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English, Finance, 1 season, 129 episodes, 3 days, 1 hour, 10 minutes
Nobody writes alone. This show is going to be different because it’s real time marketing happenings. Inside Copy Chief we’re rooted in the foundational stuff that’s proven timeless, effective copy writing and marketing tactics. However, things change fast in this business and we’re constantly examining what's making sales for people.
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CCR315: The Evocative Power of Scent and Story with Helida Dodd

In this episode of Copy Chief Radio, we explore the captivating world of perfume and its unexpected parallels with the storytelling engineer-turned-perfumer Helida Dodd. Helida shares insights into how creating a perfume is similar to crafting a narrative.   
6/18/202437 minutes, 24 seconds
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CCR314: Coffee w/ Kev - Landing six-figure copy gigs

I recently took 25 copywriters through the process of landing a six-figure copywriting gig.  The Grand Prize was becoming the primary copywriter for Rich Schefren and being Chiefed by Mark Ford! It was a one-of-kind experience (imagine Hunger Games for copywriters). Everyone survived, but no one is the same.  Here’s what we learned, and what you need to know if you want to land the best gigs in copywriting.   
5/21/202432 minutes, 19 seconds
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CCR313: The Minimum Is Everything with Aaron Winter

How do you build a career or a team in the Era of Large Language Models and what happens to talent development when even the lowest intern needs full-stack CMO skills?   In this episode of Copy Chief Radio, we're going on a mind-bending ride with Aaron Winter, Founder of Dig.On, and creator of multiple nine-figure promos for Motley Fool and Agora Financial. Aaron is the hidden-hand mentor behind Dan Ferrari, Julie Hassett, Jen Adams, Ning Li, Mike Abramov, Austin Lee, Sam Woods (and even... David Deutsch?!?).   
5/7/20241 hour, 5 minutes, 21 seconds
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CCR312: Creating Unforgettable Customer Journeys with Jason Friedman

In this episode,  we're going behind the curtain with Jason Friedman, CEO of CX Formula. Today, Jason reveals how any business can direct their customer experience to not just satisfy but to dazzle and delight.   
4/23/202441 minutes, 17 seconds
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CCR311: Getting clients to say “Yes!” w/Sara Estes

In this episode, Sara explains how she was able to position herself as the top choice for this contract, and how they responded to her “bombshell” after offering it to her.   
4/9/202432 minutes, 26 seconds
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CCR310: Profit Partnerships w/ Chris Mason

Today, we're discussing how freelance copywriters can forge profit partnerships with their clients, as emphasized by Chris Mason, to attain financial stability and success in their work.  
3/19/202424 minutes, 22 seconds
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CCR309: Kevin Rogers is out to save copywriting

Today I’m sharing who’s behind the problem (yeah, I’m naming names), and how I hope to change it for copywriters who have “The Goods.”   
2/27/202416 minutes, 26 seconds
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CCR308: Donnie French makes it right

Donnie French, a skilled copywriter at Performance Golf, shares insights into his expertise and inspiring journey from prison to guiding inmates in entrepreneurship through copywriting.
2/13/20241 hour, 4 minutes, 2 seconds
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CCR307: Buyer Belief-Shifting with Stephen Hutson

My guest today, Stephen Hutson is an expert at building loyalty brands and has thought a lot about buyer beliefs.
1/23/202429 minutes, 59 seconds
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CCR306: Kevin Rogers & Rob Tillman - 3 Best Copywriting Categories for 2024

Today, I’m going to reveal the Top 3 Copywriting Categories for Freelancers in 2024. And also, the one place where your services are no longer needed.   
1/16/202414 minutes, 53 seconds
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CCR305: One-Person Brand w/ Carlos and Brenda Citron

In this podcast episode, Carlos and Brenda Citron, branding experts, advise businesses to intentionally create a simple, customer-focused brand to boost loyalty and success.
12/19/202335 minutes, 55 seconds
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CCR304: Paid To Create w/ TV Producer David Matthews

In the episode, I go deep into all three phases with celebrated author and television writer and producer, David Matthews.   
12/12/202352 minutes, 28 seconds
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CCR303: Coffee w/ Kev - Over My Shoulder Writing A Sales Page

In this episode, you’ll pull up a chair next to me so I can walk you through my latest sales letter. This is the kind of “look over my shoulder” insight we rarely get to see in copywriting. 
11/21/202328 minutes, 34 seconds
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Nicholas Kusmich

10/31/202353 minutes, 54 seconds
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EP 301: Marie Forleo “Write it rude”

Today's podcast episode is with Marie, a world-class marketer and passionate copywriter.
10/17/202348 minutes, 24 seconds
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CCR300: John Carlton: “My only regret…”

I’ve interviewed John close to 50 times over the years, this is certainly one of the best. A true must listen for anyone looking for an edge in sales, and in life.   
10/3/20231 hour, 12 minutes, 6 seconds
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CCR299: Self-awareness for the win with Debbie Owen

