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English, Social, 1 season, 200 episodes, 1 hour
Welcome to the Corie Sheppard Podcast. This podcast will be delivered by Corie on a weekly basis and it drops every Tuesday. We'll be taking a lighter look at the current affairs and popular culture local and abroad. We'll have guests in the form of both friends and people of interest from time to time. This podcast is long overdue!! Hope you enjoy
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Episode 182 | Queen of the Road

We were out and about this weekend!!We kick off the episode with a deep dive into the greatness of Queens Thara Howe & Stacey Sobers as Calypso Rose in The Queen of the Road musical.  The performances were masterful!The legends in the stadium showed some glimpses of mastery but mostly traded on their catalog. A great time was had by all in attendance though a we got to see some of the legends of our childhood up close and personal.We returned to the stadium to take in the Soca Warriors in a friendly against Guyana as we prepare for World Cup qualifying.We also discuss a company that is offering a unique solution to the housing market by offering container tiny homes at very reasonable prices.Netflix and other streaming platforms are under fire from local service providers - are they competing fairly?The music in this episode is all about Rose.Enjoy!!
5/14/20241 hour, 44 minutes, 10 seconds
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Episode 181 | Quacks

And we're back!!In this week's episode we chronicle our dental woes as we look into the Dental Board of T&T's statements about migrant quacks in the dental profession.We cover the tales of two tourist experiences as a German national walks across T&T while a British tourist suffers a shark attack in Tobago.On the local front, Jowelle De Souza, business owner, animal lover and philantropist was the victim of a home invasion and of course the comments focused on none of these accolades or job titles or accomplishments or the fact that a home invasion was what the story was about, and narrowed the issue down to  gender identity.Young Markos is back in the news as he is being taken to court over an alleged $500k investment gone sour.We also have an action packed weekend ahead as we look forward to Legends such as Lately, Yorke, Stern John and Leonson Lewis in the stadium against lesser known players such as Kaka, Rivaldo & Cafu in the Stadium. We're also heading to Queen of the Road - A Calypso Rose Musical as we celebrate Mother's Day.Enjoy!!
5/6/20242 hours, 36 seconds
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Episode 180 | "Handy Man"

In this week's episode we celebrate the 102nd Birthday of The Grandmaster, Lord Kitchener.We revisit Jamaica Carnival as they're reported to have hit their highest revenues ever but it's less than 1/3 the revenues of the carnival it's supposed to be taking over.While that debate rages on, some reggae legends sold out a show over the weekend while the reggae all stars reunited to put out a call for peace among the youths.No peace to be found in Massy as Mrs. Parisot-Potter's claims have been more or less dismissed and it's claimed that she asked for a $100m golden parachute. The TTPS is undergoing Ai training and we look into how well they've embraced and used technology to this point - or not.On a more serious note we discuss mental health among men as we saw a soldier allegedly attempt suicide by stepping out in front a moving bus . T&T is being reported as having a higher suicide rate among men than the global average so we have some suggestions on little things we can do to uplift our men.We salute the young legends Certified Sampson and Kyle Mark & Jr. Lee as they build their brands as social media comedians and bring some levity to the nation.Of course we threw in more than a sprinkle of the some of the sweetest songs from Lord Kitchener over the years.Enjoy!
4/16/20242 hours, 3 minutes, 3 seconds
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Episode 179 | "Blessings"

Party done! Back to work. But back to a short week - because is still T&T.In this week's episode we discuss the unfortunate firebombing of cars at HSM compound and the rise of extortion as a thriving business model in sweet T&T.The saga of the SSA continues as Fitzgerald Hinds seems to be finding out about the goings on in the papers just like me and you. Does the name Reshmi Ramnarine ring a bell? Well we've been here before with the SSA and the powers that be seem to always be shocked by what's happening at this institution.We take a minute to celebrate the legacy of the great Gervase Warner as the reports are in on the Parisot Potter raised concerns but we shouldn't allow that to totally eclipse his contribution to the country.The RIC is recommending a whopping 130% increase in light bills by 2028 so we brace ourselves.We close off the episode by joining the great Sherwin Gardener in hitting 1 Billion streams of his hit song Find Me Here pretty much silencing the notion that Trinibad is the only route to success in entertainment.Hope you Enjoy!!
4/9/20241 hour, 56 minutes, 20 seconds
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Episode | "Holidayland"

In this week's episode we discuss the amount of holidays in Trinidad and what makes T&T the sweetest place on earth despite all the issues.Kamla Persad Bissessar gives us an example of our diversity as she shares her story about being a practicing Hindu that was baptised by a Spiritual Baptist Mother. Pêche Pâtisserie finds themselves the news again as they offer 1% hot cross buns and we're here to defend them of course while discussing some local Easter traditions.We play some songs this episode to celebrate the holidays over the last extra long weekend.Enjoy!!
4/2/20241 hour, 32 minutes, 2 seconds
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Episode 177 | "Hard Wuk"

In this week's episode we wish all the success in the world to the SEA students who are writing their exams on Thursday! Your hard work will pay off and we have a full lineup of work songs throughout the episode.We send a CSP salute and celebrate the life of Jumbo the entrepreneur, patriot, legend & nuts man.The UK & USA are discussing a 4 day work week for the same pay - you think that could work down here?Ache Abrahams' reception on her return was amazing - imagine what the reception will be like for the Soca Warriors when they return from Texas having qualified for Copa America!!We must take a minute to celebrate the fact that Kartel is / might be free and we'll be wherever the first concert keeping.Trinidad's cocoa is again ranking tops in the world for quality. Will we ever put in the work required to take this industry seriously and make it our new oil & gas?Tune in to find out!!00:00:00 Intro00:00:19 Hard Wuk00:05:00 World Boss Free00:14:31 Congrats to Ache Abrahams00:22:55 RIP to the great Jumbo00:46:59 Four Day Work Week in T&T01:02:14 Property Tex Revisited01:08:18 SSA & Spiritual Advisors01:23:40 Best Cocoa in T&T01:29:52 Reshaping Education in T&T
3/19/20241 hour, 51 minutes, 51 seconds
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Episode 176 | "Back to Basics"

In this week's episode we celebrate International Women's Day with some calypso classics by women and about women as we recount a weekend filled with music.We get into the new drive to increase sustainability in business when in fact this is not at all new to us in Trinidad & Tobago as we have some of the most sustainable practices in all the world. We should offer courses. It's the same for organic foods. Who know more bout organic food than we?The IMF says we're good to go and headed toward sustainable growth but are we?  At least Philip Alexander is sustaining his call to stay as far as possible from Gary Griffith as he puts his foot down and gives Kamla an ultimatum.We also throw in some classic calypsos with women's names in the end. Happy Women's Day to. all the CSP ladies.Enjoy!!
3/12/20241 hour, 46 minutes, 59 seconds
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Episode 174 | "1% Talk"

In this week's episode we take a deep dive into KFC's increases prices and the boycott that followed. Someone by the name of Alex Mouttet, not speaking on behalf of the family of course, came out and made some disparaging remarks about doubles vendors and roti shop owners that seems to have added fire to the calls for a PHL boycott.We take a look at some Econ and Marketing theory to explain why boycotts based on price are unlikely to work and what makes this one different.The Caribbean heads have taken a stance on violent and vulgar lyrics in the music so we revisit our position on this and try to see whether or not it's likely to work.On a lighter note we 're asking for some feedback on weight loss drugs like Ozempic and surgical procedures like BBLs as they become more and more popular down here.Looking forward to your thoughts!Enjoy!!
3/6/20241 hour, 48 minutes, 39 seconds
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Episode 174 | "Ladder Gate"

We get back into the swing of things this week!As T&Tec spends time saving cats from trees we ended up without electricity which lead to a chance meeting with an electrician who turned out to have written one of my favourite songs of all time.Fire Services may have been able to help if only their million dollar ladders were working but we're here to save the day with some of the best calypsos about cats in honour of Prince the Cat.We get into the salaries of the parliamentarians and discuss why they should be raised even higher. Seems strange against the backdrop of higher youth unemployment rates but we'll get into why one might be the cause of the other.Of course Michael Mondezie always gives us something to celebrate as we congratulate Leon 'Smooth' Edwards on becoming the arranger with the most Panorama wins.Enjoy!!
2/28/20241 hour, 45 minutes, 52 seconds
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Episode 173 | Monarchy

We finally get to our carnival wrap up and deal with some of the controversies and the not so controversial decisions. We get into the birggest winners and the biggest losers of the 2024 season and much more!!Enjoy!
2/19/20241 hour, 31 minutes, 12 seconds
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Episode 172 | Toilet Paper

In this week's episode we recap Calypso Fiesta and wins and losses of the weekend  as we're forced to eat back a lot of our words from last week.We get into Gypsy, the chairman of the NCC entering and winning competitions sanctioned and run by the NCCC but not seeing it as a conflict of interest.The elitism associated with carnival has reached our shores and some words from the great Wendell Manwarren fall in we garden.Some of the most popular songs this year are taking a lil borrow from songs of yesteryear and we take a listen to compare the old with the new.Tune in & Enjoy!!
2/9/20241 hour, 56 minutes, 25 seconds
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Conversation with Keegan Taylor and Marsha Massiah

We're joined by friend of the show and Brooklyn Caribbean Literary Foundation (BCLF) founder Marsha Messiah as we kick back and talk to Keegan Taylor, a Bois Man both in academia and in the gayelle, song writer, movie producer and business man among many other hats. We discuss two of his biggest writing successes, Machel and Benji's Buss Head and Desert and Yang Brenda's Rosie. Both songs are firmly rooted in the drums and chants of the stick fight arena.We also discuss the state of carnival and where it's going.Marsha, a lover of culture and an avid man player claims this is her last time playing mas and we get into why.Enjoy!!!
2/7/20241 hour, 25 minutes, 52 seconds
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Episode 171 | Skinner Park

Pan Semis was last weekend and the fresh warders are here in there numbers. The traffic is crazy and there are no more rentals available in the country. Roadi's are selling and the beaches are full in the middle of the week. Canaval is back in full swing.In this week's episode we cover the epicness that was Rise & Roast and look forward to another weekend outside. Of course if pan semis was last week that means Calypso Fiesta is on Saturday so we take in some of the heaviest hitters in the calypso monarch semis. With mixed feelings about Double M's Semis berth we think he's about to have a hard time in the gayelle.Cro Cro might be regretting not entering the competition this year as he might just need the prize money to settle some debts.Jack Warner (remember him) is also back in the news as he's asking for a breakdown of the amount spent to extradite him and almost as soon as he made the request we heard of the passing of Ish Galbaransingh. We also take a minute to congratulate the West Indies on their test series win in The Gabba and look into a worrying story about England loaning stolen artefacts to Ghana.Enjoy!!!
1/31/20242 hours, 10 minutes, 51 seconds
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Episode 170 | Alter Ego

We continue our fete and music reviews with our stories from Soaka Till Sunrise. Experience and CIC fete were also this weekend and Destra seemed to have an up and down weekend.In terms of songs Mical Teja's DNA has a grip on the carnival thus far with the closest song waaaay behind. Nadia Batson said she had the whole basket and it shows as she has the sweetest grooves for the carnival along with Kerwin DuBois.In a Machel-less season the fetes are in full swing and the void isn't felt but Machel dropped a Kaiso on us as we head in to Pan Semis weekend and we couldn't close out without taking it in.Enjoy!!!
1/24/20241 hour, 56 minutes, 38 seconds
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Episode 169 | Outside Nice

We come ut the house lil bit and did a 180 about this year's music. We take in some of the biggest songs of 2024 carnival as we discuss Minister of Tourism, Randal Mitchel's promise of a safe carnival.We celebrate some women who are making strides in design and business as we revisit the Massy whistle blower.Pennywise take win this week as they had to walk back their newest policy that took away employee lunch breaks.The first set of carnival results are in and we congratulate New Dimensions and St Margaret Boys Anglican School on their Panorama wins.Enjoy!!!
1/16/20242 hours, 45 seconds
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Episode 168 | Bas

We  tried our best to brig some new tunes in this episode but Issa struggle with this year's music. Is it that short seasons call for less effort?We do take time to pay respects to the great Basdeo Panday and Hochoy Charles.  Karen Nunez Texeira wasn't taking no squeeze out and found a way to make Panday's The crime situation is unavoidable so we take a look at StrictlyBabbzys timely travel advisory and Erla Christopher's prayer filled crime plan.But first we start by recapping our travels to see Dave Chapelle live at the Hard Rock Hotel.Enjoy!!
1/10/20242 hours, 1 minute, 13 seconds
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Episode 167 | King Crazy

May 2024 bring you, your family and the nation peace, love and prosperity. In this special edition we continue the Christmas tradition and send a musical salute to the creator of Parang Soca and one of the greatest calypsonsians of all time - the living legend, Edwin Ayoung, Crazy!
1/3/20242 hours, 7 minutes, 19 seconds
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Episode 166 | Christmas is Love

We're joined by the producer for a Christmas morning house parang and a special tribute to some of the past present and future parang legends!Merry Christmas!
12/25/20231 hour, 17 minutes, 2 seconds
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Episode 165 | Corbie Christmas

A Christmas Eve gift for all those who've been asking. And if you don't know who sang Soca Santa you definitely need to tune in.Enjoy!!
12/25/20231 hour, 33 minutes, 57 seconds
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Episode 164 | Force for Good

