB 15. Never See Me Cry (7th Heaven Club Mix) UNA HEALY 16. No Tears Left To Cry (Las Bibas From Vizcaya Club Remix) ARIANA GRANDE 17. Together & Always (Sagi Kariv Remix) STEVEN REDANT + JOE GAUTHREAUX 18. Heart To Break (Toy Armada + DJ GRIND Anthem Mix) KIM PERTRAS 19. Hello Dolly (The Werq'n B!tches Pride 2018 Mix) BETTE MIDLER 20. We Belong Together 2K18 (Edson Pride Unreleased Mix) MARIAH 21. My My My (Barry Harris Club Mix) TROYE SIVAN 22. Let's Get Together (Toy Armada + DJ GRIND Anthem Mix) TONY MORAN, TOY ARMADA, DJ GRIND ft. ZHANA ROIYA 23. Good Old Days (Barry Harris Club Enhanced Mix) MACKLEMORE ft. KESHA MEDIAFIRE DOWNLOAD w/ track list:   For those using iPhone, once again Apple made annoying changes.  Here's how to view the track listing (lyrics section iTunes/iPhone): go to the music app as you normally do Click on the album/artist you would like to listen to tap and hold on the song you would like to play, A drop down menu should appear and "Lyrics" button should show tap on the lyrics button and they appear.  HOWEVER, you have to do this each time you'd like to view the track list (FU apple). Cesium Music Player is a great APP to replace Apple Music ! APP STORE:
6/19/20181 hour, 49 minutes, 37 seconds
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PJ Mix • Spring 2018 • v48

Vol 48 Track Listing 1. This Is Me (Joe Gauthreaux + Leanh Club Mix) KEALA SETTLE (The Greatest Showman) 2. Imagine (Javier Lameiro Extended Rework) DJ ARON FT. BETH SACKS 3. You Are The Reason (John Gibbons Club Ext Remix) CALUM SCOTT 4. Consideration (Isak Salazar + Erick Ibiza NY Mix) RIHANNA 5. Six Feet Under (Dario Xaiver Remix) THE WEEKEND 6. This Is My Dream (Rob Phillips + Edson Pride Remix) THOMAS SOLVERT FT. ANN SHINE 7. I Hear You Calling (Zonderling Extended Remix) DJ VICIOUS 8. What Am I Supposed To Do (Junior Senna Mix) NACHO CHAPADO/ALINE JACKSON/JUNIOR SENNA 9. If You Leave Me Now (Lord N' Club Bootleg Classic Mix) CHARLIE PUTH FT. BOYZ II MEN 10. Good Old Days (Full Tilt Remix) MACKLEMORE FT. KESHA 11. We Don't Talk Anymore (M. Torrez Remix) CHARLIE PUTH FT. SELENA GOMEZ 12. People Talk (Las Bibas From Vizcaya Club Remix) V.M.C. FEAT. JOE WELCH 13. Prayers for this World (DrewG. Anthem) JENNIFER HUDSON 14. Find You (Edson Pride Remix) NICK JONAS 15. Everyday (Dirty Disco Mainroom Remix) DIRTY DISCO FT. KIM ENGLISH 16. Dancing (Barry Harris Remix Mash) KYLIE MINOGUE + KELLY ROWLAND 17. Beautiful Trauma (DJ Blacklow Remix) PINK 18. Army of Love (Club Mix) SAGI KARIV FT. KEREN K 19. Pray (Original Mix) SAGI KARIV FT. GALI 20. Naked (David Harry Remix) JAMES ARTHUR 21. Proud (Thomas Solvert Aurel Devil Remix) TOMMER MIIZRAHI FT. ADI VARSANO 22. Rewrite The Stars (Brian Cua Club Remix) ZAC EFRON + ZENDAYA (The Greatest Showman) 23. Perfect Duet (Lord N' Remix) ED SHEERAN + BEYOND 24. Feelin It (Edson Pride Remix) SUBWEI 25. Survivor 2k18 (Enzo Dias & Tommy Love Remix) DESTINY’S CHILD 26. Never Enough (Julian Marsh Remix) LOREN ALLRED (The Greatest Showman)   MEDIAFIRE DOWNLOAD w/ track list: For those using iPhone, once again Apple made annoying changes.  Here's how to view the track listing (lyrics section iTunes/iPhone): go to the music app as you normally do Click on the album/artist you would like to listen to tap and hold on the song you would like to play, A drop down menu should appear and "Lyrics" button should show tap on the lyrics button and they appear.  HOWEVER, you have to do this each time you'd like to view the track list (FU apple).
3/27/20182 hours, 4 minutes, 48 seconds
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PJ Mix Classics Chilled v47

A chilled tempo as compared to my usual mixes. This mix is for my dear Daleena. Vol 47 Track Listing 1. Hands Over Me (Deeperise Remix) WEST.K + MR.NU 2. Believe (Dj KaktuZ Positive Remix) CHER 3. Love Will Never Do Without You (Remix) THE WRITERS BLOCK 4. Read All About It (Venezz Bootleg) EMELI SANDE 5. Purple Rain (Mousse T's Home Alone Mix) CHEW FU FT. STEVE CLISBY 6. It’s Over Now (Phil Colors Remix) DEBORAH COX 7. Put Your F$%king Arms Around Me (Discosid Mashup) VIJAY + SOFIA VS BILLIE RAY MARTIN 8. Man In The Mirror (Kamikarzy vs. Christian Cole Bootleg) MICHAEL JACKSON 9. I Got U (Tensnake Remix) DUKE DUMONT FT. JAX JONES 10. Sunchyme Yourself (Discosid Mashup) JUSTIN BIEBER VS DARIO G + MAU KILAUEA 11. Seasons Of Love (L.E.X. Theatrical Club Mix Edit) RENT SOUNDTRACK 12. Empty Streets (Deep Mix 2014) LATE NIGHT ALUMNI 13. It's Not Symphony But It's Ok (Discosid Mashup) CLEAN BANDIT VS WHITNEY HOUSTON 14. Coping (Disco Killerz Extended) TONI BRAXTON 15. Ain't No Mountain High Enough (Eric Kupper Epic Club Mix) DIANA ROSS 16. Heaven Knows (Eric Kupper Vocal Remix) KENNY CARPENTER 17. Get Here (Glastrophobie Remix) LAUREN AQUILINA 18. Sign Your Name (Arthur Davidson Hager Remix) TERENCE TRENT D'ARBY 19. Private Thoughts (Toni Braxton High) DSF 20. Uninvited (Remix EP)/04 Uninvited (GSP Remix) BENT COLLECTIVE 21. Angel (DJ Chris O. Remix Bootleg) SARAH MCCLAUGHLIN 22. Beautiful (Brother Brown Divine Mix) CHRISTINA AGUILERA 23. Waiting For Tonight (The Equalizers Remix) JENNIFER LOPEZ 24. Better Off Alone (Tommer Mizrahi 2017 Remix) ALICE DEEJAY 25. Beautiful U R (Gabi Newman Club Remix) DEBORAH COX 26. Point of View (Milk + Sugar Vocal Mix) DB BOULEVARD 27. Everytime (Nikos Diamantopoulos Remix) LUSTRAL 28. Stay Around (Syke'n'Sugarstarr Dub) MILK + SUGAR PRES. MS2 29. Like A Prayer (Milk Sugar Remix) MADONNA MEDIAFIRE DOWNLOAD w/ track list: For those using iPhone, once again Apple made annoying changes.  Here's how to view the track listing (lyrics section iTunes/iPhone): go to the music app as you normally do Click on the album/artist you would like to listen to tap and hold on the song you would like to play, A drop down menu should appear and "Lyrics" button should show tap on the lyrics button and they appear.  HOWEVER, you have to do this each time you'd like to view the track list (FU napple).
3/1/20182 hours, 17 minutes, 9 seconds
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PJ Mix • Holidays 2017 • v46