My guest today, Debbie Owen, is an Enneagram coach who has taken things to another level by incorporating neuro-science into the mix. 
9/19/202336 minutes, 52 seconds
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CCR298: Susan Berkley on shifting your human voice for influence

It only takes a little awareness and some simple tactics to use your voice with confidence. You’ll leave this episode with both.
9/5/202327 minutes, 47 seconds
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CCR297: Justin Blackman - Next level copy voice

Today, my guest is Justin Blackman, who is THE GUY when it comes to brand voice, the expert who has defined the brand voice for people like… Amy Porterfield, Stu McLaren, and Todd Herman. 
8/29/202334 minutes, 3 seconds
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CCR296: Coffee w/Kev - Yes, you really must specialize

8/16/202316 minutes, 59 seconds
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CCR295: How Daniel Throssell declared war on me, and won!

For my money, there is no better, or more entertaining, email copywriter in the game right now than Daniel Throssell.
8/8/202345 minutes, 47 seconds
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CCR294: Stress-Free Selling with Psychotherapist, Leah Benson

After listening to this quick episode, you’ll know exactly how to prepare yourself to turn what used to feel like a high-pressure “performance” into an easy-going “conversation.
7/25/202342 minutes, 3 seconds
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CCR293: Why Teachers Make Great Copywriters w/ Tania Yeo

Today I’m talking with Tania Yeo, a former language arts teacher on how she has excelled at growing her skills and her career as a copywriter, just ONE YEAR after leaving teaching. 
7/11/202327 minutes, 35 seconds
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CCR293: The secret side-door into financial copywriting w/ Joshua Lee Henry

On today’s episode, I’m talking with Joshua Lee Henry, a rising star in the world of financial copywriting (recently promoted to copy chief at Banyan Hill Publishing)...  
6/20/202335 minutes, 9 seconds
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CCR292: (Wisdom Tree) Laura Belgray on writing, and selling, Tough Titties

In this raucous episode, Laura walks us through the process, exposing the thrilling (and often ridiculous), ride of creating her brilliant memoir, Tough Titties - from concept to release date.  
6/13/202350 minutes, 46 seconds
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CCR290: (New Breed) Ben McLellan on “Wowing” Your Clients

Today, I’m talking to Ben McLellan, co-author of the book, Customer Success Manifesto, about how to make your clients swoon with delight over working with you.
5/30/202323 minutes, 2 seconds
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CCR289: (New Breed) Sue Rice brings the Tiny Thunder

How short can you write a great story? Sue and I sat down to discuss her new book, Tiny Thunder (I couldn’t put it down).
5/16/202328 minutes, 35 seconds
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CCR288: (Coffee with Kev) Copy with MEANING (Titan’s talk 2023)

In this episode, I’m sharing a talk I gave a couple of weeks ago at Brian Kurtz’s Titans Mastermind. 
5/2/202344 minutes, 54 seconds
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CCR287: (New Breed) Jason Van Orden - The Customer Awareness Spectrum

This episode will shed fresh light on how to make practical use of Eugene’s genius.
4/18/202337 minutes, 25 seconds
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CCR286: (New Breed) Kelly Brown - Stansberry is Hiring Copywriters!

Kelly and the team are looking to bring on 5 new copywriters through a bootcamp they’re hosting. This could be the moment that changes everything. 
4/4/202319 minutes, 5 seconds
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CCR285: (New Breed) The Art of Anticipation Marketing with Brenna McGowan

Get ahead of the trend and claim your space in today’s interview with Brenna. 
3/21/202327 minutes, 49 seconds
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CCR284: (Wisdom Tree) Henry Bingaman “The threat of the cage”

If you’re ever wondering what qualifies someone as a mysterious “A-list” copywriter – that’s Henry.  
3/7/202338 minutes, 13 seconds
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CCR283: (Freelancer’s Journey) How to instantly become the #1 choice for a great client

In this episode, I grilled Alex about the process he followed to vetting and hiring the perfect copywriter for his team, and the “little things” Beau did that made the CEO say, “Hire him!”
2/21/202328 minutes, 27 seconds
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CCR282: (New Breed) Brian McCarthy on ending procrastination

If you’re an entrepreneur or freelancer, this episode will be a major shift in mindset for blasting past mental hurdles and getting more done. 
2/7/202330 minutes, 6 seconds
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CCR281: (Freelancer’s Journey) Ryan Schwartz on the magic of acting on instinct

Ryan and I dove deep into often hilarious tales of his unique creative journey and the magic of trusting your instincts as an artist. This was a great conversation with a truly cool and intelligent purveyor of the craft.    
1/24/20231 hour, 1 minute, 26 seconds
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CCR280: (Freelancer’s Journey) Carolynn Ananian - Adventures of a “Path 2” copywriter

Carolynn and I go deep on her adventures as a “Path 2” copywriter, before she fall in love with financial copywriting and landed her current “Dream Job” at Stansberry Research.  
1/10/202341 minutes, 37 seconds
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CCR279: (New Breed) Sam Woods on Creative Machine Learning

Sam is opening up his files and sharing his process with smart copywriters who are ready to put fear aside and start using OpenAI to our advantage. 
1/5/202348 minutes, 47 seconds
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CCR278: (Coffee with Kev) My bizarre path to copywriting

1/3/202311 minutes, 34 seconds
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CCR277: (Wisdom Tree) Jon Dwoskin on what it means to think big

If you’ve been feeling stuck and can’t figure out why this episode is a must-listen. 
12/27/202227 minutes, 8 seconds
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CCR276: (Coffee with Kev) What is a “dream client”?

