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Stories of claiming independence after leaving high-control groups.   Hi!  I’m Shelise Ann Sola— former devout Mormon.  On C2C we dive deep into the nuance of culty organizations.  From Mormonism, FLDS, Scientology, and Jehovah's Witnesses, to cults featured in popular docu-series, I interview cult experts, survivors, advocates, therapists, way-showers, authors, and more, to uncover how they find independence and healing through awareness and true individual sovereignty.  New videos weekly!  If you'd like to support the channel, consider becoming a patron! Co-Producer Jonathan C. Rosales (@methodbox)
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Mormon Sex Therapist's Reaction to Daily P*rn Use Ft. Natasha Helfer

Sex. If the word makes you uncomfortable, then you'll definitely want to watch this episode. It's time we get comfy talking about a healthy sex life and expose the common misconceptions based on scientific research, around sex media. When did sex media originate? What caused the "p*rn panic"? Can we use sexual media for education and what is normal when it comes to viewing it? Natasha, a Mormon certified sex therapist answers all my (and your) questions in this spicy episode!Click here to watch the episode on YouTube Be sure to watch the first half of our conversation linked below to hear more about how Natasha was ex-communicated for her clinically correct stance on masturbation. Click here to watch part 1 on YouTubeStay tuned for the release of the second half of this conversation coming this week!Find Natasha!We
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