In this week's episode we review the Etienne Charles & Chucho Valdez concert put on by Hadco Experiences.Massy decided that Hadco shouldn't be the only conglomerate discussed as we learn of their bizarre leadership training routines.Machel is performing again and Bahia Girl is made into a novel. We also talk about the ridiculous happenings with the freeing up of the dress code in government offices and much more!Enjoy!!
12/21/20232 hours, 8 minutes, 6 seconds
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Episode 163 | It's Drue

We've lost a gem of soca music, Ricardo Drue, who left us all too soon at the age of 38. His untimely demise has sent ripples through the Caribbean music industry. We pay our respects to his family with a tribute and touched some of our favourites in his catalog.We also take the opportunity to send condolences to the family of Marlene Mc Donald.Machel is not performing for carnival 2024 as he is focused on completing his Masters Thesis and like people vex!We revisit one of the more controversial Shorty songs from the last episode and take in Iwer's response.Is it true that Hasely Crawford can't get into the Hasely Crawford Stadium?We end this episode with a celebration of the career of the great Kelwyn Hutcheon as we switch to Christmas mode.Enjoy!!
12/14/20231 hour, 45 minutes, 59 seconds
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Episode 162 | Creator

In this week's episode we move on from Lord Shorty to Rat Shorty I.We discuss anniversary activities and some upcoming events. You can't go wrong with our marriage advice as well so stay tuned for that!We look forward to some Christmas events including an upcoming Ettiene Charles concert and of course is it Christmas in Trinidad if somebody spouse don't go missing? Well Mr. Seemungal took care of that as he collected his pension and moved on from his wife without letting her know. Iwer is back with a new national song banger - or is it the same song?Darren Bravo announces his retirement & Trinidad seems to be headed toward cashlessness as if we weren't already there.We give a nod to The Wicker Earl Rodney on his passing and of course we have to lend our voice to the looming conflict between Guyana & Venezuela as we stand with our neighbours on their defence of Esequibo.Enjoy!
12/6/20232 hours, 3 minutes, 44 seconds
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Episode 161 | Originator

In this week's episode we dive into some classics from Lord Shorty as we pay respects to Clyde the Outlaw.We discuss the origins of soca music and the influence Shorty had on world music.Crime is always a hot-button topic as Gary withdraws from crime talks while Nikolai Edwards withdraws from Gary - ayyyoooo! Pause! And Rhoda Bharath's Newsauce calls it a day just in time for her to not say anything about all this.An 18 year old woman is in custody for beating up her 66 year old boyfriend and we have some advice for them both.Enjoy!!
11/29/20231 hour, 52 minutes, 36 seconds
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Episode 160 | Attention

We're back this week after a needed hiatus. Very grateful for everyone who checked in and we're happy to be back.In this week's episode we touch the greatness of Nadia Watson as a song writer composer and performer against the backdrop of Iwer George giving up on his pen that people already questioned to basically sing the national anthem as his newest release.We get into the education system and try to see whether or not it's really serving us or is it still designed to feed the colonial masters. Angus Eve is officially the most successful Warriors coach since Beenhakker as he wins one the critics despite losing to the USA over two legs.It's great to be back and we close off the return episode with some Brigo classics.Enjoy!!
11/22/20232 hours, 55 seconds
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159 | Darling

Look yuh podcast Darling
10/19/202334 minutes, 45 seconds
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Episode 158 | Voices

In this week's episode we discuss a weekend well spent playing at a tribute for Joy Ceasar by the Southernaires Choir. Taking in amazing performances by the UWI Arts Chorale and UWI Arts Steel conducted by the likes of Jessel Murray and Peter Lockheart.We take a look at Machel's performance at the Kennedy Centre and discuss his singing ability as we look at some of the most distinct voices in Soca. Of course but wouldn't be Trinidad if there wasn't some bobol and scandal but we all still managed to act shocked when we discovered corruption in Licensing Office & ANSA Bank. Maybe they could run some of that money to Tobago Carnival as they're suffering from budget cuts and the quality drop is showing.Enjoy!!
10/11/20232 hours, 7 minutes, 29 seconds
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Episode 157 | Salute

Join me as I share my first-hand experiences at Yung Brother's 3/10 album launch. Of course, at my age, it took me forever to realise that 3/10 was his birthday and that was why I had to be out my house that hour on a Tuesday night. As we on birthdays we celebrate the birthday of the greatest calypsonian of all time and take in some of the best listening tunes from Shadow.Switching beats, we're getting deep into a wealth of topics like budget allocation, minimum wage increases, and wage differences. Be prepared to be surprised as we unravel the intricacies of these subjects and their real-world consequences, all while drawing from the Big Mac Index! Plus, we're shining a spotlight on patriotism among expatriates and exploring how their love for home remains despite wage gaps. Mieledy is no longer representing us and now that we got her out of the way we're back to caring absolutely nil about the lady who is actually representing us - as if we ever cared. We wanted a local representative so bad but now that we have one nobody even  cares to learn her name. We take the time to highlight some Trins who are doing some great work at home and abroad and send a special salute to the organisers of Japan Carnival.Enjoy!!!00:00:00 Intro00:03:45 Yung Brother's Album Launch Review00:22:27 Discussion on Budget and Minimum Wage00:47:17 Triple the Police Force01:04:38 Thiefing Police01:07:31 No More Mieledy01:20:20 Japan Caribbean Carnival01:30:03 Shane Ramnarine at New York Fashion Week01:39:06 Denzil Streete at MIT 01:45:05 Julien Neaves wins BBC Playwriting Competition
10/4/20232 hours, 55 seconds
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Episode 156 | Bangali Babu

Ready for an all-access pass to the most hot-button topics in the Caribbean? This episode is a vibrant blend of sports, music, politics, and societal issues. From the exhilarating victory of the Guyana Amazon Warriors in the Caribbean Premier League and the unity it brought, to the controversial selection of a Venezuelan-born contestant in the Miss Grand International pageant, we've got you covered. We don't shy away from tackling tough issues too - we discuss the impact of Majah Hype's domestic violence charges on the Caribbean community and the urgent need for reform. And if you're wondering about the state of crime in Trinidad, we're going there too. We shed light on how Prime Minister Dr. Rowley  and Opposition Leader Kamla Persad Bissessar are spearheading crime talks, and why it's starting to feel like a reality TV show.And that's not all. What's the link between a massive retail conglomerate, including KFC, Pizza Hut and Subway, and a political platform? You'll be surprised at the connections we draw. We also dive into the beauty pageant world, looking at the xenophobia and historical influences that may have played a part in the selection of a pageant winner, and the wider implications for the Caribbean society. Stay with us, as we pull back the curtain and reveal the inner workings of the Caribbean region. This is a discussion you won't want to miss.
9/27/20232 hours, 5 minutes, 47 seconds
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Episode 155 | Denyse

In this week's episode we pay a musical tribute to the great Denyse Plummer. We take the journey through some of her early classics from Chaconia Inn and hear some stories from her friends in the industry such as Boogie, Stalin and Carl Beaver Henderson. Her classics covered decades and always sent uplifting and empowering messages.Walk Good Denyse!
9/18/20232 hours, 14 minutes, 8 seconds
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Episode 154 | Hot Hot Hot

It too hot to remember what news was happening in the country this week and we looking for options to privatise WASA at this point. In the week's episode we discuss the new look Soca Warriors' winning streak and a wonder goal by Ryan Telfer. TKR is also on top of their game but by right we should be backing Guyana Amazon Warriors this year as we already have an abundance of riches in CPL trophies.As we on the topic  of backing foreigners, we backing Mileidy Materano for Miss Trinidad at The Miss Grand International or nah?We look to our neighbours in Grenada as they expand their tourism product by continuing to build out their underwater museum while we wrestle with issues with the seabridge, food shortages in Tobago (and by food I mean beers), and water shortages throughout the country.Music in this episode includes a mix that spans over 7 decades. Enjoy!!!
9/12/20231 hour, 43 minutes, 15 seconds
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Episode 153 | Welcome Back

Ever battled a formidable foe? I have, and it's called COVID-19. Through my journey of recovery, you'll experience the realness of this virus. Then, bask in the sounds of soca music as we celebrate the queen of this genre - Destra. Her unforgettable performance at a recent event, and the heartbreaking loss of Denise Plummer, another influential figure in Caribbean music, call us to honor these icons and guide the younger generation in appreciating their contributions. Ever wondered what lies in the heart of Miami? Join me on a trip that led to a newfound appreciation for traveling, the cocoa industry in Trinidad and Tobago, and some intriguing spots like the Wyndwood Walls and Vizcaya Museum. But that's not all - we'll delve into the Caribbean Music Awards, critiquing the lack of recognition for Chutney Soka artists and saluting those who made their mark. Now, let's dig deeper and explore societal issues like gender roles, victim-blaming, and the need for unity and community. Drawing on personal experiences and incidents, we'll observe their impacts and question some recent controversies including the Soca Warriors national soccer team and the unexpected retirement of Kevin Molino. As we wrap up, let's reflect on the challenges we've faced and our commitment to our country, setting the stage for a fresh perspective on life. Join us, and let's elevate the conversation.
9/5/20231 hour, 56 minutes, 1 second
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Episode 152 | Same Difference

The UN has recognised August 11th as World Steel Pan Day and pan has taken over this episode. We take in some of the classic panorama winning selections over the years.Join us as we pay homage to legendary figures in pan music, like Lord Kitchener, Sparrow, David Rudder and dive into their immense contribution to this art form. We also share how pan compositions have shaped modern pan music and take a look at some of the new pan arrangers and composers for pan.Navigate with us through the cultural impact of music, particularly its power as a tool for unity. Expect insightful discussions on resilience and perseverance embodied in pan music, and its potential as a narrative for social commentary. Of course we also get into a bit of the politics as election results streamed in while recording and it looks like more of the same from the usual suspects.00:00:00 Intro00:00:20 Celebrating World Steel Band Day00:15:00 Youths Embracing Pan00:28:19 Kitchener and Pan00:37:41 Pan Songs not about Pan00:52:23 The Story Behind Rainorama01:05:40 Local Government Election Results & Coverage01:08:14 Salute to Gypsy
8/16/20232 hours, 4 minutes, 13 seconds
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Episode 151 | Swam Dam

In this week's Episode we beg for mercy for the Alabama crew. Enough is enough - or is it? As it's the last week before the election things heat up as the Opposition makes good on theircall to fight fire with fire as they kill Prince Swammy. Rowlers isn't happy with the stand your ground laws but seems to be providing few alternatives as crime continues to be at the forefront and is getting more brazen by the day.We congratulate the participants in the Commonwealth Youth Games as Tan Tan and Sage Boy make an appearance at the opening ceremony. We also celebrate Rachel getting keys to the City of Kingston but we might need a locksmith to help us find out which Jamaican artistes have ever gotten such an honour and the bolt cutters would be out for sure if any foreign artiste got keys to POS before our own.We discuss the great resignation against the backdrop of some very worrying voice notes and recordings circulating on the socials that might cause many business people to also start resigning.But on the bright side, and in the spirit of Montgomery Alabama, we play some selections in this episode that are all about licks sharing.Enjoy!!00:00:00 Opening00:00:20 Licks in Alabama00:21:28 Commonwealth Youth Games 00:37:08 Stand Your Ground00:57:16 Prince Swammi01:10:27 Keys to Kingston01:26:15 The Great Resignation01:32:57 Scary Voicenotes
8/9/20231 hour, 58 minutes, 12 seconds
Episode Artwork

Episode 150 | Full Circle

In this week's episode we celebrate our 150th Episode!!Our journey starts with a Dom Rep vacation recap.We then shift gears to discuss a diplomatic meeting between Rowlers and His Royal Majesty Otumfuo Osei Tutu II.the head of the Ashanti Tribe. The meeting that sparked intriguing discussions about dress codes and cultural identity. In the midst of all this, the Savannah vendors who are apparently squatting refused to make way for the Emancipation procession. Kamla is looking to bring in stand your ground laws and calls for FULs for citizens to empty the clip on home invaders as Matara shows that robbery is unnecessary when manner falls from heaven.Of course we get back to Jack Warner's surprise political appearance led us down the road of local politics, and the vision of a safer, more affordable, and healthier Trinidad and Tobago. So sit back, as we take you through our journey and leave you pondering about trust, identity, freedom, and the importance of valuing our own spaces.Enjoy!!
8/3/20232 hours, 9 minutes, 37 seconds
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Episode 149 | Matter Settled

In this week's episode we discuss Trinidad and Tobago's political landscape. It's a hotbed of tension and conflict, and at the heart of it is the relationship between Fali and Rowley. We'll try to unravel Chief Secretary Fali Augustine's claims about the political alignment of Trinidad's top police officials with the PNM, and their alleged intent to dismantle the current THA administration. Meanwhile, the quest for dynamic, young politicians has intensified. We'll also delve into the recent search of Farley, the deputy chief secretary, and the former chief administrator's homes, and the allegations surrounding Facebook propaganda.In the most random news ever, Darryl Smith is back in the mix with what looks like a Dimplomatic grooming. Lost Tribe lost their permit to parade The Avenue last week as the TTPS and Woodbrook residents had different plans and they were confined to Adam Smith Square.We also celebrate the resurrection of Jack Warner as he makes his political return to the yellow side of town raising questions about the ILP and whether or not he and Aunty Cams can get along this time around. Is this the spark that the UNC and NTA needed.We also pay off some debts as we play some selections from one of the funniest calypsonians ever, The Great All Rounder. We also owed certain people a Christmas in July treat from Scrunter as he makes it in for the 3rd episode in a row.Enjoy!!
7/25/20231 hour, 35 minutes, 2 seconds
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Episode 148 | One Day for Police

