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Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin discussion Mountain Crypto your host Shane Ripley Profile

Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin discussion Mountain Crypto your host Shane Ripley

English, Finance, 6 seasons, 102 episodes, 1 day, 5 hours, 42 minutes
About Podcast news updates, and Crypyo bits. Bitcoin, LightCoin, Altcoin. Check it out. Also You Tube videos. Support this podcast:
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Bitcoin pre-halving crash reversal

Why is the market diving? What are the opportunities? Let’s take a look --- Support this podcast:
4/14/202418 minutes, 10 seconds
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Bitcoin dropping

Bitcoin is dropping. We’re gonna talk about the good and the bad also an opportunity for alt coins may await those who are ready. --- Support this podcast:
4/13/202429 minutes, 16 seconds
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Celsius Paypal, crypto distribution, bitcoin, new highs $53k

Not investing advice today we talk about the celsius distribution for US customers through PayPal some of the difficulties and what I did to fix it. Also, we talk about bitcoin’s new 50 K range, and the effect of the ETFs on price. --- Support this podcast:
2/15/202411 minutes, 16 seconds
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Megalodons, bailing Bitcoin & ETC !!

It’s not the whales it’s the old-school megalodon’s big companies big government. It’s not grayscale you’ve got to worry about. It’s a lot of other big movements coming up the next month or so.. but I don’t wanna leave you with bad news so let’s look at how a AI help us make some great pics. To check out Token Metrics use my referral link https://token --- Support this podcast:
1/28/202429 minutes, 59 seconds
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Update for August 2023

Just to update what I’ve been doing what I’m thinking of doing the state of things. Thank you. --- Support this podcast:
8/4/202313 minutes, 58 seconds
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Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin discussion Mountain Crypto your host Shane Ripley (Trailer)

--- Support this podcast:
12/31/201933 seconds
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GoTenna Satellite Bitcoin! $8K

GoTenna Satellite Bitcoin network ! As politicians talk about banning bitcoin the network becomes more strengthened from such a ban. Will Bitcoin go up! --- Support this podcast:
5/14/201916 minutes, 1 second
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Cryptocurrency Fidelity’s selling now, mining update.

Fidelity is offering cryptocurrency investments. Sentiment is improving. And up market is expected by many. Look at my mining I might need Skycoin XYO andlight coin I tell you how much I’m making and what I expect to make. --- Support this podcast:
5/5/201916 minutes, 23 seconds
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Amazon Blockchain/Crypto Faud

Amazon Blockchain, what is it how does it work is it good is it bad will it help mainstream adoption is are better options how much does it cost. And Cryptocurrency Fraud hits new highs how to protect your self. Go to Mountain and request a copy of the safety tips free --- Support this podcast:
5/1/201925 minutes, 6 seconds
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DeFi Cryptocurrency

Decentralized finance and stable coin’s this is the true path to real adoption of cryptocurrency otherwise governments and big Business are going to take it over and it’s going to suck just like it does now --- Support this podcast:
4/27/201926 minutes, 20 seconds
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Stable Cryptocurrency Profit!

Today we look at Coinbase New service for cold storage of staking coins and we look at stake in coins in general to see which ones are out there and available for making a profit --- Support this podcast:
4/23/201918 minutes, 13 seconds
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Cryptocurrency Control !!!

Today we talk about cryptocurrency control I really think that we’re reaching a threshold where cryptocurrency is going to be controlled by either the government or big business and that stable coins will have the key to keeping it decentralized and keeping the dream of a global currency that is not controlled by governments or businesses and if we don’t ask soon folks I really think we’re gonna lose this opportunity and we’re going to be put into a small box, please listen and chime in. come check out our social media’s check out our website at thank you --- Support this podcast:
4/20/201911 minutes, 16 seconds
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The future block chain, Ai, robotics & cryptocurrency

The Future blockchain, Ai, Robotic & Cryptocurrency. It something to think about as it will affect the job market and the world we live in! --- Support this podcast:
4/15/201934 minutes, 34 seconds
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Block chain investing for the 2019 bowl market ! ELEV8

Return to the bull market opportunities for strategies for investing in the block chain and digital assets in 2019 a D centralized panel discussion from the ELEV8 convention in Los Angeles California April 3 & 4 --- Support this podcast:
4/9/201924 minutes, 32 seconds
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Applications for Blockchain in Clinical/Health Care

ELEV8 Los Angeles convention based on clinical applications for block chain technology and improving care and collaboration. Interesting of top 1000 corporation industry leaders discussing the block chain in healthcare and clinical application first discussion of the event. --- Support this podcast:
4/8/201939 minutes, 43 seconds
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Bitcoin to $5000 So What ?

Hey guys Bitcoin hit $5000 and we talk real quickly about that, is that our best bet, is there anything else out there doing better? I will be at a event in Los Angeles for the next couple days so I just wanted to give a quick update I will be at the ELEV8 convention formally called crypto block Con it’s not to late for you to attend. --- Support this podcast:
4/3/20194 minutes, 12 seconds
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Why did you get into Cryptocurrency?

