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I’m Jason Tucker and I have settled over a billion dollars in copyright claims for the world’s largest studios. Over the last 15 years as the expert pirate hunter, Intellectual Property problem solver, and enforcer, I have helped shape copyright law, the processes, and the landscape that exists today. So how do you keep your IP organized, protect it from pirates, and make even more money off of your content? With real-life insight and stories from the trenches...this is the Copyright & Intellectual Property Podcast!
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022 - Intellectual Property Rights: What Creators Need to Know About Rights.

Intellectual Property Rights: What creators need to know about IP rights, your copyrights. IP issues that come up & we bust internet myths. Also learn... ✅ What publishers need to know before filing for a copyright registration. ✅ Can I still register my work if I have quotes from others? ✅ When is a work published? ✅ Do you give up ownership by uploading to YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter? ✅ When do you lose or give up rights? ✅ What to know about ‘Fair Use’ & ownership rights. ✅ Why thinking free could get you sued. ✅ What to know about rights before GOING BIG & more… Show Notes:
04/02/202016 minutes 13 seconds