Vol 46 Track Listing 1. Ain't No Mountain High Enough (Joe Gauthreaux + Leanh Intro Remix) DIANA ROSS 2. All Night (Ranny's Epic Mix) BEYONCÉ 3. Lust for life (Enrico Meloni Remix) LANA DEL REY 4. Exhale (Ranny's Peak Hour Club Remix) ANGELICA JONI 5. Love Line (Alex Acosta Vocal Remix) LeANN RIMES 6. Big Groove (Original Mix) DOUBLE FACE BRAZIL 7. Say It Loud (Dark Intensity Club Mix) GOZZI ft. ABRI 8. What About Us (Thiago Antony Remix) PINK 9. Too Good at Goodbyes (Division 4 Ext Mix) SAM SMITH 10. Perfect (DrewG. Anthem) ED SHEERAN 11. Over and Over Again (Dario Xavier Club Mix) NATHAN SYKES + ARIANA GRANDE 12. Coping (Stadiumx Ext Mix) TONI BRAXTON 13. Love So Soft (Dario Xavier Club Mix) KELLY CLARKSON 14. One Day In Your Life (Original Mix) GSP ft. AMANDA 15. Lovergirl (Hector Fonseca + Zambianco Remix) RHEA LITRE 16. Sorry Not Sorry (Dario Xavier Club Mix) DEMI LOVATO 17. Too Much To Ask (Dario Xavier Club Mix) NIALL HORAN 18. Wild Thoughts (Mark Alvarado Club Mix) DJ KHALED ft. RIHANNA + BRYSON TILLEZES 19. Matches (Holl + Rush Remix) CASH CASH + ROZES 20. Lover My Love (Mauro Mozart Extended Mix) TIM MYERS 21. Beautiful Trauma (Sonnedeck Remix) PINK 22. Believe (Division 4+Matt Consola Ext.) BOUVIER + BARONA ft. ANMRI 23. Kiss It Better (Dario Xavier Mix) RIHANNA 24. Uninvited (Bent Collective Club Mix) DANNY VERDE + STEVE RENDANT 25. Stars (Alex Acosta After Midnight Club Mix) KRISTINE W MEDIAFIRE DOWNLOAD: (with track list)
11/25/20171 hour, 59 minutes, 3 seconds
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PJ MIX • SUMMER☀️2017 • v.45

Vol 45 Track Listing 1. Sometimes (Danny Verde Remix) KAT GRAHAM 2. Love Is Love Is Love (Mauro Mozart Remix) LEANN RIMES 3. My Fire (Toy Armada + DJ GRIND Club Mix) NILE ROGERS+TONY MORAN Ft. KIMBERLY DAVIS 4. Runnin' Lose It All (Luis Erre Andromeda Remix) NAUGHTY BOY Ft.BEYONCE 5. Let The World Be Ours Tonight (Tony Moran+Warren Rigg Piano Anthem Club Mix) DEBORAH COX 6. Attention (Dario Xavier 90s Mix) CHARLIE PUTH 7. Pose (Alex Acosta Big Room Mix) RIHANNA 8. Greedy (Erick Ibiza Dub Mix) ARIANA GRANDE 9. Over Me (Frankie Knuckles+Eric Kupper Directors Cut Mix) INAYA DAY + ULTRA NATE 10. How To Save A Life (Liam Keegan Remix) RUDEDOG Ft. MARC KENNY 11. When You Got Love (Toy Armada+DJ GRIND Pride Anthem) MICHAEL CANITROT + RON CARROLL 12. In+Out Of Love (Jose Spinnin Cortes+Eduardo Lujan White Label Mix) ARMIN VAN BUUREN Ft. SHARON DEN ABEL 13. Something More (Cahill Extended Mix) YES LAD 14. You're Good For Me (Mauro Mozart Club Mix) TONY MORAN Ft. KIMBERLY DAVIS 15. Too Sophisticated (Mauro Mozart Remix) JOANNA MICHELLE 16. Feel The Real Love (Discosid Mashup) Jess Glynne Vs LOVRA 17. Photograph (Luis Vazquez Club Mix) ED SHEERAN 18. Cut To The Feeling (Toy Armada+DJ GRIND Anthem Mix) CARLY RAE JEPSEN 19. Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now (Tony Moran+Warren Rigg Mix) DIRTY POP ft. TAYLOR OLSON 20. Touch Me (Throttle Ext. Remix) STARLEY 21. Overtime (Liam Keegan Remix) IDRISE 22. Dancing On My Own (Danny Verde Remix) CALUM SCOTT 23. What About Us (Barry Harris Enhance Club) PINK MEDIAFIRE DOWNLOAD w/ track list:
8/20/20171 hour, 49 minutes, 24 seconds
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PJ MIX • PRIDE 2017 [v44]

Vol 44 Track Listing 1. Water Under The Bridge (Dark Intensity Remix) ADELE 2. Love On The Brain (Barry Harris Club Mix) RIHANNA 3. Firework (Barry Harris Pride 2017 Remix) KATY PERRY 4. Million Dollar Bill 2017 (Barry Harris Remix) WHITNEY 5. Baby I Want You Back (Discosid Mashup) ANTON POWERS Vs JACKSON 5 6. Issues (Barry Harris Club Enhanced Mix) JULIA MICHAELS 7. Love Is Love Is Love (Dave Aude Disco Extended Mix) LEANN RIMES 8. The Cure (Toy Armada + DJ GRIND Club Mix) LADY GAGA 9. You Love Me (John Michael + Floor One Remix) KELLY CLARKSON 10. Girl From Ipanema (Carlos Gallardo Remix) ANA PAULA Ft. DEBORAH COX 11. Minute Of You (Ft. Nalaya Brown) (GSP Remix) DAN SLATER+JIMJAM 12. Turn It Down For What (StoneBridge+Damien Hall Ibiza Mix) STONEBRIDGE Ft. SERI 13. We Laugh We Dance We Cry (Dave Aude Ext Mix) RASMUS FABER 14. Touch It (Toy Armada + DJ GRIND Big Room Mix) ARIANA GRANDE 15. Shape of You (Gustavo Scorpio Mix) ED SHEERAN 16. Say You Won't Let Go (Christian Cole Ext Remix) JAMES ARTHUR 17. Enough is Enough (Ranny's Epic Club Mix) BARBRA + DONNA 18. Back2Love (Mauro Mozart Remix) DAVE AUDE + JVMIE 19. Castle On The Hill (Joe Gauthreaux + Leo Blanco Remix) ED SHEERAN 20. Chained to the Rhythm (Division 4 + Matt Consola Remix) KATY PERRY (Ft. Skip Marley) 21. Never Give Up On You (7th Heaven Club Mix) LUCIE JONES 22. I Don't Wanna Live Forever (Country Club Martini Crew Remix) ZAYN 23. It Ain't Me (Barry Harris & MSC Remix) KYGO ft. SELENA GOMEZ 24. Remember Me (Dave Aude Ext Mix) JENNIFER HUDSON 25. Sing 2 Miracle 2k16 (Carlos Hdz + Chris Ramos Rework) T.GOLD + FRAGMA MEDIAFIRE DOWNLOAD w/ track list:
6/9/20171 hour, 58 minutes, 21 seconds
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PJ MIX ♦ HOLIDAYS 2016 • v.43 •

Vol 43 Track Listing: 1. Don't Be Hard On Yourself When Love Takes Over (Discosid Mashup) DAVID GUETTA vs JESS GLYNNE 2. Stronger Together (Joe Gauthreaux + Leanh Remix) JESSICA SANCHEZ 3. Send My Love (Leanh + Mauro Mozart Reconstruction Mix) ADELE 4. Glam (Dario Xavier Club Mix) XTINA 5. To Be Able to Love (Toy Armada + DJ GRIND Club Mix) ft. BRENDA REED 6. Kinda Miss You (Rosabel Club Mix) DEBORAH COX 7. Perfect Strangers (Chris Cox Remix) JONAS BLUE ft. JP COOPER 8. Telepathy (Moto Blanco Club Mix) XTINA 9. Love Yourself (Dj Aron Love Remix) JUSTIN BIEBER 10. Take Me Home (Tiesto Remix) JESS GLYNNE 11. Hurts (offaiah Remix) EMELI SANDE 12. Famous (7th Heaven Club Mix) NATHAN SYKES 13. My Air (Offer Nissim Original Mix) DEBORAH COX 14. How To Kiss A Boy (Adam Turner Extended Mix) LEANN RIMES 15. Say Yes (Tony Moran+Deep Influence Club Remix) ft. JASON WALKER 16. Love Me Now (Barry Harris Club Remix) JOHN LEGEND ft. BARBARA TUCKER 17. Symmetry of Two Hearts (DrewG. Rmx) BRIGHT LIGHT BRIGHT LIGHT ft. ELTON JOHN 18. I Got You (Antillas+Dankann Inda House Rework) CRISTIAN MARCHI, NARI + MILANI ft. MAX C 19. The Greatest (Dario Xavier Club Mix) SIA 20. Million Reasons (Felipe Angel Circuit Mix) LADY GAGA 21. Things Can Only Get Better (Shahaf Moran Pop Club) MOPO 22. I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Luis Erre Babylon mix) WHITNEY MEDIAFIRE DOWNLOAD:
12/7/20161 hour, 47 minutes, 17 seconds
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New Classic Diva Vocals Remixed Vol 42 Track Listing: 1. Halo (Tom Siher + Hernan Maldonado 2k16 Remix) BEYONCE 2. To Love You More (Dario Xavier Club 2k16 Mix) CELINE DION 3. Stronger (Nylson Wash Anthem Mix) KELLY CLARKSON 4. Take A Bow (Dario Xavier Club 2k16 Mix) RIHANNA 5. Where You At (Johnny Vicious Club Mix) JENNIFER HUDSON 6. Stranger in my House (Bryan Reyes 2k15 Remix) TAMIA 7. Say a Little Prayer (Paulo Pacheco+Mauro Mozart Rmx) GUY SCHEIMAN + KATHERINE ELLIS 8. Like a Prayer (The Sticky+Sweet Tour) MADONNA 9. Bleeding Love (Dario X 2k12 Tribal Rmx) LEONA LEWIS 10. Nobody's Supposed To Be Here (Nic Mercy 2k12 Anthem) DEBORAH COX 11. You And I (Edson Pride Unreleased Mix) LADY GAGA 12. Superwoman (Ralphi's Vox Club Mix) GTS Ft. KARYN WHITE 13. You're Mine (Eternal) (Fedde Le Grand Extended Mix) MARIAH CAREY 14. I'm Not In Love (Anthony Acid+DJ Skribble Vocal Club) OLIVE 15. Try It On My Own (Arenna Unreleased Tribal Dub) WHITNEY 16. Hurt 2016 (Felipe Angel Remix) XTINA 17. Waiting For Tonight (Toy Armada 2k12 Pride Mix) JLO 18. Love Will Never Do 2k16 (JG vs RR Stadium Recons.) JANET JACKSON 19. No Air (Gustavo Scorpio PVT Mix) JORDIN SPARKS 20. Firework (a_LEX Big Room Club Mix)) KATY PERRY MEDIAFIRE DOWNLOAD:
11/29/20162 hours, 2 minutes, 40 seconds
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PJ MIX - SUMMER 2016 (v.41)

