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English, Children-Kids, 26 seasons, 38 episodes, 1 day 16 hours 36 minutes
At the Dadhood podcast we discuss all things related to being a young Muslim dad. An episode will be released every week with a guest who will share his experience. If your wife is expecting a baby or you already have young children then this is the podcast to listen to
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39 | Yusuf Patel | Addressing RSE Lessons In Schools | Debunking The Myths

Sign up to the brand new Dadhood Newsletter: Yusuf Patel is a father to 5 children and is the founder of SRE Islamic. SRE Islamic was established in 2008 to support Muslim parents navigate and respond to Sex and Relationships Education (SRE) in schools. What we covered: 🍼 5 children and 0 theories about parenting 🍼 Fatherhood is a mirror reflecting your inner self 🍼 Importance of positive male figures 🍼 How SRE Islamic was founded 🍼 Debunking myths around tackling RSE in schools Watch this on YouTube Follow me on Instagram for more dad related content
14/08/20231 hour 52 seconds
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38 | Zakariya Mohamed | Building A Community Of Parents | Busy Dads Ask For Help

Sign up to the brand new Dadhood Newsletter: Zakariya Mohamed is a father to one daughter and two sons. He works in the rail industry and is involved in starting up and running a number of Muslim community projects focused on Muslim families. What we covered: 🍼 How his family spends Eid 🍼 Community projects for Muslim families 🍼 How to get parents together to start your own community projects 🍼 Needing a strong support network as a father 🍼 Sometimes doing the basics is enough 🍼 His children's milestones Watch on YouTube Follow me on Instagram to join us live for the next episode
30/07/20231 hour 9 minutes 31 seconds
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37 | Ahtisham Aziz | How To Manage Time With Your Spouse | Being Present In Your Busy Schedule

Sign up to the brand new Dadhood Newsletter: Ahtisham Aziz is an all-rounder working on various businesses and projects such as TV presenting on Eman Channel, running a media and marketing agency, developing real estate and organising Islamic events alongside his wife through Ilmforum. He is a proud father to his young son and he has another child on the way! What we covered: 🍼 Supporting your wife through pregnancy 🍼 Building a bond with your spouse before having children 🍼 Being present with your spouse 🍼 Practical ways to manage your time as busy parents 🍼 Shifting from single to married to parent 🍼 Men being dictators in their house Watch this episode on YouTube: Follow me on Instagram to join us live for the next episode
16/07/202351 minutes 48 seconds
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36 | Khurram S. Malik | Hijrah To Pakistan | A Journey To Becoming An Author

K. S. Malik is a passionate author dedicated to connecting young Muslims with their cultural heritage through children's and young adult literature. With a background in engineering, he transitioned into writing to fill the void of culturally appropriate literature for Muslim children in Western societies. He is a father to 2 young children. What we covered:  Why make Hijrah? What are the benefits of living in Pakistan Why children should not live in luxury  How will parenting styles differ in the East Why he started writing  Books that are published and what's on the wayPurchase the newly released books from this link: the episode on YouTube: https:/
25/06/20231 hour 5 minutes 26 seconds
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35 | Dr. Saqib Iqbal Qureshi | Setting Up My Kids For Success | Becoming The Ultimate Role Model

#podcast #fathers #muslim Dr. Saqib Iqbal Qureshi is a Fellow at LSE and a renowned writer whose book "The Broken Contract" achieved bestseller status. He is also a film producer, founder of Building Capital Inc, and has a diverse background in finance and consulting.. And top it all off, he is an active father to 3 young boys. What we covered: 🍼 Keeping fit as a busy dad 🍼 Instilling discipline into young boys 🍼 Surrounding kids with role models 🍼 Achieve your goals to set the standard for your kids 🍼 Top time management tips 🍼 Fatherhood is a passion Watch episode on YouTube: Follow me on Instagram to join us live for the next episode
20/06/202339 minutes 54 seconds
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34 | Omar Dacosta-Shahid | My Wife Is Pregnant! | A Father's Perspective On Pregnancy

