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This is not a traditional career podcast. It’s a podcast for people who’ve looked at their interests to shape the work they do. A top 10 Apple podcast about work, wellbeing & creativity — with 9 million downloads and counting. What does it mean to be a modern philosopher? How is Big Tech affecting us? Is 'manifesting' a load of BS? How do you combine activism with being the editor of a magazine? Award-winning author Emma Gannon has a gentle line of questioning that starts with work, and ends up wherever the conversations lead. Named Best Business podcast by Vuelio, Ctrl Alt Delete is a gateway into new ideas – with past guests including Alain de Botton, Ava DuVernay, Dame Steve Shirley and Mrs Hinch. Our GDPR privacy policy was updated on August 8, 2022. Visit ( for more information.
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#103 Why Is Talking About Money So Awkward? (Live Podcast at Starling Bank)

I did a live podcast recording of Ctrl Alt Delete at Starling Bank offices where we spoke about the awkwardness of money and the taboo that surrounds it. How often do you check your bank account? What keeps you up at night? Why don't we talk about these things?It's a weird, emotional, vulnerable topic. We all have our own personal relationship with money and we all keep a lot hidden in the depths of our own minds. For this very special one-off live recording of Ctrl Alt Delete, hosted at Starling Bank offices, I wanted the whole episode to be around this topic and open up a wider conversation.We spoke about all sorts of different areas of money awkwardness: asking for it, not having it, having a lot of it, social sitchs when you have more than your friends, or less than your partner, or wanting a raise at work, or saving for a child, or late-night worries in bed and wtf is an ISA and oh shit moments when you realise you don't have a pension. We covered a lot and the ai
15/11/201757 minutes 44 seconds