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English, Education, 6 seasons, 74 episodes, 4 days, 6 hours, 51 minutes
Welcome to Merrily Milmoe's podcast, Cosmic Brilliance! I am an enigma Cosmic Explorer & Research synthesizer whose mission is to Ignite and Nurture the Unlimited Bandwidth of your Soul; thus supporting Conscious Evolution and Truth Disclosure! Merrily Milmoe is an Intuitive Holistic Health Practitioner, Bodyworker/CMT, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapist/QHHT, and Laughter Yoga Instructor. She is also EMT-trained, in school for Sound Healer certification (with tuning forks), 2x World Champion, and has been very passionate about 'Big Picture' research for over 43 years.
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EP41-Discover Off-World Urmah Feline Parents via 20min. Accurate Movie, w/Jason Cooper & Ileana-Pt 1

EP41 - NOTE: This show would be best viewed on YouTubeWATCH the Best 24-minute movie on your Off-World Urmah Feline Parents by visionary graphic artist and researcher Jason Cooper. This show includes Researcher, Psychic, and remote Viewer Ileana, The Star Traveler, who synchronistically just published her best-selling book, 'Disclosure about the Urmah Feline Race, Avyon, Atlantis, Elohim, Creation Beings, Tibet' The Urmah Felines are literally YOUR Founder Parents who genetically created the Human Race for this amazing 'Earth Experiment' and are Cosmic & Wise Protectors. (Also see EP 40 & 41) NOTE! YOU WANT TO WATCH THIS FOR VISUALS! - NOT JUST PODCAST LISTEN! Several of you have asked me, “Merrily - can you produce some shows for people who are new to these topics - for all ages - so I can introduce my family & friends to this broader knowledge more slowly, without them feeling overwhelmed or like they've been thrown into the deep end?" *Yes I can! And these short, multi-modal, accurate pictoral and informative movies are the answers for your friends and family! It seems to be a challenge for many of us humans to remember who we are and how powerful we are as co-creators. Envisioning a positive future requires not just actions, but the knowledge and ability to create in our minds a positive trajectory that includes details of what that positive future 'looks like' ie: a higher vibration 'ascended' culture. This movie serves that purpose. Watch and phase-lock in your minds these accurate pictures and inspiring words and then - project out with words and intent into this Urmah reality (or something equivalent) into our shared quantum reality (hologram). This is how creators create - and how your life changes for the better - faster! After watching, Step Up and Share with everyone - to increase Conscious Evolution! It is easy, fun, and entertaining. Enjoy!
4/22/20241 hour, 33 minutes, 45 seconds
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EP40-Surprise! Why Human Bodies Were Created? Why Ascension? w/Feline Guardian, Kristy Martindale

Welcome back from EP 39, where this is a seamless continuation. Please watch EP 39 first! This show is one of the most important sharings in my entire Cosmic Brilliance series. Our Feline Christos Guardian, Kristy Martindale is back again, as we share in a collaborative and interactive style. I have compiled and synthesized very important and “freeing” information from one of my favorite guardian historians, Lisa Renee, and from reincarnated Feline Jelaila Starr. We supply you with long-awaited answers to have key understandings of why you are really here and how important you are! So many important details are covered in this show regarding the Fall & Fragmentation of Man, Why the beginning of Polarity started, Why Ascension was created, and What’s the single most coveted prize and underlying purpose for 90 % of the wars on Earth? We end with the surprising Positive Key Reason you are Here Now in Human Bodies – not to be missed! I also included 3 authentic ACCURATE pictures of the Golden Mantid Seeder race, one of the 22 species that contributed their DNA to humans and evidently, the overseers in the Hall of Records directly above Earth who guide reincarnational lives to Earth (at least for Christos bloodlines).
3/22/20241 hour, 8 minutes, 14 seconds
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EP39 - Meet Christos Creator Guardian of Feline Founder Race who Created Humans, Fall of Man & more with Kristy Martindale

Welcome to this Interactive, collaborative show with Feline Guardian ‘Christos’ Warrior, Kristy Martindale. Kristy has full memory of herself before this life while being in the Hall of Records above Earth, waiting to incarnate again on earth. She shares details of how one literally incarnates into earth and what literally happened to all our souls when 3 major higher D Stargates were attacked and destroyed - contributing to the splintering and fragmentation of the ‘Fall of Man’ from 5D & higher dimensions down to 3 D. Kristy will be here to add and/or subtract what I consider some of the most essential points you need to know to understand Who truly created you as the Human Race, and Why you forgot. You will be introduced to the 2 (3) Founder Races who were successful in a previous universal game and were invited here to start and assist with this one. I have condensed multiple pages of Guardian Historian, Lisa Renee’s brilliant work and some of Feline soul, Jelaila Starr’s writings as well.
3/11/20241 hour, 3 minutes, 56 seconds