We continue to honour Scrunter in this week's episode.We also look at the newest crime plans and the Attorney General's new high tech plan including drone and autonomous weapons.PNM sending people for Farley again as his premises is searched as Rowlers takes the FBI's guidance on creating vetted units even though we have several vetted units in place now with seemingly little effect on reducing crime. But! Erla is out here doing traffic stops so we safe!!Kick back and listen as we take in some of Scrunter's greatest hits and the history behind them and celebrate the recovery of the great Tommy Joseph.Enjoy!!
7/19/20231 hour, 47 minutes, 1 second
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Episode 147 | Scrunt

We're taking in some classics from the great Irwin Reyes Johnson aka Scrunter in this episode.We wish The Great Mighty Sparrow a happy birthday as he turns 88 this week.We take a look at Usher and Keke Palmer as Usher and his vicious ways destroying happy homes. And while Daiur fights for his, Adam 22 is giving his away freely. We're not stopping there though. Let's unravel the complex web of trust and boundaries in relationships. We'll delve into the responsibilities that come with publicly claiming a person, the cultural context of women's dress codes, and the potential consequences of not giving the same freedoms to men. We have some movement from the Ministry of Education re: hairstyles as the concordat continues to be under review.We also explore 4 day work weeks & school weeks to see how much it can help our productivity, mental health and work life balance.Enjoy!!
7/12/20232 hours, 18 minutes, 24 seconds
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Episode 146 | First Choice

Firstly we salute all those who recently faced the SEA exam. Congratulations to all the children, parents and teachers!Do you ever remember the knot in your stomach while waiting for your results or your children’s results? The anticipation, the hope, the fear... it’s a cocktail of emotions we all have tasted. This episode is a roller coaster ride, touching upon the immense pressure and emotions surrounding the SEA exam results. We share heartfelt stories of reactions, from exultation to disappointment, even recollections of a father whose son has to retake the exam. We discuss the importance of learning life lessons early on, with inspiring stories from Kevin Hart, Tiffany Haddish, and Viola Davis, who all faced hardships but remained resilient. We'll tackle the concept of failure. It's a tough word that carries heavy connotations, but we'll redefine it together. We revisit Kevon’s funeral and discuss examine the importance of life planning - how being prepared for the unexpected, even when it comes to something as morbid as funeral costs, can alleviate stress for loved ones left behind.Let’s unravel the hair controversy that unfolded at Trinity College. We unpack Nyan Gadsby Dolly's responcse as it's a timely topic that requires open dialogue and consultation as we strive to understand the dynamics of school policies, societal norms, and personal expression. Rules and regulations, while necessary, can sometimes turn into heated debates. Remember the high school student whose hairstyle was deemed inappropriate? We explore the complexities of enforcing such contentious rules and the importance of imparting respect for diverse views. Finally, we veer our conversation towards the ongoing controversy in Trinidad's soccer scene. Should Angus Eve continue being the head coach of Trinidad and Tobago Football? Is it the right time for the return of Stephen Hart? What implications could his dismissal have on the team? The episode wraps up with a reflective note on the heavy cost of progress on our environment and society.  So, buckle up and join us on this enlightening and engrossing journey. This episode promises to stir up emotions, ignite discussions, and offer advice on handling life's various curveballs.
7/5/20231 hour, 39 minutes, 30 seconds
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Episode 145 | Frenemies

How West Indies go upset Rowlers while the man have to focus on Local Government Elections in a country that flooding heavy and with so many UNC members looking for a home.Angus coming through with the Gold Cup wins as we prep to do the same to Jamaica & USA.We lost the Kevon aka Yank Boss aka Maureen aka The River Witch  to gun violence this weekend and the reaction to his death is as controversial as his life. In the light, we  explore the unexpected relationships and connections formed between people, even those we consider as enemies & we'll delve into the complexities of emotions when an enemy passes away.Are we really stopping children from graduating because of their hair styles in 2023?We also have some exclusive new info on Ocean Gate that you won't ant to miss.Enjoy!!
6/28/20232 hours, 1 minute, 52 seconds
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Episode 144 | "Song & Dance"

Happy belated Father's Day - as if we care!As we countdown to local government elections, we dive into the world of Trinidad and Tobago's politics. Farley has finally broken his silence by saying absolutely nothing and Watson plans to take him to court.Crossing of the floor is back on the cards as some of the most unlikely yellows are showing up in red.Stink & Dutty seemed to live up to its reputation once again. We  tackle the ongoing issue of car theft in the country as the Stolen Vehicle Squad seems to be telling us our car safety is on us.RIK is under fire as they're accused of pushing an LBGTQ agenda to the nation's children & they're here for the fight.We take in some of the best dance songs in Calypso throughout the episode.Enjoy!!
6/21/20231 hour, 59 minutes, 14 seconds
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Episode #143 | Treble

Can you weather the storm? Join us on today's episode as we discuss the rainy season and its impact on life in Trinidad and Tobago. We share our thoughts on the local government election and how all of a sudden work is going pel mel!!We're also bringing you updates on Trinidad and Tobago's football journey, including Angus Eve's treble-winning weekend among another not so major treble by some non descriptor team. Stay tuned as we cover an array of topics like managing brand perception, tourism development in Tobago, and controversies surrounding Star Network Promotion. Finally, we pay tribute to the Water Lord and we have water songs sprinkled throughout the episode. Enjoy!!
6/13/20231 hour, 30 minutes, 15 seconds
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Episode #142 | "Big Cat"

This week, we're diving into the complexities of local government elections and exploring how short weeks and long weekends impact podcast episodes. But more importantly, we're addressing a recent mistake in our recording process and discussing new ways to improve your listening experience. Don't worry, we're also working on a brand new podcast that you won't want to miss!Customer service is often a hot topic, and this week we're examining a recent online exchange between Jason Peru and Nandsdrotigirltt  that sparked an even larger conversation. We'll discuss how their interactions unfolded, the importance of businesses using customer feedback to improve, and how to measure customer lifetime value. Plus, we'll explore the recent allegations of propaganda hiring in Tobago and discuss the intersection of crime, politics, and relationships.But that's not all! We'll also touch on artistic creativity in incarceration, movie remakes, Trinidadian achievements, airplane safety, and the psychology of flying. And finally, we'll wrap up by discussing elective surgery risks and considerations, in the light of Jackie Oh's unfortunate passing.All this while a jaguar roams Palo Seco.Join us for a jam-packed episode filled with insightful discussions and thought-provoking topics!
6/6/20231 hour, 52 minutes, 52 seconds
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Episode 141 | "Money Worries"

In this week's episode we discuss youths and money as a 21 year old millionaire takes the local business scene by storm; one sets up her boss to get robbed and another robs a bank. We also finally get into Gabrielle Union & Dwayne Wade's 50/50 marriage arrangement and Eboni K Williams' response. Of course we open with some surgery updates. Apologies to the folks who watch as we FUBAR the video this week.Enjoy!!
5/31/20231 hour, 47 minutes, 46 seconds
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Episode 140 | "Doctor Doctor"

We're back after a one week hiatus and it seems as though we haven't missed much. The Doc received a Doctorate in what looks like a quid pro quo and some are calling him out as undeserving.  In honour of these honours we take in some of the best calypsos about doctors and discuss accolades in general and what it takes to achieve major accomplishments. We also discuss what happens when relationships between parents and children and who's to blame when the relationship isn't 100%.Enjoy!
5/23/20231 hour, 37 minutes, 28 seconds
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Episode 139 | "Date Night"

In this week's episode we do a deep dive into the David Rudder 7.0 Concert as he put on an unforgettable show with a star studded cast to a sold out audience. On the same night Buju, Kuciana, Beres Hammond & Anthony B also had stellar performances but apparently the experience left people questioning their value for money. With all that action you might be surprised to know that the biggest story of the week was a youth man taking a girl on a date with $200 and becoming a social media spectacle.Enjoy!!
5/10/20232 hours, 10 minutes, 3 seconds
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Episode 138 | "Small Sample"

In this week's episode we discuss a visit to the fertility clinic & the most embarrassing moment of all time! We get into the news of the week as always and cover the bomb scares and what's likely to happen going forward. Both UWI & Charlotteville are getting into industries that might be able to help men avoid more shame.Enjoy!!
5/2/20231 hour, 52 minutes, 24 seconds
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Episode 137 | "King David"

In this week's episode we discuss David Rudder's Parkinson's diagnosis and his upcoming show on May 6th which will be his last performance. We also celebrate the life of George 'Umbala' Joseph & Harry Belafonte. We talk about tipping culture in T&T and whether or not tips can improve customer service in the country as Ai comes for our jobs anyway.Enjoy!!
4/26/20231 hour, 46 minutes, 18 seconds
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Episode #136 | "Pay Upfront"

In this week's episode we review the Traces concert put on by the great Ettienne Charles over the weekend as we had a date night over the weekend (00:04:51). I wondered if I should have let my wife buy her own ticket for the show as Hakimi had the Trini socials in a tizzy this week (00:25:44) but I reconsidered quickly when I read about the Dalai Lama and realised how sad life could get without a wife (00:47:35). We also discuss the US Embassy buying out country club and what effects it's likely to have on the country (00:50:46) and we share some pointers on how we can earn some US dollars from the comfort of our homes (00:56:35). Jamaica had their carnival over the weekend and people seemed to have a time! Should we be for or against this? (01:13:56). This is all against the backdrop of Trinidad being ranked #6 in the world of crime and the CARICOM Regional Symposium is addressing it head on! (01:42:51). Most importantly, we anticipate some down time for the pod so please bear with us as we look into male plastic surgery as the podcast will soon be available exclusively on Only Fans (01:52:09)Enjoy!!
4/19/20232 hours, 3 minutes, 34 seconds
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Conversation | Nick Dean - Financial Coach

We're joined by friend of the show, Financial Coach Nick Dean. Nick is the founder of The Financial Coaching Centre and offers consulting and advisory services on personal finances and offers several courses geared toward empowering participants to understand and take steps toward financial freedom. His topics include investment, real estate, insurance, budgeting and credit. I've worked with Nick over the past 2 years to restructure my own personal finances relieve some major financial stresses so I'm happy to have him on the pod.Enjoy!!
4/14/20231 hour, 27 minutes, 51 seconds
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Episode #135 | "Quality Time"

In this week's episode we review Taurus Movement's Addies anniversary celebration at Sound Forge as the old men came out in their numbers to relive their youth. Easter is on the way so we revisit some Easter traditions while Fitzgerald claims that youths flying there kites might be causing more crime than poverty. We take in some of the biggest instrumentals in calypso as we get ready for Ettienne Charles' upcoming concert.Enjoy!! 
4/4/20231 hour, 37 minutes, 33 seconds
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Episode 134 | "Guns & Black Roses"

In this week's episode we wish the best to the students sitting SEA along with their parents and teachers. We congratulate a friend of the show who is making big moves at LinkedIn and also give kudos to  Peter George and Rachel Montano as they both extend their brands into Jamaica. Thoughts and prayers go out to Njisane Phillip who's out on bail who clearly never took in the lyrics of Juju's Driver. We also review Dis Little Piggy Tired - a play by Debra Boucaud Mason & Richard Ragoobarsingh.Enjoy!!
3/29/20231 hour, 55 minutes, 50 seconds
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Episode 133 | "Hope & Pray"

In this week's episode we discuss the fact that our newly minted Police Commissioner Erla Christopher plans to pray the crime away while Chistine Kangaloo  promises to always be there for us as we build a nation together. We also take a look at our exchange rate woes and discuss why it might be time to devalue the dollar. UWI could dot with some prayers as enrolment is down while expenses are on the rise.Enjoy!!
3/22/20231 hour, 54 minutes, 11 seconds
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Episode 132 | Money Talks

In this week's episode we discuss the nature of sex and sexuality in T&T. Is it that we sweep everything under the carpet and make it even more taboo? Do we continue to pretend that we don't have issues with paedophilia, incest, pornography etc? Well the Express set up a fake account for a 15 year old girl and men jump out themselves, while the Guardian reported on a community plagued by a brothel. Let's take the veil off & talk about it.Enjoy!
3/14/20231 hour, 45 minutes, 6 seconds
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Episode #131 | "Footsie"

In this week's episode we finally discuss the Watson & Kezel saga as the PDP falls apart. Following close behind them is the Social Media Avengers lead by NCW who can't seem to catch a break these days - except for Mr Miss. On the serious side of things. We revisit the Machel One Show apology and discuss the future of Double M. We also give our thoughts on Chris Rock's new special and discuss some new binge watch favourites.Enjoy!
3/9/20232 hours, 2 minutes, 1 second
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Episode 130 | "Canaval is Over"

In this episode we do a wrap up the Mother of all Canavals as we talk through the fete experience, salute to all the winners of the 2023 season, our experience on the road and of course what is canaval without bacchanal? We must cover the lil kankalang.Enjoy!
2/27/20232 hours, 18 minutes, 55 seconds
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Episode 129 | "Him Self"