How do you define a “dream client”? If you said, “someone willing to pay me”, we need to talk. Better pay with better clients is a CHOICE. 
12/20/202221 minutes, 46 seconds
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CCR275: (New Breed) Patty Lennon - Receiving What You’re Worth

This episode is for freelancers who struggle with pricing their services, Patty is amazing at unpacking this and giving great tips on how to move past it.
12/13/202232 minutes, 5 seconds
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CCR274: (Freelancer’s Journey) TzeQing (Tania) Yeo - From “trapped” to writing for Grant Cardone

When she discovered copywriting, she saw a way out. In today’s episode, Tania and I go deep on her freelancing journey. 
12/6/202247 minutes, 11 seconds
Episode Artwork

CCR273: (New Breed) Jamie Ryder - Aligning your personal philosophy with your copywriting

If you’ve been wondering how to make the work you do match the way you think and live, this episode is a good place to start.
11/29/202224 minutes, 4 seconds
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CCR272: (New Breed) Brandon Roe on Decoding Consumer Psychology

Learn as Brandon tell his painful childhood experience, published a book, and is now a respected and highly-paid copywriter specializing in brand psychology.
11/15/202237 minutes, 57 seconds
Episode Artwork

CCR271: (New Breed) Kyle Jordan - How to explode a famous athlete’s email list

Find out what Kyle Jordan wrote to me and if you’re feeling lost about finding “your thing”, this one is for you.
11/1/202233 minutes, 30 seconds
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CCR270: (New Breed) Eddie Sheylner’s “Very Good Copy”

If you’re a freelance copywriter looking for your edge, this one is a perfect blueprint to follow.
10/18/202223 minutes, 12 seconds
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CCR269: (New Breed) Gary Kopervas - How Big Brands Tell Great Stories

Listen to this conversation I had with Gary about the process of discovering and then telling - through both written and visual components - great brand stories.
10/4/202231 minutes, 54 seconds
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CCR268: (Wisdom Tree) Justin Goff’s Millionaire Blueprint

Dive in to how Justin, one of the most successful and revered copywriters and marketers in the industry today, considers himself a slow learner.
9/27/202241 minutes, 27 seconds
Episode Artwork

CCR267: (Coffee with Kev) The Truth About Grant Cardone

In this “Cocktails with Kev” episode (it was evening, after all), I get loose and reveal what I’ve been seeing behind the scenes at GCE. 
9/6/202225 minutes, 23 seconds
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CCR266: (Freelancer’s Journey) Daniel Throssell - World’s Most Disruptive Email Copywriter

Learn Daniel's creative process, how he manages to compile tricky story elements without confusing the reader, and his “mean Daniel” alter-ego that flares up when someone dares to wrong him.
8/23/202236 minutes, 12 seconds
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CCR265: (Freelancer’s Journey) Brenna McGowan Is Owning It

If you’ve ever felt like “there’s just no time” to do it all, and been stymied by choosing a specialty, today’s episode with Brenna will be very inspiring for you. 
8/9/202226 minutes, 23 seconds
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CCR264: (New Breed) AJ Harper on How To Write A Must-Read

AJ spent ten grueling years ghostwriting for authors, over 500 of them, and now, she has released her own book, "How To Write A Must-Read" that reveals, in a personable and compelling style. 
7/26/202221 minutes, 15 seconds
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CCR263: (Wisdom Tree) Rob Dube on the 10 Disciplines for optimal living

Listen to what Rob Dube (DOO-Bay) is doing with his “10 Disciplines” program that he developed with Gino Wickman (Traction, Rocket Fuel)...
7/12/202217 minutes, 1 second
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CCR262: (Coffee with Kev) The Truth About Doubling Your Copywriting Income

Money is how we measure success. Today I’ll tell you how I actually did once double my income as a copywriter, and why I would never promise that you can do the same. 
6/28/202226 minutes, 11 seconds
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CCR261: (Freelancer’s Journey) Karl Hughes - Tech Copywriting Kingpin

If you thought there was no market for direct response copywriters in the tech space, Karl Hughes will shed some new light. 
6/14/202233 minutes, 4 seconds
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CCR260: (Coffee With Kev) Virgin Airlines & Jack White’s Third Man Records - good and bad examples of dynamic customer experience

