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Cultured Gang

English, Music, 1 season, 4 episodes, 6 hours
Exploring Amapiano & Deep House, a South African Dance music genre from the streets to the world, mixed and selected by Fatso Mpyatona
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Fatso 98 - Exclusive Mix 3

Straight outta South Africa, Mpumalanga 0449, Fatso Mpyatona brings to you a fresh series of Mixtapes called Cultured Gang. They include his current favorite jams along with his own music as well with some months having guest DJs to showcase their talent, enjoy!
9/23/20221 hour, 2 seconds
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0Four4Nine Sessions Vol. 3 (Birthday Mix)

After a reeally long *3 months,* the 0Four4Nine Sessions are finally **back**! And we are kickstarting the year with [Mpyatona]('s **Birthday Celebration Mix** with the first hour being Amapiano and Deep House in the second hour as usual. Mixed by Fatso Mpyatona, this month's session features an **exclusive** remix by him played as the second last track of the mix. Enjoy!
2/27/20212 hours
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0Four4Nine Sessions Vol. 2

On this month's show, we feature 2 guest mixes from the amazing *Lady Kay* and *29Mindset*, the finest young female DJs from Africa giving you the best of both Amapiano and Deep House. **For Bookings:** [email protected] +27 73 532 9989 **Follow Mpyatona** **Follow Lady Kay and 29 Mindset on Instagram:**
11/12/20202 hours
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0Four4Nine Sessions Vol. 1

Straight outta Mpumalanga, 0449, Mpyatona brings you the 0Four4Nine Sessions. A series of monthly mixtapes that include both his current favourite jams and his own music as well. We hope you enjoy the first volume, to many more sessions, let's get it!
9/28/20201 hour