In this week's episode we open with the biggest song of the canaval - and it doesn't have the word isosceles. We take a deep dive into the fetes we hit over the weekend - Fatima All Inclusive & Kairi People's Different. We finally get a chance to look at the  state failing to submit a defence and basically giving away 20 million dollars when they only had 3 million to give to soca monarch. We also take a peep at pan semis and calypso semis in a brand spanking new Skinner Park.Enjoy!
2/14/20231 hour, 45 minutes, 29 seconds
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Episode 128 | "Pretty Penny"

Apparently we have our own Jay Z & Beyonce or more like Bob Marley & Cindy Breakspeare in T&T as Farmer and Penny send the old boys in a tizzy. Soca Monarch is cancelled as they asked for a pretty penny from the government and got a measly $3Ms. Triple Ms is small ting to Double M who seems to be feeling the heat from Bunji as his one show is turning out to have some cameos sprinkled in as Hard Fete takes the lead. And while killers and robbers roam, police and traffic wardens fighting each other in town.Enjoy!!
2/1/20231 hour, 34 minutes, 41 seconds
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Episode 127 | "Babylon Boops"

Our fete season officially started with Soaka so we open with a review. Police are on the front pages as promoters speak out against them & the top cop heads off to retirement. We revisit the discussion on the 1% and of course take in some of the leading songs of the season thus far.Enjoy!
1/25/20231 hour, 36 minutes, 28 seconds
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Episode #126 | "Look Back"

In this week's episode we take a look and listen to some of the biggest songs for 2023 as we take a look back at fetes of old and what might have caused them to die off. Is Rachel killing carnival by having his only performance on Fantastic Friday? Is he doing the same thing he did to Brass Festival back in the day? As Bunji calls for big fetes and power Soca we try to figure out if that style of fete and feting can work in this era.Enjoy!
1/18/20231 hour, 25 minutes, 53 seconds
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Conversation | Neola Zama - Professional Therapist

We're joined by friend of the show Neola Zama to discuss why New Years Resolutions tend to fail right around this time of year and how we can be better at setting and achieving our goals. We get 4 solid pointers for what goal setting should look like and how it works.Enjoy!!
1/17/20231 hour, 46 minutes, 31 seconds
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Episode #125 | "Soca Mafia"

In this week's episode we continue the love for Stalin as we check out some requested classics and we take a deep dive into the Soca Mafia as Turner says they're keeping him out of the mix and killing the culture. Are radio play and fete bookings based on merit or talent? Or is there a mafia that's making and breaking stars? Tune in to find out!Enjoy!
1/11/20231 hour, 46 minutes, 59 seconds
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Episode #124 | "The Black Stalin"

We close off the year with a tribute to Leroy Calliste, The Black Stalin. The greatest lyricist in the art form and one of the greatest calypsonians of his time. We  check out some of the tributes paid to him and take in some of his well known and not so well known classics. We also honour the legend, Singing Francine on her passing during the Christmas season as her unmistakable voice rings through the airwaves.Enjoy! 
12/31/20221 hour, 53 minutes, 44 seconds
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Episode #123 | "Love & Flip Flop"

In this week's episode we take in some marriage advice from the great Derrik & Da'Naia Jaxn as they take us through the full spectrum of marriage advice including divorce. We wish the Top Cop well as he goes off on Christmas holidays. The country has a budget surplus and an infrastructure deficit. The Brazillians, the British and many other feeling sick while Croatia and Morocco inspire in the greatest World Cup we've seen since '94 but we have to talk about journalists dying while on duty in Qatar, one of which was detained for wearing a rainbow flag.Enjoy!!
12/13/20221 hour, 37 minutes, 14 seconds
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Episode #122 | "Qatar Cup"

In this week's episode we discuss Jack Warner's extradition against the backdrop of what is shaping up to be one of the best World Cups ever. We take a look at the first stages of the Commission of Enquiry into the Paria tragedy where, as predicted, LMCS seems to have faded into the background. Burna Boy is on the way back as some foundation Dancehall artistes remind us what it's like to have a great show and much more.Enjoy!
11/29/20221 hour, 28 minutes, 35 seconds
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Episode #121 | "Jam"

In this week's episode we maco the Yankees business a lil bit and talk about Dave Chappelle's SNL monologue and his comments about Kanye West & Kyrie Irving. Trump also announced his comeback to Make America Great Again again. There's always enough to cover on the local scene as we review Explainer's Memorial Concert & Michael Mondezie's assessment of Tobago Carnival. We're switching to Christmas music as we take in a new song from Afeisha Brown ft Kiegs and some Spoiler classics to ring in the season.Enjoy!!
11/16/20221 hour, 36 minutes, 25 seconds
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Conversation | Lynda Sheppard-Babb

This week we're joined by my mother to discuss her journey as a breast cancer survivor as well as some of her many accomplishments including making me!!Enjoy!!
11/8/20221 hour, 20 minutes, 16 seconds
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Episode #120 | "Upgrade"

In this week's episode we congratulate some of the greats in the culture who received their Phd's & D.Litts this week. Any chance we can make peace between Rachel Price & NCW or Akeem & Trinidad Killa?  We review the first Tobago Carnival. New song review of Fay Ann Lyons' Upgrade & much more!Enjoy!
11/4/20221 hour, 33 minutes, 24 seconds
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Episode #119 | "Yellow Alert"

As we prepare for more rain, higher water tables & flooding we discuss Tobago Carnival not looking as sold out as they claimed. Chinatown promoter takes a stand against crime by cancelling an event that some claim wasn't looking as sold out as they claimed. We revisit Ye as the world seems to be crumbling around him after being dropped by Adidas, Vogue, Balenciaga & Gap. Is porn the new campaign strategy for politicians? RIP to an 84 year old who went out like a legend in a south hotel & much more!!Enjoy!!
10/26/20221 hour, 36 minutes, 10 seconds
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Episode #118 | "Wrastling"

In this week's episode we reminisce about the Caribbean and World Wrestling Federation as wrastling seems to be resurfacing in south although no one told TTPS. Gary is back in the running for the title belt that is Top Cop while still running the NTA like it's a tag team. We revisit the idea of explicit Soca music and check out some of the songs in that vein as Jamaica pretty much bans Dancehall from their airwaves.Enjoy!!!
10/18/20221 hour, 39 minutes, 10 seconds
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Episode #117 | "The Messenger"

This episode is livelicated to the great Winston Henry, The Explainer, the messenger of calypso. We discuss Nicki Minaj's refund Caribbean connection & Travis World's calls for more freedom of expression. The PNM internal elections is on and Karen Who-nez Texeira is running against the doc. Enjoy!!
10/12/20221 hour, 34 minutes, 56 seconds
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Episode #116 | "Coal Pot"

In this week's episode we're in sacrifice mode. No more macaroni pie, no more driving, no more movies 2 and 3 times a week as we adjust to budgetary constraints. Mistah Shak has some suggestions for what we can use to replace the ham and pastelle this Christmas.  Yorkie and Latapy still combining to slaughter defences and of course big congrats to the Jamaica Tallawahs.Enjoy
10/4/20221 hour, 37 minutes, 13 seconds
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Episode #115 | "Pinnacle"

In this week's episode we discuss the highs and lows in the budget as the gas price reaches its peak. We take a look at the top performers in the country as they receive their national awards but for some reason soca artists once again  failed to reach the summit. Enjoy!!!
9/28/20221 hour, 19 minutes, 35 seconds
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Episode #114 | "Ignorent"

In this week's episode we solute the  legendary mas makers Lionel Jaggessar and Albert Bailey. As Burna Boy  confirms his Tobago concert we look back at the legend of Valmond ‘Fat Man’ Jones. TKR has us holding on to hope while we hold on in traffic for hours. We discussed the brazen attack  on Pennywise security in La Romain  and we sift through the ashes of the Farley and Watson fallout in Tobago.Enjoy!!!
9/21/20221 hour, 44 minutes, 45 seconds
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Episode #113 | "Gone Too Soon"

While some mourn a lady they call the queen we acknowledge our own Queens.  As the longest reigning colonizer has finally left us we also mourn the passing of the PDP - the shortest reigning political party of all time. We also take a minute to express condolences to TKR supporters.Enjoy!!
9/13/20221 hour, 36 minutes, 21 seconds
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Episode #112 | "Never Too Late"

In this week's episode we discuss the false start return to the school term as the teachers join the scrap iron dealers on the picket lines; The shocking and unfortunate murder at The Brix as a brazen attempt was made on the life of Trinibad artist Kalonji in broad daylight at the country's most popular hotel. Machel celebrated 40 years by selling out The Barclays centre so we take in some highlights. We also congratulate The Mighty Sparrow on being baptised as we explore some of the songs that he may never perform again.Enjoy!
9/8/20221 hour, 50 minutes, 7 seconds
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Episode #111 | "Big Brother"

This week's episode is dedicated to Big Brother Dave. We explore the broken window theory and how it applies to Trinidad & Tobago on our 60th Independence. Scrap iron dealers have decided if they can no longer steal in peace we can't get to work in peace. We take in some of the most humorous calypsos from the great Trinidad Rio.Happy Independence Day!Enjoy!!
8/30/20221 hour, 41 minutes, 10 seconds
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Episode #110 | "Strange Times"

In this week's episode we have no choice but to talk about crime, murders in particular. It seems to be the only thing that's happening in the country these days. There are no bounds as to where brutal violence will show up next and the response by the authorities seems to be as gentle as can be while reports show that the ex Commissioner seems to have been implementing a DIY plan by arming the whole population and basically asking us to see about our own security.RIP to Pompey as we get a chance to take in some hits by The Mighty Duke.Enjoy!!
8/23/20221 hour, 25 minutes, 52 seconds
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Episode #109 | "Home Grown"

In this week's episode we're back home and loving being back. We look at the new party in town as some familiar faces seem to have abandoned their own political parties & found a new home in Gary Griffith's NTA. Some Harbour Master men threw a home grown Grenadian hero off the boat for beating Keshorn. Mc Donald Jacob promises to send criminals home as he steps up patrols. We also discuss comparing home sweet home to trips abroad and why some thins seem so clean and orderly and simple abroad and we just can't seem to get it right. Congrats as well to David Rudder on his Caribbean award and legends like Jerome Brammes, founder of Trinidad & Trinidad James on the launch of his blue band maxi sneakers.Enjoy!
8/18/20221 hour, 47 minutes, 33 seconds
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Episode #108 | "Man Code"

In this week's episode we're confused by all the topics. So there used to be this thing called man code but apparently Anil Roberts doesn't know Whaaaaaat that is. We continue to rename streets and monuments after our heroes while some people still seem to subscribe to the white man code. The president of the most incarcerated country in the world is apparently standing up against one person being jailed in Russia for weed while he sits and looks on as tens of thousands of people in his homeland are currently in jail for weed. Big congrats to our Commonwealth games athletes who took hardware and set records at the games while the Commonwealth itself seems to be getting back some of the stolen hardware en route to reparations maybe? Big congrats as well to Vaughnette Bigford on hosting the upcoming reboot of 12 and Under!Enjoy!!
8/9/20221 hour, 8 minutes, 17 seconds
Episode Artwork

Episode 107 | "Lower Order Needs"

In this episode we congratulate Nicholas Paul & Obed McCoy on their record breaking showings. A street in south is renamed after some dude named Shortie, but they've promised to change it to Ras Shorty I soon. We discuss PDP's new black card as well as take a deep dive into both the PM's & The Opposition Leader's Emancipation messages - fair warning - emancipation and names are two things KPB might want to avoid. But this is T&T! We forget fast.Enjoy!!
8/2/20221 hour, 33 minutes, 6 seconds
Episode Artwork

Episode 106 | "70 Strong"

In this week's episode we discuss the Tribe Launch and how band launches have changed over time. We also take a look at the Plymouth J'ouvert and why it might have flopped. Machel gets the keys to the city from Joel Martinez as Lady Montano launches her biography. Enjoy!!
7/26/20221 hour, 35 minutes, 31 seconds
Episode Artwork

Episode 105 | Vision

In this episode we compare the leadership styles of Rowlers to Aunty Mia. Apparently we're looking in the rear view mirror as we consider bringing back the waving gallery. maybe we should consider redirecting that investment in getting a TTSPCA office in the local airports. We also take a moment to salute and celebrate some high achieving women in the Caribbean.Enjoy!!
7/19/20221 hour, 24 minutes, 17 seconds
Episode Artwork

Conversation : Colin Dickson

We're joined today by Colin Dickson, Destination Manager of Windstar Cruises. Colin has extensive experience in the cruise industry and has worked with Royal Caribbean & Disney prior to joining Windstar Cruises - The World's Best Small Ship Cruise Line. Colin gives his takes on the recent recruitment drive by Royal Caribbean and gives insights into what to expect and how to prepare for a career on the seas. This is a must listen for anyone who is considering working in the cruise industry or for leisure seekers considering a cruise as their next getaway.Enjoy!!
7/13/20221 hour, 11 minutes, 30 seconds
Episode Artwork

Episode 104 | Do It

After a brief hiatus to put up my foot lil bit we're back this week to deal with the people's business! We discuss police killings, riots, commissioner wars, celebrate the birthday of the Mighty Sparrow and much more.Enjoy!
7/12/20221 hour, 46 minutes, 43 seconds
Episode Artwork

