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Creative Development with IFC

English, Finance, 4 seasons, 30 episodes, 11 hours, 41 minutes
IFC’s new podcast series explores how finance and economic development influence--and are influenced by--creative industries around the world. We’re trying to answer the biggest question of all: how people, working together, can create meaningful change.
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Alexandra Cousteau: Charting a Course for Ocean Restoration

Join Makhtar Diop and prominent ocean advocate Alexandra Cousteau in a captivating conversation that is both a reckoning with the damage done to our oceans, and a solutions-driven call to action around how we can save them. The granddaughter of legendary oceanographer and explorer Jacques-Yves Cousteau, Alexandra shares how she is continuing the family legacy with a focus on rebuilding and restoring ocean abundance through innovative strategies and solutions.  
3/15/202424 minutes, 15 seconds