#podcast #fathers #muslim Omar Dacosta-Shahid has a number of accolades. Forbes 30-Under-30, Co-Founder of Creed & Culture, Co-Founder of M.I.N, Board of Directors at Mvslim. And top it all off, he is now a dad!    What we covered:   🍼 Expectations Vs reality of pregnancy  🍼 How to support your wife  🍼 What to do at each stage of pregnancy  🍼 Preparing for labour  🍼 Coming home with a new baby   🍼 Top tips if your wife is pregnant    Watch on Youtube:    Follow me on Instagram to join us live for the next episode
04/03/202347 minutes 23 seconds
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33 | Jibril Hanzo | Raising Daughters | Are Hands-On Fathers Less Masculine?

Jibril Hanzo has been on many podcasts to speak about his journey to Islam but this time we speak about his journey as a father. He has 3 daughters and one newborn son. He is a counsellor and also works in the construction industry.    What we covered:   🍼 Becoming a dad for the first time  🍼 Being raised by a single father  🍼 Taking daughters to link-ups with your friends  🍼 Advice to fathers on raising daughters   🍼 Being a hands-on dad is masculine   Watch on Youtube Follow me on Instagram to join us live for the next episode  Follow the nursery my children attend on Instagram
13/02/202355 minutes 21 seconds
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32 | Ramiz Ibrahim | Emotional Intelligence | Becoming A Self-Aware Father

Ramiz Ibrahim is the founder of The Therapy Clinic which offers physiotherapy through hijama, massages and other services. He is also a psychotherapist who has worked with men and married couples to help resolve conflicts and heal from traumas. He is also a proud father to 3 children.    What we covered:   🍼 How to teach emotional intelligence to your children  🍼 The impact our parents can have on the way we parent  🍼 Controlling your anger   🍼 Tips for men on how to build emotional intelligence  🍼 You cant know your children if you don't know yourself  🍼 Dealing with divorce    Watch on YouTube  Follow me on Instagram to join us live for the next episode   Follow the nursery my children attend on Instagram
30/01/20231 hour 34 seconds
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30 | Alim Sheikh | Un-Islamic Schools | Muslim Principal's Perspective

Alim Sheikh is currently the Principal at Barnet Hill Academy, a private Islamic school which will be taking on Reception students starting September 2023 on a Voluntary Aid basis (link with more info below). Mr Shiekh has an MA, PGCE, Mphil and NPQH. He helped to open to first Islamic boys school in the UK, Brondesbury College.    What we covered:   🍼 Hearing about the birth of his first child whilst on Umrah  🍼 How growing up in Scotland has affected his fatherhood  🍼 What the past 27 years of teaching at Islamic schools has been like  🍼 Why its important Islamic Schools get Voluntary Aid status  🍼 Why parents need to trust Islamic schools more   Watch on YouTube Apply for a place for your child at Barnet Hill Academy  Follow me on Instagram to join us live for the next episode https://ww
23/01/20231 hour 2 minutes 39 seconds
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31 | Ehsun Anwar | The Father Wound | Healing From The Effects Of An Absent Father

Ehsun Anwar is a life coach who primarily helps people to lose weight through healing past traumas. He is not a father nor a Muslim but has powerful insights in how we can improve our relationship with our fathers and others around us.    What we covered:   🍼 What is a 'father wound'?  🍼 Identifying the symptoms of the father wound  🍼 Connecting with God is part of the healing process   🍼 Stop living as a reaction to your past traumas  🍼 How to start your journey towards healing   🍼 The power of patience and gratitude    Watch on YouTube  Follow me on Instagram to join us live for the next episode  Follow the nursery my children attend on Instagram
23/01/20231 hour 18 minutes 1 second
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29 | @1ShabbirHassan | The Travelling Imam | Fly With Your Wife And Baby