Vol 41 Track Listing 1. Rise (Felipe Angel Anthem Intro) KATY PERRY 2. All In The Name (Soul Seekerz Ext Mix) BRIGHT LIGHT BRIGHT LIGHT FT. ELTON JOHN 3. Out There (Moto Blanco Club Mix) KRISTINE W 4. Tomorrow (One Last Time) (Mauro Mozart Club Remix) EXTASIA (FT AMANNDA) 5. Company (Barry Harris Remix) JUSTIN BIEBER 6. Into You (Toy Armada + DJ Grind Club Mix) ARIANA GRANDE 7. Shamu (Dick Ray Remx) VINCENT DE MOOR 8. The Story (Rich B & Phil Marriott Club Mix) LEANN RIMES 9. Someone Who Needs Me (Kryder ReMix) BOB SINCLAR 10. Ain't Your Mama (Barry Harris Remix) JENNIFER LOPEZ 11. Needed Me (Cosmic Dawn Club Mix) RIHANNA Pray (Original Mix) SAGI KARIV FT. GALI 12. Can't Stop The Feeling (Daniel Siman Tov Remix) JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE 13. One Night in Heaven (Joe Gauthreaux Stadium Mix) DJ GRIND-TOY ARMADA Ft. INAYA DAY 14. 7-11 (Tracy Young's Smack it in the Air Reconstruction) BEYONCE 15. High Forever (Extended Mix) MY DIGITAL ENEMY 16. Makes Me Wonder (Sagi Kariv Remix) EDSON PRIDE 17. Misery (Steven Redant Club Mix) GWEN STEFANI 18. Pieces (StoneBridge Club Mix) ROB THOMAS 19. Rise Up (Toy Armada + DJ Grind Club Mix) ANDRA DAY MEDIAFIRE DOWNLOAD:
8/3/20161 hour, 38 minutes, 18 seconds
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PJ Mix - PRIDE 2016 (v.40)

HAPPY PRIDE! Vol 40 Track Listing 1. Rise Up (Barry Harris Club Mix) ANDRA DAY 2. Piece By Piece (Bootleg Remix by Naccarati) KELLY CLARKSON 3. Who I Am (Funk3d Club Mix) RAY ISSAC 4. So Happy (Toy Armada/DJ Grind Club Remix) TONY MORAN ft. JASON WALKER 5. Livin For Your Love (Housed Remix) ROSABEL ft. JEANIE TRACY 6. Blindfolds (Division4/Matt Consola Club Mix) RILAN ft NAZ TOKIO 7. Find a way (Anevo remix) DIRTY SOUTH 8. Smile (Chris Cox Sao Paulo Remix) SHEILA GORDHAN 9. Without You (Love To Infinity Club Mix) THE RUA 10. The Glittering Gutter (Offer Nissim Remix) BILLIE RAY MARTIN 11. Youth (Joe Gauthreaux Stadium Remix) TROYE SIVAN 12. Dammn Baby (Noodles Remix) JANET JACKSON 13. This Is What You Came For (Thiago Antony Remix) CALVIN HARRIS ft. RIHANNA 14. Dangerous Woman (Carlos Gallardo Club Mix) ARIANA GRANDE 15. You're Not Alone (Cahill Club Mix) JOE ⊕ JAKE 16. If It Ain't Love (Craig Vanity VS StoneBridge) JASON DERULO 17. Only (DJ Escape/Tony Coluccio Main Mix) TyDi ⊕ OLIVIA SOMERLYN 18. Give It Up (Jack Wins Club Mix) NATHAN SYKES ft. G-EAZY 19. Play Your Part 2k16 (Ralph Factory Solar Pvt Dub Rwk) DEBORAH COX MEDIAFIRE DOWNLOAD:
5/17/20161 hour, 26 minutes, 58 seconds
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PJ Mix - SK10 April 2016 (v.39)

Vol 39 Track Listing 1.Hello (Barry Harris We Could Have Had It All ReMix) ADELE 2. Lay It All On Me (Sultan + Shepard Remix) RUDIMENTAL ft. ED SHEERAN 3. Confident (The Alias Club Mix) DEMI LOVATO 4. 'Til It Happens To You (Love To Infinity Club Mix) LADY GAGA 5. Imagine (7th Heaven Club Mix) SIR IVAN 6. Want To Want Me (Alex Fresh Remix) JASON DERULO 7. Over and Over Again (Elephante Remix) NATHAN SYKES 8. February (Our Last Kiss) (Rich B Enriched Club Mix) JOE GAUTHREAUX ft ABIGAIL 9. Love Myself (Toy Armada + DJ GRIND Club Mix) HAILEE STEINFELD 10. Out Of The Woods (Toy Armada + DJ GRIND Anthem Mix) TAYLOR SWIFT 11. Sorry (Handbag House Vs Moto Blanco Bootleg Mix) JUSTIN BIEBER 12. 100 Degrees (7th Heaven Club Mix) KYLIE ft. DANNI MINOGUE 13. Fast Car (Rare Candy Remix) JONAS BLUE ft. DAKOTA 14. Even If (Original Mix) BENNY BENASSI + VASSAY 15. Coming Home (M-22 Remix) SIGMA ft. RITA ORA 16. Alive (Jackinsky Vocal Club Mix) SIA 17. Don't Be So Hard On Yourself (DJ SKT Remix) JESS GLYNNE 18. Love Is (Toy Armada + DJ GRIND Club Mix) INAS X 19. When We Were Young (Joe Gauthreaux Remix) ADELE 20. Thunder (Danny Verde Remix) LEONA LEWIS 21. Runnin' (Lose It All) (Filipe Guerra Vs. The Rooftop Boys) NAUGHTY BOY ft. BEYONCE + ARROW BENJAMIN MEDIAFIRE DOWNLOAD:
3/30/20161 hour, 38 minutes, 3 seconds
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DJ Tony Moran - Deborah Cox Remixed

Selection of amazing Deborah Cox remixes by DJ Tony Moran.      House Is Not A Home  • Easy As Life  •   Everybody Dance  •   A New Life  •
12/15/201541 minutes, 34 seconds
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PJ MIX - PRIDE 2015 (v38) (updated)

