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Crimes of the Centuries

English, Investigative journalism, 3 seasons, 132 episodes, 3 days 13 hours
Crime is so commonplace that it takes something particularly shocking to be labelled the “crime of the century.” Even so, there are a lot of cases that have earned the distinction. In each episode of Crimes of the Centuries, award-winning journalist Amber Hunt will examine a case that’s lesser known today but was huge when it happened. The cases explored span the centuries and each left a mark. Some made history by changing laws. Others were so shocking they changed society.
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Danny Rolling: The Gainesville Ripper

When five college students in Florida were brutally slain in a four-day span in 1990, it sent shockwaves across the nation as newscasters made comparisons to serial killer Ted Bundy. Police frantically worked to stop this new madman before his body count got any higher. "Crimes of the Centuries" is a podcast from the Obsessed Network exploring forgotten crimes from times past that made a mark and helped change history. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter: @centuriespod
02/10/202343 minutes 48 seconds
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From Strange and Unexplained: The Tragicomedy of Typhoid Mary

Hey, Crimes of the Centuries listeners! We’re off for the Memorial Day holiday, but didn’t want to leave you with an empty feed, so we’re featuring an episode from another Obsessed Network show, “Strange and Unexplained with Daisy Eagan” Daisy is a Tony Award-winning actor, writer, and true crime fanatic. But she’s also a skeptic. Each week she looks  at real stories of hauntings, disappearances, UFO encounters, and anything else that feels just beyond what we can easily make sense of. She is your guide into the inexplicable details of these stories. But she’s also like, “show me the receipts.” We’re sharing an episode that we think is perfect for COTC listeners - the story of Typhoid Mary, a cook who refused to wash her hands and the health department that chased her around New York City in search of a stool sample. She’d end up alone on an island, but everyone knew her name. We’ll be back with and all new COTC episode next week
29/05/202331 minutes 36 seconds
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The Zodiac Killer (Potentially) Identified: A New Project from Obsessed Network

Earlier this year, author Jaret Kobec named a new suspect to be the Zodiac Killer. This was based on years of research which uncovered never before seen evidence and answered many of the open questions in the case. Kobec's evidence for his suspect is so compelling that many true crime heavyweights have staked their reputations on their belief that Kobec has identified the Zodiac Killer once and for all. We at the Obsessed Network are proud to announce that we helped publish the audiobook version of Kobec's work. The audiobook is called How To Find Zodiac. The audiobook is voiced by the award winning narrator Scott Brick and is available right now for download from Audible. In How To Find Zodiac, Kobec names his suspect in the first 15 minutes and then spends the rest of the audiobook laying out his evidence. It will make you reexamine  everything you think you know
04/04/20237 minutes 3 seconds
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Introducing... I Think Not! (A New True Crime Comedy Podcast)

Hey Crimes of the Centuries listeners! The Obsessed Network has as a brand new podcast from the former hosts and creators of Obsessed with: Disappeared. It's called I Think Not! Enjoy the trailer here and check out the first episode out now wherever you get your podcasts. NOTE: If you were already subscribed to Obsessed with: Disappeared, STAY subscribed. I Think Not! is taking over that old feed. And we'll be back in the spring with more Crimes of the Centuries for you!
05/01/20233 minutes 6 seconds
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Obsessed Fest 2023 Tickets Are On Sale NOW!!!!!

Hey, Crimes of the Centuries listeners!! Tickets are on sale NOW for Obsessed Fest 2023, taking place in Dallas Texas from October 20th - 22nd. You can get all the information and tickets at - see you there!
02/12/20221 minute 59 seconds
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The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire

Hey, everyone - for Labor Day, we're re-releasing this episode all about a workplace tragedy that helped spark new regulations in the US to protect workers.  Enjoy the episode and we'll be back with a brand-new story next week! ----- People enjoying a warm, sunny Saturday in New York City first noticed smoke arising from a building at about 4:40 p.m. and rushed to gather at the base of a 10-story building that was quickly engulfed in flames. The scene greeting them was horrific: Dozens of workers were trapped on the building's ninth floor. With the flames closing in, some chose to jump to their deaths.  More than 100 years later, the 1911 fire at the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory remains one of the deadliest industrial disasters in American history. "Crimes of the Centuries" is a podcast from the Obsessed Network exploring forgotten crimes from times past th
05/09/202240 minutes 29 seconds
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Rebecca Schaeffer: The Slaying of a Starlet

We're taking a break for the holiday, so we wanted to feature an episode from our first season you may not have heard yet.  We'll be back with a new episode next week! As actress Rebecca Schaeffer rushed around her apartment to ready for the biggest audition of her career, a disturbed young man was pacing the street below, armed with a gun. Schaeffer's senseless death in 1989 would not only shock the nation, but it would also be the catalyst for the country's first anti-stalking laws. "Crimes of the Centuries" is a new podcast from the Obsessed Network exploring forgotten crimes from times past that made a mark and helped change history. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter: @centuriespod
30/05/202240 minutes 9 seconds