Let's hear Kevin as he shares some big lessons in good and bad examples of dynamic customer experience.
5/31/202240 minutes, 49 seconds
Episode Artwork

CCR259: (Wisdom Tree) Chris Farrell - “We are all going through something”

Be inspired by Chris Farrell as he talks about positive perspectives on life as we are all going through something.
5/17/202229 minutes, 3 seconds
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CCR258: (New Breed) Copy Compliance with Peter Hoppenfeld

Peter Hoppenfeld shares what he’s seeing on the front lines of compliance with digital marketing… and the phrases every copywriter needs to stop using immediately.
5/3/202230 minutes, 3 seconds
Episode Artwork

CCR257: (Wisdom Tree) Michael Fishman - “Flag on the moon” Marketing

Let's hear a refreshing shift in persuasive thinking from Michael Fishman the most trusted health brands trust to guide their messaging.
4/19/202226 minutes, 49 seconds
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CCR256: (New Breed) The “List Assist” Email Strategy Planner w/ Yara Golden

Learn how Yara Golden, took what she learned from helping people navigate their love lives and use it to create email strategies that connect and convert far better than most. 
4/5/202236 minutes, 27 seconds
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CCR255: (Freelancer's Journey) Rachel Mazza and Jessica Mae Stafford – Growing A “Real Business” (Phase 7 and Beyond)

Together with Rachel Mazza and Jessica Mae Stafford, we will talk about the “big boy stuff” that comes with building and running a legacy business.
3/29/202249 minutes, 9 seconds
Episode Artwork

CCR254: (Wisdom Tree) Gary Goldstein Mega Hollywood Producer and Champion For Creatives

Gary Goldstein became the producer of Pretty Woman and other Hollywood blockbusters and he has never stopped being a champion for creatives. Learn his philosophies on success and best advice for creatives fighting for the balance of art and commerce. 
3/15/202235 minutes, 5 seconds
Episode Artwork

CCR253: (Coffee With Kev) On "Making It"

Could you tell your life story in ten minutes?  It took me about 45 minutes, but the good folks over at Mirasee edited it down to ten minutes for an episode of their cool new podcast called Making It.  Listen to Copy Chief radio #253 - Coffee With Kev - On "Making It"
3/1/202211 minutes, 50 seconds
Episode Artwork

CCR252: (Freelancer’s Journey) Colin Chung - “Safer than a real job.”

Colin Chung admits he is “terrible at small talk”, yet he cites “connecting with people and networking” as the #1 asset a freelancer can have in succeeding in business.  In this deep diving Freelancer’s Journey episode, Colin reflects on the work, and the network, that has led to his Phase 5 success. 
2/22/202234 minutes, 48 seconds
Episode Artwork

CCR251: (New Breed) Copywriting publicity tactics with Selena Soo

Want to know how to stay relevant all year long? Selena Soo talks about her newly released free publicity calendar and shares her publicity tactics.
2/15/202219 minutes, 13 seconds
Episode Artwork

CCR250: (New Breed) Jen Gottlieb - Connecting Through The Camera

Jen Gottlieb, a former actress, gives some really fun and actionable tips on how to make that cold little camera lens your new best friend. 
2/1/202223 minutes, 52 seconds
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CCR249: (Wisdom Tree) Carline Anglade-Cole - “Your copy sucks, you don’t”

Carline, a true veteran of the craft, talks about a few life lessons, what she expects from “a real writer”, and why copywriters need to quit cursing all the time!
1/18/202237 minutes, 54 seconds
Episode Artwork

CCR248: (Freelancer’s Journey) Kev Kaye - “What you actually need is a growth strategy.”

Kev Kaye shares the big lessons that have led to his dreamlike success, all the way from “typical C-student” to running his high-level business from his cool-ass studio loft overlooking his hometown of Rochester, NY.
1/4/202229 minutes, 13 seconds
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CCR247: (New Breed) April Dykman - How to land (or lose) the gig

April Dykman lists out the good, the bad, and the downright ridiculous things to embrace and avoid when applying for any copywriting job. 
12/28/202137 minutes, 23 seconds
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CCR246: (New Breed) Terri Trespicio - How to thrive inside your comfort zone

Terri Trespicio, a sharp-witted comedian, eloquent writer, trusted brand advisor, and world-renowned speaker with 7 million views on her TEDx talk. Terri and I discuss her new book and how she learned to let go of limiting beliefs.
12/21/202139 minutes, 18 seconds
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CCR245: (New Breed) Brenna McGowan - The no stress launch plan

Brenna and I talk about the psychology of launch strategy, she shares some key strategies for planning your pre-launch, and how social media and email copy play a major role in today’s campaign models. 
12/14/202127 minutes, 22 seconds
Episode Artwork

CCR244: (Coffee With Kev) 7 Reputation Boosters (and Killers)

