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English, Education, 1 seasons, 7 episodes, 4 hours 34 minutes
This podcast is intended to help people take ownership over their lives. I want to help people realize they have complete control to change the things they’re not happy with. Empowering and uplifting each listener one episode at a time. Xoxo Support this podcast:
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Ep. 8 The Games End When You Stop Playing

In this episode we will be discussing how we play a role in our pain and how it is up to US to decide when to quit being a piece in someone’s else’s game. --- Support this podcast:
04/11/202246 minutes 28 seconds
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Ep.7 Closed For Maintenance

In this episode I will be discussing WHERE TF I’ve been and how I got through a dark season of my life I was experiencing BTS. I talk about the importance of the company you keep and how new levels require new boundaries and standards! IG:Cutthesh_tt --- Support this podcast:
14/04/20221 hour 4 minutes 22 seconds
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Ep. 6 Karma Said She’ll Be With You Shortly

In this episode I will be discussing karma, gaslighters, manipulators, and toxic relationships that no longer deserve space in your life. I will be sharing my experience and giving advice on how to get out. You got this girl💕 DM IG:CutTheSh_tt to book a 1 on 1 session! --- Support this podcast:
18/01/202234 minutes 40 seconds
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Ep. 5 Don’t Treat Me Average

Today’s podcast episode I’m going to unpack the importance of setting standards and sticking to them! Do not allow anyone to discount your worth and treat you average! 💕 --- Support this podcast:
02/01/202239 minutes 9 seconds
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Ep. 4 Mastering Detachment

Today’s podcast episode is going to be about mastering detachment, attachment styles, and healing. I hope this episode helps you out and gives you food for thought. I love you guys. Enjoy💕 xoxo -Z --- Support this podcast:
20/12/202145 minutes 4 seconds
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Ep.3 Stay On Your Grind!

In this episode I will be discussing how I stay motivated and on my grind 🌹 --- Support this podcast:
12/12/202129 minutes 6 seconds
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Ep. 2 Under Construction

In this episode we will be discussing what it means to be under construction and why it’s important. I hope that this episode helps you to take the necessary steps into elevating yourself so that you can attract the things meant for you and your higher purpose. Xoxo --- Support this podcast:
16/08/202115 minutes 37 seconds