Episode 103 | Stink on Duty

In this week's episode we compare our weekend of old people fetes to the mini fete season over the long weekend. We also discuss the growth of Jamaica's carnival and how it might be the demise of ours and much more.Enjoy!!
6/22/20221 hour, 51 minutes, 18 seconds
Episode Artwork

Episode 102 | Ten to One

In this week's episode we discuss the PM's response to the Opposition Leader's slave name comments. We've avoided the topic of school fights for long enough so we finally get into it. And  Big congratulations to the Trinbagonians making moves: Marc Farrel, founder of Ten to One Rum; Dwight Yorke picking up his post as head coach of Macarthur FC Bulls in the Australian Championship and Angus Eve for getting the Soca Warriors back to their winning ways. Enjoy!!
6/16/20221 hour, 33 minutes, 25 seconds
Episode Artwork

Episode 101 | Puss in Boots

In this week's episode we discuss the origin of names and who has better names and who name came from where and nahhh nanny boo booo like if we're all back in kindergarten.  Salute to Angus Eve and the Soca Warriors as they're found back their winning boots while we clearly have some of the best defenders in the world in and off the field.Enjoy!!!
6/8/20221 hour, 40 minutes, 8 seconds
Episode Artwork

Episode 100 | Toast

Come take a drink with me as we celebrate the milestone that is Episode 100. It wouldn't be what it is if we don't also talk some of the issues and give an update on surgery! Special birthday shoutout to the one and only Janelle Cash.Enjoy!!
6/1/20221 hour, 35 minutes, 47 seconds
Episode Artwork

Episode 99 | For Better or for Worse

In this week's episode we discuss a laundry list of bad decisions. First, a week of injuries culminating in surgery. Also this week we're officially changing our vote from PDP to UNC. We follow up on the Sabga report and celebrate some great Trinis who've figured out a way to 'get it out the mud'.Enjoy!!
5/24/20221 hour, 35 minutes, 22 seconds
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Episode 98 | Influencers

This week in T&T social media influencer wars seem to have dominated the headlines but we take some time to discuss the influence that we as a society are having on our children as children are being neglected, ill treated and abused and growing up to be abusers. We also discuss the influence of recent US history on the tragic events in Buffalo this week.Enjoy!!
5/19/20222 hours, 44 seconds
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Episode 97 | Mother's May

In this week's episode we celebrate the mothers. We take in some of the songs from the mother of calypso, Calypso Rose, as she's celebrating her 82nd birthday with a. new album featuring Carlos Santana. Mc Donald Jacob had a busy Mother's Day weekend as crime continues to spiral out of control but he's on top his game so don't be worried. We also discuss the passing of Kevin Samuels - some say RIP some say good riddance - should we be reverent when the irreverent passes away or is he a man only a mother could love?Enjoy!!
5/10/20221 hour, 40 minutes, 54 seconds
Episode Artwork

Episode 96 | Wedding Bells

This week's episode is livelicated to Keisha & Tony Cholmondely as we congratulate them on their nuptials. We discuss the launching of two new political parties as Watson stays in the Hyatt but promises to spend time in the hood. Gary seems to be rolling solo though as no one else in the party was introduced. All of a sudden McDonald Jacob gets measured in his statements as the investigation into PC Gilkes' murder changes direction. Karen Nunez Texeira recently discovered the definition of the word corruption - pity she didn't know that about 15 years & 15 million dollars ago. Given that it's a wedding celebration we play some wedding themed kaiso over the years. Enjoy!!
5/4/20221 hour, 57 minutes, 27 seconds
Episode Artwork

Episode 95 | Servant Leaders

In this week's episode we discuss leadership. Crime, gas prices & food prices continue to rise as our leaders fight over who spying on who. All of a sudden the police service has enough vehicles and have 80 officers searching for 1 man to avenge the death of their colleague. We also continue to call for the ORTT to be bestowed upon the great Lord Kitchener and we take in some of his classics.Enjoy!
4/26/20222 hours, 3 minutes, 13 seconds
Episode Artwork

Conversations | Meagan Sylvester

Today we have the privilege to chat with Meagan Sylvester - Music Sociologist, Author & Researcher. We discuss the state of calypso, academics in the art form & Meagan's continuing contribution to the landscape
4/22/20221 hour, 23 minutes, 53 seconds
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Episode 94 | Discipline vs Punishment

In this episode we discuss: Farewell and send off for Blaxx; Chaos with SEA prizes; 100 year anniversary of the great Lord Kitchener; Corporal punishment for a child turns into Capital Punishment Jada makes her first public appearance; Congrats to Ketanji Brown Jackson; New political parties up and running as the old ones spy; and much more!Enjoy!
4/12/20221 hour, 54 minutes, 37 seconds
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Episode 93 | Goodness

This week's episode is livelicated to the great Blaxx. We explore the relationship between Trinidad & Guyana; yet another murder suicide in the country and take some of the messages Blaxx left us with to help us heal. We also discuss Bravo's IPL record, Soca Warriors & West Indies triumphs & much more.Enjoy!!
4/4/20221 hour, 59 minutes, 2 seconds
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Episode 92 | Metexx

In this episode we discuss an incident that was both brutal and unnecessary. We breakdown a man man who is clearly wicked, advantageous, has ill intent. A man who is a bully and a downright thug. Of course I'm referring to Angus Eve who lead the Soca Warriors to a 9-0 thrashing of a Latapy lead Barbados National Team. We also discuss a man claiming to defend his wife against a harmless dude with a fierce tongue and an iron jaw.Enjoy!!
3/29/20221 hour, 55 minutes, 17 seconds
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Episode 91 | Pay First

In this week's episode we celebrate the return of the old normal as the boss say we opening back up. Just in case Faris thought he was headed back to Residence reopening he's moved to rural government. Is it all a distraction? We also discuss a man brutally stabbing a woman because apparently he couldn't rise to the occasion in a POS guest house. We also wish Blab a speedy recovery and keep him in our thoughts & prayers.Enjoy! 
3/25/20221 hour, 59 minutes, 11 seconds
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Episode 90 | Freedom Fighters

In this week's episode we discuss we send out our congratulations as more calypsonians receive their national awards; More comes out as the lone survivor of the Paria tragedy speaks out; Rowlers admits that he was the top ranking official that advised against going back with Gary; We have a real live superhero that's heading out to Ukraine to fight but we hadda pass a collection plate to get him there; We also confirm that women don't like men.....they hardly even like themselves.Enjoy!!
3/15/20222 hours, 11 minutes, 59 seconds
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Episode 89 (Part 2) | Family Ties

In this episode we get into the press releases by LMCS & Paria. We also discuss the importance of Role models as Dr Wayne Frederick receives his National Award along with Edwin 'Crazy' Ayoung, Dominic Kalipersad & Herweld Elder. Heavy on the Shadow music in this episode as we celebrate his 80th birthday. Enjoy!!
3/9/20222 hours, 6 minutes, 33 seconds
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Episode 89 (Part 1) | Family Ties

A quick convo with one of my favourite podcast listeners on her T&T visit.
3/9/202237 minutes, 53 seconds
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Episode 88 | River of Tears

A bitter sweet episode as we discuss the Taste of Carnival and successful events by Yuma, Voice, Iwer George, Joshua Regrello and many more along with a unique, and maybe better, version of Panorama & Dimanche Gras. Machel also showed up on Carnival Tuesday but in a very different space as he performed in Sadh Guru's Maha Shivratri Celebration. There were celebrations of J'ouvert pretty much everywhere as modern day Captain Bakers tried and failed as always. We cannot forget though that in the midst of the celebrations, four men lost their lives in unfortunate circumstances and serious questions are being asked of  Paria management. This episode is livelycated to Joseph 'Verr' Henry, father of Yusuf Henry.
3/3/20221 hour, 49 minutes, 57 seconds
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Episode 87 | Pram Pram

In this episode we discuss the clash of the tents and clash of the NCC & TUCO. It's officially carnival week as fete promoters also have some events on as the soca artistes concerts are coming fast & furious with Aqua & Riddim Nation right around the bend. And of course, carnival is woman so we congratulate Jowelle De Souza on her appointment to the senate &  the Women Soca Warriors on their recent run of form.Enjoy
2/22/20222 hours, 15 minutes, 9 seconds
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Episode 86 | Full Circle

This Valentine's week's episode is all about love. We're broadcasting from Chaguanas, the city of love - even if you have to pay for it. We show some love to Joe Rogan & Whoopi Goldberg. Is Joe Biden showing  love for the crackheads by giving out millions worth of crack pipes? Tune in till the end for a selection of vintage love kaisos.Enjoy!
2/15/20221 hour, 56 minutes, 58 seconds
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Episode 85 | Captain Obvious

This is a literal pod cast as we take a deep dive into NCC's pod plans. This episode is also gets into the way we treat our  legends as we look at the influence of the great Lata Mangeshkar on our culture as we celebrate her life. We salute OJO World and their concert series & we have our first 2022 calypso monarch front runner and much more.Enjoy!
2/8/20221 hour, 44 minutes, 15 seconds
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Episode 84 | Health & Wealth

In this episode we discuss Covid recovery and improving health. Heavy on the wealth in this episode also as we discuss the benefits upside of the 1% and the fact that Gypsy & the  NCC  just remembered there's a thing called Carnival and they have $30m to play with to make it happen. We're joined by Sheppy - one quarter of Kairi People &  half of the Burdie & Barney podcast - to hear his thoughts on this well thought out Carnival season.Enjoy!!
2/1/20221 hour, 57 minutes, 50 seconds
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Episode 83 | Covid Chronicles

In this week's episode we discuss testing positive for Covid.The brain fog is real so I can't remember any of the other topics. The fatigue is also indescribable so Sleep 1 : Episode Description 0.Enjoy!!
1/25/20221 hour, 41 minutes, 29 seconds
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Episode 82 | This is NOT a Fete

This episode is a mental health check. As King David would say some of the topics this week is madness!!We discuss claims of high levels of poverty in sweet T&T. A police commissioner is pointing to the numbers to tell us why we shouldn't study the numbers. Someone needs to check on The Express and their stance on the vaccine. Is everyone who was marching around the savannah ok? Chinese Laundry & Kernel Roberts drop the Audrey Riddim - should classics like Sugar Bum Bum be left alone? Apparently a carnival is still being considered. We also discuss Kanye West & Antonio Brown rants & much more.Enjoy!!
1/17/20221 hour, 50 minutes, 28 seconds
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Episode 81 | Soaka Boat

In this week's Episode we pay tributes to Kenny J  (05: 39) & Bomber (11:53) as we discuss the Soaka Boat fiasco (17:58); the alleged issuing of fake vaccine cards to public servants (42:10); Activists taking coffins to the homes of Terrance Deyalsingh & Paula Mae Weekes (47:17); Sentencing of Ahmad Arbery's killers (50:55); Fireworks being banned (57:16); Horace One' knighted (1:08:04); Farley removes colonial dress codes while Watson is preparing for Trinidad elections (1:14:37); Doubles & Chicken Prices going up (1:22:19); Trinidad Express "study" on the Sinopharm vaccine (1:30:10) & much more.Enjoy!
1/11/20221 hour, 55 minutes, 3 seconds
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Episode 80 | New Year New Me?

We wish you all the best for 2022!In this episode we discuss New Year's Resolutions. Do you make them? Do they work? And should we really be putting that pressure on ourselves every year? We're joined by friend of the show Neola Zama to get the answer to all these questions as well as some pointers on how to set goals that will help us achieve  behavioural change.Enjoy!! 
1/4/20221 hour, 22 minutes, 54 seconds
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Episode 79 | Blue Christmas

We're joined by professional therapist and friend of the show Neola Zama as we discuss  Christmas blues and some of the reasons people might not be the most jolly around holidays. As always Neola shares some tips for coping as well as some sound advice for how to treat with our loved ones who may be having a hard time during the Christmas season. Of course we've lined up a playlist of sad Christmas songs to go along with the theme of the episode. Enjoy!!
12/22/20212 hours, 13 minutes, 3 seconds
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Episode 78 | Omiclong

It’s all comedy in this week’s episode because if we doh laugh we go cry. PCR tests, Travelpass, Verifly & hours in pre immigration checkpoint lines mean nothing as apparently you don’t need to go through any of that to enter the country.The PM says he knew he was going to lose but was just surprised how bad they lose lol.We try to make sense of the funniest story ever as a man is arrested and charged wearing his girlfriend’s clothes after an attempt to turn Double Palm into Triple Palm went sour.Despite it all, we continue our Christmas music with a clash between Baron & Scrunter for the Parang Song  Monarch.Enjoy!!
12/14/20212 hours, 6 minutes, 1 second
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Episode 77 | Homecoming

Welcome back! We missed you!! In this episode, the chickens have come home to roost! We discuss our mini vacay, travel woes, airport delays and breastfeeding cats. The Covid numbers seem to be getting the better of us as the daily numbers are as high as the PDP vote count. Congrats to the PDP on a clean sweep and going from a 6-6 draw to a 15 nil trouncing. PNM wanted all or nothing and got nothing. We also welcome on board Cocoa Pod, the newest podcast in the family. The music in this episode is all by the Queen Daisy Voisin & La Divina Pastor.Enjoy!!
12/7/20212 hours, 17 minutes, 6 seconds
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Episode 76 | County Council