As an entrepreneur or service provider, your reputation is (by far) the most valuable asset you have. A good one will catapult you into the highest levels of opportunity, and a bad one will cost you dearly. So, how do you establish and protect your reputation?
12/7/202139 minutes, 19 seconds
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CCR243: (New Breed) Craig Dave - Ramping up tension (and laughs) in your copy

Copywriter Craig Dave talks about a thing he likes to call a “laughertorial” - an essentially funny, somewhat satirical, advertorial. There are some really important lessons for effective copywriting in this conversation, so start listening!
11/30/202132 minutes, 2 seconds
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CCR242: (New Breed) Arthur Lih - The tricky business of saving lives

My guest today Arthur Lih, is the inventor of LifeVac, a device that has saved 160+ lives (70 of them children) since he invented it. His “reason why” story will break your heart. 
11/16/202121 minutes, 8 seconds
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CCR241: (Wisdom Tree) Ryan Lee on reinventing your business without losing your way

If you’ve had your fill of empty, overnight “influencers”, and want to shed the imposter syndrome that stems from seeing their highlight reels… then you’re gonna love this very real conversation with Ryan Lee. 
11/2/202141 minutes, 45 seconds
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CCR240: (Freelancer’s Journey) Laura Belgray - How To Create (And When To Kill) A Hot Offer

Copy Chief Live guest expert Laura Belgray has made a career of creating wildly popular offers, then yanking them the minute they stop being fun. Laura talks about her criteria for deciding to start, or quickly stop, offering a service... 
10/19/202137 minutes, 10 seconds
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CCR239: (New Breed) Cole Schafer on being the man in the arena

How does Cole Schafer get big companies to grant him full artistic freedom and trust their brand to his envelope-pushing approach? Let’s get his take…
10/5/202139 minutes, 43 seconds
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CCR238: (Freelancer’s Journey) Dean Edelson - ClickFunnels Senior Copywriter

Dean Edelson, a senior copywriter at ClickFunnels, chats about his own super successful product he just launched. Needless to say we have a lot to learn from Dean, and he gets into all the important stuff in this episode. 
9/21/202157 minutes, 39 seconds
Episode Artwork

CCR237: (Coffee With Kev) The 3 things I would teach my kids about freelancing

The 3 things I would want my teenagers to know about how to work with great clients, from anywhere, on their own terms. 
9/14/202121 minutes, 1 second
Episode Artwork

CCR236: (New Breed) Mike Michalowicz on how to Get Different (minus the clown shoes)

Best-selling author Mike Michalowicz chats about how to stand out in the deafening world of marketing noise. Dive in and enjoy this quick, “ah-ha” packed episode.
9/7/202123 minutes, 4 seconds
Episode Artwork

CCR235: (Coffee with Kev) The R.E.A.C.H. content method

Kevin shares a way to take an ordinary review (or critique) and easily turn it into a piece of content that will instantly position you as a respected expert in your field. 
8/31/202116 minutes, 36 seconds
Episode Artwork

CCR234: (Freelancer’s Journey) Claire Fernan - The Pharmacist Turned Copywriter

Get tactics and inspiration for deciding when and how to jump ship and go all-in on freelancing… from someone whos been there and has done just that.
8/24/202123 minutes, 46 seconds
Episode Artwork

CCR233: (New Breed) Sammy Musgrave - Instagram Caption Copy That Converts

Copywriter and prolific Instagrammer, Sammy Musgrave is back to explain how she’s using proven copy strategies for turning scrollers into subscribers.
8/17/202127 minutes, 3 seconds
Episode Artwork

CCR232: (New Breed) Casey Stanton on Fractional CMO-ing

Want to know how you can position yourself as an indispensable problem solver, instead of a generalist freelancer…Casey Stanton immediately shows you how to reframe your thinking and potentially open up a whole new world of possibilities for how to grow your business.
8/10/202137 minutes, 36 seconds
Episode Artwork

CCR231: (Freelancer’s Journey) Csaba Borzasi - Growing Your Business By Showing Your Work

One of the fastest ways to build a strong reputation for yourself as a freelancer is to create Authority Content by simply teaching what you’re learning. Csaba Borzasi has done an amazing job of this recently and he is here to share his idea.
7/13/202138 minutes, 49 seconds
Episode Artwork

CCR230: (New Breed) Laura Lopuch - Cold Outreach Email That Actually Work

Laura Lopuch and I share notes on the cold outreach tactics that work best - and never work (and can actually damage your reputation).
7/6/202138 minutes, 15 seconds
Episode Artwork

CCR229: (Freelancer’s Journey) Angie Colee “Making the big leaps”

Kevin sits down with long-time member and coach of the Copy Chief community, Angie Colee, to explore the “big leaps” and what it really means to stare down some of the tough choices freelancers face.
6/29/202134 minutes, 18 seconds
Episode Artwork

CCR228: (New Breed) Adam Hunt is revolutionizing humor in marketing

In this episode, Adam teaches us about the simple research breakthrough that instantly demystifies the process of landing jokes with your audience - and growing it fast as a result. 
6/22/202140 minutes, 16 seconds
Episode Artwork