1. American Oxygen (Martin Remix) RIHANNA 2. Blind Heart (Carlos Gallardo Remix)CAZZETTE ft. TERRI B 3. Bring Me Home (Razor N Guido Vocal) KANISHA K 4. Elastic Heart (Gustavo Scorpio Private Mix) SIA 5. What I Did For Love (Ext Mix) David Guetta ft. EMELI SANDE 6. Burnin' Up (Eddie Martinez Remix) JESSIE J 7. Mr. Put It Down (Alyson Calagna Vocal Mix) RICKY MARTIN 8. Fight For This Love (Moto Blanco Club Mix) CHERYL COLE 9. Kinda Miss You (Niko The Kid Remix) DEBORAH COX 10. Young Blood (Phil B + Andy Allder Mind The Gap Mix) BEA MILLER 11. I Want You Forever (Full On Mix) DJ CARL COX 12. Adios (Danny Verde Remix) RICKY MARTIN 13. Nobody But You (Original) MARY J BLIGE 14. Looking For Love (Daniel Hadad Remix) QUEEN AMANIAH 15. Real Love (Dudi Sharon Club Mix 2015) CLEAN BANDIT + JESS GLYNNE 16. I Want You To Know (Dirty Pop Deconstruction) ZEDD ft. SELENA GOMEZ 17. Love Come Home (Manny Lehman Vocal Mix) KRISTINE W 18. Live You All Over (Isaac Escalante + Xavier Santos Remix) TONY MORAN  ft. DEBORAH COOPER 19. Don't Have To Sleep To Dream (John Michael's Crazibootleg) CHER 20. Better and Better (Chris Cox Remix) JADE 21. Ghosttown (Offer Nissim Drama Mix) MADONNA 22. Booty ft. Iggy Azalea (Isaac Escalante + Xavier Santos Dub)  JENNIFER LOPEZ 23. I 'm Not the Only One (Armand Van Helden Remix) SAM SMITH 24. Sweet Talker (Max Sanna + Steve Pitron Remix) JESSIE J 25. One Love (Ft. Meg) (Oscar Velazquez Remix) EDDIE MARTINEZ 26. Easy Come Easy Go (Klubjumpers Ext Mix) IIONA EUROPA 27. All Time High (Oscar Velazquez Remix) FINBARR MASSI 28. I Wanna Love U 2k15 (Allan Abdalla Mix) LUIS ERRE ft.. PAULA BENCINI 29. Let The Joy Rise (Toy Armada + DJ GRIND Original Mix) ABIGAIL 30. Beautiful People Say (Bruno Ramos 2015 Remix) SIA 31. All Of You (Toy Armada + DJ GRIND Club Mix) PETER THOMAS  ft. BETTY WHO 32. Living For Love (Mike Rizzo Funk Generation Club Mix) MADONNA 33. Run Run Run (Craig Vanity vs Deniz Koyu + Don Palm)  KELLY CLARKSON 34. I Like You (Dirty Pop Club Remix) Tony Moran ft. DEBBY HOLIDAY 35. Heartbeat Song (Love To Infinity Club Remix) KELLY CLARKSON 36. I WANT YOU (FOREVER) (Mario Leonard Remix) DJ CARL COX 37. Heroes (Barry Harris Remix) ALESSO ft. TOVE LO 38. Your Song (ft. Hannah Gold) (Rodolfo Bravat Remix) GSP + NOOR Q   MEDIAFIRE DOWNLOAD LINK:
6/22/20153 hours, 5 minutes, 14 seconds
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Track Listing:   1. We Found Love vs. I Wanna Dance With Somebody (DJ Nandi Mashup) RIHANNA Vs. WHITNEY 2. Time After Time (Bent Collective Dub) CYNDI LAUPER 3. Free (Chris Belmont Remix 14k) ULTRA NATE 4. Release Me 2010 (Nylson Wash Synthapella Mix) VERONICA 5. Mysterious Times Sash! ft. TINA COUSIN 6. Dancefloor (Shayne B Peak Hour Mix) RAZOR N GUIDO Ft. OCTAHVIA 7. I Will Now Without You (Vertigini Mash Up) TIESTO vs DEBORAH ft. USHER 8. Hotel California (Julian Marsh Club Mix) EAGLES 9. Halo (Dave Aude Club Mix) BEYONCE 10. So Emotional 2012 (eSQUIRE vs. OFFBeat) WHITNEY 11. Unbreak My Heart (Wayne G Allure Anthem) TONI BRAXTON 12. Walking In Memphis (Shut Up And Dance Vocal) CHER 13. Dreams (Joe Gauthreaux + David Marc 2014 Massive Mix) FLEETWOOD MAC 14. Someone Like You (Joe Gauthreaux + Brian Cua Big Room Anthem) ADELE 15. Be Without You (Ting's Progressive Vox) MARY J BLIGE 16. Let's Get Together (Ext Mix) SOUL LOGIC 17. Get Here (Toni Carrillo + Toni Futura Remix) JOSE OGALLA + TONY BEZARES ft. SHARON ROMINE 18. Every Breath You Take (Felippe Senne Remix) THE POLICE 19. Heaven Knows (Eric Kupper Vocal Remix) KENNY CARPENTER 20. Play Your Part (Bryan Reyes 2010 Pvt Dub ReMix) DEBORAH 21. MacArthur Park 2013 (Rosabel Club Mix) DONNA SUMMER   MEDIAFIRE DOWNLOAD:
3/25/20152 hours, 1 minute
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PJ Mix - NEW YEARS 2015 (v.36)

A Sky Full Of Stars (Hardwell Remix) COLDPLAY + AVICCI Here I Am (David Morales Club Mix) DAVID MORALES ft TAMARA KEENAN Beautiful (Toy Armada + DJ GRIND Club Mix) KYLIE + ENRIQUE Wrapped In Red (Ruff Loaderz Extended Mix) KELLY CLARKSON Levity (eSQUIRE vs. OFFBeat Remix) HELENA ft. SHAWNEE TAYLOR Boom Clap (Marcus Schossow Remix) CHARLI XCX Rolling In The Deep (Wideboys Club Remix) ARETHA It's Your World (Country Club Martini Crew EDM Club Remix) JENNIFER HUDSON Weapon (Progressive Tomorrow Remix) CAZETTE Break Free (The Barry Harris Tribal House Big Anthem) ARIANA GRANDE Haunted (Jackinsky Private Club Mix) BEYONCE Aware Alive Awake (Dave Aude Club Mix) SARIAH Everywhere (Tom Stephan Remix) MYNC + MARIO FISCHETTI ft. DEBORAH COX Chasing Time (WAWA's Club Remix) AZEALIA BANKS    World (Dave Aude Club Mix) GIA I'm Not Coming Down (Rosabel Anthem Mix) MARTHA WASH Mess Of A Machine (Ext Mix) JOHN O'CALLAGHAN feat. KATHRYN GALLAGHER The Heart Wants What it Wants (Cosmic Dawn Club Mix) SELENA GOMEZ Yours (Wideboys Club Mix) ELLA HENDERSON Special (Patrick Hagenaar Colour Code Club Mix) BILLON ft. MAXINE ASHLEY Lets Find A Place (Club Mix) MICHELLE WEEKS,TONY MORAN, JOE GAUTHREAUX Air It All Out (Dan Slater Remix) PAULINI Nothing (DJ Kue Extended Mix) THE SCRIPT  Conqueror (Bent Collective Mix) ESTELLE     I Give In (Tommer Mizrahi Ext Remix) TONY MORAN ft. ORION Go Back (Big Room Anthem Mix) NACHO CHAPADO
1/28/20152 hours, 13 minutes, 13 seconds
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PJ Mix - Summer 2014 (v.35)

MEDIAFIRE DOWNLOAD LINK: It Takes Two (Dario Xavier Private Remix) Katy Perry  Pills N Potions (Liam Keegan Remix) Nicki Minaj  Really Dont Care (Toy Armada and DJ Grind Remix) Demi Lovato Money On My Mind (DJ Nejtrino & DJ Baur Remix) Sam Smith All That I've Got (Lotfi Begi Club Mix) Rebecca Ferguson  Finally (Danny Verde Mash-up) Ce Ce Peniston  Soul Survivor (Bimbo Jones Ext Mix) Beverly Knight I Love It (Wayne G & LFB Club Remix) Icona Pop (ft. Charli_XCX)  Problem (86 Extended Mix) Ariana Grande ft. Iggy Azalea  Lay Me Down (Todd Edwards Vocal Mix) Sam Smith Your Love (Cahill Club Mix) Nicole Scherzinger Strong (Liam Keegan Remix) Janine Berenson Turn It Up (Mauro Mozart Remix) Wanessa Story Of My Life (Wayne G WPPS Anthem Mix) One Direction Love & War (Danny Verde Remix) Tamar Braxton Chandelier (Enrry Senna SP Mix) S.I.A. First Love (Bryan Reyes Club Mix) Jennifer Lopez Once In My Life (Toy Armada and DJ Grind Remix) Mel B Aftermath (Here We Go) (Ralphi Rosario Club Mix) Dave Aude (ft Andy Bell) Go Your Own Way (Julian Marsh Mix) Fleetwood Mac Rather Be (Danny Verde Motivation Mash-Up) Clean Bandit ft. Jess Glynne Bang Bang (Jad Desenchanntee Vs Wayne G Remix) Jessie J (w/ Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj)  Parachute (Haji & Sheldon Club Mix) Olivia Somerlyn Giant in My Heart (Patrick Hagenaar Colour Code Club Mix) Kiesza Lift Me up (Dave Aude Club Mix) Lena Katina Parachute (Haji & Sheldon Club Mix) Olivia Somerlyn Falling In Love (aka Deeper & Deeper) (Barry Harris 2K14 Remix) Madonna
9/1/20142 hours, 5 minutes, 37 seconds
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PJ Mix - PRIDE 2014 (v.34)

