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English, Finance, 3 seasons, 69 episodes, 18 hours 56 minutes
In this series of short podcasts, James Burnie, a gunnercooke FinTech Partner, will be joined by a number of expert guests to discuss hot topics and share useful advice for blockchain and cryptoasset businesses.
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What is tokenomics?

This week on Crypto Cast, James Burnie is joined by Mohamed Ezeldin, Head of Tokenomics at Animoca Brands, and one of the most active investors in Web3, with a portfolio of over 450 Web3 investments.Mohamed discusses the factors contributing to the volatile nature of emerging cryptoassets, offers valuable advice for individuals interested in the field of tokenomics for their digital assets, and shares his enthusiasm for the future of tokenomics development.
31/10/202312 minutes 40 seconds
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Should you protect your Crypto?

This week on Crypto Cast, James Burnie is joined by Ania Szpak, Chief Legal Officer at Nexus Mutual.Ania delves into the role of Nexus Mutual as an insurance alternative for the crypto sector. She addresses the major obstacles encountered by companies seeking insurance coverage and provides valuable advice on assessing coverage requirements and managing coverage-related risks. Furthermore, Ania provides insights into the future prospects of insurance platforms like Nexus Mutual.
12/09/202315 minutes 57 seconds
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Do NFTs have a significant impact on Intellectual Property rights?

This week on Crypto Cast, James Burnie is joined by Yuliya Prokopyshyn, Associate at gunnercooke. Yuliya explores the influence of NFTs on intellectual property (IP) rights and addresses potential challenges that could emerge. Additionally, she provides insights into safeguarding IP rights for those dealing with NFTs and shares her perspectives regarding the future of NFTs.
29/08/20238 minutes 10 seconds
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Exploring Spool – the ‘true’ DAO

This week on Crypto Cast, James Burnie is joined by Simon Scharber, Chief Commercial Officer at Spool DAO.Simon delves into the subject of decentralised autonomous organizations (DAOs) and explores why Spool is hailed as a "true" DAO. Additionally, he examines the inner workings of platforms like Spool DAO and sheds light on the prominent hurdles that DeFi platforms currently face.
12/07/202312 minutes 3 seconds
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How do developers distinguish between diverse blockchains?

This week on Crypto Cast, James Burnie is joined by Ella Shen, Research Writer at Monad, a new EVM L1 blockchain. Ella discusses how developers distinguish between diverse blockchains, unravel the biggest challenges faced in this field, and gain insights into the exciting future of blockchain technology.  
03/07/202311 minutes 38 seconds
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What is the significance of on-chain finance?

This week on Crypto Cast, James Burnie is joined by Alex Elkrief, Co-Founder & Co-CEO at Fractal, a collateral management platform.The conversation revolves around on-chain finance and its significance, as well as the primary challenges confronted by participants involved in this field. Furthermore, they delve into an exploration of forthcoming developments within on-chain finance.
05/06/202310 minutes 53 seconds
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Where is the music industry heading?

This week on Crypto Cast Kathryn Dodds, a Web 3 Senior Associate, is joined by Kevin Brown, CEO of FanCircles. The two discuss making NFTs easier for consumers, including knocking down the barriers of entry. They talk about the importance of making access to NFTs as easy as possible, and how Web 2 companies can incorporate aspects of Web 3.0 to make a hybrid company. They go on to discuss how social media followers aren’t an indicator of how well you’ll sell NFTs. 
03/04/202326 minutes 45 seconds
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How do NFTs and music work together?

On this episode of Crypto Cast, Web 3 Senior Associate Kathryn Dodds is joined by Matt Bond, the CEO of PopEx to discuss all things music in crypto. They discuss how to make the barriers to entry easier for consumers wanting to get into NFTs and how music NFTs can be made simpler for fans. They go on to discuss the steps that can be made to reduce your carbon footprint and whether or not the environmental impact of Crypto has been hyped up by the media. 
28/03/202315 minutes 16 seconds
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Regulation and crypto – what is the future?

 | Join James Burnie and Julian Sawyer, CEO of Zodia Custody, as they discuss all things regulation in crypto. They discuss the importance of a custodian in crypto and the different between self-custody and third party custodians. They go on to discuss what you should look for when picking your third party custodian and what the future of crypto regulation is. 
20/03/202314 minutes 15 seconds
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What approach has Dubai taken to regulate crypto?

This week on Crypto Cast, James Burnie is joined by Ali Khan, Founding Associate at AS Legal as they discuss crypto in Dubai. They discuss the approach taken by Dubai in order to regulate crypto, the type of companies moving to Dubai and what you should be looking for if you’re making the move. Ali goes into detail on the Virtual Asset Regulation Authority and how it shows the governments support of web 3.0. Ali also gives his personal insight into living and working in Dubai. 
07/03/202319 minutes 11 seconds
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How important is KYC in crypto?

Join James Burnie and Jason Tucker-Feltham, Head of Crypto Sales at IDnow, as they discuss finance in crypto on this weeks episode of Crypto Cast. They discuss the importance of KYC (know your customer) in crypto and how it is important for any legitimate business. They go on to talk about current issues in crypto, including the issue of decentralised finance. 
15/02/202317 minutes 53 seconds
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Will mainstream banks always be scared of crypto?

In the latest episode of Crypto Cast, James Burnie is joined by Adam Bialy, founder of Fiat Republic. Adam is on a mission to help crypto break into the mainstream and discusses with Adam how banks don’t currently have the knowledge or expertise to properly understand or dig into crypto. They go on to discuss the fear that banks have of crypto and if crypto will always be reliant on mainstream banks. 
07/02/202317 minutes 10 seconds
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How does sculpture, painting and Web 3.0 fit together?

In this episode of Crypto Cast, James Burnie is joined by sculptor and web3 creative consultant Lydia Smith. They discuss Lydia’s journey into blockain and NFTs, how web3 impacts physical world artists and how the resale value of artwork is protected through the use of NFTs. Lydia discusses her recent collaboration with painter Evie Mae Jacobs and the process of wrapping her sculpture in another artists painting. 
27/01/202311 minutes 1 second
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The history and future of the Metaverse

Join James Burnie as he meets with Dr Christina Yan Zhang, Dean of the Metaverse Institute. In this episode they discuss the history and future of the Metaverse, its potential impact on society and the changes its already made. 
23/01/202320 minutes 26 seconds
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What is a crypto asset advisor?

Old Street Digital is a crypto asset advisor that is building a range of active, fundamental research-driven, investment funds for institutional investors.James Burnie meets with CEO Paul Ridley to discuss Old Street Digital's approach.
14/11/202210 minutes 3 seconds
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How does the gaming industry view integrating blockchain?

Join Kathryn Dodds and Colin Anderson, COO of Reforged studios as they meet on the latest episode of cyptocast. They cover in the integration of Crypto and gaming, how to overcome the issue of transferring value between current game ecosystems, and the pros and cons of introducing digital currency in the real world. 
11/11/202233 minutes 20 seconds
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Zebu Digital - A marketing agency for the future

In the latest episode of Cyrptocast James meets with Harry Horsfall Founder and CEO of Zebu Digital, a marketing agency who focus on Web3 Brands. In Zebu’s first year they have raised over $50 million for client projects, had over 35 Successful token & product launches and have over 2 million community members. Harry speaks with James to discuss Zebu’s first year, its plans for the future and Zebu can work alongside your business. 
17/09/202212 minutes 47 seconds