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Curious Freedom with Kirsty Farrugia & friends

English, Health / Medicine, 2 seasons, 377 episodes, 1 day 13 hours 40 minutes
Amy Revell and Kirsty Farrugia are Professional Organisers and they chat about how they keep their homes organised and decluttered and how they help their clients to achieve the same.
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Life Changing Transformation

Guest interview time - today you get to meet Katie! Katie is Kirsty's friend and client and they get chatting about all things decluttering and moving. Katie and her family have moved a few times and are preparing to move yet again, so she knows a little something about how helpful decluttering can be. Be encouraged and uplifted as Katie shares how she went from feeling overwhelmed and uncomfortable in her own home, to her and her husband Cam becoming decluttering superstars resulting in a calmer more organised space that Katie is now proud of. Katie's story is one of amazing transformation and loads of hard work - we know you'll be inspired.You may notice that it's just Kirsty with us today - but don't worry Amy is fine and will be back with us next week!In this episode we:● Find out a bit about Katie, her family and her experience as a client;● Discuss the difference areas that Katie worked on in her home;● Hear how Katie went from feelin
12/09/202153 minutes 21 seconds
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Love It

Rounding out our mini series is this week's episode 'Love It'. Asking yourself 'Do I love it' can grant you the permission to keep or let go of an item you have been umming and aaahing over. How many things do we keep because we feel that we HAVE to, not because we actually LOVE them? Spoiler alert: It's ok to keep things that you absolutely love!! We also tackle some of the big issues like what to do when you love everything and can I still love the person that gave me something I don't love? We hope you have enjoyed this mini series and that you are feeling more equipped in your decluttering journey!In this episode we:● Discuss all the ways you can use the question "Do you love it?" to help with the decision making process;● Challenge you that you can love an item AND still let it go;● Highlight the circumstances where asking "Do you love it?" can be challenging;● Give advice on what to do when you love ever
05/09/202122 minutes 2 seconds