CCR227: (Wisdom Tree) Chris Haddad - My brain is a very frightening place

Chris Haddad discusses his journey through his physical and mental agony, his copywriting process, and what’s next for “Mr. Moneyfingers”. Pop in the earbuds for this extra spicy conversation.
6/15/202140 minutes, 45 seconds
Episode Artwork

CCR226: (Coffe With Kev) Copywriting Crash Course During A Car Chase Movie Scene

Friend, this one's for you if you’re an aspiring writer (or a writer who feels stuck)…Papa Kev is taking his cuppa joe and you on a zany and informative road trip, and we’ve got a hell of a playlist to look forward to!
6/8/20218 minutes, 46 seconds
Episode Artwork

CCR225: (Freelancer’s Journey) Addison Rice - His recipe for digital nomad freedom

Addison Rice is on one hell of an adventure. His journey into copywriting started with a question… and a Negroni. Here, he shares his recipe for using your freelance skills to achieve digital nomad freedom.
6/1/202140 minutes, 50 seconds
Episode Artwork

CCR224: (New Breed) Elite Email Copywriting with Chris Orzechowski

There is only ONE email copywriter I trust to give me a PROVEN email strategy for selling what I’m selling without leaning on hype tactics or hearsay…That’s Chris Orzechowski. Today, we discuss how to “write yourself better” and why “shipping the work” is the fastest way to get better as a copywriter.
5/25/202147 minutes, 22 seconds
Episode Artwork

CCR223: (New Breed) Marcella Allison - The Sexist Secret to Succeeding as a Woman in Business

Marcella Allison is a copywriter of the highest calibre. Today she talks of a great passion for her: Women in Business. More specifically, the pandemic’s disproportionate effect on women in business. In typical Marcella fashion, she manages to make the conversation entertaining and accessible.
5/18/202148 minutes, 57 seconds
Episode Artwork

CCR222: (Freelancer’s Journey) Anna Iveson - Delivering your best work- Even if you think you aren’t ready.

Anna is no stranger to the exhilaration and intense anxiety that comes with beginning a new freelance career. In this episode, she goes deep on the start of her career and her first few harrowing client experiences...
5/11/202139 minutes, 56 seconds
Episode Artwork

CCR221: (New Breed) Johnny Crowder - Behind his TEDx talk and wild year revolutionizing digital mental health

Johnny is as transparent as ever in sharing what has been a rollercoaster of ups and downs for him and Cope Notes. Hop aboard and buckle in… this one has many jolting surprises.
5/4/202144 minutes, 43 seconds
Episode Artwork

CCR220: (Wisdom Tree) Laura Belgray - Showing up in your reader’s dreams

Laura Belgray went from a TV Land promo writer, pumping out clever callbacks to Andy Griffith episodes… to running a seven-figure business from her couch. All with her words. This episode reveals more about how to tap into what Laura does to make her writing so addictive than any other we’ve done with her. 
4/27/20211 hour, 8 minutes, 52 seconds
Episode Artwork

CCR219: (Freelancer's Journey) Kevin Rogers and Rachel Mazza – Becoming Your Own Best Client

Kevin and his co-coach Rachel Mazza get giddy about the upcoming 11th session of Real Free Life and dive deep into what it means to be your own best client.
4/20/202136 minutes, 22 seconds
Episode Artwork

CCR218: (New Breed) Adrienne Dorison - “Decision fatigue is real” (how to manage)

Productivity expert Adrienne Dorison drops in to talk about “Decision fatigue” and the changes that came from a worldwide pandemic and working a year in lockdown.  
4/13/202146 minutes, 22 seconds
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CCR217: (Freelancer’s Journey) Sammy Musgrave - Going full time and loving it

Sammy discovered her love for copywriting before she even knew it was a thing - during a sales presentation workshop… Now she’s in Phase 3 of the Freelancer’s Journey… she’s gone full-time, filling her calendar and discovering her favorite ways to use her unique “Copywriting DNA” to specialize.
4/6/202138 minutes, 33 seconds
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CCR216: (New Breed) John Lee Dumas’s Uncommon Path To Success

I speak to John Lee Dumas, founder and host of Entrepreneurs on Fire and now the author of the book The Common Path To Uncommon Success, which captures all he’s learned and knows to be true about succeeding in business.
3/23/202129 minutes, 47 seconds
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CCR215: (Freelancer’s Journey) Ross O’Lochlainn - The original “entrepreneurial freelancer”

Like so many freelancers, Ross O’Lochlainn was waiting for “just the right time” to quit his job and strike out on his own full time. Then “fate stepped in” and forced his hand….Listen to this in-depth review of how Ross has gone from nervous newbie (Phase 1) freelancer, to a confident marketing consultant and respected leader.
3/9/20211 hour, 2 minutes, 19 seconds
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CCR214: (Wisdom Tree) Frank McKinney - “I trained my brain to toggle between right and left.”

