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Cute Girls Only

English, Comedy, 1 season, 7 episodes, 6 hours, 21 minutes
Jules talks about her life and brings on cute guests to ask them questions about theirs. Games are played, giggles are exchanged, and lip locking often ensues. Things can tend to get spicy so listeners beware.
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Keeping up With Cat - #006

I sat down with the cutest retired podcast intern of our generation. Cat used to be on numerous podcasts back in the day including King and the Sting and KATS After Dark. It was a lovely experience getting to know her a little bit more. We chatted about the difficulties of creating friendships in adulthood, her previous aspirations of becoming a go-go dancer, and how I'm the best kiss she's ever had.
5/12/202351 minutes, 1 second
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From Car-Saleswoman to Tatted OnlyFans Angel - #006 Essie B

Today I am joined with Essie B. A former star car-saleswoman that left the industry to become a tattooed social media influencer/OnlyFans cutie. We talk about sex, relationships, and random life things. We giggle a lot and kiss a smidge even though she’s not into the ladies. I must be quite convincing.
1/20/202353 minutes, 37 seconds
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The Adventures of Jane Wilde - # 005

Jane Wilde is your down-to-earth, vintage dream girl. In this episode, we get deep and talk about the unique way she got into the p0rn industry, delving into the darker parts of s3x work. This is a more serious type of episode but Jane's story is truly intriguing and it made for a great episode! And of course, we squeezed in a light make out session at the end. Hoes will be hoes...   Follow me:  Follow Jane:  IG - wildesexual_  Twitter - janewildexxx
12/4/20221 hour, 11 minutes, 20 seconds
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Chef-Turned 🌽 Star: Lumi Ray - # 004

I was graced by the presence and stories of the beautiful Lumi Ray. She is a good girl gone bad as she started her career as a chef but then ventured into the naughty realm of s3x work. We talk about relationships, sexuality, and the ever growing crush we share. The kiss at the end was inevitable.    Follow Me:  Follow Lumi:  IG: lumi_ray  Twitter: lumirayy
11/13/202253 minutes, 2 seconds
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The (Wo)man, The Myth, & The Legend: April Olsen - #003

In this episode April Olsen spills the beans on what it's like working in the p@rn industry. We bond over life and giggle our hearts out. Her electric energy and hotness is ultimately what led us to a shared kiss.
10/11/20221 hour, 3 minutes, 50 seconds
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Susie Stellar is an Alien? - #002

On the second episode of Cute Girls Only I bring on my first cute girl guest, Susie Stellar! She tells me about her manifesterbation techniques, her "equal opportunity ejaculation" business slogan, and how she thinks she's actually an alien. We might kiss at the end.    Follow my social media:  ~ IG: ~ Twitter:  Susie Stellar:   ~ IG: ~ Twitter:
9/21/202257 minutes, 1 second