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Daily Neville by Josiah Brandt

English, Education, 4 seasons, 72 episodes, 23 hours, 26 minutes
Josiah Brandt's "Daily Neville" podcast is all about breaking down Neville's books, lectures and teachings and making it easy to understand, easy to digest, easy to apply, in ~20 minutes or less.
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The Truth That Sets You Free (S3:E4)

In this episode, we explore what is truly meant when the Bible speaks of "The Truth That Sets You Free".This episode is sponsored by discoverhealthsharing.comImpact Health Sharing is a non-profit healthcare sharing organization offering major medical coverage for as low as $73 for individuals and $363 for families. Get your quote today at discoverhealthsharing.comSupport the show
3/24/202319 minutes, 54 seconds