H A P P Y    P R I D E     1.  I Hope You Find It (Funk Generation + H3DRush Club Mix) CHER 2.  XO (Cosmic Dawn Club Mix) BEYONCE 3.  I Got U (Wayne G Throwback Remake) DUKE DUMONT (ft Jax Jones)  4.  Last Love Song (John Rizzo Club Remix) ZZ WARD 5  Tell It To My Heart (Toy Armada + DJ Grind Club Mix) JASON WALKER (ft Bimbo Jones) 6.  Love Never Felt So Good (Mark Alvarado House Mix) MICHAEL JACKSON 7.  So Be It (Cahill Club Mix) LISA STANSFIELD 8.  Surrender (Georgies Big Room Club Mix) SUZANNE PALMER 9.  Pretty Hurts (Country Club Martini Crew Extended Mix) BEYONCE10.  In Your Bed (Ralphi Rosario Club Mix) ARIANA + THE ROSE11.   I Was Gonna Cancel (Moto Blanco Club Mix) KYLIE12.  Sirens (DJ Escape + Tony Coluccio sample Mix) CHER LLOYD13.  G.U.Y (Edson Pride Remix) LADY GaGa14.  Beating Heart (Cahill Club Mix) ELLIE GOULDING15.  Let It Go (Russ Rich n LFB Remix) DEMI LOVATO16.  Take Me Home (Patrick Hagenaar Colour Code Remix) CASH CASH (ft Bebe Rexha)17.  Breathe (Matt Consola + LFB vs Division 4 Anthem Mix) FAITH HILL  I tried 'chapters' function for this podcast to set track list.  This only functions w/ apple related media players.  Please let me know if you have any issues with playback. Alternately, you can download MP3 @ mediafire link:
6/11/20141 hour, 27 minutes, 7 seconds
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PJ Mix - White Party Tribute (v.33)

1. Let It Go (DJ Escape + Tony Coluccio Club Remix) IDINA MENZEL 2. I Walk Alone (Funk Generation + H3dRush Extended) CHER 3. The Way (Sidney Samson Remix) ARIANA GRANDE (ft Mac Miller) 4. Happy (Danny Dove Remix) PHARRELL WILLIAMS 5. Last Love Song (Dave Aude Club Remix) ZZ WARD 6. If I Fall (Razor N Guido Remix) COLE PLANTE w/ Myon + Shane 54 (ft Ruby O'Dell) 7. Bonfire Heart (Dave Rose Remix) JAMES BLUNT 8. Come With Me (Matt Consola + LFB Bounz Mix) CAROLINE LUND 9. Drunk In Love (DJ Aron Remix) BEYONCE 10. Everyday (Alexander Reflex Mix) KIM ENGLISH 11. Let's Do it Right (Carlos Gallardo Remix) THE YOUNG PROFESSIONALS (ft Eva Simons) 12. Nobody Said (Klubjumpers Club Mix) AIDEN LESLIE 13. Mind Blown (Dave Aude Club) NOELIA 14. Can't Remember To Forget You (Wideboys Club Mix) SHAKIRA (ft Rihanna) 15. Do What U Want (Glauter Santvas PVT MashUp) LADY GAGA (ft R. Kelly Vs Abel Ramos) 16. Right There (Ralphi Rosario Club Mix) ARIANA GRANDE (ft Big Sean) 17. Crazy Stupid Love (Wayne G Throwback Anthem) MY CRAZY GIRLFRIEND 18. I Will Never Let You Down (Digital Dog Ext Mix) RITA ORA 19. Time After Time (Bent Collective Remix) CYNDI LAUPER 20. Find You (Dave Aude Club Remix) ZEDD (ft Matthew Koma + Miriam Bryant) 21. La La La (Cosmic Dawn Club Mix) NAUGHTY BOY (ft. Sam Smith) 22. You're Mine (Eternal) (Fedde Le Grand Ext Mix) MARIAH CAREY 23. Absolutely Not (Dario Xavier Remix 2014) DEBORAH COX 24. Proud 2013 (Flavio Lima Remix) HEATHER SMALL
5/12/20142 hours, 5 minutes, 25 seconds
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PJ Mix - HIGHER (v32)

Higher (DJ Escape + Tony Coluccio Mix) DEBORAH COX ft. PAIGE Take It Like A Ma (Paulo and Jackinsky Club Mix) CHER Neon Lights (Cosmic Dawn Remix) DEMI LOVATO  Into The Blue (Brian Cua Bootleg Remix) KYLIE   Loved Me Back To Life (Dave Aude Club Mix) CELINE DION Say Something (Dj Aron Club Mix) A GREAT BIG WORLD & XTINA   Monster (George M. Esquire vs Offbeat Reboot Remix) RIHANNA Unconditionally (Country Club Martini Crew Club Mix) KATY PERRY  Ran For My Life (Gustavo Scorpio Club Mix) GUINEVERE Young and Beautiful (Kaskade Remix) LANA DEL RAY Lie To Me (StoneBridge + Luv Gunz Extended Remix) COLE PLANTE w/ MYON AND SHANE 54 ft. Koko Laroo You Set Fire To My Life (7th Heaven Club Mix) TINA ARENA  Get Over Me (Mauro Mozart Remix) NACHO CHAPADO AND SMAS ft. JULIETTE BERTIN Wild (Costta Lexus Rework) JESSIE J  Someone To Hold (Nick Bertossi 2013 Remix) VERONICA Do What You Want (Edson Pride + Isak Salazar Remix) LADY GAGA  With You (DJ Escape & Tony Coluccio Club Remix)KIMBERLY DAVIS Cannonball (Dave Aude Club Mix) LEA MICHELE So Close to Me (Tony Moran Destination Club Mix) KRISTINE W  Uprising Of Love (Bent Collective Club Mix) MELISSA ETHERIDGE Can't Dance (Moto Blanco Club Mix)LISA STANSFIELD Just Another Night (Morgan Page Club Mix) ICONA POP All Of Me (Alvita + Angelo Morello Remix) JOHN LEGEND
2/4/20141 hour, 58 minutes, 12 seconds
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PJ MIX - October 2013 v.31

The Greatest Thing (Stopme Release-Me Mix) CHER + LADY GAGA Everytime I Hear Your Name (Bimbo Jones Club Mix) RACHEL ADEDEJI What Now (Guy Scheiman Club Mix) RIHANNA Grown Woman (Ralphi Rosario Big Mix) BEYONCE Love On My Mind (Scotty K.'s Strobelight Klub Mix) FREEMASONS ft. AMANDA WILSON Take It Like A Man (Joe Gautheraux Club Mix) BLEONA I Need To Love Me (Renato Alvarez Tribal Mix) KINGS OF TOMORROW ft. APRIL Thinking About You (Liam Keegan + Michael Andre Remix) CALVIN HARRIS (ft. AYAN MARA) Public Display Of Affection (Edson Pride Remix) AMANDA You Never Know (Cahill Club English Mix) AUDIO PLAYGROUND (ft. SNOOP LION) Dance The Pain Away (Daddy's Groove Remix) BENNY BENASSI ft. JOHN LEGEND I Will Carry You [DJ Escape + Tony Coluccio Club Remix] SHARA STRAN Skirt (Edson Pride Big Room Dub) KYLIE Get Lucky (ESQUIRE Extended Mix) DAFT PUNK (ft. PHARRELL WILLIAMS) Live It Up (Big Kid #YOLO Club Anthem) JLO ft. PITBULL Standing On The Sun (WAWA Anthem Mix) BEYONCE Spitfire (Dave Aude Extended Mix) LEANN RIMES Feel This Moment (DJ Lapetina Reconstruction Mix) XTINA For Real (ft. Natalia Damini)(Edson Pride Remix) Patrick Sandim I Found You (Madson Pride Remix) LOUISE LIMA Easy As Precious Love (Offer Nissim vs Chocolate Puma Mix) DEBORAH COX vs BARARA TUCKER
10/11/20131 hour, 44 minutes, 46 seconds
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PJ Mix - Pride 2013 (v30)