#podcast #parenting #muslimparents    Ustadh Shabbir Hassan recently became a father to his beautiful daughter Rawda after having completed his Alimyyah and gaining an Ijazah in Dawrah al-Hadith. He spends most of his time teaching at Faith and getting halal couples married with Nikkah Co.    What we covered:   🍼 Becoming a dad for the first time  🍼 Overcoming fears of travelling with a newborn  🍼 Top hacks for travelling with a baby  🍼 Praying with Rawda in the Rawda   Watch on Youtube:  Follow me on Instagram to join us live for the next episode  Follow the nursery my children attend on Instagram
13/12/202238 minutes 14 seconds
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28 | Ameen Omar | The Masculine Dad | Leading Your Family As A Man

#podcast #muslimparents #parenting    Ameen Omar is a father of two young boys. He is a part of the Muslim CEO team helping Muslims to launch businesses. He is the author of the Muslim men's book The Shepard's Way. He is also a Youtuber and Co-Host of the podcast Mind Heist.    What we covered:   🍼 Muslim men need to Pray, Provide and Protect  🍼 What is a "masculine" dad?  🍼 Going beyond the basic parenting duties  🍼 How we want our children to view us  🍼 How to "control" your family    Watch episode here: Follow me on Instagram to join us live for the next episode   Follow the nursery my children attend on Instagram
21/11/20221 hour 23 minutes 5 seconds
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27 | @simonsayssquat | Dadbod or Father Figure? | Fitness Tips For Dads

Simon is a convert to Islam who originally from Sweden and now living in the UAE. He is a father to an adorable daughter and is an Online fitness coach or Muslim men and women.    What we covered:   🍼 Simon's experience of becoming a father    🍼 How to keep up with your fitness with a newborn  🍼 Common mistakes fathers make with their health   🍼 Being a healthy role model for your children  🍼 "Health hacks" that actually work   Watch this on YouTube Follow me on Instagram to join us live for the next episode  Follow the nursery my children attend on Instagram
07/11/202243 minutes 24 seconds
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24 | Ahmed Yunus @father2aqueen | Helping Your Child Love Islam

Ahmed Yunus or better known as  @Father2AQueen  makes viral videos on TikTok and instagram with his 5 year old daughter where they learn about Islam in a fun and engaging way   What we covered:   🍼 How the viral videos started and their impact  🍼 Protection against the evil eye   🍼 Why fathers need to play an active role in the family  🍼 The importance of seeking knowledge  🍼 Teaching Islam in a fun way  🍼 Answering questions from the live audience Watch on YouTube Follow me on Instagram to join us live for the next episode
17/10/20221 hour 48 seconds
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23 | Khidr Muhammad | Two Dads Who Love Books

Khidr or Just Another Brother as he is known on Instagram is a father of 3 at only 26 years old, a student of knowledge and works for Islamic Finance Guru as their Community Lead.    What we covered:   🍼Why Khidr put his children in school  🍼 "Parenting books are like books on how to swim"  🍼 Reviewing various parenting books we have read  🍼 Defining the roles of a father  🍼 Overcoming generational trauma  🍼 Khidr's library   Youtube Channel: Follow me on Instagram to join us live for the next episode
03/10/20221 hour 22 minutes 49 seconds
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22 | Jalal Mohabbat Ibn Syed | Dawah & Dadhood: Balancing The Two

Jalal is an IT professional, Da'ee, founder of projects like 1Eid and a father to multiple children.    What we covered:   🍼 Experience of being a father for the first time  🍼 Lessons from the story of Suhayla and Farooq  🍼 How 1Eid started  🍼 How to involve your children in Dawah projects  🍼 Answering your questions from the Instagram live   Subscribe to Dadhood on YouTube for more dad related content Follow me on Instagram to join us live for the next episode
20/09/20221 hour 15 minutes 49 seconds
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21 | Uthman Bearded Halal Guy | How Becoming A Dad Made Me Lose 70kg

