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Get the Coaching you need, the results you want, and the success you deserve with the Daily Boost. Every 9-minute Daily Boost will help you Clarify your purpose, breakthrough obstacles, and stay motivated. You’ll get everything you need help you get what you want in life. Discover your purpose and WHY... Take control of your schedule... Get focused... and Eliminate distraction... Stop procrastinating... reduce stress and find more happiness. As the Host of the Daily Boost, Scott Smith brings a unique, straight talking, and humorous, coaching and motivation style. He make listening fun, interesting - and with over 30 million downloads, the Daily Boost has proven to be highly effective. Listen to the Daily Boost is available every Monday on iTunes, Spotify, and others. Join our Daily Boost Premium Coaching program and get it Monday through Friday at
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What’s Your Personal Ideology?

What’s Your Personal Ideology? There’s a lot of talk about “ideology” these days, and it’s usually not in a good way.  But what about YOUR ideology?  Do you know who you are? Before I go on, ideology is simply a creed, culture, dogma, outlook, philosophy, theory, or view. And let’s not forget ideas, principles, and tenants. At the end of the day, an ideology is what you stand for in this world. And, if you do it well, it’s also how other people know what you stand for in this world. It’s also up to you to decide that for yourself. After all… If you don’t know who you are and tell the world, the world will decide who you are and tell you who to be. That’s why I have a living document that establishes who I am, what I believe, and serves as a foundation of growth and change as I live and evolve. I call it my “Who I Am” document. It’s all mine, and I share who I am through my actions. How do you see yourself? How do others see you? How do you act in situations? What do you believe? What k
06/12/202213 minutes 7 seconds
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Creating Your Wonderful Life

Creating Your Wonderful Life With the holiday season on its way, wouldn't it be great if you received the gift of the wonderful life of your dreams?  What if you could have lots of free time, less stress, more money, and great relationships?  In my years of coaching folks all over the world, I've learned a few things about lifestyle design: 1) Everything begins when you become aware of what you want and accept that it's up to you to get it. 2) If you believe your dream can be real as soon as you start living it - it will be. 3) You are the Boss of you, so there's no reason for a delay. Stop planning and start doing. Forget wishing, hoping, and dreaming. Start with little bits of happiness and work toward living your dream every day.  Most people are drifting in the winds of life. True happiness arrives when you start driving through life. Living your wonderful life is entirely up to you. Be aware of the change you desire; believe it can be yours, and start living it now.  Learn more ab
14/11/202216 minutes 1 second
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Here’s What is Sucking Up Your Time

It happens to all of us. We're going about our day, hot on the trail of checking off items on our never-ending To-Do list. Then, we discover that we didn't get everything done before time ran out.  When my son was entering the workforce, we would often find time to catch up on weekends. He was trying to navigate the business world while balancing his life. He had an exceptionally fact-paced job and had become a productivity ninja. He was proud of his color-coded To-Do list and calendar, but he had a problem - "Dad, no matter how organized I am, I still can't get everything done. I writing everything down, and I'm working through it, and I still run out of time. What am I not doing right?" My first thought was how happy I was that he had the clarity of mind to look beyond the obvious solution. Then, I had a few questions - You say you have accounted for everything. How much time did you allocate for eating lunch or running down the coffee shop today? How many times did you visit the res
11/03/202211 minutes 10 seconds