       Intro  1.  A New Life (Tony Moran & Deep Influence Mix) DEBORAH   2.  Tonight  (DJ Santos + Brian Cua Tribal Vox Remix) JESSICA SANCHEZ   ft. NE-YO  3.  The Other Side (Morgan Page Club Mix) JASON DERULO  4.  Holding On (James Anthony's Anthem Mix) JUDY TORRES  5.  I'm Alive (Cahill Club Mix) KAMALIYA  6.  It's Not Over (Ralphi Rosario Club Remix) CHAKA KHAN  7.  #BEAUTIFUL (Big Kid + Brian Cua Epic Dub) MARIAH  8.  Here's To Everything (Bimbo Jones Club Mix) MISHA B  9.  Just Give Me A Reason (Liam Keegan Remix) PINK ft. NATE RUESS 10. Next To Me (Enrry Senna Vocal Mix) EMELI SANDE 11. Heartbeat (DJ Ting1 Club Mix) TONY MORAN ft. DEBORAH COOPER 12. The One I've Dreamed Of (Edson Pride Tribal Mix) PATRICK SANDIM + SHINE 13. Fly Away (7th Heaven Club Remix) GUINEVERE 14. Come Out and Play (Paul Oakenfold Club Mix) MIKA NEWTON 15. Make Some Noise (DJ Escape + Tony Coluccio Dub) INAYA DAY 16. Pour It Up (Cosmic Dawn Club Remix) RIHANNA 17. Here With You (Dave Aude Club Mix) ASHER MONROE 18. Need You Now (Dave Aude Club Mix) PLUMB  19. Time To Move On (Cutmore Extended Mix) EMII 20. Happening Again (Riddler Extended) CHE'NELLE 21. Love Is In The Air (Milk & Sugar Vocal Is In The Air Mix) JOHN PAUL YOUNG Click This to Download V30 w/ track listing
6/23/20131 hour, 48 minutes, 44 seconds
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PJ Mix - SK7 'FEEL THE LOVE' (v29.2) Part 2

Release Me Again (Seth Cooper vs. Joe Gauthreaux 2x Rework) ZOE  BADWI vs. RiHANNA vs. RAZOR 'n' GUIDO Boomerang (Cahill Club Mix) NICOLE SCHERZINGER Va Va Voom (Cosmic Dawn Remix) NICKI MINAJ Bubble (Toy Armada's Cherry Poppin' Dub) SEBASTIAN CASTRO Angel (Wawa Extended Mix) SARAH BRIGHTMAN  Acid Rain (Extended Club Mix) AEXIS JORDAN ft J. COLE  Remember Me (Alex Sayz Remix) GEORGEVECTOR ft. DEBORAH COX So In Love With You (MiOn's Sultra Mix) DUKE Throb (Peter Rauhofer 2013 Remix) JANET JACKSON Glowing (Danny Verde Club Mix) NIKKI WILLIAMS We Are Your Friends Vs Euphoria (DM Project Mashup) SWEDISH HOUSE MAFIA vs. USHER vs. JUSTICE That's How Good Your Love Is (Recovery 2013) MARK ALAVARADO ft. JOCELYN BROWN  Party Over (Seamus Haji Club Mix) AMELIA LILY My Love Is Your Love (Joe Gauthreaux 2011) WHITNEY Feel The Love (eSQUIRE + Anton Powers Club Mix) KIMBERLY LOCKE Additional Download w/ track listing -'Feel_The_Love'_(v29_part_2).mp3
6/4/20131 hour, 17 minutes, 23 seconds
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PJ Mix - SK7 'FEEL THE LOVE' (v29)

1. Is This Love (Benny Benassi Remix) ALEX GAUDINO ft. JORDIN SPARKS 2. I Miss You (Manny Lehman Big Room Mix) EDSON ft. ALEYSA 3. Higher (Extended Mix) DEBORAH COX  ft. PAIGE 4. Love's Got A Hold On Me (Dave Aude Club Mix) FRENCHIE DAVIS 5. Stay (Shahaf Moran Extended) RIHANNA 6. One Love (Chris Cox Club Mix) SK8 7. Playing With My Heart (Original Mix) ALEX GAUDINO ft. JRDN 8. Let There Be Love (Jump Smokers Remix)  XTINA 9. Everybody's Beautiful (Riddler Remix) MIASHA 10. Catch My Breath (David Tort Vocal Mix) KELLY CLARKSON 11. Key To Your Soul (DJ Escape+Johnny Vicious Mix) DEBBY HOLIDAY, JOHN LEPAGE  12. Up Out My Face (Flavio Lima Reconstruction Mix) MARIAH ft. NICKI MINAJ 13. Everybody Loves The Night (WaWa Club Mix) ULTRA NATE 14. When I Was Your Man (Cosmic Dawn Bootleg Remix) BRUNO MARS 15. Torches (Liam Keegan Remix) ZOE BADWI 16. Hands Up (Extended) SEPTEMBER 17. Feel The Love (Cahill Extended Club Mix) KIMBERLY LOCKE 18. People Like Us (Show +Tell Remix) KELLY CLARKSON 19. Young Happiness (Brian Cua Bootleg Mashup) ALEXIS JORDAN 20. Oh Mama Hey (Rosabel Club Mix) Chris Cox, DJ FRANKIE Ft. CRYSTAL WATERS 21. Joy (Big Kid + Brian Cua Big Room Anthem) SUZANNE PALMER Download w/ track listings @
4/27/20131 hour, 47 minutes, 36 seconds
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PJ Mix - Sundance Asia 2012 (v28)

  I organized a charity pool party in Bangkok on 30-12-12 to raise money for B-CHANGE FOUNDATION in the end I did not spin, but here is a set I prepared.  Mediafire download below for download with track listing. 4 O'Clock In The Morning (Arena Mix) TOM CLOUD  ft. ANTONIA LUCA   One More Try (Jrmx Radio Mix) KRISTINE W  The Only One (Pacheco Brazilian Summer Remix) AMANDA  Everybody's Beautiful (Peter Rauhofer Club Mix) MIASHA My Heart Is Refusing Me (Michael Feiner Mix) LOREEN  Titanium (Mark Stereo 4Love Mix) DAVID GUETTA ft. SIA  Anything Could Happen (Mr Johnstone Remix) ELLIE GOULDING  I Didn't Know My Own Strength (Rafael Lelis Club Mix) WHITNEY  Girl On Fire (Peter Rauhofer is on fire Remix) ALICIA KEYS  Lies (Rafael Senna Rework) BURNS  Wild One Two (Jaywalker Remix) JACK BACK ft. D.GUETTA, N.ROMERO & SIA  I Found You (Moto Blanco Club Mix) THE WANTED  Russian Roulette (Bryan Reyes Private Club Mix) RIHANNA  Daddy (7th Heaven Club Mix) EMELI SANDE  Love I Call My Own (Ext Mix) CRYSTAL WATERS, N. FASANO & S. FORES  Let There Be Love (Country Club Martini Crew Original Ext) CHRISTINA  Collide (Bryan Reyes Sean Mac Real Bad Club Mix) LEONA LEWIS  Beneath Your Beautiful (Seamus Haji Remix Ext) LABRINTH ft. EMELI SANDE  Catch My Breath (Cosmic Dawn + Andy Reese Club Mix) KELLY CLARKSON  Try (Cosmic Dawn Remix) PINK  Don't Judge Me (Dave Aude Extended Mix) CHRIS BROWN Love's Got A Hold On Me (Dave Aude Club Mix) FRENCHIE DAVIS Woman's World (DJ Craig Welsh Bootleg Mix) CHER Remember Me (From The Ghetto) (Adam Rickfors Remix) GEORGE VECTOR ft. DEBORAH COX Figure 8 (The Alias Extended Mix) ELLIE GOULDING Skyfall (Peter Rauhofer Big Room Anthem Mix) ADELE  Click Here to download mediafire V28 
1/17/20132 hours, 14 minutes, 30 seconds
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PJ Mix - Dance Floor Vocals (v27)