Uthman is a humanitarian aid worker and a father to two young boys. He used to weigh 166kg and over the course of the last 12 months he has lost 70kg resulting in him becoming a more active dad.What we covered: 🍼 Struggling with being a dad at 166kg🍼 Almost taking his own life🍼 The mental struggle of being overweight🍼 What benefits he gained from losing the weight🍼 Answering your questions from the Instagram liveWatch on YouTube me on Instagram to join us live for the next episode Uthaman on Instagram
23/05/20221 hour 4 minutes 47 seconds
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20 | Shaykh Abu Muslim Kamran | Raising My Son In Medina

Shaykh Abu Muslim Kamran is a graduate from the Islamic University of Medina and now works as a secondary school teacher. He is also the founder of a unique online madrassah called Your Madrassah and is a father of two. What we covered Becoming a father at 21Raising his son in Medina Homeschooling tips What is Your MadrassahInspiring the love of Quran in childrenWatch on YouTube me on Instagram for more dad related content out Your Madrassah here
15/02/202247 minutes 59 seconds
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18 | Ismael Musoke | It Takes A Village To Raise A Child

Ismael Musoke is a poet, an author, a project manager and a father to his 1 year old son. He is also the youngest person to come on the podcast at 25 years old. What we covered: 🍼 Getting married at 22 🍼 Positive impact of Ismael's father🍼 Parenting goes beyond the parents🍼 Fatherhood brings you closer to Allah🍼 Sons vs Daughters Watch it on youtube: me on Instagram for more dad related content out the IBB podcast with Ismael here:
24/01/20221 hour 9 minutes 1 second
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17 | Adam Kaan | Weight Loss Is Just A Matter Of Mindset

Adam Kaan is an online personal trainer,  the founder of the Fit Dad Life Mastery Program, has 2 children and has been through a divorce and remarried.What we covered: 🍼 Battling with tuberculosis as a teen🍼 Lack of health role models in South Asian community 🍼 How dads can fit healthy habits into their busy lifestyle🍼 Raising two children for 7 years as a single father Watch on YouTube me on Instagram for more dad related content out Adam's website:
18/11/20211 hour 8 minutes 53 seconds
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16 | AkhiTweet | Men Without Responsibility Are Useless

AkhiTweet, actual name Mohamed R, is a visual artist, co=host of Mind Heist podcast, co-host of Dad's Dunya podcast (Freshly Grounded), lives in Brighton and is a father of two! What we covered: 🍼 Why we got married early and had kids early🍼 Why men delay marriage and the harms of it🍼 Raising kids outside the big cities 🍼 The long lasting impact fathers haveWatch episodes on YouTube: me on Instagram for more dad related content Mohamed & Mindheist:
08/11/20211 hour 8 minutes
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15 | Yusuf Kalam | The Miraculous Birth Of My Daughter

Yusuf Kalam is a Fundraising Manager for Muslim Aid and is a brand new father with his daughter being only a month old! What we covered: 🍼 The taboo of miscarriage and still births🍼 Tips on supporting your wife through pregnancy🍼 Unexpected emergency C section🍼 The special name given to his daughter🍼 The first month of being a dad Watch episode on youtube: me on Instagram for more dad related content
01/11/20211 hour 3 minutes 8 seconds
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14 Dr. Salman Butt: Smartphones Are Poisoning Our Children And Islam Has The Remedy

Dr. Salman Butt is the Chief Editor of the website has a PhD in Chemical Biology and is a father to 4 children. What we covered: 🍼 Children bring their own provision🍼 New societal norms are harming our children's development🍼 How Islam can reverse that harm 🍼 Shocking studies on the harms of smartphones🍼 Why parents should buy the most expensive gamesFollow me on Instagram for more dad related content
25/10/20211 hour 26 minutes 9 seconds
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13 Fayaaz Choudhury: Going From Taxi Driver To Data Privacy Specialist For My Daughter

