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Exploring South African Cuisine & Culture in Cape Town

Welcome to a journey through the diverse tapestry of Cape Town, South Africa! Our guest, Ms. Elsje, guides us through the culinary wonders of this vibrant city, emphasizing the richness of South Africa's diverse cultural landscape. Imagine trying dishes that reflect this amazing diversity – like bobotie and bunny chow, each telling a story of South Africa's unique mix of flavors. We'll dive into the delicious world of South African desserts, including the famous malva pudding. Ms. Elsje shares the best in Cape Town culinary tours, ensuring families can savor the delightful tastes of this enchanting city. Pack your bags and climb aboard the Culture Train! For more information on the history of Cape Town: Nat Geo Kids: South Africa Little Greats Learn: South Africa For birthday shout outs: [email protected] If you'd like to be on our show, email us and we will send you more information! [email protected] Cape Town Culinary Tours
11/11/202321 minutes 55 seconds
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Discovering the Magic of the Chinese Zodiac

Join us on a fascinating journey through the ancient roots of the Chinese Zodiac, exploring its rich history and the captivating legend. Discover how these 12 animal signs came to be and why they hold such significance in Asian culture. We'll dive into a legendary tale, sharing the enchanting story of how these animals were chosen and the order they represent. For birthday shoutouts: hello@culturekidsmedia. Leave us a voicemail: Instagram: @culturekidsmedia
28/10/202314 minutes 56 seconds
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Halloween History: Exploring the Irish Origins

In this special Halloween episode, Asher and Kristen, your hosts, take you on a captivating journey to unravel the mysterious origins of Halloween. Joined by a special guest from the United Irish Cultural Center of San Francisco, Ms. Maira, they dive deep into the history of this enchanting holiday. Discover how Halloween traditions like costumes, pumpkin carving, and even trick-or-treating originated from the Celtic traditions of Ireland. It's a must-know exploration that will both educate and entertain kids and adults alike. ENTER OUR GIVEAWAY!!! We're celebrating our one-year anniversary with an amazing giveaway. Head over to our Instagram @CULTUREKIDSMEDIA for all the details and a chance to win FANTASTIC prizes. Plus, if you want to make your child's birthday extra special, email us at [email protected] for personalized birthday shoutouts or to share your ideas for future episodes. We also love featuring young talents, so don't hesitate to reach out and be part of our
07/10/202321 minutes 23 seconds
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Sweet Adventures Across India

Our guest for this episode is Ruchi, the host of the family podcast "India Asks Why" will be sharing her family's favorite desserts as we delve into the fascinating world of India. India is a land of diversity, and its culinary traditions are no exception! Depending on the geography, you'll find desserts that incorporate a variety of ingredients, from rich and creamy textures to the use of nuts and coconuts. We'll be exploring how these regional influences shape the desserts we're about to discover. One remarkable aspect of India is its linguistic and cultural diversity. People in India speak several languages, practice different traditions, and celebrate various festivals. These unique traditions are reflected in the variety of desserts you'll find across the country. Get ready to tantalize your taste buds and embark on a sweet adventure as we traverse the culinary map of India, guided by Ruchi's passion for her country's sweets. Whether you're a young foodie or part of a curious fami
02/09/202321 minutes 56 seconds
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Tasty Adventures: Thai Flavors with Hot Thai Kitchen!

Calling all young food adventurers! In this special episode of our podcast, we're embarking on a delightful journey to discover the amazing world of Thai flavors with the help of the friendly and talented chef, Pailin from Hot Thai Kitchen! We'll learn about exciting ingredients that make Thai food taste so unique and yummy. Ever heard of lemongrass, coconut milk, or fish sauce? Have you ever wondered how to make your very own Pad Thai, a famous Thai noodle dish loved all around the world? We'll also discover the magic of Thai curries and how to balance sweet, sour, salty, and spicy flavors just like a Thai chef! But wait, there's more! We'll also get to know Thai culture a little better. Did you know that Thai people eat with a spoon and fork? Pailin will tell us all about it and share some cool facts about Thai culinary etiquettes. Remember, it's all about having fun and trying new things. So, get ready to explore Thai flavors, create tasty memories, and become a little chef with us!
26/08/202322 minutes 59 seconds
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A Journey through Germany's Diverse Regions

Join us as we journey through the landscapes and regions that define this fascinating European nation, Germany! Ms. Carina, from Dank Haus American German Cultural Center shares the hidden gems and well-known treasures that make each region unique. We discuss traditional German dishes, desserts and learn about the differences between the north and southern regions of the country. Whether you're a seasoned traveler or an armchair explorer, this episode promises to ignite your wanderlust and deepen your appreciation for the incredible diversity that makes Germany a true mosaic of experiences!
19/08/202319 minutes 55 seconds
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Norwegian Fairs: Exploring Scandinavian Delights in America!

Join us on this journey with Charissa Bates, author of I Do Declare! A Norwegian Fair! as we celebrate Norwegian traditions. If you're curious about Norwegian culture, have a sweet tooth for delectable treats like Sandbekkels, enjoy the vibrant spirit of parades, or are eager to explore the world of artistic expression through Rosemaling, this episode is made for you! Join us on this delightful adventure as we unravel the magic of Norwegian fairs in America, celebrating traditions, community, and the rich tapestry of cultural diversity. Velkommen!
29/07/202319 minutes 21 seconds
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