Read All About it (Cahill Remix) PROFESSOR GREEN FT. EMELI SANDE Diamonds (Liam Keegan Remix) RIHANNA Euphoria (7th Heaven Club Mix) LOREEN Lights SHANE KANOA VS. ELLIE GOULDING Heaven (eSQUIRE vs OFFBeat Remix) EMELI SANDE Sweet Nothing (eSQUIRE-vs-OFFBeat Remix) CALVIN HARRIS ft. FLORENCE WELCH Give Your Heart A Break (Ranny & John Rizzo Club Mix) DEMI LOVATO  When You Got Love (Toy Armada Club Remix) MICHAEL CANITROT ft. RON CRAROLL I (Who Have Nothing) (Tony Moran & Warren Rigg Club Mix) GLADYS KNIGHT Let Me Love You (Joe Gauthreaux Club Mix) NE-YO Skyfall (Shahaf Moran Extended) ADELE Don't Wake Me Up (dBerrie Remix) CHRIS BROWN Finally Found You (Papercha$er Clean Club Mix) ENRIQUE (ft. SAMMY ADAMS) I Just Wanna Dance (Wayne G & Jon M Anthem) feat. ALISON JIER Your Body (Country Club Martini Crew Clean Extended) CHRISTINA Fly (Liam Keegan Remix) NICKI MINAJ Ft. RIHANNA  Numb (Wideboys Club Mix) USHER Something For The Weekend (Ralphi Rosario Club Mix) DAVE AUDE ft. LUCIANA Superstar Don't Fail Me Now (Toy Armada - DJ Grind Mash-up) STARCHILD X VS MELANIE AMARO Turn Me on (JP Candela Remix) DAVID GUETTA Ft. NICKI MINAJ   Download @ mediafire includes Track List in Lyrics for iTunes:
11/19/20121 hour, 42 minutes, 23 seconds
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PJ Mix - Dance Floor Vocals (v26)

downloaded at mediafire:    1) I Was Here (J-C Club Mix) BEYONCE  2) Domino (eSQUIRE vs OFFBeat Mix) JESSIE J  3) Trouble (Wideboys Club Mix) LEONA LEWIS  4) Summer Dreaming (Julia Luna Remix) KELLY ROWLAND  5) Call Your Girlfriend (Kaskade Club Mix) ROBYN  6) Alive (Extended Mix) ANNA GRACE  7) One Last Time (John Dahlback Remix) AGNES  8) Take Over Control (Bryan Reyes+Dale Jennings Private Mix) AFROJACK Ft. EVA SIMONS  9) Get Up (A Cowboys Anthem) KELLY CLARKSON 10) I Heart You (Peter Rauhofer Club Mix) TONI BRAXTON 11) Triumphant (Get 'Em) (Danny Verde Club Mix) MARIAH 12) Everything That I Got (Twisted Dee + Joe Magic Club Mix) KRISTINE W  13) Beautiful Nite (John W Remix) DOUBLE FACE BRAZIL ft. LORD BRUH 14) Lay Your Hands On Me (Tony Moran + Warren Rigg Club Mix) NICKI RICHARDS 15) Never Close Our Eyes (Mig + Rizzo Club Mix) ADAM LAMBERT 16) Blow Me (One Last Kiss) (Cosmic Dawn Remix) PINK 17) We Are Young (Bruno Ramos Rework) FUN ft JANELLE MONAE 18) Glad You Came (Alex Gaudino + Jason Rooney Club Mix) THE WANTED 19) Feel So Close (Extended Mix) CALVIN HARRIS 20) Stay Around (Spencer & Hill RMX) MILK + SUGAR pres.Ms2
10/6/20121 hour, 35 minutes, 51 seconds
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PJ Mix- Classics III (v25)

My Classic volumes continue to get lots of downloads so here's my latest. One Night In Heaven (Master Mix) M. PEOPLE Because You Loved Me (remix) CELINE DION Perfect Day 2001 (Almighty Definitive Mix) INDIGO Beachball (Extended Vocal Mix) NALIN + KANE The Rose (Jamie J Circuit Mix) BETTE MIDLER Believe 2011 (Yra Santo Mix) CHER I Honestly Love You (Wayne G + Porl Young Classic Anthem Mix) WAYNE G ft. SHAUNA JENSEN Reach (Higher Club Mix (Vox Up) GLORIA ESTEFAN          Always Be My Baby (RTZ Club Mix) DAVID COOK Don't Go Breaking My Heart (Direct Hit Mix) ELTON JOHN + RUPAUL Honey (Above + Beyond Club Mix) BILLIE RAY MARTIN Fired Up! 2012 (Cajjmere Wray Remix) FUNKY GREEN DOGS            Little Bird (Disfunktion Bootleg) ANNIE LENNOX Heaven Is A Place On Earth (Dr. Cooper's 2011 Lo-Fi Rmx) BELINDA CARLISLE Everlasting Love (Classic Paradise Mix) GLORIA ESTEFAN           Above the Clouds (Edson Pride Big Room Mix) AMBER Just a Little While (Rauhofer Vocal Mix) JANET JACKSON Disrembrance (Flexfingers Ext Orchestral Mix) DANNI MINOGUE Hero (Christopher Lawrence Remix) ENRIQUE IGLESIAS The First, The Last, My Everything BARRY WHITE Download with Track Listings:
9/4/20121 hour, 40 minutes, 56 seconds
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PJ Mix - Summer 2012 (v24)

  1)  Laserlight (Extended Mix) JESSIE J ft. DAVID GUETTA   2)  Dark Side (Edson Pride Reconstruction Mix) KELLY CLARKSON   3)  Touch Me (Jody Den Broeder Club Mix) KATHERINE MCPHEE    4)  Turn Up The Radio (Offer Nissim Remix) MADONNA   5)  Spectrum (Calvin Harris Club Mix) FLORENCE + THE MACHINE   6)  Starships (Dario X Remix) NICKI MINAJ   7)  Let It Go (Bimbo Jones Club Mix) ALEXANDRA BURKE   8)  When You Talk About Love (Dulcie Danger Club Mix) WAYNE G ft. SHAUNA JENSEN   9)  Ready To Fall In Love (Extended M!x) ANNA GRACE 10) Let's Go (Nylson Wash Vocal Mix) NE-YO 11) Wide Awake (Wayne G + LFB Club Mix) KATY PERRY 12) Call Me Maybe  (Liam Keegan Rem!x) CARLY RAE JEPSEN 13) Celebrate (Brian Cua Pride Bootleg) WHITNEY + JORDIN SPARKS 14) Change Nothing (Bed Manila Exclusive Club Mix) JESSICA SANCHEZ 15) Dance Again (Edson Pride Unreleased Mix) JENNIFER LOPEZ 16) Love’s About To Change 2012 (Kalçada + R.Barros Tribute Mix) DONNA SUMMER 17) How To Save A Life (Pedro Henriques Private Remix) THE FRAY 18) Nothing Compares 2 U (Barona + Hull club mix) DJ JST ft. JENN CUENTA 19) Timebomb (Steven Redant + Phil Romano Club Mix) KYLIE 20) Tell Me Why (James Anthony Big Room Mix) KATHY BROWN 21) It's Over Now 2011 (Marchini + Denis Mix) DEBORAH Download also available on mediafire (song list included in lyrics)
8/13/20121 hour, 40 minutes, 55 seconds
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PJ Mix - Tribute To Love (v23)

A Tribute of LOVE for two of my dearest friends who were married 14 July.   Collection of classics imbued with songs of Love, Joy, Happieness & Togetherness.  No sadness, pain or anger here!  Where Love Lives (West London Deep Mix) ALISON LIMERICK            My Love Is Your Love (Johnathan Peters' Tight Mix) WHITNEY Whenever There Is Love (Bryan Reyes 2011 Mix) DONNA SUMMER ft BRUCE ROBERTS              Without You (Extended Version ) DAVID GUETTA and USHER            Dance Again (Marc Stout Club Mix) JENNIFER LOPEZ ft. PITBULL Unspeakable Joy (Bryan Reyes + Amy Alderman 2012 Remix) KIM ENGLISH               Nobody's Supposed To Be Here (Wayne G Mix) DEBORAH            Let the Joy Rise (Thunderpuss Club Mix) ABIGAIL                         I'm Yours  (Princess Ann 2009 Reconstruction Tribal Mix) JASON MRAZ You and I (Wayne G and Jon M Club Remix) LADY GAGA                        You Only Have To Say You Love Me (Eddie's Big Vocal Mix) HANNAH JONES                         Luv 2 Luv (Cevin Fisher's Club Mix) SUZANNE PALMER One Love (Almighty 12” Anthem Mix) ALMIGHTY ft J.K.                        Love At First Sight (Wayne G Anthem Mix) KYLIE Happy (Jason Nevins Club Mix) LEONA LEWIS Just The Way You Are (Edson Pride Club Anthem Mix) BRUNO MARS We Belong Together (Double In Face Brazil Club Mix) MARIAH When Love Takes Over (Princess Ann Rework Gustavo Scorpio Tribal Mix) KELLY ROWLAND We Found Love In the Stars (Liam Keegan Bootleg Remix) RIHANNA ft. CALVIN HARRIS You'll Never Stand Alone (Tony Moran Club Mix) WHITNEY            Can't Live A Day (DJ Tiesto Mix) AVALON If It Wasn't For Love (DJ Escape and Tony Coluccio Remix 2012) DEBORAH download at mediafire and get song list in the lyrics:
7/18/20121 hour, 32 minutes, 33 seconds
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PJ Mix - SK6 (v22)