Fayaaz has a 2 year old daughter, lives in Exeter and is a data privacy specialist. What we covered: 🍼 Career change with a Newborn🍼 Making sacrifices for your children🍼 High income vs job satisfaction🍼 Learning about yourself from your children🍼 Making the most of the early yearsStream episodes on Spotify, iTunes and Google<a href=';redir_token=QUFFLUhqbFR6STJQaEdsNkZ3U01xN3FlTUI1bXA5aWYzd3xBQ3Jtc0trbTdFRzRTZnlHSF9uSi1RYkxuSUNlQXlpNDV5RVo0dmZqZ0s2Mk40UU1MbkJJZkhTanMxWE9sLXJseW5iTnlRUE0xan
17/10/20211 hour 54 seconds
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12 Reece Byfield: Parenting As A Revert, Nurturing Strong Muslim Identity, Philosophy At Cambridge

In Episode 12 we are joined by Reece Byfield aka Muhammad Ibrahim Al-Shafi&apos;ee who is a Revert to Islam, an Alimiyyah student at As Salaam Institute (ASI), a graduate in Philosophy from KCL and now a Masters student in University of Cambridge. He just became a father 4 months ago and shares his reasons for giving his son a &quot;controversial name&quot;, how he plans to nurture a strong Muslim personality in his son and why he has decided to study at University of Cambridge. To learn more about how Reece will use his Cambridge degree for the sake of Islam and Muslims in the west click on this link and contribute towards his costs: me on Instagram @shoaybmuhammad
12/10/20211 hour 10 minutes 55 seconds
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#11 Zarrar B: Dealing with Son's Allergies, Challenges with Nursery, Why Dads Should Read

In this episode I was joined by Zarrar. He is a father to one 3 year old son, he works in a senior position in the sales industry and he is an avid reader. Zarrar broke down the allergies his son has and how he and his wife deal with his nutrition. He also explains what challenges he faced when looking for a Nursery for his son. We then discussed how we want to educate our children at their young age now and moving ahead in the future and why reading is a key part of that. He ends off with telling us some of his time management tips!Follow me on Instagram @shoaybmuhammad
04/10/20211 hour 6 minutes 6 seconds
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#10 Qari Is’Haaq Jasat: Football For Toddlers, 3 Year Old Memorised 8 Surahs, Reward System

I was joined by Qari Is’Haaq Jasat who is the founder of the National Huffadh Association UK. He is currently is a part-time Imam at London Islamic Cultural Society in North London and Head of Religious Education at Eden Girls Waltham Forest. He is a father to one daughter. We spoke about some of the challenges he faced being a new father, balancing all of his roles with fatherhood, encouraging his daughter to memorise Qur&apos;an at a very young age, football for toddlers and the rewards systems he has in place to regulate his daughters behaviour. Overall this episode stressed the importance of being an active parent. For more information about Qari Is&apos;Haaq and his book projects, please visit:
07/07/202157 minutes 25 seconds
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#7 Tanim Zaman: Teaching Kids About Money, Why Dads Need Business, Homeschool Village?

Tanim Zaman, Co-Founder of Golden Touch Academy and father to one boy, joins me on the podcast to share his experiences. We start by delving into how Tanim made time for the birth of his son. We then spoke about why having a your own business has so many advantages for fathers. Tanim shares his advice to young brothers who are thinking about starting a family. He also gives fathers advice on how to teach their children about money. Finally he ends on his vision for a Muslim homeschooling village. 
07/07/20211 hour 2 minutes 26 seconds
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#9 Nur Choudhury: Muslim Girls S*xually Harassed In School, Dad's More Important Than Mum's