In this week's episode we discuss the end of Covid restrictions. Archbishop Jason Gordon had some wise words for us but in a surprising turn of events Roodal Moonilal calls for the end of the SOE and the extension of the SOE in the same breath. We also discuss travel plans and the shortage of US dollars despite Colm Imbert assuring us that all is well. The music in this episode takes us through some of the Christmas classics and the origins of Christmas Kaiso.Enjoy!!
11/16/20211 hour, 46 minutes, 24 seconds
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Episode 75 | Farewell

In this week's episode we wish farewell to DJ Bravo. Sayonara to the SOE & the curfew!! We're not sure yet if it's also a goodbye to Gary Griffith but for sure this has to be the end of the road for Will & Jada. We're also cancelling Netflix after having to endure Harder they Fall & The Colin Kaepernick documentary. And of course since we're free for the Christmas, we have some  classics lined up throughout the episode. Enjoy!!
11/9/20211 hour, 38 minutes, 45 seconds
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Episode 74 | Hit & Run

In this week’s episode we discuss Dr. Rowley’s hit & run and it seems as though McDonald Jacob has left all Gary’s cohorts for dead. We also discuss the reopening of bars & the safe zone as the beaches and rivers remain closed. We celebrate the birthday of the great Karene Asche and wish Happy Divali to all.We hearing talk about Carnival next year so we get an early start to the Christmas season just in case!!Enjoy!
11/2/20211 hour, 26 minutes, 55 seconds
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Episode 73 | Delusional

We get two episodes for the price of one as we discuss all the issues we missed last week plus everything that’s been bubbling this week. Delusional is the word of the week. Gary Griffith is serving up heavy doses of delusion as he’s still talking about smear campaigns even after he done lorse the wuk. We might be the delusional ones if we expected anything different our parliamentarians. A pastor in Jamaica charged with murder following a human sacrifice dies in a car crash while in police custody. Social Media goes off on folks mourning the passing of Abu Bakr. Dave Chappelle faces backlash from the LBGT community but is he beyond cancelling? Who’s more delusional? WI fans or Manu fans?
10/26/20211 hour, 59 minutes, 59 seconds
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Episode 72 | Blueprint

This week we're excited to be joined by Mistah Shak!As we continue our Calypso History Month Tent Series we discuss Shak's Blueprint for success in the Calypso Gayelle. We're treated to a ball by ball breakdown of the infamous Kaiso Bois performance in Calypso Fiesta. Shak also discusses his biggest influences and the state of Kaiso today.Enjoy!! 
10/19/20211 hour, 55 minutes, 55 seconds
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Episode 71 | Kinda Safe Zone

As the “kinda safe zones”  open up and we get some kind of freedom, we’re forced to look on with envy as Miami Carnival is in full swing. It;’s still Calypso History Month so as we laugh at the inconsistencies with the safe zone policies we explore some of the funniest calypsonians in the calypso tent era. Enjoy!!
10/12/20211 hour, 54 minutes, 49 seconds
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Episode 70 | A Day Late

October is Calypso History Month and we celebrate the birthday of arguably the greatest calypsonian of all time. We also play some calypso tent classics as we discuss the issues of the week including: the budget; cussout between Inshan Ishmael and Rowley; Swizzle stick vs Starks & Swappi vs Trinidad Killa; Jan Michael Williams interview on The Burdie & Barney Podcast; Fr Gregory's decision to stop zoom classes; and much more. Enjoy!!!
10/6/20211 hour, 47 minutes, 5 seconds
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Episode 69 | Cuff Out

In a week of huge stories such as restrictions being somewhat lifted, community spread of the delta variant, a defunct police service commission and confusion over who is the top cop, the biggest story for the week is Mouttxt vs Swizzle - as the two super light weights cuff it out in Sealots. Enjoy
9/28/20211 hour, 46 minutes, 15 seconds
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Episode 68 | Petty

The level of Petty in this episode is at an all time high....or should I say low. We discuss Nicki Minaj vs Sharlene Rampersad; David Nakhid vs Terrance Deyalsingh; Saddam Hussain vs Nobody; Gary Griffith vs The PSC; Rowley vs Covid & Trinbagonians vs Expiring Vaccines. Enjoy!!
9/21/20211 hour, 29 minutes, 13 seconds
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Episode 67 | Ole Man

In this week's episode we old folks discuss common entrance as we congratulate the SEA students. Abu Bakr speaks and the cops have to put their FUL license issuing on hold to investigate. Sadly a four year old is mauled by a dog and the dog also meets a brutal that justice? Sealots boxing is bringing in more crowds than the CPL - no vaccine or training needed. Who knew that JW taking up a media job could ever be controversial as Natalie Legore comes to his aid. Ian Alleyne makes a surprising about turn on vaccines. We also celebrate the life of the great Clifford Learmond.Enjoy!!!
9/14/20211 hour, 47 minutes, 1 second
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Episode 66 | WASA Man

In this week's episode, with Pfizer being freed up for the masses and WASA men on the loose, jook sharing this week. Let it be known that I will never call WASA again. If we don't have water I go do without. We celebrate Angus Eve's new contract and Sheppy sharing jab as coach of Inter Taoyuan in the Taiwan Football League. We salute Nikki Crosby who clearly couldn't land a job at WASA as she pulls out. We enjoy the music of the great Kelvin 'Duke' Pope.Also in this episode: Preeze is back on the up as he launches his new Pawn shop with full support from David Muhammad. The UNC leader slams the gov't for their poor management of the health sector and economy while oddly enough some of her cohorts seem to be lending support to the PNM's approach to vaccination and much more!Enjoy!
9/7/20211 hour, 51 minutes, 54 seconds
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Episode 65 | Home Sweet Home

Happy Independence Day. This episode is a celebration of our Trinbagonianness!! We play the 5 greatest patriotic songs of all time among some honourable mentions as we discuss Paula Mae's VaxCR test; The reopening of schools; Two police commissioners warring while a citizen is caught with a small arsenal - but then again Arsenal ain't saying much. Machel's ship sets sail as the water taxi sinks and much more!!Enjoy!!
8/31/20211 hour, 52 minutes, 29 seconds
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Episode 64 | Crackshots

In this week's episode we look at our tendency to shoot ourselves in the foot as two police commissioners have a showdown at high noon over issuing FULs. Fuad Khan is taking cheap shots at UWI's doctorate recipients. We continue our pan month segment as we check out the most lethal man in the history of Panorama, discuss some cracks how arrangers and still have one in the chamber for the most iconic pan song of all time.Enjoy!!
8/24/20211 hour, 36 minutes, 3 seconds
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Episode 63 | Sugar Ray

Salute to Sugar Ray Holman as he's carded to receive an honorary doctorate from UWI. We discuss his contribution to pan along with a look at some of the best arrangers and pan songs over the years. Of course as always we discuss the issues of the day including pleasure crafts, the opposition leader getting vaxxed, DJ Bravo retiring, the prisons commissioner literally shooting himself in the foot and much more! Enjoy!!!
8/17/20211 hour, 36 minutes, 28 seconds
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Episode 62 | What Yuh Dream?

In this week's episode we get finally get our priorities right as Play Whe reopens. What yuh dream last night? I dream they seize $7 million from DSS and the exact same $7m is the new lotto jackpot. I dream the people who say Astra Zeneca was inferior and they was waiting for Pfizer lining up in the rain now. I dream politicians and business owners pushing for mandatory vaccines and it done lead to  one buss head of  state.  Our dreams of Olympic medals are officially over leaving us asking if  Ato Boldon for or against our Olympic team? Unlike TV6 and the likes, we celebrate our Olympians for better or for worse as they go for their dreams - but as Penguin says...A deputy essential so we give it up for Jamaica as we dream of that kind of success in future. Enjoy!!
8/10/20211 hour, 38 minutes, 51 seconds
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Episode 61 | The Chief

In this week's celebrate the life of the Chief LeRoy Clarke and the 90th birthday of Lord Nelson. We also discuss the new job requirement of corporate TT re: vaccines. We take a look at our performance at the Olympics and discuss transgender athletes at the games. Nelson Mandela Park remodelling didn't last as long as the red house fire as Dr Rowley outs an end to the debate! Enjoy!!
8/3/20211 hour, 44 minutes, 17 seconds
Episode Artwork

Me Again

We talk about a lot in this episode, but none of it is more important than offering our prayers & condolences to the Burke Family, and showing gratitude to the bystanders and neighbours who rushed to the aid of those affected and the fire officers who gave it their all. 
7/27/20211 hour, 25 minutes, 30 seconds
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In this week’s episode we discuss the influence of Brother Resistance on our music and culture. Terrance Deyalsingh clearly never heard about the power of the word in the rhythm of the word as he bumbled all over himself. Food is back open and we clearly heeded the words of the boss as we went back out to restaurants. Word is that food prices going up though. Angus falls short but has all the right words to get us to keep the faith. Wais d word with team TTO? And is Rowlers going to give his final word on mandatory vaccines?
7/19/20211 hour, 39 minutes, 54 seconds
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Juneteenth is celebrated on the 19th of June in the US to commemorate emancipation but the Doc announced  Julyteenth on July 19th when  will finally be free to go to restaurants. El Pecos will have to put back all that bleach in their cleaner’s closet as they can now do take out come next week. Most importantly, we celebrate our Soca Warriors as they seem to be back despite the racist taunts of the Mexicans!! Angus Eve fired us up so much he even have West Indies beating people. Salute to Haiti as well for putting up a great fight in the Gold Cup in spite of the turmoil they’re facing at home. And even while our national and regional teams do so well people seem to be more interested in a match between the slave owners and the colonizers who, as usual, looking to prosper off the backs of black people. Our ancestors were proud of those misses!!Enjoy!!
7/13/20211 hour, 39 minutes, 2 seconds
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This week’s episode is all about Optics. We check out some classics from the most famous eyes in calypso music as we discuss the optics of buying top shelf Mercedes & Prados while most businesses in the country can’t see their way. The opposition could use a second pair of eyes on their press releases. If their court clothes need cleaning they safe though. Bill Cosby might be partially blind but is Phylicia Rashard seeing clearly? Gary Griffith is headed for a second term despite blurry dealings with Trinidad football. How it go look when a man take the same side you had two weeks ago that couldn’t score and win his first match 6-1. But then again Angus Eve’s vision is for football while Fenwick’s eyes are probably better suited for UFC where head butts and elbows are legal.Enjoy!!
7/6/20211 hour, 34 minutes, 44 seconds
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This week’s episode is livelicated to the literary genius that is Winsford ‘Joker’ Devine.  All the songs in this episode were written by Joker and they’re applicable to the biggest stories this week including; No more J’ouvert Rum; Forklift Chronicles; Two men found in pajamas in a car in Diego Martin after curfew hours; TPain vs Usher; Restrictions leave many on a literal breadline outside SouthPark and much more.Enjoy!!
6/29/20212 hours, 6 minutes, 15 seconds
Episode Artwork

Rum & Coke

In this week’s episode we finally have a chance to discuss one of our favourite topics. Rum sweet rum!! Michael B Jordan might need to hit his own bottle to get through this product launch. Christiano Ronaldo is clearly a chaser waster. Rum solves most problems so maybe we can get Gary Griffith, Lasana Liburd & Rhoda Bharath to make peace. I’ll take a couple sips before I get into Urvashi’s questions. What was Wayne Munroe drinking? We also raise our glasses to Voice and Penny on their launch of the Vibes with Voicey tour…and much more. Enjoy!!!
6/22/20212 hours, 28 minutes, 46 seconds
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Attack is the word for this week’s episode.Kamla goes on the attack attack and no one is spared. Rowley and Deyalsingh say defense is the best form of attack as they apologise to the nation. Who knows if Preeze is playing defense or attack. Fenwick and the whole crew are out and the attack minded Angus Eve is appointed. Gary Griffith defends his son by attacking the media. Special salute to Tyra Gittens as she’s heating up in the heptathalon ahead of the Tokyo Olympics. Enjoy!!!
6/15/20211 hour, 42 minutes, 56 seconds
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This week’s episode is in celebration of pride month.We discuss a very prideful young man who refuses to be with baby mamas that ain’t too proud to beg. A police man and and former calypso monarch seems to have got caught up in a very pride filled threesome. Two men made love and went 8 rounds in a boxing ring. We have Soca Warriors team and coach who has no pride. Has the COP’s pride for his son’s call up to the national team gone overboard? Can’t be anything but proud of Naomi Osaka for her stance against the machine.  And much more….Enjoy!!
6/8/20211 hour, 55 minutes, 31 seconds
Episode Artwork

Doh get Wax

This week’s episode is livelicated to the great Hazel Scott. We might laugh at the wax figures of David Rudder & Calypso Rose but we appreciate that our legends are honored and immortalized in a way that we simply don’t do enough of locally. While I try to mend my household, we discuss the vaccine process and the great work at Santa Cruz Health Centre. Of course we talk some football and celebrate a Chelsea Champions league. Hopefully our Soca Warriors can follow suit and be as enterprising as the Highway footballers.We also discuss: Steamy Twitter Spaces; Curfew & SOE; Peter George’s response to the Prime Minister; Salty & Akeem; BLM Founder stepping down and much more….Enjoy!!
6/1/20211 hour, 45 minutes, 33 seconds
Episode Artwork