You Da One (Almighty Club Mix) RIHANNA Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You) 7th Heaven Club Mix) KELLY CLARKSON Marry the night (Nylson Wash Night Mix) LADY GAGA Waiting On You [Manny Lehman Main Mix] ULTRA NATE & MICHELLE WILLIAMS End Of Time (Manny Lehman Club Mix) BEYONCE  Hair (Henriq Moraes & Bruno Ramos Remix) BEYONCE Somebody I Used To Know (eSQUIRE vs OFFBeat Remix) GOTYE Part Of Me (Liam Keegan Remix) KATY PERRY  Climax (Kaskade Remix) USHER It Will Rain (Dark Intensity Club Mix) BRUNO MARS Where Have You Been (Hardwell Club Mix) RIHANNA Better Than I Know Myself (Mike Rizzo Funk Generation Club Mix) ADAM LAMBERT Don't Make Me Wait (Wayne G & Porl Young Club Mix) 7th HEAVEN ft. DONNA GARDIER-ELLIOTT Let Me Be Myself (DJ Chus Vocal Mix) ROSABEL ft. TAMARA WALLACE Everyday (Hex Hector Mix) KIM ENGLISH If It Wasn't For Love (DJ ESCAPE & TONY COLUCCIO Remix) DEBORAH
4/27/20121 hour, 26 minutes, 6 seconds
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PJ Mix - 11.11.11 (v21)

1.  If It Wasn't For Love (Mixin Marc & Tony Svejda Original Mix) DEBORAH  2.  We Found Love In the Stars (Liam Keegan Bootleg Remix) RIHANNA ft. CALVIN HARRIS 3.  Countdown (Ranny's Big Room Mix) BEYONCE 4.  Heaven In Your Eyes (Bromance Remix) OFFER NISSIM & ITAY KALDERON ft.  MEITAL DERAZON       5.  Seek Bromance (Avicii Vocal Extended) TIM BERG 6.  You and I (Wayne G and Jon M Club Remix) LADY GAGA  7.  Give (Mixin' Marc & Tony Svejda Extended Mix) LEANN RIMES8.  Night Of Your Life (Matt Nevin Extended Mix) DAVID GUETTA ft. JENNIFER HUDSON 9.  Feels So Good (Jerome Isma-Ae Remix) ARMIN VAN BUUREN & NADIA ALI10. Moves Like Jagger (Gustavo Scorpio Private Mix) MAROON 5 ft. CHRISTINA 11. Down For Whatever (Steve Pitron & Max Sanna Club Mix) KELLY ROWLAND 12. Love Is Unbound (Thiago Antony Unreleased Mix) ELIZA G 13. The One That Got Away (7th Heaven Club Mix) KATY PERRY 14. Mr Know It All (Liam Keegan Remix) KELLY CLARKSON  15. Cheers (Drink To That) (Sandy Resek Club Mix) RIHANNA 16. Without You (Extended Mix)) DAVID GUETTA ft. USHER            17. Coming Back (Paul Goodyear Club Mix) LFB, MATT CONSOLA, BRENDA REED18. Valerie (The DJA Mash Up) AMY WINEHOUSE 19. Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall (eSQUIRE vs. OFFBeat Remix) COLD PLAY 20.Easy As Life (Raffa Vergara House Intense Remix 2011) DEBOARAH   Can also download @ mediafire & you'll have the full song listing in lyrics section when you use itunes / ipod /iphone !
11/10/20111 hour, 38 minutes, 19 seconds
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PJ Mix - CLASSICS II (v20)

My last Classic Collection was very well received so here's a new one.   Some of my all time favorite songs - some have updated remixes and some are the originals.. Every song brings back amazing memories - fabulous friends, great parties & fun times! Enjoy I LEARNED IT FROM THE BEST (HQ2 Club Mix)  WHITNEY YOU ARE NOT ALONE (Franctified Club Mix)  MICHAEL JACKSON GET HERE (Paul Goodyear Mix)  Q ft. TRACY ACKERMAN TOGETHER AGAIN (Wayne G XXL Anthem)  JANET JACKSON WE BELONG TOGETHER (Double In Face Brazil Club Mix)  MARIAH ONE DAY IN YOUR LIFE (Hex Hector / MacQuayle Club Mix)  ANASTACIA IT'S OVER NOW (Hex’s Club Mix)  DEBORAH TAKE A BOW (Tony Moran & Warren Rigg's Encore Club Mix)  RIHANNA DON'T STOP THE MUSIC (Jonnas Roy & Miguel Ramirez Pride 2011 PVT Mix) RIHANNA YOUNG HEARTS RUN FREE (Almighty Mix)  HANNAH JONES OUT HERE ON MY OWN (Original Mix)  JUDY TORRES LOOKING FOR LOVE  (Peter Rauhofer Vocal Mix)  KAREN RAMIEREZ IT'S NOT RIGHT, BUT IT'S OKAY (Thunderpuss Club mix)  WHITNEY  SURVIVOR (Victor Calderone Club Mix)  DESTINY’S CHILD UNSPEAKABLE JOY (Razor n Guido Mix)  KIM ENGLISH NO MORE DRAMA (Thunderpuss Club Mix)  MARY J BLIGE SKY FITS HEAVEN (Victor Calderone Future Mix)  MADONNA BETTER THE DEVIL YOU KNOW (Almighty Anthem Mix 2003)  KYLIE HEAVEN'S WHAT I FEEL (Trouser Enthusiasts Mix)  GLORIA ESTEFAN NO ONE'S GONNA CHANGE YOU (Robbie Tronco 2002 mix)  REINA BREATHE (Hex Hector Club Mix)  FAITH HILL OUTLAW (Wayne G & Andy Allder Anthem Mix)  PAUL GOODYEAR ft. CAROLINE LUND  STRONG ENOUGH (Wayne G Heaven Mix)  CHER BEAUTIFUL (Peter Rauhofer Mix)  XTINA
10/11/20112 hours, 17 minutes, 32 seconds
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PJ Mix - LOVE: Classics I (v15)

A New Year Begins!   v15 is a collection of classic 'LOVE' anthems spanning from 1996 to 2010.  A special, extra long mix to celebrate another year!  I hope they'll bring back memories & create new ones.   Share the LOVE!   This mix is dedicated to my OJ. Who Do U Love (Junior Vasquez DMC Mix) DEBORAH If This Isn't Love (StoneBridge Remix) JENNIFER HUDSON Love That Man (Peter Rauhofer New NYC Mix) WHITNEY Seasons of Love (Eddie Baez's Payin' The Rent Club Mix) RENT One Love (Almighty 12" Anthem Mix) ALMIGHTY Ft J.K. How Can I Love You More (Jimmy Gomez 6am Mix) M PEOPLE I Stay In Love (Jody den Broeder Club Mix) MARIAH Bleeding Love (Alexander & Mark Vdh NYC Pride Mix) LEONA LEWIS Last Chance For Love (Welcome's 12") JOI CARDWELL Feel Your Love (Extended Mix) KIM SOZZI When Love Takes Over (Princess Ann Rework Gustavo Scorpio Tribal Mix) DAVID GUETTA ft. KELLY ROWLAND I Will Love Again (Dj Jonnas Roy Rmx For My Love) LARA FABIAN  Real Love (Rosabel's Fireball Anthem Mix) DEBORAH COOPER Where Love Lives (West London Deep Mix) ALISON LIMERICK Whenever There Is Love (Dance Mix) DONNA SUMMER/BRUCE ROBERTS Found Love (Gomi's Lair Club Mix) JOI CARDWELL I'll Be Lovin U Long Time (Aaron Paetsch Club Mix) MARIAN Love (Alexander & Mark VDH Extended Mix) KEYSHIA COLE You've Got Me Falling In Love (Club Mix) G-PARK I'm In Love (Johnny Vicious Club Mix) VERONICA Love At First Sight (Wayne G Anthem mix) KYLIE I Love You [BT Remix] SARAH McLACHLAN My Love Is Your Love (Johnathan Peters Vocal Club Mix) WHITNEY
1/9/20112 hours, 33 minutes, 42 seconds