Today I was joined by Nur Choudhry the founder of Involved fathers ( and chair of charity Human Aid UK. He has 6 children the youngest 4 and the eldest 14. He is a parenting consultant holding a diploma in child psychology and cetificates in counselling and life coaching. We spoke about the recently released OFSTED report on sexual harassment in schools, how it affects our children and what we can do about it. Towards the end Nur shared some tips on how busy fathers can still play an active role in their children&apos;s lives
07/07/20211 hour 8 minutes 17 seconds
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#8 Khidr Muhammad: Finding Out We're Having Twins, Dealing With Stress, Toxic Masculinity

In this episode I sat down with Khidr or Just Another Brother as he is known on Instagram. He&apos;s father of 3 at only 25 years old, a student of knowledge and works for the East London Mosque. We spoke about his reaction to having twins, how him and his wife deal with raising 3 children, his favourtie books, why he started his Instagram account and what he looks forward to doing with his children as they grow up. 
07/07/20211 hour 16 minutes 9 seconds
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#4 Tariq Shaekh: The Advice That Got Me Married, Giving Birth At Home, Camping With Kids

This is the fourth episode of the Dadhood Podcast with Tariq Shaekh who has 3 children and has been working in charity fundraising for over a decade. We speak about how he gave me my first job, key marriage advice, how to set a vision for your children, what are the benefits of home births and why the outdoors are so good for our children. Follow me on Instagram
22/06/20211 hour 23 seconds
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#5 Dr Yusuf Abdul Jobbar: Moving To Turkey, Secular Vs Islamic Education, Raising 6 Children

This is the fifth episode of the Dadhood Podcast with Dr. Yusuf Abdul-Jobbar   who has 6 children with the oldest being 16 and the youngest being 5. He tuned in live from Turkey so we discussed why and how he moved his family out there. We shared his thoughts on balanacing Secular and Islamic education. He is a part time Imam/Da&apos;ee so we spoke about how he balances that responsibility with 6 children. We ended with some funny moments he&apos;s has in his journey of Dadhood. Follow me on Instagram Dr Yusuf on: Instagram - - -
22/06/202157 minutes 48 seconds
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#3 Maruf: When Are You Ready For Kids? Kids Or Career? When I Found Out My Wife Was Pregnant

This is the third episode of the Dadhood Podcast with my friend for 13+ years, Maruf, who is not yet a father. We discuss going on Umrah together and what we got up to in school. He asks me questions about fatherhood to prepare himself for when that moment comes like when are you ready to have kids, how do you prioritise your time and how to support your wife during pregnancy. Follow me on Instagram
22/06/20211 hour 6 minutes 42 seconds
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#6 Maruf: Life in 10 years, Role Modelling, Painting, Financial Independence, Zelda, Pizza

My good friend Maruf is back again with more questions about becoming a Dad. In this episode we started with a quick fire round to get to know him a bit better. Then i gave him a scenario in which he is a father with two children, we broke down what that vision looks like and how we can work towards that ideal. The key message was that we need to start working on ourselves from now in order to reach that ideal vision in the future. Follow me on Instagram
22/06/20211 hour 21 minutes 24 seconds
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#2 Hamza Ahmed: Road Life to Umrah Guide, Why Dadhood, Terrible Two's, Angry Dads

This is the second episode of the Dadhood Podcast with my dear friend Hamza where we discuss his journey from being on the roads to taking hundreds of people on Umrah, with an unexpected turn into youth work. We talk about his parenting organisation Bonsai Trust, how he handles his two toddlers, why we always need to be improving ourselves as parents and how anger can destory households Follow me on Instagram Follow Bonsai Trust on Facebook:
22/06/20211 hour 13 minutes 32 seconds
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#1 Taha: Muslim In Eton, Newborn In Lockdown, Prepping Kids Against Discrimination

This is the first episode of the Dadhood Podcast with my dear friend Taha we discuss how he feels being a father for the third time, what his experience was with pregnancy throughout the pandemic, how he got into the infamous Eton boarding school and the mindsets hes learnt from that and wants to pass down to his children. Follow me on Instagram @shoaybmuhammad for more dad related content
01/06/202149 minutes