Frank McKinney is one of the most fascinating and inspiring people I’ve ever met. His presence remained with me for days after this interview… He’s done so much, yet he’s incredibly open about his shortcomings and how he overcame them to achieve all he has (so far).  
2/23/202128 minutes, 33 seconds
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CCR213: (Coffee with Kev) 3 breakthrough freelancing moments

A raw and rarely shared “in the moment” recording of Kevin with his private coaching group of freelance copywriters. One member asked: “When was the moment that freelancing “clicked” for you?”. I couldn’t resist sharing 3 key moments…
2/9/202118 minutes, 8 seconds
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CCR212: (New Breed) The Copywriter’s Edge for Landing Publicity with Selena Soo

Selena has helped thousands of entrepreneurs, freelancers, and copywriters learn how to get featured in major publications. And as she says in the interview, everything you need to do well to pitch stories is what copywriters are the best at…
1/26/202124 minutes, 7 seconds
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CCR211: (Coffee With Kev) The New Realities of Freelance Copywriting in 2021

Freelance copywriting changed in some significant ways in 2020, and if you’re prepared, those changes play perfectly into your hands. Today, in an intimate “Coffee with Kev” episode, I’m detailing how businesses are working differently with freelancers in 2021. 
1/12/202124 minutes, 53 seconds
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CCR210: (Wisdom Tree) Kelly Felix - “I just knew I was going to die”

Kelly Felix is not only one of the best non-copywriter copywriters in the industry, he’s also the ultimate anti-hero character... In this unfiltered Wisdom Tree discussion, Kelly talks openly about his battles with mental health, his business failures (and successes), and how adversity led to him launching his most successful offer of his career.
12/29/202036 minutes, 28 seconds
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CCR209: (New Breed) Peep Laja - Human Copy Testing with a New Tech

Peep Laja has been a leader in conversion optimization for nearly a decade. Now, Peep is solving the “human copy puzzle” by creating a tech tool that makes it easy to get real humans reading and reacting to copy. He reveals all in this fresh New Breed episode.
12/22/202025 minutes, 26 seconds
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CCR208: (Wisdom Tree) Damian Lanfranchi - The guy with no Plan B

This is my second interview with Damian because he’s “one of the best I know” in multiple categories, including; Scaling cold traffic funnels, Personal productivity, Business operations and Team Leadership. In this episode he explains why he just can’t live a life where he doesn’t wake up excited about what he’s doing that day.
12/15/202035 minutes, 24 seconds
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CCR207: (Coffee WIth Kev) A Small Step Towards The Big Leap

Taking the big leap into starting your own business is freakin scary. But, it actually doesn’t have to be. In this episode, over a cuppa Joe, I’ll share my advice for taking small steps toward the big leap. Making it both a lot more doable and far less frightening.
12/8/202011 minutes, 25 seconds
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CCR206: (New Breed) Perry Marshall - “There Will Be Dragons”

Some business experts just seem too smart, too experienced, too connected to fail. Perry Marshall is one of those experts. He’s endlessly intelligent and interesting and surprising in how he redefines himself and his business. Not long ago his business was FAILING - fast. We discuss how he turned it all around, the new chapter in his success and his uniquely presented new book.
12/1/202037 minutes, 2 seconds
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CCR205: (New Breed) The Joy and Chaos of Rebuilding Copy Chief with Kevin Rogers and Rachel Mazza

Just like business makeover shows like Restaurant Impossible or (my new favorite find) Hotel Impossible… this episode is an unfiltered look behind the curtain of the intense rebuilding project to completely overhaul Copy Chief. Call it “Copy Chief Impossible”...
11/24/202045 minutes, 54 seconds
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CCR204: A Wisdom Tree conversation with David Deutsch

David is the perfect person to add some branches of knowledge in this wisdom tree episode. He is an A-List Copywriter in the truest sense… he started at Ogilvy and Mather, pioneered the “magalog” style of direct mail sales letters, and has written for or consulted just about every major player in the industry for the over three decades. Many great moments in this one…
11/17/202034 minutes, 41 seconds
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CCR203: (New Breed) Dominic Hodgson’s plan to dominate the luxury pet care niche (and beyond)

Dominic Hodgson took an unconventional route to building an internet marketing empire - dog walking. In this loose and insightful conversation, Dom explains how he gained an immediate advantage by niching down into the “luxury pet care” market. This one will heat up your entrepreneurial fire in all kinds of cool ways.  
11/10/202029 minutes, 6 seconds
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CCR202: (Freelancer's Journey) “Embrace the work” with Chris Orzechowski

In the six years I’ve been coaching freelance copywriters, no one has blasted through the first 6 (of 7) Phases of the Freelancer’s Journey faster than Chris Orzechoski. He’s gone from teaching high school and coaching wrestling, to now running his own agency. We chatted about how the heck he’s getting all this done.
11/3/202049 minutes, 50 seconds
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CCR201: (Wisdom Tree) The Copy Control Queen with Carline Anglade-Cole

Carline’s new book, My Life As A 50+ Year-Old White Male is a rollicking ride through her life as a Haitian immigrant in the U.S. We talked about how she became an A-List copywriter known as “queen of the control” and raising children, two of whom are also now thriving as copywriters.
10/27/202045 minutes, 55 seconds
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CCR200: CCR Makeover - The Four New Episode Styles!