Today I asked the question why did you get into cryptocurrency? Talk about my path to being interested in crypto currency. So this is my on the drive home podcast just for my podcast listeners, so please let me know if this is something that you like, or if you don’t like it, let me know. Please let me know if there’s a particular topic you’d like me to talk about. Remember this is just while I’m driving home. thank you for letting me know on the anchor podcast what your thoughts are. Over and Out. --- Support this podcast:
3/30/201916 minutes, 51 seconds
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Bitcoin Crypto Conversation Drive

Bitcoin crypto currency conversation on the drive home. This is just for my podcast audience. I decided to give a little more content to my podcast listeners, just some conversation on my drive back from a job on bitcoin and crypto currency in what’s going on with the market what we think is going on and how I personally invest in it let me know what you think of the format, thank you from Shane over and out --- Support this podcast:
3/23/201919 minutes, 52 seconds
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Bitcoin Boom. Bull Market?

Bitcoin holding $4,000 + is it a bull market? Why the jump? Let’s look at what some of the drivers and what may push it further to main stream mass adoption. --- Support this podcast:
3/20/201916 minutes, 25 seconds
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ELEV8 Crypto/Blockchain Event

We discuss the ELEV8 crypto currency and block chain convention event in Los Angeles April 3 & 4. But it’s truly important to get connected sometime this year I recommend you get to a live meet up or a crypto convention of some sort because the benefits are huge and we talk about what those benefits are. At the end to give a little update on the farm here. Thanks for tuning in. --- Support this podcast:
3/6/201915 minutes, 57 seconds
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CryptoBlockCon why you should go !

Why you should attend a live event ! We will be at CryptoBlockCon in Los Angeles Ca April 3 & 4 --- Support this podcast:
2/19/201914 minutes, 30 seconds
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Beam Cryptocurrency Review

Beam Cryptocurrency Review. Today we look at the roadmap for the Beam crypto currency. We take a look at the team and the website talk about some of the issues of this MimbleWimble based crypto currency. Thanks for tuning in. --- Support this podcast:
2/19/20191 hour, 43 seconds
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Bitcoin ATM How To!

Bitcoin ATM How to! In depth how to research owning and operating a bitcoin ATM machine also we tell you where to find links and downloads for costs and operations. --- Support this podcast:
2/12/20191 hour, 43 seconds
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Amazon Cryptocurrency

Amazon Cryptocurrency We take a look at some rumors of Amazon and their involvement with crypto currency and block chain. Some interesting happenings lead us to believe that Amazon could be getting ready to dip it still in the crypto currency world at some level. --- Support this podcast:
2/5/201911 minutes, 47 seconds
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MimbleWimbble Grin & Beam

MimbleWimble Grin & Beam Review we talk a little bit about the format how this seems to be better than bitcoin may be a possible replacement for a bit going down the road we talk about the differences in the two tokens and my recommendations for how to get involved. We talked briefly about the mining. And then on her YouTube page we do the Skycoin giveaway and go over our calendar of events, thank you --- Support this podcast:
1/29/201931 minutes, 24 seconds
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XYO Founder Arie Trouw,

XYO Network founder Arie Trouw personal interview. Get to know the man behind this company. --- Support this podcast:
1/25/201948 minutes, 47 seconds
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Radio interview am/ skycoin and crypto talk

Radio interview with Eddy Taylor of fm/ Sovereign Hero Radio, in depth discussion of Skycoin and other crypto topics including the XYO network --- Support this podcast:
12/4/20181 hour, 39 seconds
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XYO cofounder Markus Levin

XYO co-founder Markus Levin live at XYO Spatial summit --- Support this podcast:
11/10/20181 hour, 12 minutes, 17 seconds
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Coinbase stable coin

Today we talk about Coinbase the stable coin advantages how it’s working how it’s going to be rolled out. --- Support this podcast:
10/28/201836 minutes, 55 seconds
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Monero Review

Quick look at Monero a top gainer in this Bear Market --- Support this podcast:
6/25/201812 minutes, 58 seconds
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Crypto mark of the Beast !

Is crypto currency the mark of the beast we take a look at current see through history and if it is the mark of the beast or not! --- Support this podcast:
6/6/201822 minutes, 10 seconds
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USA Crypto Coins ?

Statistic show not many Americans invest in crypto we look at two tokens that are American-based 1776 & --- Support this podcast:
5/8/201827 minutes, 8 seconds
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Your business and crypto don’t get left behind

Your business in crypto don’t get left behind whether you have a larger business and would like to raise more money or could you smart contracts were faster transactions or automated management or you just would like to except bitcoin or wonder if it’s even possible now is the time before your competitors beat you to it and your customers go to them instead of you. --- Support this podcast:
5/4/201824 minutes, 40 seconds
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Secrets of a Crypto Wife!

Secrets of a crypto wife the dirty secrets exposed of an addicted crypto husband --- Support this podcast:
4/4/201818 minutes, 27 seconds
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Secrets of a Crypto Wife!

Secrets of a Crypto Wife! Dirty secrets exposed of a crypto mad man that can’t be stopped and the women that loves him anyway --- Support this podcast:
4/4/201818 minutes, 27 seconds
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Mar 27, 2018

Crypto top 10 / intro Mountain Crypto host Shane Ripley --- Support this podcast:
3/27/201811 minutes, 4 seconds