This episode is all about gratitude. We’re grateful for what we have in the midst of all the loss. We tired cooking every minute but we’re grateful for food. Appointments are a scene but we’re grateful to have vaccines. We look at the bright side of the lockdowns and discuss Double Palm raids. Vicky Rampersad apologizes for saying Covid is only affecting UNC strongholds…thanks I guess. We show our gratitude to the great Black Stalin.Also in this episode: Yung Bredda releases a song with Romeich Entertainment; Kejan Haynes’ Twitter Spaces are a definite winner; Charlamagne wishes he never said Kwame Brown’s name and much more…
5/25/20211 hour, 37 minutes, 33 seconds
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Trinidad Time

When Kitchener wrote the hook “Anytime is Trinidad Time” he was surely referring to the daily press conference that can never seem to start on time! But time matters not now as we’re under an SoE with restrictions that weren’t released on time. With a curfew in place and limited movement allowed during the day, all of a sudden, people in the duck work capital of the world need to be on the job. May 23rd was supposed to be the easing of restrictions but is now earmarked as a time for prayer. Kejan Haynes offers Peter George 5 minutes and is a no show. Is it time up for Joe Budden? All in all it’s a rough time in the country and we’re asking everybody to stay safe and don't………..Enjoy!!
5/18/20211 hour, 49 minutes, 52 seconds
Episode Artwork

Laugh & Cry

They always tell us laugh & cry does live in the same house. In this week’s episode we shed a tear with Deyalsingh as the numbers rise. We laugh for Easter but we crying now. We look abroad for some good news & talk about Chappelle’s on the Joe Rogan Podcast; I laugh when I saw what Will Smith looks like now but he’ll snap back and leave me crying. Trinidad’s Futsal team is laugh & cry self. Tears of joy as the Barney half of the Burdie & Barney show takes up a coaching role in Taiwan. Enjoy!
5/11/20211 hour, 36 minutes, 55 seconds
Episode Artwork

Fed Up

In this week’s episode we all  Fed Up. We fed up of Covid, Rowlers fed up of us, the business community fed up of him, and Kamla & The Opposition ain’t fed up? Bill Gates fed up of his wife. How long you think before we fed up of the Holy Trinity of National security in Trinidad? Between Gary Griffith, Fitzgerald Hinds & Roger Alexander who you think will fed up hear themself talk first? We also discuss the new restrictions and some entertainment options to help get us through but not before looking at an organized and well communicated plan for restrictions that might make for smoother sailing.
5/4/20211 hour, 44 minutes, 13 seconds
Episode Artwork


It’s all about the fakery in the bakery this week as we discuss folks faking old age to skip the vaccine line; Ian Alleyne being fake happy about being fired; UNC’s fake concern for American Advisories; was the tile in the butter bread real or fake? We also take a look at fake job interviews; why you should love the Horner man; the Derek Chauvin conviction and much more…
4/27/20211 hour, 40 minutes, 57 seconds
Episode Artwork


Happy 420!! The Covid numbers seem to be celebrating 420 as they’re as high as last year around this time. Vaccine fear mongering is surely making me paro as we approach 20 thousand people vaccinated. This might be our last 420 as Fitzgerald Hinds is made the head of National Security and might well roll back marijuana decriminalization to stop us all from becoming pipers. Clearly everyday is 420 for Philip Alexander but maybe he needs to check his dosage. Personally, I might be hallucinating as I saw visions of my neighbours calling the police for me and my dog blowing out candles and having birthday cake.
4/20/20211 hour, 48 minutes, 39 seconds
Episode Artwork

Never Forget

In this week’s episode we send aid and open up our borders to St Vincent with love and keep them in our prayers.We wish Dr. Rowley a speedy recovery as the news of him contracting Covid came out just after the last episode was published. We also take a look at the likes of Ian Alleyne who don’t wish him well. We talk about fellow podcaster Brian Heeraman & the return of Acacia’s Victory Lap. Police brutality rears its head again, right here in Cedros and also right back in Minnesota. And ff course Rip DMX.
4/13/20211 hour, 31 minutes, 10 seconds
Episode Artwork

Tobago Love

In this week’s episode we discuss the expiry dates of the vaccines as the process gets started; the Covid protocols that went out the window over the Easter weekend while sports felt the hurt. Tobago is the new Miami and Caribbean Airlines is winning awards for their Covid process even though the borders are closed. Let’s just pretend we didn’t see or talk about Trinidad Killa’s new music video. We also discuss: Earth Wind & Fire vs Isley Brothers, or should we say Steve vs Harvey; and what on earth is #conventstrong ?
4/6/20211 hour, 13 minutes, 42 seconds
Episode Artwork

Johnny Bake

In this week’s episode we discuss Alexander vs Johnny Bake, and why masks are necessary for police and politicians & entertainers. Meanwhile the Doc has sounded a new warning that further lockdowns may be in order if  numbers keep rising. In the holiest of weeks as we celebrate  Holi, Spiritual Baptist Day & Easter, Lil Nas X done lost his mind & Derrick Jaxn is definitely in the same boat. We also take a look at the Soca Warriors performance & highlight some local Only Fans accounts
3/30/20211 hour, 27 minutes, 48 seconds
Episode Artwork


In this week’s episode we discuss who butt who and who could take butt.Private Sector & The Government seem to be butting heads to figure out who can get the vaccine. Machel claims to be above butt although we can’t say the same for Terry Fenwick because like Shaun Fuentes built to take butt. I myself butting my head trying to figure out how a 2 year old could drown at a day care.We also discuss: Dennie’s Funeral home strikes again, Kanye West is now the wealthiest black person in the USA,: Jamaica is heading for a stringent Easter lockdown and much more!!
3/23/20211 hour, 33 minutes, 14 seconds
Episode Artwork

Sweet Sixteen

In this week’s episode we ay respects to the Marvelous Marvin Haggler (00:00:54). How is it possible WASA to have no water in the wettest of dry seasons? (00:02:25). We review one of the best local podcasts, The Randomish podcast’s interview with Trevor Sayers (00:08:46). Salute to Akua Leith on launching MITTCO, a new pan manufacturing company (00:12:19). The boss at NH International, Emile Elias, charged for grooming a child 67 years his junior (00:20:01). Slim Fast to sponsor the new look Soca Warriors (00:58:15). We need to invite Piers Morgan to Trinidad to learn how to take blank from a woman (01:13:44). Enjoy!!!
3/16/20211 hour, 22 minutes, 43 seconds
Episode Artwork

Prince Nothing

Happy International Women’s Day!!In this week’s episode we talk about some upcoming podcast changes (00:08:38); we review the long awaited Coming to America 2 (00:20:15); discuss Oprah’s interview with Meghan & Harry (00:40:00) ; Look into the vaccines or lack thereof (01:01:53); Is Tobago still at a standstill? (01:06:06); We also discuss: West Indies Cricket  and the odd connection between Soca Warriors and the Police Commissioner (01:11:19) & my visit to my alma mater (01:20:01). Enjoy!!
3/9/20211 hour, 34 minutes, 7 seconds
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Just Friends

In this week’s episode, Nailah & Beres dropping virtual shows featuring their friends had us reminiscing about concerts back in the day. Vaccines and our health should be at the forefront but instead our leaders are fighting to see who is better friends with India.  Too much jobs for friends seems to have lead to the shut down of WASA which will be converted into the Water And Sewage Treatment Entity (WASTE) come 2023. Enjoy!!
3/2/20211 hour, 21 minutes, 5 seconds
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Broken Glass

In this week’s episode we discuss: Congratulations to Farmer Nappy on winning his first Road March (00:00:59); Yuma was the icing on top of a successful virtual carnival (00:02:57); Increased police presence & road blocks (00:17:03) as Gary Griffith gets sued (00:37:57) We also discuss: weather change in Texas (40:14); World Cup Qualifiers (54:08), Dexter Gobin rightfully jailed (1:06:29); RIP Granny Luces (1:09:52) & Vaccines (1:15:55)
2/23/20211 hour, 27 minutes, 9 seconds
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Two Canaval

In this week’s episode we take a look at the virtual events including Kes Whole Week On The Rocks (00:05:01), We breakdown the Monarch, Bunji & Fay Ann’s Verse (00:07:31) and  review Tribe’s Lavway (00:18:41). We also discuss whether or not rallies and vigils in the name of Andrea Bharatt were politically motivated (00:39:10). For the football fans, The Burdie & Barney Podcast is now available wherever you listen to podcasts (1:22:40) and much more!! Enjoy!
2/16/20211 hour, 35 minutes, 25 seconds
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Conversations | Kearn Christopher

Today's Conversation is with Kearn Christopher. Kearn is a researcher at The Carnival Institute of Trinidad & Tobago (NCC) and Operations Director at Karnival by Kandi and an avid student of carnival culture. We explore Kearn’s unique take on the importance of fetes as a pillar of carnival.
2/12/20211 hour, 26 minutes, 46 seconds
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Vaccine J'ouvert

In this episode we discuss the way the nation stopped in mourning for Andrea Bharatt (00:01:26) & the compassion shown by WPC Katina Williams (00:06:15). Suspects dying in police custody (00:11:24). Politicians always find a way to politic (00:24:18) Online text to vote Road March (00:29:17) Fete Chronicles (00:43:30) Didn’t NCC promise to release archived carnival footage? (00:52:02) Somebody might want to bubble wrap Preeze given that suspects aren’t making it out alive (00:53:48) Tom Brady is THE Goat (01:04:15) Jackie Hinkson’s Street Art Exhibition in St Anns (01:06:58)
2/9/20211 hour, 8 minutes, 51 seconds
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Conversations | Neola Zama | Boundary Setting

Neola Zama, friend to the show and licensed clinical therapist joins us to discuss the importance of boundary setting. We discuss the types of boundaries and the consequences of ineffective boundary setting. We also touch on the effects of our actions as parents on how our children grow up to manage their own boundaries. Enjoy!!!
2/5/20211 hour, 4 minutes, 29 seconds
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Joker Warriors

In this week’s episode we pay respect to Singing Sandra (1:06) and take a look at the NCC’s virtual Dimanche Gras non plan (15:43). Apparently schools reopened (23:08) so we sent an Intercol side to play USA on Sunday (28:20). Stuart Young lives to fight another day (43:25) while Blackman’s remains open to flush another child (53:39). Also in this episode: Traffic tickets are on the rise (57:08), New series to be hooked on (1:07:06) and Kes Tuesday’s is back & it’s a week long! (1:09:37). Enjoy!!
2/2/20211 hour, 24 minutes, 6 seconds
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Akilah Phillip | IP Attorney

Today’s Conversation is with Akilah Phillip. Akilah is an Entertainment and Intellectual Property Attorney. Issues surrounding IP protection in a virtual carnival are examined as we discuss the importance of protecting your IP and issues surrounding ownership of music and the use of photos on social media. We also get some advice copyright, trade marking & registration.  If you’re a musician, photographer, entrepreneur, influencer or a creator of any kind you don’t want to miss this Conversation.
1/29/20211 hour, 36 minutes, 47 seconds
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Going Green

Illusions Mas nailed Black to Blue while Caesar’s Army tries to get us to wine on avatars (01:46). We discuss my weekend trip to Grand Riviere and narrowly escaping more demerit points. (32:29). Tobago goes green as Watson Duke & the PDP close the gap on the PNM (38:50) and apparently parties at your private residence aren’t allowed if you name the club Residence – who knew!?!? (50:18). Trinidad went from being banned from FIFA to having a match against The USA while the Olympics looks to be heading to the craziest place on earth. (1:02:22). Also, check out The Soca or Die podcast for the music and fete reviews for the season (1:10:39). Enjoy!!  📸
1/26/20211 hour, 14 minutes, 13 seconds
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In this week’s episode we’re looking for a cure for a carnival tabanca (00:44) We discuss the Ministry of no Culture whatsoever (16:49). Boogsie Sharpe & Paul Keens Douglas are given honorary doctorates from UWI (20:24). For those who go to the beach to escape carnival, find another plan (23:40). Maybe I talk about police too much (26:00). Dr Sawh is one step closer to freedom (37:04). We’re also joined by my friend Pablo for Fete Chronicles with Pablo (54:15). Enjoy!! (Photo Credit - The 99%)
1/19/20211 hour, 45 minutes, 30 seconds
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Chain Up

This episode is all about chain up we discuss who chain up West Shore staff to jump out themself? (01:10). Trump definitely chain up his ppl to end up on a #noflylist (8:15). You taking chain up to come off Whatsapp? (26:28). We also discuss Natalee Legore vs Akash Samaroo (33:40) and Ding Dong taking chain up to wear a wet suit (53:59). Why is Gregory Aboud now finding out carnival is cancelled? (59:04) and much more!!
1/12/20211 hour, 21 minutes, 33 seconds
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Nick Dean | Financial Advisor

This conversation is with Nick Dean. Nick, a certified financial advisor that isn’t tied to any financial institution – in other words he’s not trying to sell you an insurance policy. He’s the founder of The Financial Coaching Centre joins us to discuss the seven steps to financial mastery. We discuss credit card debt and some strategies for managing debts that may seem insurmountable. The importance of retirement planning at a young age. Nick also gives insight into the importance of real estate as a key part of any investment portfolio.
1/8/20211 hour, 20 minutes, 25 seconds
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The Crown

