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English, Hobbies, 1 seasons, 15 episodes, 10 hours 29 minutes
Welcome to Crunchycast, a video/audio podcast brought to you by Crunchyroll. Join Tim, Cristal, and Curt, as they talk about recent anime news, deep anime topics, and some of your favorite anime, all while getting to know themselves a little better with every episode. New episodes every other week.
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Ep. 14 - Live-Action Anime Wishlist

Do you cringe or look forward to live action anime remakes? Tim, Cristal, Curt, and guest K.fel discuss their favorite live-action anime and which ones they want to see get worked on.See for privacy information.
17/01/202229 minutes 57 seconds
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Ep. 13 - Looking Back at 2021 Anime

It's the beginning of the 2022, so it's time to look back at our favorite anime that came out in 2021! Tim, Cristal, and Curt talk about their favorites (spoilers, Cristal mentions Fena: Pirate Princess) and a few they're looking forward to in 2022 (spoilers, it's way more than a few).See for privacy information.
03/01/20221 hour 1 minute 19 seconds
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Ep. 12 - Cozy Anime for the Holidays

It's too cold to go out so stay inside and binge on anime! Tim, Cristal, Curt, and special guest K.fel give their (mostly) wholesome suggestions on what to watch to celebrate with family or anime that turn you into an emotional mess! See for privacy information.
20/12/202140 minutes 28 seconds
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Ep. 11 - What is your Anime Origin? (Live from AnimeNYC!)

In a live panel from AnimeNYC, Tim, Curt, and special guests Kristine and Yedoye talk about their anime origins, what got them into anime, their anime memories, and brave audience Q&A!Disclaimer: All hosts have been tested multiple times for covid after returning home. We highly encourage all attendees to get tested also!See for privacy information.
06/12/202152 minutes 52 seconds
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Ep. 10 - Anime Food That Make Us Hungry

We've all seen anime food that makes us think. "Damn that looks good!" Cristal, Curt and Tim talk about anime dishes they want to devour, despite not liking some of them IRL. Also, see Crunchycast LIVE at AnimeNYC 2021 on Saturday!See for privacy information.
15/11/202157 minutes 54 seconds
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Ep. 9 - Anime That Gave Us Nightmares

Sometimes, you don't even need horror anime to leave you with nightmares. Cristal, Curt and Tim talk about the anime they've watched that left them traumatized, even if the genre wasn't horror at all!See for privacy information.
25/10/202139 minutes 10 seconds
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Ep. 8 - What Anime Are You Watching? Fall 2021 Edition

The Crunchycast Crew takes a look at the upcoming Fall 2021 slate of anime on Crunchyroll, and try to decide which ones they'll be watching. Demon Slayer? The delayed World's End Harem? Takt Op. Destiny?! You'll just have to listen to find out!See for privacy information.
11/10/202123 minutes 50 seconds
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Ep. 7 - Anime and Video Games and Everything In Between

Cristal, Curt and Tim discuss their video game habits, whether or not they match up with their anime habits, and then create their own fantasy video game x anime crossovers.See for privacy information.
21/09/202132 minutes 43 seconds
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Ep. 6 - Let's Talk "Fena: Pirate Princess," "ODDTAXI" and 'Original Anime' (ft. Lovely Dorrie)

"Original anime," or anime that hasn't been adapted from pre-existing works, have been with us for years. Cristal, Curt and Tim, along with special guest Lovely Dorrie from Beyond The Bot, chat about some of their favorite so-called "original anime," while also discussing some more recent original works such as Fena: Pirate Princess and ODDTAXI. Check out the video versions of Crunchycast on YouTube!See for privacy information.
08/09/202140 minutes 30 seconds
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Ep. 5 - Are Spoilers All That Bad?

Warning: Spoilers for some big anime, cartoons and television shows. Can spoilers be a good thing, or no? Curt disagrees with Tim and Cristal's opinions regarding spoilers, but is he actually in the wrong?See for privacy information.
23/08/202157 minutes 2 seconds
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Ep. 4 - Weird Anime Conventions Stories and Why We Miss Them

I know it's been... awhile, but don't y'all miss the feeling of being at a convention? The virtual world has brought us all together in these times, but there's nothing like a good ol' in-person convention, where you can witness a plethora of events. In this episode of Crunchycast, Cristal, Curt and Tim discuss some of their strangest anime convention stories, including fake blood, meeting a big name in the anime world, and a run-in with a fan.See for privacy information.
09/08/20211 hour 6 minutes
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Ep. 3 - Should We Drop Anime After 3 Episodes?

Over the years, some anime fans follow the so-called "Three Episode Rule," where they would give a new series three episodes before deciding to stick with it or drop it. But, do fans still use this rule? Should they use this rule? Cristal, Curt, and Tim discuss the viability of the rule and whether or not it's fair for people to use it nowadays.See for privacy information.
26/07/202146 minutes 40 seconds
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Ep. 2 - Anime Fan Goes to Prison and Misses 7 Years of Anime

How much anime could you miss if you were taken out of society for 7 whole years? Quite a lot actually! Cristal, Curt and Tim take a trip down memory lane, covering the biggest trends and events that have occurred in the 2010s.See for privacy information.
19/07/202138 minutes 13 seconds
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Ep. 1 - Anime Films Set the Box Office Ablaze

Being able to see anime films in theaters have become more common in the United States in recent years, creating more accessibility for everyone! How has this changed the game for the anime industry, and what does this mean for anime films in general?See for privacy information.
12/07/202141 minutes 27 seconds
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Welcome to Crunchycast, a video/audio podcast brought to you by Crunchyroll. Join Tim, Cristal, and Curt, as they talk about recent anime news, deep anime topics, and some of your favorite anime, all while getting to know themselves a little better with every episode. New episodes every other week.See for privacy information.
08/07/20211 minute 26 seconds