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As new digital economy emerges, meet us at the intersection of music and cryptocurrency. Crypto on the Beat is the podcast covering everything you need to know about this bold new era where creativity and economics collide. You’ll hear from the most influential DJ’s, musicians, traders and industry insiders at the forefront of all things crypto.
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Patrick Moxey

Music industry pioneer Patrick Moxey discusses his latest venture Helix Records, and his ambitious plans to onboard his entire artist roster into the world of Web3, giving us a glimpse into the future of the industry. Patrick also delves into the ever - growing significance of technology, and how artists are better using it to create, distribute and monetize their music. Danny provides a crypto news update.
2/21/202322 minutes, 24 seconds
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Roneil Rumburg

Early crypto adopter + serial entrepreneur Roneil Rumburg talks about his latest venture Audius and how it is using Web3 to disrupt the music industry. Roneil also shares his thoughts on metaverse concerts and the sudden emergence of AI. Danny looks at crypto headlines including a strong start to 2023 for bitcoin.
2/7/202325 minutes, 5 seconds
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Independent musician + visual artist LaTasha tells a fascinating story of how she went from being homeless to one of the highest paid artists in Web3. She also describes her role at Zora where she shares her experience and aims to change the lives of others, as well. Danny provides a crypto news update.
1/24/202321 minutes, 51 seconds
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Annika Rose

Singer / songwriter Annika Rose talks about being part of a new generation of artists using Web3 to build their career, bypassing the traditional record label route. She also gives us the details about the upcoming immersive world she plans to launch later this month. Danny looks at some major crypto headlines as we start the new year.
1/10/202323 minutes, 1 second
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2022 Rewind

On this special episode, we press rewind on 2022 and revisit some of the show’s best moments of the year, with legendary guests like Steve Aoki, 3lau, Don Diablo, Kaskade and more! They’ll take us back to the biggest moments in crypto and how Web3 is changing the music industry.
12/27/202224 minutes, 9 seconds
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Jean-Michel Jarre

Electronic music pioneer Jean-Michel Jarre talks about being the first artist to release an album using "spatial audio," introducing us to the sound of the future. He also explains his love of virtual reality and why he believes the metaverse is a game changer for young artists. Danny breaks down some recent headlines and provides an update on the collapse of FTX.
12/13/202225 minutes, 5 seconds
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Multi - platinum dance vocalist Vassy breaks down her latest acoustic NFT drop and discusses what it's like being a woman leading in the Web3 space. She also explains how working with NFT"s has been extremely liberating, allowing her to share her authentic self with fans. Danny looks at some news headlines.
11/29/202225 minutes, 5 seconds
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Mike Shinoda & Oksami

Legendary rock star Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park and Oksami, co- founder of the audiovisual NFT platform ‘Secret Garden’ discuss their 1st collaboration ‘Windchime’ and how Web3 unlocks infinite new ways for fans and artists to interact. Mike also talks about his role as Chief Web3 Advisor for Warner Music Group and some of the ways this new technology is impacting the industry. Danny looks at some recent headlines including the epic collapse of FTX.
11/15/202225 minutes, 5 seconds
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One of the leading voices in crypto, Grammy winning DJ and producer RAC discusses some of the issues facing the music industry today and how blockchain technology can be the solution. He also talks about experimenting with NFT's and what it was like launching his own coin. Danny looks at some recent headlines.
11/1/202225 minutes, 5 seconds
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Nick Ditri

Nick Ditri of the Disco Fries tells how Web3 enabled him to create a song with his fans in real time, release it as an NFT and then give everyone involved production credits on the track. He also gives insight into what he looks for when investing in Web3 startups and talks about some of the up and coming projects in the space that have caught his attention. Danny gives a crypto news update.
10/18/202225 minutes, 5 seconds
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Armin van Buuren

Superstar DJ and producer Armin van Buuren talks about dipping his toe into the NFT waters and why he feels that blockchain technology is absolutely going to be the future. He also discusses his upcoming metaverse project which will feature a digital version of himself performing in various unique worlds. Danny looks at some of the latest crypto news.
10/4/202225 minutes, 5 seconds
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Grammy nominated dance music star Tycho talks about launching the first Web3 fan club where members design merchandise for his shows and will eventually get to remix some of his songs. He also explains how music NFT's are opening new doors of opportunity for emerging artists. Danny provides a crypto news update.
9/20/202219 minutes, 6 seconds
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Marcus Feistl

Limewire COO Marcus Feistl breaks down how the iconic file-sharing company has re-launched as an NFT marketplace with a focus on music. After being sued out of existence by the industry a decade ago, Marcus discusses how important it was for Limewire 2.0 to work WITH the music industry this time around. Danny provides a news update.
9/6/202217 minutes, 13 seconds
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Matt Medved

Music industry alum turned crypto enthusiast Matt Medved tells the story behind NFTNow, the online and social media platform he co-founded that is breaking down barriers in crypto coverage and education. He also discusses the many ways that Web3 technology is disrupting the music industry as we know it. Danny gives a news update.
8/23/202225 minutes, 5 seconds
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Don Diablo

Dance music superstar and leading crypto voice Don Diablo goes into detail about several of his NFT drops which are among the most unique and forward-thinking pieces in the world. He also discusses some of the common misconceptions people have when getting involved in the crypto space. Danny gives a news update.
8/9/202225 minutes, 5 seconds
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Alan Walker

Dance music star Alan Walker tells us some of the unique ways he uses Web3 technology to include his fans in all aspects of his career from music - making to directing the use of streaming revenues. He also explains why the recent downturn in crypto has not concerned him one bit. Danny provides an update on the latest NFT + metaverse news.
7/26/202216 minutes, 54 seconds
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Michael Simkins

A founding partner of E11EVEN Nightclub in Miami, Micheal Simkins talks about being the 1st club in the world to accept crypto as a form of payment. Michael also discusses the increasing popularity of "members only NFT clubs" and how they have the potential to change nightlife and hospitality as we know it. Danny provides an update on the latest in crypto / NFT news.
7/12/202219 minutes, 56 seconds
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G-Eazy & Lin Dai

Rap star G - Eazy is joined by Lin Dai, co-founder of the new Quincy Jones backed NFT platform OneOf, to discuss the increasing role NFT's are playing in the music industry. Lin talks about OneOf's unique partnership with the Grammy's + Whitney Houston's estate, and G - Eazy discusses his 1st ever NFT drop. Danny gives an update on some of the latest crypto news.
6/28/202221 minutes, 37 seconds
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Steve Aoki

Global superstar Steve Aoki talks about his newly created 'Aok1verse,' outfitting his Las Vegas home for the metaverse, and why Web3 is the future for creators. Host Danny Valentino provides an update on the latest in crypto / NFT news.
6/14/202225 minutes, 5 seconds
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Dance music icon Kaskade talks metaverse concerts, video games and how his Roblox concert finally earned him proper "street cred" with his kids. Host Danny Valentino gives an update on the latest crypto and NFT news.
5/31/202224 minutes, 35 seconds
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Superstar DJ and blockchain expert 3Lau talks getting music fans involved in the crypto marketplace, and what it was like to be the first artist to sell an album in NFT form. Host Danny Valentino breaks down the latest in crypto / NFT news.
5/17/202221 minutes, 49 seconds
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Introducing Crypto on the Beat

Welcome to Crypto on the Beat, a podcast at the intersection of music and cryptocurrency.Find the show on the SiriusXM App, Pandora, Stitcher or wherever you get your podcasts.
5/12/20221 minute, 11 seconds