In this week’s episode we discuss New Year Resolutions (03:54) and new plans for the podcast in 2021 (07:03) The Royal Family reunites for Christmas while the peasants await exemptions (10:40). Our very own Queen Paula-Mae Weekes addresses her subjects as zessers and wessers (40:47) but nothing stops a Trini fete as there are no laws in No Man’s Land (50:47) We also discuss, RBC ATM robbery (58:40) and the irony of the NCC washing it’s hands on carnival 2021 (1:01:35) much more!
1/5/20211 hour, 32 minutes, 42 seconds
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A short thank you to all of you have have supported, listened and contributed to the podcast as we bid 2020 farewell
12/29/202033 minutes, 23 seconds
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Bah Humbug

Neola joins us this week as we discuss why Christmas may not always be merry for everyone. As always Neola gives us some tips and take aways to help cope with dreaded Christmas get togethers, breakups, loss of loved ones & downright rude family members and get through a season where everyone expects you to be joyful while you may be experiencing grief. Of course we have to highlight some Christmas songs in the mix. Enjoy!!
12/22/20201 hour, 41 minutes, 20 seconds
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In this episode we’re joined by Acacia as we talk about Ashanti Riley (10:05) & a 19 year old stabbing and killing her boyfriend (20:31). We share our thoughts on carry Pepper Spray and FUL applications (28:45). We also talk about Yvee Clarke (1:06:47), Tobago Zessers (1:19:18), Amalgamated hot boys (1:26:20) and much more!!
12/15/20202 hours, 5 minutes
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Good Men

We start by discussing wedding bells (0:41). We look at how “good men” can help the current climate in T&T where women are under siege. We discuss DV claims between Majah Hype & Kirby (24:34). The most heartbreaking story about the murder of Ashanti Riley (49:56). Ever wondered what women would do if there were no men for 24 hours? (56:11). We also discuss the odd circumstances of the unfortunate death of Krystal Primus-Espinoza (59:45) and a father’s open abuse of his daughter in Arima (1:07:23)
12/8/20201 hour, 18 minutes, 35 seconds
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In this week’s episode I catch up with my brother in law about some things my sister said in the last Conversation (01:31). We talk about Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones (30:00), We take a deep dive into threesomes (37:45). Of course three young entrepreneurs at Dennie’s Funeral Home and the sitting dead man make an appearance (42:15). We also discuss TTPS fake guns (1:00:43), Venezuelans Deported, Sex Education (1:24:00), (1:05:00),Maradonna (1:35:00), Bakery Treatz (1:36:53), T&T Woman Police (1:45:16)
12/1/20201 hour, 50 minutes, 2 seconds
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Conversation 6 | Janelle Cash

This week’s conversation is with my sister, Janelle Cash. While we didn’t grow up in the same home we have a special relationship that’s hard to describe except to say that while we aren’t always in constant contact like a lot of siblings, when we do get around each other it’s always a bunch of laughs, smiles and a whole lot of love. But Don't believe anything she says about me! I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.
11/27/20201 hour, 37 minutes, 29 seconds
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Big Shot Party

In this week’s episode we discuss the difference between a Wedding Zess and a Private Zess.We also celebrated a birthday this week with a light beach party.Is there a better party spot than Magic City as we talk Jeezy vs Gucci?And sorry to be a party pooper but we had to touch on the little angel found abandoned in Freeport.Enjoy!! 
11/24/20201 hour, 17 minutes, 53 seconds
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Life Blood

In this week’s episode we discuss race in T&T.Police surely lost every race they ran this week while Dr. Sawh & Dr. Gabriel have qualified for the racist relay finals.UTT downsizes leaving many to join the rat race & has our economy run its course?Enjoy!!
11/17/20201 hour, 20 minutes, 50 seconds
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Conversation 5 | Neola Zama

Neola is back to continue the conversation around mental health and self-care. We’re taking a look at issues that affect our society, and in this episode we take a look at the unique nature of domestic violence in Trinidad & Tobago. We discuss the signs of toxic relationships and different types of abuse. Neola also gives us some red flags that can help us identify signs of abuse early and luckily we also get some green flags that can help us spot the keepers.
11/13/20201 hour, 28 minutes, 31 seconds
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Dat is Lie

This episode description is an administrative error.We discuss who lied to Trump and has anybody seen Mike Pence?  Gary says anybody who says anything about him is lying.Is it the doctor or the patients who are racist? Who Lying? And with the UNC internal election looming it’s Vasant vs Kamla – two of the most honest people I know.Based on my school days it might well be me who telling all the lies.
11/10/20201 hour, 31 minutes, 17 seconds
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Black Magic

Welcome to Episode 22 | Black Magic |In this episode, maybe because it’s Halloween somebody made the Mighty Sparrow into a Goblin.DSS is back in the news and Gary who ghosted us and went on vacay stormed back home to restart the witch hunt and make the Sou Sou money disappear.Isha Wells is leading the call for Obeah to ward away evil spirits and David Muhammad is working magic with numbers.And we didn’t need a seer man to tell us Roget wasn’t getting the Paria Fuel deal.Enjoy!
11/3/20201 hour, 30 minutes, 31 seconds
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Sad Movies

Welcome to Episode 21 | Sad Movies.In this episode we are joined by Joel Julien of The Guardian Newspaper to look at the all too familiar reopening of some sectors while some are left to cry.Sadly it looks like the parang season will also be closed this year so we discuss ways to do some podcast paranging.
10/27/20201 hour, 46 minutes, 18 seconds
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Conversation 4 | Micah Dell Miller

Welcome to Conversation 4 | Micah Dell-Miller This week’s conversation is with Micah Dell-Miller, professional social worker, psychotherapist and founder of Cope Counselling Services. Join us as we discuss domestic violence, child protection and the unique nature of suicide in Trinidad & Tobago.
10/23/20201 hour, 26 minutes, 15 seconds
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Write or Left

This week’s episode is all about parting ways. We’re joined by Acacia de Verteuil to discuss how men and women deal with break ups. We also look into breaking up with our local police as we import Bajan cops – think they’d be willing to give us Mia Mottley too? The most painful tabanca of all is thinking of having no paranging this year but we debut the first ever zess parang by Umi Marcano ft. Scrunter for some solutions to get through a Covid Christmas
10/20/20202 hours, 30 minutes, 58 seconds
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Sour Man

Welcome to Episode 19 | Sour Man.Apparently we’ve been wasting time “locking down” all this time and the WHO now says all it did was put people on the breadline. This might be a good time to downgrade to a Porsche or 3.We also revisit last episode and talk a bit more about how we act as men toward women and given that October 11th is World Coming Out Day, better we talk about how we act toward men one time.
10/12/20201 hour, 30 minutes, 58 seconds
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Conversation 3 | Neola Zama

Welcome to Conversation 3 with Neola Zama The WHO recognizes World Mental Health Day on October 10th. Given that this year’s theme is “Mental Health for All” we decided to reach out to Neola who is a Professional Counselor at her own practice, Good Therapy CO. We talk about our own journeys toward seeking therapy and discuss the local mental health landscape and how and when to seek help. Neola also gives some great pointers for holistic self care. Tune in, Listen & Enjoy
10/9/20201 hour, 43 minutes, 7 seconds
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Welcome to Episode 18.In this week’s episode we take a walk down memory lane to pay respects to legends like Sprangalang, Grovey & Alvon. We also reminisce about having an oil industry after seeing all fuel subsidies removed from the budget.How could we forget the church folks and their carnival camps, and will DSS also end up being a memory after being cancelled like carnival?Tune in, Listen & Enjoy
10/6/20201 hour, 22 minutes, 38 seconds
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In this week’s episode we discuss Gary Griffith taking on the DSS, CCN TV6 & The Express Newspaper, The Defence Force and pretty much anyone except his own officers who somehow got two warrants to search and seize $22m only to return it overnight. We also have a guest that’s a serial SouSou member and discuss the sad reality that Carnival 2021 is cancelled.
9/29/20202 hours, 6 minutes, 2 seconds
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Black Milk

In this week's episode it's all about the L's!No IPL yet, but Chelsea took an L in the EPL, my fantasy teams is taking Ls all round and a big L in the NFL for the Pats but none of that compares to the huge L Offset is taking.Do we have to talk about White Chocolate?On the local front, the CJ is handing out Ls  and people going out their way to line up for more Sou Sou Ls.Enjoy!!
9/22/20201 hour, 35 minutes
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Good Citizens

Welcome to Episode 15 | Good Citizens.In this week’s episode we talk about the youths in online school and the seniors in Verzuz battles. We also take a look at some of our Good Citizens in the TTFA, down by Bayside and at the private beaches and highlight some local content creators for those who could do with a slice of home.
9/15/20201 hour, 10 minutes, 47 seconds
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Conversation 2 | Stacy Villaruel

Welcome to the 2nd Conversation.  Again with someone I love, admire, learn a ton from and laugh a ton with Stacy Villaruel. A mother, teacher and someone who cares deeply for the children and the elderly. We talk about her upbringing and share our story. Enjoy!!
9/11/20201 hour, 23 minutes, 32 seconds
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Blue Silk - Bonus

We are joined by Attorney at Law Gerard Gray to shed some light on Dr Dre's 2 million dollar spousal support. Fellas - better you listen.
9/10/202025 minutes, 17 seconds
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Blue Silk

It’s all about the Benjamins, I mean, Coat of Arms this week. Cash, Money, Dust, Sprinkles. A lil Sou Sou, a lil divorce settlement, some taxes cut and some tips on saving money in this back to school guava season.
9/8/20201 hour, 9 minutes, 6 seconds
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Happy Independence

We’re joined this week by Acacia de Verteuil from “An Acacia Victory Lap Podcast” for part two of our conversation – Men are from Mars & Women don’t listen.But first, Trinidad & Tobago turns 58 so we talk Independence and look at some of the most patriotic songs for sure but it wouldn’t be a week in T&T if we didn’t have a lil bacchanal. Fitzgerald Hinds is probably grateful there wasn’t much rain or flooding this week and we get a glimpse of what it’s like to have tested positive for Covid and taken to mandatory quarantine.
9/1/20202 hours, 3 minutes, 37 seconds
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Beach Run

While we face community spread and rising numbers all round, we're looking for some distractions. Wah we go do? CPL? Netflix? Or maybe take a walk down memory lane and talk man and woman business. Oh and I'm looking for 2 people
8/25/20201 hour, 10 minutes, 17 seconds
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Conversation 1 | Ken Corbie

Our first guest is none other than my father, Ken Corbie. A businessman, musician, executive coach and all round good guy. We talk about his childhood days in Laventille Road and his musical journey from Best Village to Kitchener's Tent and Sound Revolution. This is the firs of many conversations with the most interesting man I know. Enjoy!!
8/21/20202 hours, 24 minutes, 58 seconds
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Bay Rum

Just when we though the election was over, we’re in for seconds and now we got some good old race talk for dessert. Washing that down with a lil peanut punch and we good to go for a brand new lockdown!!
8/18/20201 hour, 23 minutes, 53 seconds
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Election is finally here and pretty much over. This week we talk about the run up to the election, take a look at the results, discuss how to lose and what to do when you win. Let’s hope this is the last time we have to talk politics in a while.
8/11/20201 hour, 16 minutes, 5 seconds
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Episode 9

Welcome to Episode 9! In this episode we talk about weddings and how men and women are different, take a look at the new Covid related issues, check in on the political parties (thank God it's almost over) and distract ourselves from it all with some Netflix favs
8/4/20201 hour, 21 minutes, 45 seconds
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Episode 8

In this week's episode we discuss liming by Super Cooper; Gonzalo bypassing T&T and my crazy experience living through a hurricane in Jamaica; Reflect on the 1990 Coup, looks at the possible 2nd wave of Covid; question Mike Tyson & Roy Jones jr's sanity  and considers a lime with Kamla          
7/28/20201 hour, 32 minutes, 51 seconds
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Episode 7

New listeners, London Town, SEA, Kids at home, Verzus, DMX, Snoop Dogg, Bounty Killa, Beenie Man, Clash, Chalkdust, Voting, PNM vs UNC
7/21/20201 hour, 14 minutes, 16 seconds
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Episode 6

CPL, West Indies Cricket, Michael Holding, Will Smith, Jada Pinkett, August Alsina, Horn, Blaze, Red Hot Morning Show, Ronnie Mc Intosh, Two Tongue
7/14/20201 hour, 18 minutes, 36 seconds
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Episode 5

Elections, Protests, Riots, St James, Gary Griffith, Rowley Statement, St James, Rebel 6 
7/7/20201 hour, 34 minutes, 22 seconds
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Episode 4

Bar hours reduced, Police response, police killings, protests, general elections, sports, cam newton, five islands, Buju & Kartel albums, Trinibad movement
6/30/20201 hour, 32 seconds
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Episode 3

Reopening Economy; Father's Day; Aniah McCloud, Protests, Sahara Dust, Local Economy, Gym Buffs
6/24/20201 hour, 5 minutes, 41 seconds
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Episode 2

Feedback Ladies vs Gents 365 Super Blue Christopher Columbus David Luiz Fetes?
6/24/202050 minutes, 12 seconds
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Episode 1

BLM Covid Common Entrance Drive In Cinema Dave Chappelle Sports Restarting
6/16/20201 hour, 14 minutes, 7 seconds