It’s our 200th episode and we’re celebrating with a total show makeover! New music, New intro, and lots of exciting new guests. Plus we’re categorizing the episodes into four different styles. Listen now to hear the new and improved Copy Chief Radio!
10/20/202024 minutes, 9 seconds
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CCR199: If Brands Told Jokes with Adam Hunt

What do you imagine is more difficult, making money while you sleep or making people laugh? Adam Hunt is out to do both - and succeeding. He recently joined Copy Chief and began devouring the training and applying what he learned into his active sales funnels. I spoke with Adam about how he and his team help make brands funny without tarnishing their reputations, and the changes he made to his ads and funnel to start making sales while he “was fast asleep”.
10/13/202039 minutes, 7 seconds
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CCR198: 5 Things I Wish I’d Known As A New Copywriter

Looking back to when I first started out as a copywriter, there are a few things I wish I’d figured out earlier. So, in this episode, I’m sharing five things I wish I’d known as a beginner that would have saved me a lot of needless frustration, boosted my confidence and made the actual work a lot more fun. 
10/6/202010 minutes, 38 seconds
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CCR197: Can Harmon Brothers make stock tips funny? (ad breakdown with creators)

Watch Kevin Rogers from Copy Chief Break Down The The New Banyan Hill Profits Unlimited Ad From The Harmon Brothers and interview Aaron DeHoog and Jonny Vance together.
9/29/202055 minutes, 41 seconds
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CCR196: Realities of California’s new AB 5 “freelancing law” with Peter Hoppenfeld

The world’s coolest marketing lawyer, Peter Hoppenfeld, is back to discuss California’s AB 5 statute that is wreaking havoc for the “gig economy” out there. Some in the freelancing community are fretting about how this could affect the nature of how Independent Contractors do business. Should you be scared?
9/22/202026 minutes, 28 seconds
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CCR195: Mike Rinard’s (it was ugly for a minute) Freelancing Journey

A frequent guest on CCR, Mike Rinard has his business running smooth on all cylinders right now. In this episode, Mike tells “the other side of the story”. The hustle and grind of those early days (all of 5 years ago!) when he was doing a ton of cold outreach, getting kicked out of Reddit forums for being “too spammy”, and even more gruesome tales.
9/15/202036 minutes, 1 second
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CCR194: From Old School Hustle To Internet Marketing Muscle with Jay Jackson

In this episode, Jay Jackson talks about his rise to marketing expert status legit old-school hustle style. A hilarious and intriguing conversation full of actionable advice.
9/8/202024 minutes, 35 seconds
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CCR193: Copywriting is a one-sided conversation

As copywriters, mastering the one-sided conversation is a major part of our job. This 5-minute coffee break episode is all about the art of writing to the invisible friend.
9/1/20205 minutes, 44 seconds
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CCR192: Igniting Your Freelancing Moxie with Lorrie Morgan

Have you lost your Moxie? In this episode, Lorrie tells us how she stumbled into direct response copywriting and overcame her confidence issues in the process.
8/25/202033 minutes, 5 seconds
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CCR191: More time for the "big buck stuff" with Ashlee Berghoff

On today's episode, Ashlee Berghoff gives you actionable tactics for identifying your biggest productivity roadblocks and shares the way to win back hours every week and double your productivity.
8/18/202037 minutes, 46 seconds
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CCR190: The Hidden Power of “Heroic” Copy Critiques

On today’s episode I’m sharing all the different ways I’ve used critiques to land clients, stand out from the crowd, and raise my fees.
8/11/202021 minutes, 58 seconds
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CCR189: The HERO video script writing formula killing it on YouTube with Csaba Borzasi

Scripting a YouTube ad can be challenging. Csaba is here to share how to use YT to generate new leads, which offers work best, the anatomy of a good ad funnel, common roadblocks, and a framework you can use to get started today.
8/4/202035 minutes, 12 seconds
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CCR188: Freelancer Uniqueness and Vulnerability with Mike Lukas

How do freelancers become experts in their specialty? In this episode, Mike Lukas and I dive into the different ways every freelancer can confidently tap into their own well of originality.
7/28/202021 minutes, 7 seconds
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CCR187: Show, Don’t Tell In Your Copy with Max Hamm

Max Hamm, a comedian turned copywriter, will teach you how to blend the two artforms (Comedy and Copy) to make your copy pop off the screen, win attention, build trust, and get the sale. His newest book called Funny Money, can make you more sales, while pleasing the Facebook gods and can actually lower your ad costs.
7/21/202026 minutes, 47 seconds